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Dear Sir.
Superiors Cargoes Solutions'. have been freight Transport for cargo sending of many years in Mumbai India,
.Our company is mainly engaged in Indian subcontinent freight of L C L, warehousing, Customs Clearance by our associate groups, Inland Transportation, Goods Insurance and Consulting services.
With the motto of “First-Rate Prices and First-Rate Services”. If you are interested in the latest price list of Road transport from India to Mumbai / Jnpt port or Across India, please do not feel hesitate to tell us.
Our Strength:-- East India, South India, Gujarat , North India, etc. from All Mumbai / Jnpt side area of various cargo sending
.We have various type maximum 500- 600 Different Type Vehicles groups company..
We our firm as 'Superiors Cargoes Solutions', a growing logistics firm in Mumbai, our main activities is ,

We Provide to Transport service of Over Dimension Cargo (O D C) / Containers / Open Truck / Closed Truck / L P T / Canter / Tempo TATA407) from J N P T / Mumbai Port & from Sahar Cargo to All Over India.

We anticipate that you would be good trade of logistics ,Await your inquiries to revert me will be.
Thanks & Regard

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