Indiamap Hosting Marketing Services


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Indiamap Hosting Marketing Services help businesses power their marketing and communications with high quality and speedy ideas, collateral and support.

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Indiamap Hosting Marketing Services

  1. 1. World-class ideas, design & support for Indian businesses and brands
  2. 2. World-class talent and expertise Indiamap delivers a comprehensive blend of expertise for the development and success of digital marketing and communications initiatives. We work with businesses in India and abroad and help create global and local brands with strong sales and customer bonding. Our work extends to critical areas of digital marketing including websites, search engine marketing, social media, email, digital communications and presentations. We power websites and portals with our technology, fuel ideas and business vision with creativity and innovation, and provide infrastructure and support to manage and grow brands successfully. Indiamap works with businesses across various sectors and audiences including Consumer, Youth, Business to Business and Global. Our team includes experienced professionals who have a wealth of experience in marketing, communications, digital media, design and technology. Indiamap offers specialized solutions to customers ranging from simple websites to complex online branding initiatives. Our blended team of talent is exposed to global trends and practices and trained to deliver world-class solutions. Indiamap is part of an international technology and digital media group with operations in North America, Europe and Asia. Our focus within the group is to work closely with Indian businesses on scalable and global vision and growth. We contribute with our expertise, facilities and talent in branding, digital marketing and global communication. Our understanding of business, brands, marketing and communication blended with expertise in technology and digital media help us produce winning ideas for our customers.
  3. 3. What we can do for you? Indiamap can conceptualize, detail, implement and manage a strong integrated technology and digital marketing vision for your brand, products and services. We can design and manage your website, establish and manage your ecommerce and implement a results-driven digital marketing program. We can define business objectives and work with you through a structured program to see you achieve your milestones in brand, marketing and sales growth. Advantages of Indiamap Indiamap brings you years of diverse experience, a blend of different areas of expertise that are all critical for success in digital marketing, a team that is balanced with expertise, knowledge, talent and innovation and a methodology that is proven and can deliver results in short time- cycles. Our experience and methodology sets up the lowest risks for you in all your initiatives, ensuring that you do not lose precious time in experimenting and trying out different ideas and techniques. We evaluate your options and set out a well defined program that is designed to produce strong results for you. This can be very critical in making sure that you are able to achieve your results in the stipulated timelines that match your business objectives. Digital marketing is the most cost-effective and efficient method to reach market audiences. Its advantages outweigh deficiencies by a wide margin. Indiamap has an excellent understanding of the medium and its potential.
  4. 4. We also deliver strong results in both local, national and global marketing initiatives. Our team has the breadth and depth of expertise and talent to conceptualize powerful marketing programs that deliver sizable results. The Indiamap team is flexible, scalable and constantly researching and innovating to stay abreast of global trends and technologies and adapt them for different markets, audiences and brands. Your company gets the benefit of this expanding and evolving expertise in a rapidly changing technology, internet and business landscape. We are a strong, profitable and stable group with a leadership team that has the vision, experience and knowledge to power your brands and support you in your quest for growth and leadership in your business areas. Benefits that you can get Indiamap offers you the benefits of an advanced team that is willing to work with you to suit your business size and growth plans and step them up gradually as you experience success and growth. Our dependable support and availability ensures that you have a stable and committed partner through your growth journey. You benefit from our diverse global expertise and understanding of business, communications and digital media and gain from our strengths in design, content management and technology solutions.
  5. 5. Indiamap provides you with new ideas constantly helping you stay ahead of your competition and engage your audience with new offerings, communications and features. We provide an integrated brand, communications, marketing and ecommerce strategy and implementation that is comprehensive and designed for success. Our leadership and operations team provide excellent expertise and support to you as you work towards business growth and success. Next Steps Call or email us and we will be happy to do a brainstorming discussion with you to go over your business vision, how you see technology and digital media playing a role in your growth and brand development, your current progress and the steps that we need to take you to the next level of growth and success. 4 Convent Road, Bangalore 560025 Tel: 91-80-66310161-65 Fax: 91-80-66310164 Email: