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October 2012 hi tech magazine
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October 2012 hi tech magazine


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technology reports on 100 project profiles …

technology reports on 100 project profiles

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  • 1. October’2012 4449 Nai Sarak, Main Road, Delhi - 110006 (INDIA)Ph : 91- 11- 23916431, 23918117, 45120361, 64727385, 23947058 E-Mail :, Website:,,, Mobile: 9811437895, 9811151047
  • 2. PROFITABLE CHEMICAL PROJECTS ANTI-FOAMING AGENT (SILICONE BASED) FOR DISTILLERY, SORBITOL DEXTROSE SALINE SUGAR INDUSTRY, PAPER PLANT ETC. FROM MAIZE STARCHIntra venous fluids, in general are used as I.V Anti-foaming agents may be categorized D-Soribitol, CH2OH(CHOH)4CH2OH (D-drips for patients in nursing homes and as solubilized surfactants, as dispersions glucitol, L-gulitol), is a hexahydric alcoholhospitals suffering from acute dehydration of hard particlces and as dispersions of soft with a 6-carbon atom straight-chain thator considerable debilitating conditions. particles. In all cases a liquid non-aqueous contains six hydroxyl gropups, and has aThese I.V fluids replanish the body fluids. vehicle is present even where the anti- molecular weight of 182.17. It exists as aThough a number of I.V fluids are there, foaming agent is represented as a solid white, odorless, crystalline solid. Because ofgenerally three types of I.V fluids are used formation. Water may also be present a negative heat of solution, sorbitol has ain hospitals as I.V drips. They are as follows:- particularly in emulsified silicone cooling effect when tasted. The hexitol has1. Dextrose injection fluid, 2. Dextrose and formulations. Antifoaming agent are used about two-thirds the sweetness of sugar.sodium chloride injection fluid, When saline to reduce foaming owing to proteins gases Sorbitol was first isolated by the Frenchis injected intravenously, it compensate the or nitrogenous materials which may cause chemist Joseph Boussingault in 1872 fromdeficiency of sodium ions when dextrose is interference with processing. Formulation the fresh juice of mountain ash berries. Itinjected it gives energy due to glucose of silicone and other polymers in all are used has since been found in many naturalcontent of it when dextro-saline is given in often in emulsion form. the num ber of products such as edible fruits (apples,combination, it replanishes the dehydration synthetic and natural materials used in plums, peaches, cherries, etc.), berries ofas well as gives energy thereby recouping defoamers is legion however they have in mountain ash, hawthorn and Sorbusdebility syndrome and also in general take common a degree of surface activity. Soft - domestica, tobacco, algae, and redcare of malaise. Dextrose (D-glucose, corn particle formulations may consist of paraffinc seaweed. In spite of its wide occurrence,sugar, starch sugar, blood sugar, grape waxes or falty amides among other natural materials are not a good commercialsugar) is by for the most abundant sugar in components as the dispersed phase a non source of sorbitol, and it is madenature and occurs either in the free state aqueous liquid serves as the vehicle. A fine synthetically. The content of sorbitol in(monosaccharide form) or chemically particle size is generally desired which is grapes is insignificant and advantage islinked with other sugar varieties. In the free effected by grinding or chilling a hot solution taken of this situation by using a sorbitolstate, it occurs in substantial quantities in rapidly. In addition to the particulate assay of grape wines as a means ofhoney, fruits, and berries. As a polymer of components members of solubilized detecting adulteration with other fruit wines oranhydrodextrose units, it occurs in starch, surfactant class are generally present. apple cider. This sugar alcohol has beencellulose, and glycogen. Sucrose is a synthesized by the reduction of D-glucose, Cost Estimationdisaccharide of dextrose and fructose. D-fructose, L-glucose and D-mannose. The Plant Capacity 9 MT./DayCommercial production of dextrose by Land & Building (Area 5000 6.82 Cr. most important commercial processes arehydrolysis of starch yields white crystalline Plant & Machinery Rs. 3.01 Cr. the electrolytic and high pressuresugars that are either anhydrous W.C. for 2 Months Rs. 7.69 Cr. hydrogenation of D-glucose (dextrose),(C6H12O6) or hydrated (C6H12O6H2O). Total Capital Investment Rs. 18.08 Cr. although the electrolytic method is gradually Rate of Return 60% fading out of the picture. Cost Estimation Break Even Point 27%Plant Capacity 12000 Btl/Day Cost EstimationLand & Building (Area 9000 4.01 Cr. Plant Capacity 66 MT./DayPlant & Machinery Rs. 4.90 Cr. Land & Building (Area 8000 9.52 Cr.W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 1.73 Cr. Plant & Machinery Rs. 5.92 Cr.Total Capital Investment Rs. 11.06 Cr. SPICE OILS & OLEORESINS W.C. for 2 Months Rs. 8.58 Cr.Rate of Return 20% Total Capital Investment Rs. 24.76 Cr.Break Even Point 66% Rate of Return 52% SCFE CO2 extraction process for spices Break Even Point 37% oleoresin is the latest energy efficient ASPIRIN process in the world. Probably, no plant is working in India based on this technology. COOLANT (ENGINE)Pain is perhaps the most universal of man’s The extraction of essential oils,experiences. The sensation is valuable in organoleptic compounds, i.e., thealerting an individual to the fact that they have The purpose of Coolant is to remove compounds responsible for aroma, flavour, excess heat produced from the enginebeen injured or may be ill, and is a useful guide and taste from both liquids and solid plantto the physician in making an accurate diagnosis operation, to control corrosion andand in evaluating the efficiency of a therapeutic materials is possiblt using supercritical scaling, antifreeze and boil over theregimen. Beyond these important functions of carbon dioxide. Materials that can be used radiator water. So many years ago waterpain as sensation is pain as suffering i.e., the are any plant materials which contain was used to reduce the temperature.original senation plus there actions evoked by aromatic substances such as: herbs, spices, Water is an effective heat transfer fluid butthe sensation. Man has probably always sought flowers, crop seeds (e.g. hops, coffee), it boils at very low temperature., highlymethods for the relief of suffering pain. Before pharmaceutically active compounds. corrosive and format scaling. It impure thethe advent of modern therapentics, relief of pain Chemical industry. Applications of spices cooling liquid by accumulating corrosivewas frequently the only treatment available for oleoresins are in food industry, beverage and scaled waste. So it chocks up tubes ofan afflicted individual, any thing which radiator and finally engine overheats. The industry, pharmaceutical industry, toilet complexity is increased with the use ofdescrease sensibility was regarded as useful. preparations (cosmetics and pefumes)Analgesics are substances that relieve pain. aluminum alloys in the head, water pump industry. and radiators. Cost Estimation Cost Estimation Cost EstimationPlant Capacity 3.72 MT./Day lant Cap. CHILLY OLEORESIN 1800 KGS/DAY Plant Capacity 200 Ltr./DayLand & Building (Area 2000 Rs. 2 Cr. GINGER OLEORESIN 360 KGS/DAY Land & Building (Area 350 Rs. 17 LacsPlant & Machinery Rs. 1.43 Cr. Land & Building (Area 4000 3.09 Cr. Plant & Machinery Rs. 7 LacsW.C. for 2 Months Rs. 1.13 Cr. Plant & Machinery Rs. 4.12 Cr. W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 11 LacsTotal Capital Investment Rs. 4.90 Cr. W.C. for 2 Months Rs. 4.62 Cr. Total Capital Investment Rs. 38 LacsRate of Return 19% Total Capital Investment Rs. 12.46 Cr. Rate of Return 28%Break Even Point 61% Rate of Return 33% Break Even Point 57% Break Even Point 48% HI-Tech Projects, Oct 2012 # 03
  • 3. 52 SMALL SCALES MONO CALCIUM PHOSPHATE 25 TO 50 LAKH (MCP) AND DI CALCIUM BORIC ACID INVESTMENT PHOSPHATE (DCP) PROJECTS (52 Tricalcium orthophosphate, Ca3 (PO4)2, Boric Acid (Orthoboric acid) H3BO3, formerly PROJECTS commonly known as calcium phosphate, sometimes called boracic acid, is tonnage REPORTS IN CD) occurs in nature as rock phosphate ore, for material, the predominant use of which example and is used as such as a source of (except as a raw material for boron and boron fertilizer. It can also be converted with compounds) is in medical and PROJECT NAME PROJECT COST sulphuric acid to a mixture of calcium pharmaceutical compounds, such as eye and1. ANIMAL FEED (CATTLE,POULTRY, SHEEP sulphate and phosphoric acid, or it can also mouth washes and nasal sprays. Solution of OF PIG) be converted with sulphuric acid to a mixture boric acid non irritating and slightly (LIQUID FEED) (MOLASSES BASED) of calcium sulfate and monocalcium astringent, with antiseptic qualities. A2. ADHESIVE BASED OIL VINYL ACETATE (FEVICOL TYPE) phosphate, Ca(H2 PO4)2, the latter also saturated solution of H3BO3 contains3. AIR CONDITIONERS & PARTS being known as calcium dihydrogen approximately 2% of the compound at4. AFTER SHAVE LOTION phosphate. Calcium phosphate has a 0oC;inceasing to 39% at 100o C.5. AYURVEDIC MEDICINES relatively low phosphorous content (20% Commercially boric acid has the composition6. AUTO TUBES m/m) while monocalcium phosphate, while B2O3.3H2O. It is derived by adding7. BAKERY UNIT (PASTRIES, BREAD, having a much higher phosphorous content hydrochloric acid or sulphuric acid to a BUNS,CAKE, TOFFEE)8. BOPP ADHESIVE TAPES (26.5% m/m), is difficult to manufacture, and solution of borax and crystallizing. It is also9. CANDLE MAKING PROCESSES & also expensive mainly because one of the by- derived from borax barine, by extraction with ORMULATIONS products of the reaction by means of which it a kerosine solution of chelating agent such10. CEILING FAN (E.O.UNIT) is so prepared, calcium sulphate, has to be as 2-ethyl-1, 3-hexane-diol, or other polyols.11. CANDLE MAKING UNIT SEMI AUTOMATIC discarded as a waste product. Therefore, Borates are stripped from the chelate by12. COLD DRINKS there is a need for an economical method of sulphuric acid. At present only two13. CYBER CAFE14. COOLANT (ENGING) producing calcium hydrogenphosphate from Industries under DGTD which is engaged in15. CHROME PLATING calcium phosphate. There is a further need in the manufacture of boric acid at the installed16. CARBON PAPER the art for an economical method of capacity of 3,660 tonne per annum. Other 3-417. DETERGENT CAKE & POWDER producing monocalcium phosphate fertilizer industries also engaged in the manufacture18. EXTRACTION OF ESSENTIAL OILS from calcium phosphate and further of boric acid but the data is not available of19. EXERCISE NOTE BOOK & REGISTER producing edible products from the resultant these industries. It can be manufactured in (E.O.UNIT)20. ELECTRIC SWITCHES, PLUGS, SOCKETS fertilizer. the small scale sector. Plant and machinery21. FIBER GLASS Cost Estimation are indigenously available. Raw materials22. GOAT AND SHEEP FARMING Plant Capacity 300 Ton/Day required for the production of boric acid is23. HAND MADE PAPER (E.O.UNIT) Land & Build. (Area 30000 33.41 Cr. also indigenously available.24. ICE CREAM OF DIFFERENT FLAVOURS Plant & Machinery Rs. 30.63 Cr.25. JAM, JELLY, CHUTNEY, PICKLES AND Cost Estimation SQUASHES W.C. for 2 Months Rs. 45.36 Cr. Plant Capacity 1 Ton/Day26. LIQUID ADHESIVE FOR CORRUGATED Total Capital Investment Rs. 112.66 Cr. Land & Building (Area 1000 46 Lacs BOARD & BOXES Rate of Return 38% Plant & Machinery Rs. 23 Lacs27. LEATHER TO LEATHER ADHESIVE Break Even Point 39% W.C. for 1 Months Rs. 17 Lacs (LATEX BASED ADHESIVES) Total Capital Investment Rs. 92 Lacs28. LATEX RUBBER CONDOMS (E.O.UNIT)29. MINI FLOUR MILL Rate of Return 39%30. MENTHOL BOLD CRYSTALS (E.O.UNIT) SINGLE SUPER PHOSPHATE Break Even Point 52%31. MOSQUITO COILS AND MATS & SULPHURIC ACID32. MUSHROOMS (CULTIVATION & PROCESSING UNIT)33. NAMKEEN INDUSTRY (BHUJIA, CHANA Fertilizers are substances which are CHUR)34. N.C.PUTTY introduced into the oil to increase the yields35. OIL SEALS of agricultural crops. In addition to increasing36. PAPER GLASSES FOR the amount of agricultural produce, fertilizers BEVERAGE(E.O.UNIT) also improve their quality. Thus with the37. PET BOTTLES FROM PRE-FORM use of fertilizes the starch, sugar, protein (CAPSULES) and oil content of plant is raised, this in turn38. PICKLES, MURABBAS AND SAUCES ETC.39. POULTRY AND BROILER increases the contents of fats and (HATCHERY)FARMING proteins in livestock’s products. The use of40. PAINT INDUSTRY (E.O.UNIT) fertilizers increases the strength of such41. PRESSURE COOKER (E.O.UNIT) products as flax, cotton, and wool. Fertilizers42. RESTAURANTS WITH PUB increase the resistance of plants to ISBN- 8186732845 Price-900/-43. SHAMPOO (E.O.UNIT) disease, drought, low temperatures and44. SILVER EXTRACTION other conditions which hinder the HAND BOOK OF45. STARCH & DEXTRIN BASED ADHESIVE46. SATTU47. SAFED MUSLI CULTIVATION & development of plants. Fertilizers are broadly classified in two types. (1) organic eg. BIOTECHNOLOGY The book covers Biotechnology: An overview, PROCESSING (EXTRACT & POWDER) manure etc and (2) Inorganic eg. Calcium Recombinant Dna Technology, Plant Tissue Culture,48. THINNERS Ammonium Nitrate, Super phosphate etc. Principles and Methodology, Synthetic Seeds,49. TYPE RETREADING BY COLD PROCESS Inorganic fertilizers are salts which contain Biotechnology Methods of Crop Improvement,50. U.P.S. Transgenic Plants, Enzyme Technology, Biotechnology51. VERMICELLI elements essential for plant growth and Crop Improvement in India, Biotechnology Forestry,52. WALL PUTTY which are introduced into the soil to obtain Biotechnology Agro Industrial Development, large crops regularly. About 60 of the Biotechnology Biomass Energy, Foods and Beverages,Each Project Report covers in this CD contains elements are found in composition of the fuel Biotechnology, Plant Economics of Biotechnology Introduction, Uses, Market Position, various plants. Institute, Plant Economics of Biofertilizers fromManufacturing Process with Product Formulae, Cowdung, Plant Economics of Biofertilizers fromFlowsheet, Suppliers of Plant & Machinery and Cost Estimation Waste, Plant Economics of Biofertilizers from Garbage Raw Materials, List & Cost of Machinery, Cost Plant Capacity 330 MT./Day (MSW), Plant Economics of Ethanol (Biofuel) from Economics with Profitability Analysis, BEP, Land & Build. (Area 30000 33.42 Cr. Molasses, Plant Economics of Floriculture (Cut Flower Resources of Finance etc. Price of this CD Plant & Machinery Rs. 28.48 Cr. Rose with Green House Technology, Plant Economicscontaining all above 52 Project Reports is Just of Hybrid Seeds, Plant Economics of Jatropha (Bio- W.C. for 2 Months Rs. 46.33 Cr. Diesel Cultivation & Extraction, Plant Economics of Rs. 22,602/- or US$ 650/-. Payable fully in Total Capital Investment Rs. 110.94 Cr. Organic Manure, Plant Economics of Protein And advance through Draft/Transfer in EIRI A/c. in Rate of Return 41% Protein Based Products, Plant Economics of Tissue favour of ENGINEERS INDIA RESEARCH Break Even Point 36% Culture(100% E.O.U.), Plant Economics of Vermi INSTITUTE, DELHI. Delivery within 2 day. (To Composting, Suppliers of Plant and Machineries. Order please dial : 98114-37895). HI-Tech Projects, Oct 2012 # 04
  • 4. START YOUR OWN CHEMICAL BASED INDUSTRY FERRIC AND COSMETIC AZODICARBONAMIDE (ADC) NON FERRIC ALUM TALCUM POWDERAlum are represented by the general formula All the cosmetics consumed, talcum powders Azodicarbonamide is a blowing agent and is aR 1/2 SO4, R2"(SO4)3.24.H2O. Where R talcum powder underebly leads the list. In synthetic material that has high consumptionand R”are respectively monovalent and earliest human societies, powdered among chemical blowing agents.trivalent radicals. They are usually the materials and clay muds were among the first Azodicarbonamide also known as ‘1,1’- azobisformamide on dry decomposition atdouble salts of ammonium, potassium or preparations to be used on the face for 190oC yields a gas of about 60% N2, 35% COsodium sulphate with aluminium. Chromium commetic purposes, and they are still being and minor amounts of ammonia carbon andor iron sulphate, and are readily prepared y used in this manner by primitive people. The carbon dioxide. The gas yield is high 230-240by concentrating and cooling a solution first substances used for powder were such ml/g at standard temperature of pressurecontaining molecular proportions of the simple and widely divefgent produccts as (CSTP). In 1978 largest volume of blowing agentComponent Sulphate. Ferric and Non Ferric chalk and white lead. Slowly, they involved 5000 metric tons produced in the U.S. wasAlum is marketed in various grades. The more complicated blends of different azodicarbonamide. Azodicarbonamide (ADA)cheapest grade called “alum cake”. Potash materials, finally to emerge in the modern also known as azobisformide (ABFA) is the most important organic chemical blowing agent foralum also known as alum alumen. Ferric concept and interpretation of powders. Not PVC as many desirable properties required in aalumin is aluminium sulphate containing iron only the talcum powders are used by women good blowing agent and in addition is non-obtained from the bauxite ore. Potash alum is but also by men. As the art of making this flammable. ABFA can be easily compoundedprepared from its naturally occurring minerals toiletory improved, perfume and colour, as with dryblends as well as plastisols. It is used insuch as alunite, and Ratinite, but in India well as other improvements were introduced. the manufacture of PVC foam fabrics, floorthese do not occur in appreciable quantities. Persons who are concerned about thier looks coverings, low density open-cell foam, extrudedAlum was formerly prepared from alum employ it several times daily. In this modern low-density gaskets, wire and cable Jackets,shales by roasting them in year and leaching age talcum powders are really products that slush molded products, cross cap-liners, injection moulded sols and high density profilesit out with water. Alum is now produced in addf very materially to personal etc. A B F A is also used as foaming agents forIndia by crystallizing together equivalent attractiveness. Talcum powders are Ethylene-Vinyl acetate (EVA) plasters. Variousproduced in India by Crystallizing together nowadays made today by reputable grades of foaming agents of azodicarbonamideequivalent proportion of potassium sulphate manufacturers, consist of purified are available and are marketed in various tradeand aluminium sulphate. The solution is ingredients, approved colours and non- names of grade, Viz ADC, Urea, Kempora,concentrated and the crystals are separated irritating perfumes. None of the harmful Celogen AZ, Cenitron AC, Profor ADC,out are melted to yield lump alum or effects are suffered through their use inspite Azoid,Polyzole-AZDN, Fisons Cenitron Ac/3 andrecrystalized to obtain large crystals. of many daily applications. A c/4 powder grades etc. Cost Estimation Cost Estimation Cost EstimationPlant Capacity 15 MT./Day Plant Capacity 1 Ton/Day Plant Capacity 1 MT./DayLand & Building (Area 5000 Rs. 2.25 Cr. Land & Building (Area 600 Rs. 40 Lacs Land & Building (Area 500 Rs. 30 LacsPlant & Machinery Rs. 91 Lacs Plant & Machinery Rs. 11 Lacs Plant & Machinery Rs. 28 LacsW.C. for 3 Months Rs. 1.09 Cr. W.C. for 2 Months Rs. 26 Lacs W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 49 LacsTotal Capital Investment Rs. 4.36 Cr. Total Capital Investment Rs. 83 Lacs Total Capital Investment Rs. 1.15 Cr.Rate of Return 24% Rate of Return 64% Rate of Return 57%Break Even Point 56% Break Even Point 44% Break Even Point 37% 57 SMALL SCALE 19. FAST FOOD PARLOUR 42. SPICES/MASALA (EOU) 20. HERBAL CAPSULES 50 LAKH TO 21. HERBAL HAIR DYE OIL 43. SNACK FOOD (CRAX SIZE) (ROLL & BALL TYPE) 1 CRORE 22. HERBAL COSMETIC 44. SCOURING BAR INVESTMENT 23. H.T. & L.T. INSULATOR, HT AIR BRAKE 45. SAND PAPER SWITCHES D.O. FUSE, LIGHTENING 46. TOILET SOAP FROM SOAP NOODLES PROJECTS (57 ARRESTOR 47. TOILET SOAP INDUSTRY (SOAP FROM PROJECT 24. HOSTEL WITH MESS SOAP STOCK) 25. INSTANT NOODLES 48. TOILET & HERBAL SOAP REPORTS IN CD) 26. KESHKALA TEL (VASMOL OR GODREJ 49. TAMARIND JUICE POWDER KESHKALA TEL TYPE) 50. TRANSFORMER OIL PROJECT NAME PROJECT COST 27. LITHIUM BASED GREASES 51. TURBINE OIL 28. LIQUID TOILET CLEANER (HARPIC TYPE) 52. THINNERS1. ABRASIVE PAPER (SAND PAPER) 29. LATEX RUBBER CONDOMS 53. THINNERS (ETHYL ALCOHOL BASED)2. AUTOMOBILE GEARS 30. MANGO PROCESSING & CANNING 54. TEA & COFFEE PROCESSING AND3. ACETIC ACID (MANGO PULP) PACKAGING4. AIR CONDITIONERS & PARTS 31. MOLYBDENUM BASED LUBRICANT 55. V-BELTS5. B.O.P.P SELF ADHESIVE TAPES 32. MUSTARD OIL (EXPELLER) 56. WHITE OIL FROM KEROSENE OIL6. B.P.O. 33. NAMKEEN INDUSTRY (BHUJIA, 57. WASHING & LAUNDRY SOAP7. BIO TECHNOLOGY LABORATORY & CHANACHUR ETC.) TRAINING INSTITUTE 34. PLASTIC BUTTONS (BY INJECTION Each Project Report covers in this CD contains8. CALCIUM BASE GREASE MOULDING METHODS) Introduction, Uses, Market Position,9. CYCLES TYRES AND TUBES 35. POULTRY & BROILER FARMING Manufacturing Process with Product Formulae,10. DEHYDRATED ONIONS & 36. POUCHES FILLING & PACKAGING OF Flowsheet, Suppliers of Plant & Machinery and ONION POWDER EDIBLE OIL & GHEE Raw Materials, List & Cost of Machinery, Cost11. DEHYDRATION OF FIGS 37. PRIMER PAINTS, ENAMEL PAINTS & Economics with Profitability Analysis, BEP,12. DRY GINGER POWDER AND OLEORESIN DISTEMPER Resources of Finance etc. Price of this CD13. EXTRA HIGH TEMPERATURE 38. PAPER GLASSES FOR BEVERAGE containing all above 57 Project Reports is Rs. LUBRICATING GREASE 39. RECLAMATION OF USED ENGINE OIL 24,850/- or US$ 650/-. Payable fully in advance14. EXTRACTION OF ESSENTIAL OIL (BY CLAY AND VACUUM DISTILLATION through Draft/M.O. in favour of ENGINEERS15. ELECTRIC SWITCHES, PLUGS, SOCKETS PROCESS) INDIA RESEARCH INSTITUTE, DELHI.16. ELECTRONIC TOYS (E.O.U.) 40. REFINERY PETROL/DIESEL ETC. Delivery within 2 day.17. ELECTRIC ENERGY METERS 41. RUBBER SHEETS FOR SHOE SOLES (EVA) (To Order please dial : 98114-37895).18. FISH CANNING AND POUCHING (ETHYLENE VINYL ACETATE SHEET HI-Tech Projects, Oct 2012 # 05
  • 5. CHITIN & CHITOSAN FROM HAIR REMOVAL ALUMINIUM NITRATE PRAWN SHELL WASTEHair removal is the removal of body hair, and Chitin is a white, hard, inelastic, nitrogenous, Aluminum Nitrate Al(No3)3 9 HoH powerfuldescribes the methods used to achieve that polysaccharide found in the outer skeleton of oxidizing agent only the nanohydrate hasresult. Hair typically grows all over the human insects, crabs, shrimps and lobsters and in commercial significance. It is a whitebody during and after puberty. Men tend to the internal structures of invertebrates. It is crystalline material mp 73.5oC soluble in coldhave more body hair than women. Both men the second most abundant organic water alcohol and acetone. Decomposition toand women tend to have hair on the head, compound next to cellulose. It is a macro nitric acid and basic aluminium nitrateseyebrows, eyelashes, armpits, pubic region molecular linear polymer of_ (1-4) N acetyl D begins at 130oC and dissociation toand legs; and men also have hair on their glucosamine and is insoluble in water and aluminium oxide and oxides of nitrogenface, abdomen, back and chest. Hair does many organic solvents. Chitin itself has only a occurs above 500oC. Aluminium nitratenot generally grow on the palms of the hands, few applications; it acts more as a precursor monohydrate is prepared by dissolvingthe lips, certain areas of the genital structure, of Chitosan, its most familiar derivative. aluminium in dilute nitric acid andor the soles of the feet. Forms of hair removal Chitosan is deacetylated chitin, and is crystallization from the resulting aqueousare practised for a number of reasons, polymer of _(1-4) acetyl - D glucosamine. It solution. Anhydrous aluminium nitrate isincluding cultural, sexual, medical and has multifarious uses in the cosmetic, covalent in character easily volatilized andreligious. Forms of hair removal have been pharmaceutical and medical industries. It is decomposed on heating. Hydrated aluminumpractised in almost all human cultures. The even considered as a wonder drug of the nitrate is used primarily as a salting out agentmethods used to remove hair have varied in twenty-first century due to its versatile utility. in the extraction of actinides. It is a source ofdifferent times and regions, but shaving is the Chitin is a chemical compound belong to aluminium used in the preparation ofmost common method. Each culture of glucosamine polysaccharide group insulating paper.human society has developed social norms categories. It contains about 7% nitrogen,relating to the presence or absence of body and is structurally similar to cellulose. It is the Cost Estimation Plant Capacity 2 Ton./Dayhair, which has changed from one time to principal constituent of the shells of prawn Land & Building (Area 1000 53 Lacsanother. Different standards can apply to fish, shrimps, crabs, lobsters, beetles and Plant & Machinery Rs. 26 Lacsmales and females. People whose hair falls other sea fishes. It is also found in some W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 43 Lacsoutside a culture’s aesthetic standards may fungi, algal and yeasts. Wayback in 1811 it Total Capital Investment Rs. 1.27 Cr.experience real or perceived social was discovered by a french botanist that the Rate of Return 33%acceptance problems. fibrous material in the shell of prawn is chitin Break Even Point 50% Cost Estimation which is a polymer of N-Acetyl glucosamine.Plant Capacity 500 KGS/Day But it was only in 1974 that the CIFT came outLand & Building (Area 1 Acre) Rs. 24 Lacs with a simple technology for extraction of CARBON BLACKPlant & Machinery Rs. 4 Lacs chitin from prawn shell waste and itsW.C. for 3 Months Rs. 21 Lacs conversion to chitosan. FROM TYRESTotal Capital Investment Rs. 57 LacsRate of Return 94% Cost EstimationBreak Even Point 28% Plant Capacity 750 KGS/Day Carbon Black is a finely divided form of Land & Building (Area 4000 1.75 Cr. carbon practically all of which is made by Plant & Machinery Rs. 1.32 Cr. burning vaporised heavy oil fractions in a W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 1.22 Cr. furnace with 50% of the air required for QUATERNARY Total Capital Investment Rs. 4.54 Cr. complete combustion (Partial Oxidation). AMMONIUM CATION Rate of Return 30% Carbon Black from Tyre is a new developed Break Even Point 61% process having less implication and involvement of machinery and the plant costQuaternary ammonium cation. The R groups is also less compare to other conventionalmay be the same or different alkyl or aryl process. Carbon Black is available ingroups. Also, the R groups may be CALCIUM FLUORIDE different grades and is precisely used inconnected. Quaternary ammonium cations, process industries like rubber products,also known as quats, are positively charged plastic, printing ink, paints, etc. Tire treads,polyatomic ions of the structure NR4+, R belt covers and other abrasionbeing an alkyl group or an aryl group. Unlike Calcium Fluoride Ca,F2 is a most versatile Chemical which is Precisely used in the resistant,rubber products,plastic asthe ammonium ion (NH4+) and the primary, reinforcing agents, opacifier,electricalsecondary, or tertiary ammonium cations, the manufacture of special glasses,enamels & welding flux,etc. There are two convenient conductivity Ultra Violet light absorber,quaternary ammonium cations are colorant for printing ink carbon paper,permanently charged, independent of the pH method for its manufacturing:- 1. By powdering pure fluoride or fluorspar, 2. By the typewriter ribbon, paint, pigment nucleatingof their solution. Quaternary ammonium salts agent in weather modification, expander inor quaternary ammonium compounds (called interaction of soluble Calcium Salt Sodium Fluoride. At present there are few battery plates, solarenerig absorser.quaternary amines in oilfield parlance) aresalts of quaternary ammonium cations with manufacturers of clacium fluoride in Cost Estimationan anion. Quaternary ammonium organised sector and the current production Plant Capacity 30 MT./Daycompounds are prepared by alkylation of is not sufficient to meet the current demand. Land & Building (Area 6000 Rs. 3 Cr.tertiary amines, in a process called Calcium fluoride is a white powder and occur Plant & Machinery Rs. 1.58 Cr.quaternization. Typically one of the alkyl in nature as a fluorite. High purity calcium W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 9.58 Cr.groups on the amine is larger than the others. fluoride is used for the manufacture of special Total Capital Investment Rs. 14.46 Cr. glasses and for the growth of single crystal. Rate of Return 29% Cost Estimation Calcium fluoridecan also be used for the Break Even Point 42%Plant Capacity 800 KGS/Day manufacture of Glass, enamels and weldingLand & Building (Area 4000 1.12 Cr. fluxes single pure (99.93%) crystals ofPlant & Machinery Rs. 8 Lacs calcium fluoride are also used inW.C. for 2 Months Rs. 38 LacsTotal Capital Investment Rs. 1.72 Cr. spectroscopy, electronics.lesers and high Patrons you can deposit theRate of Return 19% temperature dry-film lubricants.Break Even Point 59% Cost Estimation amount in EIRI Account Plant Capacity 2 MT./Day AXIS BANK LTD. Land & Building (Area 1500 70 Lacs Plant & Machinery Rs. 14 Lacs CA-054010200006248 W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 42 Lacs Total Capital Investment Rs. 1.29 Cr. (IFS Code: UTIB0000054) Rate of Return 37% Break Even Point 48% HI-Tech Projects, Oct 2012 # 06
  • 6. 20 COPPER AND LIQUID SHOE POLISH COPPER FERRIC ALUM WITH PUFF BASED INDUSTRIES Shoe Polishes are available in liquid, cream Alum is available in solid form as powder, (20 PROJECT or paste, liquid shoe polish dries quickly, but granular, kibbled & lump form. It can also be REPORTS IN CD) is not readily available in a lot of colors and purchased and fed as a liquid. Alum can be does not last as long as the other options. effective in the pH range of 5.5. to 7.8, but Shoe polishes are generally used to restore seems to work best in most water supplies in PROJECT NAME PROJECT COST the original lustre and finish of smooth a pH range of 6.8 to 7.5. Below a pH range of1. ALUMINIUM, BRASS, COPPER surface of the shoe. They are also expected SCRAPS & SHEETS TRADING 5.5, alkalinity in the water supply is generally to cleam the surface and prevent the insufficient. The aluminum ions become2. COPPER LUGS deterioration. Most polishes contanin oil or3. COPPER POWDER wax for their lustering or polishing, properties. soluble rather than insoluble and do not4. COPPER SMELTING PLANT Oil polishmes are easy to apply but the participate in the hydration and reactions5. COPPER PLANT surface on which they are used attract dust necessary to make the alum effective as a6. COPPER OXYCHLORIDE and show finger marks. Wax polishes are coagulant. In these instances the plant may7. COPPER PRODUCTS FROM more difficult to apply, but are more leasting. experience higher than normal filtered water COPPER SCRAPS OIl or wax base shoe polishes are of two turbidites, and much of the aluminum will8. COPPER ROD WIRE DRAWING types, waterless and aqueous. The former pass through the filters. When the pH level of AND PVC WIRE & CABLES are clear or translucent, the latter are milky in the water is above 7.8 after the addition of the9. COPPER WIRE DRAWING & appearance. The shoe polish formula alum, the aluminum ions again become ENAMELLING PLANT changes day to day. These were motivated by soluble, and the efficiency of coagulation is10. COPPER TUBES AND PIPES FROM demands for easier use; changes in the decreased. Under these condition, aluminum SCRAP competition of the surface to be polished, the ions again penetrate the filters, and post11. COPPER FOILS need for more consistent quality, especially filtration alum coagulation can occur in the12. COPPER POWDER with respect to better durability of the finish. The need to buff to achieve glass was clear well and in the distribution system in13. COPPER EXTRACTION FROM SLAG BY ELECTROLYTIC PROCESS characteristics of earlier formulas. Many some cases. Ferric alum is aluminium14. COPPER & COBALT FROM THE modern polishes are self-polishes and impart sulphate (Al2(SO4)3 18 H2O) containing iron ORE CONTAINING COPPER & gloss without having to be buffed. obtained from the bauxite ore. It is soluble in COBALT FROM MINES water alum is a white crystalline material it is15. COPPER PLATING ON METALLIC Cost Estimation also available in 50% aqueous solution form. PARTS BY ELECTROLESS DIPPING Plant Capacity 500 Nos./Day METHOD, COPPER BRIGHTENING Land & Building (Area 250 Rs. 15 Lacs Plant & Machinery Rs. 2 Lacs Cost Estimation COLOURING & LACQUERINT W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 6 Lacs Plant Capacity 20 MT./Day16. METAL SEPARATION (COPPER, TIN, Land & Building (Area 4000 1.92 Cr. LEAD) FROM SPENT WASH ACID Total Capital Investment Rs. 24 Lacs Rate of Return 48% Plant & Machinery Rs. 70 Lacs17. MELTING OF COPPER & ROLLING W.C. for 2 Months Rs. 61 Lacs PROCESS FOR GETTING CIRCLES Break Even Point 51% Total Capital Investment Rs. 3.55 Cr.18. SUPER ENAMELLED COPPER Rate of Return 20% WIRE (FROM COPPER SCRAP) Break Even Point 67%19. SUPER ENAMELLED COPPER WIRE (FROM COPPER CATHODE ROD)20. ZINC & COPPER SULPHATE FROM BRASS ASH OXYGEN GASEach Project Report covers in this CD contains Introduction, Uses, Market Position,Manufacturing Process with Product Formulae, Flowsheet, Suppliers of Plant & Machinery and Raw Materials, List & Cost of Machinery, Cost Oxygen, the gaseous element that Economics with Profitability Analysis, BEP, constitutes 20.946% of the earth’s, Resources of Finance etc. Price of this CD atmostphere, is essential to respiration and containing all above 20 Project Reports is Rs. life in all animals and to most forms of 28,220/- or US$ 710/-. Payable fully in advance vegetation. Oxygen supports the combustion through Draft/M.O. in favour of ENGINEERS INDIA RESEARCH INSTITUTE, DELHI. of feels which supply mankind with heat, light Delivery within 2 day. and power, and it enters into oxidative (To Order please dial : 98114-37895). Combination with many materials. The speed of reaction and effectiveness of combination increases with oxygen concentrations greater than that of air Industry has established 99.5% purity for the bulk commercial product. The great importance ofNEW EDITIONS the industrial gas, oxygen is due to the ISBN- 8186732330 Price-880/- usefulness of the acetylene torch for steel welding and steel cutting, and for the welding Hand Book Of Electroplating Anodizing & of other metals, to lesser degree to the Surface Finishing Technology oxyhydrogen flame. Oxygen gas in the breathing apparatus for a visitors at high The book covers Principles of Electroplating, altitudes and for oxygentents in hospitals is a Rs. 1880/- Rs. 980/- Technology of Cleaning, Pickling & Dipping, high altitudes and for oxygentents in Electrolytic & Chemical Processes for the Polishing hospitals is a more recent development. of Metals, Nickel Plating, Chromium Plating, Hard Chromium Plating , Copper Plating, Electroforming, Cost Estimation Brass Plating, Silver Plating, Gold Plating (Gilding), Plant Capacity 1212 Cu m/Day Cadmium Plating, Zinc Plating, Tin & Tin Alloy Land & Building (Area 2 Acres) Rs. 3.18 Cr. Plating, Plating for Electronics , The Plating of Plastics & Other Non Metallic Materials, Anodic Plant & Machinery Rs. 2.32 Cr. Oxidation of Aluminium, Phosphating Processes, W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 72 Lacs Manufacturers & Suppliers of Machinery & Total Capital Investment Rs. 9.91 Cr. Equipments, Suppliers of Electroplating Chemicals Rate of Return 18% & Materials. Break Even Point 63% Rs. 930/- Rs. 1880/- HI-Tech Projects, Oct 2012 # 07
  • 7. 83 EXPORT ORINTED PROJECT NAME PROJECT COST CAUSTIC SODA UNITS (100% 46. MEDICINAL PLANT EXTRACTS 71 Lacs [SODIUM HYDROXIDE (NaoH)] 47. MENTHOL BOLD CRYSTALS 22 Lacs EOU/EOU) 48. MINERAL WATER (IN POUCHES PROJECTS (83 & PLASTIC BOTTLES) (E.O.U) 2.89 Cr. Caustic soda, also known as sodium PROJECT 49. MUSHROOMS (CULTIVATION & hydroxide (NaoH) is an important industrial PROCESSING UNIT) (E.O.UNIT) 54 Lacs chemical product produced on a tonnage REPORTS IN CD) 50. MASALA/SPICES (E.O.UNIT) 51 Lacs basis in both solid and liquid form. It isPROJECT NAME RS. 22, COST PROJECT 602/- 51. MUSTARD OIL (EDIBLE OIL) 3.51 Cr. deliquescent, absorbing water vapour and 52. NAMKEEN INDUSTRY (BHUJIA, carbon dioxide from the air. It is also1. ACTIVATED CARBON FROM CHANA CHUR ETC.) (E.O.UNIT) 8 Lacs extremely corrosive and should be handled SAW DUST, RICE HUSK AND 53. NUTS, BOLTS, RIVETS & WASHERS 66 Lacs with great care. Adequate protection from COCONUTSHELL 77 Lacs 54. OIL SEALS (E.O.UNIT) 36 Lacs bodly contact with the solid form or2. AGARBATTI SYNTHETIC concentrated solutions should be provided. 55. PAPER GLASSES FOR PERFUMERY COMPOUNDS 74 Lacs It is also a fire hazard compound as it heats BEVERAGE (E.O.UNIT) 68 Lacs3. AIR CONDITIONERS & PARTS 49 Lacs spontaneously and may ignite combustible 56. PAN MASALA IN POUCH AND materials that are nearly. A large part of the4. AUTOMATIC BISCUIT PLANT 69 Lacs TIN PACK SODA, MEETHA, huge amount used annually in the U.S. (5. AFTER SHAVE LOTION 33 Lacs ZARDA & KIMAM (E.O.UNIT) 72 Lacs About 21/2 million tons) is produced by the6. AYURVEDIC MEDICINES 69 Lacs 57. PAPER BAGS (SHOPPING BAGS) 32 Lacs electrolysis of the sodium chloride solutions7. ALUMINIUM UTENSILS 3.61 Cr. 58. PAPPAD PLANT (AUTOMATIC) 30 Lacs in the electrolylic cells, such as the Hooxer,8. BEER PLANT 15.33 Cr. 59. PICKLES, MURABBAS AND Nelson, Force, or Allen-Moore. Chlorine is a9. BUFFALOW MEAT PROCESSING 2.37 Cr. SAUCES ETC. (E.O.UNIT) 46 Lacs by product of the reaction. Alternative10. BANANA POWDER (E.O.UNIT) 69 Lacs 60. PLASTIC TOYS (E.O.UNIT) 7 Lacs process is the soda-lime method.11. CEILING FAN (E.O.UNIT) 42 Lacs 61. POTATO WAFFERS/CHIPS (E.O.U) 97 Lacs Cost Estimation12. COCONUT OIL FROM COPRA 1.06 Cr. 62. PAINT INDUSTRY (E.O.UNIT) 37 Lacs Land & Building (Area 6 Acres) Rs. 10.12 Cr.13. COLD DRINKS 5 Lacs 63. PAPER CARRY BAGS 98 Lacs Plant & Machinery Rs. 28 Cr.14. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (E.O.U) 2.61 Cr. 64. P.V.C. PIPES AND FITTINGS 1.57 Cr. W.C. for 1 Months Rs. 4.25 Cr.15. CONFECTIONERY INDUSTRY Total Capital Investment Rs. 53.17 Cr. 65. PRESSURE COOKER (E.O.U) 42 Lacs (TOFFEE & CANDY) (E.O.UNIT) 64 Lacs Rate of Return 16% 66. POTATO POWDER (E.O.UNIT) 1.96 Cr. Break Even Point 76%16. CORN FLAKES 78 Lacs 67. RUBBER GOODS FROM17. CHEWING TOBACCO (KHAINE) 21 Lacs WASTE RUBBER 29 Lacs18. CALCIUM CARBONATE 3.36 Cr.19. COSMETICS INDUSTRY 68. READYMADE GARMENT (E.O.U) 75 Lacs EMPTY HARD 69. RICE MILL 4.11 Cr. (MODERN) (E.O.UNIT) 3.29 Cr. 70. SOCKS KNITTING 25 Lacs GELATINE CAPSULES20. CEMENT PAINT 11 Lacs 71. SOYABEAN PRODUCTS (E.O.U) 4.68 Cr.21. C.P. BATHROOM FITTINGS 89 Lacs 72.SHAMPOO (E.O.UNIT) 29 Lacs Gelatin capsule was first invented in 1834 by22. CARBON PAPER 43 Lacs 73. SUGAR PLANT (E.O.UNIT) 23.61 Cr. Mothes, a French pharmacy student in23. CYCLE TYRES & TUBES (E.O.U) 3 Cr. 74. SAFED MUSLI CULTIVATION collaboration with a French pharmacist24. DISPOSABLE PLASTIC SYRINGES & PROCESSING Dublanc. They used one piece olive shaped (STERILIZED) (E.O.UNIT) 1.29 Cr. (EXTRACT & POWDER) (E.O.U) 62 Lacs structures which had to be sealed after filling25. DAIRY PRODUCTS & MILK 75. STEVIA CULTIVATION with a drop of concentrated gelatin solution PACKAGING (E.O.UNIT) 1.84 Cr. & EXTRACTION (E.O.UNIT) 1.24 Cr. and were counterparts of the modern day26. DETERGENT CAKE & POWDER 6 Lacs 76. THINNERS 30 Lacs soft gelatin capsules. The inventors used27. DETERGENT POWDER (E.O.U) 9 Lacs 77. TABLET, CAPSULES, the capsules to mask the tastes of obnoxious28. EXTRACTION OF ESSENTIAL OILS (PHARMACEUTICAL UNIT) 48 Lacs materials. Mothes first sold empty shells but (CARDAMOM, JEERA, AJOWAN, 78. TEA BAGS (E.O.UNIT) 69 Lacs later supplied only filled ones. As such other GINGER OIL ETC) & PACKING 79. TEA PACKING & DISTRIBUTION 4.50 Cr. inventors tried to appear on the scene to OF GROUND SPICE (E.O.UNIT) 58 Lacs 80. TOILET SOAP (E.O.UNIT) 84 Lacs overcome the patent of Mothes. Lehuby in29. EXERCISE NOTE BOOK 81. TOMATO PRODUCTS IN 1846 invented a two piece structure which & REGISTER (E.O.UNIT) 30 Lacs POUCHES (E.O.UNIT) 58 Lacs was identical with the present day hard30. FLORICULTURE (CUT FLOWERS) 1.45 Cr. 82. WOODEN FURNITURE (E.O.U) 1.81 Cr. gelatin capsules. He called them ‘mes31. FRUIT JUICE MAKING & 83. ZARDA KIMAM & TOBACCO 12 Lacs enveloppes medicamenteuse’ or medicinal PACKING IN PLASTIC CONTAINERS Each Project Report covers in this CD contains envelopes. the first British patent was (POUCHES) (E.O.UNIT) 3.66 Cr. Introduction, Uses, Market, Process with granted to Murdoch in 1948 who was32. FOOD DEHYDRATION (E.O.U) 2.24 Cr. Product Formulae, Suppliers of Plant and Equipments, Cost Economics with Profitability Lehuby’s agent. Lehuby’s process for33. FOOD PROCESSING 1.13 Cr. Analysis, BEP, Resources of Finance etc. Price production of gelatin shells was essentially34. GARLIC OIL ——--— of this CD containing all above 83 Project the one used today. The first large scale35. GINGER OIL 69 Lacs Reports is just Rs. 22,602/- or US$ 565/-. manufacture of gelatin capsules was36. GINGER PROCESSING (PEELING, Payable fully in advance through Draft/M.O./At Par Cheque in favour of ENGINEERS INDIA undertaken by Eli Lilly & co. In Hampshire. In DRYING, GRINDING, BLEACHING RESEARCH INSTITUTE, DELHI. U.S.A. the manufacture commenced nearly a OF FRESH GINGER) (E.O.UNIT) 1.24 Cr. Delivery within 1 day. century ago. Large scale machinery for37. GUAR GUM 2.86 Cr. (To Order please dial : 98114-37895) manufacture of empty shells, which was full38. HAND MADE PAPER (E.O.UNIT) 55 Lacs automated, was designed in 1913. Filing and39. HERBAL COSMETIC (E.O.UNIT) 76 Lacs sealing machinery came into being in 1950.40. HERBAL EXTRACTS (E.O.UNIT) 7.58 Cr.41. JAM, JELLY, CHUTNEY, PICKLES Patrons you can deposit the At first the devices were semi-automatic but by 1960 fully automated versions were AND SQUASHES (E.O.UNIT) 53 Lacs amount in EIRI Account marketed.42. LEATHER, GARMENTS, SHOES & CHAPPALS (E.O.UNIT) 2.64 Cr. HDFC BANK Cost Estimation Plant Capacity 40,00,00,000 Nos./Annum43. LATEX RUBBER CONDOMS (E.O.U) 52 Lacs CA-05532020001279 Land & Building (Area 1.5 Acres) Rs. 2.44 Cr.44. MINIATURE CIRCUIT BREAKER 88 Lacs45. MANGO PROCESSING & CANNING (RTGS/NEFT IFSC: Plant & Machinery W.C. for 2 Months Rs. 4.72 Cr. Rs. 39 Lacs (MANGO PULP) (E.O.UNIT) 49 Lacs HDFC 0000553) Total Capital Investment Rate of Return Rs. 8.04 Cr. 18% HI-Tech Projects, Oct 2012 # 08
  • 8. BATH SOAP DYE LEVELLING AGENT (VARIOUS TYPES)Processing of textile materials involves the It goes without saying that soap isuse of diverse types of compounds to perform indispensable to our daily life. Accordingly,various functions. The compounds are the manufacturing industry should continuevariously known as textile auxiliaries, textile to develop as one of the most importantchemicals, textile process chemicals etc. industries. Soap may broadly be classified byThey may be broadly classified depending on use as follows:- a) Soap household (toilethe purpose for which they are used into two soap, laundry soap etc.). b) Industrial soap. c)groups (1) Those which are used in textile Special soap. Among them, the consumptionprocessing to serve some purpose or of special soap which is used for medicalpurposes and after these purposes are purposes and shampooing is not large.served, they have to be removed from the Industrial soap which is important, beingtextile material being processed and (2) used in the textile industry etc. is notthose which continue to form an integral part consumed in a large quantity, either.of the materials being processed by way of Household soap which is most importanteither chemical reaction with the textile quantitatively accounts for the larger part ofsubstrate or mechanical deposition of water the consumption of soap. The production of ISBN- 8189765027 Price-1030/-soluble or water insoluble substances in the laundry soap has sharply decreased in recenttextile substrate and are expected to remain years with the global spread of synthetic Hand Book Of Garmentson the material more or less permanently with detergents. Indeed, it appears as thoughstanding the subsequent rigorous action of soap has given place to synthetic detergents. Manufacturing Technologyvarying degrees exerted on the end products However, toilet soap enjoys a stabilized The book covers Fabric objective Measurement forduring the use by the consumers. These two demand and its manufacture is not likely to Garment Industries, Common Problems & Solution inclasses may be called temporary and lose in importance for a long time to come. Enzyme/Garment Washing, Sewing Equipment, Bodypermanent textile auxiliaries respectively. Measurement, Sewing Techniques, GarmentLevelling agents used in dyeing acid dyes on Cost Estimation Construction, Preparation of Fabrics for Garment making, Plant Capacity 500 KGS/Day Qualities of A Well Finsihed Garment, Principles of Dresswool or nylon as IN class of (normal dyeing) Designing, Figure Irregularitties, Renovation of Land & Building (Area 1000 63 Lacsvat dyes on cotton or carriers and dispersing Plant & Machinery Rs. 13 Lacs Garments, Fabric Embellishment, Care of Clothing,agents used in the dying of disperse dyes on Laundry Equipment, Special Laundry Treatments, W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 37 Lacs Technology of Laundering, Disinfection and Storage ofpolyester fibres and solution aids used in Total Capital Investment Rs. 1.15 Cr. Clothes, Selection of Household Linen, Selection ofdissolving sparingly soluble dyes in printing Rate of Return 41% Family Clothing, Plant Economics of Bra and Pantypastes which normally contain a small Break Even Point 48% (Ladies Under Garments), Plant Economics of Hosiery Products, Plant Economics of Laundry and Dry Cleaning,amount of water are some examples of Plant Economics of Readymade Garments, Planttemporary textile auxiliaries. Economics of Readymade Garments (100% EOU), Plant Cost Estimation TOILET SOAP WITH Economics of Readymade Garments, Plant Economics of Readymade Garments, Plant Economics of ReadymadePlant Capacity 1 MT./Day GLYCERINE TRANSPARENT SOAP Salwar Suit, Plant Economics of Readymade Salwar Suit, Kurta Luggage.Land & Building (Area 500 Rs. 39 LacsPlant & Machinery Rs. 21 LacsW.C. for 1 Months Rs. 13 Lacs It goes without saying that soap isTotal Capital Investment Rs. 79 Lacs indispensable to our daily life. Accordingly, SOAP MANUFACTURINGRate of Return 47% the manufacturing industry should continueBreak Even Point 61% to develop as one of the most important industries. Soap may broadly be classified by use as follows:- a) Soap household (toilet Household soap which is most important quantitatively accounts for the larger part of TECHNOLOGY OF soap, laundry soap etc.) b) Industrial soap. the consumption of soap. The production of c) Special soap. Among them, the PETROCHEMICALS, consumption of special soap which is used laundry soap has sharply decreased in recent for medical purposes and shampooing is not years with the global spread of synthetic LUBRICANTS large. Industrial soap which is important, detergents. Indeed, it appears as though soap has given place to synthetic detergents. GREASES & PETROLEUM being used in the textile industry etc. is not consumed in a large quantity, either. However, toilet soap enjoys a stabilized demand and its manufacture is not likely to REFINING Household soap which is most important lose in importance for a long time to come. As quantitatively accounts for the larger part of ISBN- 8186732586 for the monthly production capacity of toilet the consumption of soap. The production of Price-1030/- laundry soap has sharply decreased in recent soap although there are plants which years with the global spread of synthetic manufacture 500-1500 tonnes a month. TheThe book covers Petroleum Refinery andPetrochemicals, Hydrocarbons from Petroleum, detergents. Indeed, it appears as though soap making process roughly consists ofPetrochemicals, Industrial Organic Synthesis, soap has given place to synthetic detergents. saponification and moulding. There areLubricants, Manufacture of Oils and Greases, However, toilet soap enjoys a stabilized various methods of saponification. However,Distillation of Crude Petroleum, Petroleum demand and its manufacture is not likely to the hot process may be called the best oneProducts, Purification of Petroleum Products, lose in importance for a long time to come. As because the quality of soap in superior andRefining of Petroleum , Testing of Petroleum, this process turns out Glycerine as a byApplication of Lubricating Agents, Formulating and for the monthly production capacity of toilet soap although there are plants which product. Various oils and fats are used as rawCompounding of Lubricants, Reclamation of Used manufacture 500-1500 tonnes a month. The materials for soap making tallow andLubricating Oil, Re-Refining of Used Lube Oil,Formulating of Greases, Lubricants and Their soap making process roughly consists of conconut oil are mostly used in Japan. TheyManufacture, Various Formulations of Lubricants saponification and moulding. There are are mixed at a ratio of 70 to 80 percent of theand Greases, Acetic Acid from Ethanol, Coolant various methods of saponification. former and 20 to 30 percent of the latter.(Engine), Cutting Oil, Ethanol (Biofuel) fromMolasses, Formaldehyde, Food Grade Grease or Cost Estimation Cost EstimationLubricant, Gas filling of L.P.G. Cylinder, Grease Plant Capacity 20000 PCS/Day Plant Capacity 1000 KGS/Day(Lithium Based), Lube Oil from CNSL to Reduce Land & Building (Area 1000 70 Lacs Land & Building (Area 2000 1.04 Cr.Friction, Lube Oil and Grease, Petroleum Jelly, Plant & Machinery Rs. 32 Lacs Plant & Machinery Rs. 72 LacsReclamation of used Engine Oil, Rust Prevention W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 1.05 Cr. W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 4.25 Cr.Lube Oil, Silicon Grease, Wire Drawing Lubricants, Total Capital Investment Rs. 2.20 Cr. Total Capital Investment Rs. 6.20 Cr.Suppliers of Plant & Machineries, Suppliers of Raw Rate of Return 90% Rate of Return 36%Materials, List of Present Manufacturers. Break Even Point 33% Break Even Point 46% HI-Tech Projects, Oct 2012 # 09
  • 9. START YOUR OWN AGRO FOOD INDUSTRY CUT FLOWERS (EXPORT TOMATO KETCHUP, ORIENTED) (GLADIOLI, MARIGOLD, STATICE, CHRYSANTHEMUM, ROSE) VIRGIN COCONUT OIL TOMATO PUREE WITH GREEN HOUSE & TOMATO JUICEFlowers are symbol of beauty, love, affection, Copra is prepared from ripe or nearly ripe Tomato is a very popular vegetableromance tranquility etc. Besides their nuts. The stage and period at which the nuts throughout the country and it is grown inaesthetic value, they are important for their are harvested influence the quality of the many states. Apart from use in vegetables, itseconomic uses, such as for cut-blooms and copra and the yield, Nuts harvested during down stream products like soup,for extracting perfumes and other products. dry summer months give a higher yield than concentrates, sauce, puree, ketchup are alsoIn our country, flowers are sanctified and are those harvested during rainy months. equally popular and they have a longercommonly used in worshipping the deities in Coconuts take generally 12 months to ripen, shelflife unlike fresh tomatoes. Tomato isour homes and temples. We are intimately nuts harvested earlier than 10 months yield perishable and needs to be transportedassociated with them, and on all festive copra of poor oil content. Fully mature nuts carefully to avoid damage during transit. Withoccasions like marriages religious give high yields of copra of good quality. Two the advent of new technology, many down theceremonies and social functions, the use of types of copra are made milling copra and line products are made and are consumedflowers and garlands has become almost edible copra. Nearly 4/5th of the copra round the year as table enrichers. Freshessential. A large genus of erect, same notes produced in India is of the former class. The Tomatoes are very refreshing and appetizing.or climbing shrubs widely distributed in the quality of copra is judged from the amount of They are a good source of vitamin C. the maintemperate parts of the northern hemisphere oil it contains. Recorded oil percentages of tomato producing states are A.P. Bihar, U.P.,and on tropical mountains. About ten species copra from various producing countries Punjab, M.P. Tamil Nadu, West Bengal andhave been introduced for cultivation as range from 57-75%. It has been pointed out Maharashtra. Two varieties of tomatoes areornamentals or for production of rose water that copra which is partially deteriorated available in India they are the large round oneand attar. The genus includes about 120 or through mould attack gives an abnormally which are quite sour and the longish typemore species a large majority of which high yield of oil. Similarly, copra from the which are sweetish and less sour. theare native to the Asiatic region. It is divided kernel still remaining in 7 months old seeding procesed items from tomatoes include,into four sub-genera of which three are has an oil content as high as 77%. The yield concentrates, juices, ketchup, and peeledsmall and aberrant and the fourth, Eurosa, of oil from copra depends on the moisture tomatoes and purees. Most of the tomatoescontains the roses proper. The important content of the copra and on the efficiency of products are made from tomato pulp, which isancestral species from which modern garden the milling equipment. unflavoured finally divided flesh and juiceroses have been bred are all to be found in Cost Estimation separated from skins and seeds. It is usuallyfour of the ten section of Eurosa. Plant Capacity 1200 Ltrs./Day concentrated to a greater or less degreeGallicanae contains R. gallica, the French Land & Building (Area 1500 sq.ft.) Rs. 20 Lacs before use in other products or for canning.Rose and R. damascena, the Damask Plant & Machinery Rs. 1.74 Cr. Cost EstimationRose, and two other species, all of which are W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 59 Lacs Plant Capacity 3300 PAC/Daytetraploids with 28 chromosomes. Total Capital Investment Rs. 2.61 Cr. Land & Building (Area 1000 41 Lacs Rate of Return 25% Plant & Machinery Rs. 26 Lacs Cost Estimation Break Even Point 59% W.C. for 1 Months Rs. 20 LacsPlant Capacity Total Capital Investment Rs. 94 LacsRose 40000 Rate of Return 31%Gladioli 40000 Break Even Point 67%Marigold (Ganda) 32000Statice 25000Chrysanthemum 27000Land & Building (Area 8 Acres)Plant & Machinery Rs. 2.59 Cr. Rs. 1.67 Cr. NEWW.C. for 1 MonthsTotal Capital InvestmentRate of Return Rs. 15 Lacs Rs. 4.51 Cr. 18% BOOKSBreak Even Point 69% ON FOOD CITRUS FRUITS CULTIVATION & & PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY HERBS ISBN NO. 9788189765996 Rs. 1230/- Rs. 1130/- The book Citrus Fruits Cultivation & Processing Technology covers Citrus Industry in India, Background, Cultivation of Citrus Fruits, Technique of Hybridization, Influence of Climatic Factors, Soils Requirement of Different Citrus Species, Establishing an orchard, Seed Propagation, Citrus Rootstocks in India, Nutrition, Irrigation Requirement of Citrus Trees, Weed control in nurseries, Harvesting, Quality MODERN RUBBER of Fruit, Post harvest Technology, Problems in Citriculture, The Extraction of Orange Products,CHEMICALS, COMPOUNDS Kagzi Lime Carbonated Beverage, Citric Acid from Citrus Processing Wastes, Utilization of Kinnow & RUBBER GOODS Waste in Value Added Products, Rangupur Lime (Citrus Limonia Osbeck) Preparation and Storage of Beverages, Citrus and Fortunella, Lists the Products TECHNOLOGY which can be Obtained from Citrus Fruits, Citrus and Other Fruit Juices, Spray Drying Technology for Fruit Rs. 2630/- Rs. 1380/- ISBN-9788189765194 PRICE 1630/- Juice Drying, Processing of Citrus etc. HI-Tech Projects, Oct 2012 # 10
  • 10. MAIZE STARCH, REFINING OF PALM OIL, LIQUID GLUCOSE,DEXTROSE BAKERY UNIT SUNFLOWER OIL AND (MAIZE AND ITS PRODUCTS)Pastries, Rusks, Bread, Cakes, Toffies etc. Most crude oils and fats, whether obtained by Starch is a group of polysacchrides,comes under the bakery product. Now the pressing, solvent extraction or rendering are composed of glucopyranose units joinedadvancement of age age food habits of the given a preliminary cleaning and clarification together by-glucosidric linkages. It conformsready-made food. Most of all the bakery items treatment by setting, screening, filtration or to the molecular formula, (C6-H10O5)u,are under the category of ready-made food. centrifugation to make them more resistant where n varies from a few hundred to overNow school going children are like to have the against deterioration during storage. When one million. Starh is found as the reserveitems like parties cakes, breads etc. for their required for edible purposes they are nearly cerbonhydrate in various parts of plants andtiffin use office going peoples like to take always given a further refining treatment. In is enzymatically broken down to gluose tobreads and parties products, in our daily most cases, however, some refining other erbohydrates according to thebreak fast table also take. The share of treatment must be applied depending on the metabollic needs of the plants. Industrially,bakery products even daily wages laborers nature of the impurities and undesirable starch is broadly divided into two types viz,also habiterated to spend their lunch by constituents and on the purposes for which natural and modified. Natural starches, alsotaking bread or like that baking product. By the oil is required. The impurities may be of designated as unmodified starches orthe large utilities of baking products in our life the following types. (1) Fat-insoluble particles simpluy starches, are obtained from grainstakes part the programme of progress of dispassed in the fat. (2) Material held in such as and sorghum. from roots like potato,bakery unit itself. Small scale production of colloidal suspension in the fat. (3) Fat soluble tapioca and arrow root, and from the pith ofbaking item can be achieved by carry substances. The fat insoluble impurities can the stems of certain palms such a sago. Theyprofessional ways of life. Which may dream a be removed by mechanical means such as are further classified into cereal starches andpoor middle class men to be a entrepreneur. setting, filtration or centrifugation; they root starches. The characteristics of the Cost Estimation consist principally of seed or tissue particles, natural starches are changed by chemical orPlant Capacity99540 Kg./Annum Bread & mucilage, fibres from press cloths, dust, enzymatic action and the products of these Burgar Bun mineral matter traces of moisture. The reactions are termed modified starches. This 120000 Kg./Annum material held in colloidal suspension or group includes dextrins, acid-modified Pastry Products solution consists, largely or phosphatides, starches, oxidized starches, starch esters, 9000 Kg./Annum Biscuits carbohydrates and nitrogen-containing starch ethers, dialdehyde starches, and 30000 Kg./Annum Pastes compounds and often complex compounds cationic starches. Starch occurs naturally in 123570 Kg./Annum Toffee of these. It can be removed by treatment with the plants and its percentage vries with theLand & Building (Area 4000 Rs. 2 Cr. steam, water, electrolytes, followed by plant and also in different parts of the samePlant & Machinery Rs. 18 Lacs setting, centrifugation or filtration with plant. Corn (maize) sorghum grain wheat,W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 44 Lacs adsorbents or other aids. rice, potato, tapioca, arrowroot and sago areTotal Capital Investment Rs. 2.65 Cr. Cost Estimation among the important sources of naturalRate of Return 33%Break Even Point 45% (ALL FIG. IN THOUSAND RUPEES) starches. The grains of barley, rye, oat, and Plant Capacity 30 MT/DAY PALM OIL the millets are also employed in the 30 MT/DAY SUNFLOWER OIL production of starches. Patrons you can deposit the 30 MT/DAY GROUND NUT OIL Cost Estimation Land & Building (Area 3.2 Acres) Th. 18 Th. amount in EIRI Account Plant & Machinery Th. 48 Th. Land & Building (Area 15 Acres) Rs. 15.40 Cr. Plant & Machinery Rs. 10.83 Cr. ICICI BANK LTD. W.C. for 1 Months Th. 81 Th. W.C. for 2 Months Rs. 27.20 Cr. CA-038705000994 Total Capital Investment Th. 1.53 Lacs Total Capital Investment Rs. 53.73 cr. (RTGS/NEFT/IFSC Rate of Return 112% Rate of Return 36% Break Even Point 19% Break Even Point 48% Code: ICIC0000387) CONFECTIONERY UNIT WITH MINI SUGAR PLANTTOFFEE, CANDY, CHEWING GUM & BUBBLE GUM Sugar is a universal sweetening agent andConfectionery or sweetmeats are preserved sugar - cane is the primary age - old source ofedible delicacies consisting of a solid or it. Sugar cane is a very important industrialcrystalline phase and a liquid or non- crop, accounting for about 60% of sugarcrystalline phase the relative proportion of production in the world. From the timeswhich determine the type of confectionery. immemorial the word “sugar” is being usedThe principal types of confectionery are variously to express delight as well as distrusthand boiled goods, caramel and toffee, ratin sarcastically. Sugar has been used in humangoods, comfits or draggees, and lozenges. diet through the functions of pancreas, depending on the quantity of sugarSugar is the principal ingredient of consumed. It is must for human diet whenconfectionery. There are about 50 important taken directly or indirectly through variousconfectionery factories in the country. Mainly carbohydrate containing food stuffs. Sugarin U.P. Bihar, Mumbai, Punjab, and Bengal. In as sucrose is important for energy andaddition, a large number of small concerns metabolic activities. When sugar wasare producing sugar confectionery with prepared from sugar cane in the beginningindigenous equipments. cannot be definitely stated, but brown sugar ISBN-8186732365 Price-780/- or gur (Jaggery) was the first known form of Cost Estimation HAND BOOK OF HERBS, MEDICINAL sugar manufactured from sugar cane as wellPlant Capacity 1400 KGS/Day & AROMATIC PLANTS CULTIVATION as from wild date palm (phonnix sulvestris),Land & Building (Area 1100 Rs. 69 Lacs palmyra palm (Borassus Flapellifar). The book covers Aloe vera, Ashwagandha, Babchi,Plant & Machinery Rs. 52 Lacs Belladonna, Buckwheat, Coleus, Costus, Cowhedge, ,W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 82 Lacs Datura, Digitals, Dioscorea, Duboisa, Foxglove, Cost EstimationTotal Capital Investment Rs. 2.16 Cr. Geranium, Guggal, Honey Plant, Hop, Henna, Isabgol, Plant Capacity 400 MT./Day Jasmine, Kalmegh, Liquorice, Lemon Grass, LongRate of Return 19% Land & Building (Area 5 Acres) Rs. 10.04 Cr. Pepper, Neem, Parrot Tree, Periwinkle, Primrose,Break Even Point 66% Plant & Machinery Rs. 4.30 Cr. Pyrethrum, Rauvolfia, Roselle, Rutin Bearing Eucalyptus, W.C. for 2 Months Rs. 37.21 Cr. Senna, Steroid Bearing Solanum, Sweet Flag, Sweet Total Capital Investment Rs. 55.70 Cr. Worm Wood, Valerian, Tuberrose, Tulsi, Herbs Drying, Rate of Return 18% Herbs Cultivation, Spikenard (Jatamansi), Medicinal Plant Extract, Manufacturers/ Suppliers of Agricultural Break Even Point 60% Equipments & Implements. HI-Tech Projects, Oct 2012 # 11
  • 11. COMPRESSED POULTRY & POULTRY FEED BAKER’S YEAST BROILER FARMINGBaker’s yeast is an inseparable bakery The production of poultry in the United States The manufacture of the concentrated poultryingredient to cause fermentation in the dough and generally throughout the world is carried feeds is a hi-Tech area; For the formulation ofused to make bakery items. As a result of out by a highly specialized, efficient poultry concentrate a veterinary doctor havingfermentation we get soft and fluffy bakery industry that has been a leader in trends of extensive field experience is a must; toitems. In the present era there is an scale and industrialisation that have taken prevent any disaster in form of large scaleincreasing trend towards processed and fast place in American agriculture over the past mortality which may be due to imbalance infood consumption like bakery items. While half century. The total number of chicken disease preventive medicines and vitaminsdemand for bakery items is saturated in produced in the United Statee annually added in the concentrate formulated. Thedeveloped countries it is increasing at a amounts to more than 3.6 billion. These are proposed project is for manufacture ofconsistent pace in the developing nations kept for two separate purpose the production concentrated poultry feeds in pellet form andwith increased demand for processed food of table eggs. The organisation and methods powder form. This is the most advanced anditems like pizza base, burger buns. Yeast is a used by the two aspects of the poultry modern method of feeding poultry. Theunicellular microorganism which primarily industry are different, and generally advantages of pelleted feed enriched withrequires sugars, water and warmth to stay commercial table egg production and broiler controlled doze of vitamin and diseasealive. In addition, albumen or nitrogenous production are carried out by separate preventive medicines are that these enablematerial is also necessary for yeast to thrive. enterprices. Availability of feeds and their the poultry farmers to achieve assured andThere are hundreds of different species of ingredients contributed significantly to (rated) growth right from chick stage toyeast identified in nature, but the genus and increased Poultry production is our country Broiler. There is minimum wastage whichspecies most commonly used for baking is during the two decades. made it more economical. Poultry feeding isSaccharomyces cerevisiae. The scientific currently based on a well developedname Saccharomyces cerevisiae, means ‘a Cost Estimation knowledge of the principles of poultrymold which ferments the sugar in cereal Plant Capacity 9066 Nos./Day nutrition that has been put in to extensive Land & Building (Area 10500 2.76 Cr.(saccharo-mucus cerevisiae) to produce practice. Chickens as is the case with all Plant & Machinery Rs. 37 Lacsalcohol and carbon dioxide. Yeasts are W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 1.23 Cr. higher animals, have much more complexusually spherical, oval or cylindrical in shape Total Capital Investment Rs. 4.69 Cr. nutrient needs. More than 40 specificand a single cell of S. cerevisiae is around Rate of Return 30% chemical compounds or chemical elements8?m in diameter. The chemical action and Break Even Point 43% are nutrients that need to the present in thegrowth of yeast that causes dough to rise diet to support life growth and reproduction.then became apparent. Yeasts, bacteria, and These nutrients can be divided into sixmolds are fungi, vegetable growths, Yeasts TOMATO PROCESSING classes. Some what according to theirare commonly egg shaped and about 0.01 function and chemical nature: (1)mm in diameter. The yeasts cell contains UNIT Carbohydrates (2) fats (3) Proteins (4)complex organic substances called enzymes Vitamins (5) minerals (6) Water. Thewhose characteristic is that they catalyze a Tomato Puree is the name implies to tomato carbohydrates, fats are required mainly aschemical reaction. Pulp which is concentrated by the sources of energyin the body. Cost Estimation evaporators either open pan or vacuum Cost EstimationPlant Capacity 100 MT./Year evaporators. It is prepared by concentrating Plant Capacity 60 Ton/DayLand & Building (Area 1000 Rs. 24 Lacs Land & Build. (Area 1500 Rs. 76 Lacs tomato juice or pulp without seeds and skin. ItPlant & Machinery Rs. 11 Lacs Plant & Machinery Rs. 43 Lacs is used for preparation of various products W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 6.56 Cr.W.C. for 1 Months Rs. 4 Lacs such as Sauces, Ketchup, Chutney, Soup,Total Capital Investment Rs. 41 Lacs Total Capital Investment Rs. 8 Cr. Tomato Juice. Tomatoes are taken, which are Rate of Return 40%Rate of Return 23% well-ripened. So the fresh ripen tomatoes Break Even Point 40%Break Even Point 70% are very refreshing and appetising. they are good source of vitamine. The main tomato Modern producing states are A.P., Bihar, M.P. Punjab, Tamil nadu, West Bengal and Maharashtra. BANKABLE Technology Two varieties of tomatoes are available in India then are the large round ones which are TECHNO ECONOMIC FEASIBILITY quite sour and the tongish type which are Of Extrusion sweetish and less sour. Most of the tomato products are prepared from tomato pulps, & Extruded which is unflavoured, finely devided flesh and juice separated from skins and seeds. It is PROJECT Products usually concentrated to a greater or less degree before used in other products. REPORT (TEFR) Results of this work are evidence by a large Exclusively prepared by Chartered number of articles, patents and commercial Accountant as per the requirement and your Isbn- 9789380772042 installation for conc. of fruits and vegetable balance sheet etc. Price-930/- juices or pulps. Possible savings in We also prepare customized bankable packaging, storage, transportation and project reports.The book covers Introduction of Extrusion Processes,Extrusion, Type of Dies for Film Extrusion, Extrusion of convenience in certain instances, account for These TEFRs are prepared by our team ofPlastic Films, Blown Film Extrusion Trouble Shooters the continued interest in commercial Chartered Accountants and whose chargesGuide, Extrusion Instabilities of Variabilities, Blown Film development of products. It is evident, may vary from Rs. 1.5 Lacs to Rs. 5 lacs.Extrusion, Plants for Multilayer Films, Lamination, HighSpeed Production of Thin CPP Films, Linear low density however, that the present trends towards These project reports are fully accepted byPolyethylene Mulch Film, Extruder Operation, Details of ready to use desserts and other formulated banks and financial institutions, if preparedProcessing Equipments, Post Extrusion Process, Vacuum food products and much to the commemrcial by CA.Metallizing, Co-extruded Film Manufacturing, Production possibilities of tomato conc and pulps.of Breathable Films and Laminates, Manufacture of Patrons may approachExtruded Thermoplastic Foam, Plastic Pipes for Water Cost EstimationSupply, New Opportunities with PP for Window Profiles, Plant Capacity 20000 MT/YearCorrugator Multilayer Pipe Technology, Option for Cable Land & Build. (Area 3000 Rs. 3.49 LacsConduit Systems. Plant & Machinery Rs. 6.58 Lacs W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 5.98 Lacs Sudhir Gupta (CEO), EIRI, Total Capital Investment Rs. 16.82 Lacs Phone No. +91 98114 37895 Rate of Return 36% Note- Kindly contact those who are really interested. Break Even Point 43% HI-Tech Projects, Oct 2012 # 12
  • 12. GREEN HOUSE FOR MARGARINE BUTTER DL(DG)-11/8024/2012-14 CROP PRODUCTION FROM VEGETABLE OIL Hi-Tech Projects An Industrial Monthly Magazine onIndia has witnessed an increase in food grain Margarine is a complex system essentially Hi-Tech Projects & developed andproduction from 51 million tones (50s) to 206 containing on the one hand a mixture of underdeveloping Technologies with lucrativemillion tonnes at the turn of the century and triglycerides which are either crystallized or Project opportunitiesthat has helped in achieving self sufficiency. non-crystallized at ambient temperature, and EditorHowever, quick shrinking of the agricultural aqueous ingredients on the other hand. Minor Sudhir Gupta (Industrial Consultant)land threatens sustainable production of food ingredients, e.g. emulsifiers, flavours, Ankur Gupta (Assistant Editor)grains and its ability to feed ever growing colouring matter, vitamins etc. are dissolvedmouths. In this context, careful tailoring of soil or dispersed in either the fatty or the aqueous SUBSCRIPTION RATESand crop management practices suitable to phase. Depending on the content of FOR INDIA: Single Copy Rs. 20/-local needs is of great importance to keep up crystallized triglycerides in the fatty phase, One Year Rs. 225/-the pace of production. Precision Farming the margarine is either pourable or more or Three Years Rs. 650/-otherwise called prescription farming or site- less shape-retaining at ambient temperature. (Add Rs. 125/- for outstation cheques.specific farming helps to overcome these Since in conventional margarines the Please make the Draft/Cheque in favour ofconstraints by accurately assessing the aqueous ingredients are dispersed in the “Engineers India Research Institute, Delhi”variability of crop production practices in form of small droplets in the fatty ingredients,space-time continuum by utilizing tools like margarines are generally water-in-oil type FOR OVERSEAS: Single Copy US$ 5/-Global Positioning System (GPS), emulsions. Upon melting, which takes place One Year US$ 60/-Geographical Information System (GIS), in the initial stage of the frying process, the Three Years US$ 170/-Remote Sensing (RS) and Sensors. Since margarine separates essentially into twoancient time, mankind has beenaware of the layers, i.e. an oily and an aqueous layer. CAUTIONfact that a wise modification of the When the temperature is further increased, Project Reports/Profiles provided in this issueenvironment could improve the productivity e.g above the boiling point of water, had been prepared on datas available at theof crops. For instance, the fact that light spattering may occur, since the water tends time of preparing these reports.transmitting shelters could create a suitable to escape from the bottom of the frying pan Entrepreneurs/Industrialists are requested toenvironment was certainly known to the and entrainment of oily ingredients will please update the data before venturing intoRomans, as Emperor Tiberius used to eat a thereby take place. The present method any project mentioned herein. Howevercucumber daily. Infact, the concept of provides margarines comprising proteins in efforts have been made to provide Correct information even then no guarantee can beControlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) the aqueous phase, the weight ratio of given about the authenticity of the matter. Allwas not a novel idea and has been in use proteose-peptone proteins to proteinaceous disputes are subect to Delhi Jurisdiction only.since a long time. material of an isoelectric point within the Cost Estimation range of pH 4-6 being at least 0.5.Plant Cap. Cost Estimation 8000000 KGS/Year Organic Plant Capacity 500 Ton./Year Vegetables Land & Building (Area 6000 53 LacsLand & Building (Area 12 Acres) Rs. 1.80 Cr. Plant & Machinery Rs. 75 LacsPlant & Machinery Rs. 2 Cr. W.C. for 2 Months Rs. 1.97 Cr.W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 3.39 Cr. Total Capital Investment Rs. 3.34 Cr. Over 32 years Experienced IndustrialTotal Capital Investment Rs. 7.35 Cr. Rate of Return 32% ConsultantsRate of Return 76% Break Even Point 46% Postal Address: 4449 Nai Sarak, MainBreak Even Point 30% Road, Delhi - 110006 (INDIA) Ph : 91- 11- 23916431, 23918117, SWEET AND TECHNOLOGY OF 45120361, 64727385, 23947058 E-Mail :, NAMKEEN INDUSTRY GUMS, ADHESIVE AND SEALANTS Website:,Namkeens as well as sweets are gaining,eminence in modern times and their demand WITH,is also increasing considerably to cater to the FORMULATIONS www.industrialprojectreports.comtaste of people. Among the namkeens theprominent items are dal moth ,bhujia,etc. ISBN- 818673273XThese are becoming most versatile as for Mobile: 9811437895, 9811151047their relish and palatability is concern. Now a Price-1080/- Our Bankers (All Current Accounts)days these items are well known not in India The covers Introduction, Mechanism of Adhesivebut world wide. These are mainly consumed bonding, End Users of Adhesive, Adhesive and (1) AXIS BANK LTD.during breakfast period & are very much Bonding of Substrates, Animal Glue, Casein andduring social & cultural periods. These are Mixed Protein Adhesives, Starch Based Adhesives, CA- 054010200006248used as tasty & flavored food as well as in Neoprene (Polychloroprene) Based Solvent and (2) ICICI BANK LTD.medicinal way, however, a little it may be, Latex Adhesives, Acrylic Adhesives, Gum Arabic,(according to ayurveda) because of their Guargum, Aerobic Acrylic Adhesive, Acrylic Adhesive CA- 038705000994carminative stimulative digestive properties. and Sealants, Amino Resin Adhesive, Bonding of (3) HDFC BANKIndia produces almost all these types of salty Plastics (Adhesive for Plastics), Carboxylic Polymenrs in Adhesive, Cyanoacrylate Adhesives, CA- 05532020001279processed food products of grains all thesetypes of salty processed food products of Expxy Resin Adhesives, Phenolic Resin Adhesive, (4) UNION BANK OF INDIA Polychloroprene Adhesives, Solvent And Latex,grains like Grams, Pulses etc. It aid in Polyester Adhesives, Polythyleneimine in CA- 307201010015149digestion and adsorption of food possessesanthelmintic and antiseptic properties. The Adhesives, Polysulfide Sealants and Adhesives, (5) STATE BANK OF INDIA Polyurethane Adhesives, Polyurethane Dispersions ,main raw materials for these products are Polyvinyl Acetal Adhesives, Polyvinyl Acetate CA- 30408535340Gram, pluses & spices. The various food Emulsions and Polyvinyl Alcohol for Adhesives,additives & colours may be used to provide Resorcinolic Adhesives, Thermoplastic Resinsophistications in the products. All the Books Also Available at : Adhesives, Vinyl Acetate Ethylene Copolymer Emulsion Adhesives, Butyl Rubber and EIRI Project Consultants & Publishers Cost Estimation Polyisobutylene Adhesives, Natural Rubber and Roop Nagar, DelhiPlant Capacity 3 Ton./DayLand & Building (Area 450 Rs. 1.40 Cr. Reclaimed Rubber Adhesives, Nitrile Rubber Printed, Published & Edited by SudhirPlant & Machinery Rs. 48 Lacs Adhesives, Pressure Sensitive Adhesives, Resin Kumar Gupta on behalf of “Engineers India for Rubber based Adhesive, Rubber Adhesives, Research Institute” 4449, Nai Sarak, Delhi -W.C. for 1 Months Rs. 51 Lacs Styrene Butadine Rubber Adhesives, SoybeanTotal Capital Investment Rs. 2.64 Cr. 6 and Printed at Swastik Offset, Naveen Adhesives, Starch Adhesives, Animal Glues, BloodRate of Return 87% Albumen Glues, Casein Glues and Adhesives , Fish Shahdara, Delhi, Registered with RegistrarBreak Even Point 28% Glues, Suppliers of Plant & Machineries, Suppliers News Paper for India of Raw Materials. HI-Tech Projects, Oct 2012 # 13
  • 13. 22 CHICKEN PROCESSING ALCOHOL, COLD SUPPLY CHAIN BEER, IMFL, WITH SLAUGHTER HOUSE COUNTRY LIQUOR, WINEA cold chain is a temperature-controlled Poultry farms are increasing steadily. Many AND OTHERsupply chain. An unbroken cold chain is an government agencies are encouraging RELATEDuninterrupted series of storage and poultry farming and even short term training PROJECTS (22distribution activities which maintain a given courses are organised regularly. Such farms REPORTS IN CD)temperature range. It is used to help extend have generated considerable employment PROJECT NAME PROJECT COST (Rs.)and ensure the shelf life of products such as opportunities in semi urban and rural areas.fresh agricultural produce, frozen food, Marketing of poultry birds is expensive and 1. ALCOHOL FROM RICE STRAW 1.71 Cr.photographic film, chemicals and death of birds during transit is the main 2. ALCOHOL FROM MOLASSES 8.32 Cr.pharmaceutical drugs. Cold chains are bottleneck. This compels most of the poultry 3. ALCOHOL FROM POTATOES 38.88 Cr. 4. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ANDcommon in the food and pharmaceutical farms to concentrate on nearby markets even VINEGAR FROM COCONUT WATER 2.47 and also some chemical if it means less prices. Instead, if these birds 5. ALCOHOLIC DRINKS FROM ETHYLshipments. One common temperature range are processed after dressing and packed in ALCOHOL BY MIXING OF VARIOUSfor a cold chain in pharmaceutical industries tins then transportation is easier, shelf life of FLAVOURS (FLAVOURED ALCOHOLICis 2 to 8 0C. but the specific temperature (and the product goes up and the product is more BEVERAGES) 3.58 Cr.time at temperature) tolerances depend on hygienic. Good quality poultry birds are 6. BEER PLANT (E.O.U.) 15.33 Cr. 7. COUNTRY LIQUOR 32.83 Cr.the actual product being shipped. This is slaughtered and after dressing, they are 8. CIDER PLANT ———important in the supply of vaccines to distant cooked and packed in cans. This ensures 9. ETHANOL (BIOFUEL) 14.77 Cr.clinics in hot climates served by poorly longer shelf life and also takes care of 10. GRAPE WINE 1.05 Cr.developed transport networks. Disruption of problems associated with transportation of 11. HERBAL BEER 3.73 Cr.a cold chain due to war may produce live birds, higher costs and loss of birds 12. MINERAL WATER (PACKED INconsequences similar to the Smallpox during transit. Proposed processing plant BOTTLES, GLASSES, JARS) 2.89 Cr. 13. RECTIFIED SPIRIT FOR POTABLEoutbreaks in the Philippines during the must be located in the vicinity of poultry ALCOHOL INDUSTRIAL ALCOHOLSpanish-American war. Traditionally all farms. This project has good potential in & MEDICAL ALCOHOL 8.62 Cr.historical stability data developed for several states of the country and this note 14. RECTIFIED SPIRIT FROM RICE/PADDYvaccines was based on the temperature considers UP as the preferred location. STRAW 2.76 Cr.range of 2-8 0C. With recent development of Availability of know-how and Compliances, 15. INDIAN MADE FOREIGN LIQUOR 2 Cr.biological products by former vaccine DFRL, Mysore, has successfully developed 16. IMFL (WHISKY) FROM POTATOES 40.48 Cr. 17. OCTALOL (OCTYL ALCOHOL) FROMdevelopers, biologics has fallen into the same the technical know-how. Compliance with MOLASSEScategory of storage at 2-8 0C due to the PFA Act is mandatory. 4.62 Cr.nature of the products and the lack of testing Cost Estimation 18. POTABLE BEER (ALCOHOLIC) BASEDthese products at wider storage conditions. (ALL FIGURES IN THOUSAND Rs.) ON POTATO & BARLEY/MALT 14.57 Cr. Cost Estimation Plant Capacity 45000 Bird/Day 19. VODKA FROM POTATOES 29.33 Cr. Land & Building (Area 2000 Th. 13 Th. 20. WHISKY 9.57 Cr.Plant Capacity 2000 MT./Day Plant & Machinery Th. 26 Th. 21. WINE FROM DATES 10.38 Cr.Land & Building (Area 10 Acres)Rs. 12.07 Lacs 22. WINE FROM MAHUA FLOWERS 10.69 Cr.Plant & Machinery Rs. 33.61 Cr. W.C. for 1 Months Th. 1.12 LacW.C. for 3 Months Rs. 1.56 Cr. Total Capital Investment Th. 1.54 Lac Price of this CD containing all above 22Total Capital Investment Rs. 48.27 Cr. Rate of Return 59% Project Reports is Rs. 24,720/- or US $ 700/-.Rate of Return 32% Break Even Point 28% Payable fully in advance through Draft/M.O.Break Even Point 52% in favour of ENGINEERS INDIA RESEARCH INSTITUTE. Delivery within 2 days. (To Order dial: 098114-37895 Gupta). SUGARCANE Hand Book Of JUICE IN TETRAPACK INDIAN MADE Packaging Sugarcane juice in tetra pack must be a FOREIGN LIQUOR (IMFL) demandable product as there are few units which Technology are producing mango juice, guava juice, mixed Gin, vodka, and related spirits like aquarit are juice and orange juice in tetra packs but not ISBN- 8186732675 sugar cane. Tetrapack sugar cane juice will fetch distinguishable from whisky, rum and brandy the good market as this is a new concept for our which themselves have a number of common Price-1030/- country. Preservation is done when Juice or food characteristics. The most evident difference is in colour, with gin an vodka normally beingPackaging A total concept, Systems Approach to is kept for longer period without any deteriorated colourless white whisky, rum and brandy vary inPackaging, Test Procedure for Packaging Materials & or spoils the juice by the direct contact with shade from straw-coloured to the deepestPackaged Products, Testing Methods for Evaluation of atmosphere. Juice are spoiled by brown. This immediate difference is linked withTransport Packages, Standards , Basic Concepts, decomposition due to aqueous content in the distinguishing features of composition andPackaging Materials, Rigid and Ancillary Materials and Juice itself and oxygen and other gases plus flavour which are reflected in the methods ofExport Packaging, Printing, Surface Design and Sales production of the two troup of sprits. The aurdAppeal, Graphic/Surface Design, Eco Friendly moisture in the atmosphere. This content whisky comes from the Gaelic word wisge-Packaging for Exports, Export Packaging, Speciality provides healthy condition for micro organisms beatha, as the Irish called it, incoming the waterPapers for Packaging, Folding Board Cartons and Coated to growth which spoils the food. The oxygen of life.Cartons, Corrugated Board, Multi Wall Paper Sacks, present in atmosphere or air also helps thePlastics, PVC in Packaging, Biaxially Oriented microorganisms to grow. Other important Cost EstimationPolypropylene Films, Plastic Woven Sacks, Expanded possibility of getting the juice spoils is due to the Plant Capacity 60000 LIT./DayPolystyrene, Expanded Polyethylene, Flexible Packaging chemical changes brought by atmospheric Land & Building (Area 10 Acres) Rs. 4.86 Cr.Laminates & Coating Applications, Laminated Tubes, Co- Plant & Machinery Rs. 18.66 Cr.Extrusion, Shrink and Stretch Wrapping, Packaging in conditions i.e. Micro organism are produced.Glass Containers, Aluminium Foil, Manufacture of Black The generate gas which spoils the goods oxygen W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 15.16 Cr.Plate and Tin Plate, G.I. Drums oil Drums, Closures, gas itself causes oxidation and hence on set of Total Capital Investment Rs. 47.32 Cr.Adhesive Tapes, Wooden Containers, Systems oxidative rancidity. Also preservation is done to Rate of Return 141%Packaging, Aseptic Packaging, Vacuum Packaging, Strip preserve the test and vitamin for a longer period. Break Even Point 22%Packaging, Aerosol Packaging Technology, Form Fill SealMachine ( Systems), Labels and Labelling, Therefore sugar cane juice is preserved underThermoforming in Packaging, Packaging of Horticultural canning process for a commercial scale.Crops, Packaging of Meat, Fish & Poultry, Packaging ofDairy Products, Packaging of Biscuits, Bread and Cost Estimation Patrons you can deposit theConfectionery, Food Products Processed and Dehydrated, Plant Capacity 20000 Nos./DayPackaging of Fruit Juices, Packaging of Ready to Eat Land & Building (Area 3 Acres) Rs. 1.91 Cr. amount in EIRI AccountFoods, Packaging of Pharmaceutical Products Orders, Plant & Machinery Rs. 12.75 Cr. STATE BANK OF INDIAPackaging of Pharmaceutical Products Injectables, W.C. for 1 Months Rs. 36 LacsPackaging of Cosmetic Products, Packaging of Soaps & CA-30408535340 Total Capital Investment Rs. 15.46 Cr.Detergents, Packaging of Hazardous Chemicals, Rate of Return 19% (IFS Code: SBIN 0001067)Packaging of Fertilizers, packaging of Pesticides Industry,Packaging of Handicrafts for Export, Packaging of Textiles. Break Even Point 65% HI-Tech Projects, Oct 2012 # 14
  • 14. PROFITABLE MECHANICAL & METALLURGICAL PROJECTS OLD STORAGE FOR POTATO CEILING FANS STEEL BRIGHT BARS & OTHER HORTICULTURE PRODUCTSCeiling fans (technically, paddle fans) are The Bright bars are basically the raw material India, at present does not have afunctional and attractive room additions that for a number of industries engaged in the comprehensive cold chain network, and iswill add value when you have to sell your manufacture of items such as bolts, nuts, estimated to grow to Rs 32,000 cr by 2015. Inhome. They can also assist with both heating shafts Iron bar etc. By virtue of the finished India, there has been a phenomenal growthand cooling your home in the coldest and in production of horticulture produce, dairy surface, which is smooth and with in thewarmest months of the year, with a switch products, and meat products over the last designed tolerances bright bars arethat reverses the flow of the air as needed. decade. Owing to the tremendous pressure normally drawn round, square pentagonal orWhen your heating system is operational, on improving supply chain and reducingmoving the switch up pushes the warm air off hexagonal. In is proposed to define briefly a losses during produce handling andthe ceiling to warm the whole living space. rolling mill we are concerned mainly with movement, the need for creation of a coldWhen the air conditioner is on, moving the hot rolling mill, that is mill in which the steel is chain network is crucial for perishable foodswitch down forces the cooler air to mix with heated to a suitable temperature before commodities. Cold storage in India has beenthe warm air at the top of the room. The A/C rolling takes place. A hot mill, mill stand largely adopted for long-term storage ofprocesses all the air, removing moisture and consists of two three or more cylindrical potatoes, onions and high value crops likecooling it as well. Adding ceiling fans in the metal rolls usually mounted horizontally in apples, grapes and flowers. Potato coldbiggest and most frequently used living bearing at their ends and vertically above storages used to contribute 88 per centspaces in your home requires only a each other. If there are two rolls in the mill is storage capacity till 2000. However most ofmoderate level of DIY skill. The degree of called 2 high, and three rolls, 3 high and the new cold storages in the last decade havedifficulty varies depending on whether or not soon. These rolls may be driven through been constructed as multipurpose facilitiesyou are replacing an existing overhead light couplings at their ends by spindles which, focusing on all fruits and vegetables, poultry,or have access to the area between the are in their turn, coupled to pinious dairy and FMCG product categories. Theceiling joists. If you need to run electricity to (orgeors) which transmit the power from the Indian cold chain market is highly fragmentedthe ceiling on which the fan will be mounted, prime move (now usually an electric motor with more than 3,500 companies in the wholeyou may need to employ the services of a though some steam or gas engines are still value system. Cold storage solutions formqualified electrician. If your skills include in use.) The use of the terms wobbler and about 85 per cent of the Indian cold chainsizing and adding outlets to your electrical “coobler box” for the coupling at each end market by value and the balance 15 per centsystem, you’re ahead of the game. In some of the spindle suggests a rather loose is contributed by transportation. There aretowns, you will need a permit from the fillings coupling per meting a limited vertical various standalone, integrated companiesbuilding department to plan and install ceiling and 3PL service providers offering cold movement of the rolls whilst transmitting thefans. This may only make the project a little storage and transportation solutions to driving power.more challenging. various food companies. However, these are Cost Estimation not enough to cater to the growing food Cost Estimation demand. Plant Capacity 80 MT./DayPlant Capacity 240 Nos./Day Land & Build. (Area 18000 17.15 Cr. Cost EstimationLand & Building (Area 1000 1.09 Cr. Plant & Machinery Rs. 1.79 Cr. Plant Capacity 5000 MT.Plant & Machinery Rs. 32 Lacs W.C. for 2 Months Rs. 14.01 Cr. Land & Building (Area 2.47 Acres) Rs. 2.92 Cr.W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 1.69 Cr. Total Capital Investment Rs. 33.27 Cr. Plant & Machinery Rs. 2 Cr.Total Capital Investment Rs. 3.28 Cr. Rate of Return 47% W.C. for 6 Months Rs. 63 LacsRate of Return 62% Break Even Point 34% Total Capital Investment Rs. 5.68 Cr.Break Even Point 41% Rate of Return 20% Break Even Point 57% MACHINE SHOP (FOR OIL AND GAS ENGINEERING INDUSTRY, TMT STEEL BARS AEROSCAPE ENGINEERING INDUSTRY ETC.) HandThermo mechanically treated (TMT) steel, canbe described as a new-generation-high-strength steel having superior properties such India is the 18th largest producer of machine tools in the world. The Machine Tools industry Book of consists of about 450 manufacturing units, ofas weldability, strength, ductility and tensility,which meet the highest international qualitystandards. Under thermo mechanical treatment which about 150 are in the organized sector and international companies like Doosan, PREPRESS(TMT), the steel bars are passed through a DMG & Makino amongst others which import ISBN- 9788189765279specially designed water-cooling system wherethey are kept till the outer surface of the bars machines for selling. The top ten Price-930/-becomes colder while the core remains hot. manufacturers account for almost 70% of theThis creates a temperature gradient in the bars. output. Domestic manufacturers account for The book covers of Role of Prepress, Typography, Text about 45% of the total Indian machine tool Handling, Images and Graphics Handling, Make up,When the bars are taken out of the cooling Planning and Assembly, Working and Imposition Methods,system, the heat flows from the core to the outer market. The Indian Machine Tool Sector has Proofing, Print Specifications and Standardisation, Outputsurface, further tempering of the bars, which had a stagnant growth since the beginning of Media and Preparation of Printing Surfaces, Computer tohelps them attain a higher yield strength. The 2000 as investment in the manufacturing Print.resulting heat-treated structure imparts superior s e c t o r s l o w e d d o w n c o n s i d e r a b l y.strength and toughness to the bars. Inearly2002. Cost EstimationPlant Capacity 284 MT./Day Cost Estimation Patrons you can deposit theLand & Building (Area 20000 6.35 Cr. Land & Building (Area 1500 Rs. 1.48 Cr. amount in EIRI AccountPlant & Machinery Rs. 14.84 Cr. Plant & Machinery Rs. 3.57 Cr.W.C. for 2 Months Rs. 61.64 Cr. W.C. for 1 Months Rs. 12 Lacs UNION BANK OF INDIATotal Capital Investment Rs. 83.41 Cr. Total Capital Investment Rs. 5.56 Cr. CA-307201010015149Rate of Return 30% Rate of Return 26% (IFS Code: UBIN0530727)Break Even Point 51% Break Even Point 57% HI-Tech Projects, Oct 2012 # 15
  • 15. BRAKE LINING STAINLESS STEEL SOLAR PV POWER PLANT ASBESTOS/RESIN BASED & FASTENERS (NUTS & BOLTS) ASBESTOS FREE)Energy from the Sun not only sustains life on earth Nuts and Bolts are most commonly used Brake linings have made considerablebut is also the source of almost all forms of energy items in the family of industrial fasteners and strides in the recent past and are now poisedused by man. Fossil fuels such as coal and oil their demand is fast increasing due to for greater expansion. India todayrepresent solar energy that was received on earthmillions of years ago and converted into other forms. expansion of industries in the country. Bolt is manufacturers a variety of cars, trucks, dieselRenewable sources of energy such as wind, a piece of metal rod whose one end is upset engines jeeps and two and three wheelerhydropower, biomass and ocean energy are also and at the other end threading is done. Nut is vehicles. Production of all these items hasindirect forms of solar energy. Solar energy, a device which rolls on bolt threads. In nuts, been recording a steady increase both in theexperienced by us as heat and light, can be used in a internal threading is done while bolts bear volume and in range. The expansion of thisnumber of ways and for many applications. The two external thread. Screw, demonstrate their industry has enabled it to export a portion ofPrincipal routes and technologies of solar energyutilisation are: The thermal route using the heat for true merit in the movements, assembly etc, of its production and this trend is expected toheating, cooling, drying, water purification and power wooden componets. Screws are most become more pronounced in the comminggeneration; The photovoltaic route which converts popular as fasteners which assemble, or join years. A happy development of considerablethe light into electricity which can then be used for a parts toether to be made into a complete unit. importance to the indian automobile in ourvariety of purposes such as lighting, pumping, Nuts and Bolts are available in various sizes country is the emergence of a well organisedcommunications and refrigeration etc. Energy from and shapes. The kind of the classification of automobile ancillary industry. A large numberSun has many features, which make it an attractiveoption such as its widespread distribution, pollution- bolts and nuts may broadly be those made by of highly competent manufacturers of partsfree nature and virtually inexhaustible supply. India the cold and hot process plant (i.e. cold and complete vehicles of various types havereceives solar energy equivalent to over 5,000 trillion formed & not formed fasteners). Bolts are come up successfully. The building of theKWh/year which is far more than the total energy manufactured by foring (upsetting) and automobiles and numbers of specialisedconsumption of the country. The daily average solar extrusion methods mainly. Nuts and Bolts are components form the ancillaryenergy incident varies from 4-7 KWh/m2 depending used by the existing industries, repair manufacturers who function independent ofupon the location. There are around 250-300 Sunnydays in most parts of the country. If 1% of the total workshops etc. The sale of these items is the automobile factories. This enables themland area is used to generate electricity from this increasing day-by-day. As such there is a to concentrate on their competitors as also toradiation at a net efficiency of only 1%, it will be very good scope for establishment of a few devote more attention to new and advancedpossible to produce about 300,000 MW of power. small scale units for the manufacture of nuts models. The ancillary manufacturer and bolts. Nuts are plain, square or undertakes the production of all such Cost Estimation hexagonal in shape with flat chambered, or components in which he has specialised(All Fig. in US$ Doller)Plant Capacity 5 MW washer crowned top. knowledge for various makes and modelsLand & Build. (Area 20000 Cost Estimation both for original equipment as well as for US$ 20.96 Lacs Plant Capacity 12 MT./Day replacement market.Plant & Machinery US$ 1.14 Cr. Land & Building (Area 8000 Rs. 3.80 Cr. Cost EstimationW.C. for 2 Months US$ 1.12 Lacs Plant & Machinery Rs. 2.37 Cr. Plant Capacity 100 Nos./DayTotal Capital Investment US$ 1.44 Cr. W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 12.50 Cr. Land & Building (Area 150 Rs. 10 LacsRate of Return 13% Total Capital Investment Rs. 18.95 Cr. Plant & Machinery Rs. 13 LacsBreak Even Point 71% Rate of Return 32% W.C. for 2 Months Rs. 15 Lacs Break Even Point 42% Total Capital Investment Rs. 44 Lacs Rate of Return 40% Break Even Point 65% MACHINE SHOP (FOR OIL AND GAS ENGINEERING BATTERY PLATES INDUSTRY, AEROSCAPEENGINEERING INDUSTRY ETC.) OFFSET PRINTING PRESS Lead-Acid Battery comprises number of cells in a container. These cells contain positiveIndia is the 18th largest producer of machine tools (PbO2) and negative (Pb) electrodes or Book publishing started coming into its ownin the world. The Machine Tools industry consists only during the last four decades in the newly plates separators to keep the plate apart, andof about 450 manufacturing units, of which about emerging countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin150 are in the organized sector and international sulphuric acid electrolyte. The America. Before that they were primarilycompanies like Doosan, DMG & Makino amongst electtrochemical system is highly reversible dependent on the colonial powers to fulfill theothers which import machines for selling. The top and sulphuric acid electrolyte. The book read of their peoples, for both educationten manufacturers account for almost 70% of the electrochhemical system is highly reversible and entertainment, in the developing worldoutput. Domestic manufacturers account for and can be discharged and charge these are countries which do not have muchabout 45% of the total Indian machine tool repeatedly before failure of some sort causes publishing of their own, as well as thosemarket. The Indian Machine Tool Sector has had the chargocyde to be impractical. There are which have a developed and activea stagnant growth since the beginning of 2000 as publishing industries. But there is a great numerous battery designs. The most widely similarity in the problem facing all of them ininvestment in the manufacturing sector slowed used secondary battery is the lead acid type. the area of publishing. Low literacy isdown considerably. Inearly2002. Indian This battery is available in many sizes and common features of all developing countries.Engineering Sector, especially the automotive capacities, and the weight can vary from 100 In a sense publishers in there countries aresector, witnessed increased investments as g to several tons, There on three principal serving only a small minority of theirglobal majors started to outsource manufacturing populations that is literate and can afford to catagories. Automotive: SLI (Starting,to India. This led to a spurt in demand for machine buy books. A small readership means smalltools. The machine tool industry, since then, has Lighting and ignition) for cranking of enternal editions and consequently high prices. Abeen growing at a healthy rate. The machine tool combustion engins. This is the major vicious circle, and this has adversely affectedindustry in India is now in a position to export application of the lead-acid battery. Inudstrial: the education system and the intellectual lifegeneral purpose and standard machine tools to Heavy - duty applications such as motive of the countries. However, culturaleven industrially advanced countries with index power and standby power. Consumer: advancement does not entirely depend onof industrial Production touching new highs and Emergency lighting and security alarm books, but books are the most important toolemphasis on capital investment by the systems, cordless convenience devices and of intellectual and cultural growth ingovernment, the Machine Tool industry is all set to developing countries which are in hurry to power tools, and small engine starting. come into their own.witness unprecedented growth. Cost Estimation Cost Estimation Plant Capacity 0.1 MT./Day Battery Plates Cost EstimationLand & Build. (Area 1500 Rs. 1.48 Cr. 25 Nos./Day Batteries Land & Building OWNEDPlant & Machinery Rs. 3.57 Cr. Land & Building (Area 800 Rs. 47 Lacs Plant & Machinery Rs. 28 LacsW.C. for 1 Month Rs. 12 Lacs Plant & Machinery Rs. 19 Lacs W.C. for 1 Months Rs. 7 LacsTotal Capital Investment Rs. 5.56 Cr. W.C. for 2 Months Rs. 25 Lacs Total Capital Investment Rs. 42 LacsRate of Return 26% Total Capital Investment Rs. 97 Lacs Rate of Return 58%Break Even Point 57% Rate of Return 19% Break Even Point 48% Break Even Point 70% HI-Tech Projects, Oct 2012 # 16
  • 16. STAINLESS STEEL CO2 WELDING WIRE MEDIUM VOLTAGE PIPE/TUBES SWITCHGEARAlthough non-ferrous pipes have been used Nuts and Bolts are most commonly used Medium Voltage Switchgear (3.3 KV to 33since about 2800 B.C., the production of items in the family of industrial fasteners KV) is Distribution of Electricity and is one offerrous materials in tubular form was and their demand is fast increasing due to the basic Industries in India. It consist ofdeveloped much later. Iron-musket barrels expansion of industries in the country. various types of Components which includewere made in the 12th century and cast-iron Transformer Relays, Vacuum Circuitcammon barrels and water pipe in the late Bolt is a piece of metal rod whose one end is upset and at the other end threading is Breakers etc. The demand for Medium17th century. The use of wrought iron in done. Nut is a device which rolls on bolt Voltage Switch Gear will increase due to thetubular products began in 1825 by theconventional butt welding process and, in threads. In nuts, internal threading is done Industrial development and rural1887, Besmear steel was successfully used while bolts bear external thread. Screw, Electrification. The different Mediumfor this purpose. The lap-welding of pipes, demonstrate their true merit in the Voltage Switchgear are 3.3 KV, 11 KV, 22 KVinitially carried out by hand was mechanized movements, assembly etc, of wooden & 33 KV or as per customer requirement andin the 1840’s by means of a ball placed specification. The increasing energy componets. Screws are most popular asbetween the rolls of a two high mill. From then transmission requires protection capable of fasteners which assemble, or join partsuntil the 1920’s lap welding was the main clearing faults where several thousands ofprocess used for pipes over 3 inches in toether to be made into a complete unit. MVA of energy can be fed by inter connecteddiameter. Although an extrusion process for Nuts and Bolts are available in various power stations. Fault clearing rating ofmaking pipe was patented in 1836, it was not sizes and shapes. The kind of the circuit breakers and their reliability areuntil the manner mann brothers developed classification of bolts and nuts may assuming progressively greaterthe rotary piercing process in Germany in broadly be those made by the cold and hot importance. Since, the economic supply is1886 that seamless tube production became process plant (i.e. cold formed & not largely dependent on availability of powereconomically feasible. Subsequent formed fasteners). Bolts are supply, isolation of faulty feeder andtechnological developments were directional manufactured by foring (upsetting) andtowards changes in the piercing mills and segregating the same assumes equalrolling the pierced shells into better finished extrusion methods mainly. Nuts and Bolts importancs. The back up protectiontubes. During the 1920’s some pipes with are used by the existing industries, repair becomes equally vital. Cause forelectrically welded seams was produced, but workshops etc. The sale of these items is occurrence of faults and their elimination isthe manufacture of electric-resistance- increasing day-by-day. As such there is a of paramouent importance to avoidwelded (E.R.W.) tube did not begin until very good scope for establishment of a few consequent disruption of production and1933. Other important dates in the history of small scale units for the manufacture of dissatisfaction in customers, since varioustubular operations include the first attempts nuts and bolts. Nuts are plain, square or voltage levels for 800 KV to 240 volts existat continuous rolling over a mandrel bar in hexagonal in shape with flat chambered, in the supply system, corresponding ratings1889, the first operation of a pilger mill in 1892 for circuit breakers, isolators etc. or washer crowned top.and the use of the first plug mill in 1892. Cost Estimation Cost Estimation Cost EstimationPlant Capacity 20 Ton./Day Plant Capacity 3.50 MT./Day Plant Capacity 200 Nos./DayLand & Building (Area 4050 Rs. 7.50 Cr. Land & Building (Area 5000 Rs. 2.32 Cr. Land & Building (Area 5000 Rs. 2.21 Cr.Plant & Machinery Rs. 7.87 Cr. Plant & Machinery Rs. 1.54 Cr. Plant & Machinery Rs. 1.30 Cr.W.C. for 2 Months Rs. 14.33 Cr. W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 2.37 Cr. W.C. for 2 Months Rs. 10.26 Cr.Total Capital Investment Rs. 31.46 Cr. Total Capital Investment Rs. 6.96 Cr. Total Capital Investment Rs. 13.95 Cr.Rate of Return 67% Rate of Return 26% Rate of Return 48%Break Even Point 41% Break Even Point 64% Break Even Point 30%63 20. DEHYDRATION OF ONION 46. PAPER PLANT 140 Cr. MULTI CRORES & GARLIC 21. DEHYDRATION OF FRUITS & 6 Cr. 47. 48. POWER PLANT (GAS BASED) RESIDENTIAL COMPLEX 17Cr. 520 Cr. PROFITABLE VEG. BY IQF TECHNOLOGY 5 Cr. 22. DISPOSABLE PLASTIC SYRINGES 14 Cr. 49. 50. ROLLING MILL BY TMT TECH. ROLLING MILL WITH 16 Cr. PROJECTS 23. E.R.W. STEEL PIPES & TUBES 24. FERRIC ALUM 27 Cr. 9 Cr. 51. INDUCTION FURNACE SUGAR PLANT 79 Cr. 90 Cr. From 1 Cr. to 50 Cr. above projects 25. GUARGUM POWDER FROM 52. SPONGE IRON FROM IRON ORE 148 Cr. Price of this CD Rs. : 73034/- GUAR SPLIT 8 Cr. 53. SOLAR POWER (ENERGY) PLANT 105 Cr. 26. HOSPITAL (100 BEDS) 68 Cr. 54. STEEL PLANT BASED ON 27. IRON ORE MINING 302 Cr. INDUCTION FURNACE 39 Cr.1. ALUMINIUM EXTRUSION 17 Cr. 28. INTEGRATED UNIT OF DAIRY, 55. STEEL PLANT (BILLETS) BASED2. ALCOHOL FROM BROKEN RICE 6 Cr. FARMING MILK COLLECTION 9 Cr. ON INDUCTION FURNACE 232 Cr.3. AUTOMATIC BRICK PLANT 4 Cr. 29. I M F L (WINE, BRANDY, WHISKY 41 Cr. 56. STEEL TRANSMISSION LINE4. AUTOMATION CONTROL EQUIP. 50 Cr. 30. KATHA & KUTCH 5 Cr. TOWER & HOT ROLLING MILL 60 Cr.5. BATTERY-OPERATED 3 WHEELER 6 Cr. 31. KRAFT PAPER 23 Cr. 57. SODIUM TRIPOLY PHOSPHATE 71 Cr.6. BEER INDUSTRY 41 Cr. 32. KRAFT PAPER FROM BAGASSE 15 Cr. 58. TYRES, TUBES & FLAP 94 Cr.7. BED SHEET, BED COVER, 33. MULTIPRODUCTS 1795 Cr. 59. TUBULAR STEEL SOFA CLOTH, 27 Cr. 34. MULTIPURPOSE COLD STORAGE 14 Cr. SWEDGE TYPE POLE 12 Cr.8. BIOFERTILIZER 2 Cr. 35. MEGA FOOD PARK 16 Cr. 60. TMT STEEL BARS 4 Cr.9. BUTYL RUBBER 7 Cr. 36. M.S. PIPE (WELDED) 20 Cr. 61. UREA FERTILIZER PLANT 2505 Cr.10. BOTTLING PLANT 41 Cr. 37. MEDICAL COLLEGE, HOSPITAL 17 Cr. 62. VODKA FROM POTATOES 26 Cr.11. BIOCIDES FOR DISTILLER 20 Cr. 38. MILD STEEL SECTION MILL 63. WOMEN POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE 24 Cr.12. BENIFICATION PLANT (ANGLES,CHANNELS, ROUND, -MANGANESE ORE 18 Cr. SQUARES, ETC.) 17 Cr.13. CHICKEN FARMING (HATCHERY) 22 Cr. 39. MONOCHLORO ACETIC ACID 23 Cr.14. CORRUGATED SHEET BOARD 40. MONOCHLORO ACETIC ACID & BOXES 5 Cr. FROM ETHANOL AND CHLORINE 18 Cr.15. COMPUTER SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT 3 Cr. 41. MINERAL WATER CUM PET BOTTLE MANUFACTURING UNIT 10 Cr. Contact16. CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS 5 Cr. 42. PORTLAND CEMENT PLANT 178 Cr.17.18. CHICKEN PROCESSING CHROME BENEFICIATION PLANT 28 Cr. 114 Cr. 43. POWER PLANT FROM BIO GAS 12 Cr. for required Project report 44. PRODUCTION OF BIO-OIL 3 Cr.19. CASEIN FROM MILK 63 Cr. 45. PVC PIPE AND FITTING 3 Cr. apart from this list. HI-Tech Projects, Oct 2012 # 17
  • 17. IDLER ROLLERS FOR CONVEYORS SPONGE IRON WITH OXYGEN LANCING PIPES (PLAIN & RUBBER COVERED) PELLETIZATION PLANTManufacturing of steel tubes & pipes is, Conveyor Idlers are used to carry or convey The state of a country’s iron and steelbasically a Heavy Mechanical Engineering conveyor belt loaded with bulk material. industry products an index as its industrialindustry and is mostly produced in large These carrying idlers are fabricated from progress. A universaly aecepteal yardstatescale. Mainly there are 1) Black & different materials such as heavy guage steel formeasuring a cointerators level of eaenoineGalvenised welded tubes & pipes, 2) ERW - tubing or seamless steel tubing, depending elevelopment is is per capita onsumption ofSteel tubes and, 3) Seamless Steel tubes. steel. Judg by the yordexick the depressing upon the requirement and their applications. fact remains that. India is among theERW steel tubes are chiefly used in bicycles, These idlers are specially designed to countries with the loeoest per captatransformers, L.P. Boilers, furnitures provide smooth transition of bulk material for consunpoeon of steel in the world, with onlyindustries etc. While seamless steel tubes long period of time and are available with 14 bg Developed cournes such as sweeden,are used in oil exploration, fertilizer, boiler & impact rings made of special shock west Germany Japan and U.S.A. hous highchemical industries. Normally, the plant absorbing compound. Troughing idlers are percapita consumption figeres. The histary ofcapacity of Indian steel tube units ranges use for conveying bulk materials, and are iron & steel making in India goes bade to overfrom 5,000 M.T. to 25,000 M.T. per annum. designed and manufactured with Troughing 2500 years, making India of of the carliestThe industry of even smaller capacity is angels of 200 and300 normally. Idlers of 450 usess of iron and sted in the world. In ancientpossible which can suit the S.S.I. parameters times, India has ettained a remarkafly high trough angle or any other angle are alsobut the economy of scales is always there. degree of skill in iron of iron products smelting manufactured as per customer’s design and and the making. The basic raw material forThe improving industrial climate, greater drawings. We can also design manufactureemphasis on oil exploration, power electric Arc Furnace (EAF) steelmaking in and supply 5 rollers type idlers. Mounting steel scrap. With the rapid growth in EAFgeneration and the nuclear programme have brackets are manufactured out of standard steelmaking, demand for scrap has been onimproved prospects for the Indian steel pipes steel sections to have rigidity and stability of the increase. On the other hand,and tubes industry, despite some temporary the frame. Shafts are manufactured out of improvements in steelmaking practices, anddifficulties created by official policy. It now subsequent processing steps of casting and Carbon steel bright steel bars suitable for anymanufacturers items like seamless tubes and rolling have improved yields of semis and torsional load and bending movement.speciality pipes for use in oil exploration and finished products which ahs led to reduction Conveyor idlers determine to a great extentdrilling, conveyance of petroleum and gas, in the volume of return scrap generated in the efficiency of a belt conveyor. They must these operations. The problem of scrapthe chemical and fertiliser industries, nuclear be accurately made and provide a rigid shortage necessitated the search for aplants etc. a and more speciality products areon the cards. Till recently, seamless tubes framework that will maintain permanent suitable alternative and today sponge iron isand pipes constituted the largest single item alignment of well-balanced, smooth running, found to be technically and economically aof import for India. easy turning of idler rolls. viable substitute for scrap. Cost Estimation Cost Estimation Cost EstimationPlant Capacity 10 Ton./Day Plant Capacity 24 Nos./Day Plant Capacity 50 MT./DayLand & Building (Area 1500 Rs. 1.13 Cr. Land & Building (Area 750 Rs. 49 Lacs Land & Building (Area 10 Acres) Rs. 10 Cr.Plant & Machinery Rs. 75 Lacs Plant & Machinery Rs. 16 Lacs Plant & Machinery Rs. 3.24 Cr.W.C. for 1 Months Rs. 69 Lacs W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 40 Lacs W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 7.19 Cr.Total Capital Investment Rs. 2.70 Cr. Total Capital Investment Rs. 1.10 Cr. Total Capital Investment Rs. 21.10 Cr.Rate of Return 26% Rate of Return 38% Rate of Return 31%Break Even Point 58% Break Even Point 51% Break Even Point 39% CAPTIVE POWER PLANT ALUMINIUM EXTRUSION USING RICE HUSK AND COAL {CONVERTIBLE}Aluminium extrusion products are widely used in The term power plant is often used loosely totransport industry, rail roads, electronics and designate any plant in which steam ishousing industry etc. The manufacturing of generated regardless of whether power isextruded products started long back. But, the produced. In a more exact sense an industrialindustry expanded rapidly during last two steam power plant is one in which power isdecades. In 1967-68. There only 3 units engaged generated from steam. The term powerin manufacturing aluminium extruded productsbut till 1983-84 the number has reached 12 with generation in the engineering sense impliestotal installed capacity 25,490 MT year @113% the production of mechanical or electricalcapacity utilisation. Imparts of aluminiumextruded products in the seventies had been power from some other source of energy e.g, thermal hydroelectric or electrochemical DAIRY FARMINGquite high but the stress is being made to reduceit in order to save foreign exchange and hence energy. Conventional means of power generation have used air steam or water as a FOR MILKpartially it is taking place of import substitute.This is clear from the import in 1979-80 as high working medium for internal combustion engines reciprocating steam engines and PRODUCTIONas 3,36,659 M.T. valued at Rs. 1,05,35, 820/- tojust 33753 M.T. in 1980-81 and 56,222 in 1981- steam and hydraulic turbines. Newer techniques such as magnetohydrodyamic, TECHNOLOGY82. On the other hand, the exports of aluminium fuel-cell wind and solar power are under ISBN – 9789380772097extruded products is gradually on rise (From investigation and may eventually prove Price Rs. 1105/-27,591 M.T. in 1973-74 to 55,395 M.T. in 1981- important. Per capita power consumption is a82). Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Bangladesh,Burma Hong Kong, Kenya, Kuwait, Oman, barometer of country’s prosperity, economic growth and industrialization. Major portion ofSrilanka, U.A.E. etc. are the main middle East the additional power requirement will have to Patrons you can deposit thecountries to whom aluminium extruded products be met through thermal generation. amount in EIRI Account Cost EstimationPlant Capacity 20 MT./Day Plant Capacity Cost Estimation 24000 KWH/Day ICICI BANK LTD.Land & Building (Area 5 Acres)Plant & Machinery Rs. 5.02 Cr. Rs. 6.12 Cr. Land & Building (Area 2 Acres) Rs. 86 Lacs CA-038705000994 Plant & Machinery Rs. 1.92 Cr.W.C. for 1 MonthsTotal Capital Investment Rs. 8.62 Cr. Rs. 21.28 Cr. W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 21 Lacs (RTGS/NEFT/IFSC Total Capital Investment Rs. 3.29 Cr.Rate of Return 29% Rate of Return 23% Code: ICIC0000387)Break Even Point 65% Break Even Point 60% HI-Tech Projects, Oct 2012 # 18
  • 18. ALUMINIUM INGOTS NEW BOOKS STEEL FABRICATION FROM BAUXITE ON STEELS,The 20th century has seen the emergence of ROLLING MILLS, Steel fabrication, when used as an Industrialaluminium as a key industrial and strategic Term, applied to building of machines,material, second to only steel in terms of NON FERROUS structures, process equipment for chemical,importance and tonnages of production. A fertilizers sector by cutting, shaping andpoint to notice is the upsurge in production METAL & METAL assembling components made from rawsynchronizing with the two world wars materials small businesses that specialize inpointing to the need for aluminium as EXTRACTION steel are called steel fabrication workshops,strategic material. In todays industrial steel fabrication is a value added process thatcivilization, aluminium is important because it (ALL 2012 EDNS.) involves the construction of machines andserves as a basic input for a number of structures from various raw material. Aindustry is, it is indistpensable for building up fabrication shops will on a job, usually basedand strengthening the industrial infra- on the engineering drawings and if awardedstructure in the basic sectors viz. power and the contract will built the product. A steeltransportation. Besides finding extensive use fabrication work shop consists of a shed andin other vital sectors like space, defense, all facilities for fabricating all kinds ofbuildings, construction, domestic hardwares universal steel. It includes, steel shearing,etc. Aluminium is a metal with high strength- punching forming, welding, rolling, sandto-weight ratio, better formability, high blasting, plasma cutting and painting. Nowductility, anti-corrosive properties, with we take the case of manufactuing of industrialthermal and electrical conductivity. Because fan of dia 1000mm Arial tube type fan.of these unique combination of properties, Cost Estimationaluminium(including its alloys) has Land & Building (Area 2000 1.56 Cr.substantially replaced a number of traditional Plant & Machinery Rs. 1.02 Cr.materials from their established uses e.g. Rs. 1880/- Rs. 2630- W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 3.76 Cr.steel, copper, lead and zinc among metals Total Capital Investment Rs. 6.40 Cr.and glass. Wood and paper among non- Rate of Return 85%metals. Aluminium is crucial for expansion of Break Even Point 30%power availability and electrificationprogramme. It has a significant role to play insaving energy in transportation sector, thushelp reducing the consumption petroleum BRICKS FROM STONE DUSTproducts. Cost EstimationPlant Capacity 20 MT./Day Brick are produced in almost all towns andLand & Building (Area 7 Acres) Rs. 4.89 Cr. villages in India, and organised bricks fieldsPlant & Machinery Rs. 9.52 Cr. are found in the neighborhood of largeW.C. for 1 Months Rs. 8.68 Cr. cities. Refractory bricks, a special class ofTotal Capital Investment Rs. 24.80 Cr. Rs. 1230/- Rs. 2030/- bricks, are included under refraction. BricksRate of Return 65%Break Even Point 72% are made of earth or natural clay fly ash, sand dust which should be sufficiently plastic and L.P.G. BOTTLING PLANT should not shrink, crack or warp during drying and burning. Iron oxide in the clay is STAINLESS STEEL responsible for the characteristics red UTENSILS colour of Bricks, and excess of it gives them Bottling plant is a plant where beverages are a bluish black colour. The usual size of put into bottles with a cap. These bottles are bricks are 12" x 6" x 22" (old Indian bricks)Stainless Steel is a high grade steel to which has widely used for storage purposes. Liquefied 10" x 5" x 3" (usual Bengal bricks), 92" x 4been alloyed such elements as Manganesse petroleum gas (LPG) consists mainly of 3/4" x 2 3/4" (Bengal P.W.D. Specif), 9" x 4" x(MN) silicon (Si) Phosphorus (P) chromium (Cr) propane, propylene, butane, and butylene in 22" (Northern India P.W.D. specif). The widthNickel (Ni) and Molybednum (Mo). Of these various mixtures. However, in the United of the brick is about 2" less than half of itselements chromium and nickel are in the largest States, the mixture is mainly propane. It is length, so that one brick when laidquantities. According to the particular type of produced as a by-product of natural gas lengthwise will just cover two bricks laidsteel, it will combain 10 to 30% of chromium and processing and petroleum refining. The cross wise, with a filling of mortar between10-25% of nickel. There are over 40 types of components of LPG are gases at normal them. Hollow bricks are light (about 11stainless steels available. These are generally temperatures and pressures. LPG bottling percent lighter than ordinary bricks) andclassed by the number. This is classified plant is a plant where LPG is put into bottles afford better insulation against sound heataccording to the heat treatment properties of the for storage. The plant has the facility to and cold. They may be made in any bricksteel and its alloys. The common type of the recieve bulk LPG by pipeline from a reliable factory worked by power and aresheet stainless steel used in the work shop is source or any area. This is the safest and the manufactured in three sizes: 9" x 42" x 3", 9" xtype 302. This type of steel used for almost all cheapest way of transporting bulk LPG. Thesorts of containers, sinks and counters in th 52" x 2 5/8", and 9" x 62" x 3". They are plant is equipped with hydraulic cylinder mainly used to replace reinforced concreterestaurant. Then, some times it is classified in testing equipment for periodic testing of theseveral different orders on the basis of their in roof construction. Roof slabs fabricated on cylinders. To ensure safe and accurate filling the ground are hoisted into position, savingfionish. Steel has a silver chrome apperance of the cylinders well experienced technicaland generally can be easily recognised by its the costly centering and some cement and people should only be employed in the steel. The weight of hollow-brick roofing, jackgrained appearance. working of the plant. arch roofing and reinforced concrete roofing Cost Estimation Cost Estimation are in the ratio, 66:100-125:70-75.Plant Capacity 2600 KGS/Day Plant Capacity 10000 Cylinders/Day Cost EstimationLand & Build. (Area 1012.50 83 Lacs Land & Build. (Area 10000 Rs. 11.50 Cr. Plant Capacity 50000 Nos./DayPlant & Machinery Rs. 53 Lacs Plant & Machinery Rs. 2.30 Cr. Land & Building (Area 5000 Rs. 3.16 Cr.W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 3.37 Cr. W.C. for 2 Months Rs. 5.67 Cr. Plant & Machinery Rs. 52 LacsTotal Capital Investment Rs. 4.70 Cr. Total Capital Investment Rs. 27.51 Cr. W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 1.08 Cr.Rate of Return 57% Rate of Return 56% Total Capital Investment Rs. 4.92 Cr.Break Even Point 24% Break Even Point 25% Rate of Return 16% Break Even Point 60% HI-Tech Projects, Oct 2012 # 19
  • 19. CHOOSE AND START YOUR OWN INDUSTRY RUBBER SHEETSLAUNDRY & DRY CLEANERS RESTAURANT FOR SHOE SOLESLaundry and Dry Cleaning is in much Indian rubber industry is nearly five decades Restaurant business is very flourishingdemand in all India. This has got old. There are over 1,400 ubber business these days not in India only it hastremendous demand especially in all small manufacturing units spread over the been termed as an International Hotel andand big star category hotels, Resorts, country. The total production of rubber goods Restaurant Industry and it carries veryNursing Homes, Hospitals, Garment is estimated at Rs 340/- crores. In a span of brilliant prospects. The need for advantage ofExporters, Apartments, Textile Units, over 50 years the Indian rubber Industry has Hotel Industry to Restaurant Standards hasSchools (Boarding) and Spinning units etc. grown from strength to strength. Nearly a been felt very recently due to advancement inThe present day sophisticated standard of decade ago the industry was entirely the technology & industry due to which a lot ofliving recognises the importance of dependent on imports for its basic raw young million are have come into existence.cleanliness and smart dressings. it is due to materials. But now the industry is almost self This class of people & many people fromthis reason that the modern human folk has sufficient except for a very small range of higher & medium of people like to takeaccepted dry-cleaning as a must for a smart specialty products. The industry’s steady advantage of this type of Restaurant systemlook. Laundry, today, is very much on progress can be evident from the following on many occasions. After oil the worldindustry even within the govt. policies. All the facts. Consistent increase in consumption of tourism is the largest single item ofnecessary machines & equipments are new rubber which has jumped from 22, 790, international trade today with the increase inavailable indigenously and raw materials are tonnes in 1951 is 1,38,200 tonnes in 1972. education discretionary income and in leisureavailable in abundance in most of the Considerable increase in number of rubber and paid holidays, travel has grown rapidly inbusiness centers, towns & cities. The factories. Steady increase in exports of recent years. The phenomenal growth ofmodern washing techniques have acquired rubber products crossing the figure of Rs 11.5 tourism can be ganged from the fact thatmechanisation and big laundries enjoy the crores. The natural rubber production in the world spent 360 billion dollars on tourism inbenefits of mass production. Though the country at the end of current year 1973 would 1977 as compared to 300 billion dollarscosts of cleaning agents like soaps, be 1.25 lakh times, synthetic rubber 35,000 armament. Mass tourism started in Europe indetergents, fabric blues, starch & glues tonnes and reclained 30,000 tonnes. The the late 19th century but to day it is a worldhave gone high, yet the dry-cleaning industry manufactures almost every wide reality. During last 30 years or so thechanges are within the approach of general conceivable rubber product, from tiny toy period which eased the arrival of jet globalmass. It has been possible because of balloons to giant tractor and aero tyres, international tourist arrival increased from athe fast dry-cleaning which proves needed for internal consumption as well as mere 25 million in 1950 to a staggering 213economical. Washing machines are for exports. million in 1975. This work out to be at annualavailable with capacities from 1 kg to 10 kgs. Cost Estimation average growth rate of 11 percent.of cloth which can work on automatic lines. Plant Capacity 4000 Shoe Pairs/Day Cost EstimationThe modern developments in the field of Land & Building (Area 4000 Rs. 1.04 Cr. Land & Building (Area 250 Rs. 29 Lacstechnology have made laundry an attractive Plant & Machinery Rs. 84 Lacs Plant & Machinery Rs. 5 Lacsindustry which can be started with a very W.C. for 2 Months Rs. 82 Lacs W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 37 Lacsmoderate investment. Laundry workshops Total Capital Investment Rs. 2.79 Cr. Total Capital Investment Rs. 93 Lacswork on job work basis. This industry can be Rate of Return 40% Rate of Return 36%set up at any scale of production without a Break Even Point 54% Break Even Point 59%disadvantage. The scope of industry isdirectly linked with the population growthand the aesthetic sense of the people. MONO CARTONS LAMI TUBE Cost Estimation WITH PRINTING MANUFACTURINGPlant Capacity 3000 KGS/Day In the modern era the packaging and printingLand & Building (Area 1000 98 Lacs industries are playing a vital role for Laminated tubes are used for packaging acrossPlant & Machinery Rs. 71 Lacs the globe in varied sectors such as oral care, Packaging of various commodities for food, cosmetics, pharma and industrialW.C. for 2 Months Rs. 17 Lacs customer appeal and acceptancence in allTotal Capital Investment Rs. 2.45 Cr. applications. The oral care industry in itself over world for marketing of various products. contributes to almost 70% of the total productionRate of Return 22% of laminated tubes. These tubes are increasinglyBreak Even Point 60% We are proposing to manufacture mono cartons, of various sizes for our various being used in the cosmetics sector for their cost- effectiveness. The multilayer tubes (lamitube) customers. The mono cartons, are used for made from laminates with aluminium foil barrier packaging of various commodities. It is used combine the excellent barrier advantages of for packaging of powders, food materials, traditional metal tubes & the attractive visual and spices, tea, automobile parts, computer tactile feel of the plastic tubes. These tubes areNEW EDITIONS floppies, compact discs and so many other made from the laminates, the structure of the things. Mono cartons, are prime need of any laminate is described on the left image. The ABL tubes give good collapsible effect (shown in the industries for packaging of various products picture below) which is desirable where precise all over the world. There are several dispensing of the product is required. Today, ABL manufacturers of these items all over india laminate tubes are not only used for toothpaste but their production and consumption datas applications, but also increasingly for cosmetics, are not available. food, pharmaceutical and household and industrial applications. Cost Estimation Cost Estimation Plant Capacity 3.50 Ton/Day Plant Capacity 300000 Nos./Day Land & Build. (Area 1012.5 Rs. 87 Lacs Land & Building (Area 4000 1.82 Cr. HAND BOOK OF PLASTIC Plant & Machinery Rs. 62 Lacs Plant & Machinery Rs. 4.59 Cr. MATERIALS AND W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 1.07 Cr. W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 2.53 Cr. Total Capital Investment Rs. 2.59 Cr. Total Capital Investment Rs. 9.27 Cr. PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY Rate of Return 34% Rate of Return 61% Rs. 880/- Break Even Point 43% Break Even Point 35% HI-Tech Projects, Oct 2012 # 20
  • 20. ELECTRIC SWITCHES COMPACT FLUORESCENT CROCODILE SKIN TANNING PLUGS SOCKETS & OTHER LAMPS WITH ASSEMBLING AND BREEDING ACCESSORIESElectric switches, plugs, sockets, etc. are The fluorescent lamp is also a gaseous Crocodile are known to inhabit most of thenothing but electric fittings which are quite discharge lamp, the ‘gas’ being actually large fresh bodies. Majority of the main riversfamiliar to the people as it is found in every mercury vapour at low pressure. A large part and dams are their preferred habitats withhome. They can be manufactured using of the light emitted by this discharge, maxium concentration in the clams smalldifferent major raw materials e.g. steel, however, falls in ultra-violet part of the rivers and streams. Crocodile breeding andbrass, thermosetting or thermoplastic resins spectrum and thus invisible; apart of this, skin tanning is the most lucrative businessHowever this report is totally based on glass will not transmit ultra-violet rays to any now a days in india. On the basis of variousbakelite powder or resin which is extent. So that very little passes through to records and surveys it is estimateed thatthermosetting type. Bakelite powder is also the outside of the envelope. In order to arrive there is good scope of crocodile breeding andknown as phenol formaldehyde resin. also at a really efficient and economical source of skin tanning. A new entrepreneur can wellother electrical accessories e.g. plates, light, the principle of fluorescence was venture into this field and he will find it alamps holders, may be manufactured from introduced; by fluorescence is meant the lucrative business. Crocodile Breading andphenol formaldehyde resin and same plant phenomenon arising from the capacity of skin tanning is the most important andand machineries making the industry highly certain substances for absorbing short-wave Lucrative business now a days in a India. Atflexible and profitable. Besides electrical radiations and re-emitting them as radiations present there are insufficient crocodilefittings radio cabinets, inks stands, table of a longer wavelength. If for convenience we breeding centres and crocodile skin tanninglamps, door and cabinets, handles, power refer to the emissions just beyond the red and industries in India and most of the industriesrelay components, camera shutters, textile blue extremities of the spectrum by are concentrated in Gujarat. The future scopebobbins and other accessories may also be somewhat para doxical term “invisible light. In of thee product is very bright and there is amanufactured with little or no change. As practice this transformation is brought about good scope for new investment.mentioned earlier though electrical fittings by a layer of powdered material applied to themay be manufactured from other materials inside of the glass envelops of the Lamp; Cost Estimation Land & Building (Area 1 Acre) Rs. 40 Lacsalso it may be noted that bakelite electrical under normal conditions these powders Plant & Machinery Rs. 11 Lacsfittings are best and economical. Also appear to be white. This powder is fully W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 25 Lacsbakelite is bad conductor of electricity making irradiated by the ultra-violet rays emitted by Total Capital Investment Rs. 78 Lacsthem shock resistant which may be there is the gas under the influence of the electric Rate of Return 46%case of metal electrical fittings. Electric current, and this, very briefly, is the principle Break Even Point 44%fittings are manufactured in different sizes as on which the fluorescent lamp works.required by the customer. They may be of Cost Estimationtwo or three pin. Three pin sockets and plugs (All Fig in Thousans)have one major advantage over two pin one’s Plant Capacity 60000 Nos./Day PARTICLE BOARDsince they are earthed also. Also various Land & Building (Area 2000 Th. 16 Th. FROM BAGASSEcombinations are practiced in the 5-15 Plant & Machinery Th. 48 Th.ampere range. W.C. for 3 Months Th. 3.84 Lacs Total Capital Investment Th. 4.53 Lacs Particle board is as the name suggests a Cost Estimation Rate of Return 45% board made of particles of bagasse. ThusPlant Capacity 750 Dozen/Day Break Even Point 26% particle board is a board made fromLand & Building (Area 500 Rs. 31 Lacs bagasse which is bonded by means of a resinPlant & Machinery Rs. 19 Lacs under the application of pressure andW.C. for 3 Months Rs. 38 Lacs SPUN BONDED NON temperature. The organic binder resin usedTotal Capital Investment Rs. 94 Lacs are normally urea formaldehyde if the particleRate of Return 22% WOVEN FABRIC board is to be used for interior use, or phenolBreak Even Point 69% PRODUCTION formaldehyde is used if this is used in external exposurer or under severe internal A non-woven fabric is a sheet structure made conditions. Melamine formaldehyde is also MANGANESE ORE from fibres held together by mechanical, used. The first plant to produce particle board commercially was built in Bremen, West BENEFICIATION chemical, thermal or solvent means, or by a Germany in 1941. The first three layer combination of these. The term does not particle board was marketed in Switzerland in include hopes, or fabrics which are woven, 1945. Particle boards find extensive use inMinerals occupy an important position. knitted, tufted, stitch-banded or made by wool the building industry furniture industryConsiderable information, inclusive of felting. In comparatively simple terms, a non- cabinets and automobile construction largetechnical and statistical details for particular woven may be described as a fabric having size panels can also be manufactured atminerals have been published and is readily textile-like properties, which is prepared by economic costs. In the hot press the mats areavailable. Information is also available on banding fibres together, rather than by the subjected to a high pressure and temperature traditional method of spinning into yarns, so that the synthetic resin is introducedmethods of mining, draw backs and merits between two heated plates and hammed at followed by weaving. Non-woven fabrics findthereof, However setting up of these their applications as carpets, blankets, regular intervals to form a board which goesindustries is guided by different factors upholstry, floor coverings, wall-coverings, out at the other end continuously. The boardsapplicable to different minerals. It is also for automotive carpets, etc. The fibres principally are unloaded and sent through the sandingthis reason that same yardstick cannot be used are polyester, nylon and viscose with and sizing machines. Most particle boardapplied for every mineral. Manganese ore is occasionally, small amounts of acrylic. produced is in the intermediate density range These fibres are blended in varying amounts, from 0.40 to 0.80 g/cm3 low density boards inmostly available in Madhya Pradesh. the range form 0.25 to 0.40 g/cm3 areManganese dioxide which may be depending on the type of interfacing being insulating type where as high density boardsproduced from a ferro manganese ore made. Techniques by which fabrics are made in the range from 0.80 to 1.20 g/cm3 are directly from the fibres, by passing both called hard board type. These particlecontaining about 35% manganese or about spinning and weaving, have been utilized for boards my be manufactured in difficultone half the amount found in commercial centuries in the production of felt and bark thickness, reported to as ply thickness-ferromanganese alloys. cloth. difficult form are. Cost Estimation Cost Estimation Plant Capacity 5 MT./Day Cost EstimationPlant Capacity 100 MT./Day Land & Building (Area 4000 2.60 Cr. Land & Building (Area 3000 2.79 Cr.Land & Building (Area 3.81 Acres) Rs. 47 Lacs Plant & Machinery Rs. 2.50 Cr. Plant & Machinery Rs. 51 LacsPlant & Machinery Rs. 74 Lacs W.C. for 1 Months Rs. 1.22 Cr. W.C. for 1 Months Rs. 46 LacsW.C. for 3 Months Rs. 5.79 Cr. Total Capital Investment Rs. 6.67 Cr. Total Capital Investment Rs. 3.92 Cr.Total Capital Investment Rs. 7.10 Cr. Rate of Return 39% Rate of Return 33%Rate of Return 39% Break Even Point 45% Break Even Point 68%Break Even Point 36% HI-Tech Projects, Oct 2012 # 21
  • 21. 43 SYNTHETIC PERFUME AUTOMOBILE PARTS, FOR AGARBATTI GEARS, POLISH, PETROL PUMP,Aggarbatti is the Indian name for the Incense COMPONENTS,stick, which is a well known product coming SERVICE STATION &every class of people due to its attractive OTHER ACCESSORIESperfumery smell. The use of perfumerycompounds started very early in the history. PROJECT NAME PROJECT COST (Rs.)It would probably had its beginning with theAtlantions who flourished at a period 1. AUTO BULBS/LAMPS ————conjectured to antedate the christian era by 2. AUTO CLUTCH PLATE ————about 23,000 years. For the earliest records 3. AUTO CABLES 1.12 Cr. 4. AUTO PISTONS ————sof perfumery compound. It is necessary to ISBN- 8186732497 Price-880/- 5. AUTO VEHICLES BODYturn to Egypt Egyptian kings were very fond BUILDING AND SERVICING 7.90 Cr.of perfumes in various forms. Perfumes 6. AUTO BRAKES SYSTEM 1.30 Cr.were used for three quite distinct purposes by Plastic Compounding, 7. AUTO TUBES 1.31 Cr.the Egyptians. (1) As offerings to their 8. AUTO RUBBER MOULDING Masterbatches, PARTS & STEEL JACKS 23 Lacsdeities. (2) For aesthetic purposes duringtheir lives. (3) As principal agents for Pet And Other 9. AUTO HEAD LIGHT 10. AUTO ELECTRICAL PARTS 3.25 Cr.embalming their dead. Cosmetics and Plastic Processing (ARMATURE) 5.56 Cr.perfumes were evidently used by jewish 11. AUTOMOBILE GEARS 88 Lacswomen. In India, China and many other Asian Industries 12. AUTOMOBILE PARTS 28 Lacscountries, natural perfumery compounds 13. AUTOMOBILE PAINTS 23 Lacswere used in the prehistoric period itself. The book covers Polyethylene, Extrusion, 14. AUTOMOBILE SERVICE STATION 36 Lacs Injection Moulding, Blow Moulding, Polyvinyl 15. AUTOMOBILE POLISH 35 Lacs Cost Estimation Chloride, Polyesterterephthalate (Pet), 16. AUTOMOBILE INJECTIONPlant Capacity 100 KGS/Day Rotational Moulding, Post Extrusion Process, MOULDED PLASTICLand & Building (Area 1000 Rs. 83 Lacs COMPONENTS 59 Lacs Vacuum Metaillizing, Identification of PlasticPlant & Machinery Rs. 6 Lacs 17. AUTOMOBILE PISTON RINGS 1.61 Cr. Materials, Recycling an Industrial Approach , 18. BATTERY PLATES 93 LacsW.C. for 3 Months Rs. 46 Lacs Additives for Polymers, Get Virgin Quality FromTotal Capital Investment Rs. 1.39 Cr. 19. C.N.G KIT FOR AUTOMOBILE 2.15 Cr. Reprocessed, Speciality Additives and 20. C.N.G. CYLINDERRate of Return 89% Masterbatches, PVC Compounding , (COMPRESSED NATURAL GAS) 1.70 Cr.Break Even Point 27% Compounding of PVC Pastes, Expanded 21. CLUTCH PLATE FOR Polyethylene, Expanded Polystyrene, Speciality AUTOMOBILES 6.52 Cr. Plastic Compounds and Masterbatches, PVC 22. CRUDE OIL BLEACHING FOR ACRYLIC BATH TUBS Compound , Polymer Alloys, Blends & PETROLEUM JELLY 23. DOOR VISORS FOR 1.33 Cr. Composites, XLPE Cable Compound, Jelly BY ACRYLIC SHEET Filled Telecommunication Cable Compound and AUTO VEHICLES 23 Lacs Sheating Compound, Thermoplastic Rubber 24. ELECTRICAL HORN FOR AUTOMOBILE ———— (Elastomer) Compound, Masterbatches,The official name of acrylic bathtub is 25. IGNITION COIL FOR Production and Filling Process of a PET Bottle, AUTOMOBILES 35 Lacsfiberglass reinforced plastic bathtub, English PET Bottle Recycling, PET Peform and Bottle 26. MUFFLER AND SILENCERacrylic is homonym. The surface material is a Blowing, PET Bottles from Pre Form PET, Plant FOR FOUR WHEELERS 1.15 Cr.methyl ester C. The thickness of the acrylic Economics of PET Bottles from Pre Form PET, 27. N.C. THINNERS USEDsheet before shaped is over 3mm, the bottom PET Pre Form PET Resin, Project Profile for Pet IN AUTO PARTS 22 Lacsis covered with many layers of fiberglass, Strech Blow Moulding Machine, Automobile 28. PETROL PUMP WITH Injection Moulded Plastic Components, Colour AUTOMOBILE WORKSHOP/enhanced with specialized resin. Finished GARAGE & SERVICE CENTRE 2.55 Cr. Master Batch for Various Plastics Compact Disk,bathtub should be even color throughout the Co- Extruded Multilayer Film and Laminated 29. PISTON ASSEMBLYwhole tub, the surface should be smooth, Multilayer Film, Egg Trays from Plastics, (ALUMINIUM ALLOY) 2.86 Cr.non-hierarchical, no bubbles etc. The tub Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Sheet and Sole, 30. PVC BATTERY CONTAINERS MFG. AND ASSEMBLING OFshould be combined with the fiberglass very Polypropylene Multifilament Spinning Yarn, LEAD-ACID STORAGE BATTERY 7.25 Cr.solidly without peeling. Acrylic bathtub is low Plastic Films and Sheets with Printing (Flexo 31. RUBBER AUTO PARTS 16 Lacscarbon and environment protection, widely and Roto) LDPE/HDPE/PP/HM/PVC, Plastic 32. RUBBER POWDER 23 Lacsstyles, light weight, easy installation, low Granules from fresh Resin, Plastic Injection 33. RUBBER AUTO GASKETS 12 Lacs Moulding Products, Plastic Mat, Pet Bottles 34. RUBBER HOSES FORmaintenance, so, more and more From Pre Form (Capsules), Pet Pre-Form Pet AUTOMOBILES 42 Lacsconstruction projects and families start to use Resin, PVC Pipes & Fittings, PVC Extrusion 35. STORAGE BATTERY 6.77 Acrylic bathtubs are less expenseve, better Profiles, Compouter Ribbon Carrtridges, 36. SOLUTION FOR STORAGEwarm keeping, hi gloss with a wide range of HDPE/PP Woven Sacks (Bags), BATTERY 13 Lacscolors. Acrylic bathtubs hold the heat better Semiconductive Compounds and Master 37. TIE - ROD ENDS 57 Lacs Batches, Plastic Sutli or Polypropylene Sutli, 38. TYRE & TUBES 94.31 Cr.and keep the water warm longer after you 39. TOUGHENED GLASS 5.70 Cr.initially filled it. You will have no feeling of Disposable Plastic Syringes (Sterilized), Plastic 40. TYRE RETREADING BY Water Storage Tanks (HDPE) (Sintex Type),“cold” when touch it. Compared with cast iron Thermocole Based Disposable Glass Cups and COLD PROCESS 51 Lacsbathtub and steel bathtub, it gives you the 41. UJ-CROSS & KING PIN FOR Plastics, Plastic Granules, Cross Linkedfeeling of “warm and soft” instead, and won’t Polyethylene (XLPE) Compound for XLPE AUTOMOBILES 60 Lacsmake yuour body pain. Because of better Cables, Typical Processing Equipments, 42. V-BELTS 50 Lacsreprocessing performance, acrylic bathtubs Suppliers of Raw Materials, Suppliers of Plant & 43. WHEEL RIMS (FOR CAR, MOTORcan be molded in larger sizes than standard Machineries, Suppliers of Dies & Moulds, Pet CYCLES, TRUCKS ETC.) 2.92 Cr.bathtubs. They are ideal and perfect material Machinery & Raw Material Suppliers. Each Project Report covers in this CDfor producing whirlpool bathtubs. contains Introduction, Uses, Market, Process with Product Formulae, Suppliers Cost Estimation Patrons you can deposit the of Plant and Equipments, Cost EconomicsPlant Capacity 40 Nos./Day with Profitability Analysis, BEP, ResourcesLand & Building (Area 500 Rs. 38 Lacs amount in EIRI Account of Finance etc.Plant & Machinery Rs. 27 Lacs HDFC BANK Price of this CD containing all above 43W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 2.90 Cr. Project Reports is Rs. 20,225/- or US $ 650/- CA-05532020001279 . Payable fully in advance throughTotal Capital Investment Rs. 3.60 Cr. (RTGS/NEFT IFSC: Draft/M.O. in favour of ENGINEERS INDIARate of Return 63% RESEARCH INSTITUTE, DELHI. DeliveryBreak Even Point 26% HDFC 0000553) within 1 day. (To Order please dial : 98114-37895). HI-Tech Projects, Oct 2012 # 22
  • 22. MARKET SURVEY CUM DETAILED TECHNO ECONOMIC FEASIBILITY REPORTTo get Loan/Finance from Banks/Financial Institutes. To set up your own industry/Unit To have detailed & Exhaustive Data on any ProjectEiri project reports are prepared by highly qualified & experienced consultants & Market Research andAnalysis supported by a panel of experts and computerised.Data provided are reliable and uptodate collected by manufacturers/suppliers, plant already commissioned by India.Each detailed projects report contain : • INTRODUCTION : Project Mix, Uses and Applications, Quality Control Measure & their introduction for attaining required properties economy and Productivity Competence. • MARKET SURVEY : Market position, Installed Capacity Production, Anticipated demand, Present Manufacturers, Statistics of Imports & Exports, Estimated Demand, Demand & Supply gap (if available). LI/IL Issued recently • PROCESS OF MANUFACTURE : Inventory controls & Tests, Comparative study of process for Manufacturing the product formulations, Process flow Sheet Diagram, Process detail in stages from Raw Materials to Finished products. • RAW MATERIALS : Raw Material specifications, Market Codes and Raw Material Prices, Sources of Procurement of Raw Materials (Imported/Indigenous). • PLANT AND MACHINERY : Range of Machineries required, Detailed Specifications of Machines & Equipments, Prices of Machineries, Suppliers of Plant and Machineries. • LAND & BUILDING : Total Land area requirement with rates, Covered Area break up with estimated costs of construction. • PROJECT ECONOMICS : Land and Building, Plant, Machinery and Other Fixed Assets, Total Capital Investment, Working Assessment, Raw material & Consumable stores, Staff Salaries and Wages, Utilities and Overheads, Total Cost of Project, Sources of Finance/Refinance, Break Even Point Determination. • ANNEXURES OF CHARTS /FINANCIAL ASPECTS : Repayment Schedule for 5 yrs. Result of Performance, Depreciation Chart for 5 Years, Cash Flow Statement for 5 years, Project Balance Sheet, Land Man Ratio etc. For assessing Market Potential, Corporate Diversifications, Planning, Investment Dicision Making and to start own setup, Entrepreneurs and Industrialists are most welcome to contact EIRI at Eiri Technocrates SURGICAL & DISPOSABLE ALCOHOL, BEER, IMFL, and Engineers have just MEDICAL PROJECTS COUNTRY LIQUOR, WINE & prepared • • Ayurvedic/Herbal Pharmacy Blood Bags OTHER RELATED PROJECTS "MARKET • Bandage Cloth Weaving On Power Loom • Alcohol From Rice Straw • Crepe Bandage SURVEY CUM • • Disposable Surgical Caps & Masks Dextrose Saline (I.V. Fluid) In Plastic Bottle • • Alcohol From Molasses Alcohol From Potatoes • Alcoholic Beverages And Vinegar From Coconut DETAILED • • Dextrose Saline (I.V. Fluid) Disposable Needles for Syringes Water • Alcoholic Drinks From Ethyl Alcohol By Mixing Of TECHNO ECONOMIC • • Disposable Plastic Syringes Diagnostic Centre Various Flavours (Flavoured Alcoholic Beverages) • Electronics Blood Pressure Measuring FEASIBILITY Instument • • Beer Plant (E.O.U.) Country Liquor • Hospital Cum Nursing Home REPORTS" • • Homeopathic Medicines I. V. Fluids (FFS Technology) • • Cider Plant Ethanol (Biofuel) • Grape Wine on following lucrative • I.V. Set- Cannula • Herbal Beer • Intravenous proeucts which • Medical College • Mineral Water (Packed In Bottles, Glasses, Jars) • Rectified Spirit For Potable Alcohol Industrial are most viable and • Plastic I.V. Bottles Alcohol & Medical Alcohol • Plaster Of Paris Bandages profitable and having bright • Pharmaceuticals (Tablet, Capsule, Syrups And • • Rectified Spirit From Rice/Paddy Straw Indian Made Foreign Liquor future scope Each report Ointments) • IMFLl (Whisky) From Potatoes • Repacking Of Medicines • Octanol (Octyl Alcohol) From Molasses Rs. 15500 to • • Surgical Cotton & Bandage Surgical Examination Gloves • Potable Beer (Alcoholic) Based On Potato & Barley/Malt • Surgical Bandage Rs. 25000/- only • • Surgical Adhesive Tape On Cloth Surface Surgical Methylated Spirit • • Vodka From Potatoes Whisky • Wine From Dates • Sodium Phosphate Enema • Wine From Mahua Flowers • Veterinary Medicines HI-Tech Projects, Jun 2012 # 19
  • 23. LIST OF ALL THEAVAILABLE FOLLOWING PROJECT REPORTS PROJECT PROPOSALS FOR SELECTION OF A GOOD INDUSTRY • Battery For Car (Dry) • Free Wheels, Free Wheel Bushes And FreeAUTOMOBILES, • Battery Operated Three Wheelers Wheel Plates For Autorickshaws • Benefication of Chromite Ore Processing • Fuel Briquettes From Agro Waste Charge Chrome • Fuel Injection System MECHANICAL, • Bicycle Spokes • Fused Magnesia • Bicycle Assembly • Generator Canopy • Brake Lining Asbestos/Resin Based & Asbestos • Galvanized M.S.Strips Free • Galvanizing PlantSTEEL & IRON & • Brass Artware/Hollow Ware Casting (With The • Galvanized Iron Wire (G.I. Wire) help Of Phenolic Resin) • G.I. Pipes • Brass Casting • Gas Welding Torches And Nozzles • Brass Pipes From Brass Sheet With • Gasket SheetMETALLURGICAL Longitudinally Welding Brass Ware By Casting • Gate Grills & Window Frames Method (Brass Articles Viz. Brass Pooja • Generating Set (Diesel) • Lamps And Other Casted) • Hard Anodised Aluminium • Bright Bars • High Pressure Cylinder • Buffing And Polishing Industry (Job Work) • Hollow Concrete Spun Pole• Agricultural Equipments • Butt Hinge (Brass Sheet) • Hospital Wares• AAC & ACSR Aluminium Conductors (All • Carbon Brush Holder & Slip Ring • Hospital Furnitures Aluminium Conductors) • Co2 Welding Wire Electrodes (Copper/Copper • Hot Rolling Of Stainless Steel Sheet• Agricultural Equipments Including Threshers Alloy Coated • Hot Dip Galvanizing• Air Brake Helical Coil • M.S. Wire) • Hot Forged Fasteners• Air Cooler • Carbon Film Resistors • Hot Mix Plant• Air Filters (For Scooter Car & Excavators etc.) • Car Dealership (Hyundai) • Industrial, Petroleum And Nuclear Filter• Aluminium & Aluminium Alloys From Aluminium • Carburettors • Ignition Coil For Automobiles Scrap To Make Utensils (Induction Furnace • Cast Steel Body Valve • Injection Moulded Plastic Compounds With Tool Melted) • Cast Steel Panes For Melting Furnace Room• Aluminium Alloy Wheels • Ceramic Coated Steel Pipes • Injection Moulded Plastic Components And• Aluminium Alloys From Aluminium Scrap To • Chemical Etching Of Stainless Steel Metal Pipe Spinning Unit Make Utensils (Induction Furnace ) • Chemical Resistant Iron & Steel • Investment Casting• Aluminium Hot & Cold Rolling Mill • Concast Steel Bars • Iron Ore Pelletization Plant• Aluminium Conductors • Cold Form Section Mill • Iron Ore Mining And Manufacture Of Sponge• Aluminium Bottle Manufacturing (Cold Extrusion • Cold Rolled Forming Of Section And Other Iron Of Aluminium) Sections • Iron/Steel Wire Gauge• Aluminium/Copper Cable Lugs • C o ld Ro ll I n g Of M s S t r ip • Iron Tawa• Aluminium Cans For Beer Packaging • Cold Twisted De-Formed Ribbed Steel • Knives (S.S.Knives)• Aluminium Cans For Capacitors • Cold Rolling Mill • Kitchen Sink (S.S.)• Aluminium Caps For Injection Vials • Compressor (Hermetic) For Air Conditioners • Lead Tube• Aluminium Extrusion • Compressed Natural Gas (Cng Kit) For • Lead Alloy From Battery Scrap• Aluminium Furniture & Hardware Autovehicle • L.P.G Regulators• Aluminium Sheet Rolling Mill • Continuously Cast Steel Wire Rods (5 Mm) • Lpg Cylinder• Alloy Steel Casting (Foundry) • Continuous Casting Copper Wire Rods • Lpg Stove• Aluminium Utensils • Conveyor Beltings • Lpg Bottling Plant (Gas Filling)• Aluminium Utensils & School Boxes • Conveyor Belt, Transmission Belt & V Belts • M.S. Pipe (Mild Steel Pipe) - Welded• Aluminium Wire Drawing And Super Enamelling • Cooking Ranges • Machine Screws & Self Tapping Screws For Winding • Copper/Brass Sheets, Circle & Utensils • Machinery For Cold Rolling Mill• Anodised Aluminium Utensils • Copper Foil • Maruti Workshop Cum Service Station• Anodizing Of Aluminium • Copper Ingots, Rods Making & Wire Drawing • Magnesium Ingots & Bullets Casting• Antimony Oxide From Lead Scrap • Copper Powder • Manufacture Of Tin Containers• Anti Scale Compound For Adding In Sugar • Copper Products From Copper Scrap • Manufacture Of Storage Tanks, Pressure Boilers • Copper Smelting Plant Vessels, Heat Exchangers• Arc Welding Filter Glass • Copper Wire Rods From Copper Scrap • Mark Ii Hand Pumps• Aluminium Foil Cutting & Roll Making • Corrugated Box Making Machinery And Other • Maruti Workshop Cum - Service Station• Auto Flaps For Trucks & Buses Their Parts • Mechanical Jacks• Automobile Workshop (Garage & Service • Cylinder Liner For Automobiles • Medical Oxygen Gas Cylinder Centre) • Disposable Plastic Razors • Metal Cable Trays• Auto Bulb • Door Locks/Pad Locks • Metal Cutting Die Design• Auto Electrical Parts (Armature) • Drill Bits & Tool Bits • Metal Cutting Of And Grinding• Auto Gears • Drum Closures Wheels(Abbrasive Cutting Wheels)• Auto Horns • Erw Steel Pipes And Tubes • Metal Foundry Flux For Aluminium• Auto Leaf Spring • Erw Steel Conduit Pipe • Metal Foundry Flux For Cast Iron Casting• Auto Tubes • Earth Moving Equipments • Metal Hooks & Clips• Auto Piston Ring • Engine Valves For Automobiles • Metal Separation (Copp- Er , Tin, Lead) From• Auto Piston • Fabrication Of Heat Exchanger Spent Wash Acid• Auto Parts (Electrical And Electronic) • Fabrication Of Storage Tanks And M.S. Drum • Metallic Ring Joints• Auto Rubber Parts And Turned Components • Ferrous Alloy Ni-Hardy I.V Casting • Metallic Gasket (Spiral Wound) Silent Block Bush And Ceiling Fan Shaft+ • Ferrous Mn Alloy Casting By Alumina Thermic • Microvee & Absolute Filter• Auto Wire Outer (Outer For Auto Wire) Process • Microwave Oven• Bakery And Biscuits Equipments Fabrication • Ferro Alloys • Mild Steel Ingots• Ball Point Pen Refills • Ferro Silicon & Ferro Manganese From Dolomite • Mini Steel Plant/M.S. Ingot By Induction Furnace• Ball Roller & Taper Bearing (Sms Grade) • Mini Steel Plant• Band Saw Blades • Fire Extinguishers • Modern Vehicle Workshop• Barbed Wire • Fire Fighting Equipments And Appliances • Moped• Barrels (Oil)/(Metallic Barrels) • Flip-Tone Cans • Mild Steel Nuts• Bath Fittings, Turned Components (All Type) • Forged Conecting Rod • M.S.Hinges Sheet Metal (Job Work) And HDPE/PP Moulded • Forging Unit • M.S.Ingot And Hr. Steel Structurals Articles • Fountain Pen Nibs • M.S.Ingot By Induction Furnaces • Foundry Sand • M.S. Pipes Market Survey Cum Detailed Techno Economic Feasibility Report on all Projects are available contact: ENGINEERS INDIA RESEARCH INSTITUTE4449, Nai Sarak, Main Road, Delhi-110006 (india) Ph. : 9811437895, 9811151047, 91-11-23918117, 23916431, 23947058, 45120361 Email :, Website :, HI-Tech Projects, Jun 2012 # 20
  • 24. LIST OF ALL THEAVAILABLE FOLLOWING PROJECT REPORTS PROJECT PROPOSALS FOR SELECTION OF A GOOD INDUSTRY CHEMICAL (ORGANIC• M.S. Tubes And Pipes • Stainless Steel Fasteners (Nut And Bolts)• M.S. Welding Electrode • Stainless Steel Sheet Rolling• Mufflers & Silencers For Three Wheelers • Stainless Steel Pipes• Nail Cutter With Filer & Manicure • Stainless Steel Patta & INORGANIC)• Nichrome Wire • Stainless Steel Sheet Rolling To Produce• Nickel Lined Screens Stainless Steel Utensils• Non-Ferrous Alloy Rolling • Stainless Steel Utensils• Non-Ferrous Forging • Stainless Steel Wire Drawing WITH PETROLEUM• Non-Ferrous Foundry • Staple Pins,Paper Pin , Gem Clips Etc.• Non Pressure • Steering Wheel And Connecting Rod• Incandescent Lamp • Steel Castings• Number Combination Locks For Luggages PRODUCTS • Steel Chain• Nuts & Bolts• Oxygen Lancing Pipes • Steel Foundry• Paper Coated Aluminium And Copper Wire • Steel Furnitures And Electrical Appliances• Perforated Metal Sheets • Steel Furniture And Room Cooler• Petromax Container Photo Etching Of Stainless • Steel Nipple For Bicycles Steel Plates • Steel Plant (Mini) • Acetic Anhydride• Pipe Galvanizing Plant • Steel Re Rolling Mill • Acetic Acid (Glacial)• Piston Ring-Automobile • Steel Rods And Coils From Scraps • Acetic Acid From Ethanol• Plant Protection Equipments • Steel Rolling Mill (Reinforcement Bars) • Acetone• Platinum Laboratory Apparatus • Steel Rolling Mill • Acetylene Black• Pressure Cooker & Aluminium Utensils • Steel Strips (Cold Rolled) Silicon With Grain • Acetyl Chloride• Pressure Cooke(Aluminium) Riented For Electric Use • Acetylene Gas• Pressure Die Casting • Steel Tubular Poles • Acetylene Gas & Oxygen Gas (Integrated Unit)• Printed Aluminium Collapsible Tubes • Steel Transmission Line Towers & Rolling Mill To • Acid Black Dye• Printed Tin Containers • Acid Slurry Produce Steel Section• Printing Press (Cylinder Machine) • Activated Alumina • Steel Furnitures And Electrical Appliances• Pumps For Chemical Industry (Special) • Activated Bleaching Earth (Activated Fullers • Steel Furniture And Fire Fighting Equipments• Railway Sleepers (M.S.) Earth) • Steel Furniture And Room Cooler • Activated Carbon From Cashewnut Shell• Razor Twin Blade • Steel Wire Drawing And Galvanizing• R.C.C Spun Pipes • Activated Carbon From Rice Husk • Steel Wire/Rod • Activated Carbon From Rice Husk, Coconut• Reconditioning Of M.S. Drums/Barrels • Steel Wool Shell & Coconut Powder• Re-Rolling Copper And Brass Sheet And Rods• Re-Rolling Mills • Ston Scrusher And Screening Plant • Activated Carbon From Wood• Resin Coated Sand • Submerged Arc Welded Pipes • Activated Carbon Powder & Granules From• Resin Cored Soft Solder Wires • Submersible Pump Manufacturing Coconut Shell• Rolling Mill • Super Enamelled Copper Wire • Activated Carbon & Sodium Silicate From Paddy• Rolling Mill (By Induction Furnace) & • Super Enamelled Copper Wire (From Copper & Rice Husk Manufacture Of Bars, Angles, Squares, Tubes Cathode Rod) • Alcohol From Broken Rice And Others • Three Wheelers • Alum For Water Treatment• Roller Bearing & Forging • Tie-Rod Ends • Adhesive (Fevicol Type)• Rolling Of Stainless Steel Patta • Tin Containers • Aerosol Insecticides Spray (Baygon, Hit,• Rollinf Mill By Tmt Technology • Toolroom And Sheet Metal Products Mortein Type)• Rubber Insulated Pliers (Hand Tools) • Trolley (Shopping) For Carrying Of Stores At • Agarbatti Synthetic Perfumery Compounds• Rubbing Compound For Automobiles Super Market And Ware Houses • Alcohol From Potato• Scientific Laboratory Equipments • Tractor Trailers • Alcohol From Rice Grains• Scooter Assembling • Transmission Power Fitting • Alcohol From Rice Husk• Secondary Lead Extrac -Tion By Scrap Battery • Alcohol From Molasses • Tubular Poles Plates, Pipes & Sheet • Alcohol, Beer, Starch, Liquid Glucose, Dextrose, • Tyre Retreading By Cold Process• Seamless M.S. Tubes & Pipes Sorbitol, Vitamin-C, • Super Enamelled Copper Wires • Alcoholic Beverages And Vinegar From Coconut• Self Tapping Steel Screw • Trolley (Shopping) For Carrying Of Stores At• Sewing Needles Water Super Market & Ware Houses • Germ Oil, Cattle Feed Etc. From Maize• S.G. Iron & Alloy Steel • Tmt Bars • Alkyd Resin• Sheet Metal Products, (Ferrous/Non-Ferrous) • Tubular Poles For Electrical Transmission (By • Alkylated Phenol Likenonyl Phenol, Dodecyl• Steel Drums And Barrels• Ship/Marine Container Fabrication Process) Phenol• Shock Absorbers • Tubular Poles Of M.S. & High Tensile Steel • Alum (Non Ferric)• Shoe Eyelets • V- Belt • Alum (Ferric)• Shot And Grits By Automization Process • Vacuum Cleaners • Aluminium Chloride From Aluminium Ore• Shovels • Vacuum Flask (Stainless Steel) • Alum Cake• Silico Manganese Alloys • Valves For Refrigeration And Air-Condition • Alum From Aluminium Hydrate• Silencers (Mufflers) Exhaust & Tail Pipe For All • Vehicle Welding & Painting • Aluminium Ingot By Bauxite Types Of Vehicles • Venetion Blind • Aluminium Phosphide• Sintered Bearing • Washing Machines (Automatic & Computerised) • Aluminium Phosphate• Sintered Bushes • Water Controller (Automatic) • Aluminium Sulphate (Non Ferric Alum) 17% -• Sintered Metal Products • Watch Straps/Chains/ Bracelets/Belt Brass & 18% Alumina Content In Granules (2 Mm To 4• Soft And Hard Ferrites Stainless Steel Mm) And Flakes• Spanners • Water Coolers • Amines & Allied Products• Spark Plugs • Amino Acid • Welded Wire Mesh• Spin On Filters And Spin On Filters Components • Ammonia Gas • Welding Electrodes (Including Bowls) • Ammonia Gas Bottling • Wheel Barrow • Ammonia Liquor• Sponge Iron From Iron Ore • Wick Stoves• Steel Plant (Electric Arc Furnace Based- Eaf) • Ammonium Nitrate • Wind Mill Window Frame (Ferrous & Non- • Ammonium Chloride (Pure & Technical)• Spheriodal Graphite Cast Iron Ferrous) • Ammonium Sulphate• Spray Dryer • Wrist Watch • Annato Seed Extraction And Processing• Stainless Steel Casting By Induction Furnace• Stainless Steel Hinges • Anti Corrosion Chemicals Market Survey Cum Detailed Techno Economic Feasibility Report on all Projects are available contact: ENGINEERS INDIA RESEARCH INSTITUTE4449, Nai Sarak, Main Road, Delhi-110006 (india) Ph. : 9811437895, 9811151047, 91-11-23918117, 23916431, 23947058, 45120361 Email :, Website :, HI-Tech Projects, Jun 2012 # 21
  • 25. LIST OF ALL THEAVAILABLE FOLLOWING PROJECT REPORTS PROJECT PROPOSALS FOR SELECTION OF A GOOD INDUSTRY• Anthranilic Acid From Phthalic Anhydride • Carboxy Methyl Cellulose (Cmc) Dry Rechargable 5.5.Ah. Battery• Anesthesia (All Types) Used In Hospitals • Casein And By Products • Electropolishing On Gold Jewellery• Aniline • Casein From Milk • Electropolishing On Various Metals• Argon Gas • Cationic Softner (Stearic Acid Based) • Endosulfan• Ariel Type Detergent Powder • Caustic Soda • Enzyme Based Detergent Powder• Anthraquinone • Caustic Soda From Soda Ash By Soda Lime • Ephedrine Hydrochloride• Antimony Trioxide Process • Epoxy Resin Based Compound• Atenolol • Caustic Soda (Liquid) By Electrolytic Process • Ethanol (Biofuel)• Auramine “O” • Caustic Soda From Trona • Ethyl Alcohol From Molasses• Azodicarbonamide • Caustic Soda, Chlorine And Hydrogen Gas By • Ethyl Acetate• Baking Soda From Ash Electro-Lysis Of Brine Solution • Ehtyl Ether• Barium Carbonate • Cellulose Acetate Moulding Powder • Ethyl Alcohol (Potable Liquor)• Barium Compounds • Cellulose Powder & Micro Crystalline Cellulose • Ethyl Hexanol• Barium Nitrate Powder • Extra Temperature Lubricating Grease• Barium Peroxide • Cement Admixture • Extraction Of Essential Oils By Sugar Critical Fluid• Barium-Thio-Sulphate Banzene • Cement Colour (Carbon Dioxide) Method From Flowers, Herbal &• Baryte Powder • Cement Water Proofing Compound Spices• Bar Soap (All Varieties) Using Soap Noodles • Cement From Fly Ash & Lime • Fabric Stain Remover• Beer Plant • Cement Tiles (Glazed) • Fatty Acid• Belt Paste • Chlorinated Paraffin Wax (Cpw) • Ferric Alum• Beneficiation Of Chromite Ore Processing • Citric Acid From Lemon • Ferric And Non Ferric Alum (Aluminium Sulphate) Charge Chrome • Citric Acid From Molasses • Ferro Chrome Ligno Sulphonate• Benzyl Acetate, Benzyl Benzoate, Benzyl • Double Firing (Heating) • Ferro Manganese Alcohol • Chelated Zinc (Zn Edta) • Ferro Silicone• Beta Naphthol • Chemicals From Prawn Head • Ferro Vanadium From Vanadium Sludge• Bentonite Powder • Chitin & Chitosan From Prawn Shell Waste • Ferrous Silicate• Benzoic Acid • Chloral Hydrate • Ferrous Sulphate• Benzidine • Chloramphenicol • Ferrous Sulphide• Biofertiliser From Mother Culture • Chromic Acid (With Pollution Control) • Fertilizer From Animal Blood & Leather Waste• Bio Oil For Power Generation From Coffee Husk • Chromic Acid (Oxide) & Blue Oxide • Fluorescent Tube Light Powder• Bio Gas Plant • Chlorinated Paraffin Wax (Cpw) • Foamed Pvc Compounding & Its Products• Bio Gas Filling In Cylinder • Chromic Acid • Formaldehyde• Bio Tech Unit • Cement Paint & Distemper • Food Grade Grease Or Lubricant• Bi-Chromate Of Sodium, Potassium & • Citric Acid From Lemon • Fractional Distillation Of D.M.O (Dementholized Ammonium • Citric Acid From Molasses Oil)• Bi-Functional Black Mfgr.Reactive Dye (Dye • Cleaning Of Cooling System And Boiler • Fractional Distillation Of Essential Oil & From Cotton Yarn Dyeing) • Coal Tar Distillation Medicinalplant Extract• Bio-Fuel (Jatropha Cultivation And Extraction) • Coal Washing Plant • Friction Dust (Liquid & Powder) From Cnsl• Bituminous Roademulsion • Cobalt Octoate • Fruit Flavours• Black Phenyl • Compost For Mushroom • Furfural From Rice Husk• Black Sulphur • Construction Chemicals • Fumaric Acid• Bleaching Powder (Stable) Copper Oxychloride • Gas Filling Of Lpg Cylinder• Blue Detergent Powder • Coolant (Engine) • Garlic Acid• Bone Crushing Plant • Copper Phthalocyanine Blue & Green • Ginger And Garlic Paste• Bone Meal (Calcined) Enrichment With Calcium • Correction Fluid • Ginger Processing & Phosphorus • Cupric Chloride • Gasket Shellac Compound• Boric Acid • Crude Oil Bleaching For Petroleum Jelly • Gear Oil• B.O.N. Acid • Cutting Oil • Gibberellic Acid• Bromine Gas Plant • Cyanuric Chloride • Glass Putty• Brandy • Cyanoacrylate Adhesive • Gluconic Acid• Butanol • Cutting Oil • Glucose D- Powder• Butyl Rubber For The Manufacture Of Tubes For • Defoaming Agent For Paper Industry • Glycerine Truck And Car Tyres • De-Nickeling (Electrolytic Process) • Gossypol (Poly Phenol) From Cotton Seed Oil• 1,4, Butanediol • Detergent Cake & Powder • Greases (Lithium Based)• Butyl Acetate • Detergent Powder • Guar Gum Powder• Caffein From Tea Waste • Detergent Concentrate (Idet 10) • Hair Fixer (Hair Gel Type)• Calcined Lime (Dead Burnt Dolomite) • Dextrose Monohydrate & Dextrose Anhydrous • High Temerature Grease• Calcined Petroleum Coke Powder From Tapioca Starch • Hard Grease• Calcining Of Magnesite & Dead Burnt Magnesite • Di-Basic Lead Stearate • H - Acid• Calcium Aluminate • Di Calcium Phosphate • Henna Paste Making• Calcium Based Grease • Diclofenal Sodium Slow Release (Sr) Tables • Henna Powder Repackaging• Calcium Carbide 100mg. • Heptal Dehyde• Calcium Carbonate • Di Ethyl Oxalate • Herbal Beer• Calcium Carbonate (Precipitated) From By • Di Methyl Orthophthalate • High Carbon Ferro Chrome Product (Lime Slurry & Carbon Dioxide) • Di-Methyl Phthalate • Humid Acid• Calcium Carbonate (Activated & Precipitated) • Diclofenac Gel • Hydrated Calcium Silicate Brick• Calcium Chloride • Dioctyl Phthalate (Dop) • Hydrated Lime From Sea Shell• Calcium Gluconate • Di Phenyl Glycerine • Hydrochloric Acid• Calcium Nitrate • Di Phenyl Oxide • Hydro Fluoric Acid• Calcium Silicate Bricks • Dinitro-Chloro Benzene • Hydrogen Peroxide (By Auto-Oxidation Process)• Calcium Stearate By Fusion Process • Distillery • Ice Packs (Solutions Type, White Gel Type, Violet• Camphor Powder (Synthetic) • Distilled Water Semi Solid Polymer Type)• Construction Chemicals (With Detailed Market • Dodecyl Benzene Sulphonate • Improving Drop Point Paraffin Wax From 45-500c Survey And Formulae Etc.) • Dustless Chalk To 75-800c• Carbon Dioxide • Edta & Its Salts • Industrial Alcohol• Carbon Black From Fertilizer Waste • Electroless Nickel Plating On Plastics • Integerated Complex Of Easter & Allied Products• Carbon Black (Petroleum Based) • Electrolyte (Like Sulphuric Acid) For Lead Acid (D.O.P, D.B.P, Ethyl Acetate Wire Enamel & Cable Jelly) Market Survey Cum Detailed Techno Economic Feasibility Report on all Projects are available contact: ENGINEERS INDIA RESEARCH INSTITUTE4449, Nai Sarak, Main Road, Delhi-110006 (india) Ph. : 9811437895, 9811151047, 91-11-23918117, 23916431, 23947058, 45120361 Email :, Website :, HI-Tech Projects, Jun 2012 # 22
  • 26. LIST OF ALL THEAVAILABLE FOLLOWING PROJECT REPORTS PROJECT PROPOSALS FOR SELECTION OF A GOOD INDUSTRY• Insta Whitening System (Ujala Type) Process • Potassium Sulphate (Fertilizer Grade)• Imfl (Whisky) & Country Liquor • Nickel Plating Brightner (Primary Or Carrier • Potassium Per Oxy Di-Sulphide• Imfl (Whiskey) From Potato Brightner & Secondary Brightner) • Potassium Silicate By Ion Exchange Process• Iron Oxide For Making Feritte • Nickel Sulphate • Potassium Silicate• Iron Sulphide • Nicotine From Tobacco Waste • Potassium Stearate• Jatropha (Biodiesel) Cultivation And Extraction • Nicotine Sulphate From Tobacco Waste • Processing Of Datura Stramonium Into• J. Acid • Nitro Benzene Hyosyamina And Atropin• Jute Batching Oil • Nitro Cellulose Sanding Sealer/Lacquer • Power Alcohol• Kesh Kala Tel (Hair Dye Lotion) (Vasmol 33, • Nitro Musk • Pvc Resin From Ethyl Alcohol Black Nite Type) • Nitrogen & Oxygen Gas Plant • Pyridine & Its Derivatives• L-Lysine Monohydrochloride • Non-Ionic Surfactant (Wetting Agent) • Rapid Fast Dyes (Only Process)• Lactic Acid From White Sugar By Fermentation • No-Carb Paste • Reactor (Chemical) Process • Npk Mixed Fertilizer (Molasses Based) • Resorcinol• Ldpe Granules From Virgin (Ldpe Resin) • N.P.K Fertilizer • Reclamation Of Used Engine Oil (By Clay &• Lead Extraction From Battery Scrap • Octanol Vacuum Distillation Process)• Lead Oxide (A) Lead Monoxide • Oleoresin From Chilly And Ginger (Extraction) • Refinery Petrol/Diesel Etc.• (B) Lead Tetra Oxide • Oleoresins From Marigold Petals (Extraction) • Reclamation Of Spent Bleaching Earth• (C) Greylead Oxide • Organic Fertiliser • Reclamation Of Nickel Spent Catalyst From• Liquid Glucose & Its By Products • Ortho Nitro Phenol Vanaspati Industry• Liquid Gold (In Paste Form) • Ortho Phthalic Polyester • Rectified Spirit From Molasses & Mahua Flowers• Lemon Oil From Lemon • Oxalic Acid From Molasses • Rectified Spirit From Rice Straw• Liquid Oxygen Bottling Plant • Oxalic Acid From Rice Husk • Red Oxide Paint/Primer (Anti Corrosive) Based• Liquid Shoe Polish • Oxalic Acid From Tree Bark Organic Red Pigments• Liquid Floor Polish • Oxalic Acid From Waste Vegetables • Refinery Petrol/Diesel Etc.• Lithium Based Grease • Oxygen Gas Plant • Removal Of Antimony From Lead Scrap• Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonate • Oxygen And Nitrogen Gas Plant • Resorcinol• Lube Oil Viscosity Improved For P.P.G/P.E.G. • Oxygen Gas Plant (Air Seperation Method) • Rice Bran Oil (Rbo)• Lube Oil And Greases • Para-Amino Benzoic Acid • Rosin Sizing Agent• Lube Oil From Cnsl To Reduce Friction • Para-Amino Phenol • Resorcinol• Lubricants Ashless 100% Combustion • Para Toluene Sulphonic Acid • Rust Prevention Lube Oil• Maize Oil • Pectin From Raw Papaya • Saline And Injection Water• Magnesium Carbonate And Magnesium • Pectin From Apple Pomace • Salicylic Acid Bicarmonate • Pectin From Mango Peel • Santonin• Magnesium Hydroxide Powder • Pectin From Oranges • Sennosides From Senno Leaf• Magnesium Silicate • Pectin From Citrus/Lemon • Silicone Grease• Magnesium Sulphate • Perfume (Lemon & Others) • Shoe Polish• Malachite Green • Perfume Spray Deodorant (Non-Alcoholic) • Silica Gel (Blue Self Indicating Process)• Maleic Acid • Pest Control • Silica Ramming Mass• Maleic Anhydride • Pesticide Preparation Using Neem Fruit & • Silicone Emulsion• Manganese Sulphate Seeds (Margosa) • Silicone From Rice Husk• Manufacturing Of Carbon Mono-Oxide Water • Pet Bottles From Pre-Form • Silicon From Silica (Semi Conductor Grade) Gas • Pet Granules (Dana) • Silicon Grease• Menthol Bold Crystals From Flakes • Pet Preform From Resin For Pet Bottles • Silicone Oil• Menthol Crystal & Mentha Oil • Petroleum Jelly • Silicone Resins• Mercuric Oxide • Phenol • Silicone Spray• Metal Pre-Treatment Chemicals • Phenyl Acetic Acid • Silver Brazing Foil• Methyl Chloride • Phenyl • Silver Extraction From Waste Hypo Solution• Methyl Cinnamate • Phenyl (Black) In Liquid Form • Silver Nitrate• Methane Gas By Sodium Acetate & Soda Lime • Phthalic Anhydride • Silver Parts For Ceramic Capacitor Single Super• Methyl Acetyl Ricinolate • Phosphoric Acid From Rock Phosphate • Phosphate & Mixed Fertilizer (Npk)• Methyl Parathion 2% Dust Powder • Phosphorus By Chemical Process • Single Super Phosphate (S.S.P) & Sulphuric Acid• Methyl Stearate • Photo Emulsion For Rotary Screen Printing • Soda Ash• Metol • Phthalocyanine Blue • Soda Ash From Natron• Metol From Hydroqui-None & Methylamine • Pigment Emulsion For Textile • Soda Water Bottling Plant (Carbonated• Micanite • Pigment Gum Beverage)• Micro Crystalline Wax • Plant Growth Reagen Based Chlorothyltrimethyl • Sodium Aluminate• Micro Nutrient Mixture Ammonium Chloride • Odium Benzoate• Mineral Water • Plant Harmones Based On 2,4-Dichlorphenoxy • Sodium Bi-Carbonate (Baking Soda) From Soda• Mineral Water And Pet Bottilng Plant Ash• Mineral Water In Bottles, Glass And • Acentic Acid & Naphthalene • Sodium Chlorite Pouches • Plastazote Polythylene Foam Used For Fibre • Sodium Chromate• Mini Cement Plant (By Rotary Kiln Process) Cable Joint • Sodium Cyclamate• Mixed Fertilizer • Plasticine (Modelling Clay) • Sodium Di-Chromate• Mosquito Repellent Vaporiser (Liquid Mosquito • Plastic Waste Reprocessing • Sodium Di-Chromate & Sodium Sulphate As Bye Destroyer) • Plaster Of Paris Bandages Products• Mosquito & Flies Repellent Agarbatti (Incense • Polyester Resin (G.P. Grade Laminate Grade, • Sodium Hexa Meta Phosphate Sticks) Electrical Grade) • Sodium Hydrosulfite• Monochloro Acetic Acid • Polyol From Propylene Oxide • Sodium Hypo Chloride (Bleach Liquor)• Monocrotophos (Technical) • Poly Vinyl Acetate • Sodium Iso-Propyl Xanthate• Mosquito Coil • Polyvinyl Acetate Emulsion • Sodium Lauryl Sulphate• Mosquito Coil & Mat • Polyvinyl Alcohol • Sodium Lauryl Sulphate & Sodium Lauryl Ether• Mosquito Mat • Polyurethene Foam Sulphate• Mosquito Net • Potassium Dichromate/Bichromate • Sodium Nitrate• Mosquito Coil Agarbatti • Potassium Iodate • Sodium Petroleum Sulphonate (Emulsifier)• Mother Tincture & Bio Chemic Medicines • Potassium Nitrate • Sodium Silicate From Silica & Soda Ash• Naphthalene & Phenyl (Integrated Unit) • Potassium Permagnate • Sodium Silicate From (1) Paddy Silk Husk 2) &• Natural Mineral Water By Reverse Osmosis • Potassium Per Sulphate Silica Market Survey Cum Detailed Techno Economic Feasibility Report on all Projects are available contact: ENGINEERS INDIA RESEARCH INSTITUTE4449, Nai Sarak, Main Road, Delhi-110006 (india) Ph. : 9811437895, 9811151047, 91-11-23918117, 23916431, 23947058, 45120361 Email :, Website :, HI-Tech Projects,Jun 2012 # 23 .
  • 27. LIST OF ALL THEAVAILABLE FOLLOWING PROJECT REPORTS PROJECT PROPOSALS FOR SELECTION OF A GOOD INDUSTRY ELECTRICAL,• Sodium Silicate By Hydro Thermic Process • D.G.Sets Using Quartz And Caustic Lye • Display Systems (Led Type)• Sodium Carbonate & Silica • Dish Antenna And Cable T.V. Network• Sodium Sulphate Equipment ELECTRONICS,• Sodium Sulphide By Barium Sulphate Process • Distribution Transformers & Repairs• Sodium Sulphide From Ammonia & Sodium • Domestic Electrical Appliances- Room Cooler, Chloride Washing Machine, Water Heater, Electric Room• Sodium Sulphite Heater COMPUTERS &• Sodium Tri-Poly Phosphate • E-Commerce/Business• Soluble Cutting Oil • Electric Energy Meter• Softener (Cationic Anionic & Non-Ionic) • Electric Fans• Spirit From Pine Apple INFOTECH / IT • Electric Horn For Automobile• Stannous Chloride • Electric Lamp/Gls (Incandescent Lamp)• Stearic Acid • Electric Mixer• Stearates Manufacture (Calcium, Zinc, • Electric Motors Up To 10 Hp. Rewinding Of All PROJECTS Aluminium, Magnesium Stearates) Types Of Motors Water Pumps• Sulfanilic Acid In Powder Form • Electric Motor Winding (For Fan, Mixies, Etc.)• Sulphur From Pyrites & Slag • Electric Steam Iron• Sulphur Crystals/Lumps • Electrical Appliances• Sulphuric Acid • Electrical Fixtures• Sulphuric Acid From Dcda Process • Air Conditioning • Electrical Stamping• Super Phosphate (S.S.P) • Aluminium Alloy Conductor • Electrolytic Capacitors• Synthetic Iron Oxide (Yellow) • Aac And Acsr Aluminium Conductors • Electromagnetic Relay• Synthetic Red & Wellow Iron Oxide From Iron • Aluminium Cable • Electronic Balast/Chok Filling & Pickle Liquor • Aluminium Electroytic Capacitors • Electrical Choke• Synthetic Zeolite • Audio Cassette Assembling & Recording • Electronic Digitalwatches• Tannic Acid • Audio Cassettes Duplicating Recording • Electronic Digital Weighing Machine• Tartaric Acid • Audio Cassettes & Audio Studio • Electronic Fire Alarm• Teflon Grease • Audio Cassettes Plane & Recorded • Electronic Gas Stove Lighters• Textile Marker Pen/Tube • Audio Magnetic Heads • Electronic Phones, Dry Battery Packs And• Toilet Cleaner • Audio Magnetic Tape Chargers/Adapters• Toluene And Sbp From Crude Naphtha • Audio/Video Cassettes • Electronic Pressure Indicators, Electricals,• Trimethyl Ammonium Chloride • Auto Bulb/Lamps Electronic Liquid Level Indicators, Electronic• Triphenyl Phosphite (T.P.P) • Automatic Voltage Stabilizer Temperature Indicator, Digital Tachometer• Ultramarine Blue (Liquid) • Battery Plates • Electronic Telephone Instruments• Urea Formaldehyde & Melamine Formaldehyde • Business Process Outsourcing (Bpo) • Electronic Toys Powder • B/W Tv & Computer Monitor Picture Tube• Undecylinic Acid • Electronic Watches & Clocks • Bread Boards • Fax Machines• Vinyl Acetate Monomer • Call Centre• Vitamin C • F.H.P Motors • Call Centre International • Floppy Diskettes• Vitamin E • Camera (35 Mm) • Fluorescent Lamp Starter• Waste Water Treatment Plant For Industrial • Capacitors • Fluorescent Tubular Lamps With Introduction To Sector In India (Only Marker Survey) • Carbon Electrode Used For Battery Cell Mercury Vapour Lamp• Washing Soap And Powder • Carbon Potetiometers • Franchisee Computer Education Centre (Rs.• Wall Putty• Water Proofing Chemicals • Ceiling Fan 10000)• Water Treatment Plant • Ceiling Fan (Stainless Steel) • Gas Detector (L.P.G)• Weedicide • Ceramic Insulator • Generator Set & Pump Sets• Wire Drawing Lubricants • Children Infotech Training Institute (Rs. 10000/-) • Generator (Battery Operated)• Wire Enamels • Choke And Patti • Gis Service Centre (Geographical Information• Wood Polish (Non Alcoholic) • Choke And Starter Systems)• Xanthates • Choke Used For Fluorescent Lamps • Hardware Fitting For Transmission Line• Yellow Dextrin • Colour Television (Overhead Line Material• Zinc Chloride • Colour And Black & White Television • Headers For Transistor Ics Semi Conductor• Zinc Oxide • Compact Disc • H.T & L.T Insulators• Zinc Phosphating By Cold Process • Compact Disc Player (Audio/Video) • H.T & M.V Industrial Cubical Switch Board• Zinc Silicate • Computer Education Institute • Information Moving Display (L.E.D Type)• Zinc Stearate • Computer Assembly • Insurance Claim Processing Centre (Eou) (Rs.• Zinc And Copper Sulphate From Brass Ash • Computer Hardware 10000/-)• Zinc Sulphate • Computer Keyboard • Integrated Circuits• Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate • Computer Peripherals • Internet Based Stock Trading (Rs. 10000/-)• Acid Black • Computer Printers • Internet Service Provider (I.S.P.)• Auramine’o’ • Computer Ribbon • Jelly Filled Telephone Cables• Azo Dyes Stuff • Computer Ribbon Reinking Or Refilling • Lap Top Computers• Dye & Dye Intermediate • Computer Stationery • Lead Acid Batteries• Dye Intermediates • Computer Stationery & Imported Hardware • Lead Acid Battery Plates And Assembling Of• Malachite Green Parts Battery• Methylene Blue • Computer Terminals • Legal Transcription & Secretarial• Phthalocyanine Blue • Computerised Washing Machine (Automatic) Services Center (Eou)(Rs. 15000/-)• Phthalocyanine Blue & Green • Computer Software • Light Emitting Diodes (L.E.D)• Reactive Dyes • Condenser For Motor Using Mpp Film • Linear Ics Trainer Kit• Sulphur Black Dye • Control Panel Board • Loud Speaker• Vat Dyes • Cooling Coil For Air Conditioners • L.T Transformer Repairing• Water Chilling Plant • Copper Strip Coil From Scrap • Medical Transcription Centre• Water Treatment Chemicals • Cordless Telephones • Metal Film Resistors• Water Treatment Plant • Cyber Cafe • Metallised Polypropylene, Polyester Film• Wadding Oil (100% ) For Wadding Of Cotton • Cyberkiosk Capacitor• Hosiery Cloth In The Dyeing Process • Data Processing Centre• White Oil • Mica Base Electronic Components• Wax Floor Polish • D.C. Micro Motors Market Survey Cum Detailed Techno Economic Feasibility Report on all Projects are available contact: ENGINEERS INDIA RESEARCH INSTITUTE4449, Nai Sarak, Main Road, Delhi-110006 (india) Ph. : 9811437895, 9811151047, 91-11-23918117, 23916431, 23947058, 45120361 Email :, Website :, HI-Tech Projects, Jun 2012 # 24
  • 28. LIST OF ALL THEAVAILABLE FOLLOWING PROJECT REPORTS PROJECT PROPOSALS FOR SELECTION OF A GOOD INDUSTRY• Mica Paper Waste Paper From Mica Waste • Voltage Stabilizers • Chicken/Sheep Meat Processing• Micro Processors Trainer Kits Based On Micro • Voltage Stablizer & T.V. Gain Booster • Chocolate (Milk) Processors • Wax And Chemical Coated, Braided Tinsel Wire • Cigarette And Beedies• Mini Computer (Personal Computer) • Website Design & E-Mail Registering • Cocoa Butter From Cocoa Mass• Miniature Circuit Breaker (M.C.B) • Welding Electrodes • Coconut Water (Coco Jal) - Packed• Miniature Watch Batteries (Button Cell) • Wind Energy Power Project (10 Mw) • Coconut Products & By Products Process• Mixer/Grinder (Mixi) • Wire Wound Potentiometers Complex• Mono Chrome Computer Monitor • Wire Wound Resistance • Cold/Soft Drinks• Motor Start Electrolytic Capacitor • Collection Of Milk And Milk Making Powder• Multi Layer P.C.B • Collection Of Milk And Packing In Polythene•• Multiple Relay For Low Voltage Neon Indicator FOOD, AGRO FOOD, Pouch (1/2 Kg.1 Kg. & 2 Kg.)•• Neon Sign Manufacture Optical Fibre Cables PROCESSED FOOD, AGRO • • Condensed Milk (Sweetned) Cold Storage PLANTATION, CULTIVATION,• On Line Shopping Mall (Rs. 10000/-) • Confectionery Industry (Toffee & Candy, Semi-• Opto Mechanical & Electrical Equipments Automatic Plant)• Photo Colour Lab • Confectionery Unit With Toffee, Candy, Chewing•• Picture Tube (B/W) Plain Paper Copier FARMING, DAIRY/MILK, • Gum And Bubble Gum Corn Flakes TOBACCO/PAN MASALA,• Plastic Film Capacitors • Cottonseed Oil and Cake• Polyester Capacitors • Country Liquor From Molasses• Portable Generator Set • Custard Powder•• Portal Portable Television(Tv) BREWERY & DISTILLERY, • • Cigarette Dairy Farm And Dairy (Milk) Products••• Power Capacitors Power Inverters Power Plant (Gas Based) EDIBLE OILS, • (Pasteurised Milk, Butter, Ghee, Paneer) Dairy Farm To Produce Milk & Packing In Pouches (50% ) & Can(50% )•• Power Plant (Hydro Based) Power Transformers Up To 600 Kva EOU FOOD PRODUCTS • • Dairy For Milk Processing Dairy Farming (Buffalo)•• Printed Circuit Board Pvc Wires & Cables AND ALLIED PRODUCTS • • Dairy Farming (Jersey Cow) Dal (Pulse) Mill Unit• Pvc Pipe And Fitting • Dehydration Of Carrot & Garlic• Re-Conditioning Of Picture Tube • Alcoholic Beverages & Venegar From Coconut • Dehydration & Canning Of Fruits & Vegetables• Resin Cast Ct & Pt (1 Kv) Water • Dehydration Of Figs• Semi Conductor Device • Alcohol Drinks From Ethyl Alcohol By Mixing Of • Dehydration Of Fruits And Vegetables By• Semi Conductors For Transistors & Diodes Various Flavours Vacuum Drying Method• Setting Up Of A Video Studio • Amla Fruit Products With Preservation Tomato • Dehydration Of Fruits And Vegetables By Iqf• Smoke Detectors Sauce, Pickles Jam And Jellies Technology• Solar Cells • Anti Scale Compound For Adding Into Sugar • Dehydrated Onions And Onion Powder• Solar Modules Juice Boiling • Drinking Water (Packaged)• Solar Power Plant (Energy) • Apple Juice Concentrated & Dehydrated Fruit & • Dry Ice By Breaking Of Air• Solar Photo Voltaic System Vegetables • Drying Of Red Chillies, Haldi, Dhania, And• Solder Fluxes • Artificial Fish Meal For Poultry Feed Green Peas• Solar Water Heating Panels • Automatic Biscuit Making Plant • Egg Powder (40,000 Eggs Processing Per Day)• Steel Furniture & Electrical Appliances • Automatic Bread Making Unit • Export Of Processed Foods And Marine• Stereo Amplifiers • Baby Cereal Food And Milk Powder Products• Stereo Cassette Recorders/Players • Baby Corn • Fish Canning & Pouching• Street Light Fittings Surge Suppressor • Bacteria For Cane Juice • Fish Farming (Prawn & Other Marine Products)• Tantalum Capacitors • Baker’s Yeast • Fish Meal• Teflon Coated Electric Cable • Bakery Industry • Flour Mill And Mustard Oil• Telemedicine (Distance Health Care) (Rs. • Banana Puree • Flavoured Milk 10000/-) • Barley Malt • Food Colour & Orasted Groundnut Gram Peas,• Telephone Cord/Cable • Beer & Wine Etc In Pouches• Telephone (Push Button Type) • Beer Plant (Brewery) • Frog Legs Processing• Telephone (Push Button & Cordless) • Bidi • Frozen Meats Processing• Television (Ctv & B/W) • Bidi & Cigarette • Food Flavours (Whisky) Vodka, Grape, Butter• Television (3-D) • Biscuit Plant Scotch)• Television Deflection Components • Bread (Automatic Plant) • Food Products Complex (Dehydrated Onions,• Television Signal Boosters • Black Pepper (Spices) Garlic Powder & Flakes, Cattle Feed, Tomato• Television Tuners • Bread And Biscuits Powder, Tomato Products, Canned Fruits &• Traction Batteries • Breeding Farm Vegetables, Tomato Pure, Ground Nut Oil,• Training Institute Of Medical Transcription • Broiler Chicken Refined Oil, Dehydrated Grapes Etc.• Transformer For B/W Tv • Button Mushroom • Banana Powder & Waffers)• Transformer For Voltage Stabilizer & E.H.T • Cultivation & Processing • Freeze Drying Coffee Manufacturing Unit• Transmission Power Line Fitting • Canning Of Rasagullas In Metal Cans (Processing) And Packaging In Glass Bottles• Transmission Tower Fitting • Caffein From Tea Waste • Fruit Juice, Jam, Jellies & Allied Products• T.V. News Channel • Canning Of Fruits & Vegetables • Fruit Juice, Pickles Processing And Canning• Tv Audio Equipment Cabinets & Their • Casein From Milk • Fruit Juice Making & Packing In Plastic Assembling Unit • Casein And By-Products Container/Pouches• Un-Interrupted Power Supply (U.P.S) • Cashew Fruit Juice From Cashew Fruit Apple • Fruit Processing (Jam & Jellies)• Variable Frequency • Cashewnut Kernel Extraction From Cashewnut • Fruit Pulp & Juice Concentrates• Variable Voltage A.C. Drive Fruit • Fruit & Vegetable Drying (Freeze Drying• Video Cassettes (Complete Manufacturing & • Cashewnut Shell Liquid & Kernel Processing Method) Assembling) • Cashew Feni • Ginger Oil• Video Cassettes Recorder (V.C.R) • Catecheu (By Chemical Process) • Ginger Paste• Video Film Studio • Cattle Feed From Tapioca • Ginger And Garlic Paste• Voltage Regulator For Automobiles • Chewing & Bubble Gum • Goat Farm Market Survey Cum Detailed Techno Economic Feasibility Report on all Projects are available contact: ENGINEERS INDIA RESEARCH INSTITUTE4449, Nai Sarak, Main Road, Delhi-110006 (india) Ph. : 9811437895, 9811151047, 91-11-23918117, 23916431, 23947058, 45120361 Email :, Website :, HI-Tech Projects, Jun 2012 # 25
  • 29. LIST OF ALL THE AVAILABLE FOLLOWING PROJECT REPORTS PROJECT PROPOSALS FOR SELECTION OF A GOOD INDUSTRY GUMS &• Goat & Sheep Farming • Pine-Apple Juice Preparation & Packaging• Gram Dall/Pulse Mill • Potato Chips/Waffers• Grape Dehydration • Potato Powder ADHESIVES• Hard Boiled Candy (Toffee & Candy) • Pouch Filling & Packaging Of Edible Oil & Ghee• Herbal Cigarettes • Poultry Feed• Honey Processing & Packaging • Processed Foods & Spices (Eou)• Honey Coated Cashewnuts, Peanuts And Other • Processed Readymade Food Nuts • Processing Of Fruits & Vegetables • Acrylic Adhesive• Ice Cream Of Different Flavours • Puree, Paste, Juice And Ketchup From Khajoor • Adhesive (Different Types)• Ice Cream Stabilizer (Dates) • Adhesive (Fevicol Type)• Ice Making Plant • Rabbit Farming • Adhesive For Stickers• Icing Sugar • Rasgullas Making & Canning In Metal Cans • Adhesive Based On Vinyl Acetate• Indian Made Foreign Liquor (I.M.F.L) • Ready To Eat Processed Cooked Food • Adhesive Based On Polyurethane• Instant Food (Idli Mix, Dosa Mix, Gulab Jamun • Ready To Eat Retort Packed Food • Adhesive For Band Aid (Johnson & Johnson Mix) • Ready To Eat Snack Food (Crax, Roll & Ball Type)• Instant Food (Instant Food & Fast Food Parlour) Type) • Adhesive Industries (Laminated, Sticker,Ddl &• Instant Noodles • Rice & Corn Flakes Other Types)• Instant Tea • Rice Noodles • Adhesive For Gasket (Liquid/Paste)• Instant Tea From Black Tea • Roasted/Salted/Masala,Cashew Nuts, Almonds • Araldyte Type Adhesive• Integerated Starch Baking Powder/Yeast Industry & Peanuts • Alkyd Resin• Integrated Unit Of Dairy Farming, Milk Collection • Roller Flour Mill (Atta, Suja And Maida) • Bopp Self Adhesive Tapes And Processing, Fish Farming, Poultry Farming • Salt Licks For Cattle • Cyanoacrylate Adhesive And Hatchery • Sattu • Ester Gums• Iodized Salt • Sausages Food Casing • Fevicol Type Adhesive• Iodized Salt (Ordinary Moisture-Less/Free • Soft Drinks (Cold Drinks) • Guar Gum Flowing In Plastic Bags And Containers) • Soft Drinks Essences • Gum Bottle (Pvc)• Jam, Jellies, Fruit Juice & Allied Products • Soft Drinks (Non Carbonated) Mango,Licchi, • Gum For Pasting Labels• Katha and Cutch Pineapple Flavours Frooti Type In Tetrapack) • Leather To Leather Adhesive• Khandsari Sugar • Softy Ice Cream Cones (Fully Automatic) • Liquid Adhesive For Corrugated Boxes• Khandsari Sugar • Soft/Cold Drinks (Cola, Orange, Lemon Etc. • Office Paste• Lactic Acid From White Sugar By Fermentation Flavours) • Poly Amide Resin Process • Soyabean Products • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive• Lactose & By Products Processing From Milk • Soyabean Bariyan • Pvc Indulation Tapes• Liquid Glucose And Its Bye Products • Soya Milk & Paneer • Printing Gums (Guar Gum Based)• Macroni And Vermicilli • Spices/Masala With Formulae • Rubber Adhesive• Malt Extraction From Barley • Spices And Namkeen (Integrated Unit) • Self Adhesive Labels• Mango Processing (Mango Pulp, Juice & Slices) • Snack Food (Kurkure Type) • Starch And Dextrin Based Afhesive• Mayur Brand Type Chewing Tobacco • Starch & Allied Propduct From Broken Rice • Surgical Adhesive Plaster• Mineral Water • Strawberry Cultivation & Processing • Synthetic Rubber Adhesive• Milk Preservation & Marketing To Whole Sellers • Sugarcane Juice Preservation • Synthetic Adhesive For Decorative Laminate (Inpouch Packing By Uht Technology) • Sugar Cubes From Cane Sugar Bonding• Milk Processing And Packaging Of Milk Products • Sugar Plant • Tapioca Starch Adhesive• Milk Products (Casein, Lactose, Ghee & Whey • Supari (Sweet) Betel Nut (Synthetic) • Vinyl Ester Adhesive Powder) • Sweet Aroma Betel Nut • Vulcanising Adhesive Formulation Vulcanizing• Milk Toffee • Synthetic Tallow Rubber Solution/Cement For Automobile Tyre• Mini Flour Mill • Tamarind Juice Powder • Urea Formaldehyde Resin• Mini Sugar Plant • Tamarind Juice Concentrates • Water Based Latex Adhesive• Misri (Pearl Sugar Candies) • Tea & Coffee Processing & Packaging LEATHER AND• Modern Rice Mill • Toffees, Golies, Candy (Hard Boiled)• Murabba • Tomato Products• Mustard Oil Extraction & Refining • Tomato Ketchup, Tomato Puree and Tomato LEATHER PRODUCTS• Mutton Tallow Juice• Namkeen Industry (Bhujia, Chana Chur etc.) • Tomato Ketchup, Tomato Puree And Tomato• Namkeen (Kurkure Type Snack Food Juice (Tomato Products)• Namkeen With Kurkurre Type Snack Food • Trading Business Of Spices & Pan Masala• Namkeen & Sweets • Tuity Fruity• Natural Mineral Water and PET Bottles • Vermicilli (Including Roasted Vermicilli) • Handmade Leather• Non-Basmati Rice From Paddy • Virgin Coconut Oil • Leather Auxillaries & Chemicals• Oleoresin, Essential Oil, Dyes & Powder Of • Vodka From Potatoes • Leather Dyes Spices • Wallnut Processing • Leather Washers• Oleoresin Extraction From Diptero-Carput • Wine, Brandy, Whisky &Champagne • Leather Board From Leather Waste Turminatus And Pinus Khasyana • Wine From Dates • Leather For Upholstry(Sofa)• Oleoresin Extraction From Chilli • Yeast From Molasses • Leather Finishing Lacquer (Nitrocellulose• Pan Masala With Packing In Pouches And Tin • Zarda, Kimam No. 60,90,120,160,240,300 & Lacquer For Leather) Cans 400 (Tobacco) • Leather Garments• Pan Masala, Tobacco, Zarda & Kimam • Zarda Kimam And Tobacco • Leather Goods• Packaged Drinking Water • Zarda-Zafrani (Babachhaptype) • Leather Shoes• Packaged Coconut Water (Coco Jal) • Leather Shoe & Chappal• Paneer From Milk • Leather Footwears• Pappad Plant • Leather Suitcases, Briefcases & Travelling Bags• Pectin from Orange Peels • Leather Goods And Garments•• Papain From Papaya (Papaya Latex) Pectin From Mango Peel Pectin From Apple Call or SMS us on • • Leather Garments, Shoe & Chappal Leather Pigment Used For Colouring Of Leather • Leather Tanning•• Pomace Phyto Tea (Herbal Tea) Pickles And Sauces 09811437895 • • Leather Tanning & Garments (Eou) Sheep Skin Pickling Plant • Shoe Upper•• Pickles Murabba etc. (Veg. & Non. Veg.Pickles) Piggery Meat Process 09811151047 • Sport Shoes (Plastic) Market Survey Cum Detailed Techno Economic Feasibility Report on all Projects are available contact: ENGINEERS INDIA RESEARCH INSTITUTE4449, Nai Sarak, Main Road, Delhi-110006 (india) Ph. : 9811437895, 9811151047, 91-11-23918117, 23916431, 23947058, 45120361 Email :, Website :, HI-Tech Projects, Jun 2012 # 26
  • 30. LIST OF ALL THEAVAILABLE FOLLOWING PROJECT REPORTS PROJECT PROPOSALS FOR SELECTION OF A GOOD INDUSTRY MISCELLANEOUS • • Glass Bottle By Scrap Glass Jars Manufacturing Plant For Packaging • • Readymade Garments Refractories With Ceramics PRODUCTS Of 50, 100, 150, 200 Grams Coffee Packaging • Restaurant • Goat & Sheep Farming • Rose Plantation And Rose Oil Extraction • Gold Electroplating • Rotogravure Printing • Gold Jewellery (E.O.U) • Safety Belts• Agarbatti (Insence Stick) • Gold Plated Silver Jewellery & Cutlery • Safety Matches• Abrasive Paper • Granite Slab And Tiles • School• Agarbatti (Mosquito Repellent) • Granite Mining • School With Hostel• Agarbati Bamboo Stick • Green House • Shoe Laces• Agarbatti Synthetic Perfumery Compound • Hard Chromium Plating • Silk Cocoon Cultivation (Growing Of Silk• Air Freshner(Odonil Type) • Health Club And Beauty Parlour Cum Hair Cocoon Warm)• Air Taxi Saloon With Sona Bath • Silk Screen Printing Formulations For Plastic,• Amusement Park • Health Club Cum Beauty Parlour Training Paper & Cloth• Anodic Aluminium Label Institute • Spikenard (Jatamansi)• Aquaculture Prawn Farming (100% Eou) • Horn Tip,Hoove Button • Stencil Coating Solution• Aqua Culture Shrimp Farming (100% Eou) • Hospital • Sugar Candy (Misri)• Artificial Flowers • Hospital (100 Beds) • Sugar Cane Plantation• Artificial Jewellery • Hospital (200 Beds) • Sugar Cane Juice Preservation• Asbestos Yarn • Ice Making Plant • Super Speciality Diagnosis Centre• Ash Trays For Maruti Vehicle • Imitation And Costume • Surat Zari• Air Bubble Packaging • Jewellery (Necklace, Earrings Ear Top Etc.) • Synthetic Shoes & Soles• Asphaltic Roofing Sheet (Metal Components) • Initmate Scent Chemicals From All Types Of • T.V. News Channel• Automatic Book Binding Flavour • Tea Packaging Industry• Alkyd Resin • Investment Casting • Toughened Glass• Apple Juice Concentrate • Jute, Coir, Glass Rope/ Sutli • Tennis Balls• Ball Point Pen Fefills (Jotter Type) • Jute Twine • Three Star Hotel• Bank Branch Building • Jute Bags From Yarn Without Spinning Process • Travelling Agency• Banquet Hall • L.P.G Bottling Plant • Trays, Trolleys For Hospital With Scratchless• Bio-Coal Briquettes From Agriculturalcellulose • L.P.G Regulator (Domestic Purpose) Coating Waste • Laminated Particle Board & Hard Board • Wax Extracts (Tanning Powder)• Boot Cream/Polish • Laminated Safety And Toughened Glass • Wire Rope Slings• Buffing & Polishing Compound • Leasing & Hire Purchase • Wood Wool Slab• Brass Badges By Etching • Lichen (Charila) • Wooden Cane Furniture With Export Potential• Briquetted Fuel From Agro Waste • Manila Ropes • Wooden Door And Windows• Briquetting Of Lignite Coal • Medical College • Wooden Furniture• Buffalo Horn Tip, Hoof • Medical University • Wooden Panel Including Kiln Seasoning• Banquet Hall • Metal Pretreatment Chemicals Powder, Coating • Wooden Furniture• Button Chemicals • Watch Case Buffing• Calcined Petroleum (C.P) Coke • Match Unit From Waxed Paper • Watch Dial• Canvas Shoes • Medium Density Fibre Board • Wrist Watches• Canvas Shoes, Jungle Boots • Melamine Crockery • Watches (Electronic)• Carbon Brush, Brush Holder & Slip Ring • Mineral Water • Zedoary (Kachur)• Cement Sheets With Coir Fibre & Other • Mini Cement Plant Segments • Mirror Silver, Golden, Pink, Black & Smokes• C e r a m i c Ti l e s ( G l a z e d ) B y D o u b l e • Modern Advertising Agency With Dtp & Film Firing/Heating Studio• Children Recreation Centre • Motel/Small Hotel• Coal Briquettes • Multi Colour Printing• Cold Storage & Ice • Multi Purpose Cold Storage And Dehydration• Cold Storage For Fruits And Vegetables And Canning Of Fruits And Vegetables• Compressor (Hermetic) For Air Conditioner • Multi Storey Commercial Complex Alongwith• Costume Jewellery/Imitation Jewellery Residential And Delux Flats For Foreign• Decorative Laminated Sheet (Sunmica) Tourists & Revolving Restaurent At The Top• Dental Colleges • Multiple Lamination Industry• Diamond Cutting & Exports • Mushroom Growing And Processing (By Deep• Drinking Straw From Propylene Freezing Method)• Engineering College • News Paper Printing• Engineering College, Management Institute, • Nickel Lined Industrial Screen Over Cbse School, Hostel (Boys And Girls), Medical • Non Coking Coal To Coking Coal College With Hospital And Research Institute • Nursing Home 30,000• Electropolishing On Gold Jewellery (Gold • Offset Colour Printing Press (Six Colour) Ornaments) • Offset Printing Press PROJECTS• Entertainment Club • Old Age Home• Fashion Technology Institute • P.C.C Electric Poles REPORTS• Fast Food Parlour • Photographic Developer & Fixer• Fast Food (Instant Food & Fast Food Parlour) • Pvc Extrusion Profile (Door & Windows) Aailable• Fire Extinguishers (Soda Acid Type) • Pop-Corn• Fish Net • Photo Etching Of S.S. with• Floriculture (Cut Flower Rose) With Green • Pre Stressed Cement Concrete Pipes House • Pilfer Proof Caps• Floor Covering Sheet • Pilfer Proof Caps And Crown Cap• Film Studio (Video) • Pouch Making & Gravure Printing (Roto Printing)• Flush Door, Chip Board, Wood Wool & Other • Poultry & Fish Farming (Integerated Unit) Insulating Boards • Printing Of Tin Sheets• Gas Detectors Of L.P.G • Radio Station• Gems Manufacturing • Radio Taxi Market Survey Cum Detailed Techno Economic Feasibility Report on all Projects are available contact: ENGINEERS INDIA RESEARCH INSTITUTE4449, Nai Sarak, Main Road, Delhi-110006 (india) Ph. : 9811437895, 9811151047, 91-11-23918117, 23916431, 23947058, 45120361 Email :, Website :, HI-Tech Projects, Jun 2012 # 27
  • 31. LIST OF ALL THEAVAILABLE FOLLOWING PROJECT REPORTS PROJECT PROPOSALS FOR SELECTION OF A GOOD INDUSTRY EDIBLE OILS, ESSENTIAL OILS • • Pan Masala Paraffin Wax • Grade) Lime Colour (Cement Colour) LURICATING OILS, GREASES, • Paraffin Wax From Slack Wax • Synthetic Red Oxide For Floorings • Perfume For Food Industries With Pan Masala • Solvent & Thinners Perfume VEGETABLE OILS, WAXES, • Marking Inks (Water Proof) • Pouch For Oil And Ghee Packaging • Metal Naphthanate (As Drier For Paints) • Refined Oil-Sun Flower Oil, Groundnut Oil, Staff • N.C. Putty CAMPHOR, PERFUMES & • Flower Oil & Cotton Seed Oil Refined Vegetable Oil • • Offset Printing Ink Oil Bound Distemper PaintPERFUMERY COMPOUNDS AND • • Reclamation Of Used Engine Oil Rice Bran Oil (R.B.O) • • Paint Brushes Paint Manufacture For Rolling Coating Of REFINED OILS ETC. • Rose Oil Extraction Aluminium And Steel Coil • Smoke Less Candle • Paint Removers • Spice Oil & Oleoresins EDIBLE OILS, • Paint Industry • Solvent Extraction Plant (Oil Cake Based) • Paint & Varnish • Synthetic Almond Oil • Picture Varnish ESSENTIAL OILS, • • Synthetic Wax Synthetic Tallow • • Powder Coating Paint Printing Inks (Offset,Flexo & Roto Gravure) LURICATIING OILS, • • Synthetic Ghee Synthetic Musk • • Primer Paint & Enamel Paint Putty & Water Proofing Paint GREASES, VEGETABLE OILS, • Turmeric Oil Oleoresin • Printing Inks (Flexo-Graphic Ink) • Vanilla Cultivation And Extraction/Processing • Putty (Metal Casement) • Vegetable Oil Extraction & RefiningWAXES, CAMPHOR, PERFUMES • Red Oxide Primer (Anti Corrosive) • Refractory Paint (Graphite Based) & PERFUMERY COMPOUNDS ELECTROPLATING, • • Screen Printing Inks Silk Screen Printing Ink Formulation For Plastic, Paper, Cloth AND REFINED OILS ETC. ANODIZING & • • Stamp & Pad Ink Stoving Paint ALLIED PROJECTS • Spirit Soluble Maleic Resin• Aromatic Perfumery Compound • Texture Paint• Aerosol • Thinners And Its Allied Products• Agarbatti Perfumery Compound • Toner Ink• Bees Wax Manufacture • Nickel Plating Brightener • Varnish Thinner (Solvent)• Camphor • PCB With Grasphite & Silver Coating • Vacuum Metallizing Lacquers• Cardanol From Cashew Nut Shell Liquid • Rainbow Colours On Metal • Wood Primer• Castor Oil • Silver Refining By Electrolysis & By Acid FISH FARMING AND• Castor Oil Derivative Oleoresins • Silver Extraction• Chilli Oil • Silver Extraction From Waste Hypo Solution• Citronella Oils • Silver & Gold Plating On PVC & Nylon-6••• Clove Oil Concentrate Of Rose Jasmine & Lily Etc. Coloured Flame Candle • • • Tin Printing Titanium Jewellery Plating Vacuum Metallizing FISHERY PRODUCTS• Candles (Semi-Automatic) • Zinc Electroplating Brightner • Aquaculture Prawn Farming (Fresh Water)• Corn Oil (Maize Oil) • Zinc Electroplating On Nut, Bolts, • Chitin & Chitosan from Prawn Shell Waste• Dehydrated Castor Oil • Chemicals From Prawn Fish Head•• Eugenol From Cinnamon Leaf Oil Extraction Of Essential Oil (Cardamon, Jeera, PAINT, ENAMEL, SOLVENTS, • • Developing Trout Fish Preservation & Storage And Marketing Infrastructure Fish Farming THINERS, INKS & VARNISH Ajowan, Ginger Oils Etc. & Packaging Of Ground Spices) • Fish Canning And Pouching• Extraction Of Jasmine Essence • Fish Processing (Blast Freezing Process)• Extraction Of Essential Oils By Super Critical Fluid Method From Flowers, Herbs & Spices PAINT, ENAMEL, SOLVENTS, • • • Fish Net Fish Oil Soap Fish Meal THINNERS, INKS & VARNISH• Eucalyptus Oil• Extraction Of Oil From Oil Seed Expander • Hdpe Fishing Net Extrusion Technology) • Plastic Milk Crate And Plastic Fish Crate• Fat Liquor Sulphated Oil • Trout Fish Farming, Canning & Preservation• Flavours For Food • Acrylic Emulsion Paints With Aqua Feed Manufacturing (Integrated• Fish Oil • Acrylic Cement Paint (Dry Powder) Complex)• Garlic Oil & Powder • Aluminium Paint• Ginger Oil, Sandalwood Oil And Nagarmotha Oil • Automobile Paints• Ginger Oil • Ball Point Pen Refill Ink• Ginger Oil & Ginger Dust • Bituminious Road Emulsion• Ground Nut Oil • Bitumen• Integerated Wax Complex • Bituminious Felts For Water & Damp Proofing• Ionone From Lemon Grass Oil • Bituminious Road Emulsion Rapid Medium &• Jasmine & Lilly Flower Oil Slow Setting• Lemon Grass Oil • Buffing & Polishing• Liquid Paraffin • Cement Paint For White & Grey Cement• Lube Oil & Grease • Dispersant• Lubricating Oil • Dry Distemper 4449, Nai Sarak, Main Road,• Menthol Crystals • Dry Distemper & Cement Paint Delhi-110006 (India)• Menthol Oil & Crystal • Duplicating Ink Black For Gestner Duplicator • Emulsion Paints (Water Based) Ph. : 9811437895, 9811151047, 91-11-23918117,• Micro Crystalline Wax 23916431, 23947058, 45120361• Mustard Oil (Edible Oil) • Hammertone Paint• Oleoresin From Spices • Insulating Varnish & Wire Enamel Email :,• Oil From Artemisia Herbs • Iron Oxide Pigments• Palm Oil Crushing Unit • Insulating Varnish (Poly Vinyl Butyral Based, Ffc Website :,, Market Survey Cum Detailed Techno Economic Feasibility Report on all Projects are available contact: ENGINEERS INDIA RESEARCH INSTITUTE4449, Nai Sarak, Main Road, Delhi-110006 (india) Ph. : 9811437895, 9811151047, 91-11-23918117, 23916431, 23947058, 45120361 Email :, Website :, HI-Tech Projects, Jun2012 # 28
  • 32. LIST OF ALL THEAVAILABLE FOLLOWING PROJECT REPORTS PROJECT PROPOSALS FOR SELECTION OF A GOOD INDUSTRY • Ice Making Plant • Duplex Board PHARMACEUTICAL, DRUGS, • • • Ice & Cold Storage Lactose & By Products Processing From Milk Lichen (Jatamansi Charila) • • D.T.P Cum Offset Press Egg Trays From PulpAYURVEDIC/HERBAL COSMETICS • ECG Paper • Liquid Glucose And Its By-Products • Exercise Note Book, Register And Pad • L-Lysine Monohydro Chloride • Flexographic Ink& MEDICINES, HOMOEOPATHIC • • Liquid Glucose From Potatoes Medical College • • Greeting Card By Offset Press Hand Made Paper Filter Paper MEDICINES, HOMOEOPATHIC • Methanol (Hpcl Grade) • Hard Board • Nicotine From Tobacco Waste • Hard Board From Bagasse • Ointment-Ayurvedic (Yellow & White) • Injection Ampoules Packaging Boxes MEDICINES, DISPOSABLE • • Pharmaceutical And Food Grade Gelatine Pharmaceutical Industry (Tablets, Capsules, • • Insulatiing Paper Kraft Paper SYRINGE, DENTAL COLLEGE Liquid, Gel, Ointment Powder Injectable) • Kraft Paper From Bagasse • Pharmaceutical Unit (Eou) With Formulations, • Laminated Packaging Paper With Printing Injectables, Etc. Pyridine & Derivatives • Lamination & Coating On Paper & FINE CHEMICALS ETC. • • Salt (Iodized Salt) Saline & Injection Water • • M.G. Paper From Waste Paper Mill Paper From Waste Paper MEDICINES, HOMOEOPATHIC • • Saline Water & Dextrose Solution (I.V.Fluid In Plastic Bottles) Sorbitol • • Mill Board From Rice & Wheat Straws Mill Board From Waste Paper MEDICINES, DISPOSABLE • Mini Paper Plant From Sisal • Starch (Maize) • Mini Paper Plant • Surgical Adhesive Plaster • Multi Wall Paper Sacks SYRINGE, DENTAL COLLEGE • • Surgical Bandages Surgical Gloves • • News Paper For Children News Print Paper From Rice & FINE CHEMICALS ETC. • Surgical Cotton Straw/Bagasse • Surgical Cotton And Bandage • News Paper Childrens • Synthetic Camphor Powder • News Print Paper • Tablets & Capsules • Offset And Treadle Type Printing Press• Aromatic Pills • Tissue Culture • Mill Board Based On Rice Straw• Alumina From Bauxite • Tincture From Rectified Spirit • Paper And Board From Straw• Aspirin • Trimethopime • Paper & Paper Products• Ayurvedic Pain Balm Ointments • Veterinary College With Hospital • Paper Envelopes• Ayurvedic Churan And Tablets • Veterenary Medicines (Only Formulations) • Paper Carry Bags• Ayurvedic Tablets (Hajmola Type) • Vitamin ‘C’, Sorbitol’Anhydrous Dextrose, Starch • Paper Board Carton• Ayurvedic/Herbal Pharmacy • Paper Cones For Loud Speakers PULP, PAPER, STRAW/• Ayurvedic Sherbats • Paper From Akra• Ayurvedic Products • Paper From Bagasse With Corrugated Board &• Bulk Drugs (E.O.U) Boxes•• Blood Bags Calcium Gluconate GREY BOARD, KRAFT • • Paper From Bamboo Paper And Pulp PAPER, PACKAGING,• Capsule, Tablet & Injection With Modern • Paper Glasses For Beverages Instruments • Paper From Rice Husk & Wheat Husk• Cashew Feni • Paper From Tree Bark, Eucalyprus Wood•• Chloroquinone Phosphate (Bulk Drugs) Clinical Thermometer PAPER CARRY BAG, • • Paper Products Paper Plant (White Writing & News Paper For PAPER FROM• Dental Clinic Pulp & Waste Paper)• Dental College • Paper Plates, Paper Glass• Dental Grade Eugenol • Paper Cones & Tubes•• Dextrose Monohydrate, Liquid Glucose Dehydrated Onion & Onion Powder AGRO WASTE & • Paper Plant With Dtp & Printing & Publishing Unit STATIONERY ETC.• Dextrose Powder (Anhydrous From Starch) • Paper Based Phenolic Sheet• Dextrose Saline Solution • Paper Waste Recycling (Paper Mill)• Distillery (I.M.F.L) • Paper Cup For Ice Cream• Disposable Needles For Syringes • Paper Tubes Spiral Winding Composite • Ammonia Paper• Disprin Container • Automatic Book Binding• Distilled Water • Paper Lable For Beer Bottles • Adhesive (Fevicol Type)• Empty Hard Gelatin Capsules • Particle Board & Block Board With Sanding & • All Pin & Gem Clips• Fairness Cream Lamination Of Particle Board • Ball Pen• Filling & Packing Of Capsules • Particle Board From Rice Husk • Ball Pen Refill Ink• Glucose - D - Powder • Pouch Filling & Making For Tomato Sauce • Ball Pen Ink Remover• Glycerine • Pouch Making & Gravure Printing • Carbon Paper• Hair Colour Mate (Formulations And Process • Processing Of Paper For Feeding In Computer • Card Board Only) • Pulp From Bamboo & Wood • Carbon Less Paper• Herbal Cosmetics • Paper Files • Cellphane Paper• Herbal Shampoo • Playing Cards • Computer Continuous Stationery• Herbal Shampoo And Cream • Rosin Sizing Agent (For Paper Plant) • Computer Forms & Security Printing Press• Herbal Hair Oils (Ayurvedic) • Sand Paper • Corrugated Board & Box (Printed & Laminated)• Homoe & Bio-Medicines With Mother Tincture • Sanitary Napkins • Corrugated Board And Boxes From From Card• Homoepathic Medicines • Silicon Coated Paper Boards• Hypodermic Needles • Stencil Paper • Corrugated Cartons From Plain Papers• I.V. Fluids • Straw Board And Grey Board • Corrugated Paper• Ibuprofen • Straw Board & Mill Board • Corrugated Packing & Material (Bulb & Tubes• Infusion & Transfusion Sets (I.V. Set) • Straw Board And Paper Board Packing)• Injectable For Pharmaceuticals • Tissue Paper Facial • Desk Top Publishing• Injection Ampoules Packaging Box • Tissue Moist Toiletery Cleansing Tissue And • Defoaming Agent For Paper Plant• Integerated Surgical Cotton Related Products • Drinking Straw Paper Market Survey Cum Detailed Techno Economic Feasibility Report on all Projects are available contact: ENGINEERS INDIA RESEARCH INSTITUTE4449, Nai Sarak, Main Road, Delhi-110006 (india) Ph. : 9811437895, 9811151047, 91-11-23918117, 23916431, 23947058, 45120361 Email :, Website :, HI-Tech Projects, Jun2012 # 29
  • 33. LIST OF ALL THEAVAILABLE FOLLOWING PROJECT REPORTS PROJECT PROPOSALS FOR SELECTION OF A GOOD INDUSTRY• Tissue Paper Rolls • F.R.PAuto, Scooter Roofs & Ceilings • P.V.C Compounds (Scrap)• Tetra Pack For Milk Packaging, Ghee & Other • FRP Pipes And Products • P.V.C Electrical Insulating Tape Liquids • F.R.P Products (Helmet, Washbasin Sheets, • P.V.C. Extrusion Profiles• Toilet Paper Rolls Roofing Sheets) • Pvc Film• Toilet Paper & Napkins • Fibre Reinforced Plastic (High Pressure • P.V.C Fittings• Wax Coated Printed Paper Moulding With SMC BMC And DMC) • P.V.C Flexible Fusible Powder Heat Fusible• Wet Face Freshner Tissue • Field Rubber Converted To The 60% Latex Powder• White Writing & Printing Paper Rubber • PVC Footwear• Writing & Printing Paper (Paper Mills) • Flexible P.U. Foam • P.V.C Granules (For Insulation & Sheets • Formaldehyde Crockery & Other Items Grades) • Formaldehyde Resin (Urea, Phenol, Melamine) • P.V.C Granules From Pvc Scraps (With Pollution PLASTIC, B.O.P.P. ACRYLIC, • • Gasket Sheet Gum Bottle (PVC) • Control) P.V.C HosesDISPOSABLE PLASTIC PRODUCTS, • • Glass Beads Helmet • • P.V.C Leather Cloth P.V.C Flexible Pipes PET PRODUCTS, P.V.C. H.D.P.E. • HDPE Coated Paper Sack • P.V.C Pipes And Fittings • H.D.P.E. Bags • Polythene Bags (Printed) • Pvc Plastics Film Sheet Soft/Rigid P.P. L.D.P.E. P.U. A.B.S. • H.D.P.E. Containers (Blow Moulding) • H.D.P.E. Container, Poly Jars By Injection • PVC Resin And Compound Moulding (Food Grade) • PVC Rular THERMOFOARMING, MASTER • • Hdpe Fishing Net H.D.P.E. Jerry Cans • • PVC Stablizers (Single Pack System) PVC Wire And Cables BATCHES & POLYMER AND • • Hdpe Manufacturing From Ethyl Alcohol H.D.P.E Pipe And Fittings • • Paper Based Phenolic Sheet For Electrical Phenol Formaldehyde Resin RUBBER PRODUCTS, TYRE, • H.D.P.E. Pipes • Phenolic Resin • H.D.P.E Printed Bags • Plastic Beads From Plastic Scraps • Plastic Buttons TUBE, ADHESIVE, • H.D.P.E Twines And Ropes • H.D.P.E. & L.D.P.E Pipes And Fittings • Plastic Cans • H.D.P.E/Pp Box Strapping • Plastic Collapsible Tube SHEET, COIR & MANY OTHERS • • H.D.P.E/Pp Woven Sacks Using Plain Looms Hologram Stickers-3d • • Plastic Corrugated Sheet & Boxes Plastic Film And Sheets With Printing Flexo & • H.M Bag Plant With Printing Unit Roto/LDPE/HDPE/PP/HM/PVC • Hawai Chappals (Rubber) • Plastic Filter Masterbatch & Other Master• Abs Granules From Abs Scraps • I.V Plastic Bottle Batches For Various Plastics• Acrylic Beads • Ice Cream Cup (Plastic) • Plastic Doors (Sintex Type)• Acrylic Copolymer Emulsion • Injection Moulded Auto Components • Plastic Jerry Cans• Acrylic Latex • Injection & Blow Moulded Plastic Products • Plastic Granules Or Powder From Plastic Scrap• Acrylic Sheet • Injection Moulded Plastic Products • Plastic Injection Moulded T.V. Cabinets• Acrylic Sheet & Moulded Products • Integerated Complex Ester’s & Allied Products • Plastic Items Manufacture From Powder• Acrylic Teeth (D.O.P,D.B.P, & Ethyl Acetate, Buytl Acetate, Melamine• Air Bubble Packaging Film Wire Enamels, Jelly Cable Compound) • Plastic Goods• Audio Cassettes Parts By Injection Moulding • L.D.P.E. (Low Density Poly Ethylene) Granules • Plastic Pipes & Tarpaulins• Audio Cassettes Assembly And Recording From Virgin (L.D.P.E. Resin) • Plastic Sheet From Scrap• Auto Tubes • Integerated Surgical Rubber Goods Industry • Plastic Plant (Blow Moulding & Injection• Auto Flaps For Trucks & Buses • Injection Moulded Plastic Balls Moulding)• Auto Tyre & Tubes • L.D.P.E From Ethyl Alcohol • Plastic Products (Gold, Silver, Nickel)• Baby Bottles (Plastic) With White silicon Rubber • Ldpe Moulded Products • Plastic Toys Nipples • Lamination Ofcoextrusion Multilayer Film In Roll • Polyester Beading• B.O.P.P. Film Form • Polyester Film• B.O.P.P. Pressure Sensitive Self Adhesive Tape • Latex Rubber • Polythene Bags & Automatic Printing• Baby Nipple (Silicon) • Latex Rubber Condom • Polythene Printed Bags• Baby Nipple (Big Size) • Master Batches (Coloured, P.V.C, L.D.P.E, • Polyurethane Foam And Its Products• Ball Pen Manufacturing (Automatic Plant) H.D.P.E, Etc.) • Propylene Film (Printed) & Bag Manufacturing• Bath Tub (Acrylic) • Melamine Formalhyde Resin • Plastic Mats• Balloon Plastic Advertising • Melamaine Crockery • PVC Wire And Cable• Blister Film PVC • Moulded Luggage • PVC Pipe And Fitting• Blister Packaging & Pouch Packaging • Multi-Layer (3 Layer Bags) • Polythene Shopping Bags• Blow Moulding Plastic Container • Multi-Layer (3 Layer) Film With Lamination & • PVC Profiles (Door and Windows)• Coating On Metalized Polyester Film/Metallized Printing • Resin Coated Sand Paper/Aluminium Foil • Nylon Net For Giving Shade To Tea Plant In • Rexine• Coating On Plastic (Electrolysis) & Glass Nursery • Rexine Cloth & Allied Products• Co-Extruded Multilayer (5-Layer) Film with • Oil Seal • Rubber Adhesive Printing • Pet Bottle/Containers • Rubber Auto Parts• Coir Foam (Rubberised) • Pet Bottles And Caps • Rubber Belting• Colour Coating On Plastics • Pet Bottles From Pre Form • Rubber Powder• Colour Master Batches For Various Plastics • Pet Bottle & Mineral Water • Rubber (And Metal Bonded) Auto Parts• Crumb Rubber • Pet Granules (Dana) • Rubber Moulding Unit Including Lining Rubber• Cycle Tyres And Tubes • Pet Pre-Form From Pet Resin Sheeting• Discount/Credit Card • Pet Pre-Form Cum Pet Bottles • Rubber Reclaiming• Disposable Plastic Cups Glasses, Etc. • Pet Pre-Form Pet Bottles Cum Mineral Waters • Rubber Rollers For Textile Mills & Paper• Disposable Plastic Syringes & Needles • Plastic Crayon Industries• Disposable Plastic Syringes • Poly Carbonate Resin • Rubber & Plastic Sheets, Mats & Flaps• Disposable Plastic Razor • Ptfe Components • Rubber Sheet And Allied Hospital Rubber Goods• Dough Moulding Compound (D.M.C) • Polythene Shopping Bags • Rubberized Pvc Gasket• Egg Trays From Plastic • Pu/Pvc Sole For Sport Shoe By Imported M/C. • Rubberised Coir• Epoxy Resin • Pvc Battery Separator • Rubber Compound For Automobiles• Expanded Polyestrene Moulding (Thermocole) • P.V.C Compounds (Fresh) • Safety Belts• Fibre Glass Sheet • Silver And Gold Plating On Pvc And Nylon-6 Market Survey Cum Detailed Techno Economic Feasibility Report on all Projects are available contact: ENGINEERS INDIA RESEARCH INSTITUTE4449, Nai Sarak, Main Road, Delhi-110006 (india) Ph. : 9811437895, 9811151047, 91-11-23918117, 23916431, 23947058, 45120361 Email :, Website :, HI-Tech Projects,Jun2012 # 30
  • 34. LIST OF ALL THEAVAILABLE FOLLOWING PROJECT REPORTS PROJECT PROPOSALS FOR SELECTION OF A GOOD INDUSTRY INFOTECH/IT, HOSPITALITY, • Pre-Fabricated Building • Banana Cultivation • Prenursery School • Beer Industry • Rehabilitation Centre For Aged & Needy • Dehulling Of Jaun For BeerHOSPITAL, COLLEGE, SCHOOL, • • Persons Residential Cum Commercial Complex Restaurant • • • Beer & Wine Beer, Alcohol, Imfl Besen Plant MEDICAL, ENTERTAINMENT, • • Restaurant With Pub Senior Secondary School • • Biscuit Plant Bread & Biscuit Plant CLUB, WARE HOUSING • Special Economic Zone (Sez)/Industrial Park • Bottling Plant (Country Liquor) From Rectified • School (Primary) Spirit • School (Higher Secondary) • Bottling Plant (Imfl And Country Liquor) & REAL ESTATE PROJECTS. • • • School With Hostel School Of Nursing Three Star Hotel • • • Brandy Bread Rusks Buffalo Meat/Frozen Meat With Slaughter House• Amusement Park • Township • Canned Fruits & Vegetables• Aided School • Tourist Club • Canning & Preservation Of Meat• Amusement Park Cum Water Park • Training Institute For Medical Transcription • Canning & Preservation Of Vegetables• Banquet Hall • Video Film Studio • Canning Of Mango Pulp & Mango Slices• B.Ed And Law College • Vetenary College With Hospital • Carbonated Beverags• Business Process Outsourcing (Bpo) • Ware House • Cashew Feni• Call Center (Domestic) • Website Design & E-Mail Registering • Cashew Nut (Dried & Fried)• Call Center (International) • Cashew Nut Shell Liquid And Kernel POTATO AND POTATO• Children Recreation Centre • Cattle Breeding• Cold Storage • Cattle Breeding & Dairy Farm To Produce Milk• Community Hall • Cattle Feed From Tapioca••• Community Centre Computer Education Institute Computer Software BASED PRODUCTS • • • Chewing Ginger & Amloki Chewing Gum Chilli Sauce• College • Alcohol From Potatoes • Chilli Powder• Club • Dextrose Powder From Potatoes • Chicken Processing With Slaughter House• Cyber Café • Frozen Finger Chips • Chocolate• Data Processing Centre • I M F L (Whisky) From Potatoes • Cider Plant• Dental Clinic • Liquid Glucose From Potato • Cocoa Powder• Dental College • Potato Chips/Waffers • Cocoa Butter & Cocoa Powder• Diagonostic Centre • Potato Powder (Automatic Plant) • Coconut Shell Powder• E-Commerce/Business • Potato Starch • Coconut Water• E-School (Rs. 10,000/-) • Potato Chips (Automatic Plant) • Coconut Sweet (Watery)• Engineering College • Potato And Onion Flakes • Coconut Milk Powder (Dehydrated)• Entertainment Club • Potable Beer (Alcoholic) Based On Potato & • Coconut Products & By Products (Integrated• Entertainment Club, Holiday Resort, 4 Star Barley/Malt Plant) Hotel, Amusement Park Cum Water Park, • Potato Powder • Cold Drink Mushroom & Its Products, Fish Farming, Lake • Sago Seeds (Saboo Dana) • Curry Powder For Boating, Deer Park • Vodka From Potatoes • Dairy For Milk Processing (Ghee, Butter &• Fashion Technology Institute Paneer)••• Fast Food Parlour Five Star Hotel Food Parlour AGRO BASED INDUSTRIES • • Dairy Products Dairy Products Milk Packaging In Pouch (Ghee, Butter, Etc.• Franchise Training Programme For Iit & • Coal Briquettes From Agrowaste • Dairy Farm To Prduce Milk With Packaging Engineering Entrance Exams. • Furfuralfrom Ricehull (Cow)• Golf Course • Mushroom Cultivation & Processing (Button) • Dairy Farm To Prduce Milk With Packaging• Health Club, Beauty Parlour • Mushroom Growing & Processing With Air (Bufalloe)• Health Club And Fitness Center Conditioning • Dairy Farm & Milk Products• Health Resorts • Mushroom Cultivation & Processing Unit • Dal Moth, Chanachur & Bhujiya• Holiday Resorts Dehydration & Packaging Of Oyster & Paddy • Dall Mill (Pulse)• Holiday Resort Cum Entertainment Club With 4 Straw Mushrooms • Dehydration Of Fruits & Vegetable Star Hotel • Organic Manure • Dehydration Of Fruits And Vegetables By• Hospitals • Papaya Cultivation Vacuum Drying Method• Hospital Cum Research Centre • Papaya & Tomato Cultivation • Desiccated Coconut Powder From Coconuts• Hospital (400 Beds) • Processing & Utilisation Of Coconut • Dehydration & Canning Of Fruits & Vegetables• Ice Cream Parlour • Processing Of Sheep Hair To Produce Wool • Dry Fruit Roasting & Packaging• Internet Service Provider (I.S.P.) • White Oats • Drying Of Red Chillies, Haldi, Dhaniya, Peas & BAKERY, CONFECTIONERY• I.T. Park (Infotech Park) Ground Nut• Maternity Nursing Home • Dry Ginger (Ginger Powder)• Medical College • Egg Powder & FOOD PRODUCTS• Medical College, Hospital & Research Institute • Fish Canning In Tin & Pouches• Medical Transcription Centre • Fish Dehyration (Drying Of Fish)• Mental Retardation Hospital & Cerebral Palsy • Fish Meal• Motel/Small Hotel • Agrolactor Soya Milk • Fish Processing (Beast Freezing Processes)• Multistorey Commercial Complex • Automatic Biscuit Naking Plant • Flavours For Food Industries• Multistorey Residential Complex • Automatic Bread Making Plant • Flour Mill (Roller)• Multiplex Cum Entertainment Centre • Apple Fruit Juice With Canning Bottling • Frozen Meat• Nursery School • Ayurvedic Sharbat • Food Dehydration (Fruits & Vegetables)• Nursing School/College • Bakery Unit (Pastries, Bread, Buns, Cake, Toffee • Fried & Roasted Ground Nut, Grams, Pear Etc.• Nature Care Centre Etc.) • Fruit Juice Making & Packaging In Plastic• Nursing Home • Baking Powder Container• Old Age Home • Banana & Its By Products • Fruit Juice In Tetra Pack (Drinks)• Online Shopping Mall (Rs. 10,000/- Report) • Banana Powder • Fruit Juice, Squashes, Sauce & Ketchup, Jam,• Portal • Banana Wafers Jelly, Vinegar Etc. Market Survey Cum Detailed Techno Economic Feasibility Report on all Projects are available contact: ENGINEERS INDIA RESEARCH INSTITUTE4449, Nai Sarak, Main Road, Delhi-110006 (india) Ph. : 9811437895, 9811151047, 91-11-23918117, 23916431, 23947058, 45120361 Email :, Website :, HI-Tech Projects, Jun 2012 # 31
  • 35. LIST OF ALL THEAVAILABLE FOLLOWING PROJECT REPORTS PROJECT PROPOSALS FOR SELECTION OF A GOOD INDUSTRY• Silicone Rubber Nipples/ Teats • Soap Coated Paper • Laminated Jute Bags• Smart Card • Spray Dried Detergent Powder • Lamination Of Hdpe Woven Cloth (Jute,Cotton,• Spectacle Frames (Plastic) • Stain Remover Paper)• Spunge Rubber • Synthetic Detergent (Blue Powder) • Nylon Yarn Crimping, Doubling And Bleaching• Surgical Examination Gloves • Toilet Soap And Glycerine Soap • Pigment Binder For Textile Printing• Synthetic Pearl Coating On Polystyrene Beads • Toilet Soap From Soap Noodles • Polyester Resin For Wire Enamel• Synthetic Rubber Adhesive • Talcum Powder (Face & Toilet Powder) • Polyester Resin• Teflon Manufacturing • Toilet And Herbal Soap • Polyester Yarn From Waste Polyester Zip• Teflon Tape • Tooth Paste & Powder Fasteners• Teflon Tapes & Cables • Washing Detergent Powder And Washing Soap • Power Loom• Thermocole Sheet And Moulded Products • Washing Powder Liquid Detergents,Lotion & • Printing On Saree Expanded Polyesterene Extrusion Profiles Shampoo • Readymade Garments & Hosiery• Thermoformed Packaging (Blister Packaging & • Readymade Garments Merchandise Pouch Packaging) • Readymade Garments & Covers•• Thermoplastic Polyurethane Thermoformed Cups, Plates & Glass With Hips TEXTILE INDUSTRIES, • Readymade Garments & Embroidery Of Gowns, Shirts, Blouses, T-Shirts Etc. (Only Ladies)• Sheet Thermocole READYMADE • • Readymade Salwar Suit Ready Made Garments• Thermocole Based Disposable Glass, Cups & Plates GARMENTS, • • Recovery Of Nylon From Nylon Waste Rotary Printing And Dyeing On Cotton, Synthetic•• Tooth Brushes Toy Balloon, Decora Tive & Industrial Balloons COTTON, DYEING, • Textile Sanitary Napkins BLEACHING, CLOTH,• Tread Rubber • Screen Printing On Cotton Cloth• Tyre Retreading (Hot) • Sewing Thread Reels & Balls Making Industries • Screen Printing On Cotton, Polyester & Acrylic HOSIERY, POWER• Tyre Retreading By Cold Process• Tyre Tubes & Flaps • Shawls (Woollen)• Tyre & Tubes • Shoe Laces•• Unsaturated Polyester Resin Unsaturated Polyester For Rexine LOOM, HAND LOOM, • • Silk Fabrics On Handloom Socks Knitting•• V-Belt And Fan Belt Vinyl Asbestos And Pvc Wall Paper WOOLLEN, SILK, • Spinning, Doubling Dyeing, Mercerising & Bleaching Of Cotton Yarn• Viton (Fluoro Elastomer) SOCKS, SURGICAL • • Spinning & Carding Of Wool Into Yarns Starch Book Binding Cloth SOAP, DETERGENTS, COTTON & • • Surat Jari Surgical Cotton & Bandage MANY OTHERS • Synthetic Textile Industry (Suiting, Shirting,COSMETICS & PERFUMES Sarees) Terry Cloth • T-Shirts • Angora Rabbit Wool • Towels, Bed Sheet Covers • Bed Sheet, Bed Cover, Sofa Cloth, Curtain Cloth • Terry Towel• Acid Slurry, Synthetic Detergent Powder • Terry Fabrics Weaving Unit• Acid Slurry (Home Furnishing) • Buckram • Textile Auxilliaries & Chemicals• Agarbatti Synthetic, Perfumery Compound+ • Textile Bleaching, Dyeing & Finishing & Printing• Aromatic Perfumery Compound • Canvas Shoes, Jungle Boot, Boot Rubber Knees & Boot Combat Of Cotton Fabrics• After Shave Lotion • Textile And Finishing Agent• Antiseptic Cream • Carpet From Cotton Waste • Ceramic Thread Guide • Textile (Hosiery)• Bath Soap (Various Types) • Textile Mill• Beta Ionone • Cotton Buds/Swabs • Cotton From Waste Yarn • Textile Dyeing & Printing• Bleaching Powder • Textile Printing (Job Work)• Blue Detergent Powder • Cotton Rolls • Cotton Saree • Textile Pigment Printing Binder• Cleaning Powder (Vimtype) • Towel (Terry)• Cold Cream • Cotton Spiders For Loud Speakers • Denim Cloth • Velvet Cloth By Flocking Process• Coloured Flame & Perfumed Candles (Red, • Viscose Staple Fibre Blue, Green Flame) • Denim Cloth (Integerated Unit With Bleaching, Dyeing And Printing) • Wadding Oil (100% ) For Wadding Of Cotton• Cosmetic Industry (Modern) Hosiery Cloth In The Dyeing Process• Cosmetic Industry (Shampoo, Spray Perfume, • Dispersent For Textile • Dyeing & Bleaching • Weaving Of Dasuti Cloth With Printing, Dyeing, Talcum Powder Embroidery & Finishing• Detergent Powder (Ariel Type) • Dyeing Of Hank Yarn • Emulsifier For Wool Batching Oil • Washing Of Jeans & Other Garments• Detergent Powder (Nirma Type) Fully Automatic • Worsted Woollen Yarn Cloth Plant • Embroidery On Fabrics • Garment Dyeing, Washing & Stitching (Jeans, • Zari Glitter Salma Sitara Of Plastic Film• Detergent Washing Powder• Detergent Cake And Powder Jackets, Skirts & Shirts)• Fairness Cream • Goves Knitting• Fish Oil Soap • Gunny Bags AXIS Bank Ltd............ • Hdpe/Pp Woven Sacks You can deposit the amount• Glycerine Transparent Soap ............ CA-054010200006248 in EIRI accounts either in• Hair Removing Cream • Hdpe Tarpaulins Using Plain Loom With• Herbal Cosmetics Lamination ICICI Bank Ltd. ..........• Herbal Shampo & Cream • Hdpe/Pp Woven Sacks Using Circular Looms• Herbal/Ayurvedic Cosmetics • Hosiery Cloth (Cotton) Processing (Bleaching, ................. CA-038705000994 Dyeing, Finishing Of Cloth)• Incense Powder,Incense Sticks & Incense • Hosiery Industry Union Bank of India... Cake• Nerol Soap • Hosiery Mercerising ........... CA-307201010015149• Oil Soap • Hosiery Products Like Vest, Brief, T-Shirts &• Optical Whiteners Socks State Bank of India.... • Jacquard Fabrics• Rose Oil Extraction • Jute Coir, Grass Rope/Sutli Making ................... CA-30408535340• Shampoos (Coconut Oil Based Cold Process)• Shaving Cream • Jute Felt HDFC Bank................• Sindur (Kumkum) • Jute Twines • Knitted Fabrics ............. CA-05532020001279 Market Survey Cum Detailed Techno Economic Feasibility Report on all Projects are available contact: ENGINEERS INDIA RESEARCH INSTITUTE4449, Nai Sarak, Main Road, Delhi-110006 (india) Ph. : 9811437895, 9811151047, 91-11-23918117, 23916431, 23947058, 45120361 Email :, Website :, HI-Tech Projects,Jun2012 # 32
  • 36. LIST OF ALL THEAVAILABLE FOLLOWING PROJECT REPORTS PROJECT PROPOSALS FOR SELECTION OF A GOOD INDUSTRY••• Garlic Flakes Garlic Powder Ghee & Butter INFOTECH/IT PROJECTS • • • Eva Inject Exercise Note Book & Register Egg Tray• Ginger (Pulverised) • Medical Transcription • Electric Switch Etc.• Ginger Glazing & Preservation • Business Process Outsource (BPO)+ • Foundry• Ginger Storage • Data Processing Centre • Fiber Glass• Ginger Processing • E-Commerce • Floriculture• Ginger Oil & Ginger Dust • Cybercafe • Fruit Juice• Ginger Powder (Dry) & Oleoresin • Computer Software • Food Dehydration• Grape Dehydration • Internet Service Provider (Isp) • Fish Farm• Grape Cultivation • I.T. Park • Food Procesing• Grape Juice • Computer Education Centre • Garlic Oil• Grape Wine • Portal (Website Design) • Goat & Sheep Farm• Groundnut Processing • Call Centre (Domestic) • Gold Electroplating• Honey Processing & Packaging • Call Centre (International) • Gold Cyanide Powder• Ice Cream & Ice Candy • Ginger Oil 160 NEW EXPORT• Ice Cube • Ginger Process• Invert Sugar • Guar Gum• Idli Mix, Dosa Mix Sambhar Mix, Vada Mix,Gulab • G.I. Wire•• Jamun Mix Instant Coffee & Instant Tea Instant Noodles ORIENTED UNITS & MOST • • • Handmade Paper Herbal Cosmetic Holiday Resorts•• Instant Soups Iodized Salt From Crude Salt PROFITABLE PROJECTS • • Hdpe/Pp Bag Herbal Extracts• Jam Chutney Pickles & Squashes • Ice Cream• Katha Manufacturing • Activated Carbon • Isp• Lecithin (Soya Based) • Adhesive (Fevicol Type) • Jam, Jelly, Chutney Etc.• Lemon & Its Products • Agarbatti Perfume Compound • Denim Cloth• Macaroni Manufacturing • Air Conditioners • Leather, Garments, Shoes & Chappals• Macaroni, Spaghetti, Vermicelli & Noodles • Aluminium Foil • Lube Oil And Greases• Maize & Its By Products Malting Plant • Automatic Biscuit Plant • Liquid Adhesive• Mango Pappad (Aam Pappad) • Acid Slurry • Leather Adhesive• Mango Powder Ripe • Aluminium Wire Drawing • Latex Condom• Mango Powder • After Shave Lotion • Mcb• Mango Processing & Canning (Mango Pulp) • Ayurvedic Medicine • Musical Bell• Meat Processing (Chicken Mutton) • Aluminium Utensils • Mini Flour Mill• Meat Processing (Buffalo) • Auto Tube • Mango Processing• Menthol Bold From Menthol Flakes • Bakery Unit • Medicinal Plant Extracts• Milk Powder • B. Ed & Law College • Medical Transcription• Milk Powder & Ghee • Beer Plant • Menthol Crystal• Milk Powder, Ghee & Spices • BOPP Self Adhesive Tape • Mineral Water• Milk Preservation & Marketing To Whole Sellers • Brick • Mosquito Coil• Milk Preservation & Marketing To Whole Sellers • Buffaloe Meat • Motel (In Pouches) • B.P.O. • Mushroom• Milk Toffee Manufactures • Bread • Masala• Mineral Water • Banana Powder • Mustard Oil• Mineral Water In Pouches • Cattle & Poultry Feed • Management Institute For Mba, Bba, Bca,• Mini Flour Mill Atta Maida, Suji & Wheat Bran • Ceiling Fan B.Com• Mithai/Halwai (Sweet & Namkeen) • Call Centre • N.C.Putty• Mutton Processing • Candle • Namkeen Industry• Pan Masala (Meetha, Sada, Zarda) Making & • Castor Oil • Nut, Bolt, Rivets And Washers Packing • Coconut Oil • Oleoresin• Pan Masala And Pouch Making • Cold Drink • Oil Seals• Paneer (Cheese) • Computer Software • Paper Glass• Papad & Bariyan • Confectionery • Processed Cheese• Papad Plant • Corn Flake • Pan Masala• Pepsicola In Polytubes • Corrugated Box • Paper Bag• Petha Packaging • Cyber Cafe • Pappad• Pickles • Chewing Tobacco • Pet Bottles• Piggery/Meat/Chicken Processing • Calcium Carbonate • Pet Bottles From Pre-Form• Pine Apple Juice Manufacturing And Canning • Coolant • Pickle, Muraba & Sauce• Potato & Onion Powder • Cigarette • Plastic Toy• Potato & Onion Flakes • Cosmetic • Plywood• Potato Chips • Cement • Ply-Bamboo From Bamboo (Bamboo• Potato Granules • C.P. Bathroom Fitting Panel/Boards/Floorings)• Pouch Filling For Saunf Supari Ilaichi Etc. • Chrome Plating • Potato Chips• Preservation Of Raws Mango Juice • Copper Wire Drawing • Pouch• Processed Cheese & Marine Pdts. • Coated Paper • Poultry Farm• Pulp From Tarmarind • Carbon Paper • Paint• Readymate Processed Food • Cycle Tyre & Tube • Paper Carry Bags• Rice & Corn Flakes • Disposable Syringe • Plastic Injection Moulding• Rice Basmati (Trading) • Dairy Products • Plastic Tanks H.D.P.E• Rice Polishing & Packaging In Pouch • Detergent Cake & Powder • Plastic Mat• Roasted/Salted/Masala/Cashew Nuts Almonds • Detergent Powder • P.V.C. Pipe/Fittings & Pea Nut • Ethanol • P.V.C. Film• Roller Flour Mill • Extraction Of Essential Oil • Pressure Cooker• Vanaspati Unit • Emulsion Paint • Potato Powder • Eucalyptus Oil Market Survey Cum Detailed Techno Economic Feasibility Report on all Projects are available contact: ENGINEERS INDIA RESEARCH INSTITUTE4449, Nai Sarak, Main Road, Delhi-110006 (india) Ph. : 9811437895, 9811151047, 91-11-23918117, 23916431, 23947058, 45120361 Email :, Website :, HI-Tech Projects, Jun 2012 # 33
  • 37. LIST OF ALL THEAVAILABLE FOLLOWING PROJECT REPORTS PROJECT PROPOSALS FOR SELECTION OF A GOOD INDUSTRY PROFITABLE PLANTATION, • Poly Amide Resin CULTIVATION AND • • • Printing Gums (Guar Gum Based) Rubber Adhesive Synthetic Adhesive For Decorative Laminates TERMS FARMING PROJECTS • • • Bonding Starch & Dextrin Based Adhesive Thermosetting Adhesive Urea Formaldehyde Resin AND CONDITIONS• Amla Plantation• Amla Plantation, Processing & Preservation • Urea Formaldehyde Moulding Powder• Bio Fertilisers • Unsaturated Polyester Resins• Coffee Plantation • Water Based Latex Adhesives• Coconut Plantation•• Dairy Farming Eucalyptus Tree Plantation TEA PLANTATION AND Price of Rs. 15500/- for Each MARKET SURVEY•• Floriculture - Gladiolus Goat Farming PROCESSING BASED CUM DETAILED INDUSTRIES• Green House•• Hybrid Seeds Herbs Cultivation TECHNO ECONOMIC•• Jatropha (Bio Diesel) Cultivation & Extraction Mushrooms • • Caffeine From Tea Waste Decaffineated Tea FEASIBILITY REPORT• Mushroom Growing And Processing With Air • Instant Tea And Coffee (Premixed With Sugar or Rs. 25000/- for Condition And Milk)• Medicinal Plantations (Neem) • Instant Tea From Black Tea EXHAUSTIVE• Nursery Farms • Tea Bags (Dip - Dip Types)• Organic Manure • Tea Botique DETAILED PROJECT• Papaya & Tomato Cultivation • Tea Packaging Industry• Papaya Cultivation • Tea Bags REPORT Payable in•• Poplar Plantation Rubber Plantation • • Tea Packaging & Distribution Tea Industry advance through Bank• Strawberry Cultivation & Processing Draft/Cash in favour of•• Safed Musli Cultivation & Processing (Extract & Powder) Stevia Cultivation & Extraction ALUMINIUM AND ITS ENGINEERS INDIA•• Sunflower Plantation Sugar Cane Plantation BASED INDUSTRIES RESEARCH INSTITUTE, Delhi. Delivery by Regd.• Teak Plantation• Turmeric Plantation • Aluminium Powder• Tea Plantation • Aac & Acsr Aluminium Conductors Post/Courier within 3-4 • Aluminium Silicate• Vermi-Composting • Aluminium Utensil days. • Aluminium Wire Drawing PROFITABLE GUMS, • • Aluminium Paint Aluminium Ingots From Scrap ADHESIVES & • Aluminium Alloy & Ingots • Anodizing Of Aluminium • Aluminium Chloride RESINS PROJECTS • Aluminium Channels • Aluminium Rolling Mill • Aluminium Bottles • Alumnium Foil Cutting & Roll Making• Adhesive For Stickers • Aluminium End Caps• Adhesive For Corrugation Dry Powder & Paste • Aluminium Door And Windows• Adhesive Based On Polyure Thane • Aluminium Collapsible Tubes• Adhesive Industries (Laminated, Favicol, • Aluminium Phosphide Sticker, Dda & Other Types Of Adhesives) 4449, Nai Sarak, Main Road, • Aluminium Ingots From Bauxite• Adhesive For Corrugation (Dry Powder) Delhi-110006 (India) • Aluminium Caps• Alkyd Resins • Aluminium Furniture & Hardware Ph. : 9811437895, 9811151047, 91-11-23918117,• Adhesive Manufacturing For Joining Hdpe • Aluminium Beverage Cans 23916431, 23947058, 45120361 Pipes & Joints • Aluminium Cans For Capacitors Email :,• Adhesive Based On Vinyl Acetate (Fevicol Type) • Aluminium & Aluminium Alloys From Aluminium• B.O.P.P Self Adhesive Tapes Scraps To Make Utensils (Induction Furnace• Cnsl Based Resin In Liquid & Powder Form Website :,, Melted)• D.O.PAnd Other Plasticizers • Aluminium Hot & Cold Rolling Mill (Aluminium• Ester Gums (Food Grade) Sheets & Circles)• Epoxy Resin • Anodic Aluminium Labels• Guar Gum AXIS Bank Ltd............ • Aluminium Slugs & Circles You can deposit the amount• Glue Stick ............ CA-054010200006248 in EIRI accounts either in • Alluminium Printing Plate For Offset Printing• Latex Rubber Based Adhesive Machine• Leather Based Adhesive ICICI Bank Ltd. .......... • Aluminium Foils• Liquid Adhesive For Corrugated Board & Boxes • Aluminium Wire And Rods ................. CA-038705000994• Leather To Leather Adhesive (Latex Based • Brass and Aluminium Hinges Union Bank of India... Adhesives) • Hard Anodizing On Aluminium• Melamine Formaldehyde Powder ........... CA-307201010015149 • Pilfer Proof Caps• Office Paste • Piston Assembly (Aluminium Alloy) State Bank of India....• Paper Label For Beer Bottles • Pressure Die Casting (Aluminium)• Polyester Resins ................... CA-30408535340 • Paper Coated Aluminium Wire• Phenol Formaldehyde Resin • Pressure Cooker HDFC Bank................• Potato Starch ............. CA-05532020001279 Market Survey Cum Detailed Techno Economic Feasibility Report on all Projects are available contact: ENGINEERS INDIA RESEARCH INSTITUTE4449, Nai Sarak, Main Road, Delhi-110006 (india) Ph. : 9811437895, 9811151047, 91-11-23918117, 23916431, 23947058, 45120361 Email :, Website :, HI-Tech Projects, Jun2012 # 34