Digitization of cable industry
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Digitization of cable industry



Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has recently recommended phase-wise migration of all analog cable TV systems to digital platform by 2013, starting with the metros by 31-March-2011, cities with ...

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has recently recommended phase-wise migration of all analog cable TV systems to digital platform by 2013, starting with the metros by 31-March-2011, cities with population of more than 10 lacs by 31-December-2011, other urban areas by 31-December-2012 and remaining parts of India to be completely digitalized by 31-December-2013.
While there have been certain apprehensions raised by some of the stakeholder groups, the cable industry is poised to reap benefits with the shift to digitization.



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  • Analysis of the market and growing competition against cable operator industry.
  • Key issues pertaining to the cable industry and its current status.
  • How the current analog set-up functions in the Indian market.
  • The need of the hour
  • Value adds that GEPON set-up will offer to cable industry.
  • Interactivity that GEPON solution will offer helping cable operator industry to bring in real value add
  • Key definitions
  • The disadvantages of Capex model
  • Benefits of the hosted model

Digitization of cable industry Digitization of cable industry Presentation Transcript

  • UTStarcom Confidential
    UTStarcom Proposed Solution for MSO
  • UTStarcom Confidential
    Market Driven Competition
    Growing base of DTH players- More than 2 crore 50 lakh subscribers
    Leading players: Dish TV, Tata Sky, Digital TV,
    Videocon D2H, Sun Direct
    Telecom Operators offering video based services
    Mobile is emerging as an option due to launch of 3G / BWA services
    Mass adoption of smart-phones and rich
    content/ information being made easily available
  • UTStarcom Confidential
    The Challenges for Cable Operators
    Revenues not increasing – market size shrinking
    HFC is good for current analog transmission but not future-proof to handle advanced services and technologies
    Push from government to achieve complete digital TV viewing by 2013
    Will happen in four phases: Metros, tier I, II and III cities
    Customers are demanding more and looking for a change
    Expects interactive on demand services
    Cable transmission in India is predominantly analog & limited to provisioning of broadcast TV channels only
  • UTStarcom Confidential
    Analog Picture- The current status
    Stream from satellite
    Plain vanilla layout of broadcast
    Head end/ MSO
    The backbone of infrastructure- existing FIBER
    Push from government to upgrade analog to digital
  • UTStarcom Confidential
    It is time to change
    Bridging the digital divide
    Filling the gap between people with very limited or no effective access to digital and information technology
    Push from government to achieve complete digital TV viewing by 2013
    Will happen in four phases: Metros, tier I, II and III cities
    High demand for digital picture and audio quality
    Offer more and beyond DTH offerings and provide new age interactive tele-viewing services to customers
    Time to provide Triple Play services-data, voice and video to increase the ARPU
  • UTStarcom Confidential
    UTStarcom- Bringing Differentiation
    Global leaders partnering with Bharti Airtel, Sri Lanka Telecom, BSNL, MTNL in offering Interactive Video Services and Broadband solutions
    Undisputed leaders with maximum market share
    5 out of 7 interactive video services and Broadband solutions contracts in India are with UTStarcom
    Offers easy to ‘deploy and maintain’ set-up
    Easy to adopt and implement within the existing cable module
    UTStarcom is working with the state of Goa and LCO in Mumbai & Delhi for deploying the network
  • UTStarcom Confidential
    UTStarcom Solution
    Stream from satellite
    GEPON set-up: Bringing interactivity
    Head end/ MSO
    The backbone- Fiber
    Interactive video services
    Hospitality and Healthcare
    Surveillance Solutions
    Video on Demand
    Games on Demand
    Digital Signage
    Offerings beyond digitalization
  • What does UTStarcom offers
    • Solution of Enabling Data/ Voice/ Video(HDTV capability) for Providing Revenue Stream for Service Providers
    • Technology Development Roadmap to Maintain Differentiation and Leadership
    • Continues Cost Reduction Strategy
    IP backbone
    BBS 1000(OLT)
    Media Streaming Center
    • Phone, voice mail, conference, instant message, E-mail, newsgroups, video mail, video phone and video conference, Audio (music) , Video (movies), Games, Shopping, News, Travel, Education, Computer, “Microsoft Office” level applications, Other at Work/Home/School applications
    IP TV
    RF TV
    UTStarcom Confidential
  • UTStarcom Confidential
    Why GEPON A Key to Success?
    Simplifies migration to new revenue generating services
    Cost effective service deployment
    Simplified network architecture, eliminating legacy protocols
    End-to-end IP with no protocol conversion
    Provides seamless integration with Ethernet switch/router infrastructure
    Ideal access for Triple Play (IPTV) services and solutions
    Proven deployment success and easy to upgrade
    Ready for easy migration to NGN technology
  • UTStarcom Confidential
    What it Offers- Interactivity
    • Video on demand
    • High definition and live TV content on demand
    • Time Shift TV- Ability to pause, rewind and fast forward
    • Language personalizing
    • Community TV
    • Information Services
    • Surveillance solutions
    • Daily promotions/ advertising/
    events on display
    • Gaming platform
    • Other customized offerings
  • UTStarcom Confidential
    Video on Demand- Interactive Video Services
    On demand and high definition content
    Enables customer to watch preferred content on high definition mode at its convenience with full control on what to play and watch
    Provides full parental control; language preference
    Live TV
    Viewers to enjoy real time TV programs of channels and movies their choice with the remote control
  • UTStarcom Confidential
    CAPEX Model VS Hosted model for Interactive Video Services
    CapexModel -
    Amount spent to acquire or upgrade productive assets (such as buildings, machinery and equipment, vehicles) to increase the capacity or efficiency of a firm for more than one accounting period
    Hosted Model –
    A business goal which seeks to reduce inefficiencies and increase quality. Hosted Model is an arrangement in which a company outsources some or all of functions to a service provider
  • UTStarcom Confidential
    CAPEX Model VS Hosted model
    Buying space
    Heavy investment
    Work force to maintain it
    Too much to handle
  • UTStarcom Confidential
    CAPEX Model VS Hosted model
    Hosted Model
    Offering by UTStarcom
    More profit; Complete peace of mind
  • UTStarcom Confidential
    There is still to offer…
  • UTStarcom Confidential
    Shopping With Your Remote
    Customers can shop favorite items from their living rooms
    Safety on priority- No need to share credit card details
  • UTStarcom Confidential
    Surveillance Facilities to Offer
    • Simultaneously select multiple scenes for viewing/ security
    • Simultaneous Play, Fast-forward, Rewind, Pause the videos
    • Real time monitoring
    • Offering pop-up alarms in case of emergency
    • Make public announcements to inform mass audience
    • Electronic maps providing interface to GIS/GPS system
    Multiple scenes to view for security
    Pop up alarms
    Electronic maps
  • UTStarcom Confidential
    Solutions for Hospitality and Healthcare- Another Dimension
    • Provide interactive maps and travel video portal
    • Time Shift TV
    • TV on Demand: On demand Infotainment
    • Streaming high definition content
    • On Screen Messages and bills/invoices
    • Offer online shopping
    • Targeted advertisements / promotions
  • UTStarcom Confidential
    Interactive Maps & Travel Video Portal
    Places of Local Interest
    Temple / Church
    Local Markets
    Offer interactive information about places to visit, how to reach out and when; delighting customers
  • UTStarcom Confidential
    Digital Signage to Offer
    • Content can be exchanged more easily along with animations
    • The signs can adapt to the context and audience
    • Brings in interactivity
    • Digital signage can offer superior return on investment compared to temporary and/or promotional signs made from other substrates
  • UTStarcom Confidential
    Gaming Platform to Offer
    • Provides new entertainment option
    • Customers can play live games with others online
    • Maximizes the revenue
    • Adds value to the services being offered and creates differentiation
  • UTStarcom Confidential
    Product Overview – Value Proposition
    Become end-to-end solution provider
    Better performance/price ratio
    Lower price in comparing to the analog system
    Designed for mid to large - scale deployment
    From 200 to millions of cameras
    Carrier-class reliability
    Single-layer or multilayer hierarchy architecture
    Intelligent searching with GPS/GIS applications
    Full support of MPEG-2/4 and H.264 & HD ready
    Linear expansion by introducing new blade servers
    2x/4x/8x/16x fast forward and rewind for both playback and real-time video
    All IP-based architecture
    Seamless migration /coexist from/with traditional analog network
    Provide both IPTV and IP-surveillance service on same platform
    Real Value Proposition- Win-Win For All
  • UTStarcom Confidential
    Thank You!
    A World of BetterEntertainment