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FREE E-Book: Easy Guide to Google+ for Business


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Learn How To Reach Your Customers On Google+ And Set You Apart From Your Competition The Smart Way!

Learn How To Reach Your Customers On Google+ And Set You Apart From Your Competition The Smart Way!

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  • 1. Easy Guide to Google+ for Business r Page 1
  • 2. Easy Guide to Google+ for Business Easy Guide to Google+ for Business “How To Reach Your Customers On Google+ And Set You Apart From Your Competition The Smart Way!” Page 2
  • 3. Easy Guide to Google+ for BusinessTABLE OF CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS ........................................................................................ 3LEGAL NOTICE .................................................................................................... 4AUTHOR...……………………………………………………………………………….4WHAT IS GOOGLE+? .......................................................................................... 5GETTING STARTED WITH GOOGLE+................................................................ 6ACCESSING GOOGLE+ ...................................................................................... 7CUSTOMIZING YOUR GOOGLE+ ACCOUNT FOR MAXIMUM EXPOSURE... 11CREATING CIRCLES ......................................................................................... 15IDENTIFYING YOUR CONTENT WITHIN THE GOOGLE+ COMMUNITY ........ 16GOOGLE+ PAGES ............................................................................................. 17MARKETING TOOLS ......................................................................................... 21HANGOUTS ....................................................................................................... 30TIPS & TRICKS .................................................................................................. 35ABOUT US ......................................................................................................... 37 Page 3
  • 4. Easy Guide to G Google+ for Business rLE EGAL NO OTICEThe Publisher has strive to be as accurate and comp e r ed s plete as pos ssible in th hecrea ation of this report, notwithstan n nding the fa that he does not w act warrant orrepresent at a time th the contents within are accu any hat urate due to the rapid o dlycha anging natu of the I ure Internet.While all attem mpts have been mad to verify informatio provided in this de y on d blication, th Publishe assume no respopub he er es onsibility fo errors, omissions, or orcon ntrary interp pretation o the subje matter herein. Any perceive slights of of ect ed ospe ecific perso ons, people or orga es, anizations a uninten are ntional.In p practical ad dvice book like anything else in life, ther are no g ks, re guarantees of sinco ome made Readers are cautio e. oned to rep on their own judgm ply ment about theirindi ividual circ cumstances to act accordingly. sThis book is n intende for use a a source of legal, business, accounting or s not ed as gfina ancial advic All read ce. ders are ad dvised to s seek servic of competent cesprof fessionals in legal, business, a accounting, and finance field. ,You are encouraged to print this b u book for ea reading asy g. Page 4
  • 5. Easy Guide to G Google+ for Business rAu uthor Dragan Mes strovic; I am in sales and marke m eting since 1992 e an in intern marketing since 1 nd net 1997. Dragan is an Inbound Markeitng Professional, Certified n HubSpot Pa Authorized Inbound Marketing artner and A d Ed ducator. Get in touch with Dra agan: Twit tter, Faceb book, Link kedInWh Is Google+? hat ?"If Facebook a Twitte had a ba F and er aby, theyd call it Goo ogle+" - Ola Wempe afThe eres major buzz in th marketin space r r he ng regarding Googles newest add G dition to ess, "Goog Plus (+the social med madne dia gle +)".Som believe Google P me e Plus will quickly replac Twitter, as it provi ce ides an easierway to manag and com y ge mmunicate with friend e ds.Oth hers believe that Goo e ogle Plus w be a valuable add will dition to the persona eir alcon nnections, a for ma and arketers, it offers a w whole new w of reac way ching out a andnetw working wi other en ith ntrepreneu in your niche mar urs rket.In ju a few w ust weeks of beta launch Google+ has amas h, ssed more than 12 millionuse with ov a billion pieces of content being poste througho Google ers, ver n f ed out e+eve single d ery day.While Google has rolle out its services to focus on the average user and e+ ed e d Page 5
  • 6. Easy Guide to G Google+ for Business rindi ividual, the have cre ey eated extensions with Google primarily for businesses. hin e+ yStill thousand of Intern Marketers and en l, ds net ntrepreneurs have alr ready start tedusin Google+ to further their outr ng reach, connect with their target audience and velop relationships with new padev artners and networkin opportun d ng nities.Within this rep port, well t take a clos look at how Goog ser gle+ works, what it ca do , anfor your busin ness and how you can further c customize y your Google Plus acc count.OK, lets begin. etting Started W Google+Ge WithGoo ogle+ was developed on a very simple fo d y oundation. Rather tha adding friends aninto one comm o munity bas you can segment your conta se, n acts by add ding them into"cir rcles".You can call y u your circles anything you wish, such as "F s Friends", "N NetworkPar rtners", or e even "Customers". Y can als have as many circ You so s cles as you wish. uThe best thing about your circles is that they are kept p e g y private, so that even whenyou add some u eone to your circle, th only se that you hey ee uve added them as a d nnection, not what circon rcle you ad dded them into. oined GoogWhen I first jo gle+, I set u 4 circles. One for friends, pa up artners, fam mily, stomers and "warriors where I added evecus s" eryone I kn new, and co ommunica atedwith from the Warrior Fo h orum.By doing this, I can post content th goes out only to s t hat specific cir rcles, allow wingme to "tailor" my conten and upda nt ates based on segme d ented grou of cont ups tacts.This is VERY powerful, because in s nstead of p posting an update as you would on s dFac cebook or T Twitter, an your ent followin base be nd tire ng eing able to see it, yo can o ou Page 6
  • 7. Easy Guide to G Google+ for Business rcrea conten around s ate nt specific aud diences, w which gives you the opportunity tocon nnect in a v very differe and far more per ent, r rsonalized way.You could cre u eate a circle around e existing cus stomers an post up nd pdates aboutvari ious niche markets, o even run a newsle or n etter straigh through your Goog ht gle+con ntacts!Ac ccessing Google g e+To access Go oogle Plus, visit http:/ , // , o if you are logged in an or e nto sting Gmai account, you will se the optio to connexis il ee on nect at the top left cor rner ofyou email administratio page. ur onYou can also access Go u oogle+ thro ough the m menu items on the top right han of s p ndyou Gmail ac ur ccount. adding you into their circlesWhenever you receive a new alert such as someone a t, uor p posting a c comment or update, t notifica the ation box w appear in red, alon with will ngthe number of updates t f that have t taken place e.This makes it exceptionally easy f you to s s for stay on top of new ale and up p erts pdates,righ from you GMail ac ht ur ccount!Her res a quick overview of what G k w Google+ loo like fro your administrativ oks om vedas shboard: Page 7
  • 8. Easy Guide to G Google+ for Business rYou will find the number of people who have added yo into circles on the left u r e e ouhan side of y nd your profile main pa e’s age, with th people you’ve cho he osen to add incirc cles below that.Kee in mind that you can decide to allow ev ep c veryone who visits yo profile page ourto s the num see mber of pe eople you h cles, as we as who has added you – have in circ ell dor y can choose to blo visibilit you ock ty.To customize this option click on the “Edit” l n, link from th main pa of your he age rprof as shown below: fileNex click on the globe icon that a xt, appears rig next to your circle as show ght es wnbelo ow. Page 8
  • 9. Easy Guide to G Google+ for Business rWhen you do this, an op ption table will appea as show below. Y can no ar, wn You ow oose to allo anyone on the we to see th people in your circcho ow eb he cles, or cho ooseto a allow only p people with your circles to be able to se it. hin e ee Page 9
  • 10. Easy Guide to G Google+ for Business rClic “Finished Editing at the to of your p ck g” op profile pag when yo have finished ge oucus stomizing y your profile visibility a options e and s.The are other parts of your profile page an Google+ account that you sh ere f nd + hould imize. Lets take a quick look at how you can twea your proopti a u ak ofile for bot the thsea arch engine and tho who land on your profile an add you into their circles. es, ose r nd Page 10
  • 11. Easy Guide to G Google+ for Business rCu ustomizing Your Google Account For Maximu Expo r e+ um osureYou want to ta the tim to custo u ake me omize your Google+ account, so that you are r aable to tweak your searc engine ranking da e ch ata.For example, when your Google+ profile bec r comes visible in the s search eng gines,it m look so may omething like this:You Google+ profile is very impor ur + rtant as it h helps Goog identify you as a gle ycon ntent developer, and author, as well as we ebsite visit tors who vi iew your pr rofilelisting within s search resu ults.The first thing that you w e g want to pay attention to is the a y actual head dline/title of yourprof page, a it becom a part of your se file as mes earch engin listing. neCon nsider impo ortant keyw words that will captur attention and spea directly to your re n aktarg audienc Keep i mind tha Google+ only displays a few characters from get ce. in at + syou link so m ur make sure t that you ch hoose keyw words care efully so the arent eytrun ncated.You should al custom u lso mize your G Google+ pr rofile to inc clude direct links to yo t ourweb bsite or blo og.You can add links to you profile b clicking on “Edit Pr u ur by rofile” and clicking th d heglob icon as shown below: be Page 11
  • 12. Easy Guide to G Google+ for Business rOne thing to k e keep in min that you should cr nd u reate an “A About Me” page on yourweb bsite or blo that you can then feature ins og u side of you Google+ profile. urWhen adding links to yo Google profile p our e+ page, you’ll be given t opportunity to the oose a sing link that represents who you are, and provides mcho gle t u more inform mationabo you. out Page 12
  • 13. Easy Guide to G Google+ for Business rThis link will a s appear insi of your search en ide r ngine listing for your G g ofile Google proand again, he d elps to dete ermine who you are, and what y o you’re all a about.In a addition, Google+ brings a new way of rec w commending content and highlighting tmat terial on th web. On you ha activat your Google+ acc he nce ave ted count, you willnoti a “+1” f ice featured ne to ever search li ext ry isting, as s shown belo ow: Page 13
  • 14. Easy Guide to G Google+ for Business rWhen you clic the +1 ic ck con, you essentially s store this w website as part of yourGoo ogle Profile and all r e, recommend web links appea under the +1 sectio of ded ar e onyou Google a ur account. If you “+1” y f your own c content, or Google de r etects it as syou they will list that c urs, content on the +1 tab of your profile. bThis takes pla automa s ace atically, as soon as y have added at lea one pa of s you ast agecon ntent to you +1 listing ur g! oogle Prof on contYou can also choose to add a link to your Go u k file tent pages, bsites and blogs that you own, further encweb t couraging interaction and helpi n ingGoo ogle to identify your c content.You can easily create a Google+ b u button at:http p://www.go ers/profilebutton/ webmaste Page 14
  • 15. Easy Guide to G Google+ for Business rCre eating C CirclesWith Google+ you can create an unlimited n +, number of circles. Cir rcles housediffe erent groups, or segm ments of p people, so i you want to com if ted mmunicate w withfam membe you co mily ers, ould create a circle pr e rimarily for members of your family. rThe same goe for Netw e es working, Pa ustomers, and Friend artners, Cu ds.Eac time you create co ch u ontent, you can choo which c u ose circles can view it, making iteas than ev to tailor your cont sier ver tent, and u updates tow wards spec cific groups ofpeo ople! Cons sider just how much e h easier it wi be to tar ill rget your co ontent aroundyou market, p ur partners an customer base. nd eate a circle, no one but you ca see wha that circles name (or title)When you cre an atis, e even those you choo to add into it. All t e ose they can se is that y added them ee youinto a circle, n what th circle is called. o not hat sThis makes it easy for y to orga s you anize your c contacts, s that you are able t so u toiden ntify group of people based on your circle names. ps e n Page 15
  • 16. Easy Guide to G Google+ for Business rIde entifying Your C g Content W Within T Goo The ogle+ Co ommunit tyAn easy way of featuring your con ntent within the Goog n gle+ community, and to helpGoo ogle begin to identify your content throughout the w is by ad y web dding a link toyou Google p ur profile page within yo content posts. our tYou do this by using ‘rel’ anchor te in this f u y ext format: <a rel=" "author" h href="http: ://profiles. om/your-u username" ">You can use a u anchor tex that inclu xt udes your f name o website URL and full orhyp perlink to yo Google profile as well. our e sIf yo run a W ou Wordpress based blog you can use byline with an a g, e author URL L owing you t add rel= into your post byline You can also creat an “Abo Me”allo to = e. n te outpag on your bog and link to your Google Pr ge rofile using “rel=author”. g ogle will chGoo connection between your conte pages (websites, blogs heck for a c n entand articles) t an autho page (ab d to or bout me) a your Google Prof as a wa of and file ayiden ntifying you as a content develo u oper and a author.By placing a link to your Google profile, and by using the “rel=author” acho text r orto h hyperlink to your Goo o ogle+ account, you w simply m will make it eas for Google to siercon nfirm autho orship.Jus make sure that you place a link TO and FROM yo Google Profile on your st u d our e ncon ntent pages or About Me page. Google loo for a 2 s oks 2-way link s structure in order nto c confirm tha it’s really you! at y Page 16
  • 17. Easy Guide to G Google+ for Business rGo oogle+ P PagesNow we estab w blish your b business o Google+ Pages. on +You The first step in es ur t stablishin a Google+ page is to choose on of the m ne maincate egories.Loc Busine or Place cal essLoc Busines or Place includes any local b cal ss e business— —hotels, res staurants,plac ces, stores or service If you c s es. choose this category. You need to set the s . d ecou untry in which your bu usiness is located an your prim nd mary busin ness phone enum mber. Page 17
  • 18. Easy Guide to G Google+ for Business r Places with your pho number, it willIf Google finds a matchi result in Google P G ing h oneuse this inform e mation for y your Goog gle+ profile If it doesn you should add y e. n’t, yourbus siness info to Google and contin nue. Page 18
  • 19. Easy Guide to G Google+ for Business rEnt jere you page name and we ter ur ebsite address, and c choose an applicable n e egory whic includes anything from A to Z for a webcate ch s bsite, or simply chooseBra and, Other, Product o Service. orCat tegory: Co ompany, In nstitution or OrganizationThe next cate e egory includ pagee for Company, Institution or O des es Organizatio and onnon n-profits.Ent your pa name a websit here too Choose a applicable catego with ter age and te o. an orythe same options as a P Product or Brand pag or simp choose Company, ge, ply , titution, OrInst rganization or Other. nCat tegory: Ar Entertainment o Sports rts, orIf yo are in A ou Arts, Entert tainment or Sports th these p hen pages shou be righ for uld htyou And again, you nee to enter your page name and website, and choose the u. ed r eapp plicable cat tegor. This time the o s nging from Album to W options ran Website, o orsim mply choose Entertain e nment, Oth or Spor her rts. Page 19
  • 20. Easy Guide to G Google+ for Business rCat tegory: Ot therIf yo think that your business pag does no fits in any of the ab ou ge ot bove-menti ionedcate egories you should s simply sele Other. H ect Here is whe you ca enter yo ere an ourpag name an website without any addition categor selection. ge nd e nal ryWhen you inc clude your page in an category you need to choose whether your ny y d epag is suitab for any Google+ use and us ge ble u sers 18 or older, or us o sers 21 or older.Or y need t specifica note th the con you to ally hat ntent will be alcohol-re e elated.The tick the boxes to o en opt-in to up pdates for G Google+ pages and a agree to th heterm and con ms nditions to continue.Cus stomizing Your Goo ogle+ Pag For Max ge ximum ExposureAs your perso onal profile is custom e mized do the same with your bus siness pag on geGoo ogle+. Follow the eas steps from page 9 sy 9.Con nnect you website to your G ur Google+ pa ageTo connect yo website to your G our e Google+ pa go and use the G age d Google+ ba adge nfiguration tool. Currently only the icons a availab but officon are ble, icial badge are escom ming soon. Page 20
  • 21. Easy Guide to G Google+ for Business rMa arketing ToolsGoo ogle+ Wid dgetPro omote your Google+ business p r page on yo compan website our ny e.Aw widget from widgetspl m dis splays you latest Go ur oogle+ pos on your sts rweb bsite and li inks back t your Go to oogle+ prof or page file e.Goo ogle+ Stat tisticsHow would it be if you c w could resea arch your c competitors Google+ pages an s’ + ndmea asure the r results of y your own c campaigns too? Do it with thttp p://socialsta m Page 21
  • 22. Easy Guide to G Google+ for Business rAllm myplusAgg gregates G Google+ sta for any profile or page with Allmyplus. Allmyplus ats y . sreco ords the nu umber of p posts, comments and shares displayed by day going back d y gfor several mo onths. Allm myplus also offers inte o eractive ch harts displa aying posti ing havior by wbeh weekday an by the h nd cient way to quickly c hour. Effoc o calculate th hemo active d ost days and t times for your Goog gle+ busin ness page. e Page 22
  • 23. Easy Guide to G Google+ for Business rSim mply Meas suredSim mply Measu ured offers a free Go s oogle+ repo on ANY Google+ page. ort YThe report fe e eatures the data: ese  Engagem ment rate by post typ b pe  Page ac ctivity for th last 2 we he eeks  Overall p page enga agement  Commen keyword analysis nt d  List of th top user commen he rs nting on yo page ourThis report ca be easily exported to Excel o PowerPoint. This m s an y d or makes it ea to asycrea a comp ate petitive ana alysis repo on your competito pages. ort ors’ cleCountCircCirc cleCount tr racks the m most popul profiles and pages on Goog lar gle+. You c can ckly discover the most popular brand pquic pages and dig deep insight in d p ntothei follower history, the growth rate and th average reshares and comm ir eir he e mentsper post. cleCount also offer valuable Google+ demograCirc rs e + aphic infor rmation as s:  Gende distributio er on  Top 10 pages 0  Countr distributi ry ion  Job dis stribution  Compa distribu any ution Page 23
  • 24. Easy Guide to G Google+ for Business rPlu usCloutQuickly targe Google+ users w et who are inf fluential in your industry. nPlusClout ass signs Goog gle+ users a PlusClou score ba ut ased upon their influe ence.The PlusClou score is based on numerous public variables like: e ut s s  Number of followers,  Frequen and volume of inf ncy formation-s sharingThe PlusClout score is c e calculated fromt thes above. seYou can digg through the most influentia Google+ users by u g al + y:  Country  City  Profession  Employe er  college t they attend ded Page 24
  • 25. Easy Guide to G Google+ for Business rFindPeopleo onPlusFind dPeopleon nPlus, a sis site of and is a great d ster s directory so ourceof p people active on Goo ogle+.Find dPeopleon nPlus offers yout to detect your Twitter fol d r llowers and LinkedIn d ncon nnections w are on Google+, displaying their Plus who n g sClout scor and allo re owingyou to quickly add them to your cir u y m rcles. Page 25
  • 26. Easy Guide to G Google+ for Business rRec commended UsersRec commende Users lis recommendations by topics such as: ed sts m s  Women in tech  Journalis sts  Photogra aphers  Foodies  Scientist ts  Bloggers s  LGBT  etc. Page 26
  • 27. Easy Guide to G Google+ for Business rThis is vlauba to help brands tar s ale rget Google influenc e+ cers within their spec cific ustry.induExt tended Sh hare for Go oogle+Extended Sha for Goo are ogle+ is a Google Ch G hrome exte ension that allows to quickly tsha ANY Go are oogle+ pos on a var st riety of diffe erent netw works includ ding like Tw witter,Fac cebook, Lin nkedIn and Tumblr. dThis extension adds a “S s Share On” link below every pos The ext ” w st. tension link to ksthe Google+ u update and not the original con d ntent sourc ce. Page 27
  • 28. Easy Guide to G Google+ for Business rG++ +G++ for Chrom and Fir + me refox adds Facebook and Twitt streams inside yo s k ter s ourGoo ogle+ strea You ca see inco am. an oming new and Like tweet or reply to ws e,com mments fro inside G om Google+. Page 28
  • 29. Easy Guide to G Google+ for Business rGoo ogle+ Not tificationsGoo ogle+ Notif fications app allows you to view Google+ updates from any y wweb bpage and to respond directly w without lea aveing the current page you’rebrow wsing.Em Option mail n:By default, ev veryone wh is part o your circ ho of cles can se you em directly end mail y ough GMai You can disable th by clicking on “Prothro il. n his ofile & Priv vacy” – and “Edit dVisibility” on y your profile page as s e shown belo ow: Page 29
  • 30. Easy Guide to G Google+ for Business rGoo ogle+ is co onstantly evolving and has alrea introdu ady uced new f features while in wbeta mode. It’ an exciti time to get involved, so if yo haven’t yet receiv an a ’s ing ou vedinvitation to jo keep an eye out f the pub launch. It’s comin soon! oin, for blic ngFee free to ad inBlurbs to your c el dd circle!inBlurbs Goog gle+ = http p:// o/inblurbs ways put yoAlw ourself in th shoes o your sub he of bscriber and give them as much value m has p possible an you can be sure E nd n E-mail your way to victory!Ha angoutsHan ngouts on Air enable users to la aunch Goo gouts (live video chat ogle+ Hang ssions with up to 9 other participses pants) that were broa t adcast live for all to see. e sThin of them like live st nk m treamed broadcasts with the ad dded bonu of multip us pleparticipants.Fea atures ngouts on Air include key features:Han e  Public B Broadcastin Now yo can broa ng: ou adcast you live Hangout for the ur entire w world to se either via your Goo ee ogle+ page your com e, mpanys YouTube channe or a pag on your business website where you e el, ge embed the Hangout.  Engagem king: As th host of the Hangou on Air, y can see how ment Track he ut you many u users are v viewing the Hangout live at any given time during th e y e he broadc cast.  Recordin ngs: Once your Hang gout ends, Google+ w upload a recordin to will ng your Yo ouTube ch hannel and your original Google post so you can easily d e+ e share y your video content ev after th live eve ends. ven he ent Page 30
  • 31. Easy Guide to G Google+ for Business r Play the vide eoHow to Launch a Hang w gout on AirInte erested in t testing out the tool in your mark n keting efforts? Well d discuss so omegreat ways to leverage Hangouts on Air in yo marketing later in this post, but our nheres a techn nical tutoria on how t create a launch your own on-air Han al to and ngout.Ste 1: Start a Hangou ep utIn G Google+, S Start a Han ngout at th top right when you on you profile/pa he t ure ur age.Ste 2: Name Your Hangout and Invite Yo Audien ep e d our nceGiv your Han ve ngout on A a name, and invite the people youd lik to partic Air e ke cipate.The are the people w will actually show up as par of the vid ese e who w rt deo, and yo can ouhav up to 9 o ve cipants. Yo can eith specify particular users, Circles, other partic ou heror c choose to m make it public. Then click Enab Hangou on Air. ble uts Page 31
  • 32. Easy Guide to G Google+ for Business rSte 3: Agree to Legal Terms ep e lYou only hav to do th the first time you launch a H ull ve his Hangout on Air. nSte 4: Conn ep nect Your YouTube AccountThe first time you launch a Hango on Air, G e h out Google+ w ask you to connec your will u ctYou uTube acco ount. This will enable Google+ to record y e your Hang gouts to your uTube channel. Click Start VerYou k rocess to set up the integration rification Pr n. Page 32
  • 33. Easy Guide to G Google+ for Business rSte 5: Click Hangout ep k tOnc you clic Hangout, dont wo -- you wont imm ce ck orry mediately be broadcas e stingyou Hangout on the air yet. Use t ur t r this time to adjust you camera, lighting, etc. o ur eIf yo oure drivin traffic to a web page to host your Hang ng o gout on Air this is the point r, ewhe you can grab the embed co for you web pag ere ode ur ge.When youre r ready to br your Hango on Air live than click Start roadcast y out oadcast. OBro Once you do your Ha o, angout on A will be b Air broadcasting live on yourGoo ogle+ page your You e, uTube cha annel, and wherever y youve embedded thevide on your website. eo rYou viewers will be able to see th very sam thing yo do, exc ur he me ou cept for you chat urcon nversations and the n s number of people who are tune in to the Hangout o Air. ed onAs the host of the Hangout, you will also be able to mu people in the Han f w ute ngoutor c click on a p particular p participants individua video scr s al reen to fea ature it as the tmai video. in Page 33
  • 34. Easy Guide to G Google+ for Business rOnc the Han ce ngout ends a recordi of the live Hango will auto s, ing out omatically postpub blicly, so pe eople who were unab to atten the live Hangout c catch what ble nd can wthey missed. Y will als have th option to edit the r y You so he o recording. Play the vide eoHan ngouts on Air for M n MarketersIf yo dont se ou eem to hav access t Hangouts on Air y sit tight Google s ve to yet, t. says itwill be gradua rolling o the fea ally out ature to all users worl ldwide ove the next few erwee ailability of Hangouts on Air can be a pow eks. And a a market the ava as ter, f s werfulass at your disposal. setHer are som great u re me uses of Ha angouts on Air for th market n he ters of the eworld: 1.Press Conferences s/Company Announc cements: F compan news For ny ncements, hold a virt announ tual press conference hosted b your bus e by siness executives and in nvite memb bers of the press to p e participate. Broadcas it for . st all to se ee! angouts on Air to host your next education or product- 2.Webinar Use Ha rs: t nal focused webinar. Or, if youre a softw . ware vendor, hold live group-sty e, yle demos of your pr s roduct. 3.Industry Expert Ro oundtable D Discussion or Interv ns views: Invit industry te experts for a sort of digital r s t roundtable to discuss an impor e s rtant indust try- Page 34
  • 35. Easy Guide to G Google+ for Business r related topic. Or invite an in d ndustry exp for a o pert one-on-one or multi-p e person intervie ew-style br roadcast. 4.Virtual C Conference Host a v es: virtual conference! O Organize an run a se nd eries of ntations from various speakers at set time over the course of a day presen es e f or two. 5.Livestrea aming Live In-Perso Events: Hosting a live event? Livestrea the e, on ? am footage of your speakers p e presentatio for thos who can attend in ons se nt n person n. 6.User Gro oups: Orga anize Hang gout sessio featuring your most succes ons ssful custom nvite other customer -- or even prospect -- to view and mers, and in r rs ts w ask the questio em ons. 7.Q&A Session: Plan Q&A ses n ssions with your business thought leaders h s. Consid it like a Twitter Ch but wit video! der hat, thTip & Tric ps cksYou can choo to men u ose ntion people within yo content and upda e our t ates in the sameway that you w y would twitt using t @ sym ter, the mbol like this:"@ @username is a true inspiratio e on".You can also mention someone with the plus (+) symb like this u w s bol s:"+u username is a true i inspiration". nIn a addition, if you find th someon is postin too regu hat ne ng ularly, or yo aren’t ouinte erested in a of their u all updates, y can cho you oose to “M Mute” the co onversation sothat it no longer appears in your st t s tream.With Google+ a “stream is like th timeline on Twitter or a wall on Facebo +, m” he r, ookwith all of you circles’ u h ur updates ap ppearing wi ithin a sing stream. You can c gle . chooseto b browse thro ough strea ams from a of your c all circles, or b each cir by rcle at a tim me, Page 35
  • 36. Easy Guide to G Google+ for Business rfilte ering your s streams to display on content from spec nly t cific circles This mak it s. keseas to discov new co sy ver ontent and updates fr rom segme ented grou ups!You can also customize your cont u e tent, updat and pos within t Google tes sts the e+netw work, so th it appea in bold, italic or e hat ars even under rlined!Her are the custom c re codes to use when w writing new content for your tcirc cles:Bold your text *word* - wrapping your text i star aste t: in bold that part of erisks will byou text. For example, if I enter in *hello*, t word he will ap ur n the ello ppear in bold._wo ord_ will m make your w word italic. Just add u underscore around the words that esyou would like to italicize. u e-wo ord- will cre eate a strik kethrough, changing t this into this.The are jus a few quick ways th you can enhance your cont ese st hat e tent while m makingcert tain words or titles st tand out to your readers. oYou can also create a “Hangout” within Go u “ ” oogle+, whi is a pla for you and ich aceyou circles to connect. You can c your Ha ur o call ything you choose, and angout anyallo only cer ow rtain circles to access this comm s s munication channel. You will n n need toinst the Goo tall ogle Voice and Video Plugin in order to create or ac e o c ccess hang gout.Clic “Start Ha ck angout” fro your pr om rofile page as shown below to b begin: Page 36
  • 37. Easy Guide to G Google+ for Business rAno other quick tip is to sh k horten you Google+ profile link so that you can eas ur + k silysha with oth are hers on you blog, we ur within your emails. Plu it simpl ebsite or w us, lymak the link far more memorable. kesThe are ma differen "Google+ link shortener pop ere any nt +" pping up on the scene with n e,the most popu one be ular eing http:// /www.Gplu us.toWith Gplus, you can turn a long lin into a gp nk ur-usernam in minut me tes.This service is absolutely free. s sAb bout us W are Cer We rtified Inbou Marke und eting Profes ssionals, A AuthorizedInbo ound Mark keting Educ cators and HubSpot Certified P d Partner.Inb bound mar rketing is t marke the eting strat tegy that f focuses on getting f n foundby customer when th resear online for produ rs hey rch ucts and s services yo ourbus siness als has to o so offer.With inbound marketing businesse earn the way to t custom by pub g es eir the mer, blishinghelp information on a blog, in so pful ocial media and forum a ms. ound markInbo keting inclu udes Blogg ging, Socia Media, Le Conve al ead ersion, Lea adNur rturing and Closed-Lo Analys d oop sis. Page 37
  • 38. Easy Guide to G Google+ for Business rWit Inbound marketin we can help you to: th d ng nA. S Save up to 62% of yo market o our ting budget t.B. S Stand out o your com of mpetition. Generate a massive amount of leads.C. G fD. G up to 5 Get 55% higher lead conv version rat tes.E. Increase yo custom our mers and sales.To your succ cess!Fee free to sh el nds.  hare this E-Book with your frien E h Page 38