White pepper 4th july digital convergence


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Digital Convergence

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White pepper 4th july digital convergence

  1. 1. 04-07-2012 1
  2. 2. What is Digital Convergence ?04-07-2012 2
  3. 3. Digital ConvergenceLet us break the term “Digital Convergence”Digital (not Analog) refers to electronic packets of 1s and 0s to represent objects anddata.while,Convergence means unifying different technologies, processes & channels.So Digital Convergence is the technological merger of several industries - computers,communications, consumer electronics, entertainment, and mass media - throughvarious devices that exchange information in common electronic or digital formats.04-07-2012 4
  4. 4. Bridging of Digital Devices through hardware & software interactions Physical + Virtual tagging of previously unconnected devices Digital ConvergenceMP4 PlayerCamera Physical + VirtualRadio TaggingNews Of DevicesGames MapsNetworking
  5. 5. But, Are We There Yet?04-07-2012 6
  6. 6. Table 1: Time spent and activities on Smartphones 15-24 yrs. 31 + yrs. Total Time spent on the Smart Phone 3 hours 2 hours Total Time spent on Browsing & Entertainment 2 hours 1 hour Total Time spent on Chat & SMS 31 minutes 15 minutesSource: Nielsen Informate Mobile InsightTable 2: Apps and gaming behavior by Operating System Android™ Users Symbian™ UsersNo. of App downloads in a month 19 10Gaming Usage 84% 59%Primary Download Location Android Market App Ovi Store SiteSource: Nielsen Informate Mobile Insights
  7. 7. Key Findings by Nielsen Informate Mobile Insights1. Smartphone users in India are using their phones for more than 2.5 hrs. per day, of which communication (calls, SMS, emails) accounts for only 28% of usage2. Younger Smartphone users (15-25 yr. olds) spend more than 3 hrs. per day on their phones and spend 60% of the time on entertainment & browsing e.g., gaming, surfing the net and multimedia3. 68% of 15-24 year olds used a chat app last month as compared to 42% for the 31+ year olds; and4. Data usage for 3G users was close to 44% more than 2G users5. An Android user installs an average of 19 apps in a month compared to 10 apps for a Symbian user6. 84% of Android users played a game in the last month compared to 59% for Symbian users Indian Smartphone Users Now Spend More Time on Content Than Voice and SMS: Nielsen and Informate form Strategic Alliance for Insights on Indias Emerging Smartphone Consumers
  8. 8. Is Digital Convergence Driving Mass Adoption of Mobile ?04-07-2012 9
  9. 9. Insights Into Usage Patterns of Mobile
  10. 10. How Can Brand Manager Benefit From The Ever Growing Digital Convergence04-07-2012 11
  11. 11. How To leverage Mobile as a Marketing tool ?I wish to reiterate that “Mobile is not just a taking device anymore; it is an ocean ofapps, games, videos, chat messengers, social media connect, maps, GPS, LBS & muchmore”.So I, as a user, have evolved when it comes to communicating, why are you as a brand,that I live with, still stuck on the traditional communication methods(TV/Radio/Newspaper)
  12. 12. What Next ?04-07-2012 13
  13. 13. Keep an eye on .. Mobile Couponing Near Field Communication (NFC)M Commerce Augmented Reality Gamification of Brands Location Based Services
  14. 14. Thursday, 4th July 2012 Thanks for your time. Kumar Gaurav +91 95604 52199Source: Inspiration from the presentation of Lynne d Johnson, R/GA http://www.nielsen.com/in/en/news-insights/press-room/2011/indian-smartphone-users.html 04-07-2012 15