Hr management system, biometric attendance system, biometric software dubai


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Hr management system, biometric attendance system, biometric software dubai

  1. 1. PLACE STAMP HERE Ride on Automation to Rock Automation is the call of day. Everywhere it’s required to make a push ahead of competitors, smooth-run sets of functions, & collaborate among them. If still left out of it, plan how to retrofit it, whether it’s your whole lot HR setup or part of it. Made to meet all specific needs of the users in the MENA region. Citytech offers Paylite Software for the organizations of MENA region with an end-to-end centralized HR Solution.
  2. 2. Paylite HR Solutions HRMS Software, Payroll Software, Self-Service System, Appraisal System, Timesheet System, Time & Attendance System, Vehicle Management System. Paylite HR Solutions presents inclusive answer to all requirements of the users across the MENA region. MENA- Middle East & North Africa- refers collectively to the Asian countries of Bahrain, Oman, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Cyprus, Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Israel, Turkey, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria. Paylite HR Solutions is an inclusive package offering all modules required to automate any platform of an HR department of an organizations. Even if it is divided into several sections and remotely located, its HR Solutions comprise all those modules which can seamlessly integrate all those sections into a centralized entity wherein archived all documents & inputs are easily retrievable as & when needed. Also, mapping state-wise labor regulations’ compliance across the MENA region is just a game of clicks! HR Solutions Choose Retrofit Automate Expedite Deliver Excel & Rule
  3. 3. Integration of Paylite HR Solutions will inundate your HR Management setup with lots of benefits. Score a super high by reducing manpower costs, time to finish diverse HR functions, eliminating chances to make errors, & many more. Top of all, you can streamline your HR curve. Every HR operation like calculating salary & processing them to payroll application, to transferring them to employees’ accounts via specified banks, or to controlling time & attendance of your staff, to managing fuel consumption of office vehicles will become automated. Like you want, like you get. Paylite Software customization facility is offered to meet individual needs of an organization. Many often, local needs come an priority which you can achieve from developers at Citytech, the development company of Paylite Software. Shortlist resumes & select candidates through automated system
  4. 4. Say bye to static language interface application. Paylite brings application for you in English & Arabic interface. With using state-of-the-art Microsoft technology into it, its developers have ensured multi-lingual compliances as well as brilliant performances in deliver error-free, faster, and secure results- automatically! Not only this, capacity to meet localization needs of HRMS Software for various states’ labour regulations is one of the unique qualities unfound usually in majority of HR Solutions. Check out Paylite development for localization of HRMS Software & compare its higher benefits. Integrate HR Solutions to expedite HR workflows & ensure an all-out advantage up to complying with localized labour regulations.
  5. 5. PLACE STAMP HERE The more you delay to embark on automated HR Management System, the more you’ll continue to lose- in terms of costs & time. So why delay any more? Contact Paylite Software team for free demo of the products, installation and other related services.