Railway Projects In Andhra pradesh : What is pending and What is Proposed


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  • NIdubrolu- Nijampatnam line survey was already completed long back in 1990's. they give a very good report as its very good lane to build it up and its very need to build this line, its very near to connect the NH5 and also district capital Guntur............ so all the survey report was good,,..... why they again want a survey from Bapatla- Nijampatnam after that survey???
    Its misuse of money, time, resources. I think its mainly the project is came for political persons....
    Dirty politics.
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  • may i know is there any proposal of extension of MMTS till Shankerpalli Railway Station. If so what is the status and when can i expect. Thanking You Sir
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    Thanks for your valuable information. These statistics plays a major role in identification of the resource allocation to the SCR. Kindly help me with the download link to download this file. And i have a small doubt interns of getting the information from RTI about the budget allocated to SCR and Internal divisions and in comparision with other zones. Please help me to download this ppt
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Railway Projects In Andhra pradesh : What is pending and What is Proposed

  1. 1. GOVERNMENT OF ANDHRA PRADESH WELCOMES Shri. DINESH TRIVEDI Hon’ble Union Minister for Railways Shri. K.H. MUNIYAPPA Hon’ble Union Minister of State for Railways & All Members of Parliament 1
  3. 3. Multi Modal Transport System (MMTS) Hyderabad 3
  4. 4. Multi Model Transit System Ph-II- Hyderabad Needs expansion and strengthening to ease suburban traffic in Hyderabad. 6 routes identified for implementation. Cost sharing: 2/3rd – Govt of Andhra Pradesh. Abstract estimate at Rs. 641 Crores ( Yr. 2006) sent to Board. 4
  5. 5. MMTS Phase-II Routes  Moula-ali ‘C’ cabin-Sanathnagar (21.85)Km)  Moulali-Malkajgiri-Sitafalmandi ( 10 Km)  Secunderabad-Bolarum-Medchal (28 Km)  Falaknuma-Umdanagar-Shamshabad (20Km)  Moulali ‘C’ cabin – Ghatkesar (12.2Km)  Telapur – Patancheru (8.75 Km)  Doubling: 60 km; Third Line:12.2 Km;  New Line:15.6Km  No. of stations: 27 (Existing:18, New: 9)  Approval of proposal is required from Railway Board in order to commence the work in 2012-13Additional RouteMMTS which is running upto Lingampally should be extended uptoPatancheru and also upto Sangareddy and Jadcharla ofMahaboobnagar 5
  6. 6. Sanctioned Projects Sanctioned Projects as old as 92-93 are still in progress. Projects sanctioned in 1999 is yet to start Funds provided are grossly inadequate and provided funds are not utilized due to delay in sanction of estimates. 6
  7. 7. NEW LINES 7
  8. 8. Funds Required for 2012-13 Budget Name of work Remarks Crs 1 Peddapalli Nizamabad- 150 Last phase Morthad to (92-93) 178 Km Nizamabad 45 km balance 2 Nandyal – Yerraguntla 180 Last phase Banaganapalli to (96-97) 126 Km Nandyal 28 km balance 3 Jaggayyapet- 90 Mellacheruvu to Vishnupuram Mellacheruvu(06-07) 45 Km link will be established 4 Devarakadra - Krishna 50 To speed up the progress 5 Kadapa-Bangalore(08-09) 50 Kadapa- Pendlamarri can be 225 Km completed. Balance Pendlamarri to Bangarpet estimate to be sanctioned early Machela-Nalgonda(97-98) 82 30 To speed up the progress 6 Km Total 550As against the alloted budget of Rs. 365 crores in 2011-12, Railway requiresRs. 550 crores for the year 2012-13 8
  9. 9. ESTIMATES TO BE SANCTIONEDNEW LINES Rs. In Cr. Year of KM Anticipa Remarks Name of work sanction ted Cost1 NADIKUDI – 2011-12 308 1313 Final location survey in SRIKALAHASTI progress. Target Jan132 KOTIPALLI – 2000-01 57 1047 Three Mega Bridges. Revised NARSAPUR cost comes to Rs 20 crs per km. Estimate pending with Board.3 MAHOHARABAD – 2006-07 151 784 State Govt. agreed to bear KOTTAPALLI 50% cost and land. Railways can sanction this estimate without insisting for annuity. Contd.. 9
  10. 10. ESTIMATES TO BE SANCTIONEDNEW LINES Name of work Year of KM Anticip Remarks In Cr. Rs. sanc. ated Cost 4 KAKINADA – 1999-00 21 125 Estimate to be PITHAPURAM sanctioned. 5 BHADRACHALAM ROAD 2010-11 56 337 As Rate of Return (RoR) – SATTUPALLI is very (25%), Railways can sanction this work without insisting for deposit from SSCL 6 GUDUR – 2011-12 45 283 Final location survey in DURGARAJIPPATNAM progress. Target Jun12 Total 3889Expeditious sanction of Estimates is required to commencethe above works. Necessary budget to be allotted by theRailway Board 10
  12. 12. Estimate to be sanctioned Name of work KMs Budget Justification (Crs) Guntur – Tenali – 25 30 Executing by RVNL. Final 1 Repalle Location survey in progress. Target Mar12 Vijayawada – 221 100 Executing by RVNL. Final Gudiwada – Location survey in Bhimavaram – progress. Target Mar12 2 Narsapur – Machillipatnam Total 130Estimate amounts to be sanctioned by Rail Vikas NigamLimited 12
  13. 13. Establishing Wagon Factory at Kazipet We thank the Hon’ble Union Railway Minister for sanctioning the Wagon Factory Land jointly identified by State and Railways is Endowment Land. The process for sanction of Wagon Factory under PPP will be initiated by Railway Board. Land is being given by the State Government shortly and we request work to be commenced quickly. 13
  14. 14. New Proposals for Workshop and Loco Shed Proposal for Workshop and Loco Shed at Vizianagaram Establishment of traction Loco shed at Guntakal Establishment of railway allied industry in between Guntakal – Ananthapur or in and around Improvement to the Gooty Diesel shed Setting up of POH Diesel/Electrical Loco Shed at Vijayawada. 14
  15. 15. SURVEYS INPROGRESS - 12 15
  16. 16. SURVEYS IN PROGRESS Year of Project Km survey1 10-11 Pagidipalli- Sankarapalli (NL) Target:Jun12 1102 10-11 Bapatla-Nizampatnam – Repalle (NL) 50 Target: Mar 123 10-11 Gadchendur- Adilabad (NL) Target:Mar12 594 10-11 Bodhan-Bidar (NL) Target:May12 1005 10-11 Giddalur-Bhakrapet (NL) Target:Jun12 1106 10-11 Guntur -Guntakal (DL) Target:Jun12 3657 11-12 Macherla-Nadikudi (NL) Target:Jul12 238 11-12 Gooty-Dharmavaram (DL) Target:Jul12 919 11-12 Karimnagar-Hasanparti (NL) Target:May12 6210 11-12 Nandyal-Atmakur (NL) Target:Jul12 6211 11-12 Hyderabad-Srisailam (NL) Target:Sep12 17112 11-12 Tenali-Repalle (NL) Target:Mar13 37These may be expedited. 16
  18. 18. SENT TO BOARD - 3NOS Length in Year of COST Project km ROR% REMARKS survey In Cr1 2010-11 Secunderabad – 63 456 8.07 Sent to Board in Zaheerabad 2011-12.2 2010-11 Pandurangapuram 13 79 18.43 Sent to Board on - Bhadrachalam 15.2.11 Town Updated on 2010-11 Kachiguda – 87 1067 1.03 Sent to Board in Chityal 2011-12 Decision AwaitedHon’ble Union Minister for Railways toinstruct the Board for early sanction. 18
  19. 19. SURVEYS IN PROGRESS Year Length Project in km survey 1 2010-11BhadrachalamRoad- Visakapatnam (NL) 316 Target:Jun12 2 2010-11Krishna – Vikarabad (NL) Target:Feb12 148 3 2010-11Patancheru – Adilabad (NL) Target:Jul12 316 4 2010-11Mantralayam Road – Kurnool Town (NL) 110 Target:Mar12 5 2010-11Jaggayyapeta Town – Miryalaguda (NL) 65 Target:Mar12Hon’ble Minister for Railways to instructthe Board for early sanction. 19
  20. 20. COST SHARING PROJECTS BY STATE GOVT Project % Kms Cost Remarks sharing In Crs1 Kadapa - Bangarpet NewLine 50 257 1800 Phase I Kadapa-Pendlamarri- Land under acquisition. Tenders under finalisation.2 Nadikudi – Srikalahasti NewLine 50 309 1313 Final location survey in progress. Target DEC’123 Manoharabad – Kothapalli 33 151 791 State Govt to confirm condition NewLine stipulated by Railway Board for cost sharing and Annuity. Three Mega Bridges. Revised cost Kotipalli – Narsapur NewLine 25 57 695 comes to Rs 20 crs per km. Estimate with Board.45 Executing by RVNL. Final Location Guntur - Tenali – Repalle Doubling 50 25 130 survey in progress. Target Mar126 Vijayawada-Gudiwada-BVRM- Executing by RVNL. Final Location 50 221 1010 Narsapur-MTM Doubling survey in progress. Target Mar12 20
  21. 21. SURVEYS SUBMITTED TO RAILWAY BOARD Year Km Cost in ROR % Remarks survey Project Cr1 2008-09 Dornakal – Manuguru 104 450 24.53 Sent to Board on DL,PETS 27.8.102 2006-07 Tadikalapudi – 19 119 17.94 Sent to Board on Koyagudem RETS 2004-05 Secunderabad – 297 534 14.00 Sent to Board on Dronachellam DL,PETS Jan 05.4 1974-75 Mancherial – Chinnur, 36 8 11.29 Sent to Board on PETS May77.5 2009-10 Bibinagar& Nallapadu 252 821 10.02 Sent to Board on DL,PETS 12.7.106 1976-77 Karimnagar – Kazipet, 155 23 8.50 Sent to Board on PETS Feb 85.7 95-96 Sarpavaram – 11 20 6.00 Sent to Board on Chandrampalem, PETS Aug 96.8 2007-08 Markapur Road-Srisailam, 65 452 (-)9.25 Sent to Board on PETS 29.9.10. 21
  22. 22. SURVEYS SUBMITTED TO RAILWAY BOARD Year of Km Cost ROR REMARKS survey Project in Cr %9 2008-09 Armur-Adilabad (Updt) 136 700 (-) 10.8 Sent to Board on 16.8.1010 2005-06 Donakonda – Bitragunta 197 818 1.24 Sent to Board on RETS May.0711 2009-10 Piduguralla – 32 Sent to Board on Narsaraopet, RETS 237 (-)0.44 2005-06 Manuguru - 199 3.01& 7.34 Sent to Board on Ramagundam incl 1112 (50%) May-08. TrD(RETS)13 2005-06 Jadcherla – Nandyal RETS 182 565 (-)10.4 Sent to Board on Sept 07.14 2004-05 Ongole – Donakonda, 87 293 -0.36 Sent to Board on RETS OCT97.15 2004-05 Machilipatnam - Repalle, 45 276 1.52 Sent to Board on RETS Jan 05. 22
  23. 23. SURVEYS SUBMITTED TO RAILWAY BOARD Year Km Cost ROR Remarks survey Project Cr %16 2002-03 Donakonda – Vadarevu 113 228 (-) 6.95 Sent to Board on Aug 03.17 2007-08 Macherla – Gadwal 184 919 (-)4. Sent to Board on (Tirumalgiri-Arepalli), UPDT 5.8.10 Updated on 00-01 Patancheru – Jogipet 44 108 (-) 3.61 Sent to Board on Dec2000.19 99-00 Hyderabad – Raichur 189 456 (-) 35.03Sent to Board on Mar2000.20 98-99 Kurnool –Kamalapurm 81 153 (-) 13.37Sent to Board on (Kurnool – Nandyal) Mar 99.21 98-99 Yerraguntla – Dhamavaram 105 224 (-) 1.00 Sent to Board on Feb 09.22 98-99 Chitoor –Bangarapet 140 356 (-) 0.43 Sent to Board on Nov 98.23 97-98 Kapada -Nellore 181 355 (-) 0.46 Sent to Board on July 98. 23
  24. 24. SURVEYS SUBMITTED TO RAILWAY BOARDSl. Year of Km Cost in ROR RemarksNo survey Project Cr %24 97-98 Patancheru – Akkanapet, 102 183 (-) 0.34Sent to Board on PETS Jan 98.25 1982-83Nidubrolu – Nizampatnam, 21 12 0.82 Sent to Board on PETS Jun 85.26 1980-81Patancheru – Peddapalli 300 96 3.07 Sent to Board on & ,PETS Mar 81.27 1972-73Gooty - Krishna - Adilabad 592 113 0.54 Sent to Board on – Wardah,Tfc Dec74. 24
  25. 25. Important projects in Andhra Pradesh to be sanctioned 25
  26. 26. Important projects in Andhra Pradesh to be sanctioned  Multi Model Transit System Ph-II- Hyderabad  New line from Nadikudi to Srikalahasti with an anticipated cost of Rs. 1313 crores  New line from Latur to Kovur  New line from Rajam to Vizianagaram 26
  27. 27. Important projects in Andhra Pradesh to be sanctioned  Increase in supply of rakes for procurement of rice  More passenger services  Passenger amenities to be improved  More stoppages 27
  28. 28. Wadi – Latur - Howrah Bombay to Latur Road railway line is existing. If New line projects are sanctioned as mentioned below, it will be a shortest route from West Coast to East coast, also connects under developed areas.  Latur Road- Bodhan, Survey is completed - To be sanctioned  Ramagundam- Manuguru, survey done, GoAP agreed for 50%, but RoR is only 7%, we request that this be included in works under Extremist affected Districts and start the work immediately.  Bhadrachalam- Kovvur, Survey done, GoAP agreed for 50%, RoR is 28% - May be approved since it is a viable project 28
  30. 30. NEW TRAINS PROPOSED Secunderabad to Tirupathi Express via Kurnool – Dhone – Guntakal – Dharmavaram – Kalikiri - Madanapally Nizamabad to Tirupathi overnight Express A new intercity Express between Visakhapatnam to Secunderabad via Vijayawada – Khammam- Kazipet; duly delinking the present Janmabhoomi Exp.runnig in a circutous route as Janmabhoomi Exp. between Visakapatnam- Tenali and as Nagarjuna Exp.between Tenali- Sec’bad as was run earlier. Kacheguda-Bangalore Garibrath Exp. Contd.. 30
  31. 31.  SirpurKagaznagar-Tirupati Exp. Visakhapatnam-Shirdi Exp Secunderabad – Porbandar Exp. Kakinada-Mumbai Exp. Via Secunderabad Kacheguda-Earnakulam Exp. Secunderabad- Manchiryal Intercity Exp. Hyderabad – Nagpur Exp. Vijayawada-Trivandrum Exp Nellore- Secunderabad intercity Exp. Kurnool- Vikarabad Exp. Vizianagaram- Chennai Exp. Contd.. 31
  32. 32.  Guntur – Mysore via, Guntakal, Bangalore Kacheguda- Vasco Express Hyderabad-Korba Exp. Secunderabad- Jaipur Exp. Yarraguntla – Banaganapalle Passenger Duronto Exp. Between Secunderabad- Howrah Hyderabad-Jammutawi Exp. via New Delhi Kacheguda- Tirunelveli Exp.We request the Hon’ble Union Minister for Railways to consider theabove.
  33. 33. EXTENSION OF TRAINS Extension T.No.17603/ 17604 Kachiguda - Yesvantpur express to Mysore Extension T.No.17063/17064 Secunderabad - Manmad Express to CST Mumbai Extension T.No.12720/12719 Hyderabad - Ajmer bi- weekly Express to Jaipur Extension T.No.12720/12719 Hyderabad - Mumbai CST- Latur Express to H.S.Nanded. Extension T.No.57502/57503 Bodhan - Nizamabad passenger to Kamereddy Extension T.No.56011/56012 Arakkonam- Nandalur Passenger to Cuddapah 33
  34. 34. ADDITIONAL STOPPAGES REQUIREDSl. Train No. & Description StoppageNo required at1 Train No.12735/12736 Garib Rath & Adoni Train No.17307/17308 BGT-YPR-BGT2 Train No.15906/15905 Dibrugarh- Cape Renigunta3 Train No.12731/12732 TPTY-Sc Exp Kadiri & Guntakal4 Train No.11019/11020 VSKP-NZM Exp Annavaram5 Train No 17035/17036 SC-SKZR Exp Ghatkesar, Uppal, Konanur, Asifabad Road, Potkapalli & Ravindrakhanni6 Train No 17064/17063 SC-MMR Exp Urmi7 Train No.11045/11046 CSMT-DHB Exp Jalna8 Train No. 11045/11046 CSMT-DHB Exp Kinwat, Himayatnagar 34
  35. 35. Representations from Hon’ble MPs and UnionMinisters of State of Andhra Pradesh 35
  36. 36. Sri Ananta Venkata Rami Reddy, MP  RoB at Anantapur to be taken up in this year’s budget.  Guntakal – Tirupati Express Train was announced but not started.  Guntakal Loco Shed already sanctioned, but sufficient budget is not being allotted. 36
  37. 37. Dr.Botcha Jhansi Lakshmi, MP (LS) Proposed New Trains: (1) Vizianagaram to Chennai (2) Extension of Garib Rath Express to Vizianagaram, Land Acquisition in Kothavalasa to Visakhapatnam – Total land acquired 19 Acs. Actual handed over land is 6.6 Acs. Cheepurupalli line over bridge. 37
  38. 38. Sri Magunta Sreenivasulu Reddy, MP  Ongole – Donakonda Railway Line - This may be taken up with 50% cost sharing, if necessary in PPP mode. May be taken up during this budget.  Cumbum – Proddatur and Giddalur - Project to be taken up on cost sharing basis at the earliest.  Guntur – Dhone - Doubling Works to be done immediately. 38
  39. 39. Sri Mohd. Ali Khan, MP (RS)  MMTS Phase – II : To be sanctioned.  Trains to Ajmeer : To be sanctioned 39
  40. 40. Sri Manda Jagannadham, MP  Secunderabad – Mahabubnagar Doubling Works to be taken up immediately.  Secunderabad to Srisailam via Kollapur be taken up immediately.  MMTS to be extended upto Jedcharla of Mahabubnagar. 40
  41. 41. Ms. M.Vijayashanti, MP (LS)  New BG Survey Line from Akkannapet – Medak to be taken up  Construction of New BG Line from Hyderabad – Gajwel - Siddipet – Siricilla – Jagityal to be taken up.  Patancheru-Adilabad New Survey Line to be taken up.  Extension of Passenger Services between Shankerpally - Ordnance Factory at Yeddumailaram (MOD). 41
  42. 42. Sri T.Subbarami Reddy, MP (RS)  Duronto Express from Visakhapatnam.  Electrification of Bibi Nagar – Nallapadu and Nallapadu – Dronachalam.  More connectivity to Visakhapatnam to Sai Nagar City (Shiridi).  Visakhapatnam to Trivendrum connectivity. 42
  43. 43. Sri Anjan Kumar Yadav, MP Lack of minimum facilities at Secunderabad, Nampally and Kachiguda Railway Stations. Connectivity to Samshabad Airport. Provision of Escalators in the Railway Stations of Secunderabad, Nampally and Kachiguda. 43
  44. 44. Sri Komati Reddy Rajagopal Reddy, MP  Lack of civic amenities in the Railway Stations of Bhongir / Alair and Janagaon.  RoBs at two places between Bibi Nagar and Yadagirigutta to be taken up / permitted by the GM, SCR. 44
  45. 45. Sri Gutha Sukender Reddy, MP  Bibi Nagar and Nadikudi electrification to be completed immediately, since it is the first project taken up after the Independence.  Mellacheruvu – Jaggaiahpet, Mattampalli – Janpahad to be completed early.  Kachiguda to Chittyal be extended upto Vijayawada and Survey proposals may be furnished accordingly.  Nalgonda – Macherla – So far no funds are spent on this.  Wagon coach factory at Kazipet to be established immediately, for which State Govt. should hand over the land by Coordinating with Endowments Dept. 45
  46. 46. Sri Kanumuri Bapi Raju, MP The issue of provision of Railway Wagons to FCI for procurement of Paddy be increased. RUB at Shivalayam Street to be taken up. Un-manned railway gates to be provided with guards as announced by the then Railway Minister. Railway gates on Railway crossing should not be closed permanently by the railway Authorities unilaterally. They should consult District Ministers / District Collector, before closing down. 46
  47. 47. Sri Nandi Yellaiah, MP (RS)  Manoharabad to Kothapalli via Siddipet, was announced long back but no budget has been spent on this.  MMTS - Lingampally – Patancheru may be extended to Sangareddy.  The District Headquarters of Medak is not connected with Railway network and it is a long pending demand of the people (Medak to Sangareddy – 70 Kms.) 47
  48. 48. Sri Rayapati Sambasiva Rao, MP  Guntur RoB at Arandalpet to be expanded six feet at both the sides.  Repalle – Tenali Electrification – Survey should be done immediately. 48
  49. 49. Sri Kavuri Sambasiva Rao, MP  40 RoB proposals can be completed in 2 years by releasing 50% of State share.  Bhadrachalam – Kovvur Railway line be taken up immediately, since it connects most of tribal and underdeveloped parts.  100 Escalators to be provided across the State. 49
  50. 50. Dr. D. Purandeswari,Hon’ble Union Minister of State for HRD  Waltair Division should be made as a separate zone and if it is not possible as a last option should merge in South Central Railway.  Amending the present policy - Railway lands for slum Dwellers in Visakhapatnam to provide alternative land to railways.  To develop Tourism in that area by providing exclusive trains to Araku Valley.  Originating trains from Visakhapatnam to Chennai, Bangalore and Tirupati to be introduced. 50
  51. 51. Sri Lagadapati Rajagopal, MP  Vijayawada station should be upgraded to world Class Railway Station.  Kachiguda – Chittyal to be extended to Vijayawada.  Kondapalli – Kothagudem is very important and RoR is also good, hence to be taken up.  Permission to the local bodies to take up the civic works. Requested the Railway Authorities to permit without any hurdle. 51
  52. 52. Sri Sarve Satyanarayana, MP  MMTS Phase – II to be sanctioned immediately.  RoBs at Malkajgiri, Safilguda and other places to be taken up.  Though Malkajgiri is declared as ‘Adarsh Station’, no works on platform and civic amenities have been taken up.  Vikarabad Hitech Railway station works to be taken up. 52
  53. 53. Sri Suresh Shetkar, MP  Bodhan – Bidar railway Line : Survey is completed, but work is not taken up.  Patancheruvu – Sangareddy announced, but no survey has been taken up.  Demu – Hyderabad – Vikarabad – Zaheerabad – Bidar – is announced not taken up so far.  Bombay to Lathur via Zaheerabad and short distances to Hyderabad to be taken up.  Progress of works at Zaheerabad ‘Adarsh Station’ are not satisfactory. 53
  54. 54. Sri Harsha Kumar, MP  Kotipally – Amalapuram and Kotipally – Narsapur be taken up immediately.  At Dwarakapudi Adarsh Station, no trains are stopping. 54
  55. 55. Sri Madhu Yashki, MP  Adarsh Railway Station at Nizamabad to be improved.  At Bodhan Gandhi Park Railway Station, though Rs.15 lakhs have been provided from MP Lads, the platform is at a low level and causing inconvenience.  Narrow crossing is causing accidents, hence, expansion of gate to be taken up immediately and RoB at a later stage. 55
  56. 56. Sri Ponnam Prabhakar, MP  Survey work of two newly sanctioned lines in 2011-12 Railway Budget i.e. Karimnagar to Secunderabad via Siddipeta and Karimnagar to Hasanparthy is pending.  ROB at Iammikunta is pending  Introduction of bi-weekly train from Karimnagar to Tirupathi  Establishment of Rake siding at Jammikunta Railway station 56
  57. 57. Sri. Porika Balram Naik, MP  New Line from Singareni Colleries to Gandhipuram to be laid  To construct a new modern style building on the newly constructed platform and providing general waiting hall and improve the circulating area with Arch Gate and to develop greenery at Dornakal Railway station categorised as B-Class  Restoration of passenger train facility from Singareni to Yellandu  Fixing of an online booking counter at Mulugu, Warangal District Stoppage of Trains Train NO. 2705/06 at Kesamudram Train No. 1405/1406 at Kesamudram Train No. 12763/64 at Nekkonda Train No. 18645/46 at Dornakal Train No. 12727/28, 12511/12, 12615/16, 12752 at Mahabubabad
  58. 58. Sri. M.M. Pallam Raju,Hon’ble Union Minister of State for Defence  Commencement of work on Kakinada – Pithapuram BG Line as the GoAP has committed to provide land free of cost.  New Train from Hyderabad – Kakinada (in addition to Gautami Express)  New Train from Kakinada to Mumbai and Kakinada to Varanasi  Conversion of Bi-Weekly Shiridi Express (Train No. 17206) as daily train  Provision of 4th Platform at Kakinada Town Railway Station  Stoppage of Nagavali Express, Lokmanya Tilak Express and Bhuvaneswar-Chennai at Samalkot Railway Station  Stoppage of Garib Rath Express at Tuni Railway Station  Augumentation of additional bogies for Sheshadiri Express (3AC – 2, SL Class-3 bhogies) and Circar Express
  59. 59. Sri. A. Sai Pratap, MP  In addition to Venkatadri Express one more train from Kachiguda to Tirupati via Guntakal to be sanctioned  Conversion of Padmavati express into daily train  Stoppage of Amaravathi Express at Molakalacheruvu, CTM Madanapalli and Vayalpad  Stoppage of Sampark Kranthi Express at Rajampet  Extension of Arkonam passenger train upto Kadapa  For Kadapa – Bangalore ongoing new project, atleast Rs. 100 crores from Railways to be released as that State contribution will also be released (50:50 cost sharing)  At Nandaluru Station of Guntakal Division nearly 200 acres of railway land along with 150 houses plus locomotive shed with infrastructure is available. Request to utilize this infrastructure and provide suitable industry connected to railways.
  61. 61.  Road Over / Under Bridges (ROBs/RUBs) are being taken up under cost sharing basis with State Governments on 50:50 basis where Train Vehicular Units (TVUs) is more than 1.00 Lakh. As of now 120 Nos costing Rs 2707.40 cr of ROBs/RUBs are approved by Railway Board which are at various stages of construction. 61
  62. 62.  Further, ROBs/RUBs are taken up at LC’s which are having less than 1.00 Lakh TVU’s with entire cost borne by State Govt. 12 such ROBs/RUBs costing Rs 201.95 cr. are at various stages of construction 62
  63. 63. S Stage Cost sharing State Govt. Totall. 50:50 fundsn Nos Cost No Cost Nos Costo s1 Works completed 48 628.8 3 34.92 51 663.75 32 Works in progress 36 898.0 3 21.43 39 919.483 Works at tender 8 5 235.2 2 45.00 10 280.20 stage 04 Works at estimate 9 325 4 100.5 13 425.50 stage 05 Investigation 19 645.3 0 0.00 19 645.32 stage 2 120 2707. 12 201.9 132 2909.3 4 5 5 The stage –I approvals for 19 works are under process 63
  64. 64. Railway zone Eligible Lcs Proposals Proposals submitted by sent to state Govt. to railway Railway zones Board by Railway zonesSouth Central 41 10 6RailwaysEast Coast Railways 4 2 1South west Railways - 3 0 Total 45 15 7 64
  65. 65. Proposals submitted by state Govt. to Railways to include in RWP:2012-13Sl No L.C. No. Location District Remarks SOUTH CENTRAL RAILWAYS Processed by SCR and sent to1 57 Ravindrakhani Adilabad Rly. Board to sanction in RWP:2012-13. Proposals furnished to SCR2 30 Adilabad town limits Adilabad vide Govt. Letter dt.07.06.2011. Processed by SCR and sent to3 80 Sirpur town limits Adilabad Rly. Board to sanction in RWP:2012-13. Ramnagar gate in Proposals furnished to SCR for4 127 Ananthapur Ananthapur town limits inclusion in RWP:2012-13. Processed by SCR and sent to5 124 NH Ananthapur Rly. Board to sanction in RWP:2012-13. Processed by SCR and sent to6 102 NH Chittoor Rly. Board to sanction in RWP:2012-13. Proposals furnished to SCR for7 134 Kamalapuram Kadapa inclusion in RWP:2012-13. 65
  66. 66. Proposals submitted by state Govt. to Railways to include in RWP:2012-13Sl No L.C. No. Location District Remarks SOUTH CENTRAL RAILWAYS Processed by SCR and sent to8 33 Wangapalli Nalgonda Rly. Board to sanction in RWP:2012-13. Processed by SCR and sent to9 44 Raghunathapally Warangal Rly. Board to sanction in RWP:2012-13.. Processed by SCR and sent to10 193 Madhavanagar Nizamabad Rly. Board to sanction in RWP:2012-13. EAST COAST RAILWAYS VSKP- Proposals furnished to SCR for1 SP-5 Waltair Marshal yard Bhuneswar inclusion in RWP:2012-13. Processed by SCR and sent to Rayapur-2 RV-324 Manapuram(NH) Rly. Board to sanction in VSKP RWP:2012-13. Proposals furnished to SCR for SOUTH WESTERN RAILWAYS inclusion in RWP:2012-13. 66
  67. 67. Proposals submitted by state Govt. to Railways to include in RWP:2012-13Sl No L.C. No. Location District Remarks SOUTH WESTERN RAILWAYS Proposals furnished to SCR for1 71 Chakarala palli Anantapur inclusion in RWP:2012-13. Proposals furnished to SCR for2 83 Penukonda town limits Anantapur inclusion in RWP:2012-13. Penukonda Proposals furnished to SCR for3 85 Anantapur (Peddacheruvu gate) inclusion in RWP:2012-13.Total Proposals sent to Railways = 15 NosProcessed by the Railways•South Central Railways = 6 Nos•East Coast Railways = 1 Nos•Total Processed by Railways = 7 Nos. 67
  68. 68.  South Central Railways communicated a list of 40 nos of eligible LCs for processing the proposals for inclusion in RWP 2013-14. New Railway guidelines communicated by Railway board vide Lr. dated 7-10-2011 has to be followed for processing proposals for RWP 2013-14.
  69. 69.  According to new guidelines, alignment, GAD has to be processed by R&B and railways . Further the site has to be made encumbrance free by acquiring land, shifting of utilities etc., and detailed estimate has to be sent along with proposal for inclusion in RWP. 69
  70. 70.  The Honorable Minister for Railways may kindly consider to sanction all 15 proposals under Railway works programme 2012-13. The Hon’ble Minister for Railways may kindly re-consider the Railway guidelines issued vide Railway Board letter dt.07.10.2011, in processing the proposals to be included in Railway Works Programme 2013-14 onwards. 1. So as to avoid delay 2. It may be difficult to safe guard the land so acquired from encroachments in case the proposal is not approved in Railway Works Programme. 70
  71. 71. THANK YOU