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An explosion of Activity in the cee online video sector     Michael dean is a research Analyst with informa telecoms & Med...
the future of tv is now – and we’re taking our events to the future.The sixth annual ip&tv forumeurAsia east europe held i...
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TV Connect CEE Istanbul


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TV Connect CEE Istanbul 2012 with INEA's presentation: "Social TV and Word of Mouth as a Viable Marketing Strategy for an Operator"

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TV Connect CEE Istanbul

  1. 1. limited free passes Available for service providersThe only major TV event in the region thatencompasses the full value chain in the tv delivery ecosystem. “ Outstanding networking opportunity; cameral atmosphere and local markets diversity. Highly recommended! “ Mirek Smyk, GM, MSCG Previously known as9th - 10th October 2012 : Marmara Taksim, Istanbul, TurkeyThe Future of TV Starts Now.“ • pavlina Kvapilova, 40+ service provider speakers include: Director New Media Division, czech televizion • robert Berza, Head of Internet Division, • Adam Bakowski, cMe, (Central European Media Enterprises) Director, • ramazan demir, VP Strategy and Business Development, • Andrey Kholodny, turk telekom Director of Media Products, rostelecom, Russia • phillip luff, VP Country Manager for Emerging • irina cazacu, Business, discovery communications Product Development Manager, • Adrian Jezina, Member of the Board for romtelecom, Romania Multimedia, Cloud and Fixed access network, vipnet, and CEO • vadi dipci, TV and New Media Services, • ognen firfov, turkcell CSO, Makedonski telekom Ad - dt Group, Macedonia • Gökçe demirtaş, • inna shalyto, Group Account Director, CEO, stream (former, Mediacom Russia • vassilis seferidis, • daniel vondracek, Director, European Business Senior Content Manager, Development, samsung telefonica o2, Czech Republic electronics europe eastern european Market Analyst insight inside!Delegate Bag Sponsor Gold Sponsor Silver Sponsor Fruit SponsorreGister online At
  2. 2. dAy 1tuesday 9th october 2012 15:00 content Monetising opportunities via Best Practise Business Drivers OTT Opportunities and Effects Media players behind TV Service in Eastern Europe on Local TV Markets • Opportunities for increased revenues for operators • Monetising opportunities through08:30 registration and coffee 11:40 creating the perfect content offering co-branding for ott service providers • Achieving fully connected media09:10 informa Welcome and environment speed networking session • The advantages of an OTT provider ott platform to reach multiple screens Konstantin dyshlevoy, CEO, dune hd,09:15 chairman’s introduction • Adding mobility to enhance viewer experience 15:20 panel discussion: the opportunities Karim taga, Managing Partner, Global TIME • Overcoming Licensing Limitations and challenges for Multiscreen otttv, Practise, Arthur d. lile, Austria for Content on Several Screens connected tv and connected devices9:20 Keynote presentation: technology enabling inna shalyto, CEO, stream (formerly • Developing the multiplay strategy for service innovation in Broadcasters, Russia existing broadband customers • Aracting new customers through content provider • How technology affects consumer habits? dedicated campaigns ce Manufacturer • Finding out the optimum level of 12:00 leading innovations and trends • How to integrate middleware to entertainment the consumer wants in the new Media industry recognise users moving between • Puing the viewer in the centre of aention • Understanding the end user demands screens • Offering easy content discovery to offer tailored services on tablets • Pushing out linear content to mobile Broadcaster yasemin Ahiskali, Director of Business & and smart devices devices: mobile smart phones, tablets Strategy Development, Zedpas Media, Turkey • Utilising Social Networks to get and other handheld devices to know your customers beer Adam Bakowski, Director,, Poland 9:40 Keynote presentation: • Offering backlog catalogue to boost vadi dipçin, New Media Department, trendseing vod and streaming services revenue generating opportunities turkcell, Turkey in cee through subscription Models • Drawing from localised content to Additional panellists soon to be announced reach audiences across the world • Offering the right mix of linear channels, VoD titles, and sport transmissions to pavlina Kvapilova, Director New Media increase customer base Division, czech televizion, Czech Republic 16:00 networking lunch Break & exhibition visit • Maintaining exclusivity to help gain 12:20 enhancing the viewers’ experience by 16:30 content providers’ & network owners’ Broadcaster competitive edge • Exclusive webisodes of key local delivering hd on-demand, internet and partnerships in the delivery chain productions and exclusive shows for Mobile platforms • Responding to main criteria considered content provider Voyo across CME to increase stickiness • Offering Value Added services by consumers when selecting their Pay • Achieving full multiplatform coverage to boost the relationship of viewers TV provider telecom operator by offering VoD to PC, iPad, and with our channels • Offering the right content according to Smart TV sets • What is the value for broadcasters user preferences • Introducing recurrence as payment offering OTT services? • Considering the multiple screens and option selection of devices • The importance to diversify to survive • Pay TV providers and Content Providers robert Berza, Head of Internet Division, cMe (Central European Media Enterprises), levente Málnay, CEO, chello central joining efforts to build a “win-win” scenario Czech Republic europe, Hungary irina cazacu, Product Development Manager, romtelecom, Romania 12:40 panel discussion:10:00 Keynote presentation: Which Business Models work Best for Generating new revenue streams 16:50 local content providers going Global and otttv service? subscription, reaching communities across the World through solid Multi-screen strategy on-demand, Advertisement led? • Penetration of Smart Devices driving the • How to make OTT appealing for Pay TV • Overcoming technical hurdles by demand for Multiscreen services • Is there a “silver bullet” business model selecting the right partners telecom Broadcaster content provider • Convenience of catch up and content that will increase returns and secure • Ensuring seamless and intuitive user shiing driving the quick adoption of future success? experience on all platforms (TV, Multiscreen • How OTT enhances Pay TV services smartphone, tablet) • Content disintermediation and • What is the benefit of offering OTT • Offering unique content to appeal to a unbundling to allow for beer services in a Pay TV model? large consumer base across the world audience connectivity sanin Kahvedzic, Head of Services Aleksandar samardziev, Chief Editor, • Multiscreen driving broadband Department in BH Line at Bh telecom, tv Kiss, Macedonia consumption and increasing ARPU Bosnia & Herzegovina ramazan demir, VP Strategy and Panellists from Stream (Former Omlet.Ru), CME, Business Development, turk telekom, 17:10 panel discussion: Sinema TV, Maxdome soon to be announced Turkey Multiplatform tv services delivered Anywhere through satellite providers 13:10 networking lunch Break & exhibition visit 10:20 pricing, Bundling and Advertising • Utilising Hybrid Services – IP/Satellite campaigns to Broaden Market share as means to achieve True HD AT&T iPad experience • Adjusting price packages and IPTV Bringing Content to Every • Enhancing the Telco offering by high services to align with consumer demand quality satellite distribution • Increasing the amount of content Screen in the Home • Increase end user’s TV experience accessed through the Catch Up service • Monetizing the full offer with over 100 for triple-play bundles % coverage • Offering Mobile Internet & Free HBO 14:40 Assessing the Advantages and content for the largest packages disadvantages of connected tvs and stBs norbert Willems, Vice President & Chief • Increasing consumer base and Regional Officer Central Western Europe & • TV replacement cycle vs. content Turkey, ses, Luxembourg ce Manufacturer customer satisfaction innovation cycle irina cazacu, Product Development ognen firfov, Chief Sales Officer, • Role of STBs in emerging markets Manager, romtelecom, Romania Makedonski telekom Ad - dt Group, Additional panellists soon to be announced Macedonia • Service usage paerns on connected TVs and STBs • Content distribution in the home 17:40 end of day one10:40 networking lunch Break & exhibition visit Senior representative, Amino technologies
  3. 3. dAy 2Wednesday 10th october 2012 iPad Adding Mobility to TV Achieving Quality of Experience Defining Social TV and Its Impact Viewing Experience through Innovative Architecture on Content Consumption08:30 registration and coffee 11:40 overcoming integration challenges and 14:50 social tv and Word of Mouth as a viable seing up a triple play value Added Marketing strategy for pay tv operator09:10 informa Welcome and service successfully speed networking session • Social media in TV value chain - impact telecom operator • Achieving Network Visibility for Fast and on content distribution Reliable Troubleshooting • Using social media and word of mouth09:15 chairman’s introduction Broadcaster • Content Delivery Networks to become to promote growth of revenue stream rob Gallagher, Principal Analyst, the Answer to all Quality related and as a marketing tool for content Head of Broadband & TV Research challenges recommendation and two-way informa telecoms & Media, UK • Offering a user friendly billing service communication with customer managed via internet • How social media influence pay TV9:20 Keynote presentation: operator’s set-top box hardware / Alexandr yesayan, General Director, soware policy Morphing iptv and ott Business in russia Ucom, Armenia • Bringing multiple screens to end users pawel fecko, Sales and Customer Care Director, ineA, Poland telecom operator seamlessly 12:00 Utilising network Background to offer • Integrating social networks to improve seamless experience Across Multiple content discovery experience platforms 15:10 new Media Advertising in the • Companion screen interaction to enable connected content space users to share info on what they are • Overcoming technical challenges Advertising Agency through highly trained technical staff • Reaching targeted audiences through telecom operator watching with friends relevant adverts • Offering storage in the cloud to back-up • Maximising revenues through the advantage of quality of experience • Strategies to create media services based user generated content on analytical approach of consumer data • Creating a good consumer proposition • Increasing revenues to content providers Andrey Kholodny, Director of Media with a balanced price and quality of Products, rostelecom, Russia • Differentiating from competitors service through innovation • Hybrid future for network owners and 9:40 Keynote presentation: broadcasters Gökçe demirtaş, Group Account Director, Making the Most of new platforms Mediacom, Turkey for content providers daniel vondracek, Senior Content Manager, telefonica o2, Czech Republic 15:30 panel discussion:Why do recommendation • Multiple screens to encourage content engines for tv content Make sense? consumption • How does a backend need to be • Using the advantage of Social Media 12:20 tv Without Borders: how can innovative content provider structured to not only recommend the to refer content to specific circle of delivery Methods enrich Audience next best movie, but the next best connections Understanding of World events communication /CRM message going • Entertainment as the core driver out to a customer? for technology uptake • Two-way partnerships between local • Offering immersive experience news channels and international sebastian Becker, Managing Partner, broadcasters - boosting quality and [tbb*] thebrainbehind Gmbh, Germany through new services like HD, OTT and Additional panellists soon to be announced second screens building audience reach • How social media is transforming phillip luff, VP Country Manager news-gathering 16:00 networking lunch Break & exhibition visit for Emerging Business, • Offering powerful user experience discovery communications,UK across different screens (text on tablet – video on TV) Connected Devices and Their • Puing the means of distribution into 4 3 2 1 Impact on TV Services10:00 Keynote presentation: the hands of the audience – how the taking content on the tablet or smart device lessons of piracy can be put to a more • Offering fluid experiences as part of positive use 16:30 the latest smart tv innovations telecom operator multiplatform offering Wesley eremenko-dodd, Head of from samsung • Achieving perfectly engineered flow Business Development, celebro Media, UK • New services and smart interaction to ce Manufacturer between various screens and interface pave the way for innovative content • Enabling synchronised and 12:40 panel discussion: • Sharing premium content inside the complimentary service working how to Gain a competitive Advantage house without infringing content rights simultaneously by offering an Appealing service • Simplicity in installation to increase appeal for consumers yaman Alpata, Director of Digital Media • Features like Cloud based photo and Marketing, ttnet, Turkey Video Storage offered to increase vassilis seferidis, Director, European telecom operator service appeal Business Development, samsung electronics europe, UK10:20 Keynote presentation: • Overcoming security issues when trt’s new Media Business strategy transferring content across the screens 16:50 tv set Manufacturers and Games consoles to show future forward leadership • Promoting services as an important part to increase the reach of content providers • The impact of media convergence to of building the client base ce Manufacturer • Educating through marketing in a simple • Assessing the connected TV effect Broadcaster broadcasters sweeping the market • Making use of the momentum to capture and user friendly way • What will be gained and what will be user imagination srdzan segvic, Head of Multimedia lost in a truly global TV environment? • Maximising ROI from this new Services Development Department, • Connected Devices and Smart TVs revenue stream Bh telecom d.d., Bosnia & Herzegovina to Challenge the current Value Chain Mehmed colak, Editor in Chief, Additional panellists to include company renaud di francesco, Senior Representative, trt, Turkey representatives from ttnet, trt, deutsche sony telekom10:40 networking lunch Break & exhibition visit 17:20 Achieving true next Generation tv 13:10 networking lunch Break & exhibition visit • Defining the next-gen experience and Afternoon chair: creating next-gen TV Keep up to date... Mirek smyk, Managing Director, MscG, • Offering true high definition content on all screens and networks and CEE President at connected tv • Examining the impact of novelty devices Marketing Association, Romania on the approach of content creation • Managing the relationships between 14:30 Building the Multiscreen triple play content providers, CE manufacturers facebook twier youtube linkedin strategy in an evolving video industry and network owners TV Connect @tvconnect TV Connect TV Connect Adrian Jezina, Atif Unaldi, IPTV President & IT Group cable Event Series event Event Series EurAsia Member of the Board for Director, Media sa, Turkey #tvconnectee East Europe Multimedia, Cloud and Fixed access network at vipnet and CEO, 17:40 close of conference
  4. 4. your Most cost effective Meetinginvestment for the european region! = Reserved Delegate Bag Sponsor Gold Sponsor Silver Sponsor Fruit Sponsordon’t take our word for it... We could talk all day about how great TV Connect EurAsia East Europe is and the reasons ofwhy you absolutely must aend, but we prefer to let our aendees do the talking! To see the highlights and hear real feedbackfrom our 2011 event, please visit full connected entertainment ecosystem participation 48% cxo, director, head of and vp level participation 61% primary Market presence • Telecom Operators(20%) (20%) • CE Manufacturers • Head/ /Director / CxO • Broadcaster (3%) / Studios (4%) VP (48%) • Content Providers • Sales / Marketing / Manager (18%) • OTT Platform / Multiplatform provider (3%) • Business • Satellite TV Provider (6%) • ISP (5%) Development (21%) • Consultants (5%) • Engineer Technical Consultant (4%) • CDN Provider (2%)Providers (4%) • Manager /(5%) • Network Solution • Press (3%) • Press (4%)(1%) • Researcher (1%) • RegulatorSolutions Providers (11%) • Soware • Middleware Providers (5%) System Integrators / • Video Equipment Providers (2%) Source: IP&TV Forum EurAsia East Europe 2011 Aendance • Video Soware Security & Monitoring Solutions (6%) Source: IP&TV Forum EurAsia East Europe 2011 Aendance A truly Global representation Armenia Germany russian Austria Greece federation Bosnia and hungary serbia herzegovina iran slovenia Bulgaria italy switzerland canada Japan the netherlands czech republic luxembourg turkey dubai Macedonia UK estonia norway UsA france romania GeorgiareGister online At
  5. 5. An explosion of Activity in the cee online video sector Michael dean is a research Analyst with informa telecoms & Media. in his role Michael looks at the impact of the latest developments in online and ott content, connected devices and hybrid delivery platforms.What once might have been considered a region stuck a pace or twobehind neighbouring Western Europe is quickly catching up and,in some areas, leapfrogging Western markets and jumping head-firstinto these new market opportunities and dynamics.the past year in particular has seen an explosion of activity in thecee online-video sector, with a flurry of new services coming to market. services. Several In Western Europe, examples of traditional top line connected devices install base players, including the telecoms operators having launched their pay- leading DTH service in TV services on connected-TV devices are rare. Poland, Canal+ But in Russia, Beeline launched its service on Cyfrowy, and the Xbox 360 in April 2011. Only a few months Slovenian incumbent later, mobile broadband operator Yota Telekom Slovenije, launched its VOD service, Yota Play, on are investing in the Samsung’s connected TVs. But Yota is not the development of full only big player to have a VOD service on multiscreen services, Samsung’s TVs. It is joined by the VOD services taking content of fellow operator MTS’ and startup offerings out of the TVigle. So, unlike in the major Western Europe living room and onto markets, connected TVs are already turningOnline video accounted for only about 12% of portable connected platforms for subscribers into a balefield between operators and onlineall Internet traffic in the region in 2010, but to access anytime, anywhere. These launches services in Eastern Europe.Informa Telecoms & Media forecasts that the are both a preemptive response to the threat The outcome of the impending tussle forfigure will jump to about 27% by 2015. of OTT players that have not yet seriously supremacy is still far from over, but whereAdditionally, the number of connected devices emerged and driven by the understanding of Western peers are being disrupted, many of– including connected TVs and hybrid set-top the additional value a truly multiscreen service the big CEE pay-TV providers are launchingboxes – is set to dramatically increase over the offers subscribers. services to preemptively stamp out potentialnext five years. In 2011 the installed base of all “ OTT threats and further spread marketin-home connected devices was about 6.1 dominance. Informa believes OTT will prove tomillion, but Informa forecasts that by end-2016 online video accounted for be much less of a disruptive force in Centralthe number will have risen to just shy of 100 only about 12% of all and Eastern Europe than in Western markets.million. The growing penetration of suchdevices will continue to fuel additional OTT- internet traffic in the region Conversely, OTT will be an important tool for in 2010, but informa further entrenching the market dominance ofservice launches. established larger players – including pay-TVPoland and Russia in particular are seing a telecoms & Media forecasts providers and Internet services, such asformidable pace for their CEE peers when it that the figure will jump to “ Yandex – in the media landscapes of theircomes to online-video services. Homegrown respective countries and perhaps beyond. about 27% by VOD services, such as andTVigle in Russia and and Ipla in Poland,are all experiencing ever-increasing subscriber Others are teamingnumbers and usage and demonstrate the up directly with OTT ott video as a share of total traffictenacity of local player in this OTT landscape. offerings, such asAll these players have been quick to launch on cable operator Tarr inconnected-TV devices, and it is notable that in Hungary, which lastthis respect these services are on par with year became the firsttheir Western peers. The speed with which operator in thethese services are launching on connected-TV country to offer adevices is impressive to say the least. multiscreen serviceHowever, the operators are increasingly but also integrateddemonstrating a canny sense of adaptability the online VODwhen faced with the encroachment of OTT service HBO Go. Eastern Europe, OTT Video as a share of total internet traffic, 2010-2015. Source: Informa Telecoms &
  6. 6. the future of tv is now – and we’re taking our events to the future.The sixth annual ip&tv forumeurAsia east europe held in our event will teach you how to:Istanbul is moving on with a brand ¸ create new market strategies by offeringnew event title – tv connect. pre-pay tv services and using this toWe’re maximising our brand potential through ¸ Generate a large addressable subscribera future forward name that addresses all cool base which could be upgraded toaspects of TV delivery including IPTV, OTTtv, premium packagesMultiplatform services and interactive ¸ learn how to benefit from ott servicescontent creation! The TV ecosystem hascreated a level playing field for creatives andtechnology developers alike to bring the next and define what ott will mean in future “ very good event with a lot opportunities for networkinggeneration TV experience and introduceservices like pause, rewind, catch up and fastforward in the linear TV package. Theconsumer expecting content on various “ this was one of the best events by offering more details on the market Sanin Kahvedzic, Head of services department BH Line, BH Telecom “platforms is driving the demand, and all and new technologies and goodplayers in this field should come together and networking opportunities.find beer ways of sharing the returns. Irina Cazacu, Product Developmenttv connect eurAsia east europe will Manager, Romtelecom “increasingly include issues like contentlicensing and distribution, developingstandards for devices, strategic direction formultiplatform services for CE Manufacturers,marketing ideas for pay TV providersincluding broadcasters, IPTV, OTTtv, Cable and “Satellite players. It will act as a platform thatexplores all opportunities and business its excellent!potential in the connected TV industry.Aending the event will not only offer you to Feng Ji, ZTE “learn from the latest case studies byoperators and TV service providers in theregion, but it will enable you to meetinfluential decision makers, raise your “ rich content; Great networking!business brand and give you the opportunity Ali Saghaeian, Chief Analyst, Teyfto gain solid leads and marketing strategy Research & Consulting Group “when you return to your office. Want to speak At this event? To discuss speaking opportunities at this event, “ very refreshing to discover new opportunities in dynamic countries. please contact: Kamelija stefanova Senior Conference Researcher Gerard Loupias, Director of Broadcast “ Tel: +44 (0) 20 7017 5079 Development, DTS Email: how to register • Visit the website: • Telephone the bookings hotline: +44 (0) 20 7017 5506 • Email Customer Services: registration For full terms and conditions please visit hp:// early Bird standard price For bookings received before For bookings received on or aer 4th September 2012 4th September 2012 service provider fee* free (*limited free service provider places Available) free (*limited free service provider places Available) Non-Service Provider Fee €1,499 €1,799 Accommodation: the cost of accommodation is not included – please visit the event website for discounted venue details Event Code: I5KOV accommodation options and prices. The Marmara Taksim cancellations: Cancellations received in writing before 28th September 2012 will be subject to a service charge Taksim Meydani Taksim Istanbul 34437 of €200. The full conference fees remain payable on and aer 28th September 2012. Substitutions are welcome at any time. It may be necessary for reasons beyond the control of the organiser to alter the content and timing Phone +90 212 334 83 00 of the programme or the identity of the speakers. This contract is subject to English Law.