Light of vedas volume 8 issue 7


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Bimonthly newsletter of American Institute of Vedic Studies

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Light of vedas volume 8 issue 7

  1. 1. VO LU M E 8 | I S S U E 7 |Light of the VedasTheVEDICVISIONof a NEW HUMANITYB I M O N T H LY N E W S L E T T E R O F A M E R I C A N I N S T I T U T E O F V E D I C S T U D I E SW W W. V E DA N E T. C O M
  2. 2. We are happy to highlight new advancedtraining options for our students with KeralaAyurveda, including special discounts thatthey can receive through ataking KeralaAyurvedaprograms.We are introducing the first excerpt fromVamadevas upcoming new book, Vedic Yoga:The Path of the Rishis, which will contain anextensive study of the deities, mantras andseers of the Rigveda, the oldest of the fourVedas.The newsletter contains a study of the sacredword Bhagavan by Yogi Baba Prem. It has aspecial note on the passing of SwamiKriyananda, who was our good friend formanyyears.For future programs we are highlighting ourupcoming Agni retreat in Adrasan, TurkeyNov. 18-25, for experiencing the ancientsacredfiresintheMediterraneanregion.Our prayers go out for the many victims of theHimalayan floods, especially for thedestruction at Kedarnath, our favorite ShivaTemple. The message is clear. We mustprotect the Earth and remove greed from ourholyplacesortheywillleaveus!With the Light of the Vedas,Vamadeva and ShambhaviMessageYogini ShambhaviVamadeva David FrawleyLight of the Vedast VOLUME 8 | ISSUE 7 | AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF VEDIC STUDIES | PAGE 1
  3. 3. KAA now offers online options for learning as well asindepth handsonintensives (licensed andapprovedby the state of Washington). Due to our associationwith KAA, we are able to arrange a special benefitpackage with the Academy. Vamadeva is now aKeralaAyurvedaAcademyAdvisor.Kerala Ayurveda Academy offers a 500 hour directstudy certification course (not simply distancelearning). It has agreed that any AIVS student thathas completed our “Ayurvedic Healing Course” canenroll in Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor course for adiscounted amount of $3,000.00 (this course isregularly $5,000.00). This is an online course withUniversity grade e-learning support. Students will beable to use their e-learning system to learn andreview the course through classroom videos of alltopics, class presentations, home study guides,online library and many more features. You can seethe tutorial and the overview of Kerala AyurvedaA c a d e m y s e - l e a r n i n g s y s t e m a t of the Kerala Ayurvedic PractitionerProgramKerala Ayurveda Academy also provides 6 sessionsof in-class hands-on intensives to augment the e-learning with the applied and practical part of thesame topics. If you wish to attend all 6 weekend long,in-class, hands-on, live intensives please add$1,000.00. If you wish to attend only specific hands-on, weekend, live intensives please add $200.00 foreach individual weekend you plan to attend andnotify the Academy Director of the specific dates andlocations.To join the Ayurveda Wellness Counselor of KAA orfor more information please contact Leslie Gallaher,Senior Manager (Admin) of Kerala AyurvedaAcademyatadmin@ayurvedaacademy.comorcall1-888-275-9103It is our hope that people who have worked with usand have studied with us will look into all that KeralaAyurveda Academy has to offer; their benefits, manyteachings and products, wonderful staff, brilliantteachers and great doctors who all work to make KAAawonderfullearningfacility.How to Sign Up and for More InformationJoin our Alliance with Kerala Ayurvedafor Advanced Training in AyurvedaKerala Ayurveda is a global company that is based in Ayurveda, their goal is to modernizeAyurveda while preserving its ancient authenticity much the same as our teachings. KeralaAyurveda Academy is one of the largest schools for Ayurveda in the West and operates anumber of Ayurvedic programs in various cities throughout the country. KAA has managed tokeep Ayurveda authentic and is spreading it worldwide. They offer advanced clinical and classroom trainings teaching Ayurveda at deeper levels. These trainings supplement the work wedoinaveryimportantway.Light of the Vedast VOLUME 8 | ISSUE 7 | AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF VEDIC STUDIES | PAGE 2
  4. 4. The Vedas can take us back to the consciousnessof Manu, the primal human being or root state ofhuman consciousness, in which a new Manu ornew humanity can arise – implying a new mindand consciousness. This is perhaps the greatestgift of the Vedas, to seed a new Veda for thefuture.Tobringthisinnerrevolutioninhumanityabout, we need a new group of Vedic Yogis, whohave mastered deep sadhanas on all levels, aswell as possessing a deep knowledge of Vedicmantras.Sri Aurobindo alluded to this potentialglobal change in his call for a Supramentalhumanity, a new type of human being reflectingdivine energies rather than the powers ofignoranceandkarmathatpresentlydominateus.Many yogic and spiritual traditions have lookedto create such higher human beings. Clearly ourcurrent species needs to undergo a radicaltransformation at a very deep level, so that wecan truly fulfill the ultimate human destiny ofdivinity. This is not a matter of one generation,butisamillennialconcern.The Rishis themselves are said to bemanifestations of Manu and each Rishi carriesspecial energies of human culture andspirituality. The Rishis are called world-makers,meaning that they can help create new speciesVedic mantras, applied as part of a deep Vedic sadhana, have the power to create anewworldageoryugaandanewhumanity.Theyholdthekeystocosmiccreation.Our higher evolutionary potential as a species can be unlocked through the rightunderstanding and application of Vedic mantras. However, for this purpose, amechanical repetition of the mantras is not enough. One must repeat the mantrasalong with the consciousness of the Rishis, which means that one needs to createaninnerlinktotheRishiconsciousnessandhigherawarenessinonesownheart.TheVEDICVISIONFrom Upcoming Book, The Vedic Yoga: The Path of the Rishis,by David Frawleyof a NEW HUMANITYLight of the Vedast VOLUME 8 | ISSUE 7 | AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF VEDIC STUDIES | PAGE 3
  5. 5. and new cultures. This the Rishi does through thepower of consciousness within, not through geneticmanipulation on the outside. The Rishi has the powertochangekarma,notsimplytoalterphysicalDNA.Avatars, like Rama and Krishna, are alsomanifestations of Manu, and connect to the Rishivision, helping to develop new human potentials. Weneed to open up to their flow of grace. Today we doneed a new avatar, not as a new hero figure or savior,but as a new creative consciousness to enlighten theplanet present within everyone. Such an avatar mindand avatar consciousness is required, not just a singlesagetoguideus.Manu is the earthly manifestation of thecosmic intelligence that comes through the Sun. Manubrings us the evolutionary power inherent in the Sun,which is responsible for the unfoldment of the solarsystem. The Sun is the source not only of light and life,but also of intelligence, consciousness, andspirituality. The Sun is the abode of the Vijnana,Buddhi, Dhi, Supermind, and cosmic mind, which areall connected in Vedic thought. The Kundalini is but aportion of the solar energy latent within our deeperconsciousness.The Vedic seers drew in this solartransformative force through Vedic chants andmantras, notably the Gayatri Mantra to the SupremeLight. The Gayatri Mantra is directed to the aspect ofthe Solar Deity called Savitri, which is the mostimportant manifestation of solar intelligence. Savitrigoverns all transformations, daily and seasonally,outerandinner,includingtheunfoldmentofallhigherevolutionarypotentialsthroughtheprocessofYoga.A new Manu and a new Rishi order can help uscreate a new humanity that can better reflect thecosmic intelligence and its enlightened dharma, andhelp us move beyond the vagaries and violence of theego-mind. Developing that vision of Manu andcreating such a new humanity is the need of the times,however one may look at the details. This newhumanity is a species that reflects and develops a newplanetary consciousness, based upon an inner Self-knowledge as linked with an outer cosmicknowledge.A new Rishi order implies not only a newManu, but also a new Brihaspati, who is the leaderand primal guide of the Rishis. A new humanconsciousness needs a new seer-order, a new Rishiconsciousness and Rishi community. We need a newBrihaspati or new founder of such a new Rishi orderfor a new Vedas. The works of Ganapati Muni andBrahmarshi Daivarata on Brihaspati can aid us inthisdirection.Such a new humanity would have aconnection to the old priestly families and monasticorders of the past, but consist of their renovationand transformation for a new era, no longer boundby local or regional boundaries and limitations. Itwould create new spiritual communities, such as SriAurobindo and Swami Yogananda foresaw. Thesenew spiritual communities would have a semi-monastic orientation, in that they would aim at theprimacy of the inner life, but also be creative andinnovative in the outer realms of art, science,healing, and culture building. They would be forcesnot simply for renouncing the world but for a newspiritual and intellectual renaissance for the planet.They would consist of families but like the ancientVedic Rishi lines, of a more spiritual than emotionalnature, with ties of the soul, not simply of the bodyorblood.Such new Vedic communities would aim atrestoring and enlivening the ancient Vedas, but alsobringingintoconsciousnessanewVedicvision,witha vision of future Vedas as well. These groups wouldnot rest upon emotional fervor or expectations of anexternal savior, but on the ability of seriousindividuals to dive deeply into their inmostconsciousness and reality, looking not only toelevate the human, but also to create a path beyondthehumantotheDivine.Light of the Vedast VOLUME 8 | ISSUE 7 | AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF VEDIC STUDIES | PAGE 4
  6. 6. SwamiKriyanandasPassingSwami Kriyananda (J. Donald Walters),who moved on to the higher lokas atthe end of April, was one of the mostimportant western teachers of yogicspirituality over the past fifty years. Hewas a profound thinker, philosopherand visionary with a concern for allhumanity, who understood the deepertraditions of India. He has left manynoteworthy books that should beexamined for years to come.Kriyananda, as a many sidedpersonality, was also a refinedmusician and dramatist who couldaccess the best creative aspects ofEuropeanculture.Besides his extensive work in the fieldsof the mind, Kriyananda was apowerful influence in the social world.Kriyananda was probably the mostimportant recent voice in creating newspiritual communities, and has traineda remarkable set of teachers. Very fewfrom his generation in the West havebeen able to approach even a smallportion of his many accomplishments.Kriyananda has left an importantlegacy that can help guide not only theWestern Yoga movement, but also thedawningglobalculture.Light of the Vedast VOLUME 8 | ISSUE 7 | AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF VEDIC STUDIES | PAGE 5
  7. 7. Bhagavan is an important term within SanatanaDharma and yoga; as frequently it is interpretedto literally mean “lord”. But there is more thatcan be derived from this common, yet illusiveterm. BhagavanisderivedfromtheSanskritrootBhaj, meaning to distribute, share, grant, andbestow indicating these qualities are presentwithinbhagavan.Bhagavan is commonly used as a reference toanyone that is considered highly evolved, as wellas being used for a variety of deities includingShiva, Vishnu and more recently to Krishna as anincarnation of Vishnu. Interestingly, many donot realize the powerful association of bhagavanwith Shiva, the lord of yoga, or Shivas Vedicform—Rudra; as the word bhagavan appearswithin such well known Vedic mantras as theRudram from the Taittiriya Samhita of the YajurVedas.TheRudramopenswiththemantra:OmNamoBhagavateRudrāya.SalutationstolordRudra(Shiva).BhagavanandtheSunGods.The sun gods are called Adityas, as they are thesons of Aditi. The number of sun gods varies, butwhen the number of sun gods is 12, it is often areference to the zodiac. Bhagavan and its rootBhaj are powerfully connected with one of theAdityas known as Bhaga. As one of the sun gods,Bhaga represents qualities such as joy,happiness, delight, bliss as well as knowledge.Bhaga is mentioned by name in the Rig Veda andis connected with Savitā, the deity of the wellknown Gayatri Mantra (Rig Veda 3.62.10);indicating an important connection withrealization and transformation as well as the joyorblissofspiritualawakening.BhagavanasMantraUsing bhagavan as a mantra is a powerful tool toaccelerate spiritual evolution. Bhagavan as amantra is believed to represent prosperity,strength, happiness and exclusion of negativity.But upon examination of the primal roots ofbhagavan one discovers important additionalinformation. Within the Puranas, Bhagavan isbroken into the primal roots--Bha, Ga, Va, Na. It issaid these primal roots provide protection, non-attachment, and knowledge. These primal rootscarry a variety of energies within their soundstructure. Bha is a reference to Bharata whichmeans protector; additionally it is a name ofVenus,andislinkedwiththe27thnakshatraoftheZodiac. Ga means creator or mover, in later timesit became a reference to Ganesha the remover ofobstacles. Va carries the energy of air and wind.Nameansunbroken,praised,undivided.Even without a deep understanding of mantra,one can see that bhagavan is connected withnumerous subtle energies and can be quitebeneficial in spiritual growth. It can have apowerful transforming effect on the mind, andcan aid as part of a holistic approach towardtransformation of the ego. As a mantra, bhagavanis a simple and easy tool for spiritual growth,though it should be learned from a skilled teacher,familiarwithSanskrit.BhagavanBy Yogi Baba Prem Yogacharya, Veda Visharada, www.vedicpath.comLight of the Vedast VOLUME 8 | ISSUE 7 | AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF VEDIC STUDIES | PAGE 6