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Pressures on Young People
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Pressures on Young People



A Presentation to Berkhamsted School Year 9 Parents on the Pressures facing Young People by The Principal, Mark S.Steed, on Thursday 29th November, 2013

A Presentation to Berkhamsted School Year 9 Parents on the Pressures facing Young People by The Principal, Mark S.Steed, on Thursday 29th November, 2013



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Pressures on Young People Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Pressures on Young PeopleSex, Drugs and Rock „n‟ Roll [Well “Parties” – Ed] A Principal’s Forum for Parents Mark S. Steed, MA (Cantab.), MA (Nottingham) Principal Thursday, 29 November 2012
  • 2. Tonight‟s AgendaBody ImageComputer GamesSexDrugsAlcoholPartiesBerkhamsted‟s ApproachOpen Forum
  • 3. Young People‟s Agenda
  • 4. Young People‟s Agenda
  • 5. Young People‟s Agenda Horoscopes Lads Fashion & Tune in Beauty Love & StuffFun & Games Celebs
  • 6. Young People‟s Agenda LifestyleWeight LossFitness Style Nutrition Health Sex
  • 7. Pressures on Young PeopleBody Image
  • 8. Pressures on Young People Body Image Dove - Onslaught http://youtu.be/aJN-3yTr3KU
  • 9. Pressures on Young People Body Image Dove - Evolutionhttp://youtu.be/5XF66Ku4a9U
  • 10. Berkhamsted‟s Stance Body ImagePSHE• Year 7 Eating and Exercise (Jan) and Rights (Feb).• Year 8 Self esteem, Advertising and Situations.• Year 9 Nutrition Talk, Eating and Identity.• Year 10 Identity.• Year 11 Prejudice, Diversity and Eating.
  • 11. Berkhamsted‟s Stance Body Image• Strong Tutorial system• Peer Supporters• Monitoring of Meals• Counselling• Monitoring and advice on use of weights• Strong links with external agencies
  • 12. Pressures on Young PeopleComputer Games
  • 13. Pressures on Young People Computer Games• The average child aged 8 to 12 plays 13 hours of video games a week• The average child aged 12 to 14 plays 13 hours of video games a week.• The average young person will have played 10,000 video games by the age of 21
  • 14. Pressures on Young People Computer GamesSome Strategies• No tech an hour before bed.• No tech upstairs.• No Wii in the week.
  • 15. Pressures on Young People Sex
  • 16. Pressures on Young People Sex• Women have their first sexual experience (as opposed to sexual intercourse) at the age of 14 and men aged 13.• 26% of women and 30% of men (aged 16-19) report having sexual intercourse before the age of 16.• The majority of 16-19 year olds report their first heterosexual intercourse aged 16Source: The Government Funded National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles
  • 17. Pressures on Young People Sex• 18% of men and 22% of women who had first intercourse at 13 or 14 used no contraception compared to 8% of men and 9% of women who had first intercourse aged 16• 25% of women under 16 at the time of their first intercourse reported they did not attend a service for contraception because they were worried about confidentiality and 40% because of worries about their age compared with 12% and 6% respectively of over 16s. Sources: The Government Funded National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles Brook Advisory Service Survey: Young peoples sex advice services; delays, triggers and contraceptive use
  • 18. Berkhamsted‟s Stance Under-age Sex• Sexual Intercourse before the „Age of Consent‟ is a reportable offence• We have a statutory duty to report all such incidents to the Social Services Department
  • 19. Berkhamsted‟s Stance Under-age SexWhere we have clear evidence of under-age sex• We will inform Social Services• We will inform the parents of both pupils involved• We will offer counsellingBUT the School Nurse and School Chaplain can be approached in confidence
  • 20. Berkhamsted‟s Stance Under-age Sex• If one pupil is under-age, we consider that pupil a victim.• This is not a disciplinary issue if not “on our watch”.
  • 21. Berkhamsted‟s Stance Under-age SexKey factors for Social Services Department• Is there a “Power Imbalance” [i.e. age difference]?• Was the act consensual?• Has there been a formal complaint?
  • 22. Berkhamsted‟s StanceSex [Over 16] on Berkhamsted‟s watchAny pupil [over 16] caught having sex (or with the clear intention of so doing)• in school grounds/ or on school trips• when in the care of Berkhamsted staffis liable to be suspended or expelled
  • 23. Drugs
  • 24. Policy on DrugsTwo Approaches:• “Fire and Forget” – Zero Tolerance – Expulsion for First Offence• “Protect and Support” – Protect the community – Support Pupils and Parents
  • 25. Policy on Drugs• Education: – PSHE programme• Partnership: – Working with Parents• Sanctions: – Testing Programmes – Expulsion
  • 26. Policy on Drug DealingAny pupils who – sell drugs, – possess them with intent to supply, – distribute them, whether on or off the school premises, in or out of term timewill be expelled.
  • 27. The Compulsory Drugs Testing Programme Any pupil who is caught in possession of drugs, or using drugs, will be put onto the School Compulsory Drug Testing Programmeor, if parental co-operation is refused, will be required to leave the School.
  • 28. The Compulsory Drugs Testing ProgrammeWhen on the Compulsory Drug Testing Programme, a confirmed positive test result is very likely lead to expulsionregardless of when or where the drugs were taken
  • 29. The Voluntary Drugs Testing Programme• Suspicion of using drugs• Parental support will be requested for them to be put onto the Voluntary Drug Testing Programme.• A confirmed positive test result will lead to being put on the Compulsory Drugs testing programme – regardless of when or where the drugs were taken
  • 30. How the Drugs Testing Programmes Work• A simple urine test. – Two samples will be taken at a time. – If the „in-house‟ sample is positive, the second sample may be sent for full laboratory testing.• Tested at random intervals without prior notification.• The testing programme will be at the parents‟ expense.
  • 31. Policy on Drugs• Support for Pupils – A reason to refuse• Support for Parents – Offering testing facility• Protecting our Community – A clear message about drugs
  • 32. Alcohol
  • 33. Alcohol at BerkhamstedTerms of Licence• Sixth Form only• Social context• Cannot be sold• Must be supervised by StaffSchool Trips• No alcohol on School Trips
  • 34. Parties
  • 35. “School” Parties outside Berkhamsted • Issues: – Parental Supervision [or lack of] – Availability of Alcohol
  • 36. “School” Parties outside Berkhamsted • We cannot take responsibility for what happens at these parties • We cannot advise parents on the suitability of a particular party
  • 37. “School” Parties outside Berkhamsted Our Advice: Alcohol • No alcohol before the 16th Birthday party circuit • No (pouring) spirits during their school years • Limit the amount of alcohol available • Beware of young people drinking before the party • Search bags for alcohol
  • 38. “School” Parties outside Berkhamsted Our Advice: Supervision • Ratio of 1:10 + one additional adult • There need to be designated drivers
  • 39. Email: principal@berkhamstedschool.orgTwitter: @independentheadBlog: http://independenthead.blogspot.com
  • 40. Pressures on Young People Open Forum on Body ImageHow can parents and the School work together to help young people cope with the pressure relating to body image?
  • 41. Open Forum on Sex• At what age would you want to be informed if it came to the School‟s attention that your son or daughter were sexually active?
  • 42. Open Forum on Drugs• If you were to have suspicions or if you were to catch your son or daughter taking drugs, what would you do?
  • 43. Open Forum on Alcohol• Do you draw a distinction between beer, wine and spirits at home?• What are your views on “Alcopops”?
  • 44. Open Forum on Alcohol• At what age do you think that it is right for young people to drink alcohol at home context? – Unsupervised?• At what age?
  • 45. Open Forum on Parties • How much communication do you have with other parents over parties? • At what age would you let your son or daughter sleep over at a party? • What level of supervision is possible at a party? • At what age should alcohol be available at parties?