GM India Launches Chevrolet Spark Limited Edition 
Stylish city car offers superior value proposition 
New Delhi: General ...
chance of the B­Pillar’s intrusion into the passenger compartment in the event of a side                             
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Gm india launches chevrolet spark limited edition press release


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Gm india launches chevrolet spark limited edition press release

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Gm india launches chevrolet spark limited edition press release

  1. 1. GM India Launches Chevrolet Spark Limited Edition  Stylish city car offers superior value proposition  New Delhi: General Motors India today announced the launch of the Chevrolet Spark                          Limited Edition, which is priced ranging from Rs 3.44 to 3.99 lakh (ex­showroom, New                            Delhi). With an appealing exterior and enriched interior, the newest member of the Spark                            family provides a superior value proposition in every respect.   “The stylish, frugal and spacious city car with superior SMARTECH engine technology                        appeals to all aspirational first­time buyers and young nuclear families across India,” said                          Arvind Saxena, President and Managing Director of GM India. “With the launch of another                            limited edition model with more features, GM India has sought to exceed the expectations                            of its customers,” Mr Saxena added.  The Spark Limited Edition has added a steering wheel cover, matching neck rests,                          ambient foot­well lighting, beige seat covers with red stripes, an exterior chrome kit, carpet                            floor mats, outside rearview mirrors (OSRVM) with integrated turn signals, side body                        graphics in a choice of two colors and Limited Edition badging.  Available for a limited period of time, the Spark Limited Edition comes in a choice of                                seven vibrant colors: Summit White, Sandrift Grey, Misty Lake Metallic, Switchblade Silver,                        Velvet Red, Linen Beige and Caviar Black.  The city car’s four­cylinder 1.0­litre petrol engine delivers peak power of 63 PS @ 5,400                              rpm and peak torque of 90.3 Nm @ 4,200 rpm. Power and torque are maximized at lower                                  speeds, making the Spark Limited Edition ideal for commuting both in congested cities                          and on open highways.  The signature Chevrolet twin­port grille, clear lens “quotation” headlamps, chrome accents                      on the grille, sporty fog lamps with trendy bezels surrounded by chrome, and dual­tone front                              and rear bumpers give the Spark Limited Edition a refreshing appearance.  Positioned at the centre of the dashboard and easily visible to all occupants is the                              “wing­inspired” instrument cluster, which features a combination of analogue and digital                      displays that lend a modern feeling to the interior.  Thanks to its intelligent packaging and 2,345­mm wheelbase, the five­seater offers a                        comparatively large amount of space and a feeling of roominess. The Spark Limited                          Edition also carries a generous assortment of smart storage spaces.  The car re­emphasizes the nameplate’s focus on safety, with 51 per cent of the total weight                                of the body shell consisting of high­strength steel – providing great rigidity and stability.                            Precisely defined load paths with energy­absorbing profiles protect passengers in the                      event of a head­on or rear­end collision.  Optimized links between the B­Pillar and sills provide side impact protection. The B­Pillar                          is made of tailor­welded blanks with two steel sheets of different thicknesses, reducing the                           
  2. 2. chance of the B­Pillar’s intrusion into the passenger compartment in the event of a side                              impact.  The engine includes many advanced innovations such as sequential MPFI, the dual                        distributor­less ignition system (DDLI) and a motorized throttle intake system (MTIS). This                        ensures smooth, noiseless, efficient, powerful, reliable and low­maintenance operation.                  The Spark Limited Edition comes with a standard company warranty of three                        years/100,000 km.  The Limited Edition Chevrolet Spark also comes with the standard three­year 24/7 Free                          Roadside Assistance Programme further enhancing the ownership experience for our                    esteemed customers. In the event of vehicle immobilization due to breakdown or accident,                          Chevrolet owners can call 1800­103­8090 (toll­free) for Free Roadside Assistance. The                      programme is also available for existing Chevrolet customers at a nominal cost if the                            vehicle is under warranty.