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IMMUNE DISORDERS /certified fixed orthodontic courses by Indian dental academy

IMMUNE DISORDERS /certified fixed orthodontic courses by Indian dental academy




The Indian Dental Academy is the Leader in continuing dental education , training dentists in all aspects of dentistry and offering a wide range of dental certified courses in different formats.

Indian dental academy provides dental crown & Bridge,rotary endodontics,fixed orthodontics,
Dental implants courses.for details pls visit www.indiandentalacademy.com ,or call



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  • Inflammation of the airways not only causes symptoms associated with widespread but variable airflow obstruction, it also results in an increase in airway hyperresponsiveness to a variety of stimuli (triggers) <br /> Environmental and genetic influences in asthma (inducers) act mainly by provoking airway inflammation, rather than directly stimulating airway hyperresponsiveness <br /> Triggers of bronchoconstriction, which are factors that provoke contraction of the sensitised airway wall, include a wide range of stimuli, such as exercise, cold air and pollen <br /> Allergens can act as both inducers and triggers <br />

IMMUNE DISORDERS /certified fixed orthodontic courses by Indian dental academy IMMUNE DISORDERS /certified fixed orthodontic courses by Indian dental academy Presentation Transcript

  • Immune Disorders www.indiandentalacademy.com
  • INDIAN DENTAL ACADEMY Leader in continuing dental education www.indiandentalacademy.com www.indiandentalacademy.com
  • “You can't fly a kite unless you go against the wind and have a weight to keep it from turning somersaults. The same with man. No man will succeed unless he is ready to face and overcome difficulties and is prepared to assume responsibilities” -- William J. H. Boetcker www.indiandentalacademy.com
  • Introduction: • Humoral Immunity – B lymphocytes - Antibody • Cell mediated Immunity – T lymphocytes – Macrophages • Non-Specific immunity – Neutrophils, Macrophages www.indiandentalacademy.com
  • Introduction: • • • • • Immunity is not inherited. Antigen / Antibody Active / Passive immunity. Vaccine, Toxoid, Live/Killed Primary response – slow, weak. – Learning period, memory cells. • Secondary response – rapid, strong www.indiandentalacademy.com
  • Immune Disorders: • Immunodeficiency disorders – AIDS, antibody deficiency • Hypersensitivity Disorders (allergy) – Type-I (IgE), II-IgG, IIIImmunecomplex, IV-Cell mediated. • Autoimmune disorders – SLE, Rhematoid, Rheumatic fever. www.indiandentalacademy.com
  • Rheumatic fever: • • • Autoimmune disorder. Group A, streptococcal pharyngitis. Antibody cross react with connective tissue in - susceptible individuals* • 2-3 weeks – Autoimmune reaction. • Inflammation - T lymphocytes, macrophages. • Heart, skin, brain & joints. www.indiandentalacademy.com
  • Morphology: • Acute Rheumatic Fever – – – – – – Acute Inflammatory Phase Heart – Pancarditis Skin – Erythema Marginatum CNS – Sydenham Chorea Migratory polyarthritis • Chronic Rheumatic Fever – Deforming fibrotic valvular disease. www.indiandentalacademy.com
  • Acute Rheumatic vegetations: www.indiandentalacademy.com
  • Acute Rheumatic vegetations: www.indiandentalacademy.com
  • Fish mouth Mitral stenosis: www.indiandentalacademy.com
  • What is Asthma? • • • • • • • Hypersensitivity – Allergy , Type I of airways of lungs - Bronchi Allergens – in the air, mast cell - IgE ab. Inflammation of airways – Bronchitis. Genetic, Environmental, Race, Age. High in industrial cities 4-19%, Fiji < 1% Increasing incidence …! www.indiandentalacademy.com
  • Pathogenesis - Atopic Asthma: www.indiandentalacademy.com
  • Asthma Mechanism: • Allergy • Inflammation Of Bronchi • Obstruction • Mucous Plugs www.indiandentalacademy.com
  • INFLAMMATION INDUCERS Allergens,pollutants Airway Hyperresponsiveness Genetic* Airflow Limitation TRIGGERS Exercise Cold Air, diseases, www.indiandentalacademy.com
  • Epidemiology/pathology Normal Asthma Barnes PJ www.indiandentalacademy.com
  • Lung in Asthma with Mucous plugs www.indiandentalacademy.com
  • Mucous plug in asthma: www.indiandentalacademy.com
  • Asthma Microscopic Pathology Obstructed Inflammed Bronchi www.indiandentalacademy.com
  • Asthma - Bronchial morphology • • • • inflammation Eosinophils Gland hyperplasia Mucous plug in lumen • Hypertrophy of muscle layer www.indiandentalacademy.com
  • Summary: • • • • • • • • Not inherited…! Learns self – then Foreign. Immune system – Humoral, Cell Med, Non-sp Antigen & Antibody – Complement/phagocyt. Primary & Secondary Response (slow/rapid) Acitve & Passive immunity Vaccine/Toxoid/Live/Killed/antisera. Immunodeficiency/Hypersensitivity/Autoimm Allergy,Asthma, Rheumatic fever, SLE, AIDS www.indiandentalacademy.com
  • "If you tell the truth, you have infinite power supporting you; but if not, you have infinite power against you….!" --Charles Gordon www.indiandentalacademy.com
  • www.indiandentalacademy.com Leader in continuing dental education www.indiandentalacademy.com