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Malcolm X slide



this slide is my presentation for Coversation class in 6th semester. the topic was the non-fiction.

this slide is my presentation for Coversation class in 6th semester. the topic was the non-fiction.



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Malcolm X slide Presentation Transcript

  • 1. welcome to mypresentationName: Indra GunawanNPM: 09111017
  • 2. The Autobiography of Malcolm X
  • 3. INTRODUCTION1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE REPORTStruggling for the equality is always inspiring people. There are somepeople in the world that show their braveness to break the paradigmof differences, slaveries, and discriminations. Malcolm X is the one ofso many black activists in the world that we can analyze as thereference of our strive against inequality. Inequality here can bedescribed in so many aspects including religion, race, law and etc.
  • 4. 1.2 THE SCOPE OF THE REPORTThe writer of this report tries to scope the discussion starts fromthe younger age of Malcolm until his assassination in 1965.
  • 5. DISCUSSION2.1 THE BIOGRAPHICAL SCATCHAlex Haley is a writer from United States. He wasborn at August 11, 1921 in Itacha, New York. Hismost famous books are “Roots” and “TheAutobiography of Malcolm X” itself.Alex Haley is a black American, he ever told thatthe civil movement of African-American should beappreciated, and tells to Malcolm X directly afterthe interview that someday he will makes a bookabout him. This autobiography later becomes thebest seller book in 20th century based on Timemagazine’s version, after that, Alex Haley becomesthe one of nationwide most inspired writer.
  • 6. 2.2 PHISICAL DESCRIPTIONAuthor : Alex HaleyTitle : The Autobiography of Malcolm XYear : 2002Publisher : Spark notes LLCPage : 40 pages
  • 7. 2.3 THE SUMMARY OF THE BOOKBased on the analysis of the book, the writerdivide the summary into three layers:a) The younger age of Malcolm Xb) Malcolm X with Nation of Islamc) Malcolm’s life after pilgrimage journey
  • 8. 2.4 The review of the booka. The strengths- The explanation is clear about the story, easy to follow.- The language is always attracting the reader.b. The weaknesses- The font of this book is too small.- The use of diction is also too high; it only suits for people who have a good knowledge about the vocabulary.
  • 9. 2.5 Personal opinionIn my perspective, this book uses a strongdiction and high level of vocabulary; I think itcreates 2 things: it makes easy for all peoplewho want to know more about Malcolm X lifeand enhance their English ability, but in otherside, for people who are not really good inEnglish can be confused and hard to digest thestory. The font of this book is sufficient to be readby all people. The book does not have apicture, so it could be bored by some peoplewho read.
  • 10. CONCLUSIONThis book can help us as the student to understand thestruggle of black American in 1960’s, precisely if we takethe study of American Culture and Society. This book helpsus also to know more about Malcolm X that his message ofequal right can be our motivation to spread his gooddeed. The discrimination that happens in society should beabolished by using the moral message of Malcolm X. thisbook also can be our reference to understand what kindof the policy that given by government of USA at that timethat implement a racial discrimination.
  • 11. Thank you…..