EarthCare design_ The Manthan Award, 2013, eNGO_2013


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A finalist in 'The Manthan Award, 2013', in the category 'Sustainable Development ', eNGO: EarthCare design works in eco friendly products, waste composters

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EarthCare design_ The Manthan Award, 2013, eNGO_2013

  1. 1. Compost system Wood shave lamp Compost Paddle food processor Coconut pen stand Oil expeller Unit of Abhivyakti Media for Development
  2. 2. Pedal food processor Pedal Washing machine Oil Expeller Technology: that uses Renewable energy Waste-Care Composter Tank Cashew nut processor Solar Laminator Systems: which Strengthen local livelihoods Waste-Care Composter
  3. 3. lamp shades alternative to Plastic lamps Coconut shell products Creation from waste: which minimize waste and strengthen local livelihoods Coconut shell jewellery as alternative to cheap cosmetics
  4. 4. Waste-Care Composter – a journey towards Swaraj!
  5. 5. Project location- Community background • Waste of conventional energy in centralized waste management • Green house gas emission • Issue of growing waste in cities and land degradation due to landfill sites Reff. Municipal solid waste management, Nashik report-2011 • Poor infrastructures affects livelihoods of marginalised communities and force them to migrate
  6. 6. Do We Like this ? But what can we do ?
  7. 7. Contamination of AIR Is this the Municipal Corporation’s responsibility? Organic waste does not need to travel 60% of transportation cost can be saved
  8. 8. We can stop degradation of land Earn livelihoods by segregating and composting the waste Each bag is full of resources
  9. 9. So, we found a SOLUTION… Compost system Compost system Compost Shredder Waste-Care Composter
  10. 10. Rotating Waste-Care Composter Turns all kitchen waste in to 15 kg organic compost monthly
  11. 11. Tank Composters Megafine Pharma, Lakhmapur, Dindori Industrial Waste-care systemTotal 30 containers are installed (200ltr each) 300 to 400 Staff – 50 to 70 kg waste/day
  12. 12. Ferro Cement Tank Composters Parsi Aggyari (Fire temple), Dewlali
  13. 13. Community role • Being conscious Citizen • Spread the idea • Daily- few time for composting process
  14. 14. We experimented this idea with 15 families befor
  15. 15. Our compost is of excellent quality as it has the right mix of nutrients needed for the farm. It has the right mix of nitrogen and carbon.
  16. 16. Social Entrepreneurship Potential costumers •Individual families – Bungalows/ Apartments •Institutions- school, colleges •Housing societies •Khadi gram udyog •Nurseries •Landscapers •Architects •Farmers •Golf Courses •Industrial sectors •Public gardens of e o st l Sa mp co Sup po rt Marketing & Branding SWARAJ compost •Separate Website •Help-line – Phone •Online help desk •Compost selling boots •Documentary film creation (on its use & impact) •Film screenings •News paper articles •Experiences of users through news paper, video screenings, social media
  17. 17. Social Entrepreneurship Entrepreneur / SHG Investment Particular Composters Units Rate Total 30 bins Rs. 3,500 Rs. 1,05,000 Packing machine/stationery 30 families/ Composters 450 kg Compost per month Monthly expenses Particular 5000 Units Rate Composting dust 150kg Rs. 10/kg Buy back of compost 30 bins Rs. 150 Packaging & travel 450 kg Monthly Instalment for 3 years to AMD Monthly Income Particular Compost sale 1,500 4,500 500 Total Rs.30 per kg Compost so Rs. 13,500 in a month Total Rs. 3,000 9,500 Units Rate Total 450kg Rs. 30/kg Rs. 13,500
  18. 18. Community background • • • • • Marginalized Socio economic Different cast Daily wage earners Illiterates
  19. 19. Benefits from this livelihood • Independent livelihood • No exploitative relationship • Its control rests with the people • Freedom to do it in their homes or neighbourhoods.
  20. 20. Thank you Compost system Wood shave lamp Compost Paddle Food Processor Coco pen stand EarthCare Designs Unit of Abhivyakti Media for Development Oil expeller