Market Skyline of India


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MSL is one of the most comprehensive products to understand the Indian consumer segments by income and SEC distributions. It provides the ‘big picture’ of various target group segments and then lets you drill down to find the best consumers and their locations.

Users are able to profile and analyze the consumer segments of interest to them on the basis of demography, income, expenditure, share of wallet by products and services, asset ownership, spending propensity, etc.

This product is most useful for senior management who require ready information on urban and rural consumers and market sizes at the levels of districts, states, regions, or even nationally. Most importantly, the changing demography and consumption habits in both rural and urban India are captured in MSL through a time series trend stretching into the last decade.

Organizations that do not wish to waste time finding imprecise details tend to use MSL database with its highly relevant information on Indian consumer profiling and targeting.

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Market Skyline of India

  1. 1. The Market Skyline of India (MSL) For superior understanding of the scale and scope of your target segments
  2. 2. Provides the ‘big picture’ and then lets you drill down to find the best consumers and their location The what, where and how many, of your target segments. Share of wallet across consumption categories & income. Locations that have the highest potential for business growth.
  3. 3. Enables critical business decisions across urban and rural India Grasp big picture of urban and rural India Drill down to state and district level Assess household purchasing power Map consumer spending pattern Analyze urban & rural markets Analyze size and share of Size up markets Prioritize markets to improve ROI Tap new consumer segments Find new markets for your products wallet Plan business growth and expansion Improve returns on business
  4. 4. Provides key information on markets and consumers Population (age & income) Available for urban & rural pockets across all districts in India Household Asset Ownership Household income, savings & spends Share-of-wallet analysis Growth over time Location details for spatial analysis
  5. 5. MSL Data Variables and Use Cases
  6. 6. Market Skyline helps you understand rural & urban consumers, their spending habits and more Available across all districts in India Details Classificatio n Business use case By Annual income Households/ Population & SEC • Target and plan better Spends across income brackets • Prioritize your product mix • Estimate demand for new products Consumer market size Spends across categories • Find areas with higher propensity to spend on your category Share of wallet Details across income categories • Study saving & spend habits to estimate willingness to spend on your category Household spends & savings Details of various asset classes • Use surrogates to plan your marketing activities Asset Ownership Population Age distribution • Plan product mix in local markets
  7. 7. Case 1 – A health insurance company seeking to craft its product mix for various markets Business Problem A leading health insurance company was looking to expand its product offerings across India. They knew different target groups had different needs. Though they had the rough outlines in their mind, they were not sure about how large the market opportunities for these products were. How Indicus Helped Market Skyline helped them understand the life stage, SEC & employment status by sector & by types across urban markets in India. Based on household size and where the chief wage earner was employed, they were able to refine their product offering details and product mix. Market Skyline also helped them identify areas where different TGs were concentrated, so they could drive targeted marketing campaigns to encourage adoption.
  8. 8. Case 2 - A telecom service provider seeking to grow its wireless data market Business Problem A leading telecom player had a large voice and messaging subscriber base, but was looking to tap unmet need for wireless broadband in its current voice markets. The client wanted to, (a) prioritize circles on the basis of potential, (b) identify and prioritize cities within these circles, and (c) identify location for retail outlets in the top cities. How Indicus Helped The client combined Indicus Market Skyline district level socio-economic data with their internal data to identify and prioritize circles for this effort. Post this, they used town level data as base number to identify and prioritize town potential. Finally, they used Indicus Neighbourhood Skyline data to identify location of new stores and running activation campaigns across existing stores in neighborhoods with potential.
  9. 9. A core component of Indicus’ many ready-to-use solutions Market Skyline – District Series Superior understanding of the scale and scope of your target segment Metro, Town and Rural Skyline Improved market selection & prioritization Neighborhood Skyline Precise targeting of your retail catchments, markets and distribution District GDP & Employment Landscape For taking decisions based on fundamental economic conditions
  10. 10. The Well Known Indicus Advantage • Analytics solutions that help you target better • The most respected economic research and analytics firms in India • Trusted by 300+ leading national and international companies and institutes
  11. 11. Over 300 leading firms have trusted Indicus data and solutions for their business needs BFSI Media Real Estate Auto Others Services Consulting Products Retail Government Institutions Healthcare
  12. 12. Contact Us Indicus Analytics Pvt Ltd. Phone: +91-11-42512400 / 01 / 02 Email: Web:
  13. 13. Thank You.
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