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Ukire Project Plan Ukire Project Plan Document Transcript

  • UKIRE  –  CLOUD*  [FILE,  PHOTO,  VIDEO  SHARING  AND  ONLINE  MUSIC  RENDERING]     October  1,  2010  By:  Indernain  Singh      *Cloud – “Common. Location-independent, Online Utility that is available on Demand” Project Report UKIRE – File, Photo, Video sharing and Online Music rendering, through cloud client control panel (Air and Web client) Not a social networking site – UKIRE  -­‐                            (Cloud  client  control  panel)       1    
  • UKIRE  –  CLOUD*  [FILE,  PHOTO,  VIDEO  SHARING  AND  ONLINE  MUSIC  RENDERING]     October  1,  2010  By:  Indernain  Singh       Table of Contents 1. Project Overview 1.1 Purpose 1.2 Scope 1.3 Workflow 1.4 Process step 2. Project Approach 2.1 Requirements 2.1.1 General Requirements 2.1.1 Functional and Features Requirements 2.2 Core Product Design 2.2.1 Share 2.2.2 Sync 2.2.3 Access 2.3 Development 2.4 Services Needed 2.5 Engineering 2.5.1 Authorization Level 2.6 Quality Assurance 2.6.1 Tested Customer Services 2.6.2 QA Deliverables & Objectives 2.6.3 QA Tools 2.7 Marketing 3. Project Objectives 3.1 Project Specification 4. Major Deliverables 4.1 Key Decisions and Strategies 4.2 Audience UKIRE 1st release schedule 4.3 Schedule 4.3.1 UKIRE 1st release schedule 4.3.2 UKIRE 2nd release schedule 4.3.3 UKIRE 3rd release schedule 4.3.4 UKIRE 4th release schedule 4.4 Project resource needs 4.5 UX Schedule 4.6 Storage Services 4.7 Product design supporting PC, Smart Phone and Smart Devices UKIRE  -­‐                            (Cloud  client  control  panel)       2    
  • UKIRE  –  CLOUD*  [FILE,  PHOTO,  VIDEO  SHARING  AND  ONLINE  MUSIC  RENDERING]     October  1,  2010  By:  Indernain  Singh       5. Constraints 5.1 General Constraints 5.2 Global Constraints 6. Risk and Feasibility 6.1 Assumptions UKIRE  -­‐                            (Cloud  client  control  panel)       3    
  • UKIRE  –  CLOUD*  [FILE,  PHOTO,  VIDEO  SHARING  AND  ONLINE  MUSIC  RENDERING]     October  1,  2010  By:  Indernain  Singh       1. Overview UKIRE makes the inherit assumption that computers are social devices and structures activities to streamline sharing, communication and collaboration to be an integrated part of the experience, as opposed to separate application and activities. Information about UKIRE: (File, Photo, Video sharing and Online Music rendering) development plan. Desktop folder (cloud client control panel) and the mobile device currently are becoming primary tools for sharing, syncing and sending files and photos online. People shared twice as many files, photos and videos; has an increased sense of social presence when using desktop client for files / photo sharing and syncing. This project will develop an easiest way to move and sync documents online and also with other devices including Smart Phones, Nintendo DS Game, Sony PSP and lot of other device. Automatically sync you computer document, photos, video, music and other folders with UKIRE 1.1 Purpose The main purpose of this document is to provide UKIRE reporting team, web group and related groups with the final results of this project. This document should provide them with the detailed explanation of the final results of this project. The following is an attempt to put together a complete, yet reasonably flexible template for the specification of this cloud client project. Wherever possible, guidelines are provided (instead of prescribing requirements) for the contents of various sections and subsections of the document. Purpose is to easy use of desktop client and reduce the number of steps require to share and sync. • Automatically sync your computer documents folder or any other defined folder with UKIRE. • Easiest way to publish with drag and drop desktop folder • Fastest way to publish documents online • Mirror / Mount any folder on your hard drive to UKIRE • Works for PC, Mac, Smart Phones and other smart devices • Application should be able to check these folders for changes and automatically sync any new or updated file or document. • Should have small systems tray application icon showing the syncing information to change settings and program upgrades. UKIRE  -­‐                            (Cloud  client  control  panel)       4    
  • UKIRE  –  CLOUD*  [FILE,  PHOTO,  VIDEO  SHARING  AND  ONLINE  MUSIC  RENDERING]     October  1,  2010  By:  Indernain  Singh       • Administrative Control access through desktop: Easy to customize your account, enable or disable users, add and remove (individual / groups), upgrade account, manager folder and permissions. • Should be able to define upload schedule (i.e. upload / sync by end of day), see running upload task, failed, pending or scheduled. 1.2 Scope The scope of this document is to address the technical specification and issue related to UKIRE (File, Photo, Video sharing and Online Music rendering) requirements and needs. Must follow all the web standards, desktop standard, air client standards, smart phone guidelines, smart devices standards, global standard, and implement proper error handling. Provide read only access to repository. Restricted party screening, Identity, Access management authority for online and desktop users. 1.3 Workflow The workflow (cloud client control panel – Air and Web) will help client to access files from any computer, smart phone and other smart devices (Nintendo DS Game, Sony PSP and other smart devices) The UKIRE experience is to provide a simple / discoverable method to achieve the primary goals: share, sync, and access of files. Additional workflows should be available such that an advanced user can move from a simple workflow to a fast/efficient workflow. Privately share your photos and videos. Use or show your photos, videos and other important files from any computer, smart phone and other smart devices. Send large files. Listen to music from any PC or smart phone. 1.4 Process Step Check that air and web clients are working accurately with all the devices including PC, Smart Phone and Smart devices • Account open login page, input correct email and password, system will authenticate the identification, if successful, page switch to space page else same page with error information UKIRE  -­‐                            (Cloud  client  control  panel)       5    
  • UKIRE  –  CLOUD*  [FILE,  PHOTO,  VIDEO  SHARING  AND  ONLINE  MUSIC  RENDERING]     October  1,  2010  By:  Indernain  Singh       • System get user information by his email, and get space information by space ID, these information will be used for composing customized space • System will get a space list which this account joined before, and account should choose a new one, then system should quit the current space and initial the new space as “initial space” function before, if switch space successful • This section includes three parts, share image, video and files. When user click the current image/audio/video file from thumbnail, a Share Object, if current user is the first one in the whole session, then will put current file information into Share Object, FMS will update shared window by it, at meantime broadcast to all users. The second situation, someone who not the first user click image to share the file, it will update file information within Share Object, FMS will update shared window by it, at meantime broadcast to all users. 2. Project Approach This project will be accomplished by doing the work simultaneously by different teams at same point of time (Distributed application development). The team refers to all the tools necessary to facilitate collaboration on an application project between two or more groups who are basically geographically separated. 2.1 Requirements 2.1.1 General Requirements • Visual Design Themes • Interactive Tutorial • Adaptability and Extensibility • Performance 2.1.2 Functionality and Features requirements • Create new account • Log in with Username and Password. • Support automatically log in option. • Support, automatically launch option. • Support password recovery. • Include a “hide” link with each status update. • Display thumbnails of all photos in album, with related information. UKIRE  -­‐                            (Cloud  client  control  panel)       6    
  • UKIRE  –  CLOUD*  [FILE,  PHOTO,  VIDEO  SHARING  AND  ONLINE  MUSIC  RENDERING]     October  1,  2010  By:  Indernain  Singh       • Display single, larger photo. • Browse album one photo at a time. • Display photo slide show of one or more albums. • Support single photo and album comments • Display Welcome screen on first launch • Support, send direct messages. • Display service connection, support connect/disconnect and edit service credentials. • Support management of application preferences at the application and user level. • Notify of available updates and support setting preferences. • Display update description and get permission to download and install the update. 2.2 Core Product Design UKIRE identify key steps to provide a simple method to achieve the primary core design 2.2.1 Share • Users identifies what files they would like to share • Select multiple files from Explorer and right clicks to “Share”. • Select multiple files from Explorer and drags to PC/Web widget. • PC/Web Client initiates and allows user to select what type of event is being requested (share, sync, access). • Define Friends to be notified and what message to send • Create Event • Files uploaded, notifications sent • Friends access and browse shared files 2.2.2 Sync • Users identifies what files they would like to sync (same options as for Share) • PC/Web Client initiates and allows user to select what type of event is being requested (share, sync, access). • User selects what devices to sync to. Each device must already be registered with the Company Service. • Create Event • Files uploaded and actions queued for each selected device • As devices come online, sync action is performed between the server (cloud storage) and the selected device UKIRE  -­‐                            (Cloud  client  control  panel)       7    
  • UKIRE  –  CLOUD*  [FILE,  PHOTO,  VIDEO  SHARING  AND  ONLINE  MUSIC  RENDERING]     October  1,  2010  By:  Indernain  Singh       2.2.3 Access • Users identifies what files they would like to upload • Client initiates user to select what type of event is being requested. • Create Event • Files uploaded • User accesses the View Client on any PC, views the uploaded files for that event, then downloads some 2.3 Development The overall strategy is to focus on pedagogy and good practice rather than prescriptive or technology-driven approaches. Nevertheless guiding criteria are interoperability and open standards. • Users identifies • File / Folder - (login, Account, Password) • Access (File / Folder – upload / download) • Private Photo / Video • Large Files / Folders • Ukire sprint schedule to be developed. • UX to be one sprint ahead of Development • Usability testing to occur throughout sprints • Ukire group set up and project manager and team appointed; • The blogging environment will be developed; • A range of software tools will be deployed, documented, and used to implement an agreed selection of units. This work will be supported by an evolving “how-to” resource on tool use; • A selection of designs will be run as pilot programmed, and closely monitored; • An evaluation of the pilot programmed will be produced (and disseminated) to inform a larger-scale implementation. 2.4 Services Needed • Storage Service • Web & App Servers • DB Servers • Messaging Service • Job Servers • Other Services • Backup • SMTP • Authentication Service UKIRE  -­‐                            (Cloud  client  control  panel)       8    
  • UKIRE  –  CLOUD*  [FILE,  PHOTO,  VIDEO  SHARING  AND  ONLINE  MUSIC  RENDERING]     October  1,  2010  By:  Indernain  Singh       • Subscription Service • Analytics • Software Update Servers 2.5 Engineering 2.5.1 Authorization Levels • Different Authorization Levels needed • All read access • All share requests • Extended • Write access • Offline access • Consumer key is exchanged in first request • Callback urls are passed in every login request • Required authorization levels are passed to checkAuthUrl 2.6 Quality Assurance 2.6.1 Tested Customer Services • Online Backup • Private Media Sharing • Multi-device Data Sync • Large File E-mail • Kid-safe Internet Access • Contact Aggregator • Shared Spaces • Family Web Calendar • Cloud Based Storage 2.6.2 QA Deliverables & Objectives • Initial QA Plan (Iteration / Sprint) • Master QA plan • Test Functional Specification • Full component test coverage • System level test • Software compatibility Testing • Non Functional qualification ( Performance, Stability, Code Coverage) • Localization validation for specified counties? 2.6.3 QA Tools • Quality Center 10 for Test Management and Test Execution • Quality Center Defect Tracking for Defect Management • Quick Test Professional 10 for Automation. UKIRE  -­‐                            (Cloud  client  control  panel)       9    
  • UKIRE  –  CLOUD*  [FILE,  PHOTO,  VIDEO  SHARING  AND  ONLINE  MUSIC  RENDERING]     October  1,  2010  By:  Indernain  Singh       2.7 Marketing Will try to tie up with most of PC and other smart phone and smart device manufacturing companies to get UKIRE pre installed. This can be on the revenue sharing bases or on fixed cost per machine. The strategy for UKIRE is to provide a compelling bundle of subscription based online services leveraging web based and hardware distribution channels. • The target market for UKIRE Services is the mainstream customer, in particular, Early Mainstream and Practical Enthusiast segments. • These segments are most likely to try pre-loaded services • Similarity in pain points, needs, and workflows • Unless given a reason to switch services they are inclined to stay with what is provided • Market segments such Technical Enthusiast and Brand Techie are not targets because they have unique or specific needs and workflows that do not align with majority of users and they are willing to use multiple disparate services instead of a bundle 3. Project Objectives For UKIRE: Create a high margin and recurring subscription based revenue stream which fosters an ongoing customer relationship. - For the customer: Allow users to privately share photos/videos/files with close friends, work seamlessly across their supported devices, and securely access their content online. • The goal of UKIRE is to create a new high margin revenue stream for Company which provides ongoing customer engagement. • We offering a compelling bundle of subscription based online services leveraging web based and company hardware distribution channels. • Provide incremental and recurring revenue streams • Provide a mechanism to have an ongoing customer engagement • Expand the Company brand to consumer online services • Differentiate Company products from other OEMs • Provide a consumer platform to expand into further services offerings 3.1 Project Specifications UKIRE application is evolves to include low-level design details (although perhaps the "Detailed Design" section may not yet be appropriate at the high-level design phase). Best ways to document a projects is to keep a UKIRE  -­‐                            (Cloud  client  control  panel)       10    
  • UKIRE  –  CLOUD*  [FILE,  PHOTO,  VIDEO  SHARING  AND  ONLINE  MUSIC  RENDERING]     October  1,  2010  By:  Indernain  Singh       detailed project journal, log, or diary of issues as they are mulled over and bandied about and to record the decisions made in the journal. 4. Major Deliverables The objective of the program is to develop recommendations for a cost-effective, scalable ‘Connected Service Offering’ for the PC business that can be implemented quickly to capture $300 million in high-margin revenue by 2012. UKIRE will be able to auto sync and backup your files for both group user and single user in secure and privacy compliant way. 4.1 Key Decisions and Strategies UKIRE will give peace of mind to the user that there data is secure and is only share with the people they allow. They can change there shared files statues any time to make it private or unshare it with anyone. Future plan is to make everyone’s life easy as they can share, sync, directly form their desktop or can set auto sync, which will sync all new files to the cloud server. Also keeping in mind the error detection and recovery plan to give better user experience. 4.2 Audience The audience associated with this project includes Global Process Owners, Business directors, Business Process Owners, Marketing managers, Product Managers, Sales Operations, and IT Developers. 4.3 Schedule 4.3.1 UKIRE 1st release schedule – April 30, 2011 • Resolve outstanding Biz/UX issues • Continue development of feature set • Develop High Level IA, Draft Sprint Schedules, Deliver 1st Sprint Flows, Start Visual Voice 4.3.2 UKIRE 2nd release schedule – June 30, 2011 • Internal Alpha Hosted on Amazon Servers • Registration, Login, Upload/Share Files, Photos & Music • Stable & Robust application, Compelling Messaging • Iterative User & Usability Testing • Progressive Sprints towards goals including initial visual look UKIRE  -­‐                            (Cloud  client  control  panel)       11    
  • UKIRE  –  CLOUD*  [FILE,  PHOTO,  VIDEO  SHARING  AND  ONLINE  MUSIC  RENDERING]     October  1,  2010  By:  Indernain  Singh       4.3.3 UKIRE 3rd release schedule – August 30, 2011 • Beta Hosted on Amazon Servers • Registration, Login, Upload/Share Files, Photos, Video & Music. • Stable & Robust application, Compelling Messaging leading to Service Purchase • Iterative User & Usability Testing • Progressive Sprints towards goals 4.3.4 UKIRE 4th release schedule – October 30, 2011 • Public Service Hosted on Amazon Servers • Feature set: Registration, Login, Upload/Share/Receive Files, Photos, Video and Music 4.4 Project Resource Needs Marketing Writer: Compelling, simple copy needed to explain service, guide potential customers through using the application and towards signing up for fee service Content Management: Managing development, review and application of marketing and UX content 4.5 UX Schedule • Indernain team to resolve Biz/UX issues • Guide team members with visuals and web page design • Coordinate with team on developing visual voice • Registration, Login, Upload/Share/Receive Files & Photo • Familiarize with “User Voice” • Resolve outstanding Biz/UX issues • Develop High Level IA, Draft Sprint Schedules, Deliver 1st Sprint Flows, Start Visual Voice 4.6 Storage Services • Elastic • Http and Https serving the objects • Access Control • At account level • At top directory level • User can get/put objects directly to the storage service • Usage Reports • Redundancy UKIRE  -­‐                            (Cloud  client  control  panel)       12    
  • UKIRE  –  CLOUD*  [FILE,  PHOTO,  VIDEO  SHARING  AND  ONLINE  MUSIC  RENDERING]     October  1,  2010  By:  Indernain  Singh       4.7 Product base is designed to support PC, Smart Phone and Smart Devices Produce will be fully compatible with Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac environment. Air client will be compatible with all the pc types. Also planning to make it computable with all the smart phones, smart devices including Gaming consoles, player like – Sony PSP, Nintendo DSI, HD Media Player etc 5. Constraints Difficult to manage if it is group account, accidental overwritten of wrong files by any of the team member can create a hassle, So for group account or corporate account need to have Content Management services which as keep the track of over written files and also let the corporate able to get back couple of previous versions. Same is with sync if a file is deleted for a folder on a PC and as it will sync the UKIRE cloud client will delete the file from there as its job is to sync so need to have a dustbin option so that files can be retrieve if accidently deleted. 5.1 General Constraints • Standards compliance • Data repository and distribution requirements • Security requirements (or other such regulations) • Performance requirements • Verification and validation requirements (testing) • Other means of addressing quality goals • Other requirements described in the requirements specification • Input must be allowed from iPhone, Blackberry and other PDA’s. • Each end-user’s profile data must be kept in sync across all application data centers with latency no longer than 60 seconds. • Re-authentication is required if no user input within thirty minutes. • Each quote transaction must complete and provide feedback to the user within fifteen seconds. 5.2 Global constraints • Significant impact on the design of UKIRE cloud client application • Hardware or software environment. • End-user environment. • Standards compliance. • Data repository and distribution requirements. • Security requirements. UKIRE  -­‐                            (Cloud  client  control  panel)       13    
  • UKIRE  –  CLOUD*  [FILE,  PHOTO,  VIDEO  SHARING  AND  ONLINE  MUSIC  RENDERING]     October  1,  2010  By:  Indernain  Singh       • Performance requirements. • Other means of addressing quality goals. • Other requirements described in the requirements specification 6 Risk and Feasibility It is most applicable when it comes to application development. Risk is the probability of something going wrong with application development. Schedules are always in flux; thus creating more predictable schedules. It would be much easier if we could meet face-to-face. • Unknown scope beyond the working process – may be too much customization to meet deadlines • Requirements that can be translated into technical design specifications • Environments delayed • Overlap of phases to meet schedule to meet schedule • Overlap of Iteration phases or design overlaps. • Overlap of test phases for integration and system and risk of compromise on Quality, Resource and schedule • Lack of willing partners • Partners may not be willing to participate in those constraints • Business model risk – Microsoft and Google both have photo/video sharing capabilities and may provide them for free as a way to gain OS market share 6.1 Assumptions • Finish all Iteration as per current plan • Performance and product testing conducted in parallel with Iterations and completed within fifteen days of end of first iteration. • Plans are currently at major iteration level and not at task level – accordingly schedules • Working, looking, or "feeling" like an existing product • Production will commence upon estimate approval and availability of funding. • A comprehensive requirements document, including all application functions, UI constraints and, icon requirements. • Final delivery formats will be specified by the client, but are assumed to be vector, PNG and/or SWF format. UKIRE  -­‐                            (Cloud  client  control  panel)       14