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Trekto is an online platform for offline adventures. On the trail, trekkers, bikers and skiers can download maps, check out local information and check in with their social networks.

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  1. 1. Trekto How it WorksWebsite & Backend ToolTrail administrators can fill out simple forms, with functions toupload maps as images, to build the complete internet-basedapplication.Mobile AppRequires a cell phone signal to run. QR codes will be placed onexisting signs along trekking trails. An offline, light applicationwill also be available.Trekkers, bikers, skiers and other adventurers will snap the QRcode on the signs and access a mobile website.The mobile website for a specific checkpoint would have fivetabs: current checkpoint, extended maps, other checkpoints,social trekking and help and emergency information.
  2. 2. ! Current checkpointYou are at checkpoint #21123 An introduction to the checkpoint and easy Monte Stivo Summit orientation or re-orientation aid.SAT trail 667Altitude: 2096 m  Checkpoint number, checkpoint name,Map of the area: trail, geographic relevant information. 667 640  Limited-resolution, orientable Monte Stivo Summit surrounding area map. 667  Additional information: natural and geographical context, history, sightFace the QR code on the sign to orient the map reference, anecdotes, etc.More info: context, history, nature,whatever, etc.
  3. 3. ! Extended maps and Weather Depending on internet availability or data plan, users can download more detailed maps of the surrounding area.  Current position will be marked.  Potential option: for crowdsourcing maps, weather and geological features  Weather updates and storm tracking
  4. 4. ! Checkpoints and Landmarks Additional landmarks, checkpoints andClosest checkpoints: destinations of interest.Rifugio P. Marchetti – 45 min info directions  Time, distance, and access to info summary of other checkpoints.Monte Argentario – 50 min info directionsCima Bassa – 1h 20 min  Directions from current location. info directionsCima Alta – 2h info directions  Function: access info on any registered checkpoint by browser.Search by checkpoint #
  5. 5. ! Social trekkingShare your location! Connect to social media accounts and post from location.Maria Ines Guaia just reached the Monte StivoSummit! (Altitude: 2096 m)  An update related to the current point will edit be suggested, but editable.Leave your testimonial at this checkpoint:  Leave a testimonial at checkpoint: Message will remain stored in the checkpoint log or “visits book” and will beOther people’s testimonials: accessible also via web.Mutlu, John, Austin and Ines finally reached the summit, afteralmost 8 hours of treking through the fog! Totally worth it,heading now to the rifugio to spend the night :) On September 21st, 2012, 7:41 pm  Trekkers can receive messages from friends back home: “Congrats! You madePier Francesco made it! So tired but so happy! On September 10th, 2012, 5:20 pm it! Now get home safe(: Love you, Maria”Incredible view! High five to all the fellow hikers – Elene On August 27th, 2012, 6:16 pm
  6. 6. ! Emergency information Emergency numbers, info and directions toEmergency numbers: nearest help point and public transport.All emergencies: 106  Emergency numbers for local authorities,Mountain Patrol: 15 6763 5933 residents and closest rifugiosFire Brigade: 15 6290 4988Rifugio P. Marchetti: 15 6226 4899  Activate tracking beacon on cell phoneClosest help point: 25 min: private farmwith telephone line, first aid kit and wateravailable in case of emergency.directionsShortest way to public transportation: 1h5min: Arco San Pietro bus stop.directions
  7. 7. ! Trekto Light: Offline AppYou are at checkpoint #21123 Download select checkpoint pages on a particular Monte Stivo Summit trail or route. Simpler and lighter, it includes checkpoint and emergency information.SAT trail 667Altitude: 2096 m  Current checkpoint tab: Limited-Map of the area: resolution, orientable surrounding area map. 667 Additional information: natural and geographical context, sight reference and history 640 Monte Stivo Summit  Other checkpoints tab: Additional landmarks, checkpoints and destinations of interest. 667Face the QR code on the sign to orient the map  Emergency information tab: Emergency numbers, information and directions on and toMore info: context, history, nature, nearest help point and public transport.whatever, etc.
  8. 8. ! !Closest checkpoints: Emergency numbers:Rifugio P. Marchetti – 10 min All emergencies: 106 info directions Mountain Patrol: 15 6763 5933 Fire Brigade: 15 6290 4988Monte Argentario – 50 min info directions Closest help point: 25 min: private farm with telephone line, first aid kit and waterCima Bassa – 1h 20 min available in case of emergency. info directions directionsCima Alta – 2h Shortest way to public transportation: 1h info directions 5min: Arco San Pietro bus stop. directions