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Inducia Company Profile
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Inducia Company Profile


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  • 1. Company Profile About usTo know more visit our Website! 1
  • 2. About usInducia, established in 2008, is among the top importers and distributors of food and beverage in India.Our Mantra “Good Food To Enhance Life” defines our commitment towards quality and efforts tocombine an international standard of food distribution with the local expertise of the Indian market.We strive to build up strong Brands and develop constructive relationship with our clients and partners through our deepknowledge of the food market, along-with a reliable supply chain and a selective distribution network. Our Team >>> Inducia imports and distribute fine food brands and products in India such as cheeses, truffles, vinegars, olive oil, chocolates, healthy lemonades or mustards. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility, and greater value, thus optimizing operation efficiency. Our headquarters are located in New Delhi, flourishing capital of India. Supply Chain >>> Inducia boasts of strong logistics skills. Our local team enjoys an excellent mastery over imports/exports, warehousing, transportation and distribution. The company has a completely computerized warehouse that makes it possible to receive and quickly redistribute goods. Our equipment and vehicles guaranty a storage and delivery of the products without breakage of the cold chain. To know more visit our Website! 2
  • 3. About usSales Network >>> Our selective distribution network comprises more than 300 clients food service (hotels, restaurants, bakery, pastry, coffee chains, catering and airlines) and 600 retailers (hypermarkets, supermarkets, gourmet stores and airports). This selective network of Western-food customers, offers a balanced and reliable solution to the most ambitious food producers aiming to sell across India to a selective audience.Marketing >>> We develop tailor-made marketing strategies for leading international brands in four product categories: bakery & pastry, dairy, grocery and beverages. We have been able to effectively integrate our Brands into the local market while maintaining their international identities. Brands are launched and developed according to marketing plans defined and agreed by both Inducia and its partners. To know more visit our Website! 3
  • 4. About usOur Brands >>> Our Clients >>>Contact Us >>> Address Phone/Fax/email C148, Okhla Phase 1 Phone: + Name New Delhi - 110020 Fax: + Food & Beverages International Pvt. Ltd. India E-mail: Send us an email! Facebook Importer Exporter Code: 0508007585 TIN Number: 07060368360 Read our Blog Twitter Repacking License Number: VWW542G To know more visit our Website! 4
  • 5. Our TeamTo know more visit our Website! 5
  • 6. Our TeamOur Company comprises of 20 dynamic and spirited individuals, both locals and foreigners, all with adistinct knowledge of the imported food market.Setting our mind fixed on the tasks and being transparent has granted us strong relations and mutual trust withour customers, partners, principals and also with the Indian authorities. Our associates are distinguished by their functionaland technical expertise combined with their hands-on experience, thereby ensuring that our clients receive the mosteffective and professional service. Sales >>> Two Managers, one each for the food service and retail sector, work independently to develop our distribution net-work nationwide. Both manage a dedicated team. Our committed approach combined with tailor made marketing strategy allow us to best answer our clients’ needs. Operations >>> This department is in charge of the entire operation from purchase to delivery and customer service. Be it monthly shipments by air or sea from around the world, or planning a well organized inventory cycle without deficiency, it ensures a smooth supply chain. It accounts for over 12 cities to cover for on-time deliveries and responding to customers’ requests throughout the country. To know more visit our Website! 6
  • 7. Our TeamFinance >>> Ensures Inducia’s financial growth and development along with the total compliance of all our operations with the numerous Indian rules and regulations. While the finance reasserts transparent relationship with customers, partners and contractors alike along with the conventional assignments, it also gives stringent financial authority and unique precision through our effective ERP cloud system.Marketing >>> Elaborates sales and marketing plans for each brand provides transparent market information to our partners and organizes retail and food service promotions. The progress of our Brands are tightly overseen by Brand Managers and Marketing Assistants while the Sales officers supervise the stores for product exposure and also feed accurate and prompt information on competitors and prices to sales and marketing departments. To know more visit our Website! 7
  • 8. Our TeamOrganization Chart >>> Our Charter >>> Excellence: An outstanding level of services. Professionalism: A strong team ever improving through training and coaching. Dynamism: Active promotion of our customers, brands and principals through regular marketing activities and events. Innovation: Constantly bringing new ideas, innovative solutions and products. Transparency: Fully complying with our customers, principals and the Indian Authorities guidelines. To know more visit our Website! 8
  • 9. Supply ChainTo know more visit our Website! 9
  • 10. Supply ChainInducia maintains direct control throughout the entire supply chain, starting with the purchase fromthe makers, through customs clearance, delivering outlet by outlet and after sales service.In India’s ever-changing regulatory and economic environment, maintaining complete control allowsInducia to proactively address changes, maximizing the business opportunities that the marketpresents. Importation >>> • Product Registration • Licensing • Sanitary certification • Inspection • Taxation • Custom Clearance • Importation through multiple ports Warehousing >>> Office/distribution centers equipped with temperature-controlled warehouses. • Over 200 pallet positions in three sites • Repacking operations • Custom bound warehouse • Quality Control To know more visit our Website! 10
  • 11. Supply ChainDistribution >>> • Monthly shipments either by air or sea. • We ensure only the finest, freshest, frozen, chilled, dry or cool products are delivered directly to over 900 customers in 12 cities. • We consolidate on the spot. • Direct delivery of dry, chilled and frozen products.In the Cloud! >>> Our innovative ERP solution enables Inducia to perfect its supply chain and inventory management, to optimize stock rotation and limits wastage of products by expiring. The information generated by our ERP allows us to provide detailed and regular sales analysis and reports. To know more visit our Website! 11
  • 12. Supply ChainSupply Chain Management >>> A fresh an innovative approach to online ERP! >>> By synchronizing all together world leading apps such as Big Commerce or Google Business Apps for Business and implementing them into the business processes and workflow, Inducia brings a fresh and innovative approach to online ERP. To know more visit our Website! 12
  • 13. Sales NetworkTo know more visit our Website! 13
  • 14. Sales NetworkWith an existing sales network in both retail and food service nationwide, Inducia is the preferredpartner of luxury hotels and hypermarket chains. Inducia’s direct delivery covers India’s 12 largestcities. Food Service >>> • 4 & 5 star hotels • Western food restaurants • Bakery and pastry chains • Caterers • Coffee chains • Airline catering companies Retail >>> • International & local hyper and super-market chains • Gourmet & specialty stores • Airports and on-board Airlines • Duty Free • Corporate gifts and hampers To know more visit our Website! 14
  • 15. Sales NetworkFood Processing >>> • Production Centers • Food Processing factories • ManufacturersE-Commerce >>> We are proud to have launched in 2011, the 1st online gourmet shop in India, We are pioneer in the food e-commerce. To know more visit our Website! 15
  • 16. Sales Network Our Clients >>>Sales Network >>> Selective Network >>> Our main consumer targets are the 5 Million Rich Indian households and expats earning more than INR 8,00,000 (US$18,000) a year and residing in the 12 following cities on which we have built up a selective sales and distribution network. Main Cities Covered by Inducia/Total population · New Delhi 16.7 million · Chennai 4.7 million · Chandigarh 1.5 million · Hyderabad 4.1 million · Jaipur 3 million · Kolkata 4.5 million · Mumbai 16 million · Goa 1.5 million · Bangalore 8.5 million · Gandhinagar 14 million · Pune 3.3 million · Lucknow 4.6 million To know more visit our Website! 16
  • 17. MarketingTo know more visit our Website! 17
  • 18. MarketingInducia develops tailor-made marketing strategies for leading international brands in four productcategories: dairy, bakery & pastry, grocery and beverages.We have good track records in brand building, hence leading international players continue to entrust Induciawith their brand management. We have been able to effectively integrate their Brands into the local market whilemaintaining their international identities.Brands are launched and developed according to marketing plans defined and agreed by both Inducia and its partners. Market Knowledge >>> Continuous interactions with our customers and end consumers, analysis of our sales reports and other collected data give us a thorough insight of the market trends. This market knowledge helps us to launch and develop successfully International Brands in the local market. We do it in full transparency with our principals. Training >>> A part of our product range requires specific training and technical skills. Our partners and marketing team collaborate in close proximity to ensure a better support towards first hand training and presentation for local professionals guided by foreign Chefs. We sponsor overseas training for local Chefs at our partners’ facilities and also Brand trainings. To know more visit our Website! 18
  • 19. MarketingPromotion >>> Inducia is actively involved in shows and exhibitions in India to made aware our Brands and also to introduce new Brands and products to new and existing customers. We also organize in-store promotion, activities and demonstrations all over our sales network. The key to understand and solve each region particular needs and be able to accommodate promotion policies is by being close to our customers in all cities across India.E-Marketing >>> Inducia website,, provides visitors with a comprehensive B2B e-commerce platform, constantly updated to reflect our growth. Additionally, Inducia sends a monthly newsletter to more than 5,000 recipients, highlighting new products, marketing events and promotions. We also use our Blog, Facebook page and Twitter to market our products. To know more visit our Website! 19
  • 20. MarketingMarketing Strategy>>> Our Reporting >>> The information generated by our ERP allows us to provide detailed and regular sales analysis and reports. Our Marketing team collects and consolidates on monthly basis, all our Internal sales data along with our distributors reporting. They generate reports according to our Brands’ guidelines to send transparent and constructive information to our principals. They also keep track of all our marketing activities and communicate them in real time. To know more visit our Website! 20