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Outsource your 2D drafting services to India CAD works and save up to 60%. Our engineers and drafters have extensive knowledge in CAD drafting.

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2D Drafting Services

  1. 1. 2D Drafting IndiaCADworks offers 2D Drafting Services to aide the design for a building. We offer 2D Drafting Services for every type of design plan in mind. Our experienced staff using top-notch software including: AutoCAD®, MicroStation®, 3DS Max®, Maya®, CATIA®, Pro E®, Staad Pro®, Ansys®, VRay, X-Steel, Revit®, Autodesk® Inventor ®, Unigraphics/NX, and SolidWorks® Our 2D Drafting Services include: • Preliminary Drawings • Presentation Drawings • Construction or Working Drawings • Shop Drawings • Architectural Drawings • Structural Design Drawings • Machine Drawings • Fabrication Drawings • Engineering (MEP) Drawings • Millwork Drawings • Structural Steel Detailing • Manufacturing Drawings
  2. 2. Preliminary & Presentation Drawings Preliminary drawings can be the determining factor of one’s success. It is in the best interest of any company to be prepared with detailed and concise designs and blueprints. Our Preliminary Drawing Services include: • 2D drafting/drawing • Professinal CAD • Dimensional accuracy on sketching • And drafting for home designs, house plans, building blueprints, etc. Presentation drawings are an essential part to marketing for professional architects. We convert your ideas into outstanding visuals, perfect for marketing and layout. Our Presentation Drawing Services include: • Renderings • Floor plans • Walkthroughs • 3D models • Elevations / Façade • And more
  3. 3. Construction or Working Drawings For a building project to be successful, there needs to be accurate construction drawings to provide different workers the proper guidelines to focus on and follow. At IndiaCADworks, our drafters and engineers are certified and fully-trained to create exceptional 2D or 3D drafting. Our Construction or Working Drawing Services include, but are not limited to: • Architectural construction drawings • Interior drawings • Shop drawings • Detailed structural drawings • Millwork drawings • MEP drawings • And assembly drawings
  4. 4. Shop & Architectural Drawings Shop drawings further the detail of construction drawings and give the sub-contractor’s contribution to the bigger picture at hand. Our Shop Drawing Services include: • Detailed comparison information • Changes/alteration notes • Fabrication information • Jobsite dimension verification • Placement/installation information • MEP coordination Architectural drawings describe building structures and the relationships between floor plans, elevations, framing plans, sectors, millwork, and other necessary details. Our Architectural Drawing Services include: • Floor plans • Site plans • Elevations • Cross sections • Isometric projections • Axonometric projections • Detail drawings • And much more
  5. 5. Structural Design & Engineering (MEP) Drawings Structural design considers technical, environmental, and economic concerns. It is important that your structure can withstand structural loads to its best ability. Our Structural Specializations include: • High-rise structure design • Industrial structure design • Retrofitting & rehabilitation • Custom home designs • And so much more Engineering (MEP) drawing design consider the inner-workings of your building. Let us take your architectural plans and produce MEP designs, riser diagrams, and schedules. Our Engineering Service options include: • Plumbing engineering design • Electrical engineering design and drafting • HVAC drawing designs • Rain gutter drawing designs • Firefighting designs
  6. 6. Millwork & Structural Steel Drawings Millwork drawings are designed for specific areas, covering many decorative and functional elements inside and out. Our Millwork Drawing Services include: • Staircases • Custom bars • Conference tables • Wall paneling • Glass paritions • Fireplaces • Banquettes • Bathroom vanities and more Structural steel drawings are necessary when working with steel structures (columns, braces, trusses, beams, handrails, etc.). Our Structural Steel Drawing Services include: • Detailed erection plans • Clear shop drawings • Detail drawings for all parts • 3D sketches for clear RFI’s • CNC files for beam lines & plasma cutters • Isometric details of complex connections
  7. 7. Manufacturing & Assembly Drawings Our expert engineers and architects can successfully create manufacturing drawings for a myriad of projects. Our Manufacturing Drawing Services include: • General arrangement drawings • Assembly drawings • Detail drawings • Fabrication drawings • And more Using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and drafting technologies, IndiaCADworks can create reputable assembly drawings for your products. Our Assembly Drawing Services include: • Standard, outline, and assembly working drawings • Diagram drawings • Set of drawings • Tabular drawings • And detailed drawings
  8. 8. Machine & Fabrication Drawings IndiaCADworks experts have the skills to execute machine drawings with precision. Our layouts are measurable, working sketches. Our Machine Drawing Services include: • Production drawings • Technical drawings • Engineering drawings • And specified titles/labels (i.e. names, numbers, materials) Fabrication drawings for industrial, commercial, and residential structures include drafting column connections to base plate details. Some of the Fabrication Drawing Services we offer include: • Steel member detail drawings • Connection details for steel trusses • Summary for field and shop bolt • Tender, sketch, schematic, and detailed design drawings • And more
  9. 9. Contact IndiaCADworks IndiaCADworks also offers services in CAD Conversion, 3D Modeling, and 3D Rendering and Animation. We believe in customer care above all, with complete devotion to customer satisfaction. Other benefits for choosing IndiaCADworks for your 2D Drafting or Drawing needs include: • 99.99% accuracy or higher on all projects • AIA standards are followed for all projects • A dedicated staff ready to work quickly, efficiently, and at an affordable price Visit our website - www.indiacadworks.com email Us - info@indiacadworks.com