Social mobile enterpise


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A presentation delivered by Mr. Bharat Berlia of Indus Net Technologies at CeBIT highlighting the possibilities and approach for building social mobile enterprises.

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Social mobile enterpise

  1. 1. BHARAT MobileEnterpriseEmerging Trends
  2. 2. Trends in EnterprisesMobile Adoption is happening fastConsumers are setting the paceSmart Businesses are catchingup
  3. 3. Trends in Enterprises
  4. 4. Trends in EnterprisesCorporate PickupBusinesses are adopting to the changing technological landscape and applyingnew uses to common platforms.
  5. 5. Trends in Enterprises
  6. 6. is it required ?CollaborateEmployees can now collaborate across departments,geographies, content and business applications 24X7.Share & LearnShare, Store and Access Documents, Images, Videos – Accessthe Enterprise Knowledge Hub anytime/ anywhereEvaluationsEnterprises can evaluate the ―likes‖ and various employee accessdata and hence work on the improvement of overall productivity
  7. 7. is it required ?Customer SupportOn the move data access also encourages employees to providea more timely and precise support.Crowd SourcingIdeas can be easily spread across organization and collectiveviews and initiatives can work for the organization benefitsRecognitions and Enhanced MotivationsCompany-wide blog and evolved social media tools whichimproved employee recognition and enhanced engagement
  8. 8. is it required ?AccessibilityAccessible Mobile interfaces to systems of record (BI, CRM, ERP,SCM ECM, etc.).ConnectivityRemote worker-to-machine mobile solutions for those nottraditionally at a desk.Communication on the MoveAnd of course, mobile devices facilitate anytime / anywhere voiceand text communication
  9. 9."What benefits, if any, has your firm experienced as a result of deploying mobile app?”
  10. 10. Case StudiesExecutives wanted to promote collaboration and increasecompetitiveness and attract and retain employees. Theycreated an open, company-wide blog and evolved othersocial media tools which improved employee recognitionand enhanced partner engagement. The crowd-sourcingalso helped to identify new business ideas.IBM also their official App store called ―WhirlWind‖ whichcan be used by their employees.
  11. 11. Case StudiesCitiBank had first targetted Enterprise mobility bydistributing BlackBerry devices to all their employees.However, Blackberry was restrictive in free socialcommunication and since early 2012, Citi has alsoadopted the BYOD policies and re-developed all theirinternal communication application to support all themajor platforms.
  12. 12. Case StudiesPepsiCo’s North America Beverages division uses acommon operations structure called direct store delivery(or DSD). The company created two new apps thatdirectly impact its distribution system across the U.S., andissued iPhones and iPads to the employees involved. Thesystem, which supports approximately 17,000 distributionroutes daily, relies on a division of labour — one personfocuses on selling and merchandising, one on deliveringand one providing weekend merchandising support.
  13. 13. StartedBYOD - Bring your owndevice policyAllowing employees to usetheir own devices within thecompany networkCYD - Choose your devicepolicyAllowing employees to avail anextra mobile device from thecompanyOR
  14. 14. StartedChoose an Existing Enterprise Communication toolGet a custom application developedORThe Indus Net Solution : Solutions :
  15. 15.
  16. 16. the Risks
  17. 17. BHARAT You!Reach Me at this presentation us atIndusNetTechnologies