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Blended Wiki ESP Courses (PPT article)
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Blended Wiki ESP Courses (PPT article)


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  • 2.  Since 2009, the Wiki was designed, implemented and hosted with PBWorks ( – one of the best and biggest US Wiki Providers. Free for Educators. Blended Wiki Course Collaborators: 2 and 3 year Bachelor Students at SU-Higher School of Economics, Business Informatics Faculty, Moscow Course Duration: 1 semester of 2009 a.y.
  • 3. Besides 2 ESP Courses FRONT PAGE, the teachershould design special page for each Course Syllabusand Assignments.It „s a simple Table with 4 columns named as:Date-Syllabus-Assignments Description-DeadlineApart of textual information, attached files and links,the teacher can place embedded video clips andrecorded webinars as part of assignments.Red - colored Deadlines are set on weekly basis( from one weekly F2F class to another)
  • 4.  Another page designed by the teacher - Grading Grid - is for posting students Grades for every assignment (both in class and on the site) and for every Module. In this case, Exel table was used (offline) and then, weekly updated, uploaded to the site for students progress information. All students can view own grades and compare it with others‟. If any questions, they can post them on the comments to the same page.
  • 5.  One of the first assignments to all students groups was to write an essay, a BIO on their own page, post his/her picture on another Facebook table page and add a link to his/her BIO page. Below are the samples of students pics with links to their BIOs and samples of students writings (essays)
  • 6.  If you have 70 students total on the site at a time ( 4 groups of BI students and 2 groups of SE students ) and have them writing and posting their written works on site, you need to save your time observing and checking their ready posts and home works. DO IT ON ONE PAGE ( i.e. each for 2 different courses). Create ROSTER table for each course To manage it, firstly, post brief instructions for students, arrange a simple table for them and add some of your information as example. That ‘s it. Then students should post links to their pages in the cell lines when their homework in ready for revision. After that the teacher goes to his/her page via this link to revise the work . If it’s OK ( graded) – paint the cell GREEN, if it need to be corrected by the student – YELLOW, if it’s too bad – go RED. COLOR CODING OF ROSTER TABLE CELLS IS A MUST!
  • 7.  Especially important for ESP (both BI and SE) students is to get enough practice of native professional EL speakers listening and comprehension. So the wiki provides lot‟s of possibilities to embed and use different authentic video clips, webinars or webcasts on the topic. Video pages were firstly designed by the teacher and then followed by the students!
  • 8.  NOTE: Students‟ names are removed from the screenshots and slides. Only fragments of their BIO essays, uploaded pictures and slideshows are shown. All these pages are created and designed by students. Students linked their BIOs(essays) to their own pics or avatars on the Facebook page.
  • 9.  Below are some samples of students written assignments they posted on their pages and then linked to their cell line on the Roster Some pages show teacher‟s editing (mistakes are red colored, options are in blue) and feedback comments.
  • 10.  “Sorry, but we still have SE (IT) students on the same wiki”
  • 11.  and no nightmare…
  • 12. And Good Luckin Wiki ESP/ESL Online Collaborative Courses Designing and Teaching! Author‟s contact email :