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Top 5 Free Photo..To know more details visit

Top 5 Free Photo..To know more details visit



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Top 5 free photo Top 5 free photo Document Transcript

  • Top 5 Free Photo-Editing Apps on AndroidWe all love photographs and we all want them to look as beautiful as the moments captured inthem. With a smartphone seen in almost every hand you look around, it has become more andmore convenient for people to take pictures, whenever and wherever they want.Moreover, it doesn’t stops at just taking pictures; it goes further with editing the same,customizing here n there and finally sharing the masterpieces with their loved ones throughtwitter or Facebook.There are a number of photo editing applications available in the android market which offers awide range of features and options to make your picture look stunning and more lifelike.I have tried going through a lot of such applications and zeroed down to 5 of them which I foundrecommendable. The top 5 free photo editing applications (in no particular order) available onandroid market according to my personal opinion are-1. Instagram v3.0Released in August this year, Instagram v3.0 is the latest version of the popular photo editingsoftware for android platform, though there is an upgraded version available for iOs.So, we all know about this one; Instagram has been known for easy interface and quick results.Just a few touches and you are ready to share a good retro looking picture with your friends.So I shouldn’t talk about how it works, but rather tell you about what’s new in this version of thisapplication. It’s the Mapping feature which has been added, this allows you to browse yourpictures by the location you tagged them on a map.The moment you`ll update to this version, it will get all your Instagram pictures where youactivated geo-tagging together and automatically put them on map which allows you and yourfollowers on this app to browse them by location.You certainly get a notification cautioning you about the pictures which are ready to bepublished on the map, so you can choose which one to make public and which not.
  • If, even after allowing the app you want to restrict some pictures to get off the map, you caneasily deselect them. So, all in all Instagram remains a popular choice amongst the android usersthough a variety in the filters could have made this app best amongst others.2. Pixlr-O-matic v2.1.2The entire look and feel of this app is so rugged yet attractive. Without any registrationformalities you can just kick start your creativity on your pictures.The fact which I love the most about this app is that it spoils you badly with the options you getin terms of filters. There are SO Many to choose from and if you still can get enough you candownload even more!One thing I should make very clear is that you don’t have to be SUPER creative to use this app.Pixlr-o-matic is an intelligent app, it takes charge of everything. So if you don’t want to or if youcan`t make out which filter to choose with which effect, there is a button on top right which isdubbed as Random.Yes as the name suggest it randomly chooses filters, effects and frames and all you have to do isjust keep pressing it. Sit back and choose which looks the best and yes! Just like that you areready with your edited picture.Easy right, and like everyone else it also give you a variety of options to share the edited picturewith your friends using FB, Twitter, Picasa and Whatsapp et al.3. Photoshop Express- 7Adobe Photoshop Express 7 is from the family of renowned editing software Photoshop whichneeds no introduction. This free application frankly doesn’t matches up to expectations I had buthaving said that I must admit that for a basic usage it is pretty decent.This application allows you to crop, rotate, adjust color etc, which means everything BASIC youneed to do with a picture. Apart from that you get some filters, effects and borders to choosefrom which are not big in numbers but would fall into satisfactory category.
  • The only problem I faced was with the selection of pictures, either the picture has to be in thecamera gallery or should be stored in the internal memory of the phone. This somehow makes itirritating to store a picture from card memory to phone and then edit it.We do have an option to change the setting to select the pictures from memory card but whyshould we do this setting-up thing when other apps gives every pictures without any extra effort.I wish the developers keep that in mind in the next version.Apart from this app is just fine; you can try this if you are new to the editing arena.4. PicSay v1.4.0.1PicSay is another good photo editing application available for free on Play store. This one givesyou a decent scope of work with your pictures without making the entire process complicated.There are effects like faux HDR, Tilt-shift, Pencil Sketch and Vignette et al from which you canchoose the best for your picture. You also get the basic editing options like cropping, red-eyereduction, resizing etc.PicSay can make your picture look more funny and colorful, you get word balloons with editabletext, a number of hairstyles to choose from and a variety of shapes to add to your picture, apartfrom the cool stickers you get.You can directly make the edited picture your wallpaper or even share very easily to any of thesocial networking sites using this application.5. PicsArtThis is the one app I was waiting for; it gives you so much to do. You can crop, straighten, adjustcolor and at the same time it allows to add filters, text, make collage of your pictures, draw stuffon them or on a blank screen. Everything in a single application- PicsArt.I would call PicsArt as the art of photo editing made simple; it gets everything you need underone umbrella. Trust me you wouldn’t need any other application as far as photo editing isconcerned once you give it a short.It’s like you are getting the goodness of Photoshop and Instagram under one roof. The interfaceis simple yet gives you a lot of options to choose from.Basically if you are a photo addict like me, this one is THE APP for you. So if you haven`t got ityet, then like Sachin says GO GET IT!Bottom LineI haven’t picked any best one out of these apps; reason being each one has its own excitement tooffer. Someone who needs variety would like Pixlr-o-matic but someone who needs not justvarity but some serious editing too would opt for PicsArt.
  • So I leave this decision on you, go try each one of them and get back to us with your feedback.Till then keep playing with your pictures!