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Js(sa) ppt hyderabad

  1. 1. National e-Governance Plan: An OverviewPresented by: Shankar Aggarwal, Joint Secretary, DIT
  2. 2. Challenges• 1.2 billion people• 600,000+ villages, 70% population rural• Multi-ethnic, Multi-religious society• Multi-lingual: 22 Official languages• Multi-party, Multi-tiered democracy• 35 States & UTs; 240,000 + Local Bodies
  3. 3. Highlights•Accelerating GDP growth @ ~ 8.5 - 9%•Rapidly growing IT/Services sector•Explosive telecom growth: Over 650 million telecom subscribers 60 million internet users; 9.45 million broadband subscribers•Rapidly growing IT/Services sector: IT and ITeS Exports: US $49.7 billion for FY 09-10 Sharp Economic and Social Divide
  4. 4. National e-Governance Plan: Vision “ Make all Government services accessible to the common man in his locality, through common service delivery outlets and ensure efficiency, transparency & reliabilityof such services at affordable costs to realize the basic needs of the common man”
  5. 5. Strategy to Realize Vision• Focus on Services & Service Levels Business Process Re-engineering & Change Management Creation of Service Delivery Platform• Centralized Initiative & Decentralized Implementation• Capacity Building
  6. 6. Strategy to Realize Vision• Ownership and Central Role of Line Ministries/State Governments• Emphasis on Public Private Partnerships (PPP)• Awareness & Communication: Use of Mass Media & Rural Outreach Programmes• Institutional mechanism for collaborative process of Standards Formulation and encouragement to Open Standards
  7. 7. Implementation Framework PM’s Committee on NeGP National e-Governance Apex Committee Advisory Board ( Headed by Cab Secy) ( Headed by Minister) DIT Line Ministries NISG NeGD NIC8 State/ Provincial Governments
  8. 8. Core Infrastructure• Common Service Centres (CSCs) 100,000+ CSCs for 600,000+ villages• State Wide Area Networks (SWANs) 2Mbps secured intra-network up to Block level• State Data Centers (SDCs) For hosting State-level e-Governance Applications and Data 9
  9. 9. NeGP Service Delivery Strategy Call Centre UID Payment Gateway State Data Centre . CSC . State Portal CSC Internet CSC SSDG Standards based Message Routing Unique Application ID & Authentication Guaranteed Delivery & Transaction Log e-Forms Time-stamping & Status Tracking … SWAN Registration Revenue SHQ Transport Municipalities Collector’s Office Govt. Departments at various levels Tehsil / Taluks
  10. 10. People Infrastructure• Capacity Building Scheme To create capacities in States for project management & implementation – By tapping government & private sector talent To train & sensitise employees To undertake change management – To orient project implementation towards service delivery
  11. 11. e-Delivery of Services• 27 Mission Mode Projects (MMPs)• Implemented in Public Private Partnership Framework• MMPs based on the following principle: Ownership – Services, Service levels & implementation• Independent assessment of outcomes
  12. 12. Standards• Ensuring sharing of information and seamless interoperability• Institutional mechanism for collaborative process of Standards Formulation• Encouragement to Open Standards: Policy on Open Standards• Standards Published: http://egovstandards.gov.in – Metadata & Data Standards – Localisation and Language Technology Standards – Information Security – Quality & Documentation – Digital Signatures• Standards under progress – Technology Standards on Interoperability – Biometrics – E-Forms – XML Signature
  13. 13. Awareness & Communication• Building NeGP as an Umbrella Brand under the A & C programme• Creating awareness amongst citizens about NeGP and its objectives• Motivating Stakeholders• Creation of demand driven atmosphere which will ensure qualitative service delivery
  14. 14. Way Forward• Agricultural Practices & Productivity• Employment Generation Schemes• Skill Upgradation• Financial Inclusion• Quality Education• Telemedicine & Health• Use of Renewable Energy & Energy Efficient Devices• Sharing of Knowledge & Best Practices
  15. 15. That’s a good sign,sky is really the limit…
  16. 16. Thank YouShankar Aggarwalsagg-js@mit.gov.in
  17. 17. Mission Mode Projects: StatusMMP Category No. of No. of MMPs No. of Services No. of Services Target Date MMPs Approved (Targeted) (Available) GO LIVECentral 9 10** 200 158 GONE LIVE: 14 By 2010: 3State 11 8 299 48 By 2011: 2Integrated 7 6 88 62 By 2012: 6 By 2013: 2Total for all 27 24* 587 268 By 2014: 1MMPs Total: 28 **State 542 349InitiativesMMPs + State 1,129 617Initiatives*e-Procurement- Scheme under formulation e-PRI, Agriculture & Employment Exch. : Under consideration for approval** Passport & Visa (Immigration) treated as separate MMPs
  18. 18. Mission Mode Projects (MMPs) Central (9) Integrated (7) State (11) Banking India Portal Land Records – 1 Insurance NSDG Transport Income Tax CSC Land Records - NLRMP Central Excise e-Courts Treasuries MCA 21 EDI Municipalities Pensions e-Biz Police - CCTNS Passport * e-Procurement e-District Immigration and Visa* Commercial Taxes National ID / UID Agriculture e-Office Gram Panchayats Employment Exchange*Initially taken jointly Gone Live Under Implementation Design & Development Industry
  19. 19. Common Services Centers 1,00,000+ CSCs across 6,00,000+ villages Enable G2C & B2C services Scheme approved in Sept’06 Implementation on a PPP model
  20. 20. CSC Status (October, 2010) • CSC rolled out - 85,270 Jammu J&K Kashmir Chandigarh -Over 100 different Himachal Pradesh HP Arunachal Pradesh services being delivered Delhi Punjab Punjab Uttarakhand Uttaranchal Haryana Sikkim Haryana Rajasthan Uttar Pradesh ASM NGL UP Bihar MGH MNP BiH TRIPURA JHD MZR Gujarat Gujarat WB West Bengal MP Chattisgarh CHH Daman and Diu Orissa Maharashtra Orissa ≥ 70% (21) Maharashtra Dadra & Nagar Haveli Andhra 50% - 70% (2) Pradesh Goa AP Andaman & Nicobar Karnataka Islands 20% - 50% (6) Karnataka ≤ 20% (1) Puducherry Kerala Tamil Nadu RFP issued/ Kerala TN to be issued (2) Lakshadweep Under Discussion (3)*Jharkhand, Haryana reported 100% CSC rollout, however due to termination of SCA in Haryana, 561 out of 1159 CSCs are non operational.Similarly, in UP, TN, Uttarakhand, Maharashtra, AP,due to cancellation of contract around 4000 CSCs are non operational
  21. 21. CSC Infrastructure• 100 – 150 sq. ft space• Min. 1 PC with UPS• Min. 1 Printer• Digital / Web Camera• Genset / Inverter/ Solar• OS and other application software• Wired / Wireless Broadband Connectivity• Trained and incentivized manpower• Investment : Rs 2 lakh/ CSC
  22. 22. Enabling Transformation E-Government Education Tele-medicine Platform for fundamental transformation of the ways in which development challenges would be met in rural India Financial Inclusion Agriculture Right to Information
  23. 23. Key Learning/Outcomes
  24. 24. ChallengesRolling out 100,000+ CSCs in600,000+ villagesIntegrating existing G2C deliverychannels with CSCsIntegrated public service delivery vssilo based service delivery
  25. 25. ChallengesRegulatory & Legal enablement of ICTbased processesBuilding capacity within & outsidegovernmentCreation of robust e-Infrastructure
  26. 26. AchievementsInstitutionalizing universal coverage &public service delivery at village levelRoll out of over 85,270 CSCs across30 states covering a population > 400million
  27. 27. AchievementsInstitutionalization of PPP model forPublic service delivery- Multi-stakeholder partnership in design &implementation- Synergy between public & private goalsIT Amendment Act (2008) forregulatory & legal enablement notified
  28. 28. LearningsLeadership and ownership critical forsuccessCitizen-centric approach - more effectiveservice delivery modelRobust backend e-Infrastructure to convergeand provide seamless integration
  29. 29. Implementation Framework
  30. 30. Service Center AgencyPrivate Sector EntityResponsible for- Setting up, rollout and management of CSCs- Selection and training of VLEs- Provision of B2C services
  31. 31. State Designated AgencySpecific authority set up/ enabled byState GovernmentResponsible for- Monitoring- Disbursing revenue support- Enforcing Master Service Agreement- Liaising between SCAs and State Governments
  32. 32. NeGP:The Changing Face of Rural India Name: Sadhan Chandra Pal Location: Junbedia, Bankura-II, West Bengal Earnings: Rs 12,000 per monthVillage Level Entrepreneur
  33. 33. NeGP:The Changing Face of Rural India Name: Manoj Karmakar Location: Sanbandha Gram Panchayat Office, Block: Bankura-II, West Bengal Earnings: R 15,000 per monthVillage Level Entrepreneur
  34. 34. NeGP:The Changing Face of Rural India Name: Santosh Kumar Location: Divigar, Jharkhand Earnings: Rs 15,000 per monthVillage Level Entrepreneur
  35. 35. NeGP:The Changing Face of Rural India Name: Shrikant Yadav Location: Divigar, Jharkhand Earnings: Rs 12,000 per monthVillage Level Entrepreneur
  36. 36. State Data Center: StatusSDC Implementation: Year No of SDCs By December 2010 10 By June 2011 15 By December 2011 31** Chandigarh , Delhi opted out while Daman & Diu , Dadra & Nagar & Haveli yet to submit theirDPR.
  37. 37. E-District in Goalpara, AssamGoalpara District rolled out e-District applications integrating CSC, e-SWAN, which was inaugurated by IT minister in Nov.09
  38. 38. e-District Objectives• Target high volume services at District level• Undertake backend process re-engineering to e- enable the delivery of these services through CSCs Examples of services: Issue of Certificates, Application for Pensions, Revenue Court related, Government Dues and Recovery related, Ration Card related and Grievance redressal
  39. 39. Status of e-DistrictPilot projects are being implemented in 14 States (37 districts)covering a population base of 110 million (appx.)Out of these 14, the Pilot projects have been successfullylaunched in 3 states – UP, Assam and Tamil NaduAverage number of citizen transactions/ month/ district are20,000National rollout of this MMP at a cost of USD 600 million (appx.) (appx.)planned for 2010-12 2010-
  40. 40. OUTCOME PARAMETERS Transparency Accountability Corruption 42 free
  41. 41. IMPACT ASSESSMENTNumber of trips to Government officessignificantly reduced by 1-2 tripsWaiting time at offices reduced in the range20-40%Land Records Project – Significant reductionin briberyDirect cost savings to the citizens in the rangeRs.60-110/- (per transaction)
  42. 42. Capacity Building Scheme CB Scheme approved for Rs 313 Cr. (USD 70 Mn) State e Mission Teams as professional resources to support States at programme level • Appraisal and coordination • Hand holding of Line Departments • Ensure interoperability and adherence to Standards Support to State Administrative Training Institutes Training/Orientation of stakeholders
  43. 43. Capacity Building Scheme Support to State e- Mission Teams (SeMTs)• Professional Resources being provided to States Support to Central Project e-Mission Teams (CPeMTs)
  44. 44. Capacity Building SchemeTraining & Sensitisation • Leadership Meet for Political Leaders • Orientation & Sensitization training for Policy Makers • CIO / CTO trainings for Project Leaders • Change Management & BPR training for officials • eGPx course for long term Capacity Building • Annual National Conference on e-Governance e- • Round Table Conferences with State Governments
  45. 45. State Portals, SSDG & e-Forms• State Portal Repository of Government Information and services Enables citizens to download & submit forms electronically• State Service Delivery Gateway (SSDG) Enables routing of messages based on standards Routing of forms to a particular office of a Department• E Forms Facilitates standardized, interoperable format For electronic service deliveryThis will enable assured electronic delivery, acknowledgement and and status tracking of application from citizen
  46. 46. SWAN Status (October, 2010)• 5000+ PoPs J&KOperational• BSNL is BandwidthProvider Himachal CHD Pradesh HP•All SWANs to be Arunachal Punjab Punjab Uttarakhand Pradeshoperational by March Haryana2011 Haryana Sikkim Delhi NGL UttarUP Pradesh Assam Rajasthan Bihar Bihar MGH MNP TRIPURA WB MZR Gujarat JHD West Bengal Gujarat MP Jharkhand CHH Daman and Diu Orissa 23 SWAN implemented Orissa Maharashtra Maharashtra Dadar and Nagar Haveli 2 Implementation at Advance stage AP Andhra 4 Implementation in Progress Goa Pradesh Andman Karnataka Karnataka 2 Bid Process Initiated 2 RFP/ BoM under preparation/revision Pondicherry Lakshadweep TN Kerala Kerala Tamil Nadu 2 Opted Out from SWAN Scheme
  47. 47. Services through CSCsSr. Services Departments StatesNo.1. Print Copy of Record of Rights Bihar, Chhattisgarh, MP, Revenue UP, Jharkhand, West2. Online Mutation Application Bengal, Maharashtra3. Data Entry for NREGA job cards4. MIS Updation Rural Development Bihar, Jharkhand,5. Muster Rolls Madhya Pradesh,6. Job Cards Uttar Pradesh7. Photography8. Request online soil health card9. Sending questions through net10. Surfing & viewing agriculture Agriculture Andhra Pradesh, information West Bengal11. Soil Testing12. Agriculture Information
  48. 48. Services through CSCsSr. No. Services Departments States13. Data Entry and printing of forms for Inclusion, transposition and modification of Electoral Rolls and Electoral Tamil Nadu, EPIC Generation Replacement cases West Bengal14. Electoral Card Updation15. NRHM16. Telemedicine/ Telhomeopathy Health Haryana ,Jharkhand,17. Health Camps Tripura18. Diagnostic facility through up linking with specialty hospitals19. Availability of trained paraworker20. Registration of new jobs Labour21. Updating the qualifications (Employment West Bengal22. Renewal of Registration Exchange)23. Issue of Duplicate Registration cards
  49. 49. Services through CSCsSr. No. Services Departments States24. Provident Fund (Landless Panchayat & RD West Bengal Labour)25. RTI Bihar26. Jail Sakshatkar Jharkhand27. Consumer Affairs (Awareness & Consumer Affairs West Bengal Publicity)28. Stamp Vendor Assam, Jharkhand29. Postal Services Postal Jharkhand, West Bengal30. Utility Billing State Electricity Assam, MP, Board/ BSNL Maharashtra, Orissa, Sikkim, West Bengal31. Financial Inclusion Other J&K, MP, Meghalaya, Tamil Nadu, Orissa, Sikkim
  50. 50. Services through CSCs: e-District Services Sr. No Services Department Application 32. Caste Certificate Revenue eDistrict/CHOICE 33. Income Certificate Revenue eDistrict/CHOICE 34. Domicile Certificate Revenue eDistrict/CHOICE 35. Registration in Employment Exchange Labour eDistrict/CHOICE/eForms 36. Old Age Pension Social Welfare eDistrict/CHOICE/eForms 37. Widow Pension Women Welfare eDistrict/CHOICE/eForms/MMP 38. Handicap Pension Handicap Welfare/ eDistrict/CHOICE Medical 39. Birth Certificate Health, Urban eDistrict/CHOICE Development & 40. Death Certificate eDistrict/CHOICE Panchayat 41. Revenue Court Case- Daily cause list Revenue eDistrict/CHOICE 42. Revenue Court Case- Status Tracking Revenue eDistrict/CHOICE 43. Revenue Court Case- Final orders Revenue eDistrict/CHOICE 44. Dues & Recovery- Issuance of Citation for Revenue eDistrict/CHOICE recovery (RC) 45. Dues & Recovery- Status of Recovery Revenue eDistrict/CHOICE 46. Grievances- Filing of Grievances Administrative eDistrict/CHOICE Reforms 47. Grievances- Status Tracking eDistrict/CHOICE
  51. 51. Services through CSCs: e-District Services Sr. Services Department Application No 48. Registration for SGSY Rural Development eDistrict/CHOICE 49. Registration for NREGA Rural Development eDistrict/CHOICE 50. PMeGP (New Service) in lieu of PMRY Small Scale Industries eDistrict/CHOICE 51. Issuance of Character Certificate Police eDistrict/CHOICE 52. FIR Status Tracking Police eDistrict/CHOICE 53. Application for additional name in Voter List Election eDistrict/CHOICE 54. Application for modification of name in Voter List Election eDistrict/CHOICE 55. Application for deletion of name in Voter List Election eDistrict/CHOICE 56. Transposition of Voter List eDistrict/CHOICE 57. Filing of RTI Applications Admn Reforms/All Depts eDistrict/eForm (NeGP) 58. Ration Card- Issuance of new ration card Food & Civil Supplies eDistrict/CHOICE/eForms 59. Ration Card- Modification in ration card Food & Civil Supplies eDistrict/CHOICE/eForms 60. Ration Card- Duplication in ration card Food & Civil Supplies eDistrict/CHOICE/eForms 61. Ration Card- Surrender of ration card Food & Civil Supplies eDistrict/CHOICE/eForms 62. Birth Registration Health/ Municipality eForms/MMP 63. Death Registration eForms/MMP
  52. 52. Services through CSCs: e-District Services Sr. Services Department Application No 64. Issuance of Khatauni ROR Revenue eDistrict/CHOICE/eForms 65. Non-Encumbrance Revenue eForms/MMP 66. Solvency Certificate Revenue eForms/MMP 67. Permission for Fair Revenue eForms/MMP 68. Permission for Procession Revenue eForms/MMP 69. Registration under Hindu Marriage Act Revenue eForms/MMP 70. Registration of Marriage under Special Act Revenue eForms 71. Issuance of Marriage ability Certificate Revenue eForms 72. Solemnized Marriage 73. Issuance of Voter Certificate Election eForms 74. Duplicate Voter Certificate/ I Card Election eForms 75. Application for Electricity Connection Energy/UPPCL eForms 76. Application for Telephone Connection/ Transfer BSNL eForms 77. Application for Sewerage Connection Municipality eForms 78. Application for Water Connection Municipality eForms 79. Issue of Arms License District Magistrate eForms 80. Renewal of License District Magistrate eForms
  53. 53. Services through CSCs: e-District Services Sr. Services Department Application No 81. Application for Scholarship Programmes Education eForms 82. Grievance Service All Departments eForms 83. Application for Renewal of Employment Registration Labour eForms 84. Application for Medical Checkup Health eForms 85. Application for Grant of Aarogya Nidhi by BPL Health & Family Welfare eForms 86. Application for Janani Suraksha Health & Family Welfare eForms 87. Application for Loan to Handicap Person Handicap Welfare eForms 88. Application for Marriage Grant Handicap Welfare eForms 89. Application for Aids and Appliances Social Welfare eForms 90. Application for Family Benefit Scheme Social Welfare eForms 91. Application for Scholarship (General & SC/ST) Social Welfare eForms 92. Application for Marriage & Illness Grant Social Welfare eForms 93. Application for Atrocities Social Welfare eForms 94. Application for Kutumb Register Panchayati Raj eForms 95. Application for Maps Revenue eForms 96. Application for Grant-in-aid for Widows Women Welfare eForms
  54. 54. Services through CSCs: e-District Services Sr. Services Department Application No 97. Application for Financial Assistance to Women Women Welfare eForms (dowry victims) 98. Application for legal assistance to dowry Women Welfare eForms victims 99. Application for grant for remarriage of dowry Women Welfare eForms victims/ destitute women 100. Application for Dampatti Puraskar Scheme to Women Welfare eForms promote remarriage of widows 101. Application for Registration under NREGA Rural Development eForms 102. Application for Work Allotment under NREGS Rural Development eForms 103. Application for Indira Awas Yojana Rural Development eForms 104. BPL Certificate Printing Rural Development/ CHOICE Food & Civil Supplies 105. Payment of Electricity Bill UPPCL eSuvidha/CHOICE 106. Payment of Telephone Bill BSNL eSuvidha/CHOICE
  55. 55. GO LIVE STATUSTarget Date MMP Type MMPCurrent (14) Central (7) MCA 21, Pensions, Central Excise & Customs, Income Tax, Passport, Banking and Insurance State (2) Land Records-I, Road Transport Integrated (5) CSC, e-Courts, EDI, NSDG, India Portal2010 (3) Central (2) UID, e-Office Integrated (1) e-Biz2011 (2) State (1) Agriculture Integrated (1) e-Procurement2012 (6) State(6) Municipality, Police, Land Records-NLRMP, Employment Exchange, e-PRI, e-District2013 (2) State (2) Treasuries, Commercial Tax2014 (1) Central (1) Immigration
  56. 56. SDC Implementation StatusSDC Operational (Gujarat, Tripura) 2Work in Progress 13(Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Manipur,Meghalaya, Nagaland, Orissa, Puducherry, Rajasthan, Sikkim, TN,WB)Bid Process Under Progress 5DPR Approved 31RFP Approved 24RFP under approval by DIT/ revision by State 4States yet to submit their RFPs 3(Assam, Goa, Punjab)
  57. 57. SDC Implementation Status Bid Process Completed in the following 18 StatesSl. No States Sl. No. States Sl. No. States1 Andhra Pradesh 7 Maharashtra 13 Rajasthan2 Gujarat 8 Manipur 14 Sikkim3 Haryana 9 Meghalaya 15 Tamil Nadu4 Jharkhand 10 Nagaland 16 Tripura5 Karnataka 11 Orissa 17 Uttar Pradesh6 Kerala 12 Puducherry 18 West Bengal
  58. 58. SDC Implementation Status Bid Process Under Progress in the following 5 States – Andaman & Nicobar – J&K – Madhya Pradesh – Mizoram – Uttarakhand
  59. 59. SDC Implementation Status DPR Approved in the following 31 StatesSl. States Sl. No. States Sl. No. States Sl. No. StatesNo.1 Andaman & 9 Himachal Pradesh 17 Maharashtra 25 Rajasthan Nicobar2 Andhra 10 J&K 18 Manipur 26 Sikkim Pradesh3 Arunachal 11 Jharkhand 19 Mizoram 27 Tamil Nadu Pradesh4 Assam 12 Karnataka 20 Meghalaya 28 Tripura5 Bihar 13 Kerala 21 Nagaland 29 Uttarakhand6 Chhattisgarh 14 MP 22 Orissa 30 Uttar Pradesh7 Gujarat 15 Lakshadweep 23 Punjab 31 West Bengal8 Haryana 16 MP 24 Puducherry
  60. 60. SDC Implementation Status RFP Approved in the following 24 StatesSl. States Sl. No. States Sl. No. StatesNo1 Andaman & 9 Kerala 17 Puducherry Nicobar2 Andhra Pradesh 10 Madhya Pradesh 18 Rajasthan3 Bihar 11 Maharashtra 19 Sikkim4 Gujarat 12 Manipur 20 Tamil Nadu5 Haryana 13 Meghalaya 21 Tripura6 Jharkhand 14 Mizoram 22 Uttarakhand7 J&K 15 Nagaland 23 Uttar Pradesh8 Karnataka 16 Orissa 24 West Bengal
  61. 61. SDC Implementation Status RFP Under Approval in the following 4 States – Arunachal Pradesh – Chhattisgarh – Himachal Pradesh – Lakshadweep