K-Link_ The Manthan Award, 2013, eNGO_2013


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A finalist in 'The Manthan Award, 2013', in the category 'Social commerce', eNGO: K-Link. This works to bring in power of ICT in rural development.

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K-Link_ The Manthan Award, 2013, eNGO_2013

  1. 1. A Journey of… K-Link Foundation Information & Communication Technology For Development & Empowerment
  2. 2. Kachchh (A Land of Diversity)
  3. 3. Vision & Mission…. To provide a live platform to bring in the power of ICT in Rural Development and Integrate ICT with Rural development and Empowerment. Bridge the technology & Information gaps between urban “haves” and Rural “havenots”. Enable organizations to grasp the potential of ICT as a tool for development by demonstrating.
  4. 4. ICT for Disaster Mitigation Creation and management of Data bank of 380 villages of Kutch District – Implementation of SIMS (Setu Information Management System) in 2002 – Household and Village level Data Bank. – Data bank accessed by more then 300 GOs., NGOs and Local Panchayat for various Developmental work
  5. 5. ICT for Self-Governance Project “Mahiti-Mitra” – – Set up of 17 Mahiti-Mitra Centers Technical Interventions Software Applications Developed Connectivity established. – Access to information and service as Right. – Since 2005, more the 2 lakh rural people are benefited. – Computer Education, Multimedia Education, G2C services, Support to Panchayat,
  6. 6. ICT based Advisory Services Project “VRC” – – – Set up of 5 VRC Centers 15 Sessions / Month Lecture Series and interactive advisory service. – 4 expert centers (Apollo Hospital, Anand Krushi Uni., K-Link, SAC) – More then 12,000 rural people are benefited with tele-Medicine, TeleEducation and Agri-advisory service.
  7. 7. ICT for Livelihood (Fisher folk) Project “EDB” – 5 Electronic Display Board along the costal area of Kachchh District. – Advisories on Potential Fishing Zones (PFZs) using satellite data. Direction Angle bearing Distance to the fish aggregation zones Depth of shoal at that location. – Data related to weather, navigation, surface temperature… – Early Warning System for Tsunami Disaster Alerts.
  8. 8. ICT for Livelihood (Fisher folks) Project “PDSS” – – GIS based DSS 2400 Ponds spread in 2 district of MP (Bundelkhand Region) mapped. – Total 94,000 Household and almost 6 lakh In land fisher folks benefited through the intervention. – The application is used to facilitate collective marketing and strengthening of fisher folk community.
  9. 9. ICT for Health Project “Blood Link” – Mobile (SMS) based information dissemination – Access to Blood Donors database through SMS – A life saving application – More then 600 volunteer Bllod donors
  10. 10. ICT for Disaster Mitigation Project “DRRP” – GIS based Disaster Risk Reduction Program – Mapping of flood vulnerability of PURI District of Orissa. – Application Accessed by Panchayat of Puri District, Local NGOs and GOs for Risk Reduction.
  11. 11. ICT for Governance Project “LGSS” – – – Open source web GIS application Planning and Budgeting tool for PRI 60 Village / Hamlets are online and 42 Villages are under pipeline. – Household and village level Information (Institutes & Infrastructure) are mapped. – Citizen Planning, Social Justice, Decentralization, Community Empowerment, Self governance, Local Leadership.
  12. 12. ICT for Livelihood (Agriculture) Project “SHARP” – Online Recommendation Application for Farmers. – According to Soil Type & Crop Selection, fertilizer recommendation – Bilingual Application is used by farmers of the District. – Benefits for Soil and Water Conservation by avoiding access use of fertilizer.
  13. 13. ICT for Governance Project “Yojanakiya Darshan” – Online Portal for G2C services. – More then 33 Govt. Dept. are digitized and accessible. – Govt. Schemes, Eligibility Criteria, Supporting Documents and Govt. Job Title Hierarchy are available online. – The portal is very useful to facilitate entitlements are used district wide.
  14. 14. ICT for Livelihood (Cattle Breeders) Central Hub for Data Management for Mother Dairy (NDDB) – Nodal point for Management of Milk Procurement Data. – Almost 10,000 Milk Producers benefited. – 4 crore Rs. of Payment to Producers every month
  15. 15. ICT for Environment Project “Grassland Mapping” – Mapping of Potential Grassland of 19 Panchayats – Grassland and bio-diversity conservation – Breed Conservation