2014 ford fiesta facelift launched press release


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2014 ford fiesta facelift launched press release

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2014 ford fiesta facelift launched press release

  1. 1. The 2014 Ford Fiesta Launched With Striking New Look; Sets                    New Paradigm for In­Car Technology     ∙         Stylish, redesigned exteriors and enhanced interiors accentuate 2014 Ford Fiesta’s premium appeal     ∙ The 2014 Ford Fiesta will be available in three trims in diesel with a compelling starting price of Rs.                                        769,000*     ∙ Powered by Ford’s proven 1.5 L Duratorq TDCi diesel engine, the 2014 Ford Fiesta offers outstanding                                  fuel economy of 25.01 Km/L*  coupled with excellent drivability     ∙ Ford upgrades its hands­free connectivity system with segment­first smart technology – SYNC® with                            Ford AppLinkTM  and Emergency Assistance (EA) via SYNC®     New Delhi, June 19, 2014: In its quest to Go Further in delighting customers, Ford India today introduced                                    the 2014 Ford Fiesta with a stunning new look, plush interiors and several segment­first features. Redefining                                expectations from a premium sedan, the stylish new 2014 Fiesta will also boast of the award­winning                                SYNC® with Ford AppLinkTM – a smarter, hands­free in­car technology to keep drivers safely connected                              while on the road.     The 2014 Ford Fiesta will be available in three trims – Ambiente, Trend and Titanium, all powered by the                                      proven 1.5 L Duratorq diesel engine which is tuned to deliver razor­sharp performance, addictive drivability                              and outstanding fuel efficiency of 25.01 Km/L*.     Offering exceptional value to customers, the 2014 Fiesta’s entry­level trim Ambiente Diesel will be available                              at Rs. 769,000*, followed by Trend Diesel at Rs. 855,720* and top­of­the­line Titanium Diesel at Rs.                                929,449*.     ‘‘The Fiesta has a very special role in Ford India’s product portfolio and is for the pure driving enthusiasts                                      who are known for their distinct choices and opt for nothing but the best,’’ said, Nigel Harris, President, Ford                                      India.     “2014 Fiesta, with its best­in­class driving dynamics, design and in­car technology, is a complete package                              that delivers much more than the expectations of customers in this segment. What’s better is its attractive                                  price, making our premium sedan an even more compelling option for discerning enthusiasts,” he said.     The 2014 Ford Fiesta stands out from the clutter, providing drivers a perfect blend of connected world and a                                      fun­to­drive experience.     Ford’s globally renowned in­car technology ­ SYNC® , that was first introduced in India with the EcoSport,                                has been upgraded to SYNC® with Ford AppLinkTM in the new 2014 Fiesta. This segment­first technology                                offers unparalleled voice control over smartphone applications to owners, thereby ensuring a safer way to                              access content, entertainment and information on­the­go. The premium sedan will also offer Emergency                          Assistance (EA) via SYNC® .    
  2. 2. “The 2014 Fiesta is a perfect embodiment of the 24/7 connected lifestyle of today’s savvy, confident and                                  discerning customers. This premium sedan, with its many firsts and innovative features, brings to its                              segment clever convenience, outstanding fuel economy, exceptional passenger safety and intuitive in­car                        technologies. It is set out to elevate customer experience to a new level of engagement and connectivity                                  while on the move,” added Harris.     A global trendsetter, the 2014 Ford Fiesta delivers a bold new exterior and elegant interiors optimized for                                  ergonomics. Sporting a host of smart new features such as rain­sensing wipers, auto headlamps and                              push­button start with smart keyless entry, the car moves up several notches to keep drivers indulged with                                  its clever convenience.     Bold New Exterior, Vibrant Interiors     The 2014 Ford Fiesta is a mélange of aesthetically pleasing and scientifically optimized surfaces that make                                the vehicle not just look better but also cut through the air with least resistance. Dominated by Ford’s                                    marquee trapezoidal front grille, the 2014 Ford Fiesta sports an assertive and confident appearance.     The sleek, laser­cut wraparound headlamps sweep back sharply, making a strong visual statement. The                            power­dome hood design adds to the assertive appearance of the car. At the back, the tail lamps have                                    been given more detail to be in harmony with the expressive head lamps.     Keeping functionality at the heart of it, the design of the in­car entertainment system is inspired by the                                    logic of the modern mobile phone. Screens, controls and buttons are placed for optimal ergonomic                              positioning and ease of use.     The sedan will be available in six colour options including two absolutely new ones – Golden Bronze and                                    Smoke Grey.     Even Greater Connectivity     The 2014 Ford Fiesta sets new paradigm for in­car technology. Featuring award­winning SYNC® with Ford                              AppLinkTM , the new 2014 Fiesta enables drivers to stay safely connected with the outside world. .     The introduction of SYNC® with Ford AppLinkTM makes the 2014 Ford Fiesta a vehicle of choice for                                  discerning customers who are recognized for their penchant for technology. Ford AppLinkTM enables drivers                            to keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road while choosing music, making phone calls and                                      controlling their favorite smartphone applications using simple voice commands. From locating a popular                          restaurant to staying abreast with cricketing action on­the­move or sharing your location, SYNC® with Ford                              AppLinkTM will make it possible through its two India­specific apps ­­ explore by MapMyIndia and ESPN                                Cricinfo and one global app Glympse. These apps will be available for download on smart phones on                                  Android and iOS platforms shortly.     Ford is making this advanced automotive technology accessible globally to millions of its customers at                              affordable costs.     Uncompromised Safety   
  3. 3. The 2014 Ford Fiesta has been designed to provide high levels of protection and driver support through a                                    range of advanced active and passive safety features. The premium sedan boasts of a rigid body structure                                  which offers uncompromised safety. A large part of the vehicle’s structure uses high­strength steel with                              ultra­strong boron steel reinforcing several key points. Advanced safety technologies such as Electric                          Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) with Pull­Drift Compensation and the introduction of brand­new rain                          sensing wipers and automatic headlights reduce the effort while driving by measuring steering input and                              adapting to changing weather and light conditions. Safety is also enhanced by standard front driver­side                              airbag and Anti­lock Braking System (ABS) on all variants. These features help customers to remain in                                control of the car at all times, especially on slippery roads     The 2014 Ford Fiesta’s safety offerings include Emergency Assistance (EA) via SYNC® which helps                            connect vehicle occupants with emergency services following an accident, providing vehicle location and                          open line communication.     Peace of mind with low Cost­ of­Ownership  Years of research, superior materials and the best of engineering bring to the customer a lower cost of                                    ownership with the 2014 Ford Fiesta. The Fiesta is easy­on­the­pocket because of its affordable spares,                              lower costs of service and repairs. Furthermore, Ford India will offer a 1­year warranty/ 100,000 km to bolster                                    the peace of mind that comes with owning the latest Ford. Customers can extend their vehicle warranty up                                    to three years from date of purchase at affordable rates through Ford Extended Warranty. They can also                                  avail extended packages such as Scheduled Service plans and Total Maintenance plans. Ford's Service                            Holiday is a customized product offering designed to cover Scheduled Service and Non­Scheduled repairs                            up to three years.