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Coverage in City Skyline of India – Neighbourhood Series
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Coverage in City Skyline of India – Neighbourhood Series


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The City Skyline of India – Neighbourhood Series divides the cities into neighbourhoods which are as small as a few square kms. It brings out information on consumer demographics, disposable income, …

The City Skyline of India – Neighbourhood Series divides the cities into neighbourhoods which are as small as a few square kms. It brings out information on consumer demographics, disposable income, consumption expenditure (aggregated as well as separately on major heads) and savings of households.
How does the profile of consumers in Uttam Nagar compare with that of Kondli, in Delhi? How does Greater Kailash 1 compare with Vasant Vihar? Or how do Koramangla in B’lore, Goregaon Dindoshi in Mumbai and Saket in Delhi compare with each other?
The City Skyline of India – Neighbourhood Series, is designed to help marketers and strategists dissect the cities of India at extremely granular levels.

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  • 1. City Skyline of India – Neighbourhood Series Parameters covered for every neighbourhood (over 100 neighbourhoods in every city): Number of households with total likely annual household disposable income of less than Rs. Consumer Households in income category Number 2008-09 75,000 Demography Rs. <75,000 Number of households with total likely annual household disposable income of Rs. 75,001 to Consumer Households in income category Number 2008-09 Rs. 1,49,999 Demography Rs. 75,000-1,49,999 Number of households with total likely annual household disposable income of Rs. 1,50,000 to Consumer Households in income category Number 2008-09 Rs. 2,99,999 Demography Rs. 1,50,000-2,99,999 Number of households with total likely annual household disposable income of Rs. 3,00,000 to Consumer Households in income category Number 2008-09 Rs. 4,99,999 Demography Rs. 3,00,000 - 4,99,999 Number of households with total likely annual household disposable income of Rs. 5,00,000 to Consumer Households in income category Number 2008-09 Rs. 9,99,999 Demography Rs. 5,00,000-9,99,999 Number of households with total likely annual household disposable income above Rs. Consumer Households in income category Number 2008-09 10,00,000 Demography > Rs. 10,00,000 Total number of Consumer Number 2008-09 households Demography Total number of households Total likely annual household disposable income of the households Annual disposable income of with annual income of less households with annual income Rs. 2008-09 than Rs. 75,000 Consumer Market of <Rs. 75,000 Total likely annual household income of households with annual Annual disposable income of income of Rs. 75,000 - households with annual income Rs. 2008-09 1,49,999 Consumer Market of Rs. 75,000 - 1,49,999 Total likely annual household income of households with annual Annual disposable income of income of Rs. 1,50,000 - households with annual income Rs. 2008-09 2,99,999 Consumer Market of Rs. 1,50,000 - 2,99,999 Total likely annual household income of households with annual Annual disposable income of income of Rs. 3,00,000 - households with annual income Rs. 2008-09 4,99,999 Consumer Market of Rs. 3,00,000 - 4,99,999 Total likely annual household income of households with annual Annual disposable income of income of Rs. 5,00,000 - households with annual income Rs. 2008-09 9,99,999 Consumer Market of Rs. 5,00,000 - 9,99,999
  • 2. Total likely annual household income of households with annual Annual disposable income of income of above Rs. households with annual income Rs. 2008-09 10,00,000 Consumer Market >Rs. 10,00,000 Total likely annual household income of Total annual household income Rs. 2008-09 households Consumer Market of households Total annual likely consumption expenditure of all households with Annual total likely consumption annual income of less expenditure of households with Rs. 2008-09 than Rs.75,000 Consumer Market annual income of < Rs. 75,000 Total annual likely Annual total likely consumption consumption expenditure of all households with expenditure of households with annual income of annual income of Rs. 75,000 to Rs. 2008-09 Rs.75,000 to 1,49,999 Consumer Market Rs.1,49,999 Total annual likely Annual total likely consumption consumption expenditure of all households with expenditure of households with annual income of Rs annual income of Rs. 1,50,000 to Rs. 2008-09 1,50,000 and 2,99,999 Consumer Market Rs.2,99,999 Total annual likely Annual total likely consumption consumption expenditure of all households with expenditure of households with annual income of Rs annual income of Rs. 3,00,000 - Rs. 2008-09 3,00,000 and 4,99,999 Consumer Market 4,99,999 Total annual likely Annual total likely consumption consumption expenditure of all households with expenditure of households with annual income of Rs annual income of Rs. 5,00,000- Rs. 2008-09 5,00,000 and 9,99,999 Consumer Market 9,99,999 Total annual likely consumption expenditure of all households with Annual total likely consumption annual income of more expenditure of households with Rs. 2008-09 than Rs.10,00,000 Consumer Market annual income of > Rs.10,00,000 Total annual likely consumption expenditure Annual total likely consumption Rs. 2008-09 of all households Consumer Market expenditure of households Total annual likely savings of all households with Annual total likely savings of annual income of less households with annual Income Rs. 2008-09 than Rs.75,000 Consumer Market of < Rs. 75,000 Total annual likely savings of all households with Annual total likely savings of annual income of households with annual income Rs. 2008-09 Rs.75,000 to 1,49,999 Consumer Market of Rs. 75,000 to Rs.1,49,999 Total annual likely savings of all households with Annual total likely savings of annual income of Rs households with annual income Rs. 2008-09 1,50,000 and 2,99,999 Consumer Market of Rs. 1,50,000-2,99,999 Total annual likely savings of all households with Annual total likely savings of annual income of Rs households with annual income Rs. 2008-09 3,00,000 and 4,99,999 Consumer Market Rs. 3,00,000 - 4,99,999 Total annual likely savings of all households with Annual total likely savings of annual income of Rs households with annual income Rs. 2008-09 5,00,000 and 9,99,999 Consumer Market Rs. 5,00,000- 9,99,999
  • 3. Total annual likely savings of all households with Annual total likely savings of annual income of more households with annual income Rs. 2008-09 than Rs.10,00,000 Consumer Market Rs. 10,00,000 and above Total annual likely savings Annual total likely savings of Rs. 2008-09 of all households Consumer Market households Population in households with annual income of less Consumer Population in households with Number 2008-09 than Rs. 75,000 Demography annual Income of < Rs. 75,000 Population in households Population in households with with annual income of Rs. Consumer annual income of Rs. 75,000 to Number 2008-09 75,000 to Rs.1,50,000 Demography Rs.1,49,999 Population in households Population in households with with annual income of Rs. Consumer annual income of Rs. 1,50,000- Number 2008-09 1,50,000 to Rs.3,00,000 Demography 2,99,999 Population in households Population in households with with annual income of Rs. Consumer annual income Rs. 3,00,000 - Number 2008-09 3,00,000 to Rs.5,00,000 Demography 4,99,999 Population in households Population in households with with annual income of Rs. Consumer annual income Rs. 5,00,000- Number 2008-09 5,00,000 to Rs.10,00,000 Demography 9,99,999 Population in households Population in households with with annual income above Consumer annual income Rs. 10,00,000 Number 2008-09 Rs.10,00,000 Demography and above Consumer Number 2008-09 Total Population Demography Total population Annual Total likely consumption expenditures on food items of all the households in the ward estimated for the year Annual household likely 2008-09 in current rupee expenditure on food and related Rs. 2008-09 value Consumer Market items Annual total likely consumption expenditures on fast moving consumer goods of all the households in the ward estimated for the year 2008-09 in current rupee Annual household likely Rs. 2008-09 value Consumer Market expenditure on FMCG Annual total likely consumption expenditures on durables of all the households in the ward estimated for the year 2008-09 in current rupee Annual household likely Rs. 2008-09 value Consumer Market expenditure on durables Annual total likely consumption expenditures on Miscellaneous goods & services of all the households in the ward estimated for the year Annual household likely 2008-09 in current rupee expenditure on Miscellaneous Rs. 2008-09 value Consumer Market goods & services
  • 4. Annual total likely consumption expenditures on Clothing & Footwear of all the households in the ward estimated for the Annual household likely year 2008-09 in current expenditure on Clothing & Rs. 2008-09 rupee value Consumer Market Footwear Annual disposable income of all households divided Annual per capita income of Rs. 2008-09 by Population Consumer Market households Annual likely consumption expenditures of all Annual per capita likely households divided by consumption expenditure of Rs. 2008-09 Population Consumer Market households Annual net likely Saving of all households divided Annual per capita likely savings Rs. 2008-09 by Population Consumer Market of households Delhi Neighbourhoods Neighbourhood Neighbourhood Code name Neighbourhood description / boundaries Civil Lines-Adarsh Nagar,Adarsh Nagar Extension,Azadpur Commercial Complex,Bharaula,Indira Nagar,Kewal Park Extension,Lal Bagh,Majlis Park,Mojiwala Bagh,Mool Chand Colony,New Sabzi Mandi,Nigam 01050DMC Adarsh Nagar Colony,Panchwati,Sarai Extension 00930DMC Ambedkar Nagar Shahdara (N)-Arvind Nagar,Braham Puri,Gautam Vihar Harkesh Nagar,Ghonda Colony,Jai Prakash Nagar 01340DMC Anand Parbat Karol Bagh-Amrit Kaur Puri,Baljit Nagar,Nehru Nagar(Anand Parbat),Punjabi Basti,Than Singh Nagar 01000DMC Ashok Vihar Rohini-Ashok Vihar,Deep Enclave,Gilahari Bagh,Harijan Colony Wazir Pur,Wazirpur Shahdara (N)-Babarpur (East & West),Balbir nagar (90),Balbir Nagar Extn.,Chaju Colony,Gorakh P ark,Harijan Basti Jyoti Nagar West,Jyoti Colony,Jyoti Nagar West Extn,Kabir Nagar,Kardampuri,North Chajjupur,Om Vihar 00900DMC Babarpur Colony,Rishi Kadam Pur Harijan Colony Central-Ali Extension,Ali Vihar Badarpur,Azad Camp,Badarpur Extn.,Budh Vihar Colony TajPur Pah ari,Ekta Vihar Jaitpur,Gagan Vihar Badarpur,Gautam Puri I & II (JJ Colony),Hari Nagar Extn Jaitpur Road,Harijan Basti 00650DMC Badarpur Mithapur,Jagdamba Badarpur,Jait Pur Extn Rohini-Abhey Garden,Ambedkar Nagar (Jahangirpuri),Bhagat Singh Park,Chandan Park,Dr. Ambedkar Nagar Haiderpur,Gobind Mohalla,Jeevan Park,Master Mohalla,Raja Vihar Colony Siraspur,RajivPur Shamaypur,Rama 00340DMC Badli Park Siras Pur,Rana Park Siraspur City-Baradari,Farash Khana,Fathepuri,Haveli Haider Kuli,Jogiwara,KhushDil,Kuncha Rahman,Lalkuan Bazar,Nai 01110DMC Ballimaran wala,Roshan Pura 01070DMC Bazar Sitaram Sadar Pahadganj-Ajmere Gate,G B Road Area,Hauz Qazi,Kucha Pandit,Shah Ganj,Sitaram Bazar Karol Bagh-Ahata Thakur Das Sarai Rohilla,Beadonpura,Karol Bagh,Nai Walan,Ratan Nagar,Sarai Rohilla,Shastri 01290DMC Beedanpura Park(Beadan Pura),Western Extn Karol Bagh Shahdara (N)-Amrit Nagar Shahdara,Ashok Nagar Nanad Nagri,Chandra Lok,Chitrakoot,Duragapuri,Durgapuri Bhagwanpur Extn.,Gautam Marg,Hardev Puri,Jagatpuri(Bhagwanpur),Jagjeevan Nagar,Jyoti Nagar East,NewModern 00880DMC Khera Shahdara,Sakdarpur Rohini-Arya Bhatt Enclave,Bharat Nagar,Bunker Colony,JJ Colony Wazirpur,Neemri Colony,Satyawati 00990DMC Bharat Nagar nagar,Sawan Park,Shakti Nagar Extn Central-Bhagwan Nagar,Bhogal,Hari Nagar Ashram Colony,Jal Vihar,Jiwan Nagar,KilokariExtn,Kilokri Ring Road,Nehru Nagar (bhogal),Ring Road B anglows,Sidharth Enclave,Sidhartha Extention,Sidhartha Nagar,Sunlight 00060DMC Bhogal Colony - II,Sunlight Colony- I Nazafgarh-Arjun Garh(Bijwasan),DalmiaVihar,Dr. Ambedkar Colony Bijwasan,HarijanBasti Bijwasan,Kapas Hara Extn,Milan Enclave Dauletpur,Nav Sansad Vihar,Palam Apartments Bijwasan,Panchwati(Bijwasan),Rajok Harijan ri 00550DMC Bijwasan Basti,Rishal Vihar Chawla Extn 01120DMC Chandni Chowk City-Basti Harphool Singh,Chowk Nai Basti,Jhagu Mal Colony,Pahari Dhiraj 01140DMC Civil Lines City-Aruna Nagar,Civil Lines,Gokhale Market,Kashmere Gate,Khyber Pass,Majnu Ka Tila,Mori Gate,Old
  • 5. Chandrawal,Prema Kunj,Priyadarshani,Saraswati Kunj,Tis Hazari,Yamuna Bazar Nazafgarh-Bharat Vihar Vashisht Park,Bheram Puri,Dabri Extn,Dashrath Puri,Dashrath PuriPalam Road,Durga Park colony Dabri,Durga Puri Dabri,EIL Friends Society,Krishnan Society,Mahavir Enclave Part I II & III,Mahavir 00510DMC Dabri Vihar Palam,Mangla Puri Palam City-Bulbuli Khan,Chandni Mahal,Chatta Lal Miya,Chitla Gate Area,Katra Chhotey Lal,Kuchalal Man,Rakab 01090DMC Darya Ganj Ganj,Sheesh Mahal,Suiwalan Area Central-Amar Colony Lajpat Nagar,Anand Lok,Andrews Ganj,Dayanand Colony,Defence Colony,HUDCO Place,Lajpat Nagar-III,Lajpat Nagar-IV,National Park,NirmalPuriColony( Old Double Storey),Sadiq Nagar,Sanwal 00040DMC Defence Colony Nagar,South Ext (NDSE),Sri Fort Banglows Karol Bagh-Balmiki Colony,Bapa Nagar Dev Nagar,Dev Nagar,Friends Enclave Part-2,Govind G arh,Harkeh Nagar,Kabir Bastu,Krishna Nagar (Karol Bagh),Mata Rameshwari Nehru Nagar,Rehgarpura,Sat Nagar,Thakkar 01300DMC Dev Nagar Bapa Nagar Shahdara (N)-Dilshad Garden (82, 83),Guru Teg Bahadur Encl,Harsh Vihar(DilshadGarden),Kanchipur,Leprosy 00830DMC Dilshad Garden Colony,New Jagatpuri Extn,Prem Nagar Dr. Ambedkar 00610DMC Nagar South-JJ Colony (Khanpur),Khanpur Colony,RPS Colony 01250DMC East Patel Nagar Karol Bagh-East Patel Nagar,Faridpuri,Prem Nagar(East Patel Nagar),West Patel Nagar Civil Lines-Bhai Parmanand Nagar,Dairy Mansha Ram,Dhaka Johar near Dr. Mukherjee Nagar,Guru Teg Bahadur Nagar,Hakikat Nagar,Harijan Colony (Outram Lines),Hudson Line (Kingsway),Indira Vihar,Indira Vikas 01160DMC G T B Nagar Colony,Mukharjee Nagar,Munshiram Dairy Clny Shahdara (S)-Ajit Nagar,Amar Mohalla,Anand Mohalla,Arjun Mohalla,Bagichi Phool Singh,Dharam Pura Gandhi Nagar,Gandhi Nagar,Ghas Mandi,Gyan Mohalla,Jain Mohalla,Kailash Nagar,Kapoor Basti,Multani Mohalla,Sham 00750DMC Gandhi Nagar Park,Singar Pur Shahdara (S)-Aram Park,Geeta Colony,Jheel Khurenja,Mahila Colony Shahdara,New Ganesh Park Shastri Park,New Lahore Extn Shastri Nagar,New Lahore Mohalla Shastri nagar,New Lahore Munshi ColonyShastri 00730DMC Geeta Colony Nagar,Rani Garden,Sarojani Naidu ParkShastri Nagar Shahdara (N)-Amar Colony,Amar Vihar,Ambedkar Nagar(East Delhi),Ankur Enclave Karawal Nagar,An up Vihar,Bhagat Vihar Karawal Nagar,Bhagirathi Vihar,Chaman Park,Chander Nagar Karawal Nagar,Dehroti,Dr. 00860DMC Gokulpur Ambedkar Colony Johri pur,Ganga Vihar,Gokulpuri South-Asian Games Village Complex,Chirag Enclave, ast Of Kailash,Greater Kailash I,Hemkunt Colony,Kailash E Colony,Kailash Hill,Kailash Kunj,Krishi Vihar,Lal Gumbad & JJC,Masjid Moth DDA Flats,Nehru Place,Pamposh 00120DMC Greater Kailash I Enclave,Panchsheel Enclave,Panchshila Greater Kailash Central-Alaknanda,Chittaranjan Park,Greater Kailash Encl-I & II,Greater Kailash II,Greater Kailash I I,Greater 00090DMC II Kailash IV (NRI Colony),Shaheed Camp,Sheikh Sarai Phase II South-Bhavishyanidhi Enclave,Gautam Nagar,Gulmohar Park,Harijan Colony Begum Pur,Hauz Khas,IIT Area,Mayfair Garden,Neeti Bagh,Padmini Enclave(Hauz Khas),Qutab Inst Area,Sarvapriya Vihar,Siri Fort 00140DMC Gulmohar Park Institutional Area,Vijay Mandal Enclave,Yusuf Sarai Gurunanak 00460DMC Nagar West-Guru Nanak Nagar,Keshopur Colony,Ravi Nagar Extn.,RC Khyala,Santgarh,Shahpura Central-Ahera Kishan,Baba Mela Enclave Badar pur,Gola Kuan,Harkesh Nagar,Indira Kalyan Vihar,Pulpehlad 00660DMC Harkesh Nagar Extn.,Rajeev Camp (Okhla),Sanjay Colony (Okhla) West-Anand Kunj,Arunodya Society,Deep Enclave Hastsal,Hastsal,Hastsal(Janta Flats),JJ Colony Hastsal,Kangra 00470DMC Hastsal Niketan,Laxmi Vihar,Manohar Nagar,Ujjawal,Vidya Vihar Hastsal,Vikaspuri South-Arjun Nagar,Bhikaji Cama Palace,Bhim Nagri,Green Park,Green P Extn.,Krishna Nagar (South ark 00130DMC Hauz Khas Delhi),Munirka DDA Flats,Nauroji Nagar,Rama Colony,Safdarjang Dev Area,Safdarjang Enclave 00920DMC Jafrabad Shahdara (N)-Chauhan Bangar,Jaffrabad,Seelampur,Welcome ColonySeelampur Shahdara (S)-Anarkali Colony,Anarkali Garden,Baldev Park,Chandra Nagar,Chandu Park,Chawla Park,Ganesh Park,Gian Park,Golden Park(Jagat puri),Gopal Park(Jagat puri),Govind Park,Hazara Park,Jagat Puri Preet 00780DMC Jagatpuri Vihar,Jagatpuri,Jitar Nagar,Lachaman Park 01100DMC Jama Masjid City-Baggichi Madhodas,Jama Masjid,Kalan Mahal,Matia Mahal,Meena Bazar,Old Daryaganj Area( Pata House) udi West-Arya Samaj Road Uttam Nagar,Bal Udyan Marg,Chanakaya Place Uttam Nagar,Chandar Nagar,Dayalsar Colony,East Uttam Nagar,Indra Park,Indra Park Extn,Janakpuri,Mahindra Park(Janakpuri),Milap Nagar,Narang 00170DMC Janakpuri Colony,Poshangipur,Prem Nagar,Salatpur Khadak Central-Jangpura - B,Jangpura A,Jangpura Extension,Kasturba Niketan,Lajpat Nagar-I,Lajpat Nagar-II,Lodhi 00050DMC Jangpura Colony,Lodi Road Institutional area,Pant Nagar,Pragati Vihar,Vinoba Puri Central-Ami Chand Khand,Bal Mukund Khand,Balaji Estate,Giri Nagar,Govindpuri,Govindpuri Extn,Kalkaji,Nehru 00100DMC Kalkaji Enclave,Rampuri Harijan Colony,Subhash Khand,Tilak Khand Civil Lines-Gulabi Bagh,Jawahar Nagar,Kamla Nagar,Prem Nagar,Roop Nagar,Sanjay Nagar Near Gulabi 01190DMC Kamla Nagar Bagh,Shakti Nagar,Shree Nagar,Shree Nagar Extn,Vir Nagar West-Amar Park,Ashok Park Extn.,Bh agwan Das Nagar,Bhagwan Das Nagar Extn.,Jai Dev Park,JaiDev Park ( DDA Flats) Vasant Vihar,Kailash Park,Karampura,Kedar Bagh (Rohtak Rd),Laxmi Garde nChotey Lal Park,Madan 01230DMC Karampura Park,Manohar Park,Moti Nagar,New Moti Nagar 00280DMC Keshav Puram Rohini-Keshav Puram,Mahindra Park,Raja Park,Ram Pura,RoopNagar Keshav Puram,Sri Nagar Garden West-Chand Nagar,Khyala Phase I, II ,III,Nanda Block,Narsingh Park,Narsingh Garden ( Khayala),Navyug 00450DMC Khyala Block,Ravi Nagar,Sham Nagar (Khayala),Vishnu Garde n,Vishnu Park Karol Bagh-Anand Parbat,Azad Nagar(Kishan Ganj),Chandra S hekhar Azad Colony,East Moti Bagh (Karol Bagh),Harijan Basti New Rohtak Road,Kishan Ganj,Nai Basti Anand Parbat,Padam Nagar,Saraswati Park,Teachers 01330DMC Kishanganj Quarters,Vivekanand Puri 00700DMC Kondli Shahdara (S)-Gharoli Extn.,Harijan Basti Kondli,Kalyan Puri,Kondali Extn,New Kondli,Rajbir Colony Shahdara (S)-Arjun Nagar West,Azad Nagar(Krishna Nagar),East Krishna Nagar,Jag Puri A Block,Kanti at Nagar,Kanti Nagar Extn,Krishna Nagar,New AnarkaliColony,New Krishna Nagar,Radhey Puri,Radhey Puri Extn 00770DMC Krishna Nagar 1&2,Shankar Nagar,Shankar Nagar Extn
  • 6. Shahdara (S)-Arjan Park,Bank Enclave Geeta Colony,East End Enclave,Guru Amardas Nagar,Guru Angad Nagar Extn,Guru Nanak Ngr,Guru Nanak Pura,Guru Ra Dass Nagar,Gyan Kunj,Jagat Ram Park, M, N, L (laxmi Nagar) m 00740DMC Lakshmi Nagar ,Krishan Kunj,Kundan Nagar,Lakshmi Nagar South-Dakshinpuri,DakshinpuriExtn Block 19 South Enclave,Dr Ambedkar Nagar (Madangir),Madangir Camp,Mini 00620DMC Madangir Subhas Camp,Pushpa Bhawan,Subhas Camp Nazafgarh-Dev Kunj (Raj Nagar),Harijan Basti Palam,Madhu Vihar Uttam Nagar,Mahavir Encl (Uttam Nagar),Mahavir Enclave Part II,Mahavir Vihar,Mirzapur,Palam Colony,Pura Nagar Madhu Vihar,Purannagar,Raj n 00540DMC Madhupur Nagar Palam Colony,Raj Nagar I,Raja Puri Colony West-Adarsh Bhawan coop. H.B. Society,Arihant Nagar,Janta Colony(Paschimp uri),Lal Quarters,Madhuban Enclave,Madipur Colony,Old Slum Quarters Madipur,Paschim Vihar Extn,Punjabi Bagh Apartment (208 DDA SFS 00250DMC Madipur Flats) Madipur,Punjabi Bagh Extn,Punjabi Bagh West Nazafgarh-Air India Colony,Anand Gram,Andheria Mor,Christian Colony Mehrauli,Defence Enclave Mahipalpur,Ghasi Pura Nangli Dairy,Harijan Basti Masudpur,IAAI Colony,IINAA Housing Com plex,Indian Air Lines 00560DMC Mahipalpur Clny,Jagjivan Ram HousingSociety,JNU CAMPUS AREA Sadar Pahadganj-Aram Bagh,Ashoka Pahari,Bagh Raoji Colony,Bara Hindu Rao,DoriWalan,Gau Shala,Jhandewalan Area,Jhandewalan Extn.,Manak Pura,Model Basti,Motia Khan,Siddhipura,Subash 01320DMC Manakpura Nagar,Swami Ramtirth Nagar Shahdara (S)-Chander Vihar Mandawali,Ghazipur Dairy Farm,Krishna Puri Mandavli,Mandawali Unchepar,Saket 00720DMC Mandawali Block,Saraswati Kunj And Apartments,Vinod Nagar 00410DMC Mangolpuri (N) Nazafgarh-Mangolpuri 00420DMC Mangolpuri (S) Nazafgarh-Mangolpuri Nazafgarh-Ambika Enclave Kakraula,Anand Vihar Gurpreet Nagar,Anand Vihar Uttam Nagar,Bajaj Enclave,Bandhu Vihar,Bees Sutri Colony,Bharat Garden Matiala Road,Bharat Vihar (Kakraula),Bhola Ram Enclave Villag Pockam e 00530DMC Matola pur,Chandra Park Dwarka Shahdara (N)-Kachi Colony Vijay park,Maujpur Colony,Noor Illahi Colony,Vijay Colony,Vijay Mohalla,Vijay 00960DMC Maujpur Park,Yamuna Vihar Shahdara (S)-Acharya Niketan,Amar Jyoti Kunj,Ambedkar Camp,Harijan Basti Patpar Ganj,Kalyanvas,Mayur Vihar,Pratap Nagar(69),RC Khichripur,Shashi Garden,Supreme Enclave & Societies,Usha 00690DMC Mayur Vihar EnclaveSocieties,Pandav Nagar Central-Chirag Coop H.B. society,Delhi Dayal Coop H. B Society,Geetanjali Enclave,Hauz Rani Mohalla,Khirki Ext.,Lok Sewak coop. H.B. Society,Malviya Nagar,NavjivanVihar,Panchsheel Extn,Panchsheel Vihar,Sarvodaya 00110DMC Malviya Nagar Enclave,Savitri Nagar,Sheikh Sarai Colony South-Ahinsha Enclave,Mehrauli,Anupam Apartment,Anupam Garden & Others Colonies(Cluster),BeesSutri Harijan Basti,Freedom Fighter Vihar,Harijan Colony Neb Sarai,Indra Enclave Neb Sarai,Islam Colony 00570DMC Mehrauli Mehrauli,Jatav Basti Mehrauli,JJ Indra Camp Saidullaja City-Anna Nagar,Balmiki Basti,Firoz Shah Kotla Stadium,Gandhi Market Area,Indraprasth Estate,Mata Sundari Rly Clny,Minto Road Flats(CPWDPWD, MCD),Press Area,Press Enclave(Minto Ro ad),Rouse AvenueInstitution 00010DMC Minto Road Area,Sanjay Amar Colony,SKD Basti,Vikram Nagar Civil Lines-CC Colony (Rajpura),Gopal Nagar,IshwarColony,Kalyan Vihar,Kewal Park,Kirpal Bagh ,Model Town,Mohan Park,New Gupta Colony,New Police Line,Old Gupta Colony,Priyadarshani Vihar,Rames hwar 01180DMC Model Town Nagar,Rishib Nagar Mohan Park,Sardar Nagar near CC Colony Nazafgarh-Amber Vihar,Ambey Garden,Ambica Vihar,Arya Mohalla,Ashok Mohalla,Bhera Enclave,Chandan Garden,Chandan Vihar,Chander Vihar Nilothi,Chhaju Ram Colony,Guru Hari Kishan Nagar Nilothi Extn.,Guru 00430DMC Nagloi Harkishan Nagar,Guru Nanak Vih ar,Hanuman Enclave West-Guru Nanakpura,Insti Area Pankha Road,Lajwanti Garden,Nangal Raya Extn,Nangal Raya Shopping 00180DMC Nangal Raya Centre,Prem Nagar (18),Rohtas Nagar Janak P uri,Tulsiram Bagichi (Nangal Raya) 01280DMC Naraina Karol Bagh-Ashok Niketan Naraina,Bu Nagar(JJ Colony),Naraina Vihar,Uday Niketan dh Narela-Baba Hari Dass Nagar(Tikri Khurd),Babu Jagjiwan Ram Colony,Gautam Colony,Guru Ravi Dass Nagar Harijan Basti,Gurukul Vihar,Hastal Colony,Indra Colony (Narela),Mahavir Colony (Narela),Meitri Enclave 01010DMC Narela (Narela),Mitra Mandal Mohalla (Narela),Nai Basti City-Arab Ki Sarai,Daryaganj,Devi Nagar,Gautampuri IP Estate,Jaipur Estate,Kali Basti,Mirza Galib Bara Khamba,Nagla Machi,Nangli,Nizamuddin East,Nizam uddin West,Parda Bagh,Pragati Maiden,Sant 00020DMC Nizamuddin Nagar(Nizamuddin),Sarai Kale Khan,Sunder Nagar Central-Abul Fazal Enclave,Azim Dairy,Batla House,B ehlol Pur Colony Maharani Bagh,Bharat Nagar New Friends Colony,Canal Colony Okhla,Dawat Nagar,Escort Area,Friends Colony,Friends Colony East,Friends Colony 00070DMC Okhla West,Gafoor Nagar,Ghaffar Manzil Colony Sadar Pahadganj-Arya Nagar (Pahar Ganj),Chuna M andi,Kamla Market,Kaseru Walan,Kucha Pati Ram,Kucha 01080DMC Paharganj Sohan Lal,Kucha Tiku Sah,Mantola Mohalla,Pahar Ganj,Shora Kothi West-Avtar Enclave,Cottage Enclave,Janta Flats Paschim Vihar,Krishi Niketan,Meera Bagh,Paschim Vihar,Paschimpuri,Pushkar Enclave,RBI Colony,Shiva Enclave(Paschim Vi har),Shubh Enclave(Paschim 00260DMC Pashchim Vihar Vihar),Shubham Enclave,State Bank Nagar Civil Lines-Mahendra Park,Mall Apartment Mall Road,Nirankri Colony,Ramgarh,Sanjay Enclave,Sanjay Nagar 01060DMC Pipalthala (Jahangirpuri) 00390DMC Piragarhi Nazafgarh-AB Extn Colony,Inder Enclave,Jawalapuri,Jawalapuri Extension,Miyanwali Nagar,Paschim Enclave 00320DMC Pitampura Rohini-Maurya Enclave,Pitampura,Vaishali,Vishakha Enclave West-Akal Garh,Anand Vihar (Hari nagar),Asha park,Fateh Nagar,Gopalnagar,Khajan Basti & Extn,Maya Enclave,Nanak Pura (Mayapuri),Pratap Nagar,Shiv Nagar,Sorabh Vihar Hari Nagar Extn,Usha Park,Virendra 00190DMC Pratap Nagar Nagar, Hari Nagar Shahdara (S)-AGCR Enclave,Arya Nagar (AnandVihar),Bharti Artist Colony,Brijpuri,Chitra Vihar,Dayanand Vihar,Defence Enclave,Gagan Vihar,Gagan Vihar Extn,Ghazipur,Gobind Pura,Gujarat Vihar,Guru Angad Nagar 00790DMC Preet Vihar East,Hargovind Enclave,Hasanp Colony,Indra Park ur 01310DMC Qadam Sharif Sadar Pahadganj-Aram Nagar,Bagichi Allauddin,Multani Dhanda,Nabi Karim,Ram Nagar,Shahi Idgah Colony
  • 7. City-Bara Chamarwara,Bara More Sarai,Chandni Chowk,Chhatta B hawani Shankar,Chhippy Wada,Chhota Chamarwara,Dharam Pura Chandni Chowk,Kaccha Bagh Area,Katra Asharfi,Katra Dhobl,Katra Ghel,Katra Husain 01130DMC Qassabpura Bax,Katra Mashru,Katra Nawab,Katra Neel,Katra P edan South-Anand Niketan,Delhi University South Campus,Ekta Vihar,Nanakpura,Ramakrishana Puram,Satya 00150DMC R K Puram Niketan,Shanti Niketan,Som Vihar,South Moti Bagh,West End Shahdara (S)-Chand Mohalla,East Old Seelampur,Mohalla Ram Nagar,Raghubarpura,Raj Garh,Rajgarh 00760DMC Raghbarpura Colony,Ranjit Park,Shanti Mohalla,Valmiki Colony West-Bhagat Singh Enclave,Janta Colony Raghubir Nagar,Raghubir Nagar(Tagore Garden Ext ),Shivaji n 00240DMC Raghubir Nagar Enclave,Vishal Enclave Karol Bagh-Inderpuri,Krishi Kunj,New Rajinder Nagar,North Extn. Area P Road,Old Rajinder Nagar,Rajindra usa 01270DMC Rajendra Nagar Park Pusa Road,Rajindra Park Shanker Road,Sama Garden West-Bali Nagar,Raja Garden,Raja Garden ( WZ Area),RajouriGarden,Rajouri Garden ( WZ 00230DMC Rajouri Garden Area),Ramgarh(Rajouri Garden),Ratan Park,Sudarshan Park,Subhash Nagar West-Bandar Wali Khui,Jawahar Camp,Kirti Nagar,Ma nsarowar Garden,Namdhari Colony,Ramesh 01240DMC Ramesh Nagar Nagar,Saraswati Garden,Shardapuri Rana Pratap Civil Lines-Derawal Nagar,Dilkhush Bagh,Gujranwala Town,Jain Colony(VirNagar),Mahendru Enclave,Rajpura & 01170DMC Nagar Gurmandi Duplex Qtrs,Rana Prata Bagh,Sangam Park,State Bank Colony GT Karnal Road p Rohini-Budh Vihar,Gopal Park Budh Vihar,Gopal Vihar,Harsh Dev ParkBudh Vihar (Rithala Road),Harshdev Colony,Mangalam Place,Mange Ram Park Budh Vihar,Mange Ram Park Pooth Kalan,Maniram Park,Paul colony 00350DMC Rithala Uttari Rithala,Sanjay Nagar Mangolpur Kalan Rohini-Amba Enclave,Ayodhya Enclave,Citizens Enclave,Dharam K unj,Eklaviya Enclave,Laxmi Kunj,Parvana Vihar,Prashant Vihar,Rohini,Rohini Institution Area,Samay Vihar,Sanskrit Nagar,Satyam Vihar,Varun Kunj,Varun al 00330DMC Rohini Niketan,Vidhya Vihar,Vijeta Vihar Shahdara (N)-Bhagwanpur Khera,British India Colo ny,Dwarkapuri,Hari Krishna Nagar,Kabul Nagar,Krishna Puri(87),Kuldeep Nagar,Makki Sarai,M ansarowar Park,Mohan Park Navin Sahadera,Moti Park,Navin 00870DMC Rohtas Nagar Shahdra,Oldanpur,Panchsheel Park (Seelampur),Partapura Nazafgarh-Ajay Park Najafgarh,Anaj Mandi Market Najafgarh,Anand Park Extn. Shakrawati,Dairy Colony,Data Ram Park near Dindarpur,Dharam Pura Colony Najafgarh,Dindarpur Extn.Najafgarh,Durga Park Najafgarh,Durga Vihar 00490DMC Roshanpura Najafgarh,Gamini Park Nangli Sakrawati Sadar Pahadganj-Azad Market,Bagichi Peerji,Bahar Garh,Bari Wala Bagh,Fyaz Ganj,Hathi Khana,Motia 01220DMC Sadar Bazar Bagh,Nawab Ganj,Naya Mohalla,Rahat Ganj,Sabzi Mandi,Sadar Bazar,Savai Phoos Colony,Teliwara,Tokriwalan Nazafgarh-Dayalpark Sagarpur,Geetanjali Enclave Dabri,Geet njali Park,Harijan Basti Sagarpur,Ideal Society a Dabri,Indira Park Palam,Jagadamba Vihar Sagarpur,Kailash Extn. Nasirpur,Kailash puri Nasirpur,Kailash puri 00520DMC Sagarpur Palam Colony,Kamal Park Palam Colony South-Bara Mohalla Khanpur,Bihari Park,Duggal Colony,Jawahar Park,Kha pur Extn,Krishna Park Khanpur n 00590DMC Saket Deovli,Press Enclave,Pushp Vihar,Raju Park Deovli,Saket,Shiv Park Deoli Central-Lal Kuan M B Road,Northern Camp,Pram Nagar Lal Kuan M.B.Road,Sangam Vihar,Suraja 00640DMC Sangam Vihar Camp,Talimabad,Tughlaqabad Institutional Area,Vayusenabad,Viswakarma Colony Rohini-Anand Vihar (Rani Bagh),Brij Vihar,Deepali,Hari Singh Park,Harit Niketan,Model Hsg Society,New Multan Nagar,Parwana Road Societies Pitumpura,Pira Garhi Relief Camp,Pundrik Vihar,Pushpanjali Enclave 00300DMC Saraswati Vihar Pitumpura,Rani Bagh,Rishi Nagar,Sainik Vihar Shahdara (N)-Ambedkar Basti (Seelampur),Bulund Masjid (Shastri park),Gautampuri,Gautampuri 00910DMC Seelampur (Jaffrabad),Jagjeevan Nagar,Kaithwara,Mohalla Subhash,New Kathwara,Shastri Park(Seelampur) 00840DMC Seemapuri Shahdara (N)-Bankur Vihar,Dilshad Colony,Seemapuri,Sunder Nagri Central-Amrit Nagar,Arjun Nagar(Sewa Nagar),Bhola Nagar,INA Colony,Kasturba Nagar(Sewa Nagar),Prem 00030DMC Sewa Nagar Nagar(Sewa Nagar),Sewa Nagar,Vikash Sad an,Wazir Nagar Colony Shahdara (S)-Ambedkar Nagar Shahdara,Anaz Mandi,Bhola Nath Nagar,Bihari Colony,BihariPuri Extn.,Dalai Mohalla,Farsh Bazar,Gazzu Katra,Goverdhan Behari Colony,Gudahi Mohalla,Janta Colony Shahdara,Jawala 00810DMC Shahdara Nagar,Mahavir Block,Mehram Mohalla,Mohalla Sarai Shahdara (S)-Dayanand Block,Gandhi Nagar(Mandavali),Ganesh Nagar II,Master Block,Nanakpura 00710DMC Shakarpur Shakarpur,Samaspur Extn,Shakarpur,Sundar Block,Upadhyay Block,Veer Savarkar Block,Pandav Nagar Rohini-Chander Lok,Engineers Enclave,Harsh Vihar,Kailash Enclave,Kapil Vihar,Kohat Enclave,Lok Vihar,Maharana Pratap Enclave,Netaji Subhash Place,Nishant Kunj,Raj Nagar,Raja Enclave,Rajdhani 00290DMC Shakurpur Enclave,Rohit Kunj,Samrat Encl,Sandesh Vihar,Shakurpur Colony 00310DMC Shalimar Bagh Rohini-Chchuna Lal Park,Electricity Colony Shalimar Bagh,Reserve Bank Colony,Shalimar Bagh,Singalpur Civil Lines-Anand Nagar,Daya Basti,Inderlok A Block,Inderlok B Block,Sarai Basti,Sha hjadabag,Shahzadabagh 01200DMC Shastri Nagar Extension,Shastri Nagar,Shivaji Nagar,Shubhadra Colony,Tulsi Nagar,Vardhman Nagar Karol Bagh-Guru Arjun Nagar,Guruna Nagar,Kathputli Colony JJ Cluster,New Patel Nagar,New Ranjit nak South Patel Nagar,Pandav Nagar,Prasad Nagar (LIGMIG Flats),Rajendra Place,Ranjit Nagar,Shadip r Market(Ranjit nagar u 01260DMC Nagar Commercial Complex),South Patel Nagar Central-Amrit Puri,Garhi Extn,Prakash Mohalla,Saroopa Mohalla,Shyam Nagar,Srinivaspuri JJ 00080DMC Sriniwaspuri Colony,Sriniwaspuri,SriniwaspuriExtn West-Beri wala Bagh,Janak Park,Janak Vihar Extn. Tihar,Ma Vihar Extn.,Manak Vihar(Subhash nak 00200DMC Subhash Nagar Nagar),Mayapuri (DDA MIG G8 Area),Prayog Vihar,Press Colony,Vikrant Enclave, Hari Nagar,Sub hash Nagar Sadar Pahadganj-Andha Mughal,Arya pura,Katra Imli,Kheria Mohalla,Malka Ganj,Mukhimpura,Pratap Nagar 01210DMC Subzi Mandi (Andha Mughal),Punjabi Basti (Sabzi Mandi),Sita Saran Colony West-Chakundi Extn,Gangaram Vatika,Harijan colony Tilak Nagar,Hind Nagar,Maj Bhupender Singh Nagar,Mukherjee Park Extn,Mukhram Garden,Mukhram Park Extn,Prithvi Park,Ram Nagar Extn.,Ra Nagar near m 00210DMC Tagore Garden Tilak Nagar,Sahibpura,Sant Garh Tilak Nagar,Sant Nagar Extn West-Ajanta Park,Ajay Enclave,Ashok Nagar Tihar,Ganesh Nagar,Gujranwala (VikasPuri),Krishna Park,Krishna 00220DMC Tilak Nagar Park Extn,Krishnapuri(22),Mahavir Nagar,Minakshi Garden,Shankar Garden Civil Lines-Banarsi Das Estate,Christian Colony,Gop Pur Extn,Kabir Basti,Maurice Nagar,Nehru al Vihar(Timarpur),Sangam Vihar at M Road Wazirabad,Sarup Nagar (University),Timarpur,University Area (North .B. 01150DMC Timarpur Campus),Wazirabad
  • 8. Rohini-Ashoka Park Main,Devaram Park,Electricity Colony Punjabi Bagh,Ganeshpura,Golden Park,Kanhiya Nagar,Lekhu Nagar,Narang Colony (TriNagar),Onkar Nagar,Phool Bagh,Ram Pura Extn Colonies.,Shambu 00270DMC Tri Nagar Nagar,Shanti Nagar,Transport Nagar(TriNagar),Tri Nagar Shahdara (S)-Chilla Janata Flats,East End Apartments,Harijan BastiAshok Nagar,Himmatpuri,Kotla,New Ashok 00670DMC Trilokpur Nagar Central-Bhoomi Heen Camp,Durga Vihar Tughlakabad,Hamdard Nagar,Harijan Basti Lal Kuan,Jawaharlal Nehru Camp,Kalkaji Extn,Krishna Park Tughlakabad,Master Mohalla Tughlakabad,Navjeewan Camp,Transit 00630DMC Tughalakabad Camp,Tughlakabad Extn Shahdara (N)-Bhajanpura,Gamri,Jagjeet Nagar,Jai Prakash Mo halla,Kartar Nagar,Nayagaon,New Lahore 00940DMC Usmanpur Colony,New Usmanpur West-Adarsh Nagar Bindapur Extn,Akash Vihar Ranhola,Amrit Puri Ranhola,Anand Ram Park,Anup Nagar Uttam Nagar,Avtar Vihar,Bajaj Enclave Uttam Nagar,Bapraula ExtnNajafgarh,Bhagat Enclave,Bhagwati Garden,Bhagwati 00480DMC Uttam Nagar Vihar,Bindapur,Deepak Vihar,Ganga Ram Park South-Basant Lok DDA Complex,Hill View Apartment Shrestha Vihar,Munirka Enclave,Munirka Vihar,Rama Market 00160DMC Vasant Vihar Pratap Market Munirka,Vasant Enclave,Vasant Vihar Shahdara (S)-Anand Vihar,Arjun Nagar East,Ashok Niketan Anand Vihar,Bahubali Enclave,Bahubali Extn,Basti Bheekham Singh,Gharonda Apartment,Gitanjali Apt,Harijan Basti Karkardoo ma,Jagriti Enclave,Karkar Duma 00800DMC Vishwas Nagar Colony,Kasturba Nagar,Manak Vihar Shahdara (S)-Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar Colony,Ghisa,Govind Khand,Indira Camp (Jhilmil Colony),Janta Colony,Jeevan Sarita,Jhilmil Colony,Kaland er,Pratap Khand,Rajiv Colony (Jhilmil Colony),Shiva Khand,Sonia 00820DMC Vivek Vihar Gandhi JJ Camps,Telephone Colony,Vishkarma Nagar Shahdara (N)-Janta Colony JJ Cluster,New Jaffrabad,Panchsheel Garden Shadhra,Subhash park Extn,Subhash 00890DMC W Gorakh Park Park(Rohtas Nagar),Uldanpur,Welcome Kabutar Market,West Gorakh Park,West Gorakh Park Extn Shahdara (N)-Garhi Mendu,Mustafabad,Sanjay Mohalla,Sonia Vihar,Subhash Mohalla,Subhash Park,Subhash 00950DMC Yamuna Vihar Vihar Jor Bagh, Ali Ganj, Karbala, BK Dutt Colony, Najaf Khan Road, Aurobindo Marg, PrithviRaj Road, Tughlaq Road, N.D.M.C Tughlaq Lane, South End Lane, Aurangzeb Lane, Part of Tughlaq Road, Safdarjang Road, Race Course Road, JJ 0006NDMC Charge. No. 6 Cluster North Avenue, Central Secretariat, Parliame and Parliament Annexe, Dr. Rajinder Prasad Road upto its junction nt N.D.M.C to Janpath, Janpath upto Roundabout of Windsor place, Ashoka Road upto Gol dakhana, Mother Teresa Cresent 0004NDMC Charge. No. 4 Marg upto 11 Shanti Path, Kautilya Marg, Sardar Patel Marg, Panchsheel Marg, Simon Boliwar Marg, Sen Martin Road, Bapu N.D.M.C Dham, Jesus and Mary Marg, ChanderGupta Road, Nyaya Marg, Satya Marg, Niti Marg, Vinay Marg, Chanakya 0009NDMC Charge. No. 9 Puri, Satya Sadan Vijay Chowk, Rajpath, Central Vista Lawn, India Gate, C- Hexagon, Purana Qila Road, Tilak Marg, Supreme court N.D.M.C area and Tilak Lane, Bapa Nagar, Pandara Park, Pandara Road, Shahjahan Road Flats, Shahjahan Road, Dr. 0005NDMC Charge. No. 5 Zakhir Hussain Roa Connaught Place ( Inner, Middle and Outer Circle), Shanker Market upto Campa Cola Factory, Indian Oil Bhawan, N.D.M.C Janpath upto Tolstoy Marg Crossing, Parliament Street upto Patel Chowk, Ashoka Road (from Gole dak khana post 0001NDMC Charge. No. 1 office) N.D.M.C 0002NDMC Charge. No. 2 Peshwa Road, Mandir Marg, Panchkuian Road, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Marg upto Roundabout of Gole Market N.D.M.C East / West Kidwai Nager,, Aurobindo Marg Upto Yusuf Sarai, Dilli Haat surrounding Laxmibai Nagar, Brig. 0007NDMC Charge. No. 7 Hoshiyar Singh Road, Laxmibai Market, both Kidwai Nagar Markets N.D.M.C Mandir Marg beginning from its junction with Peshwa Road, Park Street, Baba Kharak Singh Marg upto Rivoli 0003NDMC Charge. No. 3 Cinema, Madras Hotel and Shaheed Bhagat Singh Marg upto Roundabout of Gole Market N.D.M.C Sarojini Nagar, Nauroji Nagar, Sarojini Vihar, Pilanji Gaon, Africa Avenue, I - Avenue, B- Avenue, Brig. Hoshiyar 0008NDMC Charge. No. 8 Singh Road Census These are disparate areas spread across Delhi which are classified as census towns an d 000000CT towns hence cannot be clubbed with any of the other neighborhoods Mumbai Neighbourhoods Neighbourhood Neighbourhood Code name Neighbourhood description / boundaries Ward H/East - Khar/Santacruz - Khar Railway 1043BMMP station Khar Purification and Pump Station, Khar Railway Station, Teachers Colony 1045BMMP Ward H/East - Drivein Theatre, Chetana College, Para Communiatio, TATA Powar Line, Bandra Kurla
  • 9. Khar/Santacruz - Chetana Clollege Link Road Ward H/East - Khar/Santacruz - Santacruz Jawahar Nehru Road, TPS V Santacruz, Santacruz Cantonment, Kole Kalyan University 1048BMMP Cantonment Campus, Kalina Kurla Road, Kalina Village, Santacruz Chembur Link Road Ward H/West - Bandra - deaf and dumb Conventional Complex, P.M. Court and Housing, Deaf and dumb Institue, Bazaar Road, 1139BMMP institute Chinchpokli Road Ward H/West - Bandra - Lilawati BMRDA Road, Bandra Point, Proposed Sweage Purification Plant, Mount Mary Steps, 1140BMMP Hospital Lilawati Hospital ,Mehboob Studio, TPS X Bandra Ward H/West - Jetty, Francise Road, Perry Road, Vinayak Road, Pali Mala Road, Sherley Village Road, 1141BMMP Bandra - Jetty BMC Reservoir, Chuim Village Road, Dr. Ambedkar Road Ward H/West - Bandra - Govind Patil Road,Danda Village, Chuim Village Road, SakharamBuwa Patil Road 1142BMMP Santacruz (Guzdar Road), Santacruz Ward H/West - Bandra - Khar Chitrakar Dhurandar Marg, Madhau Park, Khar Gymkhana PG, Swami Vivekanada Marg, 1143BMMP Gymkhana PG Khar Railway Station Ward H/West - Bandra - Vitthalbhai Patel Road, Reshaybaliram Hegdewar Marg, 15th Road, 33rd Road, 30th 1144BMMP Turner Road Road, 28th Road, Gurunanak Road (Turner Road) Ward H/West - Bandra - Bandra Railway 1145BMMP Station Bandra Railway Station, Ramchandra Krishnaji Patkar Marg, TPS 4 Bandra, Ward H/West - Bandra - Wireless and Telegraph 14,15,16,17,18 th Road, Western Avenue, Central Avenue, Indira Narayan Road, Talmiri 1146BMMP Office Road, Wirelesss and Telegraph Office, Cemetary, Dattatray Road, Juhu Road Ward H/West - Bandra - Convent 2nd Road, 3rd Road, 5th Road,15th Road, Mitra Mandal Line, Kalakar Kand Desai Road, 1147BMMP Avenue Convent Avenue, Church Avenue Ward H/West - Bandra - BEST Bus Depot 1151BMMP Santacruz BEST Depot Santacruz,Sane Guruji Lane, Relief Road,Northern Compound Wall Ward K/East - Andheri (East) - Santacruz 1249BMMP Airport Santacruz Airport, YKK Krishna Menon Marg, Parle Biscuit Factory Ward K/East - Andheri (East) - New Netaji Palakar Chowk, Gjndavali, Mathuradas Vashji Road, Mithi River, Marol 1255BMMP Sahar Airport Maroshi, Sahar Airport Ward K/East - Andheri (East) - Jogeshwari 1256BMMP caves Jogeshwari caves, Ismail Yusuf College, Cannosa (Jogeshwari Vikhroli LinkRoad) Ward K/East - Andheri (East) - Jogeshwari 1258BMMP Nala Jogeshwari Nala, Natvar Nagar, Jogeshwari Vikroli Link Road (Till Canossa) 1350BMMP Ward K/West - Nanavati Hospital,LIC colony, Mithibai College Andheri (West)
  • 10. - Nanavati Hospital Ward K/West - Andheri (West) 1351BMMP - Juhu Airport Moragaon, Juhu Koliwada, Vaikunthal Mehta Road, Juhu Airport, Irala nala Ward K/West - Andheri (West) Versove, Ambivali, Oshiwara, Shahaji Sports Complex, Mallat Nagar, Vidya Nidhi Road, 1352BMMP - Oshiwara Andheri P & T, Malcom Baug, Irala Nala Ward K/West - Andheri (West) - Versova 1353BMMP Creek Versova Creek, Versova Beach,SL Harinder Singh Marg,Manish Nagar Ward K/West - Andheri (West) 1354BMMP - Madh Island Madh Island Ward K/West - Andheri (West) - Adarsh 1357BMMP Nagar Pratiksha Nagar, Adarsh Nagar, Pushpkar Society, Oshivara Nala Ward P/South - Goregaon - Kanum Industrial 1458BMMP Estate Nanadadeep Society, Kamun Industrial Estate, New Standard Engg. Ward P/South - Goregaon - Yeshodham, Film City, Konkan Krishi vidypeet, Aarey Powai Road, Indian Dairy 1459BMMP Yeshodham Development Corporation Ward P/South - Goregaon - 1460BMMP Patker College Malad Creek, Patker College, Siddharth Nagar, Virwani Industrial Estate Ward P/South - Goregaon - 1463BMMP Dindoshi Dindoshi, Veetbhatti, Upper Govind Nagar Ward P/North - Malad - 1561BMMP Daravalli Indian Institute of Geomagnetism, Daravali, Jetty Ward P/North - Malad - 1562BMMP Dominik Colony Malad Creek, Nala, Commercial Complex, Anand Marg, Domnik Colony Ward P/North - Malad - Malad Malad Railway Station, Govind Bnagar Road, MW Desai Hospital, Aliyavarjung Marg, SK 1563BMMP Railway Station Patil Hospital Ward P/North - 1564BMMP Malad - Mhada Malad Hill Reservoir, Mhada , Film City Ward P/North - Malad - 1565BMMP Malvani Malvani , Malvani Village Ward P/North - 1566BMMP Malad - Manori Manori Creek, Manori Village Ward R/South - Kandivalli - Kandivali Babarekar Slum, Manori Creek, Mahavir Nagar, Centenary Hospital, Kandivali Railway 1667BMMP Railway Station Station Ward R/South - Kandivalli - 1668BMMP Lakshmi Nagar Lakshmi Nagar, Poisar, Akurli,Wadhawan, Gokul Nagar, Ward R/ Central - Borivali West - 1769BMMP Borivalli Borivalli, Chandwarkar Road,Annasaheb Vartak Road
  • 11. Ward R/ Central - Borivali West - 1770BMMP Govind Nagar Chandarwarkar Road, Govind Nagar, Lakshmi Narayan Mandir Road, Gymkhana Road Ward R/ Central - Borivali West - 1771BMMP Gorai Gorai, Manori Ward R/ Central - Borivali West - FCI grain 1772BMMP godown FCI Grain Godown, Rajendar Nagar (Borivalli), M G Road, Daulat Nagar,Kasturba Road Ward R/ Central - Borivali West - 1773BMMP Krishna Nagar Krishna Nagar, Abhinav Nagar, Khatau Estate,Central National Park Ward R/North - Dahiser - Bhagwati 1870BMMP Hospital Devi Das Road, Bhagwati Hospital, Mandapeshwar, Dahisar River Ward R/North - Dahiser - 1873BMMP Ashok Van National Park North, Ashok Van Ward R/North - Dahiser - Dahisar Anand Nagar, Remote receiving station, Dahisar Railway Station, Deep Narayan Dubey 1874BMMP Railway Station Marg Ward L - Kurla Patel Wadi, Balaji Mandir Lane, Sunrise Estate, Lion Gardens, CTI court, Maharashtra 1975BMMP - Lion Gardens Weigh Bridge, Swan Mill Ward L - Kurla - Kurla Railway 1976BMMP Station Kurla Railway Station, Ext Bhabha Hospital, Nariman Lane Ward L - Kurla - KT Kurla Vasantrao Nayak Marg,Everard Nagar, Pan Bazar, Amrut Nagar, Kamgar Nagar, Neharu 1977BMMP Terminus Nagar, KT Kurla Terminus Ward L - Kurla - Chandivalli 1978BMMP Village Chandivalli Village, Mithi River, Kamani Industries, Kurla Village, Parich Khadi Ward M/East - Chembur East - Ghatkopar Mankhurd Link 2079BMMP Road Ghatkopar Mankhurd Link Road, Waman Tukaram Patil Road, Lokhande Marg Ward M/East - Chembur East - 2080BMMP Sanjay Nagar parts of the creek, Sanjay Nagar, Yashwantrao Chavan Marg, Anushakti Nagar Ward M/West - Chembur West Vasantrao Nayak Marg,Chheda nagar, Savarkar Udyan , Golf Club, Pestom Sagar, Kurla 2179BMMP - Golf Club Mankhurd Railway Lines (Harbour Branch), Sahakar Nagar Ward M/West - Chembur West - Bharat 2180BMMP Refineries Marvalli, Bharat Refineries, Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Limited, Ward N - Ghatkopar - 2281BMMP Vikhroli Village Shastri Nagar, Vikhroli Village, Creek 2282BMMP Ward N - Ghatkopar Railway Station,Naval Depot, Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg Ghatkopar - Ghatkopar
  • 12. Railway Station Ward N - Ghatkopar - Ghatkopar 2283BMMP West Ghatkopar West, Hanuman Nagar, Sarvodaya Hospital, Chirag Nagar, Ward N - Ghatkopar - Hiranandani Kanjurmarg Railway Station, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Rahul Nagar Hutments, 2284BMMP Gardens Vikhroli Village, Godrej Company Ward S - Bhandup - 2384BMMP Thane Creek Vikroli, Kannamwar Nagar, Playground, Thane Creek, Jogeshwari Vikroli Link Road Ward S - Bhandup - Bandhup Bandhup Railway Station, Thane Creek, Kanjurmarg Railway Station, Kanjur, Ceat Tyres, 2385BMMP Railway Station Old Tansa Pipeline, Powai Lake, Mithi River, Old Tansa Pipeline Ward T - Mulund - 2486BMMP Kelkar College Railway Siding, Kelkar College, Tata Colony, Gavanpada Gaothan Ward T - Mulund - 2487BMMP Mulund Colony Mulund Colony, Veena Nagar, Shastri Nagar, Hoechest, Goshala Road, Ward T - Mulund - Janin 2488BMMP Mandir Road Jain Mandir Road, Mahur Gaothan Ward A - Colaba - Navy 0101BMMP Nagar Navy Nagar, Old Navy Nagar, United Services Golf Club Golf Course Ward A - Colaba - Middle and Middle and Lower Colaba, Prakash Pethe Marg, Colaba Crossway, Palm Spring, Sudha 0102BMMP lower Colaba Apartments, World Trade Centre, Cuffe Parade Ward A - Colaba - Fort 0103BMMP South Fort South- Nariman Point, Apollo Bandar, BEST Bhawan, Municipal grounds Ward A - Colaba - Fort 0104BMMP North Fort North, Ballard Estate, Walchand Dheerachand Marg, DN Road Ward A - Colaba - Esplanade, churchgate, Kalaghoda, Mumbai High Court, Marine Drive, Shaheed Bhagat 0105BMMP Esplanade Singh Marg Ward B - Sunburst Road 0206BMMP - Mandavi Mandavi, Masjid Banmdar, Dana Bandar, Pydhonie, Masjid BEST Bus Depot Ward B - Sandhurst 0207BMMP Road - Chakla Chakla Ward B - Sandhurst Road - 0208BMMP Umarkhadi umarkhadi, PD Mello Road, Sandhurst BEST Bus Depot, J Rathod Marg Ward B - Sandhurst Road - 0209BMMP Dongari Dongari, RamChandra Bhatt Marg, Khoja Kabrastan, Maulana Shaukat Ali road Ward C - Marine Lines - 0310BMMP Khara Talao Khara Talao 0311BMMP Ward C - Kumbharwada, Syed Lane,Raudat Tahera, Yakub Lane Marine Lines -
  • 13. Kumbharwada Ward C - Marine Lines - 0312BMMP Bhuleshwar Bhuleshwar, Gulal Wadi, Panjarpole, A1 Patel Road Ward C - Marine Lines - 0313BMMP Market Market Ward C - Marine Lines - 0314BMMP Dhobi Talao Dhobi Talao, St. Xaviers College, Mumbai Police Headquarters, Anjuman Islam School Ward C - Marine Lines - Fanaswadi, Dadi Seth Agyari Street, Laxmi Narayan Temple, B Jaykar Marg, Kadilkar 0315BMMP Fanaswadi Marg Ward D - Grant Road - 0416BMMP Tulsiwadi Tulsiwadi, Tardeo BEST bus depot, Willingdon Sports Club, Income Tax Office Ward D - Grant Road - Tardeo, Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre, Gowalia Tank, Warden Court, Mangeshkar 0417BMMP Tardeo Hospital Ward D - Grant Road - 0418BMMP Giragaum Girgaum, Aryan High School, Panchratna, DD Sathe Marg Ward D - Grant Road - 0419BMMP Chowpatty chowpatty, Wilson College, Nana Nani Park Ward D - Grant Road - 0420BMMP Walkeshwar Walkeshwar, Walkeshwar Road, Mahadeo Mandir, BG Kher Road Ward D - Grant Road - Mahalaxmi, Mahalaxmi Race Course, Sardar Vallabhai Stadium, Science Centre, Medical 0421BMMP Mahalakshmi College Grounds Ward E - Byculla - 0522BMMP Mazgaon Mazgaon, Madina Masjid, Dockyard Road, J Rathod Marg Ward E - Byculla - 0523BMMP Tadwadi Tadwadi Ward E - Byculla - 1st 0524BMMP Nagpada 1st Nagpada Ward E - Byculla - 2nd 0525BMMP Nagpada 2nd Nagpada Ward E - Byculla - 0526BMMP Kamathipura Kamathipura, Sukhlaji Marg, K Kadam Marg Ward E - Byculla - 0527BMMP Byculla Byculla, Hasana Bagh Dargah,Prince Alykhan Hospital, Mustapha Bazar Ward F/South - Parel - Cotton Green, Cotton Green Fire Station, Cottoncha Raja Ganesh Mandir, Cotton Mills, 0628BMMP Cotton Green Ram Mandir Ward F/South - Parel - 0629BMMP Shiwdi Shiwdi / Sewree, Fosberry Road, Bombay Port Trust Godowns Ward F/South - Parel - 0630BMMP Naigaum Naigaum 0731BMMP Ward F/North - Matunga, Maheshwari Udyan, Chandawarkar Marg Matunga -
  • 14. Matunga Ward F/North - Matunga - 0732BMMP Sion Sion, Sion East, Sion West, KJ Somaiya Medical College Ward G/South - Elphinstone - 0835BMMP Prabhadevi Prabhadevi (Part), Worli Fort, Coast Guard Camp Ward G/South - Elphinstone - 0836BMMP Worli Worli, Worli Sea Face, Sir Pochkanwala Road, Gandhi Maidan Ward G/South - Elphinstone - 0837BMMP Chinchpokli Chinchpokli, Nirmal Park, Jewish Cemetary Ward G/South - Elphinstone - 0838BMMP Love Grove Love Grove Ward G/North - Dadar/Plaza - 0933BMMP Dadar Dadar, Dadar West, Ranade Marg, Saraswati Bhai Joshi Marg Ward G/North - Dadar/Plaza - 0934BMMP Mahim Mahim, Mahim West, Jhaveri Hospital, Xavier Institue of Engineering Ward G/North - Dadar/Plaza - 0935BMMP Prabhadevi Prabhadevi (Part), Kandewadi Cremation Ground, Vir Nariman Marg, Kirti College Kolkata Neighbourhoods Unique Code Neighbourhood Name Neighbourhood Description / Description North - Paramanick Ghat Road across Cossipore Road, Kashinath Dutta Road and across B.T. Road.South - Khagendra Chatterjee Road and Rustomjee Parsee Road. East - Barrackpore Trunk Road.West - Cossipore 00010KMC Cossipore Road, Rustomjee Parsee Road and the River Hooghly. North - Kalicharan Ghose Road and Ramkrishna Ghosh Road. South - Dum 00020KMC Sinthi, Satpukur Dum RoadEast - The Eastern RailwayWest - Barrackpore Trunk Road. North - Dum Dum Road, Umakanta Sen Lane, Paikpara Raja Manindra Road and Kshudiram Bose Sarani. South - Jiban Krishna Ghose Road.East - The Eastern Railway Jiban Krishna Ghosh Road.West - Anath Nath Deb Lane, 00030KMC Paikpara - Tara Paikpara Row and Beerpara Lane. North - Dum Dum Road.South - Paikpara Raja Manindra Road and Umakanta Paikpara to Cossipore Sen Lane. East - Paikpara Row and Beerpara Lane.West - Barrackpore 00040KMC Telephone exchange Trunk Road. North - Paikpara Raja Manindra Road and Jiban Krishna Ghose Road.South - Khudiram Bose Sarani, the New Canal and the Circular Canal.East - Anath Paikpara , Raja Manindra Nath Deb Lane, Indra Biswas Road and the Eastern Railway.West - 00050KMC Road Barrackpore Trunk Road. Cossipore Gun and Field North - Rustomjee Parsee Road and Khagendra Chatterjee Road.South - Factory, Central Ground Circular Canal.East - Rustomjee Parsee Road, Cossipore Road and 00060KMC Water Board Barrackpore Trunk Road.West - The River Hooghly.
  • 15. North - The Circular Canal.South - Bagh Bazar Street, Bosepara Lane, Nivedita Lane, Ramkanta Bose Street Sarkarbari Lane.East - Bidhan Sarani, 00070KMC Bagbazar Sachin Mitra Lane and Girish Avenue.West - The River Hooghly. North - Sarkarbari Lane, Hooghly and Girish Avenue and Rabindra Sarani. South - Bhupendra Bose Avenue, Shyambazar Street.East - Sachin Gauri Mata Uddan - Mitra Lane, Rabindra Sarani and Gopeswar Paul Street.West - The River and 00080KMC Rabindra Sarani Girish Avenue and Rabindra Sarani. North - Kumartuli Street, Durga Charan Banerjee Street, Raja Naba Krishna street and Shyambazar Street.South - Sovabazar Street and Sri Aurobinda Sarani.East - Jatindra Mohan Avenue, Rabindra Sarani and Gopeswar Paul 00090KMC Kumartulli Street.West - The river Hooghly. North - Shyambazar Street, Bhupendra Bose Avenue and Baghbazar Shyambazar , Street.South - Ramkanta Bose Street and Shri Aurobinda Sarani.East - 00100KMC Shobhabazar Bidhan Sarani.West - Jatindra Mohan Avenue and Sachin Mitra Lane. North - Junction of Bidhan Sarani and Acharyya Prafulla Chandra Hathi Bagan , Mohan Road. South - Raja Rajkrishna Street.East - Acharyya Prafulla Chandra 00110KMC Bagan Road Road.West - Bidhan Sarani. Ultadanga, Deshbandhu North - The Circular Canal.South - Sri Aurobinda Sarani.East - The Circular 00120KMC Park - R G Kar Canal.West - Acharyya Prafulla Chandra Road and Bidhan Sarani. North - The New Canal.South - Bidhan Nagar Road and Harish Neogy Bidhan Nagar Station, Road.East - The Eastern Railway and Harish Neogy Road.West - The 00130KMC Deshpara Shitala Math Circular Canal. North - Harish Neogy Road and Bidhan Nagar Road; Biplabi Barin Ghosh Sarani. South - Bagmari Road and Satin Sen Sarani. East - Ramkanta Sen Baghmari Park, Harish Lane, the Eastern Railway and Bagmari Road.West - The Circular Canal and 00140KMC Niyogi Marg Harish Neogy Road. Maniktala - Surendra Oil North - Shri Aurobinda Sarani.South - Vivekananda Road.East - The Circular 00150KMC Mill Canal. West - Acharyya Prafulla Chandra Road. Maniktala - Goa Bagan Park, Scottish Church North - Raja Rajkrishna Road.South - Abhedananda Road.East - Acharyya 00160KMC Primary School Prafulla Chandra Road.West - Bidhan Sarani. North - Sri Aurobinda Sarani.South - Beadon Street.East - Bidhan 00170KMC Beadon St. PO, Duttabari Sarani.West - Jatindra Mohan Avenue. Masjid Bari Street - North - Sri Aurobindo Sarani. South - Beadon Street.East - Jatindra Mohan 00180KMC Durga Charan Mitra St. AvenueWest - Rabindra Sarani. North - Sovabazar Street.South - B.K. Pal Avenue, Ahiritola Street and its Sarada Charan, Aryan continuation up to the River Hooghly.East - Rabindra Sarani.West - The River 00190KMC Institution, Loknath Press Hooghly. Nag Medical All, Manik North - B.K. Pal Avenue, Ahiritola Street and its continuation up to the River Bose Ghat St. , Nimtala Hooghly.South - Nimtala Ghat Street and Port Trust Road leading to Nimtala 00200KMC Lane] Ghat.East - Rabindra Sarani.West - The River Hooghly. North - Port Trust's Road .South - Darpanarayan Tagore Street, Kali Krishna Jatindra Mohan Tagore Tagore Street and the Port Trust Road leading to the River Hooghly. East - Square, Tagore Square, Baishnab Charan Sett Street,Maharshi Debendra Road.West - The River 00210KMC Nimtala FireStation Hooghly North - Port Trust's Road .South - Port Trust Road leading from the River Satyanarayan Park & Hooghly up to Mahatma Gandhi Road, and Cotton Street.East - Jadulal underground AC Market, Mullick Road, Netaji Subhas Road.West - The River Hooghly and Maharshi 00220KMC Posta PoliceStaion Debendra Road. North - Kali Krishna Tagore Street.South - Bartala Street.East - Rabindra Tara Sundari Park, Sarani.West - Jagamohan Mullick Lane, Kalakar Street and Jogendra Kaviraj 00230KMC Hariram Goenka St. Road. North - Nimtala Ghat Street.South - Kali Krishna Tagore Street.East - Baikuntha Temple, Rabindra Sarani.West - Baishnab Sett Street, Prasanta Kumar Tagore St. 00240KMC Marble House and Jadulal Mullick Road. Rabindra Bharti North - Nanda Mullick Lane & Vivekananda Road.South - Madan Chatterjee University, Girish Park , Lane and Mukta Ram Babu Street.East - Bidhan Sarani, Chittaranjan 00250KMC Sarada Bannerjee Park Avenue.West - Rabindra Sarani and Chittaranjan Avenue. Beadon Street , CR North - Beadon Street.South - Vivekananda Road and Nanda Mullick 00260KMC Avenue Lane.East - Bidhan Sarani.West - ;Rabindra Sarani and Chittaranjan Avenue.
  • 16. North - Abhedananda Road.South - Kailash Bose Street and Mohendra Azad Hind Bag, St. Sreemani Street.East - Acharyya Prafulla Chandra Road.West - Bidhan 00270KMC Margaret School Sarani. Yogipara Bye Lane, North - Vivekananda Road.South - Dr. M.N. Chatterjee Sarani.East - The 00280KMC Chatterjee Sarani Circular Canal.West - Acharyya Prafulla Chandra Road. North - Satin Sen Sarani, Upendra Chandra Banerjee Road, Sastitala Road and Narikeldanga North Road.South - Dhyan Debi Khanna Road.East - C.I.T. Narikeldanga - Kasani Road and Upendra Banerjee Road.West - Sastitala Road, Motilal Sen Lane 00290KMC Bustee Cross Lane and Narikeldanga North Road. North - Satin Sen Sarani, Upendra Chandra Banerjee Road, Sastitala Road and Narikeldanga North Road.South - Dhyan Debi Khanna Road and Motilal Narikeldanga - Sitala sen Lane.East - C.I.T. Road.West - Sastitala Road, Motilal Sen Lane and 00300KMC Devi Mandir Narikeldanga North Road. North - Satin Sen Sarani.South - Narikeldanga Main Road and C.I.T. Road Sitala Devi Mandir, Kasai and Upendra Ch. Banerjee Road.East - The New Canal.West - C.I.T. Road 00310KMC Basti 1st Lane and Upendra Chandra Banerjee Road. North - Crossing of Eastern Railway and the New Canal filled up, Bidhan Nagar Road and Bagmari Road.South - Barin Ghose Sarani and Satin Sen Sarani.East - The New Cannal, filled up.West - Ram Kanta Sen Lane the 00320KMC Baghmari Eastern Railway & Bagmari Road. North - Narikeldanga Main Road.South - The Beliaghata Canal and Hem Chandra Naskar Road.East - The New Canal (filled up).West - Gagan Sarkar 00330KMC Rajabazar, Sarkarbazar Road and Hem Chandra Naskar Road. Alochhaya Cinema Hall, Hem Chandra Naskar North - Dr. Panchanan Mitra Lane and Abinash Seshmal Lane.South - Lane, Avinash Shahmal Beliaghata.East - Hem Chandra Naskar Road and Gagan Sarkar Roadon the 00340KMC Lane east.West - Kankurgachi Chord & Raja Rajendralal Mitra Road. North - The Eastern Railway.South - Circular Canal & Beliaghata Canal, Dr. Beliaghat Police Station, Panchanan Mitra Lane.East - Hem Chandra Naskar Road, Raja Rajendralal 00350KMC Gurdas Park Mitra Road and Kankurgachi Chord.West - The Eastern Railway. North - Dr. M.N. Chatterjee Sarani and Circular Canal.South - Beliaghata Sealdah Court, Taki Girls Road.East - The Circular Canal and Beliaghata Road.West - Acharyya 00360KMC School] Jagadish Bose Road and Acharyya Prafulla Chandra Road. St. Pauls School and Collge , Baitha khana North - Keshab Chandra Sen Street.South - Surya Sen Street.East - 00370KMC Bazar Acharyya Prafulla Chandra Road.West - Raja Rammohan Sarani. University College of Science and Technology North - Kailash Bose Street and Mahendra Sreemani Street.South - Keshab , Bidhan Sarani & kailash Chandra Sen Street.East - Acharyya Prafulla Chandra Road.West - Bidhan 00380KMC Bose Road Crossing Sarani. College Street market, CR Avenue & Muktaram North - Muktaram Babu Street.South - Mahatma Gandhi Road.East - Bidhan 00390KMC Babu Street Crossing Sarani and College Street.West - Chittaranjan Avenue. North - Keshab Chandra Sen Street.South - Siddheswar Chandra Lane, College Street Bata, Madhu Gupta Lane and Surendralal Pyne Lane.East - Raja Rammohan 00400KMC Patuatala Saranil.West - College Street. Tarakeshwari Vidhya Bhawan, Rabindra North - Madan Chatterjee Lane.South - Syed Salley Lane and Balmukunda 00410KMC Bharati University Mackkar Road.East - Chittarajan Avenue.West - Rabindra Sarani. North - Mahatma Gandhi Road, Cotton Street and Bartala Street.South - Biplabi Rashbehari Bose Road, Raja Woodmunt Street and C.I.T. Road.East - Baghree Market, North Rabindra Sarani.West - Strand Road, C.I.T. Road, Netaji Subhas Road, 00420KMC Port Police Station Netaji Subhas Road North - New C.I.T. Road and Syed Salley Lane, Zakaria Street.South - Nakhoda Masjid, M G Tarachand Dutta Street, Moulana Saukat Ali Street and C.I.T. Road.East - Road & CR Avenue Chittaranjan Avenue, Kanai Seal Street, Phears Lane and Sreenath Babu 00430KMC crossing Lane.West - Rabindra Sarani. 00440KMC Zakaria Street, CR North - C.I.T. Road, Moulana Saukat Ali Street, Mahatma Gandhi Road.South Avenue - Bipin Behari Ganguly Street and Dr. Lalit Banerjee Sarani and Zakaria Street.East - College Street and Chittaranjan Avenue.West - Chittaranjan
  • 17. Avenue, Rabindra Sarani. Kolkata Police North - Port Trust Road.South - Lal Bazar Street, Lawrence Road, Eden Headquarters , Strand Garden Road .East - Stand Road, C.I.T. Road, Rabindra Sarani, B.B.D. Bag Road & Biplabi East, Old Court House St. and Government Place East.West - The river 00450KMC Rashbehari Crossing Hooghly. North - Lawrence Road, Lal Bazer Street, Bipin Behari Ganguly Street, Lenin Nelly Sengupta & JN Sarani and Ganesh Chandra Avenue.South - Nellie Sengupta Sarani and Road crossing, Chandni Outram Road.East - Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Mirza Ghalib Street, Bow 00460KMC Chowk Market Street.West - Jawaharlal Nehru Road North - Bipin Behari Ganguly Street and Dr. Lalit Banerjee Sarani.South - Bowbazar Loretto Lenin Sarani and Ganesh Chandra Avenue.East - Nirmal Chandra Street and School, Chandani Chowk College Street.West - Chandni Chowk Street Khairu Place, Bow Street and 00470KMC Market Chittaranjan Avenue. Shahshibhishan dey street & hidaram North - Surendra Lal Pyne Lane, Madhu Gupta Lane and Siddheswar bannerjee street crosing, Chandra Lane.South - Hidaram Banerjee Lane.East - Sashi Bhusan Dey nirmal chandra dey street Street and Raja Rammohan Sarani.West - Nirmal Chandra Street and 00480KMC crossing College Street. Jagat Cinema Hall, Bank North - Surya Sen Street.South - Bepin Behary Ganguly Street.East - 00490KMC of India Bowbazar Acharyya Prafulla Chandra Street.West - Raja Rammohan Sarani. North - Bepin Behari Ganguly Street.South - Surendra Nath Banerjee Road.East - Acharyya Jagadish Bose Road.West - Puran Chand Nahar 00500KMC Maulali Avenue, Gokul Boral Street and Sashi Bhusan Dey Street. North - Hidaram Banerjee Lane.South - Surendra Nath Banerjee Road.East - Baubazar , Rafi Ahmad Puran Chand Nahar Avenue, Gokul Boral Street and Sashi Bhusan Dey 00510KMC Fidwai Road Street.West - Nirmal Chandra Street and Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road. WB fire Services Head North - Lenin Sarani.South - Marquis Street.East - Rafi Ahmed Kidwai 00520KMC Qaurter Road.West - Mirza Ghalib Street and Rani Rashmoni Road. North - Surendra Nath Banerjee Road.South - Abdul Halem Lane, Taltala Calcutta Boys School, Lane, Dedar Baksh Lane and Haji Mohommed Mohasin Square.East - Haiz Mohammad Mohsin Acharyya Jagadish Bose Road.West - Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road and Taltala 00530KMC Square Lane. North - Dr. Lal Mohan Bhattacharjee Road.South - Mofidul Islam Lane, Anjuman Road and Harekrishna Konar Street.East - Dr. Suresh Sarkar Road Entally Market, Bamboo and Hatibagan Road (North).West - Harekrishna Kongar Street and Acharyya 00540KMC Villa Jagadish Bose Road. North - Beliaghata Road .South-Dr. Lal Mohan Bhattacharjee Road, NRS College and Christopher Road, Convent Lane and Dr. Suresh Sarkar Road.East -Eastern Hospital, Entally Police Railway, Convent Lane.West -Acharyya Jagadish Bose Road, C.I.T. Road, 00550KMC Station Dr. Suresh Sarkar Road and Sundari Mohan Avenue. North - Debendra Chandra Dey Road and Convent Lane.South - Christopher Loretto Convent , Bengal Road.East - Kankurgachi Chord.West - The Eastern Railway, Convent Lane 00560KMC Potteries Ground and Palmer Bazar Road. North - Baliaghata Road, Beliaghata Canal.South - Guriapara Road, Debendra Chandra Dey Road and Sewage outlet up to it meets with the New Sales Tax Office, South Canal.East - Circular Canal, New Canal.West - Beliaghata Road and Palmer 00570KMC Sealdah Bazar Road. North - Debendra Chandra Dey Road.South - Christopher Road, with the Tangra Road South.East - Topsia Road North and the New Canal.West - The Eastern Railway and the Western Boundary of the former Boinchitola Union 00580KMC Gobra Burial Ground Board. North - Christopher Road.South - Topsia Road (south), Tiljola Road and Gorachand Road.East - Gobinda Chandra Khatick Road and Topsia Road Gobra Mental Hospital, (south).West - Topsia Road (south), Tiljola Road and Dr. Sundari Mohan 00590KMC Tiljola South Avenue. North - Dr. Suresh Sarkar Road.South - Suhrawardy Avenue, Park Street & Beniapukur Lane.East - Dr. Sundari Mohan Avenue.West - Jannagar Road, Lady Brabourne College, Crematorium Street, Harekrishna Konar Road, Acharyya Jagadish Bose Road 00600KMC Nonapukur Tram Depot and Hatibagan Road (North). 00610KMC Assembly of God Church North - Muzaffar Ahmed Street and Benia Pukur Lane.South - Park
  • 18. School, Muzaffar Ahmad Street.East - Jannagar Road, Crematorium Street, Harekrishna Konar Road Street and Acharyya Jagadish Bose Road.West - Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road. North - Marquis Street, Haji Mohammed Mohosin Square.South - Mazaffar Ahmed Street and Collin Lane.East - Acharyya Jagadish Bose Road and Ripon Square , St. Taltala Lane.West - Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road, Mirza Ghalib Street and Collin 00620KMC Mary's School Street. North-Outram Road, Nellie Sengupta Sarani..South-Acharyya Jagadish Bose Rd. and Tolly's Nullah.East-The road connecting Acharyya Jagadish Bose Metro Bhawan , La Road and Belvedere and Mirza Ghalib Street.West-Kidderpore Road, 00630KMC Martinere School Chowringhee Road and Jawahjarlal Nehru Road. Park Circus , Park Circus North - Park Street, Suhrawardy Avenue and Gorachand Road.South- Circus Maidan, Beck Bagan Avenue, Beckbagan Row, Shamsul Huda Road, Dr. Biresh Guha Street and Row, Bangladesh Deputy Park Street.East - Bright Street and Tiljala Road.West - Acharyya Jagadish 00640KMC High Comission Bose Road and Dr. Sundari Mohan Avenue. North - Shamsul Huda Road, Park Street and Tiljala Road.South - Bondel Road, Picnic Garden Road and Tiljala Masjid Bari Lane.East - Tiljala Road, Institute of Child Health , Kustia Road and Topsia Road South.West - Ashutosh Chowdhury Avenue, 00650KMC Ballygunge Phari Syed Amir Ali Avenue and Bright Street. North - Tiljala Masjid Bari Lane, Topsia Road, Matheswartola Road.South - Picnic Garden Road.East - Western Boundary of Paschim Chowbhagha.West Topsia Road ,Picnic - Tiljala Road, Kustia Road, Gobinda Chandra Khatik Road, Topsia Road and 00660KMC Garden Topsia Road (south). North - Picnic Garden Road.South - Banku Behari Chatterjee Road and Rajkrishna Chatterjee Road.East - Rajkrishna Chatterjee Road and a line drawn on the eastern edge of Kasba Mauza and of Laskarhat Mauza.West - 00670KMC Swinho Lane , Laskarhat Eastern Railway. Ballygunge Phari , North - Bondel Road.South - Ballyguange station Road, Fern Road and Ballygunge Railway Kankulia Road.East - Eastern Railway and Kankulia Road.West - Gariahat 00680KMC Station Road and Ashutosh Chowdhury Avenue. Beck Bagan , Ballygunge North - Acharyya Jagadish Bose Road, Circus Avenue and Beckbagan , University College of Row.South - Hazra Road.East - Syed Amir Ali Avenue and Ashutosh 00690KMC Law - Calcutta University Chowdhury Avenue.West - Sarat Bose Road. North - Acharyya Jagadish Bose Road.South - Chakrabere Road South and Paddapukur Road.East - Sarat Bose Road, Paddapukur Road and Elgin Park, Landsowne Chakrabere Road South.West - Ashutosh Mukherjee Road and Chowringhee 00700KMC Court Road. North - Acharyya Jagadish Bose Road.South - Suhasini Ganguli Sarani, and Calcutta Club , Suhasini Tolly's Mullah.East - Ashutosh Mukherjee Road,Chowringhee Road.West - 00710KMC Ganguly Sarani Tolly's Mullah, Madan Pal Lane and Harish Mukherjee Road. North - Chakrabere Road South and Paddapukur Road.South - Hazra Road.East - Sarat Bose Road.West - Shyamaprasad Mukherjee Road, 00720KMC Hazra , Padmapukur Ashutosh Mukherjee Road, Chakrabere Road south and Paddapukur Road. North-Suhasini Ganguli Sarani, and Bijoy Bose Road.South - Hazra Road and Tolly's Mullah.East - Shyamaprasad Mukherjee Road, Ashutosh Mukherjee Ashutosh College, Harish Road, Harish Mukherjee Road and Madan Pal Lane.West - Tolly's Mullah and 00730KMC Park Debendralal Khan Road. North - Tolly's Mullah.South - Judges' Court Road, Chetla Hat Road and Alipur , Bum Standard Eastern Railway.East - Tolly's Mullah, Gopal Nagar Road and Alipore 00740KMC Estate , Khidirpur Bridge Road.West - Diamond Harbour Road and Kidderpore Bridge Approach. North - Strand Road.South - Kabitirtha Sarani.East - Canal Road, St. George's Gate Road, Kidderpore Bridge Approach and Karl Marx Sarani.West 00750KMC Hastings - Garden Reach Road and the river Hooghly. North - Gaden Reach Road and Kabitirtha Sarani.South - Karl Marx Sarani and Sastitala Road.East - Karl Marx Sarani.West - Satya Doctor Road and 00760KMC Watganj Sastitala Road. Khidirpur, Karl Marx Sarani , Ekbalpur Police North - Karl Marx Sarani.South - Kavi Mohammod Iqbal Road.East - Diamond 00770KMC Station Harbour Road.West - Bhukailash Road. 00780KMC Khidirpur Milap High North - Kavi Mohammod Iqbal Road.South - Braunfeld Row and Hossain School, Adarsh Hindi Shah Road.East - Diamond Harbour Road.West - Bhukailash Road.
  • 19. High School North - Karl Marx Sarani, Hossain Shah Road and Braunfeld Row.South - Goragacha Road.East - Bhukailash Road and Diamond Harbour Road.West - 00790KMC Mominpur Hide Road. North -river Hooghly,Goragacha Road.South - South Suburdan Municipality, former Garden Reach Municipality and Karl Marx Sarani, Garden Reach BNR Hospital, Indian Road.East - Tolly's Mullah, Garden Reach Road,Diamond Harbour 00800KMC Governement Mint Road.West - Former Garden Reach Municipality. Rabindra Sarovar Metro Station , Tollygunge North - Eastern Railway.South - Circular Road (Tollygunge), S.N. Roy Road Circular Road & Diamond and a line drawn on the southern edge of New Alipore of block-K.East - 00810KMC Harbour road crossing Deshpran Sasmal Road.West - Diamond Harbour Road. Chetala - Hastings House, Chetala Boys North - Chetla Hat Road and Judges' Court Road.South - Eastern 00820KMC School Railway.East - Tolly's Mullah.West - Alipore Road and Gopal Nagar Road. Kalighat - Kalika Cinema , Kalighat PO , Bengal Boys Training North - Hazra Road.South - Rashbehari Avenue.East - Shyamaprasad 00830KMC Association Mukherjee Road.West - Tolly's Mullah. Deshbandhu College, Vivekananda Institue of North - Hazra Road.South - Rash Behari Avenue.East - Sarat Bose 00840KMC Medical Sciences Road.West - Shyamaprasad Mukherjee Road. Landsowne Place , North - Hazra Road and Dover Lane.South - Rashbehari Avenue.East - Deshpriya Park , Garcha Garcha 1st Lane, Dover Terrace connecting Garcha 1st Lane, Dover Lane 00850KMC fine star club and Ramani Chatterjee Road.West - Sarat Bose Road. North - Hazra Road and Rashbehari Avenue.South - Dover lane and Dr. Meghnad Saha Sarani.East - Gariahat Road.West - Lake View Road, Ramani Garcha Road , Hindustan Chatterjee Road, Dover Lane Terrace Connecting Dover Lane and Garcha 00860KMC Park 1st Lane. Lake Garden Railway North - Rashbehari Avenue.South - Eastern Railway.East - Sarat Bose Road 00870KMC Station and Baroj Road.West - Shyamaprasad Mukherjee Road. Chetala - East of Tolly North - Rashbehari Avenue.South - Eastern Railway.East - Shyamaprasad 00880KMC Nallah Mukherjee Road.West - Tolly's Mullah. Tollygunge railway station, Tipu Sultan North - Eastern Railway.South - Charu Chandra Place East, Prince Anwar Mosque, Prince anwar Shah Road.East - Dr. Dauder Rahaman Road and Charu Chandra Place East shah road & Dauder and Deshpran Sashmal Road.West - Deshpran Sashmal Road and Tolly's 00890KMC Rehman Road crossing Mullah. North - Rashbehari Avenue, Dr. Meghnad Saha Sarani, Kankulia Road, Fern Road and Ballygunge Station Road.South - Eastern Railway.East - Eastern Golpark Ramkrishna Railway and Lake View Road.West - Kankulia Road, Boroj Road and Sarat 00900KMC Mission, Dhakuria Lake Bose Road. North - Rajkrishna Chatterjee Road, Banku Behari Chatterjee Road.South - Kasba, Ballygunge Sarat Ghosh Garden Road and Rajdanga Road.East - Kasba Road and 00910KMC Railway station Rajdanga Road.West - Eastern Railway. North - Sarat Ghosh Garden Road and Eastern Railway.South - Jadavpur Station Road, Garfa Road and northern boundary of former Haltu Union Haltu, Ballygunge Board.East - Kalipada Roy Lane, Jheel Road,Eastern Railway.West - Raja 00920KMC Railway Station Subodh Chandra Mullick Road and Gariahat Road. North - Eastern Railway East.South - Jadavpur Central Road, Prince Golam Jodhpur Park, Indian Hossain Shah Road and Prince Anwar Shah Road.East - Raja Subodh Institue of Chemical Chandra Mullick Road.West - Prince Golam Mohammad Shah Road,Charu 00930KMC Biology Chandra Place East. North - Prince Anwar Shah Road.South - Netaji Shbhas Chandra Bose Road Bangur Hospital , Royal and Graham Road.East - Prince Golam Mohammad Shah Road.West - 00940KMC Calcutta Golf Club Deshpran Sasmal Road and Graham Road. Prince Ghulam Hossain Shah Road & gariaghat North - Prince Golam Hossain Shah Road and Graham Road.South - Raipur Road Crossing upto Road.East - Jadavpur Central Road.West - Prince Golam Mohammad Shah 00950KMC Bijoyghat main road Road and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Road.
  • 20. Jadavpur (West) - Raipur Road (East) & Raja North - Jadavpur Central Road.South - Raipur Road.East - Raja Subodh 00960KMC Subodh Mallick Crossing Chandra Mullick Road.West - Jadavpur Central Road.. Tollygunge Club - North - A link road between Deshpran Sasmal Road and Tolly's Mullah and Deshpran Sashmal Graham Road.South - Graham Road, Nagendra Narayan Dutta Road and Road, Tollygunge Metro Tolly's Mullah.East - Deshpran Sashmal Road, Graham Road and Netaji 00970KMC Station Subhas Chandra Bose Road .West - Tolly's Mullah. North - Nagendra Narayan Dutta Road and Raipur Road.South - Naktala Road, Khanpur Road and a road from Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Road up to Tolly's Mullah.East - Raipur Road.West - Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose 00980KMC Naktala, Ganguli Bagan Road, Tolly's Mullah and Khanpur Road. Baghajatin Jheel , Raipur North - Raipur Road.South - Raipur Road and Raipur Mondalpara Road.East 00990KMC Mandolpura Road - Raja Subodh Chandra Mullick Road.West - Raipur Road. North - Raipur Mondalpara Road and Khanpur Road.South - Tolly's Mullah.East - Raja Subodh Chandra Mullick Road.West - Naktala Road, Khanpur Road and a road from Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Road up to 01000KMC Ramgarh - Naktala Tolly's Mullah. North - Baghajatin Station Road.South - Link Road connecting Raja Subodh Baghajatin Jheel , Raipur Mullick Road and Eastern Metropolitan Bypass.East - Eastern Metropolitian 01010KMC Mandolpura Road Bypass, and the Eastern Railway.West - Raja Subodh Mullick Road. Jadavpur Railway station, Baghajatin North - Jadavpur Station Road.South - Baghajatin Station Road.East - The 01020KMC Station Road Eastern Railway.West - Raja Subodh Mullick Road. North - A straight line drawn in continuation of Santoshpur Avenue on the west up to the Eastern Railway, Santoshpur Avenue.South - Crossing of the Eastern Railway and Panchanangram Canal.East - Panchnnagram 01030KMC Santoshpur Canal.West - The Eastern Railway North - Prince Anwar Shah Road, Link Canal.South - New Santoshpur Main 01040KMC Garfa Road.East - Panchannagram Canal.West - The Eastern Railway, Jheel Road North - Sarat Ghosh Garden Road and Haltu Main Road .South - Prince Anwar Shah Road Link Canal and northern bank of northern Jheel.East - 01050KMC Dhakuria Garfa Main Road and Haltu Main Road.West - K.P. Roy Lane Garfa Main road & North - Kayasthapara Main Road, P. Mazumder Road and the Canal.South - Kayasthapara road Prince Anwar Shah Road Link Canal and Kalikapur Road.East - crossing upto Eastern Panchannagram Canal and Eastern Metropolitan Bypass.West - Garfa Main 01060KMC Metro Bypass Road. North - Northern boundary of Nonadanga mauza and Rajdanga Road.South - Haltu Main Road, Kayasthapara Main Road, P. Mazumder Road, and the 01070KMC Kasba - Bosepukur Canal.East - Eastern Metropolitan Bypass.West - Kasba Road North - Northern boundary of Nonadanga Mauza, Storm Water Outlet and Northern boundary of Dhapa Mauza.South - Northern boundary of Kalikapur Mauza.East - Eastern boundaries of Madurdaha, Nonadanga and Dhapa 01080KMC Dhapa Mauzas.West - Eastern Metropolitan Bypass North - Northern boundaries of Kalikapur and Chakgeniagachhi Mauzas.South - Southern boundaries of Kalikapur East-Eastern Metropolitan Chakgeniagachhi Mauza, Bypass, Eastern boundaries of Kalikapur, Barakhola, Chakganiagachhi.West 01090KMC Kalikapur Mauza -Eastern Railway. North - Link Road connecting Raja Subodh Mullick Road and Eastern Metropolitan Bypass.South - Tolly's Mullah and Southern boundary off Briji Garia - Baishnabghata Mauza.East - The Eastern Railway.West - Raja Subodh Mullick Road and 01100KMC Patuli township Eastern Metropolitan Bypass. North - Nathpara Road and Tolly's Mullah.South - Southern boundaries of Kamdahari and Brahmapur mauzas.East - Eastern boundary of Kamdahari Mauza.West - Bidhan Palli Road, Bakshipalli Road, Rishi Rajnarayan Road 01110KMC Bansdroni and Shekhpara Road. Calcutta Institue of North - Tolly's Mullah.South - Nathpara Road, Southern Boundaries of engineering and Brahmapur and Raynagar mauzas.East - Bidhan Palli Road, Bakshipalli management - Rishi Road, Rishi Rajnarayan Road and Shekhpara Road.West - H.L. Sarkar Road 01120KMC Rajanarayan Road and Pirpukur Road. 01130KMC Bansdroni - (South) , North - Tolly's Mullah.South - Southern boundary of Bansdroni Mauza.East -
  • 21. H.L. Sarkar Road and Pirpukur Road.West - Bandipur Road and Anandapalli Shantinagar Playground Road. North - Tolly's Mullah.South - Sourhern boundaries of Bansdroni, Chakdaha and Purba Putiary Mauzas.East - Bandipur Road and Anandapalli Road.West 01140KMC Purba Putiary - Kaorapukur Khal. North - Raja Rammohan Roy Road and Tolly's Mullah.South - Sodepur 2nd Lane and Haridevpur Road.East - Kaorapukur Khal.West - Moti Lal Gupta 01150KMC Haridevpur Road and Mahatma Gandhi Road. Roybahadur road, North - Roy Bahadur A.C. Roy Road and Pran Krishna Chandra Lane.South - Pashupati Bhattacharya Pashupati Bhattacharjee Road.East - Tolly's Mullah and B.L. Saha 01160KMC Road Road.West - Bama Charan Roy Road and B.L. Saha Road. North - S.N. Roy Road and Circular Road (Tollygunge).South - Roy Bahadur Behala - S N Roy Road, A.C. Roy Road and Pran Krishna Chandra Lane.East - Tolly's Mullah.West - 01170KMC Roy Bahadur Road Buda Shibtala Main Road and B.L. Saha Road. North - A line drawn on the South of New Alipore.South - Roy Bahadur A.C. Tollygunge Circular Road Roy Road and S.N. Roy Road.East - Buda Shibtala Main Road.West - Joy 01180KMC , S N Roy Road Krishna Paul Road, Sahapur Main Road and Barikpara Road. North - A line drawn on the South of New Alipore Block-K.South - Roy Bahadur A>C. Roy Road.East - Joy Krishna Paul Road, Sahapur Main Road 01190KMC Sahapur and Barikpara Road.West - Diamond Harbour Road.. Behala - Roy Bahadur Road - Bhupen Roy North - Roy Bahadur A.C. Roy Road.South - Bhupen Roy Road.East - 01200KMC Road Bamacharan Roy Road.West - Diamond Harbour Road. Behala - Vivekananda North - Bhupen Roy Road and Pashupati Bhattacharjee Road.South - Raja College for women, Rammohan Roy Road.East - Raja Rammohan Roy Road and B.L. Saha 01210KMC Muchipara Padmapukur Road.West - Diamond Harbour Road and Bama Charan Roy Road. North - Raja Rammohan Roy Road, Haridevpur Road.South - Hem Chandra Raja Ram Mohan Roy Mukherjee Road, Motilal Gupta Road and Dhalipara Road .East - Mahatma Road to Motilal Gupta Gandhi Road and Motilal Gupta Road.West - Kalipada Mukherjee Road, Hem 01220KMC Road Chandra Mukherjee Road North - Raja Rammohan Roy Road, Hem Chandra Mukherjee Road.South - Chandi Charan Ghosh Road,Diamond Harbour Bypass, Vidyasagar Bosepara- Kailash Sarani.East - Kalipada Mukherjee Road, Hem Chandra Mukherjee Road, 01230KMC Ghosh Road Ishan Ghosh Road.West - Diamond Harbour Road. North - Chandi Charan Ghosh Road, James Long Sarani (Diamond Harbour Purba Barisha - Shilpara Bypass), Vidyasagar Sarani.South - Mahatma Gandhi Road.East - Eastern 01240KMC State bus Carriage Boundary of Purba Barisha Mauza.West - Diamond Harbour Road. North - Smashan Kalitola Road, Narayan Roy Road and K.K. Roy Road.South - A line drawn along Paschim Barisha mauza.East - Diamond 01250KMC Pashchim Barisha Harbour Road .West - Dakshin Behala Road Bannerjeepara - Sarsuna North - Ho Chi Minh Sarani.South - Smashan Kalitola Road, Narayan Roy main road, Sonamukhi Road, K.K. Roy Road and of Paschim Barisha mauza.East - Dakshin Behala 01260KMC Road Road.West -Baghpota Road, Jadab Ghosh Road and Sarsuna Main Road. North - Ho Chi Minh Sarani.South - A line drawn along Dag Nos. of Sarsuna mauza, of Sibrampur mauza and Shibrampur Road.East - Baghpota Road, Ho Chi Minh Sarani - Jadab Ghosh Road and Sarsuna Main Road.West - Sarsuna Mauza and 01270KMC Kashedanga Road Sibrampur mauza. North - A line drawn along Dag Nos. of Porui mauza, Porui Daspara Road, Porui Kancha Road, Fakirpara Road and Dr. A.K. Paul Road.South - Ho Chi Beledanga road to Minh Sarani.East - Diamond Harbour Road.West - Beledanga Road and a 01280KMC Harbour Road line drawn along Dag Nos. of Porui mauza. North - Pallishri and Maharani Indiradebi Road.South - Porui Daspara Road and Porui Kancha Road.East - Kazipara Road, Goalpara Road, Gopal Mishra Road and Becharam Chatterjee Road.West - Porui Mauza, Mohendra 01290KMC Nabapalli Banerjee Road ,Behala Mauza. Vidyasagar Hospital, North - Netaji Subhas Road.South - Fakirpara Road and Dr. A.K. Paul Becharam Chatterjee Road.East - Diamond Harbour Road.West - Kazipara Road, Goalpara Road, 01300KMC Road (south) Gopal Mishra Road and Becharam Chatterjee Road. 01310KMC Banamali Naskar Road, North - Upendranath Banerjee Road and Bonomali Naskar Road.South - Jingira Khal Jingira Khal, Pallishri, Maharani Indiradebi Road and Netaji Subhas
  • 22. Road.East - Diamond Harbour Road and Kshudiram Bose Sarani.West - Jingira Khal. North - Canal.South - Upendranath Banerjee Road, Bonomali Naskar Road.East - Diamond Harbour Road.West - Junction of Upendranath 01320KMC Tartala Banerjee Road and the Canal. North - Rameshwarpur Road, Ramnagar Lane (West), Haribabu's Pally Bye- Lane, Paharpur Road and Mudialy 1st Lane.South - Northern boundary on Ramdashati mauza.East - Metherpara Lane, Azaher Mohllah Bagan,West - 01330KMC Modialy 1st lane Mudialy 1st Lane, Fatehpur1st & 2nd Lane North - Southern bank of river Hooghly and Garden Reach Road.South - Garden Reach Road, Dhanksheti Khal, Haribabu's Garden Reach Road.East 01340KMC Garden Reach, Khidirpur - Prince Dilwarjha Lane.West - Iron-gate Road North - river Hooghly, Garden Reach Road and Dhanksheti Khal.South - Ramnagar Lane (West), Rameshwarpur Road, Mudialy Road.East - Iron-Gate Mudialy Road - Garden Road, Dhanksheti Khal, Mudialy 1st Lane and Mudialy Road.West - 01350KMC Reach Road Richalighat Road and Mudialy Road. North - S.A. Farooquie Road (Akra Road) and Mudialy Road.South - Northern Boundary of Ramdashati mauza.East - Mudialy Road, Fatehpur 2nd Lane and Metiaburj Police Station, Fatehpur 1st Lane.West - Shimpukur Lane, Santoshpur Road and Mudialy 01360KMC Simpukur Lane Road. North - Southern bank of river Hooghly and Garden Reach Road.South - VIP Market, Metiaburj Garden Reach Road, S.A. Farooquie Road (Akra Road) and Halderpara 01370KMC Police Station Lane.East - Bichalighat Road.West - Murray Road and Halderpara Lane North - Dr. Abdul Kabir Road, Garden Reach Road and Halderpara Lane.South - Sa. Farooquie Road (Akra Road).East - Murray Road and 01380KMC Bartala Juma Masjid Halderpara Lane.West - Railway siding,Panchpara Road. North - S.A. Farooquie Road (Akra Road).South - Northern boundaries of Panchur and Makalhati mauzas.East - himpukur Lane and Santoshpur 01390KMC Garden Reach Road.West - Eastern boundary of Panchur mauza. North - Jeliapara Road, Dr. Abdul Kabir Road,.South - S.A. Farooquie Road (Akra Road), northern boundary of Akra mauza.East - Railway siding, Metia Burj Girls School to Panchpara Road and western boundary of Akra mauza.West - Jeliapara 01400KMC Akra Mauza Road , Bagdipara Road North - Sourthern bank of river Hooghly.South - Garden Reach Road, Dr. Garden Reach Road to Abdul Kabir Road, Jeliapara Road and Kailash Mistry Lane.East - Jeliapara 01410KMC River Side Road Road, Bagdipara Road and Bhaga Khal Road.West - 0 Chennai Neighbourhoods Neighbourhood Neighbourhood Name Neighbourhood Description / Description Code Manali Municipality - Lappai Medu Manali (spl.p)Chinnasekkadu Spl Panchayat - Thiruvalluvar Kathivakkam (m) - Anna Nagar, Shasthri Nagar, 00010CMC Kodungaiyur (West) Cauvery nagartiruvottiyur (m) - E.t.p.s. Camp, Sunami Nagar Manali Municipality - Bharathiyar Street Manali (spl.p) - C.v. Raman Street ,Munnusamy St., Village St. Chinnasekadu (spl.p) - Dhevarajan Street Kathivakkam (m) - Nehru nagarthiruvoiyur - Annai Sivagami Nagar 00020CMC Kodungaiyur (East) Thiruvottiyur (m) - Annai Sivagami Nagar Manali Municipality - Arignar Anna Street Manali (spl.p) - Arignar Anna, Nehruji Street,Vimalapuram Chinnasekkadu Spl Panchayat - Ramalingasamy Dr.Radhakrishnan Street, Chinnasamy St.Kathivakkam (m) - Nehru Nagar Bajanaikovil 00030CMC Nagar (North) streetthiruvottiyur (m) - Kadalorapaguthy
  • 23. Manali Municipality - Thiruvalluvar Street Manali (spl.panchayat) Cheriyan Nagar -Thiruvalluvar St. Chinnasekadu (spl.p) - Kamarajar salaikathivakkam (m) - 00040CMC (North) Park Street Nehru Street Thiruvottiyur (m) - Nethaji Nagar Manali Municipality - Zakeer Huzzain 1st Street Manali (spl.p) - Anbazhagan Street Chinna Sekkadddu Spl Panchayat - Chellan Street Thiruvottiyur (m) - 00050CMC Jeeva Nagar (North) M.v.narayanasami Nagar 1st Street Manali Municipality - Ettiyappan Street Manali (spl.p) - Dr.radhakrishnan Cheriyan Nagar Street Chinnasekkadu Spl Panchayat - Dr. Ambedkar streetkathivakkam (m) - 00060CMC (South) Sowthlak Road Thiruvothiyur (m) - Bharathiyar Nagar Manali Municipality - Poongavanam Street Manali (spl.p) - Poongavanam Cross Street Chinnasekkadu Spl. P - E.v.r.periyar streetkathivakkam (m) - 00070CMC Jeeva Nagar (South) Kathivakkam highroadthiruvothiyur (m) - Dr.ambedhkar Nagar, Balaji Nagar Manali Municipality - Seenivasan Street Manali (spl.p) - Sannathi Strait streetchinnasakkadu (spl.p) - Anandan streetkathivakkam (m) - Bajanai Kovil 00080CMC Korukkupet Street kattukuppamthiruvothiyur (m) - Kalaignar Nagar, Vimco old Quarters Manali Municipality - P.r.k.sarma Street Manali (spl.p) - E.v.r. Periyar streetchinnasekkadu Spl P. - Baljipalyam Perumal Koil Street Kathivakkam (m) - Kathivakkam High Road Tiruvottiyur (m) - Manickam Nagar , Jeevanlal 00090CMC Mottai Thottam Nagar, Thirunagar Manali Municipality - Ayirankatthamman Koil St. Manali (spl.p) -Nedunehzhian Kumarasamy Nagar Salai Chinnasekadu Spl Panchayat -Parathasarathi Kathivakkam (m) - Valluvar 00010CMC (South) nagarthiruvatriyur -Kavery Nagar Thiruvotriyur (m) - Barathi Nagar Manali Municipality - Thamarai Kulam Street Manali (spl.p) - Thamarai Kulam Dr.Radhakrishnan 1st Street Chinna Sekkadu Spl Panchayat - Munusamy Street Kathivakkam 00011CMC Nagar (South) (m) - Kamaraj Nagar Thiruvothiyur (m) - Kamadevan Nagar Manali Municipality - Balaraman Street Manali (spl.p) - Chinnakannu Street Kumarasamy Nagar Kathivakkam (m) - Kamaraj Nagar 1st Cross Street 13 Thiruvothiyur (m) - 00012CMC (North) K.r.ramasami Nagar Manali Municipality - Seenivasa Perumal Koil stmanali (spl.p) - Seenivasa Vijayaragavalu Perumal Koil East stchinnasekadu Spl Panchayat - Parathasarathi 00013CMC Nagar (West) streetkathivakkam (m) - Kamaraj nagarthiruvotriyur (m) - Thiruvotriyur Kuppam Manali (spl.p) - Thamarai kulammanali Municipality - Sokkammal Kulam Street Chinnnasekkadu Spl Panchayat - Raji Street Katthivakkam (m) - Sathiyavanimuthu nagarthiruvothiyur (m) -M.v.narayanasami nagarthiruvatriyur 00014CMC Tondiarpet - Esany Moorthy Koil Manali Municipality - Anna Nagar Otthavadai Street Manali (spl.p) -Chinna Mathur Salai Manali (spl.p) -Chinna Mathur Salai Katthivakkam (m) 00015CMC Sanjeevirayanpet -Sathiyavanimuthu Nagar Thiruvottiyur Town - Amsa Garden Manali (spl.p) - Village Street Manali (p) - Village Street Katthivakkam (m) - Sathiyavanimuthu Nagar Thiruvottiyur Town - Tamilnadu Housing Board 00016CMC Grace Garden quatresa Block Suriyanarayanan Street Royapuram Durai Street Royapuram Sheik Street Royapuram Market Lane Royapuram G.m. Pettai 00017CMC Ma-Po-Si Nagar royapuramullagaram,sabapathi St Ullagaram North Face Building 00018CMC Royapuram Arthoon Road Royapuram Mannarsami Koil Street Royapuram Cemetry Road Old Washermenpet Robinson Park Colony,Old Washermenpet Velayudha Pandian Street Old Washermenpet Robinson Park Colony Old 00019CMC Singarathottam Washermenpet Narayanappa Sanjeevarayan Koil Street Old Washermenpet Perambalu Street Old 00020CMC Thottam Washermenpet East Cemetry Road Old Washermenpet Cementry Road Old Washermenpet 00021CMC Old Washermenpet Maniganda 8th Lane Old Washermenpet Washermenpet Railway Colony Thoppai Mudali Street royapuramrope Meenakshiammanpe Garden Dhobikana Royapuram Old Slaughter House Road Royapuram M.c. 00022CMC t Road Royapuram West Mada Koil Street Royapuram Mint Street,Kondithoppu Saravanan Street,Kondithoppu Kondal 00023CMC Kondithope Street,Kondithoppu Sevenwells Street,Sevenwells Portuguese Church Street,Sevenwells St. 00024CMC Sevenwells (North) Xavier Street,Sevenwells 00025CMC Amman Koil Prakasam Salai,Sevenwells Chappel Street,Amman Koil Amman Kovil
  • 24. Street,Amman Koil Saiva Muthiah Street,Muthialpet Coral Merchant Street,Muthialpet Ramasamy 00026CMC Muthialpet Street,Muthialpet Nyniappan Street,Muthialpet Vallalseethakathi 00027CMC Nagar Vallal Seetha Khadi Nagar Acharappan Street,Kachaleeshwarar Nagar n.s.c. Bose Road,Kachaleeshwarar Nagar Thambu Street,Kachaleeshwarar Nagar Mc. Kachaleeswarar Lean Street,Kachaleeshwarar Nagar Aremenian Street,Kachaleeshwarar 00028CMC Nagar Nagar 00029CMC Sevenwells (South) Nattu Pillaiar Koil Street Porchukes Church Street Aadhiyappa Street Anna Street Narayanan Street Govindappan Street 00030CMC Sowcarpet Davidson Street Adiapa Naicken Street 00031CMC Basin Bridge Stanley Nagar Basinbridge Moolakothalam Kondithope Thiruvetriyur - Aluthukaran Street, Cauvery Street,Sathakadu High Way 00032CMC Vyasarpet (South) Kaladipatti,Jhonraver Street Thiruvottiyur (m) - Thirupurasundari Nagar,Vanniyar Street,North Mada Street 00033CMC Vyasarpet (North) Kaladipet,Rajaji Street,South Pirakaram,Veeragavan Street, Kumaran Nagar Thiruvetriyur(m) - West Mada Veethi Kaladipattai ,Srinivasapuram,Balakrishna Nayadu Colony, Thilakar Nagar, V.o.c.mudal 00034CMC Perambur (North) Street , Ayyapillai Thiruvothiyur (m) - Seshachalam Thottam, Munusamy Naidu Lane 00035CMC Perambur (East) Satthangadu,Mettu Street 00036CMC Elango Nagar Thiruvothiyur (m) - Mettu St. 00037CMC Perambur (South) Cheyyur Parthasarathy Street,Perambur Egangipuram 1st Street, Ayanavaram Krishna Doss Road, Otteri Konnur High Road, Otteri Pannanthoppu Railway Colony, Ayyannavaram Perambur High 00038CMC Thiru-Vi-Ka Nagar Road, peramburhyder Garden 2nd Street, Otteri Cooks Road, Perambur New Farrance Road, Ottery Dr. Ambedkar College 00039CMC Wadia Nagar Road,Pulianthope Dr.Sathyavanimuthu Kannigapuram Vi. Ka. Nagar, 3rd Street, Pulianthope Narasimha Nagar Main 00040CMC Nagar Road, Pulianthope Decoster Road, Pulianthope Tiruvenkatasamy Street, Pulianthope Ammaiammal Street, Pulianthope Gurusamy Nagar,pulianthopekuttithambrian,Puliyanthope pulianthope High 00041CMC Pulianthope Road Periyar Nagar 00042CMC Dr.Besant Nagar Mothilal Street, Pulianthope 00043CMC Pedhunayakanpet Amman Koil Street,Kondithope Perumal Koil Elephantgate Thiyaki Sathiyamurthi Nagar, J.j Nagar ,Madura Nagar 00044CMC Thottam ,Subramaniyam Nagar, Teachers Nagar 00045CMC Thattankulam Old Slaughter House Street, Choolai Demellows Road, Pulianthope Kuravan Kulam Lane,Choolai vathiyar Kandappa Street,Choolai thottikalai 00046CMC Choolai Kumarappa Street,Choolai thottikalai Kumarappa Street,Choolai General Collins Road,Vepery Vepery High Road,Vepery Sami Street, 00047CMC Poonga Nagar Periamedu Thiruvothiyur (m) Ernavoor,Selva Vinayagar Koil Street Girija Nagar 00048CMC Elephant Gate ernavoorsowcarpet, Kalyanapuram Mint Street, Edapalayam Ponnappa Street, Edapalayam Ravanaiyar Street,Edapalayam Ekambara Eswarar Agraharam Street N.s.c Bose 00049CMC Edapalayam Salai,Edapalayam Paper Mills Road,Peravallur Sakthivel Nagar s.r.p Koil Street North s.r.p 00050CMC Agaram (North) Colony Agaram Periyar Nagar Thiru-vi-ka Nagar Kennadi Square, Sembiam maduraisamy Maadam Street 00051CMC Sembiam Sembiam teethi Thottam 4th Street,Sembiam 00052CMC Siruvalloor Maduma Nagar Kabilar Street,Perumbur Rajavelu Street,Perambur Nagammai Market Street, Perambur Bundar Garden Street Madurai Street Anderson 00053CMC Ammaiyar Nagar Road G.k.m Colony,Agaram Agaram South Market Street,Agaram Somiya Raja 00054CMC Agaram (South) Street,Agaram Rangasayee Street,Agaram Vidhudalai Gurusami United India Nagar 3rd Main Road i.c.f Colony i.c.f East Colonyi.c.f 00055CMC Nagar Colony,Viduthalai Gurusamy Nagar
  • 25. Periyar Salai Ayanavaram solai Street,Ayanavaram sabapathi Street,Ayanavaram n.m.k Street,Ayanavaram Pandiyan Nadar Paneer Selvam 00056CMC Ayanavaram Nagar,Ayanavaram Nagammaiammaiyar 00057CMC Nagar (South) Konnoor High Road,Ayanavaram porcheous Street,Ayanavaram Panneer Selvam 00058CMC Nagar Aspirin Garden Parthasarathy Street Ayanavaram Maraimalai Adigal Chengalvarayan Street,Maraimalai Adigal Nagar chinnababu Street, 00059CMC Nagar Maraimalai Adigal Nagar subrayan 1st Street, Maraimalai Adigal Nagar Sivasanmuga Puram,maraimalai Adigal Nagar Secretariat Colony, Maraimalai Maraimalai Adigal Adigal Nagar Chinnababu Street, Nammalvarpet Barakka Road, 00060CMC Nagar (South) Nammalvarpet Sathiyavani Muthu Nagar, Otteri 00061CMC Purasawalkam Kalvai Cherry,Purasaiwalkam sundarampillai Street,Purasaiwalkam 00062CMC Kolathur Srinivasanagar M.t.h Road Villivakkam Sidco Nagar,Villivakkam Rajamakalam Villivakkam Jaganatha Nagar,Villivakkam Gandhi Street, villivakkam South Mada 00063CMC Villiwakkam (North) Street,villivakkam Thiruvithiyamman Nagar Kadivaran Colony,Anna Nagar thillaiyadi Valliyammai Nagar,Anna Nagar 4th Avenue West,Anna Nagar thagam Colony,Anna Nagar Anna Nagar West Anna 00064CMC Villiwakkam (South) Nagar (zonal4) Ch-49 Kumaraswamy Nagar,Villivakkam a.v.m. Avenue,Virugampakkam North Div 65 Alawar Thiru Nagar,Virugampakkam North Div 65 Kamarajar Salai,Virugambakkam North Virugambakkam Kamarajar Salai,Virugampakkam Koyambedu,Villivakkam Virugampakkam 00065CMC (North) koyambedu, 21 Nsk Nagar, Arumbakkam Ac Block, Annanagar Annanagar E.v.r. Priyar High Road, Arumbakkam Icf South colonynathamuni Street, Annanagar U 00066CMC Anna Nagar (West) Block, Annanagar E Block,Annanagar East F Block, Annanagar Main Road Shenoy Nagar Main 00067CMC Anna Nagar (Central) Road Shenoy Nagar,Aminjikarai Aiyyavu Street , Shenoy Nagar d Block R V Nagar kujji Street, Annanagar East Manchakkolai Street, Shenoy Nagar Pulla Avneue, Shenoy Nagar tamilar 00068CMC Anna Nagar (East) Nagar Kallarai Salai Shenoy Nagar 00069CMC Shenoy Nagar E.v.r Periyar High Road, Shenoy Nagar Halls Road , Kilpauk Jessy Moses Block, Kilpauk kummalamman Koil 00070CMC Kilpauk (North) Street,Kilpauk Semmanpettai, Kilpauk Thiyagappa Street, Kilpauk Gangadeeswarar Purashavakam High Road Sungatheeswarar Koil Street,Purashavakam 00071CMC Koil Gangatheeswarar Koil Street,Purashavakam Dr Alagappa Salai Subbarayan Street,Senoy Nagar pulla Puram,Klpauk mc.nichals 00072CMC Kilpauk (South) Road,Chepat horington Road,Chepat 00073CMC Amanjikarai (North) Rajeswari Street Mettha Nagar Annasamy Street , Choolai Medu Ayyavu Colony, Aminjikarai Choolai Medu Govinthan Street, Aminjikarai Kamaraj Nagar , Choolai Medu Naracimman 00074CMC Amanjikarai (Central) Street, Ayyavu Colony Periyar Pathai, Choolai Medu 00075CMC Amanjikarai (West) Jaganathan Nagar Main Road, Arumbakkam v.o.c Street, Arumbakkam Namachivayapuram, Choolaimedu N.m. Road, Choolaimedu Sankarapuram, Periyar Nagar Choolaimedu abdhulla, Choolaimedu gill Nagar, Choolaimedu bhatcha Sahip 00076CMC (North) Street, Choolaimedu Krishnapuram Periyar Nagar south Gangaiamman Koil Street, Choolaimedu 00077CMC Periyar Nagar (West) kalyanapuram, Choolaimedu Sowrashtra Nagar, Choolaimedu appaswamy Street, Chethpet starling Road,Nungambakkam Kutti Street,Nungambakkam 00078CMC Nungambakkam Jayalakshmipuram,Nungambakkam West Coovam River Road, Chintaripet lebend Street, Chintaripet east 00079CMC Adikesavapuram Coovam River Road, Chintadripet Vedhagiri Street, Chintadripet 00080CMC Nehru Nagar Annasalai Arunachala Street, Chintadripet ayya Street, Chintadripet guruvappa Street, 00081CMC Chintadripet Chintadripet Adikesavalu Street, Chintadripet 00082CMC Komaleeswaranpet Subbarayan Street,Komaleeswaranpettai kanchipuram Pachiappa Mudali streetkomaleeswaranpettai,Pudupet venkatachala Street,Komaleeswaranpettai
  • 26. chandrabanu Street,Komaleeswaranpettai nagappa Street,Komaleeswaranpettai swamy Street,Komaleeswaranpettai Pillaiyar Kovil Street,Komaleeswaranpettai subrayan Street,Mount Road Balasubramanya Bangaru street, Triplicane pycrafts 1st Cross Street,Puthupakkam bharathi 00083CMC Nagar Salai, Pycrafts Road,Royapettah Thiruvotteeswaranpe 00084CMC t Thaifun Alikhan Street,Thiruvatteeswaranpet vallabha Agraharam,Triplicane 00085CMC Natesan Nagar Triplicane Arunachalam Street,Chepauk veeraghavan Street,Chepauk bells 00086CMC Chepauk Road,Chepauk lock Nagar,Chepauk Devaraja Street, Triplicane subramaniya Garden, Triplicane soorappa Street, 00087CMC Zambazaar Triplicane Umaru Pulavar 00088CMC Nagar Triplicane Royapettah Thulasinga Perumal Koil Street, Triplicane Bandy Venkatesa Street, Triplicane Singaram Street, Triplicane Chengalvarayan Street, Triplicane North 00089CMC Triplicane Tank Squaire Street, Triplicane Veeraraghavan Street, Triplicane 00090CMC Marina Venkatarangam Street, Triplicane Kamaraj Salai, Triplicane Erusappa Street,Royapettah Ram Nagar Main Road,Royapettah Avvai 00091CMC Krishnampet Shanmugam Salai,Royapettah Lloyds Estate,Royapettah Muthiyah Street,Royapettah Saivamuthiyah 6th 00092CMC Bharathi Nagar Street,Royapettah Venkatachalam Street,Royapettah 00093CMC Azad Bgr (North) Begam Street,Royapettah Peters Road,Royapettah Balaji Nagar,Royapettah 00094CMC Bharthidasan Nagar Raja Annamalai Puram,Royapettah Gowdiya Mutt Road,Royapettah t.t.k Road,Royapettah Dr. Radhakrishnan 00095CMC Azas Nagar (South) Road,Mylapore Royapet High Road, Royapettah Salleeswens Garden Street ,Mylapore 00096CMC Vivekananda Puram Veeraperumal Street,Mylapore Venkatammal Samathi Street, Vepery Patavettamman Koil Street, Otteri Ajnugam Ammaiyar chellappa Street, Otteri Padavattamman Koil Street, Otteri Padavattamman 00097CMC Nagar Koil Street, Otteri venkatathri Street,Otteri 00098CMC Kosappet W(G) Kosepet Asthapujam Salai, Choolai 00099CMC Pattalam - Sc(G) Pattalam Avadana Papier Street,Choolai Ashtapujam Salai,Choolai narasinga Perumal 00100CMC Anbazhagan Nagar Koil Street,Choolai Angalamman Koil Street,Choolai Venkatathri Street, Otteri Kanthappa High Road,Vepery kandappa Street,Vepery arunachalam Bandaram Street,Vepery eeran Street,Vepery 00101CMC Perumalpet Vallam Bangaru Street,Vepery Kannappar Nagar Avadana Papier Road, Choolai,Vepery Vaikakaran Street,Vepery Rotler 00102CMC W(G) Street,Choolai Ritherden Road,Vepery Cudappa Rengaiya Street,Periamet Naval Hospital 00103CMC Pattalam Road,Periamet Sathiyamoorthy Salai,Chepat Club Road,Chepat sivarajapuram,Chepat 00104CMC Chetpet mangalapuram,Chepat School Road,Chepat Aravamuda Garden Street,Egmore Veerasamy Street,Egmore gengu 00105CMC Egmore Salai,Egmore Casa Major Salai, Egmore Gandhi Irwin Bridge, Egmore Varatharajapuram Longs Garden Road,Pudupet marshal Road,Pudupet 00106CMC Pudupet Drivers Street,Pudupet Comander -in-chief Road,Pudupet 00107CMC Ko-Su-Mani Nagar Linwood Lane Kamdar Nagar Corporaiton High School Road Lake Area Valluvar Kottam High Road Rama Street Uthmar Ghanthi High Road,Nungambakkam Veerapathran Street Gopathy Narayanasamy Road 00108CMC Nakeerar Nagar Gopathy Narayanasamy Road Antersan Road, Thousand Lights Cochin House Police Colony, Thousand 00109CMC Thousand Lights Lights G.a.a Khon Street, Thousand Lights Model School Road Anna Road Greems Road boys Club Konraon Sumith Road Gopalapuram 00110CMC Azhagiri Nagar 2nd Street Dhmotharan Street Konraon Sumith Road Peters Road,Royapettah West Cott Road,Royapettah Mohammed Hussain Street,Royapettah Mohammed Hussain Street,Royapettah Erusappan 00111CMC Amir Mahal Street,Royapettah
  • 27. 00112CMC Royapettah Ammiyappa Street Avvaishanmugam Road Ganapathy Colony Muthiya Street St. George Kathetral Road Dr. Suburaiyan Nagar Eldoms 00113CMC Teynampet Road St. George Cathetral Road Anna Salai Geriyappa Road Sr. Thiyagaraiyur Road Melony Road Venkat 00114CMC Sathyamurthy Nagar Narayana Salai Thanikachalam Road Eldoms Road,Teynampet Appadurai Street,Teynampet Eldoms Road,Teynampet kavingar Bharathidasan Road,Teynampet Vanniya,Teynampet Vanniyapuram 00115CMC Alwarpet (North) Thiruvalluvar Salai,Teynampet Anna Salai,Teynampet kavingar Bharathidasan Road,Teynampet Nandanam Raja Annamalai Puram Raja Annamalai Puram,Royapettah T.t.k. Road 00116CMC Alwarpet (South) ,Alwarpet Teynampet 112 North Madaveethi S.p Koil Street,Kodambakkam 112 North Madaveethi,Vadapalani 2 Amman Koil Street,vadapalanidharnsing 00117CMC Vadapalani (West) Colony,Vadapalani Bharatheswarar Colony,Vadapalani 71 Trustpuram 2nd Main Road Varatharajanpet Main Salai, Puliyur Arcot Road, Kodambakkam Trustpuram 00118CMC Vadapalani (East) Main Road 14 Vellala Street, Kodambakkam Habibullah Salai, T Nagar Dharmapuram Main Road, T Nagar Thirumalai 00119CMC Kalaivanar Nagar Pillai Road, T Nagar Habibullah Road, T Nagar Bazulla Road, T Nagar 179 Rangarajapuram Main Road,Kodambakkam Arcot Road,Kodambakkam Navalar Corporation Colony,Kodambakkam Rangarajapuram Main Nedunchezian Nagar Road,Kodambakkam subbaraya Nagar,Kodambakkam united India 00120CMC (West) Colony,Kodambakkam 179 Rangarajapuram Main Road,Kodambakkam Arcot Road,Kodambakkam Navalar Corporation Colony,Kodambakkam Rangarajapuram Main Nedunchezian Nagar Road,Kodambakkam subbaraya Nagar,Kodambakkam united India 00121CMC (West) Colony,Kodambakkam 10 Pillar Road,Ashok Nagar1th Avenue,Ashok Nagar27th Street,Ashok Nagar4th Avneue,Ashok nagardr Natesan Salai ,Ashok nagarkanniyappan 00122CMC Ashok Nagar Nagar 83rd Street ,Ashok Nagar 179 Rangarajapuram Main Road,West Mambalam62nd Street,Ashok Nagar9th Avneue,Ashok nagarkodambakkam Rangarajapuram Main 00123CMC M.G.R. Nagar Road,Kodambakkam T Nagar West Mambalam Brinthavan Street,West Mambalam Chakrapani Street,Kodambakkam Chakrapani Street,West Mambalam Kodambakkam Railway Station Border Kamaraj Nagar Road,West Mambalam Railway Station Border Road,Kodambakkam 00124CMC (North) Veerasami Street,West Mambalam Veerasamy Street,West Mambalam Kamaraj Nagar 64 Jubilee Road,West Mambalam Eswaran Koil Street,West Mambalam 00125CMC (South) Ramakrishnapuram 1st Street,West Mambalam West Mambalam 3 Krishnan Road,T Nagar Bhashiyam Road ,T Nagar Buzulla Salai,Thiyagaraya Nagar Maharajapuram Santhanam Salai,T Nagar Prakasam Road,T Nagar Ramanathan Street,T Nagar Sri. Mohamed Usman Road,T 00126CMC Thyagaraya Nagar Nagar 44 Medley 1st Street,T Nagar Medley Road,T Nagar New Boag Road 00127CMC Rajaji Nagar Kannamapet,T Nagar Ramanathan Street,T Nagar Azhagirisami Salai K.k.nagar,Virugambakkam South K.k.nagar,Virugambakkam South Div 128 Nesabakkam,Virugambakkam South Virugambakkam Div 128 pillaiyar Koil Street,Virugambakkam South Div 128 Virugambakkam 00128CMC (South) North Division 128 Arcot Road ,Chennai(m) arcot Road Saligramam,Chennai(t) Chennai Chennai Corporation Saligramam Chennai M Chennai Managaratchi 00129CMC Saligarmam saligramamchennai T Kodambakkam 00130CMC (North) Chennai Chennai(t) K.k. Nagar,Chennai(t) Bharathidesan Colonhy K.k. Nagar,Chennai(t) Chennai Corporation Kodambakkam Chennai(m) Govindasamy St,Chennai(m) govindasamy Street,Chennai(m) 00131CMC (South) Jafferkhanpet,Chennai(t) K.k.nagar,Chennai(m) Jafferkhanpet raghavan Colony,Saidapet v S Garden Street,West Saidapet 00132CMC Saidapet West Saidapet 00133CMC Kumaran Nagar South K.r. Koil Street,West Mambalam
  • 28. (North) Karunanithi 1st Street,West Mambalam kodambakkam Salai,West Mambalam Kumaran Nagar Manthope ,kodambakkam Road,West Mambalam Manthope,kodambakkam 00134CMC (South) Road,West Mambalam Old Mambalam Road,Saidapet 10 Jones Road,Saidapet alandur Road,Saidapet Perumal Koil 00135CMC Saidapet (West) Street,Saidapet Vgp Street,Saidapet vs Street,Saidapet Kalaingar Appavoo Nagar,Saidapet Appavoo Nagar,T. Nagar Cit Nagar,Saidapet 00136CMC Karunanidhi Nagar Nandhanam sheshachalam Street,Saidapet thideer Nagar,Saidapet Burkit Road,Thiyagaraya Nagar Cit Nagar,.Nandhanam Madurai Veeran Koil 00137CMC V O C Nagar Street,T Nagar Madurai Veeran Koil Street,Thiyagaraya Nagar Chithra Nagar,kotturpuramgandhimandapam G D Naidu Nagar Road,kotturpuramkotturpuramnaidu Street Kottur,kotturpuramnew 00138CMC (East) Street,kotturpuramperumal Koil Street,kotturpuramsr. Pattel Road,Kotturpuram G. D Naidu Nagar Anna Salai,Saidapet bazaar Road,Saidapet Kottur ldg Road,Saidapet Loorth 00139CMC (West) Doss Christo Road,Saidapet loorth Doss Christo Street,Saidapet Saidapet 00140CMC Guindy (West) Ekkattuthangal guindy Industrial Estate Road,Guindy Guindy Bharathi Nagar Guindy Janakpuri Guindy Maduvinkarai Guindy, 00141CMC Guindy (East) Kamarajpuram Guindy, Nehru Nagar IIT Campus maduvankarai ,Guindy Abiramapuram Bheemanna Garden Street,Alwarpet Gurupuram,Mylapore Mylapore R A Puram Raja Annamalaipuram, 1st Main Road,R A Puram Raja 00142CMC Beemannapettai Annamalaipuram,Alwarpet Alamelumanghapuram,Mylapore Luz Avenue,Mylapore R.k. Mutt 00143CMC Thiruvalluvar Nagar Road,Mylapore High Road,Mylapore Mundakanniamman Koil Street,Mylapore prof. Sanjivi Street,Mylapore Madavaperumal Ramakrishnapuram Street,Mylapore Shanmugam Street,Mylapore 00144CMC Puram Shanmugam Street,Mylapore Kamaraj Road, Nochikuppam,Mylapore Kamarajar Salai, Nochikuppam,Santhome Karaneeswarar Bagoda Street,Mylapore Meenambalpuram Karaneeswarar Bagoda Street,Teynampet Papanasam Sivan Salai,Mylapore Santhome High Road,Mylapore Santhome High 00145CMC Karaneeswarpuram Road,Santhome Doming Kuppam Street,Mylapore East Mada Street, Mangollaim,Mylapore Eldoms Road,Teynampet Kutcheri Road,Mylapore Mathachruch Road, Mandavelypakkam,Mylapore Mathachruch Road,Santhome Papanasam Sivan 00146CMC Santhome Salai,Mylapore Adam Street,Mylapore Kapaleswarar Koil, South Mada Street,Mylapore Mandaivali Mandhaveli Street,Mylapore R.k. Mutt Road,Mylapore 00147CMC Mylapore Soolaiyappan Street,Mylapore Sundarasewar Swamy Street,Mylapore Mandaivali Sirungarimutt Road,R A Puram mandaivalipakkamr.k. Mutt 00148CMC Avvai Nagar (South) Road,R A Puram Kamarajar Salai,R A Puram Mandaivali Narayanasamy Thottam,R A Puram Raja Annamalai Narayanasamy Thottam,R.k.nagarr.k. Mutt Road,R A Puram Raja Annamalai 00149CMC Puram Puram Raja Annamalai Puram,Royapettah Mandaivali Sirungarimutt Road,R A Puram mandaivalipakkamr.k. Mutt 00150CMC Avvai Nagar (South) Road,R A Puram 3rd Canal Bank Road,Adayar Crescent Avenue Road,Adayar Damodarapuram,Adayar Indira Nagar Indiranagar,adayarkamaraj 00151CMC Adayar (West) Avenue,Adayar L.b. Road,Adayar Besant Avenue Road,Adayar Besantnagar Gandhi Nagar,Adayar Sastri 00152CMC Adayar (East) Nagar,Adayar Vasanthapress Road,Adayar 1st Main Raod Athampakkam,Chennai (m) Ambedkar Nagar,Chennai (m) Chennai Chennai (m) Chennai (t) Chennai,Ambedkar Nagar mehanapuri, 00153CMC Velachery Athampakkam,,Chennai Thiruvanmiyur Indira Nagar,Chennai (m) mariamman Koil St ,Chennai (m) tharamani East 00154CMC (West) Phase,Chennai (m) Bharathidesan Road,Chennai Chennai muttukadu Salai Thiruvanmiyur,Chennai South Avenur Thiruvanmiyur,Chennai Thiruvanmiyur East Phase,Chennai Thiruvanmiyur East Phase,Chennai (m) thiruvanmiyur 00155CMC Thiruvanmiyur (East) Kuppam Beach Road,Chennai (m)
  • 29. Bangalore Neighbourhoods Neighbourhood Neighbourhood Name Neighbourhood Description / Description Code 8 HMT factory and UCO Bank. The main roads in this area are the Platinum City Road leading to UCO Bank, HMT Main road, Gopala Gowda Circle and HMT Road to BEL Market going from Jalahalli Police 0001BBMP HMT Station to Ramachandrapura main road. It is located at the western borders of Bangalore.The landmark of this place is Sri Ayyapana temple which lies a kilo meter northwards on Bangalore Pune National Highway No.4, 12 Km from Bangalore 0002BBMP Jalahalli city center. It is located in the Northern region of Bangalore. BHEL, Mysore Lamps, Chandan Chemical Corporation, Govt Soap Factory, Mafatlal Plywood, Suryodaya Industries and Kirlosker Batteries are the 0003BBMP Yeshwanthpura industries located here. 0004BBMP Mathikere It consists of Indian Institue of Science, Junbilee Park, MS Ramiah Nagar 0005BBMP Kodandaramapura It includes Sada Shiva Nagar, Guttanhalli and Sankey Tank 0006BBMP Dattatreya Temple It includes Link Road, Nagappa Street, Guttanhalli Main Road and Seshadripuram Main Road It is located in the north-west of Bangalore. The prominent landmarks are The Chowdiah Memorial Hall, 0007BBMP Malleshwaram Sampige Road and Margosa road. 0008BBMP Gayathrinagar It is bounded by Mahakavi Kuvempu Road, Tha Ra Su Road, 1st Main Road and Dr. Rak Kumar Road It is bound by GP Rathnam Road, Dr. Rajkumar Road and 1st Main Road. It incorporates the Canara 0009BBMP Subramanyanagar Bank Bus Stop and Maddhurama Temple. 0010BBMP Mahalakshmipuram It has Rehman Khan Road, MEI road in the north, Chor road in the east and 8th main road in the west. Ward area phase 1 houses major industrial units of B angalore, phase 2, 3 and 4 are residential settlements of the workers working in these factories. Sanjeevni Hospital, Ravi KirloskarMemorial, 0011BBMP Peenya Industrial Area Raghvendra and Iyathi Hospitals 0012BBMP Nandini layout It has Nandini Layout Bus Depot and Oxfor English School 0013BBMP Geleyaga Balaga Layout It is bound by 14th main road, Pipeline Road and 12 th cross Road 0014BBMP Nagapura It includes Dr. MC Road, Chord Road and Pipeline Road. It is divided into two stages, the first stage to the west of the second. Some of the landmarks of this area are Navarang, theatre, Harishchandra Ghat, (electriccrematorium), Rajajinagar Police Statio and n 0015BBMP Rajajinagar post office. 0016BBMP Kamalanagar It includes 1st main road and Samba Moorthy Park 0017BBMP Vrushabhavatinagar It consists of Kamala Nagar, Kamakshi Palaya. 0018BBMP Kamakshipaliya It includes Vinayaka Nagar and Raman Polytechnique The famous landmark of It is Dr. M. C. Modi Charitable Eye Hospital. 0019BBMP Basaveshwaranagar 0020BBMP Shivanagar It includes the 6th main road and the 8th main road 0021BBMP Industrial Town It includes Agrahara Darsanhalli, Agraha Darsanhalli and Rajaji Nagar Industrial Town. 0022BBMP Sriramamandir It includes Burial Grounds and 7th Main Road 0023BBMP Prakashnagar It is a part of Lakshminarayan Puram and has Dr. Rajkuimar Road on the West 0024BBMP Bhasyamnagar It includes Bhashyam Park and Sirur Park Road, 5th Main Road and Puttaswamy Road 0025BBMP Ramachandrapura It consists of LakshmiNarayan Puram and 2nd Cross Road 0026BBMP Sevashrama It includes Gubbi Thotadappa road, Railway Divisional Office abd Banglore City Railway Station This area includes Gandhinagar, Nehru Nagar, RVS Layout and patches of Kumara Park West. It is 0027BBMP Gandhinagar bound by Tank Bund Road and Kempe Gowda Road in the south. Tank Bund Road and Mysore Road are important roads in the region.Most of these textiles in 0028BBMP Chickpet Bangalore are produced. Vinayaka, Nalanda, Parimala, Super and Pradeep are cinema halls here. 0029BBMP Cottonpet It includes Binny Mills, Tank Bund Road
  • 30. 0030BBMP SKR Market Shree Krishna Raj Market mainly consists of Ranasingh Pete 0031BBMP Binnypet The major landmarks are Binnypet Main Road and Goripalaya Maternity Hospital 0032BBMP Kempapura Agrahara This West Zone ward comprises Bhuvaneshwari Nagar and Mariyappanapalya It is bound by the Mysore Road and Magadi Road with the Chord Road cutting through.Vijayanagar east, more popularly called as RPC lay out, stands for Railway Parallel Colony layout, as there is an 0033BBMP Vijaynagar adjacent railway track to the layout. 0034BBMP RPC Layout This South Zone ward comprises mainly ofVijayanagar 0035BBMP Marenahalli This South zone ward comprises LIC Colony, Shivananda Nagar and Saraswathi Nagar. This South Zone ward comprises Muneshvar Nagar, Sri Shylanagar, Prashanthnagar and Selvas 0036BBMP Govindarajanagar Industrial Area. 0037BBMP Amarjyothinagar This South Zone ward comprises Amarjyothinagar and SVG Nagar. 0038BBMP Moodalapalaya Mudalapalya consists of : Hoysala Nagar, Adarsa Nagar, Byraweswara Nagar and Chalukya Nagar This South Zone ward comprises Chandra L ayout 1st Stage, 1st and 3rd Blocks and Chandra Layout. The ITC Employee Layout is also found here. Landmarks: National Law School, the Department of 0039BBMP Chandra Layout Atomic Energy and the Institute for Social and Economic Change 0040BBMP Attiguppe This South Zone ward comprises Vijayanag 2nd Stage and Income Tax Layout. ar 0041BBMP Anjaneyswami Temple It comprises Byatrayanapura, Avalhalli, Kasturba Colony and Timber Yard Layout. It comprises Byatrayanapura, Avalhalli, Kasturba Colony and Timber Yard Layout.It is bound by Mysore 0042BBMP Bapujinagar Road in the east, Padarayana Pura in the north and RPC Layout in the west. 0043BBMP Padarayanapura This South Zone ward consists mainly of Jaibharnagar This South Zone ward is surrounded by Binnypet, Kempapura Agrahara, Padarayana Pura, Azadnagar 0044BBMP Jagajivanramnagar and Chamrajpet. 0045BBMP Azad Nagar It comprises Madiyar Palya, Azadnagar and Ramachandra Agrahara. 0046BBMP Chamarajpet This West Zone ward comprises mainly of 3rd, 4th and 5th main road Dharmarayaswami 0047BBMP Temple This West Zone ward comprises mainly of Kalasipalyam 0048BBMP Sudamanagar This West Zone ward comprises Sudamanagar and Shanthinagar. 0049BBMP Kempegaudanagar It belongs to the South zone of Bangalore and comprises Kempe Gowda Nagar and Shankarapuram. VV Puram is located in the South Zone of Bangalore. It comprises of Basavangudi, Kanakapalya, Kanakapura and Parvathipura. Sajjan Rao circle joins the heart of It; it is bound by South East Road 0050BBMP Visweswarapuram and KR Road. The main landmarks of It are KrishnaRao Park, Gunasheela Hospital,D V Gundappa Road and The 0051BBMP Basavanagudi East West School 0052BBMP Hanumanthanagar It comprises Madiyar Palya, Azadnagar and Ramachandra Agrahara. It is surrounded by Azadnagar, Hanumanthanagar, Gali Anjaneya Temple, Srinivasanagar and 0053BBMP Srinagar Basvangudi. It comprises Banashankari 3rd Stage, Giri Nagar (popularly known as Writers’ Colony), Kathreguppe 0054BBMP Srinivasanagar and Hosakerehalli. It is bound by the Ring Road, 80 Feet Road and Hosakerehalli Road. It is located very close to Banashankari II stage, Kathriguppe and Chikkalsandra. It includes 0055BBMP Padmanavanagar Banashakari III stage, Gaundanapalya, Kumaraswamy Layout and Kathereguppe. 0056BBMP Ganesh Mandir It comprises Banashankari 2nd and 3rd Stages, Kavisandra, Eshwarnagar and SB Palya. J.P. Nagar stands adjoining to Jayanagar. The place is spread along the sides of Aurobindo Marg with Ring Road running along its boundary. Puttenahalli Kere is the lake situated adjacent to Phase IV of 0057BBMP J P Nagar J.P. Nagar. 0058BBMP Jayanagar Located in South Bangalore, Jayanagar comprises Ten area blocks (including 4th 'T' Block). 0059BBMP Yediyur It manly comprises of Yediyur Lake, near Jayanagar, found in this area. 0060BBMP Pattabhiramanagar This South Zone ward comprises part of Jayanagar 4th Block. 0061BBMP Mavalli The major landmarks are Lalbagh and the Horticultural department 0062BBMP Hombegowdanagar The main landmarks in this area are Dairy Circle Flyover, Fire Station and Marigowda Road 0063BBMP Lakkasandra The main landmarks in this area are Christ College, Christ School Road and Mozaria Building 0064BBMP Gurappanapalya It includes 9th Main Road, 9B Road and Gurappan Palya Main Road 0065BBMP BTM Layout It includes BTM layout 1 and BTM layout 2 Ward no 66 comprises Venkatapura, KSRP Quarter and Teachers’ Colony. It is surrounded on three 0066BBMP Madivala sides by the Ring Road, Artillery Road and Hosur Road. Intermediate Ring Road (linking the Airport Road with Hosur Road and the Electronics City), Sarjapur Road (leading to the Outer Ring Road, and beyond) and 80 Feet Road (leading to Viveknagar and MG 0067BBMP Koramangala Road at the centre of Bangalore). Ejipura consists of Koramangala 3rd and 4th blocks, Shinivagalu Tank Bed Layout and the National Games Housing Complex. Sarjapur Road flanks the southern area and 80 Feet Road runs through its 0068BBMP Ejipura centre. 0069BBMP Neelasandra Neelsandra is a settlement around Austin Town, Ejipura, Vannarpet, Anepalya, Rose Garden, Asian
  • 31. Games Village at Koramangala and Vivekanagar. It comprises Langford Town, Shanti Nagar, Vinayak Nagar, Wilson Garden and Chinayanapalya. It is 0070BBMP Shantinagar bound by Double Road in the west and Lashka Hosur Road in the east. Austin Town is a relatively small ward; it also includes Viveknagar and Vannapet. It is surrounded by a 0071BBMP Austin Town large amount of Defence Area, Neelasandra, Ejipura and Richmond Town. Earlier the ward was known as Bhagat Singh Nagar. It also includes some of parts of the suburb of 0072BBMP Domlur Indiranagar. 0073BBMP Airport The ward includes Bangalore’s HAL Airport, which is situated here. It also comprises Vinayaka Nagara. 0074BBMP Jeevanbhimanagar 100 Feet Road, Airport Road and Tippasandra Road enclose Jeevanbheemanagar. It comprises a large amount of Defence Area, Cambridge layout, Saraswathi Puram and Someshwara 0075BBMP Jogupalya Puram. It includes Richmond Town, Langford Gardens, Victoria Layout, Loyola Layout, MacIver Town, Ashok Nagar and PG D’Souza Layout. It is bound by Langford Road, Cubbon Road, Kasturba Roadand Trinity 0076BBMP Richmond Town Church Road. It comprises Sampagiram Nagar, Race Course, Kum Park East, American Colony and Fairfield ara Layout. It is enclosed by Mission Road in the south, Cubbon Road in the east and Bellary Road in the 0077BBMP Sampangiramanagar north. Vasanthnagar comprises of Shivaji Nagar, Infantry Road and Cunningham Road. It is flanked by Palace Gardens in the north and commercial areas like Shivaji Nagar in the south. The railway line forms the 0078BBMP Vasanthnagar northern boundary of It. 0079BBMP Shivajinagar It includes Commercial Street and Russel Market It is found in the East Zone of Bangalore. It comprises Bhartinagar, Sivan Chetty Gardens and Defence Area. Three important roads pass through this area: Thimmaiah Road, Seppings Road and Kamaraj 0080BBMP Bharatinagar Road. It is located in east Bangalore, and begins roughly near the eastern terminus of MG Road.Ulsoor comprises of Hanumanthappa Layout, Yellappa Chetty Layout, Gupta Layout and Murphy Town. It is 0081BBMP Ulsoor bound by St John’s Roadand Old Madra Road. It comprises Binnamangala 1st and 2nd stages and Michael Palya. It belongs to the East zone of the 0082BBMP Hoysalanagar city. It is situated in the extreme east of the city and comprises CV Raman Nagar, Nagawara Palya, 0083BBMP Sir C. V. Ramannagar Udayanagar, Kaggadasapura, Vignananagar, Vimaananagar, Bhuvaneswari Nagar and the BEML area. 0084BBMP Benniganahalli This East Zone ward comprises Chikka Banaswadi, Channasandra and Defence Area Sarvagna Nagar is popularly known as Cox Town. It comprises of Kadiranapalya, Dod Kunte, Wheeler Road and Baiyyappanahalli. Ulsoor Lake binds It in the south and the Indian Tobacco Company in the 0085BBMP Sarvagnanagar north. 0086BBMP Marutisevanagar It comprises Maruthi Seva Nagar, Cooke Town and D’Costa Layout. 0087BBMP Lingarajapuram The main landmarks in this area are Hennur Main Road, Kachara halli and Jalvayu Vihar Banaswadi is located in the Northern Reign of Bangalore.The major hospitals in the area are Cenesis, Satya Sai Baba Hospital, Dewans Hospital an Narayan Nilaya Maternity Hospital. Banaswadi Railway d 0088BBMP Banaswadi Station is the nearest local station 0089BBMP Kacharakanahalli It comprises Bagalur Layout and Pillana Gandens. It comprises Bagalur Layout and Pillana Gandens. Here, one can find, the famous Richards Park and 0090BBMP Sagayapura up ahead, Holy Ghost Church. Pulikeshinagar, in the northeast of Bangalore, comprises of several ‘towns’: Fraser Town, Cox Town, 0091BBMP Pulikeshinagar Cleveland Town and Williams Town. Jayamahal includes Nandidurg Extension, Jayamahal Extension, Sarodamma Layout, Muni Reddy 0092BBMP Jayamahal Palya and Ramageetha Mandir Block. 0093BBMP Devarajeevanahalli It includes Devrajeevanhalli Road and Modi Road Ward 94 is located in the northeast area of Bangalore. Major Landmarks : Dr Ambedkar Medical 0094BBMP Kodugodanahalli College and Hospital 0095BBMP Kaval Byrasandra This East Zone ward comprises Kushal Nagar and Sultan Palya. Karnataka Agro Industries Corporation, Institute of Veterinary Biologicals, University of Agricultural Sciences, Veterinary College, Mahatma Gandhi Polytechnic and office of Directorate of Biological 0096BBMP Hebbal Control, Janatha Bazar, Vijay, It is bound by RT Nagar 1st block, P&T Colony, Nandini View Layo Matadahalli, Chumchappa Block, ut, Andappa Block and Penngalam Block. It also houses a government hospital and TV Tower. A storm 0097BBMP Jayachamarajendranagar water drain runs through the middle of It. Ganganagar comprises of RT Nagar, D&G Colony, MLA Layout and Muthappa Layout. It is bound by defence area in the south and west. It is essentially a residential area with a number of schools (like 0098BBMP Ganganagar Presidency School) and a burial ground. Armane Nagar comprises Rajmahal G uttahallii, Rajmahal Vilas, Lower Palace Orchards, Upper Palace Orchards and Sadashiva Nagar. It is bound by Jayamahal Main Road, Palace Cross Road and Tumkur 0099BBMP Aramanenagara Road. It is flanked by Sankey Tank 0100BBMP Sanjay Nagara It includes Lotteogolahalli, RMV Extension, Basaveshwar Layout, RMS Colony and Judicial Colony. It is situated in theNOrth West of the city. It includes Chelakar, Meganahalli, Vijay Lakshmi Colony and 0101BBMP Chelakere (OG) Babu Sahib Palaya This area includes Horamavu Agara Lake and Hennur and surrounding areas. It lies to the North West 0102BBMP Horamavu (OG) of the BangaloreCIty 0103BBMP Arehalli (OG) Arehalli (Outgrowth town)