Cw13 dell cloud computing for telco sp by anis tell


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Cw13 dell cloud computing for telco sp by anis tell

  1. 1. Dell: Next Generation Cloud forTelecoms / SPsAnis TellPractice Lead – Telecoms & FinanceEmerging+971 50 4787
  2. 2. 2 Confidential Data Center SolutionsWhat If…2What if you could integrate yourcustomer onsite applicationswith your hosted applications?What if you could transform your customer ITinfrastructure but leverage the skills andinvestments you already have?What if your customers could consume shared applicationservices with an easy pay-as-you-go model?What if your customers had a uniform,multi-device end-point experience?What if you could reduce Capex and improveoperational efficiencies?What if you could deploy applications &infrastructure easily?What if you could match IT capacity to yourcustomers variable business demand?
  3. 3. 3 Confidential Data Center Solutions– Cost control– Competitive pressure and customer service– Business continuity– Improve operability and manageability– Regulatory compliance– User Productivity– Customer Satisfaction– Time to deliver services / time to market– Reporting / dashboards– Reactive to proactive– Product / service performance– Technology Change / Limitations– Proliferation of new services– SLA’s & contract management– Security– Availability / Uptime– Staffing / Resources– Facilities– Utilization of assetsDo more, be more efficient, be quicker, cost less !!!
  4. 4. 4 Confidential Data Center SolutionsPrivate Public Hybrid CommunityDeploymentModelsInfrastructure Platform SoftwareStorage Database Testing ManagementSecurity Integration InformationX-as-a-ServiceOfferingsSelf Service Elastic AutomatedConsumption Based On DemandDynamic / Flexible Resource PoolingReduce Capex / Opex StandardizedEssentialCharacteristicsBrief Functional Cloud Taxonomy
  5. 5. 5 Confidential Data Center SolutionsTypes of Cloud ServicesNo cloud(On-Premise)StorageServer HWNetworkingvServersDatabasesVirtualizationRuntimesApplicationsSecurity & IntegrationCustomerManagedInfrastructure(as a Service)StorageServer HWNetworkingvServersDatabasesVirtualizationRuntimesApplicationsSecurity & IntegrationCustomerPlatform(as a Service)StorageServer HWNetworkingvServersDatabasesVirtualizationRuntimesApplicationsSecurity & IntegrationPublic/PrivateCustomer a Service)StorageServer HWNetworkingvServersDatabasesVirtualizationRuntimesApplicationsSecurity & IntegrationHardware/ServiceabstractedDynamic capacityand pricingSeamless scalingup or downSystems re-purposingHardware/ServiceabstractedDynamic capacityand pricingSeamless scalingup or downSystems re-purposingHardware,software &ServiceabstractedDynamic capacityand pricingSeamless scalingup or downSystems re-purposingPublic/Private
  6. 6. 6 Confidential Data Center SolutionsTraditional Virtualized Private Cloud Public CloudDistribution of modelsused today• ERP (Oracle,PeopleSoft, SAP)• Other businesscommerce apps• IT infrastructure(File/print share)• Systemsmanagement• Infrastructureas a service• Internaldevelopment• CRM (SalesForce)• HR apps• Collaboration(Email etc)Distribution of modelsused 3–5+ Years fromnowEvolutionary…and its adoption by deployment modesand workloads is…
  7. 7. 7 Confidential Data Center SolutionsCloud Is Not Just AboutTechnology, It Is MORE AboutMaking IT EfficientAnd More ResponsiveTo The BusinessHowever you define it, we believe…
  8. 8. 8 Confidential Data Center SolutionsDell : HelpingOperators Moveto the Cloud andbeyond…
  9. 9. 9 Confidential Data Center SolutionsHow is the SP / Telco DifferentYou are much bigger and more advanced:• You understand services and service /product management much more• You understand NGOSS (OSS/BSS)• You understand eTOM / Framworx• You have larger and more complex environment• The performance, security, and availability requirements are higher• You have sophisticated tools for CRM, Operations, and Management• You have mixed customers: internal and external (corporate and consumer)• You already offer large scale services / Data Centre based VAS• You are highly revenue driven• You have more heterogeneous environments• You have larger number of customers• You have different regulatory controls (Regulatory Authorities) and compliances(SAS 70 Type II)• You own /operate the WAN / Internet / Last mileSP / TelcoEnterprise
  10. 10. 10 Confidential Data Center SolutionsBut….Owing to their size and complexity thechallenges are different:• Complex provisioning• Complex processes• Complex tools• Complex integration• Require advanced technical expertise on many different technologies• Large number of staff required• More red tape and longer time to deliver new products• Long provisioning lead times• Significant sprawl• Challenges for decommissioning / resource pool management• Minimal self-service features provided
  11. 11. 11 Confidential Data Center SolutionsTypical SP / Telco High-Level Business Process tosupport the business functions
  12. 12. 12 Confidential Data Center SolutionsDell Public Cloud Building for NextGen ServiceProvidersBusinessStrategy &PlanningTechnology&OperationalPlanningArchitecture& Design Build &ImplementMonetize &Operate Business Strategy Market Analysis Org Readiness Sales/GTM Plan Cloud PlatformSelection &Roadmap DC FacilitiesAssessment & Plan Sales/BillingSystem Assessment IT Ops Assessment& Planning Financial Plan Program Roadmap Cloud Design Security Systems Mgmt Service Mgmt Business ProcessDesign Order toCash Etc… Cloud Design Security Systems Mgmt Service Mgmt Customer Support Enhanced Services Etc…IT Mgmt: Infra Mgmt Security Service Mgmt Etc…Sales/Marketing Marketing Customer AcqServices Customer Support App Dev & Migration Hosting
  13. 13. 13 Confidential Data Center SolutionsSP / Telcos follow Frameworx / eTOM:
  14. 14. 14 Confidential Data Center SolutionsSo why should I care as an SP / Telco?..if I don’t transform, I will lose business to the likes of Amazon’s of the worldand focused Cloud Providers!!..I have to provide Private Cloud internally to meet the demands and pressures onthe IT department more efficiently and effectively...I have to provide Public Cloud externally to meet the demands from the marketand provide differentiation through time-to-market and unique offerings..I have to automate more and increase utilization more than ever while leveragingmy existing investments in facilities, people, process, and technologies…SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST….IF I DON’T ADAPT SWIFTLY THEN…..???
  15. 15. 15 Confidential Data Center SolutionsCloud Message for SP / Telcos:• The Cloud Computing Model fits well and efficiently enables,extends, and enhances existing SP / Telco offerings and operationsand is aligned with eTOM / NGOSS / Service Creation:eTOMCloudNGOSSServiceCreation…SP’s / Telco’s are primed to take on the Cloud Model and take maximum advantage….
  16. 16. 16 Confidential Data Center SolutionsWhere to begin?
  17. 17. 17 Confidential Data Center SolutionsWorkshop: Introduce cloudand underlying technologiesAssessment: Assess yourcurrent infrastructure andcloud readinessDesign & Deploy: Build theCloud Infrastructure, Applications& ServicesDell offers end-to-end services:There is no one-path to the cloud…but there is a consistentapproachMOS: Manage, Operate, &Support Services
  18. 18. 18 Confidential Data Center SolutionsGain a clear understanding for:1. Business Model / Strategy / Plan2. Products / Services Strategy3. Applications / Data4. Infrastructure / Technology5. Operations6. Integration PointsWe can then:1. Prioritize Objectives / Initiatives2. Assess and Benchmark Maturity & Readiness3. Develop the Cloud Blueprint4. Define the GAP (Technology, Applications, Operations)5. Define Strategy6. Build the Business Case (ROI / TCO)7. Develop Migration Plan8. Deploy / Implement9. Manage / Operate / SupportTO COMPLETE THE JOURNEY…TO SUCCESS!
  19. 19. 19 Confidential Data Center SolutionsServices &Financial ModelsDimensions of Enterprise Architecture ExtendedOperationalModelEnterpriseArchitectureDefines the business strategy, governance, organization, and keybusiness processes.BusinessArchitectureDescribes the structure of an organizations logical and physicaldata assets and data management resources.DataArchitectureProvides a blueprint for the individual application systems to bedeployed, their interactions, and their relationships to the corebusiness processes of the organization.ApplicationArchitectureDescribes the logical software and hardware capabilities that arerequired to support the deployment of business, data, and applicationservices. This includes IT infrastructure, middleware, networks,communications, processing, and standards. Physical infrastructure andcomputing technologies are also included here.TechnologyArchitecture
  20. 20. 20 Confidential Data Center SolutionsUnderstanding the Business Model
  21. 21. 21 Confidential Data Center SolutionsUnderstanding the Business Model is importantIs this a new business? New revenue stream? Who are their customers?Clarifying• What segment of the market are you selling to? Retail, enterprises, resellers, wholesellers, etc.?• How does your customer procure your services? i.e. with credit card through a portal or a phone call or a formal quote & PO?• How do you authenticate them and know that they are really who they said they are?• How do you know they are credit worthy? How do you verify their corporate background and company registration?• How do you establish the legality of a binding contractual agreement between you and your customer?Determines• Need for a self-requisition portal or a partner portal?• The different number of portals ‘look-and-feel’ that we need to customize, i.e. for partners, forwholesellers or enterprises.• What functionality should be available on the portal? For example, for resellers, do they need to be able toscale up/down their reserved pool of capacity? What commercial implications would this bring if youallow them to self-service?• Level of integration with contracts management, billing, payment gateways and other OSS/BSScomponents that is required?• What are the information that we need to pass from one system to another?• Workflow from the point where a service is requested to the point it is provisioned, what are the requiredtasks and which components are required to be used?
  22. 22. 22 Confidential Data Center Solutions Inputs:– CAPEX– OPEX: Resources / Facilities / etc …– Cannibalization– Demand– Demographics– Trends / Forecasts– Target Revenues / Margins Outputs:– ROI– TCO– IRR– CAGR– ARPU– Cash FlowFINANCIAL MODEL:
  23. 23. 23 Confidential Data Center SolutionsUnderstanding the Business Model is importantWhat cloud services are going to be sold?Clarifying• What are your customers buying from you? Is it a basic compute services such as a VM?• What about the OS licensing? Do you allow your customer to load their images?• What is your basic configuration for each VM? Are there more than one configuration?• How do you define the ‘service’?• How do you charge for such services? Pay-per-reservation? Pay-as-they-are-used? Freemium model?Determines• Capacity requirement, configuration requirement, besides the standard X number of VMs, 2GB memory, YGB of usable storage capacity, etc.• Whether the solution is purely infrastructure or should include pre-packaged deployments of LAMP-stack/ web servers / app servers / database servers. If need to, SOE will have to be defined• The detailed service definition to understand scope of maintenance (patching, updates, housekeeping)• What are the integration with systems management tools for monitoring, releases / updates, etc.• The cost and pricing structure and models. This is fundamentally modeling the pricing for the cloudservices and is key to the business.• Customization required to measure and calculates chargeable usage of services. For example, in afreemium model, customers get to use a certain amount of the service for “free” and are charged aftertheir consumption exceeds a threshold. So, calculation model is required.
  24. 24. 24 Confidential Data Center SolutionsChoosing the right strategy
  25. 25. 25 Confidential Data Center SolutionsUnderstanding the Business Model is importantHave you thought about Service Level Agreements?Clarifying• What SLA do you intend to offer? How do you define “service” in your SLA? How does your SL Agreement look like?• Where do you demarcate the end of your responsibility in the SLA? Is it the edge of your network / exit point from your facility?• What are the elements involved in delivering your service and how do you compute end-to-end service availability?• What happens when you breach your SLA? Do you offer service credits? How do you apply such service credits?• What are your legal liabilities for service level agreement breach? Have you involved your legal counsel to review and draftyour SLA?• Besides availability, what other service levels do you want to offer?Determines• End-to-end view of the composition of service elements which fulfill the service. This fundamentally helpsto architects and piece together the infrastructure foundation, e.g. servers, network, storage, firewalls,load balancers, routers, ISP connectivity, etc.• Calculation requirement for SLA on availability and other service levels / parameters.• Data required from external monitoring systems, e.g. network management, firewall monitoring, etc.• The single point of failures in the architecture, and criticality of such single point of failures. Depending onthe definition of the service, it may not necessarily means that we will have to have redundancy at alllevels• Whether the costing / pricing model should have a customized functionality for calculating orprovisioning service credits (deductibles).• Amount of customization or integration required to support SLA and reporting of service levels.
  26. 26. 26 Confidential Data Center SolutionsComputing Service Levels= 98.84%Achievableservice levelService leveltargets bycomponentVendorsUC’s OLA’s SLA’s= 95.5%
  27. 27. 27 Confidential Data Center SolutionsUnderstanding the Business Model is importantWhat activities do you need to be in place to sell your cloud services?Clarifying• What happens after your customer buys the cloud service? How do you track who has ordered what?• What about policies for entitlement checks? For billing checks, e.g. if they have not paid their last 2 months’ bill, you’ll not sellto them anymore?• What if you have ran out of capacity and what the customer wants to buy exceed available capacity?• Do you want to control what workload your customer runs on the VM they buy?• In the tender specs, it calls for backup solution, what exactly are backing up will depend on what services you’re selling?• Service health management? Monitoring? What are we monitoring? How do you define QoS?• How do you reconcile with your existing capacity planning process? With CMDB? With your existing asset database?Determines• Workflows. And the workflow determines the building blocks of the cloud management system.• Integration required between the components, e.g. a tool for service portal, integrated with contracts,billing engine, mediation tool for reconciliation of due charges, etc.• Policies governing the procurement, entitlement, provisioning, usage, and other characteristics of theservice.• What data that needs to be backed up and where are they located?• Definition and requirements around QoS, service management, dashboard (if required) contents andpresentation, etc.• How and where to integrate with CMDB, capacity planning tools, and asset database.
  28. 28. 28 Confidential Data Center SolutionsOPERATIONS: CAPABILITY MATURITY EXAMPLE
  29. 29. 29 Confidential Data Center SolutionsOPERATIONS: BLEND ITIL / ITSM / ETOM / NGOSS
  30. 30. 30 Confidential Data Center SolutionsUnderstanding the Business Model is importantAre you selling direct or to resellers or both?Clarifying• How do you want to reserve pools of capacity for resellers? Up front bulk or “thin provisioning” style? How do you allocateyour cost structure to resellers? Do you charge them total costs regardless of their take-up rate?• Do you want to have a back-to-back agreement with your resellers on service obligations?• Are your resellers going to be value adding and modifying your service before they resell? If so, what do you think this is? Howwill your technology supports those modifications?• What level of multi-tenancy do you envisaged is required – at the physical level, at the network level, at the virtualization levelor purely just resource sharing / management?• What about IP addressing? You will own a range from APNIC, but how do you slice and allocate that to all of your customers?Determines• All the hooks, nooks and interfaces required• Platform requirements, e.g. how to support enhancements of features for resellers (if required)• Network and infrastructure architecture design for multi-tenancy support• Robustness of the infrastructure• Capacity planning and model for proactive capacity management• Tools required to support the service delivery• Data flows• Relating cost model (CAPEX investments) to pricing structure to billing cycle.
  31. 31. 31 Confidential Data Center SolutionsDetailed As-Is/To-Be State with Actionable Plans
  32. 32. 32 Confidential Data Center SolutionsDell Providing Solutions to Build Clouds
  33. 33. 33 Confidential Data Center Solutions Out perform / Out scale / Out price Amazon!!! STUDY: LIBERO
  34. 34. 34 Confidential Data Center SolutionsMicrosoft Bing Maps takes the fast route to imageprocessing efficiency with Dell solutionsCompanyMicrosoft Bing Maps takes diverse satellite and aerialpictures and stitches them together to produce street-side views, bird’s-eye views, site pictures, and roadmaps.ChallengeMicrosoft Bing Maps needed a cost-effective datacenter solution that could be quickly deployed.SolutionCustomized Dell™ Modular Data Centers enable rapiddeployment of highly efficient infrastructure.Benefits• Reduce power consumption• Deliver fast throughput• Accelerate IT deployment• Create a model for future sites“Dell had a solution that was designed forhigh efficiency, density, and low cost. Theircontainer allowed us to have a flexible ITunit, which gave us room to customize ormodify to meet our needs. It was a clean andsimple solution, and it was obvious that wewere not going to be paying for items withinthe solution that we didn’t need.”Brad Clark, group program manager, Bing Imagery Technologies
  35. 35. 35 Confidential Data Center SolutionsBig DataMajor ME Telco (NDA)ChallengeThe customer needed to enhance security solutionsbased upon a special Big Data very high performancespecialized Telco application within the data center.This would result in a high number of IOPS requiringa highly efficient data center solution. Anotherpriority was the need to scale in line with futurecommunication demands required by thegovernment.SolutionWorked with the application vendor to design anend-to-end solution, which met the specific criteriaand expectations. Our Solutions team engaged tomanage the design & implementation of the nextphase in data center environment.Scope• Services: Consulting - Design & Implementation;ProSupport 4-hr Mission Critical• Storage: 3x Compellent series 40 Arrays with311TB raw capacity each - mix of 252x 450GB SAS15k disks and 66x 3TB NL SAS 7.2k disks forming aCompellent Super System of around 1PB• Networking: 2x S4810 Force10 Switchesreplacement of the existing Nextreme switches• Hardware: upgrade of the existing 8x PowerEdgeR910 servers to 512GB RAM and 8x internal disks• Existing EQL will be used for archiving and dataretention as per the new government rules
  36. 36. 36 Confidential Data Center SolutionsChallengeMaroc Telecom is the largest Telco in Morocco withsubsidiaries throughout Africa & Europe.wanted to reduce downtime & increase customersatisfaction and was looking for a partner to helpsimplify, streamline and consolidate its networkmonitoring operations; by deploying a single networkoperations center (NOC) for greater coordinationand managementSolutionA series of assessments and workshops, forconsolidating and simplifying network monitoringoperations to reduce cost & downtime, whiledelivering quality services to end users by proactivelymonitoring network equipment 24x7.Benefits• Services: Deployment Services will provide design,implementation & migration services; DellEducation Services to provide training; ProSupport• Hardware: Storage - PS6510 EqualLogic StorageArray; Enterprise - M1000e chassis & 12GPowerEdge blades; Networking - Force10 &PowerConnect Switches• Software: VDI - Wyse Thin Clients & VMware VIEWlicensesThe Efficient Data Center
  37. 37. 37 Confidential Data Center SolutionsGlobal MarketingChallengeDreamHost was in need of a flexible, open sourcecloud platform for their public cloud computeSolutionDreamHost uses Dell hardware for its corebusiness—shared hosting, dedicated hosting andvirtual private server hosting—as well as itsemerging businesses.For its OpenStack cloud, DreamHost is using theCrowbar barclamp for Nova. The company iswriting its own barclamp for its Ceph storagesolution.Benefits• Took advantage of Dell’s OpenStack referencearchitecture and deployment framework• Saved 4-6 months of software developmentwork• Leveraged cloud and scale-out servers andreference architecture• Realized business advantages of leasing withDell Financial Services“Without Crowbar, we’d be writingcode, and that costs us money.Having a viable, open-sourcesolution for deploying OpenStackand deploying Ceph are veryimportant, very core, to ourbusiness.”Bryan Bogensberger, VP Business Strategy,DreamHostCase Study: DreamHost Expands Cloud andStorage Services with Dell OpenStack CloudConfidential37
  38. 38. 38 Confidential Data Center SolutionsDell has strong relationships with TM&EsDell and Comcast worked together in architecting avirtualization solution that scales to 1100 ESX guests in asingle frame.“The resources, time, and sheer effort required would havebeen costly if we had taken it all on ourselves. Working withDell has saved us a huge amount—probably millions.”Bruce Grove, Director of Strategic Relations, OnLive, Inc.“This cloud solution gives us credibility. It’s established, it’sproven, it’s reliable, it’s scalable. It has everything ourcustomers need to deliver Web applications.”Mike Schmidt, President and CEOSelf Serve Kiosk/ Digital Signage solution reduced serviceresponse time approximately 45 percent; kiosk downtimereduced by 20 percentLarge Retail Telco
  39. 39. 39 Confidential Data Center SolutionsBut don’t just take our word for it“Dell has truly delivered on its corporate strategy of ITefficiency by producing products that are user-friendlyto administer.”Christopher Patti, Director of Technology, AccuWeather, Inc.“Dell KACE Virtual Appliance time and money savings overthe first year alone has made the investment worth it. Inthe end, our customers receive better service.”Scott Baehr, Systems Administrator, Rogers Retail“Dell made it easy for us. Beyond cost savings, Dell helpedus develop a lights-out deployment that maintains ourcommitment to the highest reliability.”Brent Rich, Senior Director of Operations, Intermedia“Dell gave us what we were looking for—something easyto deploy, performs well, and gives us the best price andperformance in terms of power and space.”Justin Giardina, CTO, iland
  40. 40. Thank You!For Further Information:Anis 50 47 87 597