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Information update march 2013.ppt


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  • 1. Advanced Searching March 2013Inbar Yasur | T +972 4 6013103 | M +972 54 9988090 | E | W
  • 2. The Sage’s English Dictionary & Thesaurus free software application that integrates a complete dictionary and a thesaurus of the English language together into a unique language reference system. 2
  • 3. Productivity Tools / Chrome Extensions 3
  • 4. Black Menu For Chrome access to many Google services direct from your browser 4
  • 5. PDF Mergy PDF documents together [Chrome] 5
  • 6. Pluck• Lets you share specific parts of a webpage.• Offers sharing buttons for Facebook and Twitter.• Offers direct link of shared material too.• Similar tools: AwesomeHighlighter and Kiobo. 6
  • 7. Tiffanyscreens your screen over a local network with no configuration. 7
  • 8.• Easy to use screen sharing• Both users get their own mouse• Both users can type any time• Easy to start a sharing session 8
  • 9. Dead Simple Screen Sharing• Share your screen direct from your browser, just install this extension.• No need for viewing parties to install plugins or software.• Mobile-compatible, open source. 9
  • 10. New Gmail Search Operators By: • Size • larger_than: • smaller_than: • Time • older_than: • newer_than: 10
  • 11. Market Research 11
  • 12.• Choose from thousands of research reports• Competition with: • Market • Alacrastore 12
  • 13. Scholar Search 13
  • 14. Symbolab - Semantic search engine for math & science• Equation search engine for math and science - search the web for scientific content using text, equations and scientific/mathematical symbols 14
  • 15. Google scholar Document Coverage • State appellate, Supreme courts (since 1950) • Federal districts (since 1923) • Supreme courts (since 1791) 15
  • 16. Google scholar 16
  • 17. Quest is Law.coms search tool that brings results from across the Network and the legal web. 17
  • 18. Quest your search by: • Source • Type • Date • Topic 18
  • 19. Quest Search - Resources Network and the legal web. 19
  • 20. Q-Sensei 20
  • 21. Q-Sensei – Multi dimensional search speed and efficiency to Q-Sensei Scholar is its multi-dimensional search and indexing function to help researchers easily narrow their search by: • Type • Keyword • Year • Author • Journal • Publisher • Language • Source 21
  • 22. Q-Sensei 22
  • 23. RSS Readers 23
  • 24. Q-Sensei FeedBooster – Alternative RSS Reader FeedBooster 24
  • 25. Q-Sensei FeedBooster FeedBooster 25
  • 26. Q-Sensei FeedBooster FeedBooster 26
  • 27.• Aggregate, monitor, and curate journal article feeds from table of contents (TOCs), search engines, blogs and any online resource with an RSS or Atom feed.• Make it even easier by selecting from an auto-identification list of more than 14,000 journal titles. 27
  • 28. 28
  • 29. 29
  • 30. Bibliogo – Easy Sharing and 30
  • 31. Bibliogo – Easy Sharing and 31
  • 32. Google reader – Grid Preview 32
  • 33. Archiving 33
  • 34.• An on-demand archiving system for web references: • Cited webpages and websites & other kinds of Internet-accessible digital objects • Ensure that cited web material will remain available to readers in the future.• A WebCite®-enhanced reference is a reference which contains : • The original live URL • a link to an archived copy of the material, exactly as the citing authors saw it when they accessed the cited material. 34
  • 35. PageNestpagenest.comCopy websites to hard disk for free with PageNest • Includes the text, images, scripts, CSS, and other multimedia content attached to the site itself. • Comes with an integrated browser function that flawlessly renders the saved webpages and lets you navigate through the links 35
  • 36. New Google Tools 36
  • 37. Google Movie 37
  • 38. Google Finance• 4 new stock exchanges to Google Finance: • CBOE Chicago Board of Exchange: VIX • Korea Exchange: Samsung, Hyundai • Singapore Exchange: SingTel, Singapore Airlines • Tel Aviv Stock Exchange: Bank Leumi, TA-25 index• Full list of the stock exchanges available through Google Finance 38
  • 39. Resources 39
  • 40. Global Brand Database• “WIPO’s Global Brand Database is now the world’s number one free, public resource for searching trademarks and other brand- related information• The newest addition of six national collections of trademark records including the entire USPTO collection – takes the Global Brand Database from 2.2 to 10.9 million records, making it the world’s largest free, public trademark search facility. 40
  • 41. Global Brand Database• search by classifications of images/figurative elements and goods and services;• automatic suggestion of potential matching terms;• “fuzzy” and phonetic matching of terms;• facility to search U.S. documents using the U.S. image classification• filters based on source or legal status• choice of quick lists or detailed results• analysis of geographical distribution 41
  • 42. Other Trade Marks Databases• Markify• OHIM The Trade marks Registration Office of the European Union service• – 42
  • 43. Statistical Information 43
  • 44. Google Public Data Explorer• The Google Public Data Explorer makes large, public-interest datasets easy to explore, visualize and communicate.• As the charts and maps animate over time, the changes in the world become easier to understand.• What can be done: • Create visualizations of public data • Navigate between different views • Make your own comparisons • Share your findings (link or embed) 44
  • 45. Google Public Data Explorer of the datasets in the Public Data Explorer are provided by third- party data providers: • International organizations • National statistical offices • Non-governmental organizations • Research institutions 45
  • 46. Google public data explorer Bank, Eurostat, Destatis, U.s census Bureau, U.S. Bureau of Economic, U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics, World Economic Forum, US Aid, International Telecommunication Union, World Resources Institute, OECD Factbook, Global Entrepreneurship Research Association, WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme on Water Supply and Sanitation, Europes Energy Portal,, Harvard Medical School, Measurement Lab, Inter-American Development Bank, UN Economic Commission for Europe, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, FBI, U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, Office of Management and Budget, SAMHSA, CDC (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), World Resources Institute, Energy Information Administration, Office of Highway Policy Information, Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Bureau of Justice Statistics, National Statistics Institute of Spain, Education and Culture statistics Germany, National Institute of Statistics and Geography, Czech Statistical Office, Central Statistics Office Ireland, Office for National Statistics, United Kingdom, Centre for Higher Education Transformation and much more…. 46
  • 47. Google public data explorer Passenger cars per 1000 people 47
  • 48. Google Public Data Explorer – Try it yourself• Emigration rate of tertiary educated • compare Israel, Spain, Greece and UK • Find out which country has the highest rate and which has the lowest• Births attended by skilled health staff (% of total) • Compare Croatia, Jordan, Azerbaijan, Kenya, Bangladesh.• Energy Prices In the United states • compare the average price in Arizona, Hawaii, Indiana • Find out in which state the Energy prices are the cheapest• International tourism expenditures for travel items • Compare Croatia, Israel, India, Austria, Norway • Find out which country is in first place 48
  • 49. How to find statistics by subject 49
  • 50. Offstats• This is a New Zealand site with links to a host of statistical sources from around the world.• You can browse by country, by region of the world and by subject. The subjects include both economic and non-economic ones. 50
  • 51. Statistical Sites on the World Wide Web (Note that FedStats is no longer maintained.) 51
  • 52. Israel Central Bureau of Statistics 52
  • 53. Thank you!Inbar Yasur | T +972 4 6013103 | M +972 54 9988090 | E | W