How safe is Liposuction India to reduce extra fat?


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How safe is Liposuction India to reduce extra fat?

  1. 1. How Safe is Liposuction India to Reduce Extra Fat?
  2. 2. Are you really upset with your overweight? Then you’ve probably tried multiple weight lose mechanism up and coming in the market, sometime a diet plan or sometime weight lose belt, but never get contented with the results. If you are witnessing the same kind of problem then liposuction surgery India can help you resize your body weight viably like a magic. Don’t confuse yourself with weight-loss and liposuction. Liposuction surgery doesn’t mean temporary weight-loss, it will be done to resize your stomach by a minimally invasive technique. This gives weightloss that is permanent and substantial.
  3. 3. In laymen term liposuction India is a surgical removal of excess fat from local areas under the skin by means of a small incision and vacuum suctioning. Experience cosmetic surgeons are needed to perform the liposuction in India otherwise the result is not up to your expectation. There are other weight removal surgeries which are quite popular in India like Laparoscopy India, Liposuction India, and bariatric surgery in India. “When it comes to weight-loss surgery, choose the best and foolproof solution” said liposuction surgeon and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Mohit Bhandari, Mohak Hitech Speciality Hospital. He strongly believes that obesity can reduce life expectancy and stay fit is the right of every individual. In last few years, Liposuction India and Laparoscopy India are gaining popularity and people are showing their interest in weight-loss surgeries. He has recently treated obesity of a 6 year old child which has been performed first time in Asia. This denies the notion that weight-loss surgery is safe for adults only.
  4. 4. Side-Effects of Liposuction surgery The most common side-effects of a thorough liposuction India are skin infection and skin loosening that can be managed with appropriate medical care suggested by physician. Removal of massive quantity of fat from one area usually results in the skin becoming loose. No other major side-effects have been noticed in India yet. This has awakened a trust factor on the mind of people. “Besides skin loosening, the patient encountered no other side-effects," said Dr. Mohit Bhandari.
  5. 5. Before the Surgery When deciding to for a Liposuction surgery in India, make certain to consult an experienced and certified plastic surgeon to ask any possible question you may have in your mind about the surgery. If you still have a doubt then it’s highly recommended to ask your physician to make you understand in simple terms. If you’ve selected an experienced surgeon in India, then you may not encounter these types of initial problems as they are expert and will answer you honestly without any fake commitments. Two weeks before the liposuction India, you should stop taking pain killers or medicines like aspirin. In addition, you must understand is to rigidly follow the guidelines directed by your surgeons. A certified surgeon would help you in this to assure least risk or no risk to your normal health.
  6. 6. After The Surgery After Liposuction and Laparoscopy India is done, you may get back to work within a week after simple medication and should start light exercise and meditation. Recent studies report says that the weight-loss surgery could produce significant decrease in systolic blood pressure, fasting insulin levels and total body weight that could possibly improve the patient's cardiovascular risk profile. And eventually you will regain your normal weight and health. Stay fit and stay slim!
  7. 7. Thank you