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  1. 1. Editors Choice Award Presented to Jaleh Ghassemzadeh F ebruary 2004 For Outstanding Achievement in Poetry Presented and the International Library of Poetry
  2. 2. BditoTs Choice Arna,rd Presented to Jaleh Ghassemzadeh For Outstanding Achier.ement in Poetr,r Presented and The International Librarv of Poetr--v 2000 +*",1 i Howard Ely Managing Editor
  3. 3. -- rity 0f Southern CaXifonnia TInlvers e SpnctAL Awenu to Acknowledge the Outs tandingTeiching of t) Jaleh Ghassemzadeh U l,f.[vlr t -, rrlr, rrvrrlllrl,}t/r. rn the Departnent of ChenicalEngineering Los Angeles, California March 21,7000 /f, ##{Fn /$i ptHelltge ,gr DanielleMihnm Directol Center for Excellence in Teaching
  4. 4. {Jnivensity of Southenn CaXifornia Gnepuern/PRoFES sroNAL RncocNrrroN is awarded to JIEH GHaSSEMZADEH in recolnition of excellence in scholarsbip,leadersblp and seruice to the l,Jt oJ tbe Unioersity oJ Soutbern California 2000 .700r /b) ##b 6t ?) fr{ IH >lR 6 /:1/ Michrcl L. I aclson, Vrce Pi ntfor Sardent Affairs
  5. 5. @tttce @t llntcrnutfonu[ $rtrbitts Thtrtby uchnobltlges laleh Crhassemzabeh f sr @utstnnling gcsltmic Hebitbtment €Iptil, 20,2001Mnibersity 0t Soutbcrn [,ulttorni.t !!fricbuel T-. Difon @. SoUngon9im lprorilent,$tubent flttuirs @ttire of Jnternutions[ Sorbicog
  6. 6. ,/tuW WVry@ry eT*,rh"Vt"* ?t*r"-,n t/* dru&m o*tl*@, "/ft"y9,200/ R- 4--W-rt-ti" Z*Senior clas s xeyr e sentntw e President
  7. 7. AssocrArroN or PnoFESSoRs AND Scnor,ARS or InaNIAN I{nrurAGE Hereby honors, Jaleh Ghassemzadeh, Ph.f). USCFor "Outstanding achievement in Chemical Engineering Education" Chairman, Board of Directors Date: April 28,2001 Tll.oo,uJ P.J,.*, PL. b.
  8. 8. >a tAssocrATroN on PnoFESSoRS AND ScnorARS or IneNrAN HnnrrAGE Hereby honors, Jaleh Ghassemzadeho Ph.I). USC with APSIH Award of Excellence in Communify Service Chairman, Board of Directors Date: April28, 2001 Wlooo"uJ p.t.*, PL.b.
  9. 9. {.Jnr.verslty of Southenn Ca1lfornla GnnuUATE & PnoFESSIoNAL SruoENT SsnuCES CnnTIFICATE oF AppnECIATIoN Is presented to Jaleh Ghass ernzadeh In recognition oJ your Outstanding Seruice to tbe Graduate * ProJessional Student Senate during tbe zooo- 2oo t academic year #*#AD l?) ld lo Lg/
  10. 10. Specia1 Award to Acknowledge tbe Outstanding Contributions J JnrnH GHISSEMZADEH, PnrsrDENT ENcTNEERTNG GneouATE SrunnNTS AssocrATroN to tbe ScHooL oF ENcnTEERTNG at the[Jnivensity of Southe]rn Ca1ifonnia #ryHeo R lo >ttu k?/
  11. 11. {.Jnivensity of Southenn Ca1ifonnia GnnouATE & PnoFESSIoNAL SruuENT SnnucES CnnrrFrcATE oF AppnrcIATIoN Is presented to Jaleh Ghassernzadeh In recognition oJ your Outstanding Seruice to tbe Graduate * ProJessional Student Senate during tbe zooo- 2oo t academic year. ##s
  12. 12. W @ffi r rd.r*r*,p,g.{.wd,fu,. "6uVoteJ OutstanJing T*rchi-d Assistant o[ the Year Ch"t rictl E ngiineeringi Departrnent flniversity o{ So.tthern C"liforniag"paerrilee/t/r: tdaW T/*-.*t- 2OOO "4/a,yrSth4
  13. 13. Office t Internntiorrnf Seruics fiereby acfrrwwfefgu Jalnb Gbassqnmdeh fo, Ou*tartr rW Leafers fiip Apn[%, 1-999 (Jnia ersity of S outfiern C afifornio ^*,.1,Micfiaet ,c. flacfuol/irclPruifent, DWtC.lofinson E4uutiaeDirector,SnrfentAffairs offn of Inumatiorwf Senticu
  14. 14. I ,ft #Kh H Spucia1 Awand to Acknowledge the Outstanding Co ntributions "f Jaleh Ghassemzadeh, Tieasurer Engineering Graduate Students Association to the School of Engineering at the [Jniversity of Southern Ca1ifornia
  15. 15. :+F+rq_ ll t ,. { r i,{. - -,, , ,r rrl r,1,! -,. r ll I --, a I lJl t ill ili r " r{r !n, :illt , r i* .I f?D "I ,,f, { -. i: I i iil;il 4 .!3rd ,,t.r{ :r ;ur{ li, 1 ** :r,, rtli si .,r ll .l 1t i., r ,1 i fi{^ rl Ii I ll,r 1,,tl h { I - . , ;i:r ),1 Itlt,q[l ;1 a- r ) P r.., lli 1 r ilJirlrrS i,1 tnil E rit Nt I tl | _. t i , .t il I ;1, .t ". i... ,.. " rj i I ,nr f,. flI" i! /S, ili L lti. r r6D []t rL ffi, fli ? ! {-ijr tl l,;l qr iEs. r )ri il lr :.rlt. * -7lE. ,t it., ,. , t;,1; : i |i1d. r4 qi- ,l