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( ) IndiaCADworks is a Computer-aided Design Service provider supporting Architectural, Structural, and Mechanical engineering companies worldwide.

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Cad services

  1. 1. Based in Bangalore, India, IndiaCADworks provides a full range of CAD services, including: Conversion 2D Drafting, 3D Modeling Rendering, Animation, and Sketch-up With highly skilled staff members available, representing a range of expertise, we can provide exceptional service no matter the complexity or size of your project. About IndiaCADworks
  2. 2. CAD Outsourcing Solutions by IndiaCADworks IndiaCADworks offers the broadest and deepest capabilities, infrastructure, world-class backup and disaster recovery systems and industry- standard security systems when you outsource your CAD conversion services. CAD Conversion: Comprehensive CAD conversion services to architectural firms, engineers and construction offices around the globe. We can match all of your mechanical, architectural, civil and structural engineering needs 2D Drafting: Technology and training to do all kinds of 2D drafting and drawing for your company in a precise and professional manner 3D Modeling: Providing you with 3D modeling services for your visualization or engineering analysis, in order to make your development process more proficient 3D Rendering: Architectural blueprints to vivid 3D life via our 3D architectural rendering services. We specialize in 3D Rendering Services specialize in 3D architectural rendering and 3D animation 3D Animation: Offering 3D animation services that render product demonstrations or usage scenarios in life-like animation with better visualization and demonstration Sketchup Services: Portfolio that includes sub-modules with varied specialized capabilities to create Sketchup Models, Sketchup Animation, and more
  3. 3. CAD Conversion Service from IndiaCADworks When you outsource CAD conversion services to IndiaCADworks, you are working with a team that has extensive experience with a wide range of different formats and file types. Paper to CAD Conversion: Extensive paper to CAD conversion services designed to ensure your paper drafts and plans are carefully and accurately converted to CAD formats that fit the needs of every architect, engineer and construction crew working on a project. Image to CAD Conversion: Using advanced computer technology and cutting edge CAD software, IndiaCADworks offers extensive and comprehensive image to CAD conversion services PDF to CAD Conversion: Employing the best trained and most skilled drafters in the industry to ensure that your PDF to CAD conversions performed quickly and accurately 2D to 3D Conversion: Advanced software to provide exceptionally high quality, accurate 2D to 3D conversion services AutoCAD Conversion: A team has extensive experience with a range of different formats and file types to cater to all your AutoCAD conversion requirements MicroStation Conversion: Fully equipped to handle any kind of MicroStation conversion services.
  4. 4. IndiaCADworks offers 2D Drafting services for every type of design plan you have in mind. Our experienced team of drafters and engineers will utilize our knowledge and skills to deliver fantastic 2D drafting for your business. 2D Drafting & Drawing Services from IndiaCADworks Preliminary Drawings Drawings Presentation Drawings Millwork Drawings Construction or Working Drawings Structural Steel Detailing Shop Drawings Manufacturing Drawings Architectural Drawings Assembly Drawings Structural Design Drawings Machine Drawings Engineering (MEP) Fabrication Drawings
  5. 5. IndiaCADworks provides you with 3D modeling services for your visualization or engineering analysis, in order to make your development process more proficient. We specialize in providing accurate and highly marketable 3D Computer-aided Design (CAD) modeling. Architectural 3D Modeling: Our professional architectural designers are able to turn your detailed drawings into realistic and highly accurate 3D architectural models. Our team utilizes latest CAD software to create the interior and exterior details of your project, converting it into a walkthrough perfect for marketing or presentations 3D Custom Furniture Modeling: Specializing in forming 3D models of all types of furniture from entertainment, storage, surface, to single seat furniture. Our team of professional drafters will transform your imaginative concepts into reality based off of the aesthetics of your building project Machine Parts 3D Modeling: Engineers can deliver machine models, machine component models, and detailed drawings from which dimensions can be taken for manufacturing Assembly Modeling and Interference Check 3D Modeling Services from IndiaCADworks
  6. 6. IndiaCADworks´ 3D Rendering Services specialize in 3D architectural rendering and 3D animation, making our client's vision appear in 3D. We offer the full range of 3D rendering services and 3D animation services. Services Expertise  Exterior Perspectives  Interior Perspectives  Landscape Renderings 3D Rendering Solutions
  7. 7. IndiaCADworks 3D animation services render product demonstrations, virtual training or usage scenarios in life-like animation. 2D & 3D Animation Services Services Expertise :  Architectural Walk-through Animation  Product Animation and Industrial Machinery Animations
  8. 8. IndiaCADworks 3D Sketchup Modeling services are based on the Sketchup services suite. We use Sketchup to deliver a host of 3D modeling services through an outsourcing model. The Sketch-up services portfolio includes sub-modules with varied specialized capabilities to create Sketchup Models, Sketchup Animation, and more. Services Expertise  Architectural drawings  Sketch-up to CAD Conversion  Landscape projects Sketchup Services
  9. 9. At IndiaCADworks we offer end-to-end 2D & 3D piping design services at a competitive price. We adhere to stringent international quality control measures to match industry standard practices and norms. Services Expertise  Piping Design  Piping Stress Analysis  Piping isometrics Exclusive Services Piping Design & Drafting
  10. 10. IndiaCADworks proudly boasts of the most advanced tools and software in all our undertakings to provide our clients with the very best that is available for their projects and assignments.  AutoCAD®  MicroStation®  SolidWorks®  Staad Pro®  Ansys®  3DS Max®  VRay  X-Steel  Revit®  ProE®  CATIA®  Autodesk® Inventor®  Unigraphics/NX Tools & Software Expertise at IndiaCADworks
  11. 11. At IndiaCADworks, we are committed to provide CAD related engineering services with the highest quality assuring full compliance with client objectives and business interests. A comprehensive mechanism is in place to ensure that we meet all internal quality parameters and deliver solutions to the complete satisfaction of clients. Key Quality Features  Error-free process and on-time delivery  Employment of best talent and technology  The most reasonable cost  On-budget and customized solutions  Improved client business goals Quality Systems at IndiaCADworks
  12. 12. IndiaCADworks offers to make assured data and information security an integral component of outsourcing contracts to generate client confidence. Our stringent security policies fully compliant to project information criticality, pace, and scale of outsourcing aim at improving vendor-client collaboration, mutual trust, and ethical business practices. Key Security Features:  Data protection and controlling  Comprehensive information security  Compliance to information security in all data formats  Use of latest technology  In-house professionals and CAD processing to prevent information breaches Data Security Measures at IndiaCADworks
  13. 13. IndiaCADworks has established itself as a premier outsourcing partner for CAD services. Our work culture, systematic workflow, assured quality policy, and stringent security practices offer clients unmatched advantage. Key Features  Dedication and commitment  Experience and expertise  Advanced technology and superior infrastructure  Cost savings and resource utilization  Quality and security Benefits of Partnering with IndiaCADworks
  14. 14. Cost management is the key to leverage profitability and competition. IndiaCADworks is well aware of this business assumption and offering CAD services for all budgets. Our CAD services offer an alternative to clients looking to save expenditure on staff, resources, and infrastructure.  Time and Materials (Effort Based)  Fixed price (Milestone Based)  Full Time Equivalent (Dedicated Resource)  Per Transaction CAD Service Pricing Structures
  15. 15. Operating with multiple delivery centers in India and abroad, our delivery model utilizes offshore locations to harvest price and location redundancies. List of 5 Delivery Centers  Bangalore, India  Lima, Peru  Manila, Philippines  Nairobi, Kenya  Asunción, Paraguay IndiaCADworks Delivery Centers
  16. 16. IndiaCADworks makes use of India's large pool of computer literate, English speaking engineers. We train and deploy our engineers to specific project types, so that they acquire domain specializations within the CAD Conversion Services sector. IndiaCADworks' strong team of CAD experts help clients gain the edge with their attention to detail and end-to-end capabilities.  Drafters  CAD Engineers  Managers  Quality Analysts About IndiaCADworks’ Workforce
  17. 17. Based in Bangalore, India, IndiaCADworks' main campus boasts 8000 sq. ft. of air-conditioned working space with state of the art computer systems and work stations running fully licensed software. Key Features  8000 sq. ft. of air-conditioned working space  State of the art computer systems  8MBps Tier 1 leased lines  Industry-standard firewalls  Work stations running fully licensed software Infrastructure and Technology
  18. 18. Success Stories  IndiaCADworks has over the last 11 years completed various complex assignments from clients across the globe delivering customized solutions to meet their business needs.  Development and long-term operation of wind and solar energy parts for a client provider of Renewable Energy Product Development in the USA.  Effective handling of an increase in the volume of drafting requirements of a leading architect based in Canada.  Quality drawings for retail stores and supermarkets in accordance with UK building codes for a UK based international integrated property Service Company.  Addressing issues pertinent to escalating costs in its organization, in addition to procuring quality drawings to instill overall efficiency for a US based manufacturer of structural insulated panels.  2D drawing requirements for a leading European automotive parts and assemblies manufacturer. Benefits of Partnering with IndiaCADworks
  19. 19. Official Website: Email: Social Media: Contact Details
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