Folks Media Ventures Corporate Dossier


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Corporate Dossier of Folks Media Ventures.

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Folks Media Ventures Corporate Dossier

  1. 1. z Folks Media Ventures is an media consulting enterprise with strong competence in the areas of new media business development. We partner with conventional media businesses and enable them to strengthen their future prospects by helping them to take their publications to greater heights.
  2. 2. About FOLKS MEDIA VENTURESFolks Media Ventures is an upcoming media development and services enterprise with keen competencein the areas of new media content as well as business development. We partner with media business(es) andwork towards strengthening their future prospects by helping them to take their publication(s) online. Besideswe also engages in strategic partnerships towards developing publications for several niche business segmentsat competitive propositions.At Folks Media Ventures we believe that trust is built on commitment. We are committed to ouremployees and our stakeholders. We also recognize our commitments to free markets and to the globalcommunity, especially the public who use our services for various purposes. These commitments form thefoundation of our business standards.
  3. 3. CEO’s ProfileBorn on April 26, 1982 – U. Mahesh An avid reader he is also a reviewerPrabhu– is a versatile person; he’s an and has reviewed books by prestigiousentrepreneur, journalist, historian as publications like that of Randomwell as political analyst. With a House, University of SouthernMasters in Business Administration California Press, Stanford Universityin Marketing he has spearheaded, Press, Free American Press as well asunder senior managerial capacities, Routledge department of severalmillion dollar enterprises before He has contributed in the past toopting out of the corporate world to revered publications like that of Timespursue his passion for writing and of India, Indian Express, The Pioneer,journalism. Front Page Magazine (USA), Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society (UK) andIn 2008, he was awarded the several others. As a respectedprestigious Fellowship of the Royal professional marketer as well asAsiatic Society of Great Britain and journalist he has delivered more thanIreland, London (UK) and 100 guest lectures at prestigiousMembership of International institutions of management andFederation of Journalists in 2009. media.
  4. 4. Stephen Suleyman Schwartz Born on September 9, 1948 Stephen Suleyman Schwartz is an American journalist, columnist and author whose pieces have been published across several publication(s) including the most notable – The Wall Street Journal.Richard Benkin A distinguished American - Jewish human rights activist, journalist, writer as well as lecturer Dr. Benkin is, also, known for his efforts in urging the Government of Bangladesh to recognize the state of Israel. He was awarded with Special US Congressional Recognition in 2005 and was even nominated for Lorenzo Natali Prize for Journalism in 2006. Benkin has published over 18 books through various distinguished academic publishers across USA.
  5. 5. Susheel K Ladwa Susheel has advised several senior executive leadership at Fortune 500 US Healthcare corporations on business strategy and creating game changer business models. Besides, he has also built and ran the North American healthcare business for Wipro (US$ 5 billion NYSE listed company). The practice was ranked 23rd amongst the top 100 Health IT companies in US by Healthcare Informatics. Susheel has also been a part of the HIMSS task force for Global Electronic Health Records. His co-authored publication “HIMSS EHR A global perspective” is regarded as the benchmark for status of global adoption of electronic health records.Dee Woo Dee Woo gained his international attention, for the first time, by writing a personal letter to US President Barack Obama in October 2010 asking him to refrain from initiating a trade war with China. Since then he has published numerous commentaries in many influential newspaper(s) and magazine(s) including Wall Street Journal, Forbes China, CIO&CEO, Lianhe Zaobao, Agora Financial China, Business Insider and The Huffington Post among scores of others.
  6. 6. Our ValuesIntegrity Initiative We behave ethically We lead the way We believe in power of truth We have the courage and creativity to shape the We live up to our commitments future We meet both the spirit and letter of law We have the discipline to manage risksStewardship We act with speed and decisiveness We care about people and also the world in Teamwork which we live in We work together to achieve superior results We operate with concern for our employees, We share ideas and talents to develop partners and readers organization and individuals We wish to be eco-friendly We support and rely on each other We believe in strengthening our communities We value clear and open communication through compassion AccountabilityInclusion We take responsibility for our actions We value dignity and diversity of each individual We live our values We value differences in people and perspectives We set clear goals, measure results, and seek to We build relationships based on trust improve on it We recognize every individual’s contribution We build and protect our reputation
  7. 7. Our CommitmentEqual Opportunity Harassment-Free We maintain a strong policy of We endeavor to ensure that the equal opportunity for all our workplace is free of bullying and employees and applicants for unlawful harassment, whether that employment, and are committed harassment is sexual in nature, or is to complying with all of our based on an employee’s sex, race, obligations under applicable laws. religion or any other characteristic protected by the applicable law. It is our policy to investigate promptly andNon-Discrimination thoroughly any employee complaint of We make all employment related discrimination or harassment, and to decisions (hiring, promotion, take remedial measures, if the compensation, etc.) without Company determines that there has unlawful regard to a person’s race, been a violation of Company’s policy color, religion, age, nationality, against such conduct. gender, sexual orientation, As Employees pregnancy, disability, military or veteran’s status, marital status or We understand that we witness or any other characteristic prohibited experience harassment or from consideration by the laws of discrimination, we have an affirmative the countries, states and cities in obligation to report such conduct to a which we do business. manager in the Human Resources or an Contd… attorney in the Legal Department.
  8. 8. Our Principles [contd.]Health and Safety Crisis Management We observe all applicable health, We work to prepare appropriate crisis safety, environmental and labor management plans, and participate in laws, and strive for a safe and any emergency drills and planning that healthy work environment. our business units may institute.Accommodations for On Site Security individuals with disabilities We follow the procedures established at We make reasonable each Company site for access and accommodations for qualified security. individuals with disabilities in Drug-Free Workplace accordance with the applicable We maintain a workplace free of laws. alcohol abuse and the use of illegalData Privacy drugs. We respect the privacy rights of our clients as well as employees in how the company handles personal or client data, consistent with the Electronic Communications Policy applicable to business unit.
  9. 9. PartnersNews Distribution Network is a leading edge Studio One Networks pioneered the disciplinedigital video and advertising solutions of Internet content syndication for megabrandscompany. Its unique syndication and and major media partners in 1998. Today,advertising model distributes professional StudioOne is the oldest, largest and mostmultimedia content from trusted brands to successful firm in the field. Through more thanhigh quality digital publishers. The platform 2,000 global media partners, StudioOneincreases reach and revenue for all partners, reaches more than 200 million consumers withwhile eliminating significant infrastructure and relevant, engaging content across a range ofoperating costs. NDN’s Digital Media Group converged media.bridges brands and publishers with turnkeyadvertising solutions, providing marketers with Studio One Networks delivers the best-scale efficiency as well as rich targeting options performing content on the Internet forfor reaching premium online audiences. consumers, partners, and marketers.NDN’s team brings decades of traditional and StudioOne creates custom, dynamic contentnew media experience to the business. Current programs underwritten by corporate sponsorsemployees hail from CBS, CNN, Conde Nast, that drive the traffic publishers want, boost theCox, Discovery, Turner Broadcasting, and elite brand retention marketers need, and deliverindividual properties such as, the information consumers, and
  10. 10. Get in touch! U. Mahesh Prabhu Editor-in-chief FOLKS MEDIA VENTURES, Email: Mobile: +91 944 931 0707 (INDIA) + 1 217 960 4856 (USA) Susheel K Ladwa Director of the Board FOLKS MEDIA VENTURES, Email: Mobile: + 952-484-6873 (USA)