Information update may 2011
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Information update may 2011






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Information update may 2011 Information update may 2011 Presentation Transcript

  • Information Update
    May 2011
    Inbar Yasur
  • 2
    What I will cover
    • New Google Tools
    • Full Text Articles View slide
    • Productivity Tools View slide
    • New search strategy building options
    • Alternative Search engines
    • People Search
    • Personalization
  • 3
    New Sidebar options
  • 4
    Google Dictionary - New Sidebar Option
    • Definitions
    • Synonyms
    • Images
    • Web definitions
    • Usage examples
    • Related phrases
    • Related languages
  • 5
    Google Dictionary - New Sidebar Option
  • 6
    Synonym finder – PatentScope- Cross lingual expansion
  • 7
    Synonym finder – PatentScope- Search across Languages
  • 8
    Google Patents - New Sidebar Option
    • Restrict by filing date / issue date
    • Filing status
    • Application / Issued patents
    • Patent type
    • Utility / Design / Plant….
    • Sorted by relevance / by date
  • 9
    Patent Search – Espacenet: New interface & capabilities
    • RSS
    • Export (CSV | XLS )
    • Download Covers / Create Reports
  • 10
    Google Recipes - New Sidebar Option
    • Ingredients: Yes / No
    • Cook time
    • Less than 15 min/ 30 min / 60 min
    • Calories
    • Less than 100 cal / 300 cal / 500 cal
  • 11
    Recipe Search engine
  • 12
    Google Places - New Sidebar Option
    • Clustered / Organized results
  • 13
    Google Realtime- Twitter
  • 14
    Google Realtime– Facebookand others
  • 15
    Full Text Articles
  • 16
    Full Text Articles
  • 17
    Google One Pass
    Google One Pass is a payment system that enables publishers to set the terms for access to their digital content.
  • 18
    Productivity Tools
  • 19
    Citebite: Easily Highlight & Link to Quotes on Webpages
    Citebite is very easy to use. Just copy and paste the text that you want to quote or source into the text box, and then also copy and paste the source URL. Once done, click “Make Citebite” which will get you a unique link leading to the source URL with your quoted text highlighted in the content. This makes it easier for readers to look up the quoted text and view your article in context.
  • 20
    Zapd: Create Instant Websites From Your Phone
    • Extremely simple file sharing site.
    • Create websites from your iPhone for free.
    • More than a dozen themes available.
    • Reorder elements within themes.
    • Edit from anywhere.
    • Share to Facebook, Twitter and email.
    • Example:
  • 21
    Improved Google Reader
    Open source browser extension that lets you run web applications (incl. Google Reader) offline.
  • 22
    Improved Google Reader
    Once installed, login to your gReaderaccount and you’ll see a small green circle next to the right top menu. This button lets you download your feeds to your PC and afterwards access gReaderoffline. Everything you have done while being offline will be synced with your gReaderaccount during the next time you go online.
  • 23
    New search strategy building options
  • 24
    Search Tool Summary and Comparison (Google, Yahoo, Bing)
  • 25
    New Bing Search Operator linkfromdomain:
    • Limit search to sites linked-to from a URL
    This new operator was created to show a user what websites a domain is linking to.
    It's pretty much the opposite of the "link:" operator that returns information
    regarding what websites are linking to that specific domain.
  • 26
    Link Popularity
    • Link popularity is the total number of web sites that link to your site
  • 27
    Searching by domains
    • Gov.*
    • Returns only results from countries which use the .gov. domain
  • 28
    Searching by domains
    • GenericTop-level Domains – Link
    • Country code Top-level Domains - Link
  • 29
    Specialized search engines
  • 30
    GovScan: Search all local government websites
    GovScan searches more than 5,000 city, town, county, and state government websites within all 50 United States
    GovScan searches thousands of local government websites to bring you targeted, precision results.
  • 31
    Moat: Search Engine for Advertisements
    • Search engine for ads.
    • Lets you search current online ads for any brand.
    • Get information like ad size and the website it last ran on.
    • Share any ad through a permanent URL.
    • No registration required.
  • 32
    People Search
  • 33
    Peepmail - Find People’s Business Email Addresses Online
    Peepmail is a free to use web service that looks for someone’s company email address. All you have to do is type in the name of the person and their company or the company’s website URL. The site then searches the company’s domain name and looks for your required address.
    While the tool does not work with all domain names, it is still worth a try before launching a manual email searching mission.
  • 34
    Peepmail - Find People’s Business Email Addresses Online
  • 35
    Folowen: Quick Social Profile Search
    Folowen is a social profile search engine that aggregates the social media profiles of a person from 20 different social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter… etc and presents the results on one single page. Hence you can easily click through the links and follow the person.
  • 36
    Identify – Firefox extension
    Identify is a Firefox extension that makes it easy to view information about anyone online. It aggregates person’s profile information from various social networks and media sites and puts it all in one window.
  • 37
    Waatp: People Search Engine
    A real time search engine to find people using their first and last name.
  • 38
    Waatp: People Search Engine
  • 39
    More from Google
  • 40
    Google News Archive Search
    • It's a collection of hundreds of newspapers, scanned and digitized.
  • 41
    Google Public Data Explorer
    Data Visualization
    • 27 Datasets including more than 300 data metrics.
    • Upload your own dataset with Google’s Dataset Publishing Language (DSPL),
  • Thank you!