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Everyday Life

  1. 1. Everyday LifePierreWednesday, May 15, 13
  2. 2. No Worries This morning I went to go to one of the lands I own, I had asked a few ofmy servants to start working on my fields since it was finally gettingwarmer.As I gazed into my fields, I thanked my ancestors because if itwasnt for them, I could have possibly gone through poverty, just like myservants. Honestly I don’t know how they do it. Especially now since thetaxes are extremely high, well at least that’s what I think since noblesdon’t pay taxes, but also many people are dying due to malnutrition.Asa noble I should be thankful that I don’t pay taxes, the taxes have rose upimmensely due the numerous wars France is losing. However, since I’m anoble malnutrition has never been an issue for me; my family and I alwayshave plenty of food in our castle and our bellies are always full. I didn’tneed to care about the peasants; it wasn’t my fault that they were infamine. After looking at my fields I went into town to go play chess with a verygood friend of mine, but as I was in my carriage I recall seeing all thepeasants as skinny as a baguette. I thought of how my cousin was probablyone of them, his family had lost everything in a fire and my family refusedto help.We would have lost too much money, and my parents never gotalong with them.When I started playing chess with my friend, Jean, he hadtold me that there were threats on how the nobles might have to paytaxes.This was unacceptable! For centuries honorable people like menever had to pay taxes, I was not going to accept this. I don’t think mygreat King Louis XVI would be doing this; he has always put the noblesbefore anyone.The Monarch has always been great, even though Franceisn’t in it’s best state at this moment I know that everything he is doing isfor the benefit of France.When I heard about this news I sent a letter to the King as fast as thewind, in this letter I wrote about how it was unacceptable that I hadheard that nobles would be paying taxes. Even though I know manypeasants are starving, this isn’t my problem. If I start paying taxes, I mightend up like one of them! I hope that my family and I are not at stake; myancestors have worked extremely hard to make sure that I wouldsurvive. I will not let this happen.March 23rd 1798My servants and Ion a beautiful day.My beautiful home!Wednesday, May 15, 13
  3. 3. June 20th 1789The indoor tennis court.One of thedelegates of thethird estate.UnacceptableToday was the meeting of The Estates-General assembly; the threestates were going to have a meeting place in Versailles because thegovernment is in dept. and they now want money from the church andme. This is unacceptable I cannot believe the King ignored my letter!The reason why the third estate proposed a meeting with the first andsecond estate was because of the high taxes and the famine. I knowthat all of France is starving or something, but why should I care? Havethey worked as hard as I have to be a successful and honorable noble?I don’t think so. They have no right to take my money and rights awayfrom me. I will not pay taxes or starve, take my word for it!Delegates of the third estate proposed a meeting; they wanted everyperson to have the right of one vote. Since the peasants were half ofthe assembly, they were most likely going to win. This was unfair; itwould be better to simply not have a vote since we all knew thepeasants would win. I was extremely angry with this, if I had to paytaxes I would have less money for my family and I! I was furious until Ifound out the third estate was locked out of the meeting place due tothe small amount of space, I was finally starting to feel relieved.However, they had decided to move the meeting to an indoor tenniscourt near Versailles. There was a vast amount of people in the indoortennis court, most of the members of the National Assembly werewalking and everyone seemed bother about moving the meeting place.The peasants are already bothering all of France or at least theimportant citizens! They should not be bothering us. When the meetingwas starting the third estate started yelling, they were irritated aboutbeing locked out. One of their delegates was speaking and demanded anew constitution for France, and swore not to leave until they got it.That was when and where the Tennis Court of Oath had been made.In my mind I found it a little humorous how the third estates thoughtthey would get this demand. Everyone knows that the peasant’s statewill not change. King Louis XVI knows that the first and second estatewill have to make sacrifices in order for the third estate to be out ofpoverty, and we will not make any sacrifices. Even though the King hadignored my letter, I know that deep down inside of him he will makesure the first and second estate will live in luxury, even if that meansthe third estate will have to starve.Wednesday, May 15, 13
  4. 4. July 14th 1789The Bastille when itwas attacked.One of myservants at theBastille!New RevolutionTHE BASTILLE HAS BEEN ATTACKED! Today the third estate hadconfronted the Bastille; they had stormed into the prison becauseParisians felt the need to arm themselves and the arms are stored up atthe Bastille. The main reason why all the Parisians want to armthemselves is because of Marie Antoinette; King Louis XVI is marriedto a lady from Austria. Austria and France are enemies, hated nobilities.Honestly, I thought Marie was a very kind woman she always helpedthe less fortunate but if these accusations were true I would no longertrust her or the king. France is afraid that the King is under influence ofthe queen, Marie-Antoinette. It is said that the king used foreign soldiertroops against his own Parisians to defeat the revolution! I no longertrust the King Louis XVI, he has done nothing but betray France. Theother issue doesn’t really concern me, but I had overheard some of myservants say that the need of protection is not the only reason why thecitizens had stormed at the Bastille. Some of the other reasons why thecitizens had stormed the Bastille were due to the food shortages,unemployment, high prices, and fear of soldiers taking down NationalAssembly.When the Parisians stormed into the prison they had created chaos,the guards had to open a fire and kill nearly one hundred people. Oneof my servants was part of the riot that attacked the Bastille, he waslucky to have not been killed there but it wouldn’t have been difficult toreplace him. He had told me that the Parisian crowd overwhelmed theguards and killed their commander, and then the mayor had been killedin the fire. This had shocked me this was a very nauseating action; toprove their victory the citizens put the commander and mayor’s headson poles and held them as they marched through Paris. I am afraidabout what will happen now, after this France is probably going to be adisaster. The King Louis XVI will probably have to save the NationalAssembly, and France is going to change. I am afraid about what willhappen, if the third estate gains too much power they will startattacking the first and second estate. My family and I won’t be able togo through this; I will not lose all the privileges I have gained. I willrefuse to pay taxes and say goodbye to the life I have as a noble!Wednesday, May 15, 13
  5. 5. January 21st 1793When KingLouis XVI wasexecuted.The courtorder ofthe King.No more King!I had seen King Louis XVI been killed today, killed. His head had beenchopped off the same way a butcher would chop of a piece of meat. Thegovernment had agreed to execute the King using a guillotine. Honestly, Ifound this way of executing nauseating; chopping someone’s head off in apublic area was a little too extreme for me. However, I always kept mymouth shut now I didn’t want to cause any trouble. Even though this is aterrible way to kill someone I’m glad that the King has finally beenexecuted. Over the last few years of his life the king had been too soft, hewas unable to make any final decisions. France needed a good leader, andLouis XVI was unable to satisfy his citizen’s needs.The King was accused of treason; he had betrayed all of France. This wasn’tshocking news for me; I had a feeling that the King was not a suitable leaderever since he had ignored my letter. Anyway, the problem is that as soon asLouis XVI knew he was in trouble he ran, like a little girl! I mean I could haveran too, the first and second estate are going to have to pay taxes soon butI’ve decided to stay in France! I am loyal to my origins, unlike the king. Hehad taken his wife and his kids to runaway to Austria. I assume his wife,Marie Antoinette, had mentioned this idea to the King since she was from thishated nobility. Luckily, two soldiers had found him and his family at Varennesand put them all in jail. It was a little absurd for them to runaway because allof France was on the lookout for them. They knew that the minute they leftthey would be found as easily as an ant can be found in green grass.However, it’s understandable that they would want to flee, Marie Antoinettewas in danger and the whole royal family was under house arrest.I think that ever since the Storming of the Bastille and the March onVersailles Louis XVI has been in trouble. France wants change and he wasunable to give it to the Parisians. The Storming of Bastille had changed theway the French citizen would think, all the citizens wanted their own rightsand they weren’t afraid of telling the king anymore. The March on Versailleshad proved that the woman also wanted the government to know that theyhad needs, when they ran out of bread they had complained. All of theseissues had occurred due to the fact of the horrible leadership led by the LouisXVI. After this event France is going to change, there is going to be a newleader and a new constitution. As a noble I hope that I will still have myrights and freedom, I now want the best for France.Wednesday, May 15, 13
  6. 6. 28th July 1794This isRobespierre,the manwho killedforty thousandpeople.Execution of Robespierre.The EndRobespierre is dead. Another leader has been executed with theguillotine, what has France become? I used to love France, I didn’t paytaxes, I had too many servants, and I lived a luxurious life. Now I’m forcedto pay taxes, I have lost many servants and I don’t feel any different from apeasant.The fact that France’s leaders keep on getting executed has changed Franceimmensely. At first it was Louis XVI and now it’s Robespierre. These leadershave failed France, what will France do now? After all of the troublesRobespierre has caused I doubt France will ever be a good province. At first Ithought that both of these leaders were good, King Louis XVI always helpedthe first and second estate but he proved us wrong when he ran away fromFrance. While Robespierre was a tireless and consistent man he beheadedforty thousand people, forty thousand! He was crazy; anything would makehim behead a person. All the citizens had to be carful because anything theysaid could get them killed; if someone said they were a supporter of the kingthey were killed. Then at one point he started killing anyone who he didn’tlike or looked suspicious to him. More than half of my servants were killedbecause of Robespierre; all of their heads were chopped off! This was ahorrible time to live in France. I’m grateful that I made it out without ascratch on my face.This atrocious time was called the Reign Of Terror because every singleperson was afraid while the Jacobin group that was in reign of France. Thegroup was in control over a large part of the France, they beheaded anyonewho was against them. During the Reign Of Terror I had lost my brother, hewas just walking down the street one day and the Jacobin group thought helooked suspicious and killed him with the guillotine! Ever since then I hadmade sure that my family kept their mouths as shut, I refused to losesomeone I cared about.Today Robespierre has finally been killed; it had finally occurred to peoplethat too many people had lost their lives due to the massive amount ofpeople that have been executed. People have started to oppose Robespierreinstead of supporting him; I thought this day would never come. I hope thatone day France will be as great as I remembered it, I want my children tolive in a place they are proud of.Wednesday, May 15, 13
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