Suzuki Celerio - Press Release


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Suzuki Celerio - Press Release

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Suzuki Celerio - Press Release

  1. 1. Press Release SUZUKI CELERIO - Production and sales for Thai market to commence from May 2014 - Realising agile driving with 1,000cc engine and a compact body with a total length of 3,600mm - Fuel economy that meets Thailand’s eco-car standards - Rayong plant positioned as a key export hub for global models including export to Europe CELERIO production and sales to commence from May 2014 Suzuki Motor Corporation introduces the CELERIO, a new global compact car, at the Bangkok International Motor Show. Based on the A:WIND which had its world premiere at the Thailand International Motor Expo in November last year, this CELERIO represents the pursuit of ideal small car packaging by Suzuki, the compact car expert. It retains the trademark small car ease of driving while providing a spacious interior and a luggage capacity of 254 litres* (VDA method). It also boasts a new engine and new transmission, achieving fuel economy that meets Thailand’s eco-car standards while delivering a lively drive. All these elements have been packed into dynamic styling with a unique colour line-up. The Rayong plant has been producing and exporting the Swift mainly for the ASEAN region since its establishment in 2012. As for the CELERIO, production will commence not only for the Thai domestic market but also for exports to the European market.  Main features 1. Fuel economy that meets Thailand’s eco-car standards In addition to the new powertrain, the rigorous pursuit of weight reduction and aerodynamics delivers an excellent balance of fuel economy, which meets Thailand’s eco-car standards, and an agile drive.
  2. 2. Press Release 2. Interior space exceeding small car standards Despite the easy-to-manoeuvre compact body with a total length of 3,600mm, the CELERIO delivers a roomy interior and achieves a luggage capacity of 254 litres, * exceeding the expectations of a conventional small car. 3. Highly appealing design The stylish, highly appealing design is built around three key themes: Dynamic Body, Roomy Cabin and Fine Quality  Design  The CELERIO’s design embodies these three key concepts: "Dynamic Body", "Roomy Cabin" and "Fine Quality".  Dynamic, youthful exterior styling with a sharp front mask, flowing lines, and a body silhouette evocative of roominess.  A simple, ever-fresh interior with superior craftsmanship and a liberating sense of spaciousness. Exterior design A sharp front mask with continuous headlamps and grille; a flowing press line running from front to rear expressing expansiveness; intonated body side contour accent indicating high quality; the square body silhouette conveying the impression of comfortable cabin space and rear-end aerodynamics enhanced by edge treatment. All these design elements ensure its superb dynamic look. Interior design Being a basic car was all the more reason to focus on the quality of the interior craftsmanship. The CELERIO development team aimed for a simple, ever-fresh, easy- to-use interior by providing a symmetrical design built around the centre panel. They
  3. 3. Press Release have also successfully achieved a sense of roominess which exceeds the actual size by using a keynote outward-facing form and making the top of the dashboard panel flat. Black is the keynote interior colour, while the main seat fabric is a gently flowing dot pattern in either blue or yellow, in keeping with the exterior colour. The dot pattern appears to change between blue/yellow and grey adding fun touch to the cabin– an attractive "small car" touch. The sides of the seats feature plain black fabric. Colour design The fun small car effect is heightened by a range of 8 exterior colours, including 3 new colours, which coordinate with the blue and yellow seat fabrics. The new CELERIO is further defined by three new colour options. <New> Sunshine Yellow Pearl Metallic: evoking the excitement of midsummer sunshine streaming into a sports stadium. <New> Cerulean Blue Pearl Metallic: evoking skies over tropical seas <New> Raspberry Pink Pearl Metallic: evoking raspberries reflected in stainless steel Snow Pearl White 2 Star Silver 4 Mineral Grey 2 Super Black 2 Ablaze Red 3  Outstanding packaging which gives priority to driver and passengers  Roomy, comfortable interior space  254 litres* luggage capacity  Easy to drive and outstanding manoeuvrability
  4. 4. Press Release Roomy, comfortable interior space Suzuki has pursued a resolution of the apparently contradictory elements of "retaining interior roominess" and "making the dimensions as compact as possible". By going back to basics and reviewing the body structure, the small car expert has succeeded in delivering a roomy, comfortable interior space within a compact body, with a total length of 3,600mm and a width of 1,600mm. A height of 1,540mm and a gently sloping roofline provide a "liberating" interior by giving occupants greater overhead space. The 2,425mm long wheelbase ensures a tandem distance of 743mm, which gives occupants roomy seating. Optimisation of NVH performance also ensures a quiet, comfortable interior. Capacious luggage room Adopting a flattened-end torsion beam for the rear suspension has strengthened the undercarriage, while lowering the luggage room floor has ensured a luggage capacity of 254 litres * . Ease of use when loading and unloading has been considered by providing a large luggage room opening area with a maximum width of 1,020mm and a maximum length of 751mm, and a low tailgate opening height of 692mm. Easy to drive and outstanding manoeuvrability In addition to the easy-to-manoeuvre compact body, the new CELERIO features a high-mount shift lever with outstanding operability and high-hip points that produce all-round visibility to further enhance ease of driving. The high seating position and large side door opening also facilitate easy entry and exit.  Superior performance  New powertrain developed for the new CELERIO  Excellent balance of fuel economy and agile drive  High levels of safety with an impact-absorbing body and full suite of equipment
  5. 5. Press Release Engines Refined K10B engine The globally acclaimed K10B engine has been refined to maintain dynamic performance while realising high-level fuel efficiency achieved by improvements in compression ratio, weight reduction and friction reduction. Major specifications K10B Cylinders 3 Displacement (cc) 998 Bore (mm) 73 Stroke (mm) 79.5 Camshaft layout DOHC Valves per cylinder 4 Camshaft drive system Silent chain Compression ratio 11.0 Max. output (kW/rpm) 50/6,000 Max. torque (Nm/rpm) 90/3,500 Transmission  Newly developed 5-speed manual transmission A 5-speed manual transmission has enhanced both fuel efficiency and smooth shifting. Reduced stirring resistance resulting from reduced oil volume, and the installation of low-loss bearings have boosted torque loss by 40%. Increased synchro capacity and an improved lever ratio ensure more accurate and slicker gearshifts. Noise during idling and pedal operating force have been reduced for ease of urban driving in congested traffic.  CVT A CVT equipped with an auxiliary gearbox which has an excellent track record as proven in the Swift and other models is available with the CELERIO. Adopting a built- in oil cooler contributes to enhanced fuel efficiency, while the auxiliary gearbox realises a greater gear ratio width to achieve both acceleration performance at start- up and fuel economy at high speeds. CVT plays a role in diverse driving situations from urban driving to high-speed performance in the country.
  6. 6. Press Release Safety features Suzuki’s lightweight and impact-absorbing Total Effective Control Technology (TECT) body has been adopted. High-tensile steel has been used effectively, along with features such as crumple zones that absorb impact energy during a collision, a frame structure that effectively disperses impact load, and a high-strength cabin structure that helps protect occupants.  Key Dimensions CELERIO Overall length 3,600mm Overall width 1,600mm Overall height 1,540mm Wheelbase 2,425mm Treads Front 1,420mm Rear 1,410mm Luggage capacity (VDA) 254L
  7. 7. Press Release Specification sheet for Thai market Suzuki Motor Corporation 25th March 2014 Suzuki Motor Corporation 25th March 2014 mm mm mm mm Tread Front mm Rear mm m CAPACITIES persons litres litres cm3 mm kW/rpm N・m/rpm 5MT CVT Gear ratio 1st 3.545 2nd 1.904 3rd 1.280 4th 0.966 5th 0.783 Reverse 3.272 3.771 4.294 3.757 Steering Brakes Front Rear Suspension Front Rear Tyres ** Measured using the German Association of Automotive Industry (VDA) method. The technical specifications in this document may not be final and are subject to change without prior notice. Piston displacement CHASSIS Compression ratio Bore x stroke 165/65R14 MacPherson strut with coil spring Torsion beam with coil spring Maximum torque Overall length Minimum turning radius * Overall height Overall width Number of cylinders Type Fuel tank capacity Maximum output Rack & pinion 4.006 ~ 0.550 (LOW:4.006 ~ 1.001, HIGH:2.200 ~ 0.550) Ventilated disc Drum, leading & trailing Number of valves Type Fuel distribution 2WD DIMENSIONS 3,600 Seating capacity Luggage capacity Drive system 90/3,500 Multipoint injection 73.0 x 79.5 TRANSMISSION 11.0 50/6,000 998 * Manufacture data Final gear ratio 1,600 1,540 145 4.7 2,425 1,420 1,410 Minimum ground clearance Wheelbase 35 K10B 12 254 3 ENGINE 5 Engine 5-door Petrol 1.0L Number of doors