Modus Operandi and terms & conditions between our company and our franchisee● One time franchisee fees would cover 9 years...
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Bonsaii franchisetermsandconditions


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Complete Franchise Opportunity details for Bonsaii Toy Store Franchise. For more information, please visit

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Bonsaii franchisetermsandconditions

  1. 1. Modus Operandi and terms & conditions between our company and our franchisee● One time franchisee fees would cover 9 years use of our brand name.● The name of the shop would be “Beans”. Added taglines will be “by bonsaii” and “small sizes … big attitudes”● We will transfer goods to the franchisee on an outright sales basis. Payments will be immediate against proforma invoice.● The franchisee is not allowed to buy from any other source.● It will be our responsibility to offer the franchisee maximum margins available in the market.● On an average, 90% of the margins will be transferred to the franchisee to take care of his real estate costs, finance costs and other operating expenses.● We will offer goods reshuffling to the extent of 1.5% of sales. This will be done every quarter provided goods are in resalable condition.● We will provide all designs related to store layout, merchandise display, lights layout, a/c ducting, etc. Display fixtures will be supplied by our approved vendor. Execution of all interior work will be done by us or by the franchisee whosoever can get it done at a lower cost provided the quality norms laid down by us are satisfied.● We will either supply the goods from our central warehouse in Nagpur or from our vendors’ warehouse – with whom we have logistics tie up as a door delivery to the franchisee store. The freight costs, octroi, and any other municipal taxes will be borne by the franchisee. We will work on the logistics continuously to ensure cost effective supplies to the franchisee.● The franchisee will be provided a user name and password to login into our web site where they can see all the product photos, description, cost, MRP, etc. and place their orders.● Opening another franchisee in a locality / city where an existing franchisee is operating will be a matter of discussion with the respective franchisee. It will be a subjective decision depending upon the location, size, etc. of the existing and upcoming store. However, we will offer the right of first refusal to the existing franchisee in case we open an additional store in the same city / locality.