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This is a presentation from VIZAG Steel, one of the finalists at the 5th CII-GBC National Award for Excellence in Water Management in 2008

The awards are in 2 categories, Within the Fence for work done on minimizing the organisations water footprint, and Beyond the Fence for work done in the community around the industry.

This presentation was in the "Within the Fence" category.

We thank CII and the respective companies for giving us permission to upload these presentations on the India Water Portal website for dissemination to a wider audience.

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  1. 1. Excellence In Water Management By V.S.Subra mani DGM (WMD)/VSP VIZAG STEEL - PROFILE First shore-bas ed pl ant o f 3.0 MT liquid steel capacity - operating at 12 0 % . Certi fi ed for all 3 Intern ation al stan dards o f ISO 90 01,140 01 & 180 01. Set up with lat est C DM t echnolo gies like 100% LD gas recovery, dry quenchi ng of coke,100% C ast Hous e Slag Granulati on and Torpedo L adl e fo r trans po rting liquid hot m etal. The Comp any is p rimarily m anu factu ring Long P rodu cts lik e Bars, Wire ro ds, Reb ars, Roun ds, Chan nels, Angl es et c., which are mostly us ed in Con struction Indust ry. Company’s products enjoy p remium in the local Market. Maj or Production cat ers to Dom estic M ark et. Gross turnover duri ng 07-08 is 10,433 Cr & Net p ro fit after tax is 1,943 C r ag ainst previo us year fig of 9,151 Cr &1,36 3 Cr res pectiv ely. Gro wth: Phas e Capacity (Mt ) Invest ( C r) Cum Invest (C r) I (09-10 ) 6.8 9192 9192 II 8.5 2220 11412 III 13.0 8400 19812 IV (BY 20 20) 16.0 6000 25812 1
  2. 2. Water in steel industry • Equipment cooling • Absorption / removal of heat • Steam generation • Drinking and sanitary purpose • Fire fighting • Plant process • Gas scrubbing / cleaning TYPICAL WATER CIRCUIT IN VSP YELESHWARA M RESERVIOR RAW WATER KBR DRINKING WATER TREATME NT FOR TOWNSHIP RWTP TREATME NT TREATME NT FIRE AND DRINKING MAKE UP W ATER W ATER FOR INDUSTR Y FOR INDUSTRIAL USE 2
  3. 3. BASIS FOR REPORTING OF QUANTITIES Ø INTAKE WATER INTO RESER VOIR IS M EASURE D FROM THE PARSHALL FLUME READINGS RECOR DE D JOINTLY BY STATE GOV T. & VSP Ø M A KE U P W AT E R C O N S U M PT I O N F O R T H E PL AN T I S R E CO R DE D F R O M T HE O N LI N E F LO W M E T E R I N S T A LL E D I N MAKEU P WATER PUM P HOUSE Ø CO N S U M PT I O N I N IN DI V I DU A L R E C I R CU L A T I O N PU M P HO U S ES I S M EAS U R ED B Y O N LI N E F LO W M ETER AN D M E AS U R I N G T I M E T O TI M E WI T H U LT R ASO N I C F LO W M E T E R Employees/Community Involvement in Water Conservation èMass Awareness thr ough Individ ual Responsibility ØScroll in Cable TV & Pam phlet Distributi on ØAppeal through Recorded V oice i n teleph ones (dial tone) wide publi city of Tel nos of contact pers ons for water leaka ges et c. è Exte nsive re -cycli ng. Elimi nating all wasta ges, Expl oring additional sour ces, Identifi cation of waste water s our ces for imme diate implementation. èDiscussions in depart mental uni on and samal ochana meetings èSpecial suggesti ons dri ve thr ough s uggesti on melas èFormati on of se parate Q Cs èPropaga nda at sch ools èMessage by CMD & Direct ors in various for ums èFormati on of S pecial ins pecti on gr oups in vari ous depart ments èMeetings with cantee n contractors è Monitori ng by Hi gher Mana gement thr ough Prese ntation by Envir onment M gmt De pt on all water wasta ge points i n ED (Wor ks) co- ordinati on meetings. 3
  4. 4. Total Water Management • Water Balancing & Water Audit • Treatment & Freezing the end user requirement for various processes • Supply and distribution of water through out the plant at required quality & quantity parameters. • Water Recirculation & conservation • Complete chemical Treatment • Converting Waste Water into Makeup water grade • Recovery of metallurgical waste and recycling of water • Technological Discipline • Cost economics at every step • Periodic review of all step WATER MAPPING FOR PLANT WORKS RECIRCULATI ON IN Cu.M /Hr ZONE CLEAR CONTAM INA TED TOTA L MAKE -UP WATER COCCP 10052 980 11032 265 SP 900 1926 2826 70 BF 12865 9520 22385 270 SMS 5415 6160 11575 260 RM 5140 10680 15820 40 TPP 62700 --- 62700 1380 AS 432 --- 432 25 CWP-1 5250 --- 5250 10 CWP-3 4000 --- 4000 10 ASP 9920 --- 9920 80 CH-2 1000 --- 1000 10 SOFT WATER 2200 --- 2200 130 DM WA TER 5399 --- 5399 400 DRINKING --- 550 CONSTRUCTI ON --- 250 TOTA L 1,55, 494 3750 4
  5. 5. VARIOUS WATER CONSERVATION MEASURES (IN LAST 4 YEARS) Ann ual Wa ter Inv est. Title of Wa ter Sav ings Ma de Payback Sl Year of Sav ing proj ect Period No Imple men tati on imple men ted (Mo nth s) Rs. Rs. m3 Lakhs Lakhs Recycling of Secondary Sp ra y 1 Cooling water in Jun'04 2190000 131.4 296 27.03 SMS 250 r Utilizing Cooling 2 tower – 22 blow June 05 175200 10.5 2.5 2.8 down in Mills Utilizing Cooling 3 tower – 21 blow Aug. 05 262800 15.7 2.5 1.9 down in S MS Introduction of 4 Jan. 06 1752000 105 500 45 Ultra Filter plant Installation of 2 nos of pumps in 5 diversion channel July 06 438000 165.7 470 34 to recove r rain water VARIOUS WATER CONSERVATION MEASURES (IN LAST 4 YEARS) Ann ual Wa ter Inv est. Title of Wa ter Sav ings Ma de Payback Sl Year of Sav ing proj ect Period No Imple men tati on imple men ted (Mo nth s) Rs. Rs. m3 Lakhs Lakhs Provision of side 6 stream Filters at Jan 07 438000 165.7 470 34 T PP PH-04 Replacement of damaged pipe 7 Ma r 07 876000 131.40 200 18 lines in various zones Settling tanks for recove ry of 8 Ma r 07 876000 131.40 585 54 metallurgical waste Diversion of exhaust cooling 9 Dec 07 350400 52.56 2 1 water in BHS 1 to PH -6 Renovation of all 10 cooling towers in Feb 08 438000 65.70 100 18 coke ove n area. 5
  6. 6. RAIN HARVESTING PROJECTS -Vizag Steel has implemented Rain Harvesting measures in a big way as mentioned below : ¯Masonry Check Dams - 9 nos. ¯Percolation Pits - 94 nos. ¯Earthen Check Dams - 1 no. ¯Recharge Wells - 18 nos. STREGTHENING COOLING SYSTEM IN COKE OVEN Problem Identification: • High Temperature of recirculation water • Huge Drift loss • In effective Cooling 6
  7. 7. STREGTHENING COOLING SYSTEM IN COKE OVEN Modification: • Total renovation of cooling tower includes • Replacement of existing 2 layer fill system to 3 layer • Replacement of Asbestos Drift eliminators by PVC waves and bushes STREGTHENING COOLING SYSTEM IN COKE OVEN Result : • Water saving incurred out of modification of drift eliminators : 50 cum. /hr. • Increased deltaT by 2 – 3 degrees improved the performance of various heat exchangers of coke ovens. • Elimination of water spillage to the surroundings. • Cost benefit analysis: • Investment made against procurement of fills and drift eliminators and execution : Rs. 100 Lakhs • Hence direct Tangible savings : Rs. 65.70 lakh per annum 7
  8. 8. WATER CONSUMPTION w.r.t. PRODUCTION PRODUCTION CONSUMPTION YEAR (MT Liq steel) (MGD) DESIGNED 3.0 70 00-01 2.91 40 01-02 3.08 35 02-03 3.34 31.4 03-04 3.51 27.0 04-05 3.56 26.0 05-06 3.60 25.0 06-07 3.61 24.5 26.0 07-08 3.31 ( Due to Co nstruction Activity – 1. 5 MGD Ad dtl cons. ) 10.7 7.8 6.33 4.88 3.96 3.31 2.76 2.56 2.29 2.33 8
  9. 9. SPEC. WATER CONSUMPTION IN VSP AS COMPARED TO STEEL MAJORS Vizag Steel’s speci fi c As com par ed to w ater consum pti on (cubi c meter / ton of liquid Bluescope Thyss en Chi na Corus, steel) steel - Krupp - POS CO Steel, UK Australia Germany Tai w an 2.33 2.5 3.2 3.6 4.5 4.7 Source : collec ted By Sri Ramesh Prasad AGM / Vizag S teel at interna tional for um “IISI” held at Amster dum, CO RUS STEE L. SCHEMES TOWARDS ZERO DISCHARGE Qty of wa ter to Estima ted Source be rec ycle d in Type of treatmen t Cost i n Rs in Remarks cum/ hr crores Tre ate d wa ter will be use d Ph ysical trea tm ent in the expa nsi on area for like misc. us es like fire Balacher uv u 300-350 20.1 settli ng/clarri ficati on, figh tin g, d us t su ppressi on, Oil se parati on e tc. garde ning, toilet flus hing etc. 500 (incl udi ng Tre ate d wa ter will be use d Appik on da expansi on Rev erse Osm osis 43.15 as make up i n TPP S ys tem units) and i n so ft water ne twork Sewage fro m Tre ate d wa ter will be use d the exis ting 80 Rev erse Osm osis 21.5 in C OCCP recirc ula tio n plan ts sys tem Sewage fro m the Tre ate d wa ter will be use d 80 Rev erse Osm osis 18.6 expansi on in so ft water network units To pu mp ou t wa ter fr om Mari ne MB C,C OC CP leaka ges, Dischar ge 300 - 450 Collec tin g Ta nk 11.5 rej ects from RO pla nt Pipe Li ne (S TP-!) Tota l E xpected Water R ecove ry = 1050 cu m / hour 9
  10. 10. VSP – OTHER AWARDS Ø CII – EXIM Bank awar d 2007 for Signific ant Ac hievement . Ø Gol den Peac oc k award for Environmental manag ement by world Envir onmental Foundation – 2006 Ø Nati onal energ y c ons er vati on award – 2006 (7 times i n row) for Energ y effici enc y (First priz e for 3 c ons ec uti ve years and also a s pecial award for ac hievi ng this). for Ø Nati onal awar d for excell ence i n Water M anagement by CII– 2006 (three CII– consecuti ve year s). Ø Commendati on priz e for str ong commi tment to Exc ell enc e - C II Exi m Bank Awar d for Business Excell enc e 2006 for Overall Exc ellenc e i n all ac ti viti es of the company. Ø Str ong C ommit ment - CII HR Exc ellenc e Awar d 2006 for Exc ellenc e i n HR proc es ses and practic es. Ø Organi zational Exc ell enc e Awar d for Effici ent s ugges tion sc heme operation gi ven by INSSAN – 2006 Ø Best Industri al Producti vi ty Award (Jawaharl al N ehru Sil ver R oll ing Trophy) fr om olling FAPC CI for Outstandi ng pr oducti vit y in steel producti on.- 2006 on.- 10