Mobile on a gallop


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Mobile Evolving as an effective Marketing Tool.

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Mobile on a gallop

  1. 1. Mobile March 27Marketingon agallop 2012Mobile as a marketing tool has evolved as a great interaction mediumfor Brands. With digital convergence there is more number of peopleaccessing content via mobile than other medium (Newspaper, Radio, MobileTV, Web Based Internet etc.) Here the question is not whether “Mobilecan be used as a marketing tool?” People are already texting, sharing & Marketingcommunicating on Mobile. The question is “Are you ready for it?”
  2. 2. Mobile on a gallop, stealing budgets fromtraditional mediaM obile advertising works when used as part of a cross-media campaign and dialogue.According to Berg In-sight, mobile will account for 15.2 per cent of global online ad spend in 2016. Thetotal value of the global mobile marketing and advertising market will grow from $3.4 billion in 2010 at acompound annual growth rate of 37 per cent to $22.4 billion in 2016.Mobile advertisingmatured drastically in 2011, with more sophisticated ad units and campaignexecutions. This maturation has made consumers more open to mobile ads.According to Nielsen’s State of the Media:Consumer Usage Report, 51 per cent of consumers say that they are OK with advertising on theirdevices if it means they can access content for free.For 2012 expect to see more integration of social into mobile ads and marketing programs. Also,location will be a key aspect of mobile marketing and advertising strategy. Larger budgets will lead tohigher fill rates for publishers.Why invest in mobile marketing?By R. Cass BakerIn the beginning, mobile marketing was about brand building and consumer engagement. It was aboutbright, shiny, interactive marketing designed to en-gender loyalty, awareness and brand promise. Andit was about showing innovation and life in an emerging advertising channel. Today, it is about muchmore. It has to be.Mobile’s growth According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s October 2011 ―State of MobileMeasurement‖ report, the growth in mobile advertising spends and consumer usage requires soundmeasurement and reliable methodologies to understand audience behaviour and ad effectiveness.As with any other marketing investment, C-level executives expect a measurable, high-value ROI inthe form of new revenue and profits. It is no longer good enough to offer applications or mobilegames, and to justify the investment in the form of fans. So why invest in mobile marketing?Invest in mobileWhile consumers are busier than ever, they also are more heavily engaged. They are on their mobiledevices day and night. And one thing is clear – when they are researching a specific product orservice from these devices, they are ready to buy. Consumers research a brand on mobile becausethey have an urgent need, and they are looking to ad-dress it while on the go. It may be scheduling animmediate home service request, signing up for a new credit card before a big vacation or evenshopping for a car.1|Page
  3. 3. Through mobile devices, consumers can quickly assess the information they need to make adecision, making them even more determined to buy right now. If you can deliver the right mobileexperience at the right time — and in the context of a broadly integrated marketing campaign — youwin.Connecting the dotsWhen the rubber hits the road, most brands find it difficult to connect the dots between mobileengagement and sales.The reality is that revenue through mobile marketing has very little to do with mobile marketing in itsown right, and everything to do with understanding your consumers and the purchase experiencesthey desire.Increasingly, today’s consumers are turning to mobile at pivotal points in a sales process. Successdepends on guiding the consumer through a seamless, end-to-end experience — from initial mobileimpression through to Web sites and call centres — to create targeted, data-rich experiences thatdrive high-value, high-margin purchases.If you can craft the right experience from start to finish, the mobile channel is incredibly measurable,proven and successful. Without question, mobile can play a pivotal role in driving significant,incremental revenue to your business this year. Success depends on tying its impact all the waythrough to the ultimate outcome — sales.2|Page
  4. 4. Basic principles of mobile marketingBy Stephen UpstoneReach – mobile reach means establishing the first point of mobile interaction, such as a banner ad ona mobile Web site or QR code on a billboard and the call to action that drives the mobile user to click.Engage – once the consumer has responded to a call to action, you are now ready to engage andconvert them into a profitable relationship.Analyse – measuring the success of your on-going campaign will help you adjust your strategy asyour campaign progresses, so make sure you have a strong technology platform that enables thiscapability.3|Page
  5. 5. How to craft a mobile advertising campaignBy Alison GensheimerA successful mobile advertising campaign is a combination of goals, statistics, creativity and anintuitive knowledge of the mobile consumer.Step oneStart with the end in mind.When we began as marketers and media buyers, we did little without a clearly defined goal.However, innovative technologies made it more difficult to measure, so we all started throwing thingsat the wall just to see what would stick. Not anymore.Advancements in targeting and end-to-end reporting enable us once again to have a goal. Goals canbe as simple as generating clicks or as complex as in-store visits.Step twoUnderstand and respect the consumer. As more devices enter the mainstream, the more consumersare bombarded with advertisements.You likely have a great brand, one that you are very proud of, but just because your brand is greatdoes not naturally mean that consumers will give up their time and energy to engage with it.The formula is simple. Offer consumers value in a quick engaging manner.Two clicks and they are in.Step threeConsider the complete user experience, not just the media advertisement.The advertisement is just the beginning.Think through where the user entered the ad.What did they give up to engage with your brand?What will they do next?Step FourBe creative and do not be afraid to try something new.We were only able to arrive at this moment because those before us succeed and failed.They put themselves out there.To quote Steve Jobs, ―Be hungry, be foolish.‖Also be ready, it may not work. But what you have gained is something greater. You now knowsomething that no one else knows, that it did not work.4|Page
  6. 6. How can I use Mobile in my MarketingCampaigns?A few ways of using Mobile as a marketing tool is as follows:  Brand property around missed call (A missed call backed by SMS, Voice Message, Video etc.)  Contests or Game (Voice / SMS / WAP / APP)  Access a mobile coupon  Download an app.  Like us on Facebook  Fill out a brief survey.  Opt in for SMS alerts  Vote for your favourite.  Search for a local business & map it.  Click to call5|Page
  7. 7. Three best-practice tips for evaluating mobile adperformanceBy Bill DinanKnow how you want to measureMore so than other digital channels, mobile offers the opportunity to measure and gain additionalinsight beyond the click.Focus on your creative content strategyToday, mobile content does not offer the same breadth and depth as traditional or digital creativecontent so a targeted content strategy is key.Optimize mobile interaction detailsThere is no better way to use measurement stats than to feed them back into the program to improveyour lead rate. This starts with a simple and concise measurement tool that does not overcomplicatethe metrics and can clearly display aggregate trending data.Number & frequency of hits, engagement time, levels played, call duration etc., can be a goodmeasure.Finally, a stand-alone mobile campaign can succeed only when it is integrated to the overallmarketing campaign and made well visible by integrating it with the overall ATL & BTL campaigns. Tuesday, 27 March 2012Thanks for your time.Kumar Gaurav+91 95604 521996|Page
  8. 8. Please Note:Some excerpts of this document are taken from Mobile Marketer Classic Guide to Mobile Advertising.7|Page