Applying to Engineering Graduate School in the USA
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Applying to Engineering Graduate School in the USA



This is Martin Kurnadi's (BSc from UC Berkeley and MSc from Georgia Tech) presentation in the Indonesia Mengglobal Bandung Outreach Event held in ITB and Unpad on September 28, 2013.

This is Martin Kurnadi's (BSc from UC Berkeley and MSc from Georgia Tech) presentation in the Indonesia Mengglobal Bandung Outreach Event held in ITB and Unpad on September 28, 2013.



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Applying to Engineering Graduate School in the USA Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Towards a U.S. Higher Education Applying to Engineering Graduate School in USA Saturday, September 28, 2013 Martin Kurnadi
  • 2. Agenda • Personal Information • Process to pursue graduate schools • Research and preparation • Master vs Doctorate • Research assistant vs teaching assistant vs other type financial aid • Research life at graduate school • Conclusion Indonesia Mengglobal | 2
  • 3. Personal Information EDUCATION 1994-1997 High school SMA St. Aloysius, Bandung 1997-1999 Iowa State University 1999-2001 University of California at Berkeley Bsc in ME with CS minor 2002-2005 Georgia Institute of Technology Msc in ME CAREER 1999 Internship at Amana Appliances Amana, Iowa 2005 - 2006 Automation Engineer at Millenium Mat Suwanee, Georgia 2006-2008 Quality & Reliability Engineer at Applied Materials Sunnyvale, California 2009-now Director at Jaya Murni Lestari Knitting Factory 2012- now Start a new business : Automation and IoT start-up Indonesia Mengglobal | 3
  • 4. Process to pursue Graduate School Process after you decided to pursue graduate school in the US. (Never too early to prepare for graduate school) 1.Research on which schools and department to apply. School and dept may have specific requirements. Please check for application deadline. 2.Build your resume. Ex : Undergraduate research, community, internship. 3.Strategize school applications (aspiration school, backup) 4.Prepare requirements for application (see below) Typical requirements to apply to graduate school in the US: •Application form •Undergraduate transcript / GPA •Statement of Purpose / Personal Essay •Recommendation Letters •Standardized tests (TOEFL, GRE) Indonesia Mengglobal | 4
  • 5. Research on schools 1. School Ranks (US News). Overall vs Major specific ranks. Public schools vs Private Schools. 2. Specialized Programs-Curriculum / Classes • Career focus • Specific topic • Research centers • Classes • Professors • Brand name 3. Tuition fee, Room and Living expense 4. Research Assistant and Teaching Assistant program. 5. Peers • Alumni 6. Location • Professional (internship) opportunities • Networking • Quality of life Indonesia Mengglobal | 5
  • 6. Undergraduate Transcript and Diploma • Credibility of undergraduate institution • Grade Point Average (GPA) • Major / Discipline • Translated and certified. • May need high school transcript and diploma. Indonesia Mengglobal | 6
  • 7. Statement of Purpose / Personal Essay What should I write in the essay? “Most importantly, make sure you answer the question in the essay prompt then incorporate (smoothly) anything you’d like the admission committee to know about yourself – your experience, your achievement, your personality, you name it” •An important element of application – an opportunity to explain about yourself • Can be generic, but tailor to the institution you are applying to. You can insert about your achievements, undergraduate research assistant, community activities here. • Seek suggestions/ opinions from others • Never lie, exaggeration is ok • Ensure no obvious grammatically error and typo • Think of how your essay will stand out of the pool of applicants •Spare enough time (months, not days!) to prepare Indonesia Mengglobal | 7
  • 8. School Application: Recommendation Letter What is recommendation letter? “A letter from people who know you very well, generally at a higher level, that can reflect your quality” TIPS: Request from someone who knows about yourself (professor, work supervisor)  Make sure that the letters are written in favor of you  Higher credibility from famous people Help the person you are asking recommendation letter from:  Tell them your strengths, areas of interest, and aspirations Indonesia Mengglobal | 8
  • 9. School application: Standardized test TOEFL (IBT – Internet Based Test) GRE Types of questions: multiple choice (reading and listening), and essay (writing) •Graduate Record Exam is designed as a measuring tool and is required by most graduate schools in admission process. # Sections:  Reading  Listening  Speaking  Writing # Sections:  Verbal Reasoning  Analytical Writing  Quantitative Reasoning Highest score: 120. Typical score for top schools: Minimum 100 – 110. Typical score for top schools: 600 for Verbal,700 and above for Quant Reasoning, 3.5 and above for Writing. Score range: 200 – 800. Indonesia Mengglobal | 9
  • 10. School options for college graduates: Degrees (USA) MASTER Degree DOCTORATE Degree Taking more advanced and specific classes in a specialized field Research may be required Thesis and Publication may be required Typically 1 to 2 years Industry-oriented track Internships strongly encouraged Taking more advanced and specific classes in a specialized field Qualifiying Exam (Written + Oral ) select 3 from 6 Engineering subjects. Research is required and is the bulk of the experience Thesis and publication are nonnegotiable Typically 4 to 6 years. Academic track (teaching component) Close working relationship with adviser and professor(s) After Master degree, it is possible to continue to Doctorate Degree program (not typical). However it may take longer time to graduate compare to direct Doctorate degree. Delay may be caused by different research subject. Indonesia Mengglobal | 10
  • 11. Research Assistant vs Teaching Assistant vs other type financial aid Teaching Assistant Research Assistant • • • • • • • Teaching Assistant openings are more limited Not guaranteed every semester Need to go through interview process. Work involves grading, provide twice – three times a week class to undergraduate students. Reviewing what was discussed duing lecture. Answer questions to undergraduate students. Compete with other new students. Office hour. Other type financial aid • • • • • • • • Each professor has their own budget. Based on funding from sponsor (government + private) Need to go through interview process. May need to contact professor via email. Once you get accepted into the program. Subject of research varies. Some school may post availability online. Compete with other students. Typically professor separates Master and Doctorate fundings. Out of state tuition waiver Other organization, such as Fulbright, AID program. Work on campus, work off campus. Indonesia Mengglobal | 11
  • 12. Research Assistant at Georgia Tech • Tuition fee fully paid • Monthly stipends from school • Commitment • Independent research • Weekly progress report and discussion with professor • End of semester progress report • Need to issue journal • Need to attend and do presentation at conferences Indonesia Mengglobal | 12
  • 13. Conclusion • It is POSSIBLE for Indonesian graduates to get accepted in the best universities in the world. Every element of application CAN be prepared. (Know several ITB alumni while at UC Berkeley and Georgia Tech) • Allocate significant time and resources for school application; it could be the MOST IMPORTANT action in your life. • Focus on getting accepted into good school first, NOT on getting scholarship. • Prepare ALL aspects of school application, NOT LIMITED TO standardized tests. • Research school options EXTENSIVELY. • Apply to SEVERAL schools strategically. • Build your resume, for students who still have plenty of time to graduate, ex : undergraduate research, community, diversity. Indonesia Mengglobal | 13
  • 14. More resources and Q&A @mkurnadi Martin Kurnadi Email: Enjoy your ride ! Indonesia Mengglobal | 14