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  1. 1. Message Excerpts Regarding 2012 and the Ascension from Cosmic Awareness Channeled Readings given in 2008/2009 (for more about what exactly Cosmic Awareness is, please see Page 98)What to Expect On Dec. 21, 2012 -The Moment of Ascension(More on Earth’s Rotation and the Days of Darkness)Question: Will our planet experience a reversal of its directions as to its rotation in thecoming years? Will we experience as a result several days of darkness? There are somepeople writing on this subject. As I understand it, in case this happens, before reversingits direction, its rotation stops. When the rotation stops there will be no electromagneticenergy field caused from the spinning. There will be no friction with the solar winds andrays. This will result in darkness. This could explain the three days of darkness asforetold by various sources.Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness is prepared to introduce a new understanding ofwhat will occur during the time of Ascension, especially around the forecast date ofDecember 21, 2012. At the moment of Ascension, the Alignment of the 7 PlanetaryGateways from that which is the central sun of the galaxy, that which is Alcyone in thePleiadian system, at that moment of the alignment of the 7 planetary gatewaysrepresented by the planets, the stars, there will be an alignment, a corridor directly fromthat which is the central planet to the planet Earth. Earth is already moving forwardtowards this moment of alignment by adjusting and advancing many levels ofconsciousness, both in its own planetary consciousness as well as many of those LightWorkers, and Wanderers and beings who exist on the earthly plane at this time, and whohave chosen to come onto the planet at this time to assist this process.When the Portals Open a Tsunami of Energy Will Hit Our PlanetAt that actual moment of complete alignment where the 7 gateways are opened, there willbe an energetic force that will travel from the central sun to the planet Earth, but the 7gateways are the same gateways that the human soul either passes through as it descendsinto human form, or upon release of human form, passed through on the way to its greaterexpression of its being. With the opening of these energy portals, these gateways, whenthe alignment occurs with the central sun, the force that will go through will be that forcewhich will carry the planet to its higher frequencies. It will be as if a tsunami of energiesthat hit the planet at that time. 1
  2. 2. It is for this reason that it is necessary for those who will ascend to have raised theirconsciousness to a point so that when the energies hit, they will simply ride the wave andcome to the new shoreline. In this time, events can occur as described by the Questioner,such as the time of darkness, the shifting of the North/South poles, the shifting of theplanet, the turning over of the planet. Those who are of that higher level ofconsciousness, that higher frequency, will not be destroyed by the tsunami of cosmicenergies and consciousness that will overwhelm the planet. They will be carried upwardsor forwards to that new state of consciousness, that new level of vibration and frequency.Long Predicted Catastrophic Consequences Await the MassesThose who do not achieve that higher level of consciousness that will allow them to surfthis energy wave will be affected most negatively by it. It is at this time that thecatastrophic consequences that have for so long been predicted by so many will indeedaffect a majority of the beings on the planet. Many will at that time leave physicalexistence through the death experience. This will become their way of removingthemselves for there is no wish on their part to experience that which will come, as thosewho survive this period of time experience the reality of a new physical world, that beingthe energies of that planet which this Awareness has called Planet B.Those who choose to simply leave will reenter spirit form and it will be their choicewhether to continue existence on that which is Planet A or Planet B or any otherdimension that they choose, for it is the choice on the spirit level that is relevant to whatexperience one would have in whatever dimension of consciousness one would choose.They would thus be free to make whatever choice they would wish to make. Those whosurvive the catastrophic consequence of a planet stopping its rotation, of its polesshifting, of even the planet tipping over on its axis, will find that they truly do live inanother reality than that which was the norm such a short time before.The Coming Cosmic Tsunami and the Elite on EarthAll that was will have been swept away and they will be reduced to a most basic andprimitive state. There will be those who will anticipate this event, who will have preparedfor this event, and those are the ones this Awareness has called the Elite in the past. Theywill have with them those who would serve them, those who would be party to thatexperience, but there will be many who survive at the most primitive level on a planetthat no longer is as it once was. This too could be a consequence for those who wish toexperience this form of reality of a cosmic tsunami that will hit the planet at that time, butit is only one of the consequences, for there are other ways that one will pass through thisexperience, either by leaving the physical or by ascending on the crest of the wave to thatwhich is Planet A, the ascended higher level of consciousness.This energy will be the purest energy of consciousness as it sweeps over the planet, but itwill have at the same time a direct physical result that if one is not fully prepared for,could have devastating consequences.Question: Would there be a buildup prior to the proposed date of December 21, orwould it be a “Bang! Game Over” type thing? 2
  3. 3. Cosmic Awareness: There will be a buildup to this. This Awareness has discussed this inthe past. Many entities will not necessarily wait until this final event. Many will eitherpass through the natural death cycle or will find a vortex or another way of ascending,and then those who are left will ascend in this manner, if that is their choice. There ismore, but this Awareness is leaving this for a future time.Why Did The Mayan Calendar Come To AnAbrupt Halt In The Year 2012?Question: Will Awareness explain why the Mayan calendar comes to an abrupt halt inthe year 2012?Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness did explain this recently, but will again explainwhy it is seen that it will come to an abrupt halt at that time. There will be an alignmentof planetary bodies that will form an energetic corridor to that which is the Central Sun.They will open that which is often called a “wormhole” to the Central Sun, and they willalso align and open the 7 vortices through which spirit passes, both in entering intophysical existence as well as exiting back, into spiritual form.The Alignment of Planetary Bodies Will Create an EventWhere Time and Recorded History of Mankind Will EndOnce this occurs, this alignment of planetary bodies and the opening of the 7 vortices,and the opening of that wormhole, on that date the alignment will create an event. Thatevent is that which this Awareness has called a cosmic energy flux or a light flux, aphoton flux. The energies of the Central Sun will pass through the corridor, creating atsunami of light that will hit the planet at that time and create great havoc and upheaval.In that event, time and the recorded history of mankind will end and a new time willbegin. That is the moment and the point that this Awareness has often called theAscension point.Those who have successfully created their own Light Bodies, as many are doing now,may indeed surf that incredible tsunami of light to those levels of higher consciousness,apparently instantaneously. Those who have not prepared their consciousness, who havenot worked at elevating their being and creating their Light Body to any great degree maysimply be swept away as the chaos of the event hits, and there will be others, who in theirchoice, will seek to go with that which is the planet that will continually carry forth thematerial experiment, the experiment of physicality and separation from spirit. That willbe what is known as Planet B.Those beings who have elevated their consciousness and created their Light Body will beon Planet A, the Planet of Ascension. The many who choose to leave at that time willthen later have a choice of which dimensional reality to play in afterwards, be it Planet A,Planet B, or any other planet of consciousness that the soul is free to incarnate in or take 3
  4. 4. part of. This is the event that will happen on that date, or near to that date, for there is stillspeculation because of adjusting calendars over the course of history that will qualify thattime somewhat, but still, the event itself is that which will precipitate the Ascensionprocess. This is that which will occur around the date December 21, 2012.This is simply a point of reference for that which is to occur, and it can be predicted fairlyaccurately because there is the ability to track the planetary bodies to see where certainalignments will occur, and those who have chosen to look forward have seen this event,and it is why it is marked as that termination date so clearly in the annals of history, bothin the Mayan calendar as well as other sources.Question: How did the Mayans come to realize this knowledge way back when?Cosmic Awareness: The Mayans themselves worked with their multidimensional beingand there were extraterrestrials who walked amongst them who became great teachers.These were not the Jehovah extraterrestrials. These were members of the GalacticFederation who taught these Mayans and helped them formulate their science and theirability to understand time in a much more accurate manner than that which is the moderncase. These teachers were there to help them understand that a time would come when thepresent consciousness and the present experiment in consciousness that was beingexperienced would come to an end and a new phase would begin.The “Physical Experiment” Now Coming To An End Is ExplainedQuestion: You have spoken of the physical experiment several times. Could you pleaseelaborate on that?Cosmic Awareness: The purpose of spirit, of the soul, was to have an experience ofseparation from itself, from Spirit. Thus, it was understood that one way to do this was todownsize, so to speak, into that which was a physical body. What occurs is that as thesoul comes into an individual expression, it comes through that which is the Central Sun,Alcyone, through the 7 gateways or portals. Each time it passes through, that which is theindividual soul that is seeking expression is condensed. Thus, by the time it has passedthrough the 7 Gateways and is ready to enter into human form, that spiritual body is com-pressed and condensed to such a degree that it can actually enter physicality, enter into aphysical existence.The Soul Goes Through The Veil of ForgetfulnessPart of the experiment was that the soul would go through that which has been called bymany names, but mostly known as the veil of forgetfulness, so that it would notremember its true nature. It would simply associate itself with physicality, with a physicalmaterial experience. Part of the experiment is that there would be access to the teachingsof Spirit. This was expressed mostly through the teachings of religious orders and sects.Thus it is that many understand spirituality in religious terms versus individual terms, but 4
  5. 5. the experiment was such that it was wondered if there would be a return to the deeperunderstanding and connection to the deeper spiritual soul, the multidimensional nature ofthe being.Even though one had gone through the veils of forgetfulness, even though one may havebeen shackled by religious dogma into structured religious belief, could the soul find itsway back into its spiritual understanding of self, even with the hindrances of materialismand dogmatic beliefs as well as a physical focus versus a spiritual focus. To ensure thisthrough the veil of forgetfulness, the experiment became one that the goal was to findenlightenment, but in truth this is more a remembering of one’s truth and one’s truerbeing.Question: I had visions in my mind of somebody holding puppet strings on eachindividual, allowing them to have part of a physical experiment.Cosmic Awareness: There is in some way a truth to this. The truth is that the strings arenot held at the higher levels of consciousness, but rather at the lower levels, by those whohold power, those who hold sway, who already understand and know the truth and havesought to enslave humanity. It is they who hold the strings for they are the ones whoshape consciousness as held on the physical realm. It is they who have created religion,who nave created politics, who have created a materialistic concept of life, one that hasenslaved, one that has captured, one that has put strings upon those who live in thisphysical reality.The Struggle of the Light WorkersCosmic Awareness: This Awareness does have an opening message at this time. Thismessage has to do with the struggle of Light Workers as they have held a space for solong, a space that has allowed the Light to survive in the very dark times that have existedover the last several hundred years. This Awareness does state the last several hundredyears, for since the industrial revolution began, where mankind started to turn away fromthe natural order, from his or her own connection to nature, to the Mother, Gaia, there hasbeen a falling away from the spiritual connection, from that which was a naturalconnection, and with the rise of technology, especially over the last 50 years, thisacceleration of the separation from spirit has indeed advanced very quickly.A Great Gap Exists From People’s Spiritual ConnectionAt this time in mankind’s history, there is a great gap for the majority of people fromtheir spiritual source, from that sense of being spiritually connected. This has nothing todo with those many who attend regular religious services, for there is still a confusionbetween that which is religion and that which is spirit, or spiritual. This Awareness istalking of the spiritual connection that once was the common element of mankind, andhow this has been eroded and corrupted since the industrial revolution in the 1700s. Atthe same time, religion, which had already held great power and great sway over theminds of many, continued its insidious path of corrupting away from spirit the minds and 5
  6. 6. hearts of the followers of the various religions that have appeared since the industrialrevolution and before.At one time in the Western world, the Catholic faith was the only faith to be followed,and it did hold great power over the minds and attitudes and behaviors of many, but thenwith the entity known as Martin Luther, a schism started to form which started to providealternative religious beliefs. Luther was followed by Calvin and the many other religiousentities who formulated new concepts, new Protestant belief systems. There were, ofcourse, in existence at the same time, other alternative religious belief systems such as theJudaic system, the Islamic Muslim system of belief, even the belief system of Buddhism,which even predated Christianity.The Religion of Industrialization BeginsThese religious systems of belief created in the minds of the masses a certain sense ofhow spirituality would look, but there was still some sense of a spiritual connection. Withthe beginning of the industrial revolution, a new religion started to form, that being thereligion of Industrialization, of the Mechanical Spirit being entered into and pursued.This started to be reflected in the minds of the masses, and a dichotomy formed betweenindustrial thinking, modern thinking and religious thinking. This led to all sorts ofcontroversies, debates, discussions, arguments, even between Darwinism andCreationism.Those discussions still occur, but many would say that it is now a forgone conclusion thatman was not created in the way the Bible suggests, but it was an evolutionary process.This Awareness is not saying that is what happened. This Awareness is just saying that isthe nature of the debate between Creationists and Darwinists. This Awareness is speakingmore about that process that started to occur with the Industrial Revolution, wheremankind became more and more separated from any sense of spiritual connection. Theword “religion” itself meaning to be connected at a spiritual level, but of course religionsbecame dogmatic in nature, with rules and laws that must be obeyed to obtain that whichwas heaven, the reward, or alternatively, to be cast into the pits of hell to be punishedeternally for a non-following of beliefs.How Modern Man Developed a Sense of Spiritual Separation(And the Price He is Paying For It)With the growth of the industrial revolution and the beginning of separation from aspiritual sense of being, modern man started to develop a sense that they were no longerconnected on any level to that which is spiritual in nature. Indeed, a sense of beingconnected to nature itself started to evaporate, thus mankind became arrogant in its abilityto be in charge on all levels, including nature itself. There was nothing man felt he couldnot do, and thus, the Industrial Revolution progressed and became the TechnicalRevolution, and now, has advanced to that high level of technical knowledge that existsin the world today. But at that level, a great price was also extracted, and that price isseparation from the Godhead, from the Source, from that sense of connection to spirititself, and even the connection of nature and the planet itself. 6
  7. 7. This has been all part of that plan formed eons ago to bring mankind to an evolutionarypoint where a great shift would occur, where a great evolutionary leap would take place,and that is exactly where mankind stands at this time. In the process of bringing mankindto this epic point, much was lost, much was forgotten, and those powers that were notfocused on bringing light onto the planet, or working from a place of unconditional love,gained power, gained momentum, gained control, and those times from the IndustrialRevolution to now were marked by this decrease in spiritual awareness, spiritualconnectedness, and an increase in the arrogance of the human mind to think itselfsuperior to the planet itself and to even God.Man Became God: Man Can Do Anything(But the Light Workers Hung in There Anyway)Man became God, and many felt there was nothing man could not do. They could go tothe moon. They could go the depths of the oceans. They could build great cities. Theycould create great computers and systems of technology. This was the loss of the soul, orat least the connection to the soul that this Awareness is speaking of. And during thistime, there have always been those Light Workers who have held a space, who have heldan access point to Spirit, who could bring Spirit into the human condition. These LightWorkers have been located in many places, in many positions. There have been thosewho are teachers, those who have been religious leaders, those who have been socialleaders, those who have been mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, who simply held a belief,a connection to that which is still Spirit.In the last 20 years, those who this Awareness has often called the Light Workers, theWanderers, those who have held that spiritual connection, have been hard pressed, asmankind itself has reached this crucial stage. The Light Workers have often held, withouteven their understanding of it, a recognition of this work that they have done, a space thathas allowed Spirit to continue to exist in this consciousness that has marred this planetover the last several hundred years, but in particular, over the last two decades.Some Light Workers Fell by the Wayside, Became Agents of the DarkOften, it has been the case that Light Workers have felt that they could not hold anylonger, they could not keep up the great effort that was required of them, and it is truethat many Light Workers did fall by the wayside, did lose their way, became embroiled inthe dark energies, sometimes not even understanding that they had done so. So it is thatmany of the Light Workers became agents of the Dark, not always consciously, notalways with awareness, but such is the insidiousness of those forces of corruption, theDark Agents themselves, that even some of the Light Workers were tainted by this. Thisis how disinformation became spread amongst those layers of consciousness of those whowere seeking to understand.This Awareness wants to be clear here. It is not saying that Light Workers intentionallychose to misinform, to mislead. It is often because of their own strength of belief in theirtruth, that which they felt was the truth, that these Light Workers could be led astray,through personal vanity, through ego, through need, through that condition of denial,where having been denied so long even the material conditions of life, of prosperity, of 7
  8. 8. health, of well-being, it was easy enough to taint some of the Light Workers. This hasbeen a battle indeed — and a battle that is almost done.This Long Struggle is About to EndThis Awareness speaks of this issue simply to remind all of how close it is now to the endof the struggle, a struggle that has indeed raged for hundreds or years —this Awarenesswould even suggest millennia upon millennia — and this struggle is almost done. Thefact that some of the Light Workers were led astray is no big deal, for it simply is whathappened, and in the journey, each individual is asked to come to their own inner truth,their own inner understanding. The big deal of those who were led astray is thatinadvertently they have worked to advance the causes of those Dark Forces that havecontrolled and manipulated for so long. But even those who have been led astray canonce again move themselves back towards the Light, back to being of pure service, pureconnection to Spirit, by looking deep within themselves at this time and asking if theyhave been 100% true to their deepest inner truth, to their deepest inner calling, to theirdeepest inner light.Light Workers Must Now Look Deeply Within ThemselvesThis is a time now for all Light Workers to look deeply within themselves and to beprepared to abandon those levels of belief, those truths that they can see now perhapswere not in true alignment with Spirit, were not true reflections of the Light, nor held atrue measure of unconditional love. This period of time, this time of self-examination,self-inspection and introspection is needed as the final purging that will allow a quantumleap for each individual who seeks Ascension and for a collective body who also areprepared now to ascend.Many other Light Workers, at great cost often to themselves, have stayed true to theirinner beliefs and perceptions, have carried on the struggle, and often a struggle it hasindeed been. Going without material acquisitions, without abundance and prosperity,often even in bad health, to hold that space, to hold the energy of Spirit on this plane ofconsciousness, a consciousness that has gone deeper and deeper into the Darkness overthe last several hundred years since the Industrial Revolution. Often it is felt by thoseLight Workers who have struggled to hold this space that there is no hope, that thingsmay never change. And yet despite this sense of hopelessness, they have held a space forSpirit, and the reward for doing so will indeed come to them at the time that is right forthem. It will come in the measure of the Ascension process itself, and those who ascendinto the higher states of consciousness themselves of course included.Cosmic Awareness Acknowledges Unrecognized ServiceOn the other side of that which is the Ascension, they will become highly acknowledgedfor the spaces that they held and that which has been given over the years. ThisAwareness is not seeking to pamper Light Workers. It is simply acknowledging theservice that has been given that is often unrecognized, that has often had a great cost tothose individuals holding such spaces. This Awareness is not promising, as in thereligious sense of the promise of reward after death, the reward It has spoken of. It isstating a fact; that there will be an acknowledgement and recognition of those who held 8
  9. 9. to the truth, who held the space for service and for Spirit. At this time, when many arestill struggling, there begins to be seen by many a glimmering of the new dawn, a senseof change, a sense of promise to what will be. It is important at this time for those whohave struggled and sacrificed and have put their lives on the line to understand that thatthe shift has begun. That which is the Ascension process is underway.Lucifer Has Indeed Returned to the Godhead(Now the Prodigal Son and Daughter Can Return)This Awareness spoke once that the being known as Lucifer had returned back to theGodhead, had returned back to the Light. The holder of the Light, the giver of Light, thatbeing known as Lucifer, who had begun the separation of consciousness away fromSpirit, has indeed returned back to the Godhead. The world of darkness that has occurredis a world of delusion; for the truth is that the Light has not been extinguished. It has beenhard-pressed, it has been challenged, it has been overshadowed, but it has not beenextinguished. If the archangel who was the leader of the angelic realm, who proceededout on that curve of experience to separate from the Godhead, from the Source, fromSpirit, has returned home, is it not time for the many followers to return also, for theProdigal Son to return, the Prodigal Daughter to return back to the Source, back to theGodhead?The World Has Reached That “Ascension Point”(Ascension Planet “A” or Ascension Planet “B”)This is the journey that is now and has always been underway, but it has come to thatpoint which has been called the Ascension Point, where the many will make the choice toreturn fully back into a spiritual connection, into a spiritually orientated life, in union andin alignment with the planet herself, with Mother Earth, Gaia herself.This Awareness has spoken many times of Ascension Planet A and Ascension Planet B;that the heightened vibration of the planet needs to be matched by those who in theAscension process will themselves heighten their own vibrations. This is the Light, theenergy of Light, the vibration of Light being enhanced in all those who seek to make theAscension process, the Ascension journey with Gaia, with Mother Earth.There will be those who choose to continue a path of separation, a path delving evendeeper into the separation and the density, separation first of Spirit, and the density of the3rd dimension, but that is another story for those who need that experience. ThisAwareness, in this message today is simply speaking to those who have held the spiritualspace for so long. It has attempted to explain the nature of the struggle. It has attemptedto explain that there is a time now very soon, where the Ascension will happen, thequantum leap will happen, and It simply asks all to recognize the nature of the journeyand where it stands at this time. 9
  10. 10. Is the Ascension the “Golden Age”?Question: With the Ascension Planet process etc., would that be similar to the goldenage often referred to in the different readings?Cosmic Awareness: This is indeed so. Ascension processes have happened many timesbefore. There is that cycle of the planetary progression called the Kali Yuga, the 25, 000year orbit of the solar system around the central sun. There was a point known as theGolden Age, where the spiritual connection this Awareness spoke of a moment ago wasthe common factor for all. All lived in spiritual union and harmony. This would be in thattime known as the Lemurian Age on this planet, where there was great spiritual harmony,great spiritual awareness, where all lived together in peace and harmony, where the lionand the lamb laid down together. This is what is approaching once again. This is not whatwill be reached in the Ascension process that is immediately ahead, but it is wheremankind is heading once again. This is seen as several thousand years ahead still, but thebeginning of the new Golden Age is about to begin again, and that is why this Awarenesssays yes, the Golden Age referred to is one of Ascension, is one of the integration, theblending and the harmony of the spiritual and the physical space of existence.After the Coming Shift, Will We Interact WithLoved Ones Who Have Died Previously?Question: On a related note, after the shift, will we begin to interact physically withloved ones who died previously, or is this type of return not generally allowed?Cosmic Awareness: The comment that this Awareness wishes to immediately make isthat such interchange and exchange takes place already on the physical level of existence,especially in that time of unconsciousness, that time of dreaming. The middle self, whichis the consciousness that occupies the physical body, is not confined to the physicalduring the dream state. Indeed, as this Awareness has already spoken, it must leave thephysical body in order to replenish itself on that spiritual level. That is where those lovedones also exist.Thus, it is possible to interact with loved ones who have already crossed over in thedream state at the level of 4th, but more accurately 5th dimensional consciousness. Thishas always occurred in the human condition. What has defined it, however, is theforgetfulness of the dream and the dream state when the middle self, the middleconsciousness returns back into the prison that is the physical body. Because of certainmindsets and beliefs that are currently held, it is not seen as valid to remember the dreamand the dream state. It is not seen as valid to remember connecting loved ones while inthe dream state, and even if it is remembered, then there is no authority given to thisexperience. It is not deemed as real or even sometimes appropriate.Undue Grief at the Loss of a Loved One 10
  11. 11. Because this is so, most individuals do not have the fullest of understanding that theirloved ones indeed continue to exist and are always available to them. Because this is so,many grieve unduly upon the loss of a loved one for it is felt that they have disappearedforever and ever from their lives; that they cease to exist in any way, shape or form. Thus,the sense of loss is even greater. This was not always so. Most indigenous people do nothold it as so, but also in the history of mankind, at one time it was held that there wasvery little barrier between physical life and spirit life, and the two intermeshed constantlyand it was more than possible to engage the presence of ancestors. In fact, ancestors wereoften sought for guidance and advice and this is still so for many of the indigenous peoplesuch as the Aborigines and others around the world.The concept that this will change and be more available is thus not a valid concept oreven a valid question, for it already exists: that state of communication with those lovedones who have passed over. It simply requires an openness to this and a belief that it is sofor it to be so.Can Cosmic Awareness Still be Contacted After the Ascension Shift?Question: After the shift, will Awareness still communicate via channels for a time? Willwe at some point simply be able to tune into Awareness easily and recognize It as thesource which spoke to us all these years?Cosmic Awareness: The Ascension process needs to be understood as a point ofevolution that, once reached, will signify that a degree of consciousness is now available,a degree of consciousness has been reached whereby the expansion of consciousness doesallow the communication with other dimensions to be made possible. This Awarenesscomes from a very high level of consciousness, a high dimensional level close to theGodhead. It comes down the dimensional levels until It reaches a point where It canconnect with the Interpreter’s consciousness that has been sent upwards, if you will, untilboth have reached a place of commonality, where communications can occur.After Ascension Many Will Communicate With AwarenessWith the Ascension process, many will be much more able to extend their consciousness,not only upwards, but outwards, and in all directions. Thus it will be possible for many tohave access to that which is Cosmic Awareness, that which is the level of consciousnessof this Awareness. So the answer is indeed “Yes,” that with Ascension, many more willbe able to communicate more directly with this Awareness, will understand the Source,because they will be more directly able to connect to that Source and to be open to thatSource.This Awareness wishes also to state that many are now starting to experience this as thecase, even before that time of Ascension is reached, for as this Awareness has saidbefore, the Ascension time is flexible and it is indeed subject to individual interpretation.In other words, even though there is seen as a time of a mass Ascension of many, thatthere is also seen some individuals who have the honor of going ahead, who have already 11
  12. 12. been working towards Ascension. Indeed, this can be seen throughout the history ofmankind, that there have been those who have reached Ascension at various times andare able to communicate with this Awareness.Many New Voices of Awareness Now Being HeardThere are indeed more and more who are reaching that level of personal Ascensionbefore the mass event occurs, and these individuals are speaking more and more for thisAwareness, and for the many voices of Awareness that are now starting to be issued, thatare starting to be heard and starting to be expressed. This Awareness points out that in theearly days of the organization known as Cosmic Awareness Communications, there werevery few voices for this Awareness. Indeed, the voice of Cosmic Awareness was the onlyorganizational voice available in the 1960s and 1970s. This already has shifted, asconsciousness has been shifting over the last thirty plus years.Many Entities Today Are Channeling Awareness to Some DegreeThere are many more who are voices for this Awareness now, but they are also voices formany other layers and levels of consciousness, for many other entities who would speakthrough them, for the shifting of consciousness has indeed led to an expansion ofavailability to channel many entities, many levels of consciousness. Not all are as highlyplaced, perhaps, as that which is this Awareness, but many are indeed being heard. Someare being used nefariously, are being used to misdirect and mislead, but still the humancondition as it moves towards expanded consciousness, evolved consciousness, is indeedturning outwards and is indeed opening up to a higher degree of conscious awarenesswhich allows for the connection to the multidimensional universe to be made, whichallows for the expressing and the channeling of this Awareness and other levels ofconsciousness to occur.Those Going to Planet “B”: How Will We Know If They Died or Not?Question: Regarding the shift, Awareness said that some people will literally die andothers who appear to die will simply transfer to the other planet and not experiencedeath. If we align with one planet, and others in our family align with the other planet, isthere a way to tell if our loved ones have died literally, or if they simply transferred?Cosmic Awareness: This is indeed an intriguing question, for it is one that occupiesmany minds, for it also involves a sense of loss of those who are loved ones in a currentlifetime, and even a fear that perhaps they will not be able to reconnect with those lovedones. This Awareness wishes to emphasize that there is a state of consciousness that liesbeyond the physical, which lies beyond even the process of Ascension. Thus it is thatloved ones or those who are part of the group soul that an individual may stem from, willalways be available to them. The union that occurs within the fabric of the soul matrixwill reunite always, no matter if an individual is progressing along that timeline, thatconscious line that would be known as Planet B, or even Planet A. 12
  13. 13. The experience of separation is such that in order to become totally focused on one lineor the other, it may be required by the individual having the experience of consciousnessalong that line, to forget others who are held as loved and cherished in another lifetime sothat they can indeed be focused onto the physical existence and the experiences of thatphysical existence. That line of existence in consciousness that this Awareness hasreferred to as Planet B will indeed become much more focused on the physical, and evendigress in consciousness to an even greater state of separation between the physical andthe spiritual, that which is the state of existence and consciousness lying beyond thephysical. Thus it may be that all that is focused upon in the physical experience of thatline that is known as Planet B will be one of total physicality with no sense of connectionto that which is Spirit, or spiritual, that which is of a higher level of consciousness.Hard Times for Eons For Many on Planet “B”In this line, the physical suffering that may occur, the physical loss that may be sobecause of this separation, may be greater than that which exists on the current line ofphysical existence. The sense of loss to those beings who exist on that line may be suchthat there truly is no sense of an afterlife after physical death. The level of consciousnessthat will be reached will be so singular in that physical existence that there is no place forconcepts of a greater reality or multidimensionality. For those beings, the loss of a lovedone will be total and dramatic, and as consciousness digresses even deeper intophysicality, a state of consciousness will be reached that will be almost animalistic, thatwill be totally governed and controlled by a handful of beings who have a greater truthand understanding but do not allow those below them to have that same truth orunderstanding.A Living Hell on Planet “B”This will be the creation, in a manner of speaking, of a “hell” upon the planet. It hasalways been understood that hell is here on this planet, that hell is considered truly to bethat separation of spirit, that separation from a spiritual understanding and awareness, andpart of that evolutionary track of that planet which this Awareness has called Planet B is atotal separation from an awareness of spirit, thus creating a separation that creates hell onearth to an even greater degree than experienced even now. This Awareness sees manyatrocities occurring in such a line of consciousness, but this too is part of the evolutionarytrack that certain souls will choose to experience in their own evolutionary track of soulexpansion.Those who choose to experience heightened awareness, who have increased theirvibrations and frequencies to such a degree, will not feel the loss of loved ones in thesame way, for they will be much more able to access those loved ones, whether in aphysical state or not. The Planet A will still have a physical component. It will still bephysical in nature, but at the same time, those individuals having that experience will, atthe same time, understand their multidimensional natures also, and will be able to play inboth realms, not being solely at the beck and call of physical reality and a separation fromSpirit and spiritual awareness. Both will exist simultaneously, and thus the physicalexperience on Planet A will truly be magnificent. 13
  14. 14. If Your Loved Ones Go to Planet “B”(Death? Missing? An Empty House)Question: If our loved ones do transfer to the other planet without the appearance ofdying, will we simply be unable to find them? Or will they simple be unable to find us?Will we go to their homes and places of work only to see that they’re missing, or is itnecessary that going to a different earth must be perceived by those left behind asphysically dying?Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness states that for some, a departure from this physicalplane as they ascend or move on, or move to another state, will be seen as a physicaldeath. For those who have such an experience, such a loss, there is a deeper reason whythis will be so. Those who physically die off need to totally separate themselves, theirconsciousness, for they nave chosen to go down a line where they are separating morefrom their spiritual source, at least separating on that physical horizontal line ofexperience.Thus it may be that one might experience the loss of a loved one or an acquaintance in aphysical manner, a death. What will be much more prevalent however is that people willsimply not be part of one’s life anymore. A separation will occur without any realizationthat there is any loss, that there is a separation. People will simply not be part of anindividual’s life any longer and there will not be even any thought to this, for as theseparation grows greater between the two planets: Planet A and Planet B, that sense ofother individuals will diminish, especially for those who continue along that line ofphysical experience that will define the experiential line of experiences that is Planet B.Those who have reached a higher level of Ascension may certainly, at the beginning,indeed be aware that certain individuals that were once part of their lives chose to movein another direction. They will acknowledge and understand that, even if it is a physicaldeath that separates them, their consciousness, that which is their Higher Self, still doesexist and is accessible to them if the need is there.However, while the focus is on that track of physical experience that will be exhibitedand understood and experienced on Planet B, the need for interaction from those on thattrack will be less and less and less, while those who travel on the line that is Planet A, theAscended planet, will honor those who have a need to progress along this spiritualevolutionary track and they will simply get on with their own lives, knowing that theycan always connect if desired on that higher spiritual level.This is perhaps a confusing area to understand. This Awareness wishes it to be clear.Those beings, those souls who wish to experience an even greater experience ofseparation from spirit, from the multidimensional nature of consciousness, will do so insuch a way that they will stay focused on the physical experience that they are having,complete with the rules of definition that will define that experience. Because this will beso, such souls will not necessarily seek to connect for a period of time with their 14
  15. 15. multidimensional nature. Thus, those who have moved upwards in that appreciation oftheir multidimensional nature will not be sought out by those who do not choose this.Even though those who have experienced Ascension could meet with these souls upontheir demise in their physical lives, they will not choose to do so, for that separation willbe such that the honoring of them will allow them to simply have their experience, andthe energetic gap will be great enough to prevent an interaction of consciousness.Planet “A” Will Move Into the 4th and 5th DimensionsQuestion: Is it fair to say that the higher consciousness on Planet A could be comparedto a person taking a PhD?Cosmic Awareness: This is so. Those who are on that ascended level of consciousnesshave a greater awareness to what is possible. They are not quite as confined to a physicalreality, but this Awareness wishes to make clear, that upon Ascension, the existence ofthe planet will still be largely physical. Those beings who choose to reincarnate on PlanetA will also have a physical existence. It is more though; they will not be as confined tophysicality the same way as it is experienced in the 3rd dimension. The Ascension processwill move the planet beyond a 3rd dimension into that which is the 4th dimension: avariance of the two.The physicality that is experienced there will be much looser. It will not be asconstricting or as dense as it currently is or as it will become upon that which is Planet B,and that line of evolution. Even as consciousness progresses along the timeline or the lineof consciousness that will become Planet A, there will be a greater realization as timegoes on, of the spiritual quality of consciousness and thus, a gradual moving away fromphysicality altogether.12 DNA Strands for Those who Choose Planet “A”Question: It has been stated that our present DNA, chakras, auras, cells, must bereleased from the restrictions imposed upon them at one point in time, to become clearagain. It has also been stated this is necessary to enable us to tolerate the highervibrations as lower vibrations cannot prevail on Ascension Planet A.Cosmic Awareness: The DNA structure of individuals is changing, whether they wish itso or not, for the vibrations of the planet are changing. Some will be able to go furtherand deeper as their own frequencies increase, but all human beings will see a change ofthe DNA structure, for it is part of the natural evolutionary process that is occurring atthis time.This Awareness has often talked of the Ascension Planet A, and Planet B, that which isbehind or below Ascension. Both will have altered frequency, altered vibration, and to 15
  16. 16. exist on either of those two will entail a changing of the genetic DNA structure that is inexistence at this time. This DNA structural change has been underway for several yearsalready, and will continue on until that divisional point occurs and those two planets thisAwareness and others have spoken of come into existence, fully and completely.Those who exist on either of those two planets will have been altered so that they canexist physically on the new planets. Those who choose to go towards that higher level ofconsciousness that will be existence on Planet A will find that their genetic structure hasaltered to that which would be a higher frequency, and would allow a greater amount ofthose 12 strands of genetic material to be used and opened. That is part of the geneticshift that is occurring at this time.Those who choose not to raise their vibrations will actually shut down and part of thegenetic code that will be needed to function on a much denser plane will be lost, or atleast shut off. Only 2 of the 12 strands have currently been used by mankind over the lastseveral thousand years. It is seen that this will be reduced down to one strand for thosewho stay on that planetary consciousness level that is Planet B.It is a shutting down, a damping down, a dumbing down that will occur. However, thosewho have chosen the Ascension process, or are part of the Ascension, whether theyrecognize their choice in this matter or not, will have an expansion of the geneticmaterial, the DNA strands, an opening up once again of those strands that were once fullyfunctional, and this will be part of that shift in consciousness, that shift towards thehigher vibrational frequencies.Is Unconditional Love Important?Question: Is unconditional love truly necessary or is it the intention for such that is moreimportant? In other words, what are the criteria to qualify for Planet A ascension?Cosmic Awareness: This is the splitting of hairs, for both are basically the same thing. Itis indeed important to have the intention to experience unconditional love, to be the giverof unconditional love. Putting one’s intention towards this, one’s desire for this, will pullthis into one’s life, but upon experiencing it, then this supports the ability to engage inunconditional love, which of course then increases the desire and the intent to put suchenergies forward, to live in such a way. It is a circular argument. The question is whichcame first: the intent for unconditional love or experiencing unconditional love? The twosupport each other. It does not matter which an individual starts with — the feelings ofunconditional love or the intent to feel unconditional love. They are both part of the samething.Where Will Planet A Go After Ascension?Question: When Planet A separates, where will it go to establish its own space? 16
  17. 17. Cosmic Awareness: It will go nowhere to establish its own space, for it will be in itsown space already and needs not go anywhere. This Awareness suggests that what isneeded is a revision of the thought process around “going somewhere” — that the planetneeds to physically go somewhere. It simply needs to vibrate at a different level. It willthen be somewhere else.This Awareness gives as a parallel example, the example of being in a room that appearsto be empty. There is no one else in the room, and yet at the very instant an individual isin that room, there are other beings in that room also — beings that are vibrating at adifferent rate — who may or may not be aware of the individual already occupying theroom. Simply because one is not aware of others in the room because they are at adifferent vibrational rate does not mean that they are not occupying the same space at thesame time.They have not had to go anywhere else, they are simply in that space, just as othervibrations are in the space, as X-rays and gamma rays and television rays and radioswaves or vibrations or frequencies all are in the room at the same time the individual is inthat room. Therefore, the space that the individual occupies is hardly an empty space,even if he or she does not perceive the other individuals, the other frequencies that arealso in that space at the same time.Planet A Will Lift Itself Beyond the PhysicalThus it will be with both planets, Planet A and Planet B, that their frequencies willchange. They will occupy, in a manner of speaking, the same space, but it will not be atthe physical level. Planet A will lift itself beyond the physical, creating a new form ofphysicality at a higher frequency, as will Planet B, creating a new form of denserphysicality at a different vibration or frequency. They will no longer intersect to anydegree; their frequencies and vibrations being so different that they no longer have aninterface together as they currently do, but in a manner of speaking, they still will be inthe same space.Will Ascending Entities Suddenly Disappear?Question: Will entities ascending suddenly disappear from us, leaving family andfriends wondering what happened to the departed? Or will those planning to ascendinform their relatives of their intent before that, so that the shock and confusion will notresult? The family would not even have access to the departed physical body for burialsince it has been stated that the physical body will ascend.Cosmic Awareness: This is a question and derivations of this question that haveintrigued many and many have wondered of this. The Interpreter himself has wondered ofthis. How will this happen? What will happen? Will the individuals simply disappear infront of someone else who is standing there? Will they die, even necessitating the needfor a funeral? Or will they simply be forgotten, as if they never existed? 17
  18. 18. A Process of Forgetting Will Start to Take PlaceThis Awareness states that all three are somewhat relevant and possible, but that by far,what will occur is the latter. Due to the changing frequencies and vibrations ofconsciousness, that which was once known or held will no longer be known or held, andthus a process of forgetting will start to take place more and more. This will be towardthose individuals who no longer share that reality with those who have stayed behindversus those who have moved forward. Thus, for individuals staying on Planet B with theslowing down of frequency, that which accelerates forward will no longer be known orexperienced.Those individuals who accelerate their vibrations and frequencies, who have moved tothose higher planes, will simply no longer exist, even in the memories of thoseindividuals who once knew them. They will simply cease to be part of their lives on anylevel: past, present or future. It is as if they never existed. Those individuals who havestayed on the denser planet and chosen to go forward in that spiritual evolutionaryprocess will not feel sadness, regret or sorrow for those who have disappeared from theirlifetime. In fact, they will be very hard pressed to even remember that those individualswere part of that process. Thus it will be that those who have moved on will simply nolonger be part on any level of their lives.The Scenario For Those Who Ascend on Planet AFor those who are part of the Ascension process, a slightly different scenario will occur.Some will have an acute understanding and awareness of what is occurring for there willbe those who are advanced in the process themselves who, because of their nature andtheir roles and their purpose, have been working with the Ascension process moreconsciously than some others.For those who are aware of what is occurring, there may indeed occur events where thosewho are not moving forward will truly disappear in front of their eyes, but they will knowwhy this is occurring and they will understand that what is occurring is that those whocannot hold the frequency and vibration and advance, that vibration and frequency willindeed begin to slow down until they simply disappear. There will be an acceleration asthe event draws nearer, and that acceleration will cause the accelerated vibrational rate.The two streams of consciousness that will exemplify Planet A or Planet B will becomesolidified. The interface this Awareness spoke of will then cease to be and the two willsimply no longer interface with one another. Those who nave slowed down will simplyno longer be part of the reality that is experienced by those who have acceleratedthemselves, as is the case for those who are in the slower reality towards those who haveaccelerated themselves. They simply will not be part of that reality any longer.Those who have a conscious awareness may actually see individuals slowing down tosuch a degree that they disappear. Those who do not have quite that level of awarenessbut are still part of the Ascension process may find that a natural process seems to beoccurring. Individuals they once knew, whose lives they might have been part of simply 18
  19. 19. have moved on, sometimes through a natural death or what appears to be the death of theindividual. Sometimes they have just moved away, and they no longer have contact withthose individuals, and sometimes it is simply life itself that has moved everyone indifferent directions.As those individuals themselves become even more conscious and aware they willunderstand from a more enlightened point, that all that has happened is that those whomade the choice not to advance spiritually evolutionarily, have just taken a different wayand are not part of their reality any longer, are not experienced in that reality any longer.That is why this Awareness said that all three to some degree actually apply, for this ishow it will be.What Will Life Be Like on Ascended Planet A?Question: What will life be like on Ascended Planet A? Will entities work, eat, sleep, etc.,as they do on Planet B? Is the difference simply that their mentality will be one of peaceand happiness during their activities? Is Planet A fully equipped to accommodate theneeds and activities of Ascended entities, such as places to work, markets to shop forfood, some form of financial exchange to make purchases, or will entities simply think ofwhat they want or need, and it appears?Cosmic Awareness: The Ascension process is a gradual unfolding, not a total andspontaneous change of everything. This means that the process itself will be an extensionof that which was, to that which will be. It will create therefore, new thinking and newways of thinking that will gradually unfold as these changes occur on that planet wherethe consciousness of many has been enhanced, has moved forward.There will be those who will now become the leaders for those who have that greaterawareness and consciousness themselves through their efforts before the Ascensioncreated a new level of consciousness already will be available to be the leaders and theteachers and the guides and the guardians of those many who have shifted forward, whohave expanded their consciousness, who were perhaps born at a time where they cameinto the old way, the old world with expanded awareness, that made it possible for themto move directly into the higher frequencies of Planet A.The Rainbow and Crystal Children Will Lead ThemThis Awareness is specifically talking of those children who are now being born and whohave been born over the last two or three decades, who are known as the RainbowChildren and the Crystal Children; also the Indigo Children, who now are no longerchildren of course, but who are adult members of society. Many of the Indigo Children, ifthey indeed survived their tumultuous lives, will be in positions of stepping into thefrequencies of the Ascension and becoming the citizens of the Ascension.There will be different gradients of consciousness of those many who have ascended.Some, as this Awareness has said, having worked and are already opening before the 19
  20. 20. Ascension, being in position to take charge, to show the way forward, and others whowill be there to be shown, who are there to do the work that needs to be done. It will notbe immediately a place of instant manifestation where those who simply desire and wishfor something will instantly manifest it. However, that template will be in place for thosewho hold it and know it to be possible will be able to teach others, and gradually, step bystep, over a number of years, not even singular years, but rather over decades, suchabilities will be the norm, versus the beginning when the Ascension process initiallyoccurs, it will not necessarily be the norm, but it will be known, it will be understood andthere will be those who can do such things, and it will be taught to those others who willbe open to such things, who will be open to a new way of thinking, for it is part of thenew frequency of consciousness that they have chosen to be part of.For a Time Even Computers and Technology Will be UsedThere will even be the need for computers and technology that is being used at this time,but there will be a gradual shifting away from such technological tools and dependencies,for it will be seen that the speed of thought and the ability to manifest from thought ismuch quicker than anything that computers can do. However, for a space of time suchtechnology will still be used, will still be needed, until such awareness is reached thatrecognizes that computers no longer serve a purpose. However, they will be useful for atime yet.Also, going together with this is an understanding that consciousness is much moreexpansive and flexible than mechanical thinking, such as the process used in computertechnology. However, the computer has made possible much advancement over the lastseveral decades and therefore, this technology will still be useful on the other side. It isalso seen that such technological advancements and tools that have been used over thelast few decades and that are in place now will continue to progress and a biological formof technologies will be created that is much more user friendly, much more orientated toan amplification of thought process versus a mechanical process as it now stands.Miracles Will be Much More CommonplaceThere are discoveries that are on the verge of being made even now, even before theAscension process, that will alter things radically, so that by the time Ascension occurs,those technological devices will already have a huge biological component and be part ofthat expansion of consciousness, although it will be different. Therefore, the answer tothe question is that the gradual unfolding of events, thinking, and ways of acting will besuch that it will lead to a time where the mind is much more accessible, much moreinstantaneous in its process, in its ability to manifest instantly, than it will be at thebeginning of that Ascension journey. However, much will be different. Miracles will bemuch more commonplace, and there will be an air of excitement and wonder at the newway of being that will be so upon Ascension. 20
  21. 21. Will Working, Eating and Sleeping Still be the Same as it is Now?Question: Will entities working and eating and sleeping still occur the same way as itdoes now?Cosmic Awareness: No, they will not be the same as they are now. However saying this,there will still be the need to work. There will be the need to be active. What will be themost immediate change is the thinking that is behind the work ethic, the conditioning ofthought around work, of thinking around work. This is largely that which is the Orionconditioning of mankind to think in terms of working for money, money being useful andneeded to survive, that nothing can be accomplished without money, without aneconomic situation to provide money.No Need to Work For Money Any LongerAt this time, before this Ascension process, most individuals find it hard to believe thatthere will be no need to work for money any longer, and they will find it hard tounderstand now a system can exist, how a civilization can carry on without individualspaying for things, buying things, for the whole system of thought at this time is soorientated toward the Orion conditioning program, that to think of living without beingpaid for work done is still largely a foreign concept.There will be the need to continue to work, but it will be work for the sake of expressingoneself, of doing that which draws the individual, where there is a need to expressoneself, and thus work will become much more enjoyable. It will not simply be drudgery.It will not simply be that which is done to earn money so that one can buy things or haveshelter or food. Indeed, such things will be available for all, whether they work or not, forit will be understood that every human being is entitled to have their needs fulfilled and itis not that one must work.The Orion Agenda Will Not be Carried OverOne will therefore work for one wishes to be creative, one wishes to be active, onewishes to express oneself through an activity that will be known as work, but it willsimply be so different that to draw a parallel to what work is now will be inappropriate. Itsimply will not be the same thing. The Orion agenda will not be carried over into theAscension, into the elevated level of conscious awareness. Work will also be different inthat it will not necessarily need to be physical in nature. Much will be achieved mentallyand emotionally, and thus, many of the things that take place now in that long protractedmanner, that physical manner, will simply disappear.There will be technologies available that will allow the drudgeries to be completed andtaken care of versus individuals having to spend time doing those jobs, that work that isno longer seen as necessary. This Awareness speaks of the technologies that will becarried forward, so that until that point of consciousness is reached where the individualsare more living outside the physical and in that level of consciousness where physicalexpression is not needed, some form of worker will be needed. 21
  22. 22. Robots Will Do Most of the Hard Work on Planet AThat which is known as robots or androids that are so popular in science fiction as thatwhich could possibly also exist until they are no longer needed in that Ascension planet,Planet A. It is simply not seen that many humans will desire to do hard labor to repairroads, to build buildings, to work in factories, to create the physical things that may stillbe used for a time on that planet of Ascension, on that grade of Ascension, ofconsciousness. These things will be done by automatons, by creations that are right nowknown as robots or androids.This can be seen to be useful for a period of time until consciousness itself has movedeven further forward over the decades that lie on the other side of the Ascension process.They will be the ones that will be created to do the hard manual labor and the work thatwill still be needed for a time, but it is not seen that most humans will choose to do thiswork for there will be other ways to do it. For a time, as the Ascension process movesforward, there may be humans who still do work of a physical nature, and even later it isseen that certain individuals will enjoy physical activity, physical labor, such as workingin a garden or creating and building structures.So much will change however, that it simply will not be as it is now. Even the need tocreate huge skyscraper buildings will no longer be favorable. It will be much morealigned to the physical planet earth itself, and mankinds imposition of his needs anddesires will also fall away. Thus, cities as they are now known will be a thing of the past,for there will not be a need to live in such concrete jungles. Automobiles and vehiclessuch as these contraptions will no longer be needed, but this is all farther ahead than thisAwareness wishes to speak of at this time.Androids and Robots—the Difference?(More Like That Creature Known as “Data”)Question: Is the android the same as a robot, or is that entirely different?Cosmic Awareness: The androids will be more biological in nature and will not have themetallic surface that is that of a robot. They will be more like that creature known as Dataon the Star Trek series. There is a difference, though, in the human nature of a creatureborn to a human body, that while they may have the appearance of a human being theywill not have a soul, they will not have a human consciousness as such. Theirs will be theadvancement of that which is the computer chip right now on this planet, and they willhave logic and the ability to think. They will be able to function highly at that level. Thisis all part of that which lies ahead, but this Awareness does not wish to discuss muchfurther at this time. 22
  23. 23. A Need to Eat and Sleep on Planet A?(Prana and Vegetarianism Will be the Norm)Question: Will the entities eat and sleep like they do now, or will there be no need forsleep or eating?Cosmic Awareness: There indeed will be a need for eating and sleeping, but so muchwill change. That which is known as vegetarianism will become much more the norm,and even as time goes on the need for sustenance through plant protein will also change.Energies will be taken in through breath, through the prana that is used even now throughyogic traditions, and more and more will be the case. Those who understand how to takein energy will no longer need to eat the way that it is done now, will not need to take insustenance as it is done now.The Need For Sleep Will DiminishAlong with this, because consciousness will shift also, the need for physical sleep willshift and change. The times for sleep will be such that there is an active engagement ofconsciousness in the 5th/6th/7th dimensional reality. The physical body will become muchmore ethereal, less physical in nature, and thus the need for sleep will diminish also.These are part of the evolutionary track that is seen by this Awareness as lying ahead,however, this is not exactly what will be instantly the case upon Ascension. It will simplybe that this will open up now so that many will move towards it, being led by those whohave already worked towards this consciousness, who because they have attained suchawareness, will be able to teach this more and more to those others who have alsoAscended.How Long Will Entities Remain On Planet A?Question: How long will entities remain on Planet A? Will they have a choice to stay ormove on elsewhere as is the case presently in the higher dimensions?Cosmic Awareness: This is also the case on the lower dimension, on the earthdimension. All entities have a choice to remain or to return back intomultidimensionality, into spiritual consciousness. This will indeed continue on. It issimply that those who have ascended will have far more awareness of theirmultidimensional nature and character. They can leave physicality at different stages.Those who have attained high enough consciousness can manifest their bodies, can createa physical body to come into and also to disassemble that physical body as they movemore into pure consciousness, pure levels of conscious awareness.Much will be available, but for a time many will be residing more in a physical structurethat has possible to it a higher level of conscious awareness, thus an engagement in thoseconscious levels will be more and more the norm, while the body that is still availablewill dream, or be asleep, while that higher level of consciousness dreams. This is notunlike what happens in the physical level, but it will be more prominent and prevalent 23
  24. 24. and understood to a higher degree, and thus dreaming will not be dismissed or denied, forit will be seen that that level of consciousness is that which is the natural aspect of amultidimensional being, not something that is dismissed, that is not understood.This Awareness wishes to make clear that an unfolding will occur which will movemankind more into a nonphysical state of consciousness and being, but this is not whatwill instantly be available on the other side of Ascension. Over a period of time, this willbecome so, a relatively short period of time. The world that will exist after the Ascensionprocess will be radically different than the world that exists now before the Ascensionprocess. While this Awareness has spoken of a degree of physicality that will still remain,it will be so radically different to what exists now, that will appear as night and day tothose who have a memory of what once was and what will be.The Physical State of Consciousness To Totally DisappearThis itself will continue to shift so that within the space of 140 years, there will no longerbe a recognition to what was the physical state of consciousness. It will simply besomething that can be engaged in when there is a need or a desire to engage inphysicality. All that will have determined it at the beginning of the process will havemoved forward in awareness to a degree that it is simply no longer needed. It is no longerneeded to stay in a physical reality other than as this Awareness has just spoken, whenthere is a need or a desire to have a physical experience.An Instantaneous Conversion Into the Spirit State Already ExistsMany want to believe that the Ascension process will be an instantaneous conversion intothe spirit state. Such instantaneous conversion is already available. It is called Death.Upon the crossing over from a physical state, the consciousness of the individual isimmediately released into the multidimensional consciousness that exists beyond thephysical level of consciousness. What is to occur is a more gradual unfolding towardsthat level of consciousness that exists immediately upon death, after the Ascension. It isan evolutionary process that will move mankind forward to that place of multi-dimensionality.Much will change upon the Ascension process. Much will be available that was notavailable before, but the unfolding that will occur needs to unfold over a period of time.This Awareness is aware of the paradox that is involved here for It sees that the changewill be instantaneously upon the Ascension, and yet will still need time to play itself out.What will change most dramatically is the conscious understanding of what the humanbeing truly is, of how they are much more than simply a physical body having a physicalexistence, and yet many will already be aware of this to one degree or another before theAscension process happens.Most who seek Ascension, who will experience Ascension, will have this deeper moreprofound understanding of human consciousness. What this Ascension process willprimarily represent to them is the actualization of what they know or think it will be so,versus thinking of it being so, of imagining it to be so. It will actually be so. Thus, many 24
  25. 25. will be able to experience the miraculous, the magical and the profound. That is thebiggest singular change that will occur upon the Ascension process.The Journey into Physicality will Continue on Planet BFor the majority of people who experience the Ascension process, the majority ofhumanity that ascends, will now begin to live the Ascension versus simply thinking of it,imagining it, or wondering about it. Of course, that process that occurs on Planet B willbe radically different. Their journey into physicality will continue. It will become moreand more dense in nature, not as liberating, not as free as that which exists now. It islargely because of those individuals who can access higher levels of consciousness thathumanity, even at this stage and time, experiences much more freedom, much morewonder and possibility than will be so when those who are the dreamers, the visionaries,those who hold higher levels of consciousness depart from that which is the physicallevel of reality.Once those individuals are gone, then those who would bind to a higher degree ofphysicality will have full sway. They will create an intolerable situation to those of higherconsciousness, but those of higher consciousness will already be gone. This Awareness issaying that those who would still hold to what was known by them, they will have to startto fall asleep, “they” being those who chose not to ascend, who chose not to raise theirlevel of consciousness. They will have to dumb down their own consciousness to exist insuch a dense reality, such a dense vibration. Thus they will forget more and more whatonce was, and start to know only physicality, as it will become.Will Those Who Ascend with Planet “A” StillBe Subject to Reincarnation and Karma?Question: Will those who ascend with Planet A still be subject to karma andreincarnation? And if so, how can this be when it sounds as though life will be one ofpeace, love, harmony etc., which leads to the balancing of karma?Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness states outright there will no longer be that which iskarma. There will be no need for karma, for with that higher understanding, that higherawareness, it will be understood that to create an event against a person, to do somethingagainst another individual without their intent or desire, is simply not the way it is done.There will be no need to engage with other individuals in the creating of karma towardsthat individual, towards the society. Thus, there is no need for karma. That this is thenegative experience that is no longer required as it has been required as a way of learningin physical reality.Reincarnation Will No Longer ExistAs to reincarnation, once the multidimensionality is truly understood and engaged, it willbe understood that reincarnation is simply a form of multiple dimensionality, of multiplelifetimes, multiple layers of consciousness, and many lives can be seen and understoodand experienced from this higher level of consciousness. In one way, reincarnation as it is 25
  26. 26. now understood on the physical plane, will no longer exist, for it is at this timeunderstood to be a linear process — that past lives happened at some point in the past,and that a linear line is drawn from the past through the present into the future.Such understanding will no longer be valid, for the greater awareness and understandingwill be in play, that all times exist simultaneously, and in that simultaneous existence, alllives exists simultaneously, and thus consciousness can choose any life to experience atany time, to be open to the experiences that are present in that lifetime. Reincarnation asit is now understood will no longer exist. What will exist is multidimensionality,simultaneous experiencing at any time, at any point, a focus that an individualconsciousness wishes to focus on.The focus will become much more the primary understanding. What one focuses on iswhat one will experience. The need to experience negativity or karma will simply nolonger need to be the focus, and it will cease to exist. The need to follow a sequentialorder of lifetimes in various reincarnations will no longer exist and thus all will change.Will Past Lives be Remembered?Question: Will the person’s memory of all of the different lives that they had, will that beinstantaneous? Is this something they would have to develop?Cosmic Awareness: There is indeed a developing that will occur as that shift is beingmade, as the movement and the unfolding is occurring forward into an expandedconsciousness, even beyond that which will be available initially upon Ascension. Thefocus is what will be primary to this. As consciousness learns to focus its intention uponthis event or that event, this life or that life will then take that consciousness to that event,to that consciousness or that lifetime, to that experience. This is something that existsalready, but in a strange way must also be learned.When consciousness has reached that place, that the understanding of focus is what isessential and primary, then anything is possible, any lifetime is possible, any dimension ispossible, any experience is possible.Will the Garden of Eden be Restored?(The Questioner is Quite Confused About Planet A and B)Question: If Planet B, where we presently reside, will be restored to the Garden of Edenby the Galactic Federation aliens when they finally arrive on our shores, thus establishinga clean, happy and joyful abode, will this not serve as a deterrent to many entities not toascend, or is it the Ascension process that will be over before Eden and the Golden Eraare established here on Planet B? If entities are happy with Planet B, might they notreason, “Why go anywhere else when we are so happy and content right here? It is notclear exactly what will occur once the Ascension door is closed to Planet B. It has been 26
  27. 27. stated that Planet B will fall back into third density. This appears to mean Planet B ispresently rising to 4th and 5th dimensions, but will fall again to the 3rd at the departure ofEarth, and if so, will not the Garden of Eden and Golden Era still prevail on Planet B,making is a desirable place to abide?Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness needs to start by pointing out an error in thethought process, and the assumptions made by the Questioner. Planet B will not be theEden planet that will become Planet A. It is Planet A that will be the Eden once again, forpart of that process that will occur upon the unfolding, that will last several hundredyears, is that a reinstating of that Garden of Eden energy will occur. The planet itself isascending and she too will reinstate herself, will draw back that perfection that is theGarden of Eden, and those who ascend will understand their new roles, their true roles inthis process.Thus, they will be able to partake in the Garden of Eden once again. It will be available toall who ascend, for only those who understand their role, their place in the harmony andthe balance of working and living with a conscious being that is the planetaryconsciousness of earth will have a place on the new Ascension Planet A, will have aplace on New Gaia, of the consciousness of a sentient being who wishes to live inharmony with all of her citizens, all those who would reside within her being.Planet B Will Be a Degraded Polluted Planet for Entities(Dried Up Oceans and Huge Deserts)Planet B will simply not be Eden, for what will continue to occur on Planet B is thedeterioration and destruction of the beautiful planet that currently is fighting for hersurvival. While it is her naturalness to be a Garden of Eden, the ignorant and arrogantactions of the beings that now reside upon her surface are detrimental to her well being. Itis seen that Planet B will degrade in quality as the consciousness of the planet shuts downand goes into a deep hibernation. This being so, many will experience a degraded planet,a planet that is heavily polluted, that has toxic areas, that huge deserts, that has oceansthat have dried up.Life Underground the Only Possibility for Planet BThe consciousness of the planet will go deep into the planet, allowing the surface tobecome a hostile surface. Part of the struggle will be simply a struggle to survive. Manywill not be able to continue surviving on the surface, and it is seen that many will gounderground. They will need to survive under the surface, for to live on the surface willno longer be truly possible. Those conditions spoken of earlier of the radiations that arecoming through will have destroyed the planet’s surface to such a degree that lifeunderground is the only possibility. This too will be an unfolding over many generations,as they are no longer able to survive on the surface and will be driven underground, thusentering into the physical vibration of the planet itself, and as the consciousness of theplanet recedes, as it draws inwards, the effect will be a denser consciousness of thosebeings living under the surface. 27
  28. 28. It is erroneous to assume that Planet B is an Eden planet, and many will not want toascend for they are so enamored by the glorious Garden of Eden that the planet hasbecome or will become. This is simply wrong. This is an erroneous assumption. This isnot the destiny of Planet B or those who will continue to have a physical experience ofconsciousness on that planet.Will Forgiveness Prevail?Question: If it is that the Garden of Eden will be established on Planet B and become awonderful place to reside, obviously the evil administration, together with their Illuminatileaders will be enjoying the environment as well, unless they are brought to justice andimprisoned for their misdeeds. The question which arises with this scenario is, willforgiveness be part of the Galactic teachings and become the norm, and if so, will theadministration and the Illuminati be forgiven and released from prison, or not go toprison at all? Also, if the practice of forgiveness prevails, will this not also apply to allentities who break the law, and will this not create an unsafe environment? If forgivenessprevails, it would seem to follow that unless the Illuminati are closely watched, theywould be free to go their way and resume scheming, bound to reestablish and repeat theirshenanigans concerning greed and controlling — will this not eventually return Eden toits present negative state under free will?Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness has already stated and maintains that Planet B willnot be the Eden garden planet that the Questioner is conjecturing on. Saying this, thereare qualifications that this Awareness wishes to make. While the planet itself largely willdegrade, it is seen that there will be pockets upon the planet that will be shielded andunder the shielding, this is where there might be some form of natural beauty, of thatwhich the Questioner has been calling the Garden of Eden.Orion Reptilians Will Be In Total Charge of Planet BIt is also seen that these pockets will be inhabited mostly by those who are of theReptilian/Orion persuasion, those who created and are part of the New World Order, theIlluminati and all of those who have been in charge and in power for so long. They willbecome and continue to be the supreme masters of this Planet B. They will have withthem in these enclaves certain slaves, humans who have been kept there for their pleasureand for their service. These will be slaves of the ultimate order, for they will have norights, no options and no freedoms.They will be treated as their masters desire to treat them. There will not be much in theform of human compassion or kindness towards these slaves, these humans who chose tocontinue in this experience, this limited consciousness. The question was asked, “Willthese types not be punished? Will they be forgiven and allowed to continue on?” Thequestion is irrelevant for these beings will continue on, for it is part of the purpose of thatplanetary evolutionary track that those who are part of that desire to have. It will also bepart of the greater stream of consciousness that will be brought back into the Long Soul,the Great Soul. Thus, the question of forgiveness is a redundant one. 28
  29. 29. Consciousness is EternalForgiveness is truly a spiritual quality that always has existed and will always exist. Atsome point, even those who chose to separate even further from the Godhead, from theSupreme Consciousness, from Awareness of the Truth of All, even they will be forgivenand returned back to the flock at some point. This Awareness asks all to remember thatconsciousness is eternal. Eternity is a concept that is extremely hard for many tounderstand or accept.In the scale of that which is eternal, that which is eternity, what does it matter if a streamof consciousness extends one or two or three million years? It eventually will return backto itself, back to the Godhead. It will return bearing gifts, the gifts being that ofawareness, of that which was learned and understood through that track of evolutionaryexperience. Thus, forgiveness is always possible, is always available, and many willunderstand this as they move through the experiences.The experience may not come immediately. It may take many lifetimes on that trackwhich has become Planet B’s spiritual evolutionary track, to be realized and beunderstood. It may take many lifetimes before that quality of forgiveness is once againunderstood and rediscovered, but eventually it will be understood and rediscovered.Eventually there will be a return to the Godhead of those souls who chose to have thatexperience that lies ahead for Planet B. It is not up to this Awareness to make judgmentand suggest that those who have continued along that path of degradation where there isan imposing of their wills upon those of others of a limited consciousness, that they bejudged by this Awareness.There is no need for judgment, for all is as needs be. All will learn. All will be forgiven,and all will return to that which is the Godhead, the Source, the consciousness that is theEverything and the All.Karmic Relationships on Planet BQuestion: If the Garden of Eden is restored to Planet B so that it is wonderful, how canit be used as a karmic school of learning for souls, since everything will be so great? Ifsouls wish to be poor and destitute and abundance prevails on Planet B, must they seekanother galaxy to fulfill their negative karmic choice, or is there no other thirddimensional plane for souls to be born into to learn and work off negative karma? Ifthere are other physical planes where these souls can go to work off negative karma, dothose residents possess physical bodies such as ours, and is life there difficult, so thatthey may have to experience whatever the need? If so, it sounds as though those planesare in need of Divine Assistance, as is our Planet B.Cosmic Awareness: The primary comment that this Awareness wishes to make againrelates to the Planet B not being the Garden of Eden. If this is understood, then it caneasily be seen how Planet B can well indeed be the line of consciousness to take if one 29
  30. 30. wishes to experience the karmic path, wishes to understand through multiple lifetimes ona physical plane of existence, the truth of consciousness, wishes to play over and overthrough many lifetimes lessons and experiences that need to be had for one to eventuallytruly receive the understanding of the lifetime lessons.There are many reasons why entities wish to have karmic relationships with others, as thesoul has set for itself certain experiences that it wishes to have and understand. Thespiritual evolutionary track that has been this planet’s evolution over the countlessmillennia has reached a point of division. Many have learned through the millions ofyears that this track has already progressed along, the deepest and highest lessons, and.many have advanced their consciousness to a degree where they are ready to moveforward.That quantum leap in consciousness is now available for those who have learned throughthe karmic lessons of multiple and many lifetimes. Those are the ones who are indeedready to move forward, and are ready to ascend. Those who are not ready, those whochoose to have more experiences and those who choose to have even harsher experiencesof the physical will experience that which is to come on Planet B. This will be the majorphysical track of consciousness that exists.While there are other physical realities, they will not be the same. The possibility to learnthrough karmic lessons, through multiple lifetimes that have a karmic tie to them willexist only on that evolutionary track of consciousness that will define Planet B and thatspiritual evolutionary track. The question regarding other planets of physicality isirrelevant to the understanding that it will only be this one line of spiritual evolution thathas a karmic nature to it.Others will learn in the physical universes that exist differently. They will not necessarilypartake in a karmic series of incarnations that will teach them karmic lessons. For thosesouls who wish to have such lessons, they will engage on that spiritual track of evolution.Those who do not have that need will go elsewhere.How is it Possible to Take a Physical Body Into a Higher Realm?(How Buddha and Jesus Disassembled Themselves)Question: How is it possible to take a physical body into a higher realm?Cosmic Awareness: This is possible through the shifting in consciousness. ThisAwareness spoke the other day of a concept that allowed a vertical plane to be seen, aline that involved all higher dimensions, that all exist simultaneously. Whenconsciousness reaches a certain point, it becomes aware of this and is able to startaccessing some of those higher planes of existence, those higher levels of consciousness.When a being in physical has reached conscious awareness of this truth and accesses it,then they are able to dematerialize their bodies, and are able to remove their bodies fromthe physical plane all at once, without the need of physical death. This is what has 30
  31. 31. occurred to certain Ascended Masters on the planet who in the course of the spiritualevolution of the planet to date, reached levels of conscious awareness and thus were ableto disassemble their physical bodies and reassemble them elsewhere in non-corporealform.How Jesus Disappeared From the TombIt is said that the Buddha was able to do this, and there are other examples, includingJesus Christ, who in that time of resurrection, disassembled his body and thus itdisappeared from the tomb. When he was ready, he reassembled his body in front of thedisciples. Thus, they could see his physical body. He even allowed them to touch thewounds that were created through the experience of crucifixion. This was simply to helpthem understand that he could reassemble the body. He chose to reassemble it in theactual state it was in when he was on the cross, but he did not have to reassemble thebody that way. He could have reassembled it complete and whole without the woundsbeing present.This is an ability that can be engaged in and used by an enlightened being, a being whohas reached that level of conscious awareness that helps them understand that thephysical line of existence, that which this Awareness has referred to as the horizontalline, can be transcended and can be changed. It is not iron clad. Once this level ofconsciousness is attained, it is then that an individual can jump beyond the laws ofphysicality and can do miraculous things indeed.The Death Experience and When It Will EndQuestion: When one passes, as is presently the norm on Earth, the body is left behind.Will entities...Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness wishes to speak to this before advancing. This ishow it is now because most entities do not have a level of consciousness that allows themto take their physical form with them. The way the reality was set up was so that at acertain point when it is time to return back into spiritual consciousness, that which is thephysical would be discarded, and left behind, to return back into the elements of thephysical planet herself. As the saying goes, “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.” This is simplya statement that the physical body will return back to its natural elements while theconsciousness of that body, the identity of that body, is released from that physical prisonto be returned back into consciousness at that higher expanded level that exists beyondthe physical form.When enough realize this, then there will be no need for physical death any longer, forthe physical form can be disassembled, and reassembled when and where it is wished, ornot, if it is meant to stay in your conscious form.Question: Will entities reproduce in some way or will the population be composedstrictly of those who have ascended from Planet B? 31
  32. 32. Cosmic Awareness: This question does not make sense to this Awareness because allbeing born on this physical planet are spirits choosing to have a physical existence. Theway forward on the physical is to be born into the physical. When consciousness is raisedto a degree, there is no need to choose to be born into the physical, for the natural state isconsciousness, is spiritual awareness. Thus, the choice is no longer one that is evennecessary.The Planet B, which will continue the physical journey, will continue to be such that eachand every soul will have to choose to be born into it, and thus the experience of physicalbirth will continue onwards and will go into the depths of physicality that is almostanimalistic in nature, and it will become as it once was when there was no help availableto help birth the children being born into the physical state. Many will not survive thephysical journey, but then that too will be a choice, the choice perhaps of simply havingthat part of the physical experience available to them. This is as it will be.Question: Is there a closing message?Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness indeed has a closing message. It profoundly thanksthe Questioner for the astounding questions. While some seemed redundant, they arequestions that many have. There are confusions that many hold towards that which is theAscension process, especially that which is the division of the two planets of con-sciousness that will be formed upon Ascension.Indeed, the Ascension Planet A will become a planet of higher consciousness andawareness that will continue to grow and unfold, moving towards that place and space ofpure consciousness. For those who still seek to have a physical experience, Planet B willbe a continuance of the physical level of consciousness that has been in existence formillennia.There is a need of the soul to feel an even deeper level of separation from itself, to moveinto an even denser level of consciousness that is little removed from an animalistic stateof consciousness. This will be different than that animalistic state of consciousness thatexisted during that timeframe known colloquially as the caveman era, or that time of theNeanderthal, the cave man, the primitive man. It will be different because there will, be agroup of entities or beings who will have ultimate control and power over the lives of themany. There will be those who will be slaves to these masters, who will literally serveevery wish and desire that their masters might have.Barbarianism and Cannibalism Await on Planet BThere will be others who will not be under such dominance but will have to liveunderground in a very rudimentary existence, simply to survive on the physical. Thisgroup will be often targeted by those of the elite nature for their sport and theirsustenance even, and this level of consciousness will degrade so deeply into barbarianismand cannibalism that it is seen as something that will be repugnant to many who evennow would not desire such an experience. 32