Young Children And Acid Reflux
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Young Children And Acid Reflux



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    Young Children And Acid Reflux Young Children And Acid Reflux Document Transcript

    • ==== ====For more information visit our website: ====Can Young Children Suffer from Acid Reflux?While acid reflux is typically something that adults suffer from research has show children canexperience it as well. In fact, some infants have been diagnosed with acid reflux when they areonly a couple of months old. Most of us are familiar with seeing babies spit up from time to time. Ifit is occurring on a regular basis it could be a sign of acid reflux.Most infants are very irritable when they suffer from acid reflux. You may find it extremely difficultto console them. They may suffer from it more when they are lying down too which is why theycould fall to sleep when you rock them on your shoulder. Many parents mistake acid reflux in theirinfant for colic. The symptoms are quite similar and most of us dont think of acid reflux and smallchildren together.For most infants acid reflux is something they outgrow as they get older. Their stomach is thenable to digest foods easier. For others though a doctor will have to run tests to find out what theproblem is. They can test the levels of acid that is in the esophagus to give them a good indication.If there is inflammation in the esophagus medication may be necessary to treat it.As children get older they are often introduced to a variety of new foods. That is why they can endup developing acid reflux. Certain foods may not sit well with their body. This is especially truewhen they are consuming spicy foods or even large amounts of fresh fruits with acid in them. Theyshould also drink water each day instead of just sugary juices and sodas.There are plenty of hormonal changes taking place for teenagers and that can trigger acid refluxfor them. It may go away once they get through puberty but in the mean time it can be painful anddistracting for them. Most teenagers dont have the best eating habits either and that can furtherirritate their acid reflux. If they are using drugs or consuming alcohol then the problem will becomechronic for them.More medical professionals out there are aware of how acid reflux can affect children these days.That means you have a better chance of getting the right diagnosis. Parents need to be educatedthat this can be a problem for their child as well. The symptoms of acid reflux in children can varyas can the severity of them.Some of the most common ones include pain in the chest, especially when they try to go to sleep.They may complaint of burning sensations, a sore throat, pain in their ears, and the inability to geta good night of sleep. Pay attention to these concerns so you can find out if acid reflux is to blame.You want to offer your child relief so they can feel their best and get the rest they need at night.Generally acid reflux in children can be resolved with over the counter medications that neutralizestomach acid. If that isnt effective a doctor can recommend prescription medications that prevent
    • the acid from being produced in the stomach. Changes in diet and making sure they dont eatmeals in the hours before bed time will also help them to avoid it.==== ====For more information visit our website: ====