Online Video Platform: Workflows, Tools and Technologies


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Ever wondered how works behind the scene or what happens when you click on the play button to watch your favorite show online? With the help of high speed Internet, real-time distribution of audio, video and multimedia it is made possible by various streaming media technologies. In this presentation, the audience will be introduced to the online video management landscape and the publishing model in practice. Discussion will also include some of the cost-effective ways of building and maintaining online video platform using open source tools and technologies.

Online Video Platform: Workflows, Tools and Technologies

  1. 1. Online Video Platforms Workflow, Tools and Technologies Aby Rao twitter @indiefilmshow
  2. 2. Uses of Online Video • Sales & Marketing • Product and Brand Effectiveness • Customer Service and Support
  3. 3. Sales & Marketing
  4. 4. Product and Brand Effectiveness
  5. 5. Customer Service & Support
  6. 6. Let’s look at some numbers...
  7. 7. This session is NOT • About streaming to Television • About Digital Asset Management • About Content Delivery/Distribution Network • About codecs or compression technology
  8. 8. Online Video Platform • Definition according to Streaming Media Magazine “An online video platform is a free or fee-based self-service platform that offers hosting, encoding, customizable & embeddable players, and metrics for organizations that wish to upload and distribute their own video content.”
  9. 9. OVP Landscape Kyte Magnify network Grab Networks Grid Networks Kaltura Kick Apps KIT Digital RADVISION Miro Mogulus Motionbox Narrowstep OnStream Media Ooyala Origin Digital Permission TV Vidego Delve Networks Episodic Fliqz Grab Networks Recast Digital Revver Tvinci Vimeo AudioVideoweb Bits on the Run BroadAngle Brightcove castfire Cool Streaming Dailymotion Datmedia Datpresenter VISUALPLANT Sorenson Media TVUnetworks Twistage Unicorn Media Unikron Veeple VerticalStreaming Viddler World TV Endavo Media Facebook Feedroom Google Video Grid Networks Kaltura Kick Apps KIT Digital SmugMug thePlatform VMIX YouTube
  10. 10. Types of Online Video Platform • Do it yourself model (DIY) • User Generated Content model(UGC) • Software as a Service model (SaaS)
  11. 11. Workflow • Ingestion • Management • Delivery • Interaction • Analysis
  12. 12. Ingestion • Upload from computer • Tag the content • Related content and information • File conversion and transcoding
  13. 13. Ingestion UI
  14. 14. Management • Multi upload • Content Management System • User Moderation • Channel Creation • Ad Serving • Permission Settings • Billing and Accounts Setting
  15. 15. Delve Networks Channels UI
  16. 16. Delve Networks - Creating player
  17. 17. Delve Networks Player Builder
  18. 18. Delve Networks Settings Page
  19. 19. Delivery • Browser Video Players • Podcast • RSS Feeds • Download Manager • Media Players
  20. 20. Media Players
  21. 21. Interaction • Player Controls • Commenting • User Experience: Publishers & Viewers • Transcription
  22. 22. User Experience Heatmap study Source:
  23. 23. Adobe Premiere’s transcription tool
  24. 24. Example of transcription offered by
  25. 25. Analysis • Decide where to promote your video • Have a clear focus of your audience by demographics • List out your keywords carefully and no misleading keywords please • Include RSS feed • Produce good content! Video Search Engine Optimization
  26. 26. Analysis Tools • Video Metrics: Tube Mogul • Revenue Metrics:
  27. 27. Case Study: Kaltura Open Source Video Platform • Demo • Kaltura Management Console • Media Editor • Advanced Media Editor
  28. 28. Future of Online Video • Online Video + Virtual Reality • Google Audio Indexing