Babul Films Society_ The Manthan Award, 2013, eNGO_2013


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A finalist in 'The Manthan Award, 2013', in the category 'Advocacy', eNGO: Babul Films Society.

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  • 14 sec: Welcome to Babul films a non-profit regd NGO using ICT for Advocacy. Social Media for awareness about E, B & SD
  • 11 Sec: We use a lot of ICT tools, you can see some here. Social Media is used 2 create & distribute content in a cost-effective way.[CT:25Sec]
  • 25 Sec: Most explored platform with 3200 LIKEs. The modus-operandi is LIKE COMMENT SHARE. We have a Group for Babul Films Volunteers.
    Advtg is done with Precision Targeting. Spending 200 INR we reached 3000 people. Cover Photo gives latest info eNGO Challenge. [CT :50 Sec]
  • 16 Sec: SpeakPipe helps people reach us by just SPEAKING. Record your message, listen and Send. That’s it. When it is Earth, everybody is a doctor, Eco-doctor.
    What are you going to do to save the Planet? Send us your audio message. CT 66 Sec
  • 18Sec: Babul Films curates and delivers 2 online newspapers to subscribers FREE of cost. 4Towers – Hyderabad named after Charminar is a daily, Andhra ESD is a weekly. We are in touch with to help us curate Telugu and Hindi content also [CT 1 Min 24 Sec]
  • 11 sec: We tweet captioned images 4 eco-awareness– u can C Cycle Chalao here; latest updates – eNGO Challenge; media clippings etc., [CT: 1 Min 35 sec]
  • 10 sec: We use LinkedIn, the professional platform, to network and keep in touch with the latest. Often we figure as top influencers in forums. [CT: 1 min 45 sec]
  • 15 sec: here comes You Tube, the Video wonder. Watch a sample clip of our short film [CT: 2 min]
  • 10 sec: we linked our PINterest Boards 2 our FACEBOOK Page with PINVOLVE & with Twitter. What we PIN here is automatically posted there [CT:2 min 10 sec]
  • 10 sec: We hire freelancers to do jobs. This PPT, poster designing for Babul Films stall are done by Mr. Anvesh for 22$ [CT: 2 min 20 sec]
  • 10 sec: An online international database BioDiEt Biodiversity Etymology is built by people by adding Place Names that have Animals/Birds/Trees/Etc., in them. [CT: 2 min 30 sec]
  • 10 sec: BioCinema has movie titles that have Biodiversity components in them. BioDiEt & BioCinema are aimed at relating popular themes to Biodiversity to help people easily connect for eco-awareness [CT: 2 min 40 sec]
  • 10 sec: An interactive 3rd party tool, Earth Clock gives real-time info about 18 parameters in 5 time frames. Eg. 24794 species go extinct per year [CT:2 Min 50 sec]
  • 10 sec: Using this interactive tool one can calculate his/her contribution to Climate Change in terms of GHG emissions [CT: 3 Min]
  • 12 sec: We use Wishberry for crowdfunding film productions, Couchsurfing to get volunteers from world over, YouSee to find resources and Telugu and Hindi input tools [CT: 3 Min 12 sec]
  • Babul Films Society_ The Manthan Award, 2013, eNGO_2013

    1. 1. Social Media
    2. 2. Eco-Doctor My treatment for Earth Rx: I carry my own Water Bottle
    3. 3. Email:
    4. 4. Bio-Cinema Email:
    5. 5. ICT SOME OTHER TOOLS Crowd-funders For volunteers Resources For Results Through NPOs
    6. 6. All our Volunteers 5th December 2013