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Mobile Security
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Mobile Security


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Why mobile security is important? Mobile is like a PC now. You can carry in your backpocket. Mobile phone features are same as that of a PC and much more. Since you can carry it in your back pocket, things could go wrong in different ways.
  • Mobile devices have become pervasive. Earlier smartphones were a small subset of the mobile market but thanks to iPhone, Android it has ballooned. Personal devices being used for work related matters Rapid development cycle between vendors introduces vulnerabilities. Race between vendors for features introduces security holes
  • 1. It’s a bad new world (Data breaches everywhere, theft, hacks). 2. There are commercial spyware applications such as FlexiSpy, MobiSpy, Mobistealth etc provide DIY kits to develop their own malware 3. $2 for a stolen credit card num
  • Transcript

    • 1. Bitzer Mobile Confidential © “ We can’t fit a PC in your back pocket, so we have compressed the size” ~Anonymous
    • 2. @1ndus
      • Country Manager, Bitzer Mobile, a mobile security & content virtualization startup
      • Invested in 15+ startups, ran a small seed fund
      • Founded Tejit, a massive data mining engine for real-time web, which was later acquired
      • Computer Sc. Grad from Birla Institute, Ranchi
      Is your Mobile phone as secure as a Laptop?
    • 3. Bitzer Mobile Confidential © 77% mobile 6.97 billion 140 million iPhones sold 135 million Androids activated
    • 4. Bitzer Mobile Confidential © Earlier we spilled coffee on the keyboard, now the whole keyboard is in the coffee
    • 5. Bitzer Mobile Confidential © World of Hacking is now DIY. Buy, Assemble and monetize. Attacks on Android are up 400% in last 12 months May 11: Google removed 26 infected Android apps Rates: $2/card, $10/bank-a/c. $25/1K facebook accounts
    • 6. Bitzer Mobile Confidential © 1. Data interception 2. Untrusted apps / appstores 3. Theft / Loss of device 4. Side-loading and sync via compromised end-points Top Threats to your mobile
    • 7. Bitzer Mobile Confidential © 1. Anti-malware apps Mobile security solutions still evolving 2. Personal firewalls 3. Anti-spam apps 4. Mobile device management 5. Partitioning of data 6. Monitoring tools
    • 8. Bitzer Mobile Confidential © Let’s compare the security in these two
    • 9. Thank you!
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