Whew ! Finally Coyote Catches RoadRunner ? Read our Startup Story


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This is "Megam Cloud's start-up story". "Megam Cloud - Polygot PaaS with cross cloud, real-time log streaming and metering/monitoring builtin". We'll launch our beta soon (http://www.megam.co)
Sit back and enjoy. This has lessons learnt, the challenges we overcame and will help any start-up venturing in Growth Markets.

If you are business and find our services useful, we are all ears plugged to you.

Note: The start-up story in mature markets is totally the opposite of what happens in Growth markets.

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Whew ! Finally Coyote Catches RoadRunner ? Read our Startup Story

  1. Directed: Megam Team “ Birth of
  2. Hired. July 16, 2012
  3. # 0 We are a Bootstrapped entity and recommend it. You just incur Human Capital/Furniture/ Client Hardware We use the latest Client Hardware Ubuntu 13.04, 8GB +>, iCore 5 IInd Gen or >. We found HP's Hw (http://amzn.to/1861POs better than Dell Hw http://dell.to/17Csqnl We recommend you buy at-least 8GB +, iCore i7 3rd Gen HP or Mac Stay Away from Microsoft
  4. # 1 Start-ups don't have a brand in Growth Markets. Incubated hiring works in Growth Markets, which means you can't do mass hiring as pure player (TCS, IBM ..) but rather test their programming ability. Induct folks with good attitude & willingness to learn. Communication isn't needed. They just have to write code. Read our hiring experience here. http://indykish.wordpress.com/2012/07/11/hiring-experie nce-of-a-startup-megam-systems/
  5. Training. # 2 Recommend : Online free trainings Codeacademy(Ruby, Git, JQuery), Coursera (FP in Scala) a big boon. Contact Us : @indykish if you need help.
  6. # 3 We planned for “Power Outages” using Invertors. A must-do in Chennai (TamilNadu) We planned for Network Outage (datacards 3G). Recommend Airtel ZTE Huawei Modem. Stay away from BSNL 3G Endured Mr. Sun (Oh Yeah @Chennai) – {Run the Good Old Standing Khaitan Panka, Limited Aircon}
  7. http://blog.megam.coLaunched. Aug 1, 2012
  8. # 4 Best ever knowledge management tool (Blog) We encouraged team to blog, also reaps your IP This helped to jump start open source participation from college grads Must have, Recommend (inmotionhosting.com) PS: We aren't a partner to inmotionhosting nor are we marketing it..
  9. We set out to build ... Live cloud using Cloud Identity Enable Cloud Apps (Salesforce.com, GoogleApps, SugarCRM et.all) consumed instantly with no identity hassles.
  10. # 5 We choose an Emerging Tech Stack easy to learn, extend maintain as opposed to mundane bloated Java /.NET. We mitigated Technical risks early on by working on prototypes worked for us. Which means fail-fast
  11. # 6 Our Tech Stack: Ruby, RoR, Play(Scala), Akka(Scala), Java, Sencha (Mob), Cloud Management (Chef) on Ubuntu 13.04. Leveraged AWS (micro) for testing
  12. WebApp https://github.com/indykish/nilavu.git Cloud Connectors https://github.com/indykish/deccanplato.git 2 Projects inited. Aug 1, 2012
  13. # 7 We said NO - Mobile First. NO – API First. NO – Biz Plan Working on a plan, full fledged design is a waste of time. We worked smarter in a prototype agile way with the Road map in our “HEAD”
  14. Found Orchestration of PaaS was Painful Experimented with (Cloud Identity) Birth of Cloud management for Megam Nov, 2012
  15. # 8 We didn't think inward, but rather adopted Open source from the start We joined the bandwagon to use Apache V2 license We verified the licensing of various products used (even images, clip arts). Be honest. Code in http://Github.com/indykish
  16. We set our sail to phase 1 ... Polygot PaaS [Hybrid Scalable]
  17. Open source Cloud Platform http://www.megam.co Biz Model. Dec, 2012
  18. New Hero (Hire). Feb 18, 2013
  19. Polygot PaaS Real-time Log Metering/Monitoring March , 2013
  20. Current WebApp July , 2013
  21. GitHub Buzzing lately Kudos to the team 12 + Projects currently. Aug 1, 2013
  22. Choose Stack Awefully Simple. Tests successful
  23. Just point to your code in Github
  24. That's not Just IT.
  25. Watch LogsMore testing done Aug 1, 2013
  26. Beta API ready Aug 1, 2013
  27. # 9 We made the core system ready, built the API Then integrated the interfaces Task based weekly goal to accomplish using http://www.pivotaltracker.com worked well. Pivotaltracker improved the team's motivation. Code in http://Github.com/indykish
  28. # 10 We leveraged free ware as much as we can OS : Ubuntu Sharing files : Ubuntu One Email : Google App for Business(₹ 150 per user) Blogs : Wordpress free account (or) Hosted SCM : GitHub (Free for open source) Tasks Tracker: pivotaltracker.com (Free for open source) Trends Study : Register with Forester, InformationWeek, Business Insider, InfoWorld and watch the competition/future
  29. Register @http://www.megam.co
  30. We are not done YET.. Story has just started. Keep watching http://www.megam.co