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Transaction analysis
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Transaction analysis


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Infinity Business School Personality Enhancement Program (PEP I) Neeraj Batra / Session 01
  • 2. Infinity Business School PEP I TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSIS (TA) Understanding Personal & Interpersonal Relationships Neeraj Batra/ Transactional Analysis
  • 3. Infinity Business School PEP I Introduction o Concept By Eric Berne, Father Of Personality Analysis o Tracks the concept of Identity and its key components o Conventionally Adolescence is a period of Identity Crisis o It is the Twilight period between Childhood and Adulthood o Berne however felt that stress and conflict persists perpetually o He divided each personality into three components-Parent, Adult & Child Neeraj Batra/ Transactional Analysis
  • 4. Infinity Business School PEP I The Components o Each personality is an amalgam and interaction of these three components o No one has a single, solid, consistent character at all times o This creates dissonance and Identity crisis even for adults o The personality Berne felt is more fluid and not solid and consistent o We may at times act childlike (selfish), adult like (realistic) and Parent like (preachy) o These three "ego" states are the main basis for TA Neeraj Batra/ Transactional Analysis
  • 5. Infinity Business School PEP I Other Key Concepts o A Transaction : communication/inter exchange between people o TA involves analyzing the ego states people are transacting in o The concept of Life Script- the predominant way we conduct our life o This is a pre-conscious life plan on the way we live our lives o Many of these stem from self limiting decisions made in childhood o Concepts such as Strokes, Stamp Collection and Games (Socially dysfunctional behaviour) Neeraj Batra/ Transactional Analysis
  • 6. Infinity Business School PEP I The Parent o The Parent is an iconic status symbol o Demands conformity, control and authority o Uses sanctions, rewards and encouragement o Through absorbed conditioning we sub-consciously pick our parents behaviour patterns o Our Parent personality accordingly has a huge memory of recorded playbacks o Parent personalities : linked with "How to", "Never", "Don't" and "Under no circumstances" o Further classified into the Nurturing Parent & The Controlling Parent Neeraj Batra/ Transactional Analysis
  • 7. Infinity Business School PEP I Nurturing & Controlling Parent o The Nurturing Parent is encouraging, overprotective, rewards and passes good morals o Although the Nurturing Parent cares for the Child it can Smother the Childs development/initiative o The Controlling Parent is strict and judgmental o Wants the Child to succeed on the Parents index and terms o The Controlling Parent does not tolerate arguments very well: Can lead to Apathy Neeraj Batra/ Transactional Analysis
  • 8. Infinity Business School PEP I The Adult o Our ability to think and act based on data and situations is our Adult ability o This is adapted Vs learnt behaviour o The Adult is seldom emotional and is detached o Adults are preoccupied with handling stimuli and taking decisions o The Adults style is more "How do you say that", "What makes you so sure" o Adults are calm not easily swayed by rhetoric and involve active listening Neeraj Batra/ Transactional Analysis
  • 9. Infinity Business School PEP I The Child o Our Internal Feelings to external events is our Child status o The Child is in control when anger, despair and excitement is dominant o The Child uses instinct, impulse and emotion for transacting o Berne identifies 3 Child States of Natural Child, Adapted Child and Lawyer Child Neeraj Batra/ Transactional Analysis
  • 10. Infinity Business School PEP I Natural, Adapted Child o THE NATURAL CHILD Curious, Inquisitive, Trusting, Loving and Aggressive o THE ADAPTED CHILD Has learnt how to deal with adults Procrastinates (no trouble if you don’t take decisions) Is a dreamer (expression of hidden desires) Is compliant (Eager to Please) Neeraj Batra/ Transactional Analysis
  • 11. Infinity Business School PEP I Lawyer Child o THE LAWYER CHILD Always seeks transgression Seeks forbidden rules Seeks this transgression : - without breaking laws - or without detection Neeraj Batra/ Transactional Analysis
  • 12. Infinity Business School PEP I Summary o The Parent is thus our "TAUGHT CONCEPT OF LIFE" o The Adult is our "THOUGHT CONCEPT OF LIFE" o The Child is our " FELT CONCEPT OF LIFE" Neeraj Batra/ Transactional Analysis
  • 13. Infinity Business School PEP I PARENT Natural Parent Controlling Parent ADULT CHILD Natural Child Lawyer Child Adapted Child Neeraj Batra/ Transactional Analysis
  • 14. Infinity Business School PEP I Transactions: Key Concepts o Verbal Communication emotes 7 % thru words, 38 % thru paralinguistic and 55 % by gestures o The Person sending the stimuli is called an Agent o The person responding is called a respondent o Interpersonal skills breakdown when our alter ego state clashes with the respondents o This may happen as agents or as respondents o Transactions can be broken into Complementary and Crossed Transactions Neeraj Batra/ Transactional Analysis
  • 15. Infinity Business School PEP I Complementary Transactions o For successful interpersonal/communication skills Transactions must be Complementary o Adult To Adult o These also happen if they go back and forth from a receiving ego state to the sending ego state o Parent to Child stimuli responded with Child to Parent would be complementary Neeraj Batra/ Transactional Analysis
  • 16. Infinity Business School PEP I Complementary Transactions P P A A C C Neeraj Batra/ Transactional Analysis
  • 17. Infinity Business School PEP I Crossed Transactions o In Crossed Transactions there is averse reaction from one or both parties o These are transactions where alter ego states are at variance on to and from inter exchange Neeraj Batra/ Transactional Analysis
  • 18. Infinity Business School PEP I Crossed Transaction P P A A C C Neeraj Batra/ Transactional Analysis
  • 19. Infinity Business School PEP I Ulterior Transactions o Ulterior Transactions are the most damaging. o In these the same person displays two ego states o Usually happens where you say something and mean or do another o These cause huge interpersonal transaction breakdowns Neeraj Batra/ Transactional Analysis
  • 20. Infinity Business School PEP I Stimuli of Adult, Child and Parent o ADULT (PHYSICAL) - Attentive, interested, straight forward, non threatening o ADULT (VERBAL) - Why, what, how, where, reasoned/ opinion statements o CHILD (PHYSICAL) - Emotional, Despair, tantrums, shrugging shoulders, squirming, giggling o CHILD (VERBAL) - I wish, I don’t care, whatever, Oh no, worst day/best day of my life, superlatives o PARENT (PHYSICAL) - Arms folded, finger pointing, threatening o PARENT (VERBAL) - Don’t you dare, Should not, Without my permission, T A helps an understanding based on stimuli on what alter ego state to adapt Neeraj Batra/ Transactional Analysis