Toyota india launches the all new corolla altis press release


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Toyota india launches the all new corolla altis press release

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Toyota india launches the all new corolla altis press release

  1. 1. Toyota Launches The All New Corolla Altis  Ø    11th Generation Corolla Altis, the New Benchmark   Ø    More than 88,500 units sold in India since 2003  Ø    World’s No. 1 selling Sedan – 40 million customers  Ø Petrol Variant and Diesel variant starts at Rs. 11,99,000/­ and Rs. 13,07,324/­ ex                            Showroom Delhi, respectively     New Delhi, 27th May, 2014: Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) today launched the All New Corolla Altis. The                                  launch marks the beginning of sales. The vehicle was unveiled in February at the Auto Expo 2014. The                                    vehicle is the 11th generation of the legendary Corolla.  Corolla world renowned for QDR – Quality, Durability and Reliability, has now gone a step further. The New                                    Corolla Altis is a fusion of design innovation and its time tested and trusted quality engineering.  In line with Toyota’s changing global design philosophy Toyota wants to make cars with character and a                                  recognizable face. The All New Corolla has the DNA of top­notch craftsmanship.  Like all our other cars worldwide, the 11th generation of the New Corolla Altis, shares the new dynamic and                                      ‘Keen Look’. The legendary car has been redefined to meet Toyota’s latest global design philosophy.   The All New Corolla Altis is aimed at setting a New benchmark. Corolla Toyota’s flagship brand is a                                    legendary car. Owing to its high brand loyalty, the only car that can satisfy the customer more than a                                      Corolla is the Corolla itself. The All New Corolla is thus designed to set a New benchmark to carry on this                                          tradition and yet provide a new and better car, thereby evolving with each generation.  The New Corolla Altis sets a new benchmark in being premium. It is an ideal package of premium image,                                      luxurious features and competitive pricing. Thus in addition to the C segment buyers it has the potential to                                    attract the D premium and the high end B sedan customers, providing them a premium vehicle, that is value                                      for money.  Adding to its premiumness the All New Corolla Altis comes with a special accessory package “The                                Benchmark Collection”. It has a unique collection of premium accessories like daytime running lamp and                              chrome packages.  The new vehicle comes with a revolutionary new style, luxurious and comfortable interiors and a dynamic                                performance. The diesel and petrol variants come with advanced and dynamic exteriors and luxurious                            interiors. The All New Corolla Altis comes with the following new interior and exterior features     Exterior ­ Dynamic and attractive design – New  ­      New radiator grille  ­      LED headlamps and clearance lamps  ­      New design wide rear LED combination lamps add to the prestigious looks  ­      R 16 alloy wheels  ­      Rear chrome garnish  ­      The vehicle height has been lowered   by 5 mm leading to better balance and aerodynamics.     Interior  ­ Advanced  Style and Comfort – New  Advanced style  ­      Cyber carbon piano black instrument panel cluster provides a rich feel  ­      3 spoke leather steering wheel with bluetooth control  ­      New design optitron meter with illumination   ­      Illumination  (for entry, cupholder and near the foot)  ­      Chrome inside door handle 
  2. 2. ­      Increased wheelbase (100 mm)   Comfort  ­      Rain sensors  ­ Navigation (Provided with “New” 7.0 LCD Touch screen and voice command enabled Audio with USB,                                Bluetooth, Audio)  ­      Rear reclining seat, first in its segment  ­      Increased rear seat legroom  ­      Rear reading lamp  ­      Rear sunshade  ­      Rear power socket  ­ The driving position has been enhanced by changing the steering wheel angle from 24 degree to 22                                    degree  ­      The vertical adjustment of the seat has been increased from 45 mm to 60 mm    Driving Performance  The 1.8l Dual VVTi Petrol engine continues to provide a smooth and enjoyable drive. It is available with an                                      improved super CVT­i with 7 speed sequential shiftmatic with the newly introduced “Paddle Shift”, providing                              class leading fuel economy and a smoother and quieter drive. The Petrol variant is also available with 6                                    speed manual transmission.  The Diesel variant is available in a powerful engine 1.4 l 1ND D­4D with Variable Nozzle Turbo, & Intercooler                                      with 6 speed manual transmission.    Safety Features  ­      Rear Camera with display audio screen  ­      Brake Assist with EBD and ABS  ­      Rear fog lamp on RH side  ­      Dual SRS airbags  ­      GOA Body  ­      Immobilizer     All New Corolla Altis is available in five grades in petrol – J(S), G, G­CVT, GL and VL (CVT). It is also                                            available in four grades in diesel DJ, DJ(S), DG and DGL.  The New Corolla Altis is available in an array of 7 exciting colours – White Pearl Crystal Shine, Silver Mica                                        Metallic, Grey Metallic, Blue Metallic, Champaign Mica Metallic, Super White II and Celestial Black.  Launched in 1966, this year marks its 48th anniversary. The Corolla has a rich legacy to its credit. It is                                        currently manufactured in 15 production bases and sold in 154 countries and regions around the world.  Mr. Naomi Ishii, Managing Director said, “Corolla is the world’s most favorite car. It is the world’s No 1                                      car with more than 40 million cars sold across the globe. The Corolla accounts for one in every five vehicle                                        sold by Toyota in the 76 ­ year history. 1969 was the start of its 33 year run as best ­ selling car in Japan.                                                  With global cumulative sales exceeding 22.65 million units, in 1997 the Corolla became the world’s best –                                  selling nameplate. More than a million units have been sold each year since 2002. We are glad to launch                                      the 11th  generation of this global car in India.”  Mr. N Raja, Director and Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing said, “From the 9th generation in                                  2003 to the newly introduced 11th generation, the Corolla has bettered with each generation. The Corolla                                has stood the test of time. The key to its success is the faithful passing down of its original development                                        concept from the first generation onwards. A testimony to Toyota’s craftsmanship, technology and world                            renowned Quality, Durability and Reliability ­ QDR, Corolla is Toyota’s flagship brand. We have sold more                                than 88,500 units since its introduction in India, in 2003.We received a good response after we unveiled the                                   
  3. 3. vehicle at the Auto Expo in Feb. We are currently booked for 3 months. We hope the All New Corolla Altis,                                          will further strengthen the brand in India and will also contribute to the growth of the C segment in India.”  A simplified price structure has been provided to maintain uniformity in price difference between powertrain,                              fuel type and grades, thereby providing value for money and a better understanding to the customer.   The petrol variants and diesel variants of the New Corolla Altis starts at Rs. 11,99,000/­ and Rs. 13,07,324/­                                    ex Showroom Delhi, respectively.  The introductory price list for the All New Corolla Altis is as follows:     PETROL    Grade  Ex­showroom Delhi  (Rs.)  VL (CVT)  16,89,324/­  GL  15,38,324/­  G­CVT  15,04,324/­  G  13,74,328/­  J(S)  11,99,000/­                            DIESEL      Grade  Ex­showroom Delhi  (Rs.)  DGL  16,68,324/­  DG  15,04,324/­  DJ (S)  13,64,324/­  DJ  13,07,324/­                Overview of TKM:  Company name  Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited  Equity participation  TMC: 89%, Kirloskar group: 11% 
  4. 4. Number of employees  Approx. 6,400 +  Land area  Aprox. 432 acres (approx.1,700,000 m2)  Building area  74,000 m2  Total Installed Production  capacity  Upto 3,10,000 units     Overview of TKM 1st  Plant  Established  October 1997 (start of production: December 1999)  Location  Suburb of Bangalore, Karnataka State  Products  Innova, Fortuner manufactured in India.  Prado, Land Cruiser and Prius imported as CBUs.  Installed Production capacity  Upto 1,00,000 units      Overview of TKM 2nd  Plant  Location  On the site of Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited (on the outskirts  of Bangalore, Karnataka State)  Products  Corolla Altis, Etios, Etios Liva, Etios Cross, Camry & Camry Hybrid  Start of production  December 2010  Installed Production capacity  Upto 2,10,000 units