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CommNexus Software Trends - 9/26/2013

CommNexus Software Trends - 9/26/2013



The 10 hottest trends in social media marketing, aggregation, automation, and engagement right now.

The 10 hottest trends in social media marketing, aggregation, automation, and engagement right now.



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  • In today’s marketing environment, we still have the same traditional goals as before, the difference is that we can now leverage social software to attract, nurture, prioritize, and sell to our ideal prospects. Better yet, rather than spending money on a traditional print ad or billboard or tv/radio commercial, we can now invest our marketing dollars that will allow us to measure the effectiveness of our campaigns and demonstrate true ROI.
  • The biggest common misconception about social media and social software is that it’s free. Well, the answer is: Yes and No. While such engaging social sites as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, and more are free, the ability for a corporation to use them effectively…sadly, is not. There is always the additional “invisible” costs of time, talent, and money for training, technical support, and other “value added” components that when used properly will enable your social marketer to perform more effectively and efficiently.
  • Today, I will reveal 10 of the hottest social software tricks for aggregation, automation, and engagement with your online audience.
  • Viral Heat Perfect for social listening, engagement with key influentials, cultivation of customer groups, and customized search threads of key topics. By creating custom searches, you can engage with each of your different audiences in a very personal way segmented by your product line or various service offerings.
  • HootSuite Perfect for monitoring activity across multiple social platforms such as: Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, etc. It also gives you the ability to engage with multiple social sites and schedule posts through the platform.
  • OnlyWire Perfect for connecting your blog to over 50+ social media sites for instant posting the moment your blog post goes live. When you setup an OnlyWire account, you can set it so that when a new blog post goes live it will automatically post in 50 or more of your social accounts at once so that you don’t have to manually publish on each site.
  • bit.ly Perfect for tracking your content via a URL shortener generated as blog posts, articles, white papers, or case studies across multiple platforms. It allows you to track how, when, and where your content is shared on a content basis as opposed to a platform basis. So, you can track if a particular blog post trended as opposed to monitoring the performance of just one social platform like Facebook.
  • GoSquared Perfect for a different, visual-based interpretation of your website’s performance. Gives you the ability to auto-generate a daily notification via email that details how content posted the previous day and your website as a whole performed. Robust dashboard that lets you look at multiple analytic points at the same time.
  • CrazyEgg Perfect for tracking the interaction of actual users on your website to make decisions such as what items should be clickable and more. It allows you to generate reports such as: browser window size, operation systems, countries, etc. It also gives you confetti tracking so you can see where the mouse went before they clicked and scroll mapping so you can see how far down the page the majority of your audience actually goes. Great for deciding what formats and sizes to use in your next website.
  • AdStack Perfect for multi-variate testing of designs, calls to action, messaging, and imagery within your emails and landing pages. Gives you the ability to test brand elements, marketing messaging, and more as the software allows you to embed a URL within your HTML so that each user is sent the same HTML reference file via your ESP or theirs but it auto serves the one that performs the best so that you get statistically significant analytics and are guaranteed the best possible open rates and click thrus for your marketing efforts.
  • BlueHornet Perfect for virtual email engagement via your Email Software Platform (ESP) that automates part of the sales process and prequalifies leads for your sales team. Imagine filling out a form via a website to request a free consultation and automatically receiving an email saying that a sales person will contact you within 24 hours. Then, 3 days later receiving a link to download a white paper on a subject that is of interest to you, defined by one of the survey questions you filled out on the form. Then, 5 days later receiving a special offer or discount towards your inquiry. Imagine all of these emails tied to your Sales CRM so that the trigger email only goes out if the prospect hasn’t closed by the time it’s ready for the next triggered item to go out. That’s the beauty of a triggered campaign. It automates part of the sales process to prequalify a lead via their engagement with content and to add several virtual touch points that make it easier for sales team to sell and close leads.
  • Multiple Applications Perfect for making your various software systems talk to one another. When you setup a 2-way API integration, you enable your ESP and your CRM or your Analytics and your CRM to talk to one another. In essence, it syncs their databases so that if you update a contact in one location, it will automatically update in the other so you only have to enter data once. When you’re vetting potential software solutions, always be sure to ask how easy it is to setup their API integration with your other existing software solutions so that your streamlining your database maintenance and data entry into your CRM. If they don’t offer it, then look into Mashery to have them setup your API integration.
  • HubSpot Perfect for spying on potential prospects that are unwilling to fill out a form on your website. Big brother is always watching. With HubSpot, you too can have the advantages of big brother on your side. Their one feature of IP sniffing for potential prospects in essence becomes your warm lead list for your sales team. Rather than cold calling and guessing which companies might need your product or service, you can supply a prospect list of companies that have been sniffed out by IP address and location. Then, all you have to do is determine the 2 or 3 titles that might be the decision maker and call them rather than a traditional dialing for dollars strategy.
  • Obviously, I could probably go on another hour about all the coolest software options that are now available to marketers today, but we’re out of time. I hope you’ve enjoyed this short list of my personal favorites. Please feel free to ask me questions at the end of this panel presentation.

CommNexus Software Trends - 9/26/2013 CommNexus Software Trends - 9/26/2013 Presentation Transcript