Skoda dealership redesign press release


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Skoda dealership redesign press release

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Skoda dealership redesign press release

  1. 1. Press Release, Page 1 of 5 Fresh, Modern, ‚Simply Clever’: The new face of the ŠKODA Dealer Network › › › › › ‚Power of ŠKODA‘: New ŠKODA dealerships show the power of the brand Reorganization is an important pillar of the 2018 ŠKODA Growth Strategy Space for the new and expanded model range ‚Simply Clever with a human touch‘: customer-friendly layout New face of ŠKODA dealerships to be implemented by the end of 2015 Mladá Boleslav, 9 December 2013 – The fresh, new face of the future ŠKODA dealership network: The worldwide network of over 5,300 dealerships will get a more modern and attractive form to accommodate the growing model range. The modernised appearance based on the new ŠKODA company design is an integral part of the 2018 ŠKODA Growth Strategy. By 2018 the company plans to have increased its worldwide sales to at least 1.5 million vehicles per year. With their partners’ new appearance, ŠKODA is once again demonstrating the power of the brand. The entire design of the car dealerships is much younger and more dynamic. Key elements are modern architecture, new communication areas on the exterior with improved visibility both day and night, as well as an attractive salesroom design for customer-friendly business dealings. By the end of 2015, the transition should largely be completed. “We are building our position as a strong international brand with the most comprehensive model campaign in corporate history,” says Werner Eichhorn, ŠKODA Board Member for Sales and Marketing. “In recent years we have invested heavily in modernizing and expanding our model range. Now our sales partners’ new appearance provides the ideal backdrop for the presentation of our vehicles to the customer.” As part of their 2018 growth strategy, the Czech carmaker has renewed its product range over the last two years and expanded into important segments. ŠKODA has introduced eight new or completely redesigned vehicles in 2013 alone. The preliminary result of the most comprehensive model campaign in corporate history: a highly attractive, updated model range – from the new small car Citigo, the new Rapid and the new Octavia to the comprehensively revised flagship, the Superb and Superb Combi. Running parallel to this model campaign, the Czech car manufacturer has placed an emphasis on sharpening their brand presentation. In 2011, ŠKODA introduced a completely new corporate design. The most important elements of this fresh appearance are the updated logo with the winged arrow in the centre, fresher colours and new fonts. The overall appearance looks younger and more modern than ever before. Redesigning the dealership network will follow these principles: Modern showrooms with a great look and feel, large glass fronts, creating a pleasant atmosphere and transparency. The base colours of elegant white and fresh green shall dominate, complemented by the warm wood tones in the furnishings inside. The architectural design language is identical to the clear lines of the Czech manufacturer’s current vehicles, mirroring the brand’s traditional values everywhere. The ŠKODA Media Services:, ŠKODA AUTO a.s., Tř. V. Klementa 869, 293 60 Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic
  2. 2. Press Release, Page 2 of 5 guiding principle of the new face of the dealerships is the brand promise – ‘Simply Clever – clever engineering with a human touch’. Exterior design: tidy, modern, clearly visible both day and night The external design of the dealerships are to be completely revised. The new appearance of the ŠKODA dealerships will be the brand’s powerful statement both day and night – clear, transparent, modern and open. Recognizable elements provide unique orientation. An important aim is to improve the visibility of the buildings. “Customers should be able to identify the ŠKODA partner as such at first glance,” explains sales chief Eichhorn. It is all to do with clarity: Reducing everything to the bare essentials for the customer was the architects’ motto. The architecture has been tidied up, now based on simple shapes, a few clear colours, modular design elements and a modern light concept. The key features of the dealership’s new exterior are: › › › › › › The green entrance set in front of a glass wall, utilizing daylight The large communications wall next to the entrance to the dealership The logo wall with the new ŠKODA logo on the side of the building A white frame, running along the sides and top of the building façade Dark-grey cladding New pylons (with brand logo and dealership name) and flags The newly developed cladding for ŠKODA dealerships will be kept principally in darkgrey. This conservative tone forms an ideal background for all ŠKODA design and signal elements. The entrance side of the building consists of large, top to bottom glass elements, through which natural light can enter the interior. At the front of the building, ideally to the right of the entrance, there is to be a huge communications wall. The standard size 8 x 8 metre wall is a real eye-catcher and gives a direct approach to customers. There are two possible variations: presenting new models on a large banner or a large LED screen. In addition to the five standard sizes between 4 x 4 and 8 x 8 metres, custom sizes will be possible, depending on the needs of the individual ŠKODA partner. The large ŠKODA Logo on the upper third of the wall is an integral part of communication wall. This will be lit up at night. Another distinctive design element for all renovated ŠKODA dealerships will be a white frame running along the sides and top of the façade. The facing covers the entire façade and gives the building a clear optical structure. The area running horizontal to the white frame will be closed at the bottom with a narrow, green stripe, running over the entire width. The whole forms the perfect backdrop for the sign, consisting of the name of the dealership and the redesigned ŠKODA writing. The white frame indicates the main façade with the entrance area and should be clearly recognizable from the street. At night, an intelligent light concept provides illumination – naturally in ŠKODA-Green. Customers shall enter the future dealerships through a newly designed entrance in ŠKODA-Green. Out of the hours of daylight, it will be illuminated in green to give a warm ŠKODA welcome. The entrance arch itself is not connected to the building, but rather serves as a free-standing element with its own foundations. The advantage of this ŠKODA Media Services:, ŠKODA AUTO a.s., Tř. V. Klementa 869, 293 60 Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic
  3. 3. Press Release, Page 3 of 5 modular solution is that it can be adapted to the individual needs of each dealership in terms of size. For people to clearly recognize the dealership as a ŠKODA centre from the side, the side of the building will feature a large logo wall. The white façade extends almost seamlessly from the front panel in five modular increments of four to eight metres well over the side of the building, from floor to roof – similar to the communication wall on the building front, only without posters or the LED wall. Here, the ŠKODA logo is also illuminated at night. All new design elements are modular and extremely flexible in their construction. This means that they can be adapted to the individual circumstances of the dealership. The new concept can be used simply for virtually any existing ŠKODA centre. The same is true of the future flags and pylons with the new ŠKODA corporate design. Pure ŠKODA service centres will be fitted with some design elements as well, they will for example receive a sign saying ‘ŠKODA Service’ incorporating the new corporate design. The new ŠKODA Showroom: friendly, bright, inviting Fresh colours, clarity, openness and transparency – this is also distinguishes the new interiors of ŠKODA dealership showrooms. Simultaneously the new concept allows fast, direct and easy communication with the customer. “The dealership is the central location of the customers’ experience. This is where they come into direct contact with the brand and products. The new look is welcoming, approachable and modern. In short: Our cars and their modern design will be presented in an appropriate environment,” says sales chief Eichhorn. Interior designers placed the highest priority on functionality and clear orientation options for the customer. The design fully follows function. It is exactly the same with the new showrooms as with the exterior; all new features are designed from the customer's perspective. New design features, quality materials and advanced communication areas will come into use. White as the base colour, complemented by Green, to the warm wood-tones of the new furniture, enhanced by effective lighting solutions. All of those make for a great atmosphere. The rooms are airy and spacious. On entering the dealership through the green lobby, customers will get their first glimpse of the new highlight wall directly across from the entrance. This is a central part of the showroom. The wall consists of two sections: at the top, the large ŠKODA logo; underneath there are graphic motifs that can be exchanged freely. The wall serves as a background for any current ŠKODA vehicle, known as the ‘Hero Car’. This offers the respective dealer an attractive place to present to the latest models. The vehicle is exhibited on a prominently-highlighted surface. The first point of contact for the customer is the welcome area, which, based on the new showroom concept, is located between the entrance and highlight wall. This is where customers will be greeted warmly. Customers should not have to go looking for a ŠKODA representative first. ŠKODA Media Services:, ŠKODA AUTO a.s., Tř. V. Klementa 869, 293 60 Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic
  4. 4. Press Release, Page 4 of 5 The newly designed waiting room is directly adjacent. This is where customers can take a seat on comfortable lounge furniture should they need to wait for a consultation. A wellequipped kids’ corner shall also be available. In addition, the interior designers have provided a brand wall, where there will be a coffee and drinks station as well as current merchandising articles and brand accessories. The ‘Car Configurator’ is an important part of the new showroom concept. On an LED screen, the customer can look through whole range of ŠKODA models on the configurator and organise their personal preferences with the representative. All representatives’ and consultants’ places have been redesigned, which are also dominated by light, friendly wood tones and elegant white. A newly designed desk gives customers and representatives an open, personal space for discussion. The contact is less formal and more approachable. All representatives’ work stations are located ideally in close proximity to the vehicles on display in the dealership. Implementation planned by the end of 2015 More than 5,000 suggestions from ŠKODA dealers around the world were included in the concept. The final concept has now been fully presented to all ŠKODA markets. The first dealerships have already changed over to the new design. Each individual country will have implemented this plan by 2015. Further Information: Jozef Baláž, Corporate communications T +420 326 811 773 Tomáš Kubík, Corporate Communications T +420 326 811 749 Media images: The future face of ŠKODA dealerships: Over 5,300 dealerships worldwide are to incorporate the new ŠKODA corporate design. The exterior is characterized by the clear glass front, the green entrance and the ŠKODA communication and logo wall. The modular concept has been designed for both large and small businesses. Download ŠKODA Media Services:, ŠKODA AUTO a.s., Tř. V. Klementa 869, 293 60 Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic Source: ŠKODA AUTO
  5. 5. Press Release, Page 5 of 5 The future face of ŠKODA dealerships: Fresh colours, clarity, openness and transparency characterize the new showrooms of ŠKODA dealerships inside too, creating a comfortable atmosphere for customers. Download Source: ŠKODA AUTO ŠKODA AUTO › is one of the oldest vehicle production companies in the world. Since 1895, the Czech headquarters in Mladá Boleslav has seen the production firstly of bicycles and then, shortly afterwards motorbikes and cars. › currently has seven passenger car models: Citigo, Fabia, Roomster/Praktik, Rapid, Octavia, Yeti and Superb. › in 2012, delivered around 939,200 vehicles to customers worldwide – up 6.8 % on the previous year and a new record. › has belonged to Volkswagen since 1991. VW Group is one of the most successful automotive groups worldwide. ŠKODA, in association with the Group, independently manufactures and develops vehicles as well as components, engines and gear transmissions. › operates at three locations in the Czech Republic, produces in China, Russia, Slovakia and India – mainly through Group partnerships. › employs over 26,400 people globally and is active in more than 100 markets. ŠKODA Media Services:, ŠKODA AUTO a.s., Tř. V. Klementa 869, 293 60 Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic